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  • Ethics and politics: U.S. House Republicans sting themselves

    11/19/2004 6:23:14 AM PST · 21 of 24
    Miles from Tulia to billorites
    1) I've been active in Houston, Texas, Republican politics since Barry Goldwater was the Republican nominee for President (1964, for those in Rio Linda.)
    2) At the time, Democrats had control of the political machinery -- local, county, state and national.
    3) The Census was taken in 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000. Guess who did the redistricting in 1970, 1980 and 1990? That was not controversial? Republicans told themselves to just work harder AND DID NOT COMPLAIN. (And the GOP is an amateur, when it comes to gerrymandering.)
    4) After 2000, Republicans had the controls for the first time (since Reconstruction, after the Civil War.) Only then could they participate in redistricting.
    5) The "lawsuit" is a continuation of the FIASCO where State Democrat Legislators fled to Oklahoma and New Mexico, to impede the redistricting process. (They finally had to come home and redistricting was completed.)
    6) Republicans didn't do that in 1970, 1980 and 1990 and if you believe that national level Democrats had no hand in the redistricting process, I have a title to an Alamo that I would like to sell you. (I'll make it cheap.)
    7) A local Democrat Congressman by the name of Chris Bell
    and the Austin, Texas district attorney (Ronnie Earle, a Democrat) are the ones who are behind the suit against Tom.
    8) The suit, filed by a Democrat Congressman with the help of a Democrat district attorney is purely political. Its sole purpose is to create bad publicity for Tom Delay and other Texas Republicans.
    9) I live in Harris County, Texas where I lived in Tom Delay's district (1980.) Some time before 1990, a district line was moved by a court so that I lived in Ken Bentsen's district. And Chris Bell is now my Congressman, because he succeeded Ken Bentsen.
    10) Since House Republicans acted, maybe we will see an end to this charade (eventually.) Congressional Republicans do not want Tom to step down just because a meaningless suit gets filed in an Austin, Texas Kangaroo Court -- and neither do I.

  • Democratic Party Crack-Up (Some Democrats Now Advocating SHOOTING Republicans)

    11/12/2004 5:17:14 AM PST · 35 of 38
    Miles from Tulia to KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle
    There's an easy, logical explanation why Democrats are so "disturbed." They went through all the prisons and homes for the mentally ill, seeking somebody (anybody) who would vote for Kerry - Edwards.

    Many Democrats feel a kinship with these individuals because, while they have never been in such a prison or hospital, they should have been -- a long time ago.

    And that is why they have this unrealistic fear of Republicans; they judge people in that other party by their Democrat friends. Since they are so willing to shoot a Republican, they think "the other side" is capable of such troubling solutions.

    They need to join their friends in the mental hospital where, hopefully, they will be able to learn how to return to reality -- and accept the fact that Bush - Cheney won.
  • No, Canada! (United States of Canada vs. Jesusland)

    11/06/2004 11:58:09 AM PST · 42 of 100
    Miles from Tulia to spyone
    Today’s Drudge Report has a Reuters news item, “Americans Flock to Canada’s Immigration Web site,” The spin by this “news” service (Reuters) is that Americans, going to this site, want to become Canadians because they are so disappointed with the outcome of Tuesday’s election.

    I doubt their spin, but let’s examine the benefits we (and Canada) will enjoy if the “Blame America First Crowd” (or “BAFC“) pick up their marbles, and move to Canada. Naturally, they will want to go to Quebec and learn French, so that they can feel even closer to the American-hating Jaques Cherac and his pals.

    1) First, the average IQ of Americans and that of the citizens of Quebec will both increase -- tremendously. This BAFC would have to include most of the dumbest Americans who, when they arrived in Quebec, would still be smarter than those who allowed them to come there.

    2) Most of the BAFC lives in the blue areas of the United States so, when these people move to Canada, opposition to their ideas will increase in the blue areas and give other members of the BAFC a reason to join their friends, who first moved to Canada. (And it would be nice if they took the United Nations Headquarters with them.)

    3) As more and more of the BAFC move north, they will add to the strength of the Canadian socialists. And as the socialists and their BAFC friends get stronger, many conservative Canadians will be forced to leave the Canada they (used to) love, and move south where the environment is more friendly. (Which would cause the average IQ of Canadians to drop, even further.)

    Forty years ago, the same thing happened to the Democrats. They compared themselves to a “big tent,” that could satisfy all voters, no matter how liberal or conservative those voters might be. Republicans also tried to be a “big tent;” thus was born the saying, “Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference” between parties.

    But while the Democrats talked a “great game,” their efforts were concentrated toward the wants of the liberals, from whom Democrats obtained most of their power and influence. And as they did so, the most liberal “extremists” joined their cause, which changed the environment, formerly enjoyed by conservative Democrats.

    Thus, the Democrats forced many of their former “conservative Democrat” members to move, and become some of the best Republicans, we have today.

    Forty years ago, Texas was part of the Democrat’s “Solid South.” From the end of the Civil War, and Reconstruction) only two Republicans had represented Texas in Congress -- US Representative Bruce Alger and Senator John Tower.

    I met a young Texas legislator who, in 1966, was switching to the Republican Party and running for Congress, as a Republican. His name was Bill Archer. Bill, now retired, was Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, for many years -- and I had the pleasure of being represented by him for much of his tenure.

    So I say, to the BAFC. You are free to move to Canada, if you want to. I hope you never live to regret your decision. And while you are in Canada, do send us some of their fine conservatives, who understand what freedom is, and want to help us preserve ours.
  • Bandits, including a foreign mercenary, eliminated in in Chechnya [one a US black]

    10/08/2004 7:01:54 AM PDT · 36 of 97
    Miles from Tulia to Mike Fieschko
    What is wrong with recognizing that certain misguided Americans are terrorists. In this instance, it was a US black that was murdering innocent school children.

    And it is not limited to the color of a man's skin. Do you remember the US white who was a captured member of Osama's group?

    To me, it shows that not all the terrorists are foreign terrorists. The time will probably come when we are having to fight them "over here" as well as "over there."
  • During World War II, my uncle returned home because family wrote congress

    09/20/2004 5:03:35 AM PDT · 7 of 14
    Miles from Tulia to DefCon
    Agriculture is important in war time and many adjustments are made. A crop that goes unharvested is bad news for everybody, but a financial disaster to the farmer.

    I lacked five months being 10 years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. At that time, cotton picking machines were rare and I lived in a cotton producing area. With all the able bodied men off, overseas, how was the cotton to be harvested?

    Answer -- they closed down the school for three weeks, but not for a vacation. Instead, the students bought cotton sacks and gloves and took them to the school property.

    There, a school bus would be waiting to take us to somebody's farm and we would "pull bolls" each day, during the three week period.

    That relieved any need for soldiers to come home and help with the harvest. Also, the students helped with the war effort and earned money for the work they did.

    By the way, Franklin D Roosevelt was elected in the year of my birth, I was a teen ager before Harry S Truman became President, and what was the Roosevelt-Truman slogan in 1944? It was "DON'T CHANGE HORSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREAM."

    And in those days, Republicans were the LOYAL opposition. In these days, Democrats do not know what LOYAL means.
  • Abortion: out of interest, I'd like to know what FReepers precise views are...

    09/06/2004 11:10:35 AM PDT · 52 of 318
    Miles from Tulia to BritishBulldog

    Exceptions to abortion should be few and far between, as they probably were when I was born, more than 72 years ago. Anyone who is living today had responsible mothers who chose to not exercise their "choice," if they had a "choice."

    As a child, a pediatrician discovered that certain numb feelings I had in my right hand were because I was subject to "petit mal" epilepsy. And as I matured, my epilepsy developed into "grand mal" epilepsy.

    But my problem turned out to be medically controlled, I married, have three children and have not suffered a seizure for almost 40 years.

    My medical problem was a problem for my parents, but I'm glad they did not abort me. It is certain that this communication would not exist if either of our mothers had aborted us.