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    01/15/2018 4:32:47 AM PST · 31 of 32
    mdmathis6 to jonascord

    The nicotine in the cigar would have released dopamine and norepinephrine which would have raised his blood pressure, clamped down on his peripheral vessels, and helped staunch his bleeding. Might be why he survived.

  • Colorado nurse, 20, dies in bungee jumping accident

    01/15/2018 3:06:56 AM PST · 27 of 43
    mdmathis6 to easternsky

    Yeah I note the age...quite possible she was an LPN,or went to a 2 year school directly out of High School and passed her NCLEX boards for RN licensure. Unless she went to college at 15, she wouldn’t have her BSN.
    ( RN for 31 years)! She could have attended a 3 year diploma school in the Phillipines...

  • 1 Dead, 800 Injured as 3.5 Million Catholics Follow Blackened Jesus Statue With 'Miraculous Powers'

    01/13/2018 8:39:21 AM PST · 168 of 168
    mdmathis6 to Steve_Seattle

    Hence the test laid out in 1 John 4...wherebye one could tell whether a doctrine of men or Demons could be exposed as AntiChrist...denying that Christ was come in the flesh, that Christ is God in flesh...the Word made incarnate!

  • Strategies for Returning to the [Catholic] Church

    01/12/2018 10:56:54 PM PST · 160 of 473
    mdmathis6 to Salvation

    As long as the message is simply...”Returning to the Church”, then one might as well say returning to “temple” or “mosque”.

    Returning to or even converting to THE WAY of Christ Jesus is what the message should matter what “church” or grass hut or converted mall store front space one happens to have attended!

  • Walmart is abruptly closing several Sam's Club stores and laying off thousands [100+ stores?]

    01/12/2018 10:13:12 PM PST · 141 of 151
    mdmathis6 to Osage Orange

    Many companies do the layoff thing at’s a cynical exercise designed to encourage the employees so affected to view politicians with a jaundiced eye.

  • Just saw "Darkest Hour"

    01/10/2018 12:29:19 AM PST · 14 of 79
    mdmathis6 to wbarmy

    The heavy water experiments would have succeeded as Britain will not have knocked them out; will we have perfected our uranium bombs before Germany could have brought their nukes to use against us?

  • Yale Professor Says Trump Could Cause ‘Extinction of the Human Species’

    01/08/2018 7:16:55 AM PST · 102 of 123
    mdmathis6 to AFreeBird

    Chicom rabble rouser is my guess!

  • Open Apostasy In The Vatican

    01/07/2018 5:14:21 AM PST · 42 of 47
    mdmathis6 to ebb tide; All

    (except a retired courageous bishop in Texas)

    Ya just gotta love Texans...Catholic, Southern Baptist, Holy Roller...whatever!

    Texans just might save us all!

  • House GOP intensifies assault on Mueller probe

    01/07/2018 5:05:03 AM PST · 15 of 18
    mdmathis6 to eartick

    I do wonder if John Mc Cain, as he got sicker was rolled some by of his more liberal congressional aides who did things in his name that he might not have been aware of. Still, we have his speeches and the interviews he chose to give supposedly when in more lucid moments!

  • The New Tax Bill in Simple Terms and Without the Snarky Comments

    01/07/2018 4:56:22 AM PST · 10 of 15
    mdmathis6 to lowbuck

    The state and local tax deduction issue really exposes how much the high tax Dem states were hiding their high tax rates behind the federal tax deduction schemes but also gives the lie to the notion that these states “pay out in federal taxes” more than they get back. They were getting the fed taxes back indirectly thru the “ we tax you high while you get it back thru the fed tax deduction so you can spend it here and we charge high state sales taxes on what you buy “ scheme!

    No wonder why Cuomo and others were thinking of issuing a constitutional challenge to the new tax bill....this new tax bill has left these states’ confiscatory taxing schemes exposed as the scams that they are! Cuomo should also beware of what he is asking a dim possibility exists that some court, in order to make things “truly equal”, may decide to take the states and local taxing powers completely away so that the Feds can “ equally “ spread out all remaining monies hitherto not controlled by the Federal government!(/s on that last line but...ya know...we have such monstrosities as the EU in the world so anything is possible).

  • Antifa Group Leader Yvette Felarca Loses Lawsuit, Has To Pay Up

    01/07/2018 12:14:29 AM PST · 23 of 23
    mdmathis6 to sergeantdave

    That sounds like a scene from a book I need to write...about fictional musings of a nonogenarian ex politician still alive and confronting the complexities of the early 21st century....”Hushpuppy Serenade(or Goodbye Pecan Sanders)”!

  • Wife Gets Divorce From Man Who Loved Her More Than His Mother

    01/06/2018 11:13:09 PM PST · 25 of 26
    mdmathis6 to Crucial

    Might be more to the story that the girl hasn’t shared concerning where the guy had suspicions that perhaps she was using the “love of her God” as a means of gently disappointing the fellow as she really had no romantic feelings for him.

    It is one thing to acknowledge a love for one but being mindful of God’s higher calling upon one’s life, to give up on such an earthly relationship to work as a single person for God’s great work. It is another thing to say “we will never be together be cause God hasn’t said so” when the reality is you might never have had any attractions or feelings of love other than friendship towards the other. (Then of course, between Christian couples, there should never be sex before marriage.)

    Technically, it can be an argument that since the feelings weren’t there, it was because God put the whammy on it but it doesn’t explain the situations where both may feel mutual love, but they both put that aside for the greater love of the purposes of Christ Jesus.

    I have to wonder if the gentlemen suspected that the lady wasn’t quite being truthful about her true feelings and was using God as a smokescreen so as to not have to deal with the fall out of simply not telling the man the truth.

    Or she could be like Maria from the Sound of Music, who ran back to the abby when she began to realize that her growing love of the baron and his children was too much for her to handle and open to misconstruction. She had to be reminded gently that the purposes of God are often served thru love of family and husband...and not just thru dedicated church service.

    What God has joined together...let no man put the saying goes!

    Kind Regards...

  • Drawing names Yancey [Republican] winner in disputed 94th [ VA] House District

    01/04/2018 8:39:17 AM PST · 8 of 19
    mdmathis6 to mrsmith

    It would have to be state’s not a federal position she is angling for.

  • Study Shows High Use Of Marijuana Among Pregnant Women

    01/03/2018 5:01:09 AM PST · 171 of 180
    mdmathis6 to Seruzawa

    ‘Second is their sick little desired to control everyone and look down their twisted selfrighteous noses at others’

    As opposed to what? be free to act in behaviorally libertine ways that show the worst that men and women can act who then look down their own imagined self righteous noses at those who advocate for a moderation of the worst of society’s bad behaviors...?

    Hypocrites can be found on all sides of the culture wars.

  • New Research Suggests Christmas Story Of Visit By Wise Men Was ‘Historically True’

    12/31/2017 7:24:31 AM PST · 61 of 62
    mdmathis6 to imardmd1

    Yeah I got all that already....

    What you don’t want to accept ‘rationally’ is that you don’t know what the star was any more than I do! I can accept a more “rational” mechanistic view but you cannot accept that perhaps God did a more tactical supernatural work. You deny that God has any tactical intervening power other than what he may have set “strategically” or “providentially” in motion from the time of creation.

    You will not address what the star “means” and what it meant to these gentile “magi”, astrologers, magicians, wisemen that so motivated them to check out what was going on when Jerusalem and Israel were blind to the times. I think the shock of gentile VIP Magi types showing up to worship a newborn jewish king while Herod reigned by treachery and murder got many talking and got the Satanic king plotting. It would appear Satan of old was also blindsided!

    I remember reading of Hezekiah for whom God reversed the shadow of the sundial 10 degrees and of the Babylonian ambassadors sent to investigate the “great sign in the land”(how they suspected that Israel was the origin of it was another question). I remember reading of Joshua and how God lengthened the day and the sun and moon held place until Israel had won its battle. If God can tactically interfere in this it no great feat of God to create a supernatural beacon which guided rejoicing gentile Magi to worship a jewish young child, who is the living God in flesh?

  • New Research Suggests Christmas Story Of Visit By Wise Men Was ‘Historically True’

    12/30/2017 6:33:49 PM PST · 59 of 62
    mdmathis6 to imardmd1

    I don’t care...the fact is you don’t know the real mechanics and I don’t know the real mechanics of what the star was...I’m just a dummy who reads the Bible and wonders about why people suddenly get up to go hundreds of miles because they saw something so extraordinary they had to go see it. You have an opinion on how the Bible story was to be interpreted based on your view of celestial mechanics and a bunch of sophistry based on old traditions and wivestales not found in scripture.

    I had asked a question on another thread about how “we have seen in his star in the east” should have been interpreted and was told that it literally meant...”We Magi of the east have seen his star”...which was cool because that tells me they were viewing his star from the east looking west. Some added it may have been wise men of the Nabetean region and some also suggested perhaps some Zoroastrian folks from the Persian region. The Southern Cross processional idea came from a poster...I thought might have been you but it could have been someone else. We don’t know exactly what time of the year Jesus was born though I suspect either September of March based on the fact that shepherds had their flocks out by night. If two years had gone by before the Magi arrived, we definitely don’t know what season it was in terms of the constellations. Israel is hundreds of miles north of the equator but someone on one of the threads cited that 2000 years ago the extreme top stars of the southern cross could be seen just over the equator because Sol hadn’t moved to the apparent position point to where the southern cross is now.

    Yet even someone with a cursory knowledge of astronomy would recognize that depending on the time of year the star constellations appear to reverse their rising and setting depending on Earth’s position in orbit around Sol...and that the stars and the constellations all appear to circle Polaris,( as seen in Israel 2000 years ago) rising eastward from beyond the lands of the Magi and setting westward with the pattern reversing exactly 6 months later or solstice to solstice! (depending on what point one counted the days)

    The Magi who were “ASTROLOGERS” who would forecast portents based on their legends of the stars, but nevertheless who were schooled observers of the night sky, would already have noted position placements, what was changing what was not...what appeared important what was not. (and if they were super smart wise men of the day that we think they were, they probably had access to old records that noted the expected repetitions of planet positions and constellations with which to base their predictions on.)

    I believe they saw a fixed star out of position with any predictable constellation positions which never varied from its position through out the night nor with the seasons and if you want to argue about the southern cross or some other celestial body that would show no apparent movments, then the star was a fixed point of light separate from any other known body that never varied in intensity or position through out the night or with the seasons.

    Every 6 months, all constellations would reverse their apparent positions but this special star did not. This is where we scoff at me because I believe God created something special and you argue from a set mechanistic, earth and sol moving through various houses point of view which symbolically point to the fixed times in which God would perform his wonders, based on old notions of what various constellations were supposed to mean spiritually. I see no book of Constellations in the Bible and there must be a reason for it. The Magi were astrologers but also learned men who knew the skies and knew their history and their times!

    I maintain that the star they saw was different and what would appear mundane to the average observer excited them tremendously. You adhere to a more mechanistic view while applying questionable astrological interpretations as to what YOU THINK the star of Bethlehem was. I think it was a special star much in the way God prepared a great fish to “swallow up” Jonah, or how God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush.

    I know there are computer programs I can access to see what was what 2000 years an absolute knowledge of astronomy is not necessary for what I believe. There are those that argue that the star was a planetary conjunction that occurred in 6 BC...but such conjunctions don’t last 2 years.

    I maintain they saw something so extraordinary that it prompted them to go to Israel to see what must have been the birth of a great king! (It would have occurred within a past period of 2 years because that was the time cut off that Herod used in ordering the murder of all the young children 2 years and under in the Bethlehem region.) God must have primed their hearts for this was a spiritual journey!

    Imagine the spectacle of GENTILE wisemen arriving in Jerusalem asking the JEWS of the whereabouts of their new king so that the GENTILE Magi could worship him.

    You are missing the important parts of the story...the celestial mechanics and the krinkly bits of what the star was or wasn’t don’t matter....the fulfillment of about a score or more of prophecies concerning this event alone are the real story!(The inclusion of the gentiles as an inheritance of the sons of Abraham, the prophecy of Balaam in Numbers who stated that “A star shall come forth out of Jacob, a sceptre shall arise out of Israel....” and many others)

    No! I believe this was a supernatural star, quite out of sync with the rest of God’s glorious heavens and the Magi knew it. They knew it because God filled them with a supernaturally inspired zeal to find and worship this child...who was the hope of both Jew and Gentile. Men of great vision, groping in darkness, looking for light and truth so God winked at them and showed them that star of Jacob, that young child, who was the light of the world!

    So argue all you wish about archeology and celestial mechanics, but don’t miss the meaning of the Star. You have only a nicely dressed up theory as to what the star was and I have my own opinions. God will set us both straight. But I know the MEANING of what the star was and I suspect you do as well. So lets just wind up our play trains and send them around the base of the cross and out through the empty stop; Eternity!

  • Bundy Ranch Prosecutors Appeal For Retrial After They Violated Federal Law

    12/30/2017 3:59:18 PM PST · 26 of 46
    mdmathis6 to Nextrush

    How does one start a petition to Trump?...I think he needs to put his foot down in this case and simply say “enough” and call Sessions and tell him to end it!

  • New Research Suggests Christmas Story Of Visit By Wise Men Was ‘Historically True’

    12/30/2017 1:05:15 PM PST · 56 of 62
    mdmathis6 to imardmd1

    So you insult me by calling me stupid? Do you also deny that Moses actually saw a burning Bush that was not consumed? Or that Christ never made the water into wine? Or that God has no power to create a geosynchronous beacon that seemed to call only the Magi at the time as no one else seemed to be interested in such a sight or to ponder on its significance? These men were called and they responded, so much so were they called that God even spoke to them in a dream not to go back to Herod. You call me credulous! I believe in Christ and I believe you believe in Christ... there-fore the atheists would call us both out for our credulous simplicity! Yet you claim perhaps to be less credulous than me....hmmmmm. In truth, the both of us can’t really be sure of what the star mechanically was...but I think I can argue the real meaning, better than you!

    I think your view of God is way too small. I have waved away nothing about your explanations just offered another view beyond your obviously mechanized view of God’s universe. Why just these Magi...was no one else watching at the time? Perhaps as Paul describes such gentiles, God perhaps “winked” at them as they groped about in darkness looking for light...and what did they find, a star which led to the living God in flesh!

    I understand what you are trying to say about the stars and the times and the seasons, but the bible gives no primer as to what the spiritual significance of what the various stars and constellations are supposed to mean, (just that they are given to denote the seasons and for signs)...we have only the vague suppositions and traditions handed down to us.

    I have not strayed from any biblical texts in making my own assertions; the learned Magi of that time would have had the same knowledge as you or I in terms of what belonged in the sky of those times and what did not! That they were not completely knowledgeable of Jewish history of prophecy was evident when they asked,” where the child was”. The chief priests had to be consulted who pointed out that it was Bethlehem. The Bible says the “star went before them” not my own “credulity” so we have only the Bible to go on, not your “wind up Toy” view of God’s creation!. God acts tactically as well strategically, coming and going when and where he wills. Paul says ‘in him we live and move and have our being’!

    You miss the whole story of the magi and the matter what the mechanics of the star or its origin...I mean I have no real animus toward your opinion, perhaps it is all “wind up toy”. Yet the real story is the motivations of these magi in question...what about this “star” so motivated these men that over a two year period, they observed, planned, and traveled to see a “king” that they worshipped as their own despite not being of his culture or heritage? That is what you are missing!!!

    Moses saw a bush, then saw that the bush was not burning. I believe the Magi saw a star, then they saw that that it did not move or deviate from its position, no matter the time of night, nor with the seasons. Only Polaris was known to have no apparent movements. This , I believe got them to interested in finding out more.

    Yet that is my opinion...I have watched the stars over my they move east to west and how the little and big dippers move around Polaris at night and how the positions change with the season.

    You have an opinion as to what you think the star was in terms of the natural progression of the southern cross as it’s upper star hadn’t quite gone over the equator; but it still would have apparent movement on a 24 hour rotation of the earth as well as it’s position change as the earth went around the sun.(yes like the Greeks, they knew the earth was round and that the earth went around the sun,,,still think I’m credulous?)

    My opinion was that the Magi had access to records of astronomy from the times of the Babylonians and perhaps had access to devices such as the planetary calculation device found on the mediterannean floor. The constellations and their processions would have been known already by these SMART Magi and thus the Southern Cross natural procession would have already been considered and rejected as they studied this extraordinary event...a fixed star...not moving in nightly time or by season.

    They were apparently spiritual minded men and God honored their faith, winking at them through the brilliance of the star; though the jews of the land remained blind to the star’s significance! These gentile wisemen were allowed to find and worship their true KING OF KINGS while the Jews of Israel remained ignorant of His coming!

    If this view marks me as a credulous simpleton...then may God pour more of that on me. For this is the true meaning of the star, that God was calling out not just for the Jews to return to his loving fellowship, but for the gentiles as well. The Magi may very well have been the first Gentile converts to Christ of our modern era(depends on where one sets the beginning of the church age)

    So you scoff at my apparent credulous simplicity...perhaps I am suffused with it...but beware:”At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.” Matthew 11:25

    Now go play with your wind up toys and I’ll go play with mine...and when it’s time, Father will call us all down for dinner!

  • Soldier home for holidays died saving lives in Bronx inferno

    12/30/2017 5:05:13 AM PST · 8 of 22
    mdmathis6 to Boardwalk; All

    He had come from Ghana, decided to join our army and died a hero...even though from Ghana, he was all American in heart!

  • New Research Suggests Christmas Story Of Visit By Wise Men Was ‘Historically True’

    12/28/2017 11:26:26 AM PST · 54 of 62
    mdmathis6 to imardmd1

    You are arguing from a naturalized astronomical point of view...I’m saying it was in something that was in a fixed geosynchronous orbit...because as the Magi came to Bethlehem the star was seen directly over the house...not continuously off in the distance as would a normal star or constellation. The magi were said to have rejoiced to “see the star’ and it went before them and stood over the house where Jesus and mary stayed. A star constellation wouldn’t do that.