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  • U.S. Republicans say effort to help 'Dreamer' immigrants advances

    01/11/2018 11:54:00 AM PST · 10 of 31
    Meet the New Boss to detective

    Why does Flake have any say in this?

    He’s a lame duck who knows he would be soundly rejected by voters if he ran again.

    The only people he represents are the cheap third world labor pushers in the US Chamber of Commerce and the global banks. Like Eric Cantor, no doubt he will soon join them when he leaves to make millions pushing off-sourcing and to facilitate foreign control of US properties.

    It is madness to allow the Dems and the GOPe to put together an immigration deal. They will try as hard as they can to screw American citizens just like the Bush globalists and the Dems tried to do before.

  • How The FBI and DOJ Intelligence Units Were Weaponized Around Congressional Oversight…

    01/08/2018 9:38:08 AM PST · 48 of 62
    Meet the New Boss to a little elbow grease
    The NSA compliance officer identified several strange 702 “About Queries” were being conducted...Admiral Mike Rogers ordered the “About Query” activity to stop, reported the activity to the DOJ, and then went to the FISA court....

    On Friday November 18th, 2016, The Washington Post reported on a recommendation in “October” that Mike Rogers be removed from his NSA position

    Was this attempt to remove Adm Rogers an attempt to obstruct justice by preventing the investigation and prosecution of violations of law?

    That would be the very thing Comey, Mueller and the deep state are falsely going after Trump for, claiming he attempted to obstruct justice in the phony Russia investigation by removing Comey.

    They deep state really does believe they are above the law and are in charge of a banana republic right here in the USA.

    We need a special counsel who is a high quality prosecutor from somewhere far, far from the DC swamp, like Iowa or maybe Alaska or maybe even American Samoa, to be appointed with a large staff to round up all the deep state criminals and prosecute them.

  • Manafort files lawsuit charging Mueller probe is illegal; says he was double-crossed

    01/03/2018 12:57:44 PM PST · 27 of 154
    Meet the New Boss to jazusamo
    I have posted before on FR that there is a serious question as to whether the appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel is legally valid in light of the fact that statutory law requires every US Attorney to be confirmed by Congress, and yet DOJ regulations purport to give a special counsel the powers of a US Attorney without being confirmed by the Senate.

    See Is the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller legal without Senate approval?

    Manafort should have standing to raise this objection, since he has been indicted by a grand jury convened by the Special Counsel.

    They could have appointed an already sitting US Attorney instead of Mueller as Special Counsel and avoided this legal problem. But they wanted Comey's mentor and best buddy to make sure it went down as desired.

    The Manafort case may be particularly relevant to this issue in that one could argue that because a Special Counsel has a limited, defined scope he is not a full US Attorney requiring Senate confirmation; however, in this case the Special Counsel is investigating and obtaining indictments outside the defined scope of Russian collusion during the election.

  • Is Virginia Turning Blue?

    12/20/2017 10:37:05 AM PST · 7 of 53
    Meet the New Boss to C19fan

    Blacks + immigrants + liberals = winning margin in Virginia.

    As it turns out, pro-cheap labor immigration GOPe politicians like Ed Gillespie have replaced their own jobs with their cheap labor express agenda.

  • Will Mueller’s Probe Into Trump-Russia Collusion Take Forever?

    12/20/2017 10:26:20 AM PST · 41 of 45
    Meet the New Boss to davikkm

    Congress needs to tell Mueller to wrap it up and submit a final report within 60 days, and prohibit the spending of money after that date by the Special Counsel.

    Any ongoing matters such as the Manafort lobbying registration violations and Flynn and Papadopoulos lying to FBI charges need to be given back to regular DOJ to finish up. None of these in themselves justifies having a special counsel handle them.

    This has been going on, the rogue investigation of Trump by his opponents in the IC and DOJ/FBI, for probably close to two years now.

    The Deep State knew from the start that there was nothing there, because, as Snowden informed us, the NSA scoops up everything. The DNC emails was a leak by an insider with a thumb drive, not remote hacking by Russians.

    The point of this has been, first, a fishing expedition to find something on Trump to use to flip Congress and then impeach him after 2018, and second, to punish anyone who agreed to a position on Trump’s team by examining everything about them to try to charge them with some crime.

    Half the lobbyists in Washington are as sleazy as Manafort. And where are the prosecutions of the Podesta brothers? Don’t hold your breath.

    Trump should have told the GOPe that he will sign the tax cuts they wanted if they agree to pass a bill putting an end date on the Mueller fishing expedition. The tax cuts were the only thing on Trump’s agenda the GOPe wanted. Now that they have that, they will insist on amnesty, no wall, more cheap labor visas, and fight him on any change to our trading arrangements.

  • Sarah Silverman: ‘Patriotism Is Perverted’

    12/19/2017 11:14:20 AM PST · 36 of 53
    Meet the New Boss to Bookshelf

    Good for Marc Zell.

    Of course, Hollyweird has no problem whatsoever with China.

    They can’t wait until the Chinese market grows more so they can completely tailor their products to Chinese appetites and don’t have to orient their products to the stupid Americans.

  • Sarah Silverman: ‘Patriotism Is Perverted’

    12/19/2017 10:42:22 AM PST · 15 of 53
    Meet the New Boss to blam
    10-episode variety show, I Love You, America

    The perverts of Hollyweird are nothing if not relentless in pushing their globalist crap and open borders and mass third world immigration and moving our industries to other countries to try to take down the USA a few notches.

    It's not really true that Hollyweird puts profits ahead of everything else. They will push their own agenda even at the expense of making money. I predict Silverman's show will be a flop with the American people, but will be considered a success in Hollyweird.

  • Judicial Watch seeks to uncover secret Lois Lerner testimony

    12/19/2017 10:16:53 AM PST · 14 of 18
    Meet the New Boss to bitt
    lawsuit remains sealed by the order of a judge who heard claims...they had received threats

    So to follow the logic of the judge:

    the worse the tyrannical abuse and corruption of government officials is, then the bigger the anger of the people, and therefore the more reason the judge should keep the abuse and corruption secret.

    Folks, the judge is trolling us serfs.

  • Object on tracks may be cause of deadly Amtrak derailment

    12/18/2017 4:05:03 PM PST · 110 of 153
    Meet the New Boss to MarMema

    I did read the thread. Your feeling that it was just a typical liberal screw-up may turn out to be correct, but that does make it so or rule out sabotage until we have the results of an investigation.

  • Object on tracks may be cause of deadly Amtrak derailment

    12/18/2017 3:58:13 PM PST · 105 of 153
    Meet the New Boss to servo1969

    The fact that the derailment happened to occur at the crossing point of an interstate highway does suggest sabotage in which the hope was to damage two major transportation arteries and injure more people with a single act.

  • Gregg Jarrett: Did the FBI and the Justice Department, plot to clear Hillary Clinton, bring down...

    12/15/2017 1:39:24 PM PST · 41 of 65
    Meet the New Boss to dontreadthis
    IMO, the FBI debated whether or not to pay for it in order to add credibility to their FISA application in regard to having their own sources and methods.

    Good point. Did they even tell the FISA court that the information had originated in oppo research commissioned by the Hillary campaign?

  • Sessions Offers Meek Defense Of FBI In Face Of Trump’s Attacks

    12/15/2017 1:25:19 PM PST · 12 of 77
    Meet the New Boss to Golden Eagle

    It’s so despicable to see Comey and the MSM flacks try to wrap Comey and McCabe and Strzok and Page and the other crooked FBI leadership in the accomplishments of rank-and-file FBI agents, as if any criticism of or attempt to hold accountable these political hacks is the same as criticism of the entire history and accomplishments of honest, hard-working and courageous FBI field agents.

    To see Sessions buy in to this narrative is one more disappointment on a pile of disappointments relating to him.

  • Gregg Jarrett: Did the FBI and the Justice Department, plot to clear Hillary Clinton, bring down...

    12/15/2017 1:18:38 PM PST · 38 of 65
    Meet the New Boss to jazusamo
    “Part A” was to devise a way to exonerate Clinton

    Part of this was the effort by Comey to focus attention away from the question of whether Hillary knowingly passed US government-protected secrets through her email server (of course she did) and onto the distraction of whether she was grossly negligent or extremely careless and whether it is constitutional to impose a criminal penalty for gross negligence (Comey says no) and whether others in the same position had ever been punished for such negligence.

    It's an old lawyer's trick: contrive a debate over a less harmful, distracting issue (negligence) in order to avoid consideration of a much more dangerous issue (Hillary's knowing use of her email server to store and transmit US government secrets).

    Obama even got in the act by claiming that Hillary had no intent to harm US national security, which is irrelevant to the statutory crime, which requires simply that she knowingly mishandle US government secrets. We don't even need to get into the question of negligence, she obviously knew what she was doing, by doing it repeatedly, a large number of times.


    12/15/2017 12:53:20 PM PST · 11 of 46
    Meet the New Boss to Oldpuppymax
    President Trump and Special Investigator Robert Mueller actually are working together to drain the DC swamp

    No. This is disinformation intended to take the heat off Mueller.

    It's simply not possible given the particular people he has staffed the Special Counsel office with.

    What needs to happen is a criminal investigation by an independent prosecutor into whether there was a conspiracy by Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel to go on a fishing expedition against Trump in the absence of a legitimate predicate for an investigation.

    The investigation needs to preserve and obtain the communications of all three people and any other persons involved in the conspiracy. And any efforts to destroy such evidence needs to be met with the FULL force of criminal penalties because the very integrity of our republic is at stake.

  • Comey edits revealed: Remarks on Clinton probe were watered down, documents show

    12/14/2017 5:20:07 PM PST · 18 of 29
    Meet the New Boss to x1stcav

    Bret Baer reported last year that US intelligence sources told Fox News that it was virtually certain at least five foreign intelligence agencies penetrated Hillary’s off-the-books IT system she set up as Secretary of State.

    Alan Dershowitz has been on Fox News frequently recently for the purpose of arguing Hillary’s case, that it would be “criminalizing politics” to hold her accountable.

    His reasoning in trying to protect Hillary would lead to the conclusion that politicans and high government officials are beyond the reach of our criminal laws.

    It’s disappointing that so much of the reporting on this has been lulled into the red herring pushed by Comey and now Dershowitz that the question was whether someone should be prosecuted for being merely grossly negligent or its synonym, extremely careless.

    But this was NOT a negligence case. Hillary KNOWINGLY set up the off-the-books IT system. Hillary KNOWINGLY as a matter of standard procedure ran her emails as Secretary of State through this private system.

    And Hillary KNOWINGLY ran classified information through it. She might be able to plead ignorance the first time or maybe the second time. But not the fiftieth time or the hundredth time.

    It’s like someone parking her car in a parking space and knocking over a nearby motorcycle customarily parked there. The first time she runs over the motorcycle, she might say get away with claiming she was merely careless. BUT NOT THE HUNDREDTH TIME!

    No reasonable jury could believe she did not know what classified information consists of and that she knew she was running it through her system so many times.

  • Strzok’s Texts And The Clinton-Trump Investigations — A Definitive Timeline

    12/14/2017 2:00:05 PM PST · 16 of 31
    Meet the New Boss to mojito

    The ‘definitive’ timeline doesn’t address the Hillary emails found on Weiner’s laptop.

    These were found by NYPD in the investigation into Weiner’s child sexting activities in early October.

    The FBI NY field office took custody of them and were told by someone at FBI HQ to just “keep studying the metadata” and not to look at the emails themselves, apparently hoping to run out the clock until after Hillary was elected. This was probably Strzok who tried to run out the clock on behalf of Hillary.

    Then, when the story was leaked to the NY papers presumably by NYPD sources, FBI HQ couldn’t keep a lid on it. So Strzok did the herculean task of reading all of these tens of thousands of emails in about three days and then declared “there was no problem, no crime, nothing to see here, move along folks.”

    The corruption of the Hillary investigation needs to be investigated by an independent prosecutor outside of the Justice Department and it may be that people like Strzok need to go to prison for official corruption.

    Also, all of the communications among Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein in the time period leading up to the appointment of Mueller and investigated for a conspiracy to use their official positions to achieve a personal and partisan agenda.

  • Fusion GPS admits DOJ official's wife Nellie Ohr hired to probe Trump

    12/13/2017 5:49:38 PM PST · 15 of 53
    Meet the New Boss to Enchante

    How lucky we Americans are now that our comrades in the national justice ministry, the national police agency and the national intelligence services work hard to ensure that the American people do not stupidly elect the wrong people to be in charge of our government.

  • CNN says Anderson Cooper's Twitter account apparently hacked

    12/13/2017 4:03:52 PM PST · 3 of 44
    Meet the New Boss to Olog-hai

    Kathy Griffin!

  • New Strzok Texts with Mistress Show Vile Anti-Trump Bias in Mueller’s Office

    12/13/2017 3:57:33 PM PST · 2 of 21
    Meet the New Boss to Kaslin

    There is a lot more of a legitimate predicate to commence a criminal investigation into whether Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller conspired to use their official positions for the corrupt purpose of obtaining revenge against President Trump for Comey’s firing than there ever was to commence an investigation into an imaginary conspiracy among Trump and Putin to hack the emails of John Podesta and the DNC.

  • Trump: Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory.

    12/12/2017 8:27:10 PM PST · 20 of 320
    Meet the New Boss to EdnaMode

    And congratulations to Mitch McConnell.

    He won the first year of the Trump Administration.

    The only Trump legislative achievement will be the tax cuts, which was the one thing on the Trump agenda the GOPe donors wanted.