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  • SuperCat

    02/17/2015 4:32:16 PM PST · by Mechanicos · 12 replies
    Twitter ^ | Unnown | Rbrewer on twitter
  • Sword For sale WARNING might be haunted - $150

    12/04/2014 6:48:36 PM PST · by Mechanicos · 57 replies
    Craigs List ^ | 12/1/14 | Sword owner
    "This sword is from the 1700s. I got it at an antique store in my memaw's home town back in 1984. The person who sold it to me told me to be careful because there is a 90+% chance that it is cursed. Since it's been in my house my life has descended into pure chaos. My knitting group came over and they all said they could feel a strange energy in my sword room (I have a collection of over 100 swords. This is my only haunted sword). Since i got this sword, about 3 times a week a...
  • Cyber security Expert Gary Milefsky (flashlight app on smartphones)

    10/19/2014 5:43:12 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 17 replies
    YouTube ^ | Unknown | Bret Baire via YouTube>
  • Declaration of Public Health Emergency (Conn. Ebola)(PDF)

    10/13/2014 9:29:29 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 18 replies
    Office of the Governer ^ | Oct. 7, 2014 | Danial P. Mally Gov. Conn
    “In response to the epidemic of the Ebola virus currently affecting multiple countries in western Africa, and in order to provide the Commissioner of Public Health and other appropriate officials with all authorities necessary to prevent any potential transmission of the Ebola virus within the State of Connecticut, I hereby declare a public health emergency for the State, pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131a, for the duration of the epidemic. Specifically, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131b, I authorize the Commissioner of Public Health to Order the isolation or quarantine, under conditions prescribed by the Commissioner...
  • Sandy Hook commission blames homeschooling

    09/27/2014 4:54:30 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 20 replies
    WND ^ | Sept. 27, 2014 | Bob Unruh
    ... According to a report in EAG News, a chief recommendation coming out of the state panel that was “charged” with “making recommendations to reduce the risk of future tragedies” has concluded that more oversight of homeschoolers will accomplish that goal. The report’s “chief recommendation” is “tighter scrutiny of homeschoolers … to prevent an incident such as the December 2012 slaughter of 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Elementary School in Newtown,” EAG said. ...
  • Psych study: “trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism”

    09/24/2014 6:16:29 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 11 replies
    Legal Insurrection ^ | September 23, 2014 | Kemberlee Kaye
    Canadian researchers: “Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling” ... Overall, strong positive associations emerged among online commenting frequency, trolling enjoyment, and troll identity, pointing to a common construct underlying the measures. Both studies revealed similar patterns of relations between trolling and the Dark Tetrad of personality: trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism, using both enjoyment ratings and identity scores. Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling and, importantly, the relationship was specific to trolling behavior. Enjoyment of other online activities, such as chatting and debating, was unrelated...
  • Public university required students to submit sexual history or face disciplinary action

    09/18/2014 7:40:17 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 81 replies
    Campus Reform ^ | Sep 17, 2014 | Kaitlyn Schallhorn
    - Clemson is requiring students and faculty to complete an online course through a third party website that asks invasive questions about sexual history. - In an email Clemson says that failure to complete the course will be a violation of the “Student Code of Conduct, General Student Regulation 8: Failure to Comply with Official Request.” ... “How many times have you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months?” asks one question. “With how many different people have you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months?” asks another. ... Jerry Knighton, Director of the Office of...
  • It Begins: "Central Banks Should Hand Consumers Cash Directly"

    08/28/2014 6:53:33 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 55 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 08/26/2014 | Tyler Durden
    ... The reasoning was very simple: in a country (and world) drowning with debt, there are only two options to extinguish said debt: inflate it away or default. Anything else is kicking the can while making the problem even worse. ... Moments ago a stunning article appearing in the "Foreign Affairs" publication of the influential and policy-setting Council of Foreign Relations, titled "Print Less but Transfer More: Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People." ... In it we read the now conventional admission of failure by Keynesians, who however, unwilling to actually admit they have been wrong,...
  • Ferguson backlash: Rallies coast-to-coast for officer

    08/27/2014 5:02:20 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 15 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 8/26/14 | Leo Hohmann
    Americans plan to take to the streets in nearly 100 U.S. cities this weekend in support of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson as well as a U.S. Marine being held since March 31 in Mexico and the families of two slain Border Patrol agents. William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, one of the groups organizing the rallies, said police, veterans and Border Patrol agents are “under siege” in America. .... The rallies are scheduled to take place Friday and Saturday, Aug. 29 and 30. ... Times, dates and locations for rallies at the site.
  • House votes to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress

    05/07/2014 4:12:34 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 33 replies
    Fox News ^ | Published May 07, 2014 |
    The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify about the agency’s targeting of conservative groups.
  • Hillary Clinton dodges shoe during Las Vegas speech

    04/10/2014 4:55:31 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 53 replies
    Al-Reutors ^ | Thu Apr 10, 2014 | DAN WHITCOMB
    (Reuters) - A woman threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton on Thursday as the former secretary of state was delivering a speech at a Las Vegas hotel, but Clinton dodged it and continued with her remarks, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman said.
  • Are ObamaCare's Tax Credits Harmless? The Little Understood Dark Side Of The Subsidies

    03/20/2014 7:57:08 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 17 replies
    Forbes ^ | 3/17/2014 | Josh Archambault
    ... The credits can only be used in a government-sanctioned ObamaCare exchange. .... The ACA’s tax credits are given directly to the insurance companies, and are calculated on a sliding scale, based on family size, and in theory, to those making between 138% and 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL) in states that have expanded Medicaid eligibility. In states that have not expanded Medicaid, the tax credits are available to those making between 100% and 138% FPL. ... All citizens that take the credit must file a tax return to receive the credits regardless of their income. ... However,...
  • Iron Tent Curtain Falls

    03/11/2014 8:21:30 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 3 replies
    New York Young Republican Club ^ | March 8, 2014 | New York Young Republican Club NYC, NY
    Did you hear the biggest news of the week? No, it’s not that Russia invaded the Crimea and is “occupying” Ukraine. Sure, that nearly tanked world markets, but it was bush league compared to the other news, involving a major strategic American ally, that slipped under the radar. Qatar had its ambassadors pulled by their neighbors: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. Yes, it seems that these three countries don’t quite appreciate the Qatari-backed Muslim Brotherhood/al Qaeda revolutionary program, nor do they like the fact that Qatar refuses to pledge to desist in aiding and sheltering people who...
  • IV Cellular presents "Freedom Isn't Free"

    03/10/2014 9:04:26 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 1 replies
    YouTube ^ | Aug 7, 2012 | Illinois Valley Cellular·
    "The Middle East Memorial Wall" Unbelievable that I never heard of this !!!!! "The Middle East Memorial Wall" This is incredible! The heart of the American people, represented by a cellular company, who would have ever thought it would be like this and not our own government making this kind of thing happen across the country? Had no idea this was in existence. How many of you have ever seen or heard anything about this beautiful Memorial? God Bless America!!! We can do things like this without the Government getting involved. Please send this on to all your friends especially...
  • Connecticut...refusing to register their “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines

    01/24/2014 4:52:29 PM PST · by Mechanicos · 53 replies
    Bearing Arms ^ | January 23, 2014 | Bob Owens
    Governor Dannel Malloy and the government of the state of Connecticut are having their own “Oh, poop” moment, now that they’ve tallied the number of citizens who have registered their “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” required by the state’s unconstitutional gun laws, compared that to the estimated number of applicable weapons and magazines in the state, and realize they’ve been ignored. Historically speaking, 90-percent or more of those required to comply with gun registration laws in the U.S. refuse to do so, and there is no reason to suspect that this registration attempt in Connecticut is any different. I’ve...
  • A Day in the Life (Under Obamacare) (Video)

    12/29/2013 8:21:00 AM PST · by Mechanicos · 1 replies
    YouTube ^ | December 29, 2013 | XisDshizL
    A Day in the Life (Under Obamacare) (Video)
  • The Real Thanksgiving Story: A Failed Experiment in Socialism

    11/24/2013 11:26:19 AM PST · by Mechanicos · 16 replies
    Living Lake Country ^ | Nov. 23, 2011 | Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer
    The Real Thanksgiving Story In the middle of December 1620 the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, leaving behind the sinfulness of the “old world” to make a “new Jerusalem” in America. Three years later, in November 1623, they had a great feast thanking God for getting them through an earlier famine, and now for a bountiful crop. What had created the earlier famine and then the bountiful crops? The story is told in the diary of Governor Bradford, who was one of the elders of that early Puritan colony. At first, they decided to turn their back on all the...
  • Hitler's health insurance is cancelled

    11/06/2013 3:13:35 AM PST · by Mechanicos · 9 replies
    YouTube ^ | Nov. 5 2013 | XisDshizL
    Hitler's health insurance is cancelled
  • Dems Freak Out As Arizona Congresswoman Calls The Fuehrer ‘The Fuehrer’, Refuses To Apologize

    10/15/2013 6:13:11 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 114 replies
    Pat ^ | Oct 8, 2013 | Jack Flash
    PAYSON, AZ - Republican Rep. Brenda Barton of Payson compared President Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler on her Facebook page Monday in a post urging county sheriffs to revoke authority from the National Parks Service “thugs” who are enforcing the federal shutdown on national parks lands. “Someone is paying the National Park Service thugs overtime for their efforts to carry out the order of De Fuhrer… where are our Constitutional Sheriffs who can revoke the Park Service Rangers authority to arrest??? Do we have any Sheriffs with a pair?” she wrote. Fuhrer is a German term for leader that is...
  • Red-handed! Video snags Dem boss plotting vote fraud

    10/24/2012 12:01:03 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 14 replies
    WND & Youtube ^ | October 24, 2012 | Art Moore The son of Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va. – who serves as the field director for his father’s campaign – has been caught on video advising an undercover reporter how to fraudulently cast ballots in the name of registered voters by forging utility bills and relying on the assistance of Democrat lawyers. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, known for its hidden-camera probe of the controversial national community organizing group tied to Obama, ACORN, carried out the investigation and provided the video exclusively to WND. Jim Moran, 67, a controversial figure in Congress, has been criticized for his collaboration with Islamic leaders...
  • Absentee ballot postage confusing voters (Some Ohio Absentee votes may not get counted)

    10/17/2012 8:20:30 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 16 replies
    ABC Channel 9 ^ | Posted: 10/16/2012 | By: John Matarese
    Thousands of Ohio voters are voting by absentee ballot this year so they don't have to stand in line at the polls on Election Day. Ohio Boards of Elections expect at least 25 percent of all votes to come in this way. But the U.S. Postal Service says many absentee voters are not putting enough postage on the envelope, putting their vote at risk. Requires More Postage This Year Because of the size of the 2012 mailer,the Hamilton County Board of Elections in Ohio say you should put 65 cents worth of postage on most absentee ballots, about 20 cents...
  • Romney Regional Ads

    09/10/2012 4:05:48 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 13 replies
    YouTube ^ | Sept. 10 2012 | Mitt Romney
  • Honey, You Didn't Build That

    09/07/2012 6:17:27 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 5 replies
    YouTube ^ | Aug 28, 2012 | MarkMatsonTV
    Weeding out individualism at an early age...
  • Newsweek One Term Wonders.m4v

    08/24/2012 3:42:40 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 2 replies
    YouTube ^ | Aug 23, 2012 | KamaUka4ever
    From the Video Notes: "This "Best Of" CD collection was created at Supernova Studios.... ala... my basement. All voices were done by either myself or my wife. And no... she's not the one doing Cher. enjoy."
  • Conservative Majority Fund "Shady Past"

    08/18/2012 3:01:18 AM PDT · by Mechanicos
    YouTube ^ | Jul 26, 2012 | Consevative Majority Fund Via Youtube
    Published on Jul 26, 2012 by Conserv Majfund Demand Congress Investigate Barack Obama's Forged Birth Certificate Sign the Petition at
  • Chick-fil-A boycott? You’re doing it wrong: Reports, photos show it is a total fail

    07/27/2012 7:29:04 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 143 replies
    Twitchy US Politics ^ | July 27, 2012 | Twitchy Staff
    Chick-fil-A boycott? You’re doing it wrong: Reports, photos show it is a total fail Even as Chicago, Boston and now other cities are trying to shut out Chick-fil-A for not toeing a leftist line, citizens are supporting free speech and opposing tolerance tyrants. (Lots of pictures and tweets showing the boycott failed at the site.)
  • Michelle Obama's "All this for a damn flag" shown at three different speeds

    07/09/2012 4:59:37 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 56 replies
    You Tube ^ | Oct 1 2011 | Thedrrjp
    Yes, folks, that is what she said, according to an instructor at a School for the Deaf and Blind who watched the video. The video is shown at normal speed, 3/4 speed, and 1/2 speed with no banners obstructing her lips.
  • Crawford v. Marion County Election Board (Voter ID Ruling)

    07/09/2012 7:30:51 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 4 replies
    The issue of Voter ID laws has already been upheld in the Indiana Case. In the 2008 case Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, the court upheld an Indiana voter ID law, which the National Conference of State Legislatures classifies as one of the strictest in the nation. The law requires voters to present a photo ID at polling places. Those who can’t may cast a provisional ballot, which will only be counted if the voter affirms the ballot in person – with a photo ID – within 10 days. Specifically the Claims: Voter ID laws are excessively and prohibitively...
  • GlaxoSmithKline Agrees to $3B Fraud Settlement

    07/02/2012 6:44:29 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 1 replies
    Blog of legal times ^ | Today | Mike Scarcella
    GlaxoSmithKline agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges in U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts and to pay $1 billion in criminal fines and forfeitures for the illegal marketing and promotion of the drugs Paxil and Wellbutrin. Officials said the company between 1998 and 2003 unlawfully promoted Paxil for treating depression in patients under the age of 18. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved that use of the drug, DOJ officials said. The officials said GlaxoSmithKline illegally promoted Wellbutrin for uses that included weight loss, substance abuse and sexual dysfunction. DOJ officials said the company will...
  • Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video: 2nd Attempt

    06/27/2012 8:20:58 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 9 replies
    Youtube ^ | Apr 30, 2009 | bishopvids
    So The Cleveland Board of Tourism was not happy with the first video that I turned in. In fact, they said that upon viewing it, three of the board members moved away. They insisted that I turn in a proper Cleveland tourism video, otherwise they will pursue litigation. So I was really planning on buckling down and giving it my all this time, but there was a "Rock of Love" marathon on VH1 last night that I didn't want to miss, so I cranked this video out in even less time than the first one. Roughly 35 minutes total. Despite...
  • Live Streaming Link to Contempt Hearing on Holder (my title)

    06/20/2012 8:22:20 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 181 replies
    Congress US Government ^ | Today | Comittee on oversight and government reform
    Link to streaming live video feed on the contempt hearing on Holder and Fast and Furious.
  • Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin; Eye Witnesses Speak Out

    06/05/2012 4:23:03 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 61 replies
    Pundit Press ^ | Today | Aurelius
    From students using class schedules to "prove" that they live in Wisconsin (but not who they actually are), to multiple accounts of people being "bused" in, dozens of accounts of Democrat and Union attempts to commit voter fraud in Wisconsin have hit the news. One town even has turnout that was reportedly six times the votes normally cast in a "heavy" participation election- and that was at 10:30 am in the morning. ..... Milwaukee's Election Commission director Sue Edmond stated that, even should they find out that the students lied about their DOB or who they were, their votes would...
  • Soldiers Deck of Cards

    05/28/2012 7:47:04 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 3 replies
    You Tube ^ | Jan 7, 2012 | Justin Flom
  • Dispute over the placement of a floodlight results in one hell of an Australian troll

    05/26/2012 11:15:29 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 26 replies
    The Chive ^ | May 17, 2012 | BOB
    A funny series of communications exchanged between a neighbor who put up a bright spot light shining into his neighbors bedroom window and very witty neighbor with a sense of humor.
  • Update #26 Part 2 – Trayvon Martin Shooting [Shortened]

    05/24/2012 4:23:20 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 37 replies
    The zonservative treehouse ^ | May 24 2012 | sundancecracker
    <p>OK – so Trayvon is seeking a source for a powerful cough syrup, commonly used in his “culture” to make an intoxicating drink called “Lean” – also known as the infamous “purple drank/Purple Lean/Lean/Sizzurp.”</p> <p>“…Be very careful in trying to restrain the tripper, since she or he may perceive this as a threat, and will probably be mostly immune to pain...the tripper, like a cornered animal, could beat the living shit out of you without thinking twice. (!!) …”</p>
  • The gun is civilization

    05/10/2012 5:25:23 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 14 replies
    Beaufort Observer ^ | December 29, 2011 | Marko Kloos
    Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that's it. In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction, and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as paradoxical...
  • Ohio Governor Reacts Appropriately to Liberal Media Inquiry

    04/27/2012 7:12:27 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 34 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | April 26, 2012 | Curt
    Hot on the heels of President Subprime McDowngrade’s visit to Ohio — during which he attempted to take credit for Gov. John Kasich’s stunningly successful fiscal record — comes the obvious question from a reporter. Obvious, that is, if you’re a liberal Statist hack. The governor’s reaction is priceless.
  • Judge Rules 'Amazon Tax' Unconstitutional

    04/27/2012 4:24:03 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 28 replies
    Chicago List ^ | April 26, 2012 | Prescott Carlson
    House Bill 3659, colloquially referred to as the "Amazon Tax," was passed in March of last year which broadened the scope of which companies would be required to collect use tax from its customers. ......... Now according to Crain's, Cook County Circuit Judge Robert Lopez Cepero ruled that the state overstepped its bounds with the law, and that it doesn't pass constitutional muster.
  • TN. Alliance of TEA Party & Liberty Groups Town Hall & Summit event on April 20 & 21, 2012

    04/16/2012 1:46:08 PM PDT · by Mechanicos
    TN. Alliance of TEA party & Liberty Groups ^ | unknown | TN. Alliance of TEA party & Liberty Groups
    Patriots, A Statewide Tea Party Town Hall with legislators and Summit is being held this coming weekend in Goodlettsville Tn. just north of Nashville. This Summit is open to all Tea Party members statewide. It is encouraging, and informative to attend these summits and see that the fight for liberty is very strong. Click on the link for more details for information on how to be invited and other links including lodging suggestions and Saturdays complete agenda. (Note: the Town Hall and Summit events are by invitation only. It will be a closed door and NO Media for the Town...

    04/14/2012 7:43:15 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 103 replies
    self/vanity ^ | Today | Self
    We are not yet defeated. Per Alinsky play book, they want us to feel defeated. But, if you look at the facts although it looks difficult, it is not impossible to still prevent Romney from winning the Nomination. Romney only has 535 committed delegates now. There are not many winner take all States left to win. And the pattern for Romney in proportional states is he wins urban but not rural areas. So, if conservatives come out to vote and in enough numbers while contining to vote the Not-Romney ticket he will be denied the 1444 he needs. The GOPe...
  • Allen West for US Congress

    04/13/2012 8:46:57 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 7 replies
    Allen West for US Congress ^ | unknown | Congressman Allen West
    Support Allen West - A Conservative With The Courage To Speak The Truth
  • The Perfect Storm for a 3rd Party run (Vanity)

    04/12/2012 6:31:24 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 75 replies
    Self | Today | Self
    If Romney wins the nomination it will set up the Perfect Political Storm for the Democrats to run a 3rd Party "conservative" to siphon enough votes to let Obama win. Romney is so detestable to so many conservative and so similar to Obama on so many issues that for many there's no compelling reason to vote for him. Also, Obama and the Democrats have more then enough of a war chest as well as a complacent media to make a 3rd party run look worthwhile as well as feasible to the massive number of disenfranchised conservatives who reject Romney. With...
  • How A Dumb Law Blocks A Great Way To Fuel America

    04/09/2012 5:33:26 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 20 replies
    Forbes ^ | 4/03/2012 | Christopher Helman
    Steven Sterin thinks he has a better way. As president of the advanced fuels division at Dallas-based chemicals company Celanese, he’s supervising construction of two new plants—one in Texas, the other in China—to make ethanol. But you won’t see any vats fermenting corn here. Celanese makes its ethanol by tearing apart and recombining the hydrocarbons found in plentiful natural gas or coal. ..... The problem isn’t science. It’s Washington. Thanks to the 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard law, gasoline refiners are mandated to blend so much plant-based or renewable ethanol into the gas supply that it prevents Celanese or any other...
  • Obama Campaign Stiffs Vermont Police

    04/06/2012 12:03:46 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 16 replies
    Fox News Radio ^ | April 6, 2012 | Todd Starnes
    Trevor Whipple, the police chief in South Burlington, told Fox News that his department incurred $4,200 in overtime expenses as a result of separate fundraising events featuring President Obama and the First Lady. ...... “The president is the president wherever he goes and whatever he does,” Vermont Democratic Party Chairman Jake Perkinson told Fox News. “I don’t think there’s any credible reason to be nickel and diming the security of the President of the United States or his family.” Perkinson said taxpayers should be happy to cover the cost of the president’s fundraising visit to Vermont.
  • Massive tornadoes toss trucks across skies as large, extremely dangerous twisters target Texas

    04/03/2012 1:25:55 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 146 replies
    Daily Mail Online UK ^ | UPDATED: 15:11 EST, 3 April 2012 | Daily Mail Reporter
    Millions of people are being urged to seek shelter immediately as dramatic news footage shows trucks and other massive debris being thrown across the skies in Texas.
  • Guest Post: Why Is Gasoline Consumption Tanking?

    04/03/2012 7:50:20 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 98 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 02/10/2012 | Tyler Durden
    Retail gasoline deliveries, already well below 1980 levels, have absolutely fallen off a cliff. .... Deliveries in November 2011 were 30.9 MGD, a staggering 47% decline. ..... What other plausible explanation is there for the decline from 42.4 MGD in July 2011 to 30.9 MGD in November 2011 other than a dramatic decline in discretionary driving? That 27% drop in a few months in unprecedented, except in times of war or sharp economic contraction, i.e. recession.
  • Mich. militia members cleared of charges that accused them of plotting war against government

    03/27/2012 3:56:32 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 28 replies
    ---- Snip ---- U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts granted requests for acquittal on the most serious charges: conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the U.S. and conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction. Other weapons crimes tied to the alleged conspiracies also were dismissed. ---- Snip ----
  • Supreme Court Sides With Private Property Owner in Landmark EPA Case

    03/21/2012 1:32:57 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 65 replies · 1+ views
    The Blaze ^ | March 21, 2012 | Benny Johnson
    Today, the Supreme Court has sided with an Idaho couple in Sackett v. EPA, a private property rights case, ruling they have the right to go to court to challenge an Environmental Protection Agency policy that blocked construction of their new home and threatened fines of more than $30,000 a day.
  • Anonymous members tricked into giving up bank details

    03/05/2012 8:29:12 AM PST · by Mechanicos · 2 replies
    New Scientist ^ | March 2, 2012 | Jacob Aron
    In January the group decided to hit the websites of the US Department of Justice and various media companies in response to the takedown of file storage site Megaupload, providing a guide on Pastebin for those who wished to take part in the attacks. Symantec says that an attacker appears to have copied that guide and inserted their own version of the Slowloris software containing a secret Trojan that downloaded a copy of Zeus, a piece of malware often used to take control of an infected computer.
  • Massive Tea Party Erupts Near Obama Fundraiser

    02/17/2012 4:51:20 PM PST · by Mechanicos · 20 replies · 1+ views
    Fox Nation ^ | February 17, 2012, | Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit
    Obama Holds Nob Hill Fundraiser… Massive Tea Party Breaks Out – Complete With “NoBama” Finger Wags