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  • ISIS fighters getting their butts kicked ---LIVE on CNN.

    09/26/2014 9:43:37 PM PDT · 64 of 84
    MissesBush to Dog

    Yeah, where’s our airpower to help the Kurds? Or since Obama got no poll bounce out of the initial strikes he’s giving up now.

  • Obama Praises Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on Killing of U.S. Soldiers

    09/26/2014 9:41:56 PM PDT · 1 of 10
  • Democrats Call Cantor Defeat a Sign of Dysfunction. I Call it Democracy at Its Best.

    06/11/2014 1:00:57 PM PDT · 3 of 15
    MissesBush to Baynative

    Good point. Between Steny and Pelosi, the combined IQ doesn’t even reach into the 50s.

  • Democrats Call Cantor Defeat a Sign of Dysfunction. I Call it Democracy at Its Best.

    06/11/2014 12:58:26 PM PDT · 1 of 15
  • Al-Qaida Establishes Islamic Caliphate across Syria, Norther Iraq

    06/11/2014 12:53:56 PM PDT · 16 of 36
    MissesBush to Mount Athos

    Heck of a job Obama!

  • Who Will Win The Senate?: NY Times forecasts Democrats have 51% chance of retaining the Senate

    04/22/2014 12:11:08 PM PDT · 9 of 47
    MissesBush to SeekAndFind
    The Republicans’ chances have been declining in recent weeks, falling from a recent high of 54 percent. This is mostly due to some unfavorable polls in Arkansas and Iowa.

    True Iowa could be iffy but if the NY Slimes thinks Arkansas will re-elect Pryor they're even dumber than I thought. But look for both states to elect GOP Senators. Farmers are suffering under Obama mis-rule. There's every possibility Iowa will elect the GOPer. The NY Slimes is also forgetting the increased GOP chances in New Hampshire and Michigan in making this assessment.

  • Al Sharpton, Democrats, honor woman convicted of voter fraud

    03/25/2014 3:12:40 PM PDT · 1 of 7
    And keep in mind this was a rally to oppose voter ID, something this Richardson sewer rat proves the need for. Of course Dems deny there is any vote fraud, even as they treat someone who committed it like a conquering hero! And by the way, how does the Democratic party get a sentence by a judge seriously shortened down? What went on there to allow that to happen? More abuse of separation of powers by the Party of Evil?
  • Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare 'Horror Stories'; 'All Are Untrue'

    02/26/2014 1:40:58 PM PST · 55 of 61
    MissesBush to jjsheridan5

    I agree with you they need to up their game on communications, but we know what the media will do-—they’ll issue fake fact check after fake fact check of every talking point the Republicans put out and just try to turn them into liars in the eyes of voters, just like they did with Romney on things like his claim of Jeep being outsourced to China which turned out to be true after the media ripped him a new one over it. Remember Bush and yellow cake? Turned out Bush was right on that one too. But the Democrats’ organ grinder monkeys in the media will never admit when Republicans are right and in fact will go out of their way to paint them as liars when they are right! I guess all that’s left is for the Republicans to get the message out much better and more effectively than they’re doing and let voters decide for themselves. I guess the one advantage we have is that the US news media has diminishing crediblity with Americans. But all too many are still brainwashed by it. I’m not advocating a throw up our hands approach and to give up trying to get the truth out. I just don’t think we should over-estimate the effectiveness of it or to say the GOP leadership is completely to blame for this state of affairs. It has got to be frustrating to call a press conference to try to get the word out on something or another and only have CSPAN show up. Meanwhile if Obama announces he’s going to fart every network in the country and every newspaper will assign a team reporters to cover it.

  • Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare 'Horror Stories'; 'All Are Untrue'

    02/26/2014 1:31:15 PM PST · 53 of 61
    MissesBush to lowbridge
    That the list doesn’t include all their shadowy money, etc

    If it's so "shadowy," how does he know about it? Notice the left loves to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of? Who got more "shadowy" money than Barack Obama? Besides, if we factor "shadowy" money into the rankings, then chances are most Democratic donors will leap well ahead of the Koch Bros. on that list.

  • Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare 'Horror Stories'; 'All Are Untrue'

    02/26/2014 12:55:04 PM PST · 43 of 61
    MissesBush to jjsheridan5
    If we had an effective opposition party, these types of statements, coupled with the testimony of the victims of ObamaCare, would be distilled into television ads

    I would add to your post that if we actually had a free, fair and balanced media Reid would never be able to get away with this kind of prevarication. We know of course if a Republican Senate majority leader demonized for instance the people who came forward to tell a bunch of falsehoods about Mitt Romney, like the nut who claimed Romney is responsible for his wive's death because she had been laid off years before by a Bain-owned company, and called them all liars the media would have savaged him. But without a free and open media all the messaging in the world by Boehner and McConnell wouldn't make a hill of bean's worth of difference since the media will never fact check a Democrat. Sure we can run ads, but a lot of people will tune them out as just being partisan static. Without a credible media culture that would verify the truth of those ads, we'll make little impression on most voters. Not saying it's worth a try, but I just don't think this can all be laid at the feet of the GOP leadership. It probably feels like spitting into the wind to them to try to right the lies told by creeps like Reid.

  • Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare 'Horror Stories'; 'All Are Untrue'

    02/26/2014 12:24:27 PM PST · 29 of 61
    MissesBush to Ancesthntr

    Good post. But you can be comforted knowing that as a man you can get Viagra and birth control pills you can get at Wal Mart for $9 a month are covered. Oh and so are cancer wigs. But seriously, sorry about what you’re going through.

  • Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare 'Horror Stories'; 'All Are Untrue'

    02/26/2014 12:21:43 PM PST · 26 of 61
    MissesBush to NY.SS-Bar9

    I really believe he has to be deranged making comments like this. Those ads are NOT false, but using the common Democratic tactic of picking a boogeyman, in this case the Koch Bros, and then calling something that’s true a lie knowing it will never be disputed by the left wing media, Reid is trying to smear the credibility of the people in these ads knowing he’ll NEVER have to back up his claim of these ads being false. Notice he provides no details about what specifically is dishonest about them? No, it’s just enough to create the impression in the minds of the gullable that they’re false and that will end any doubt about Obamacare among the suckers who don’t think for themselves. Yet there are Obama supporters like Jessica Sanford, who supported Obamacare, who is on record saying Obamacare was a raw deal for her. Why would she lie? Or Edie Littlefield Sundie a stage 4 gall bladder survivor, and Obama supporter, who went on CNN and the Wall Street Journal to document the raw deal she got with Obamacare. That a man such as this would stand there on the Senate floor and deny these realities and accuse them all of lying makes him an evil man-—or mentally ill. This isn’t name calling. It’s empirical truth.

  • Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare 'Horror Stories'; 'All Are Untrue'

    02/26/2014 12:03:35 PM PST · 1 of 61
    This pathetic excuse for a man is either deranged or evil. Perhaps both.
  • Bombshell Audio Recording Revealing Ex-Prez’s White House Sex Romps Behind Wife Hillary’s Back

    02/05/2014 2:10:03 PM PST · 20 of 104
    MissesBush to Hojczyk

    Doom Hillary’s chances? This will make her, and Bill, all the more popular with the amoral left.

  • Tea Party favorite Ken Buck is back for a run at U.S. Senate

    02/05/2014 2:06:22 PM PST · 39 of 39
    MissesBush to catnipman

    You are so right. He may have won in 2010 had he not taken David Gregory’s bait about whether homosexuality is a choice. But he wasn’t bright enough to turn the question into an opportunity to go after the Democrats by saying “David, this isn’t what the voters of Colorado are voting on in November or what they’re concerned with. They’re worried about keeping their jobs if they have one, or finding one if they don’t. Coloradans are worried about what will become of their healthcare under Obamacare and their kids having to pick up the tab for this and so much other wasteful deficit spending coming out of the Obama White House and Pelosi/Reid Congress. These are the things that are driving Coloradans, not speculation about homosexuality.” Had he said that it would have been a slam dunk and he’d probably have won. That he wasn’t smart enough to know how to handle the media and how to not fall prey to their snares tells me he’s not ready for prime time—then or now. The fact is, much like where I live in California, Colorado has no decent GOP candidates. Sad.

  • Bad news for woman cited as Obamacare success story (Obama Claims Fail as Obamacare Success)

    11/20/2013 11:36:18 AM PST · 1 of 23
    Whoops, better do some fact checking next time Barack. But the truth never really matters to that crowd. Surprised CNN was willing to delve into this. Where's the rest of the media?
  • Chris Christie: The New Tom Dewey

    11/12/2013 3:43:21 PM PST · 14 of 36
    MissesBush to neverdem

    We suddenly find Time Magazine credible? What happened to “The MSM is pushing Christie on us!!!” Now they’re damning him and it’s believable?

  • Obama's Valerie Jarrett: Often Whispered about, But Never Challenged

    10/28/2013 11:01:03 AM PDT · 36 of 64
    MissesBush to SMARTY
    I have never heard of an individual SO close to a President and SO completely influencing a President, that the MSM HAS NOT interviewed and DOES NOT ATTEMPT to interview!

    And keep in mind this is the same media that helped spread the myth they're now having to retreat from in the light of recent information developed in at least one new book by one of their fellow MSM journalists that Cheney was the force behind the scenes pulling W's puppet strings. This was a constant drum beat from the MSM during the Bush years. Yet we have a real Rasputin her in the Obama admin in the form of this vapid twit Jarrett and the media is silent about her. At least Cheney, unlike Jarrett, was on the ballot when Bush won both times.

  • Obama's Valerie Jarrett: Often Whispered about, But Never Challenged

    10/28/2013 10:33:58 AM PDT · 18 of 64
    MissesBush to RobbyS

    Condie Rice at least came into the administration with competency in foreign affairs. And no one seemed to despise her nor did she play a consigilieri role for W like Jarrett does with Obama, with anyone who dares question her being dispatched with. I don’t think there’s any similarity at all.

  • Obama's Valerie Jarrett: Often Whispered about, But Never Challenged

    10/28/2013 10:03:29 AM PDT · 1 of 64
    Valerie Jarrett is perfectly emblematic of the incompetence and mediocrity that is the hallmark of this administration.
  • Congressman Blames Private Sector for Obamacare Glitches

    10/28/2013 10:00:10 AM PDT · 3 of 25
    MissesBush to John Semmens

    Dear Mr. Waxman: You’re a mental case. Garbage in, garbage out. Obamacare is garbage so naturally everything surrounding it will be similarly botched. The administration waited too long to write the rules for this stinkburger not wanting them to be used against them in the 2012 election, so the results are a rush job on the website with the results being the debacle we’re seeing. Now go back to your trough Pig Man.

  • Hillary Clinton To Deliver Series Of Policy Speeches

    08/12/2013 3:55:00 PM PDT · 8 of 45
    MissesBush to sunmars

    Oh how exciting. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

  • George Zimmerman helped rescue family from overturned SUV, cops say

    07/22/2013 12:30:15 PM PDT · 3 of 53
    MissesBush to sheikdetailfeather

    Trayvon would have robbed them. But he’s a hero.

  • Embattled IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before agency changed targeting criteria

    07/22/2013 12:24:57 PM PDT · 1 of 8
    These IRS abuses have come all the way from the Cleveland IRS office to within inches of Obama's lap with this revelation. Where's the MSM on this? Oh that's right--they're too busy telling us how horrible a person George Zimmerman is, how evil Stand Your Ground is and how racist America is. They're also too busy still trying to put the leaking of Plame's identity into the Bush Oval Office. Okay, so I'm being facetious in the latter instance, but the point remains--the media was obsessed with trying to tie the Oval Office into the leaking of Plame's meaningless identity, something not even remotely illegal by the Identities Act, but lost interest in the IRS story when it started to get too close to their Zombie Lord Obama.
  • 4 Men Sue Boy Scouts, LDS Church in Idaho (alleged sex abuse)

    06/27/2013 4:05:16 PM PDT · 26 of 26
    MissesBush to svcw
    Have you been reading the news the BS have changed to openly saying “a ok”.

    Actually, that is not what the BSA decided. The BSA continued the ban on gay Scout leaders, but allow gay boys to be a part of Scouting so long as they adhere to standards of moral behavior. Not allowing gay Scout leaders was by far the biggest concern so predatory types couldn't get in there and go after defenseless kids. Gay boys are a far lesser concern. Most will keep their sexuality to themselves for fear of being made fun of, so there is little danger from them. It is not ununsual for young teen boys to be confused about sexuality at that age. Most who are grow out of it. Why penalize them for their hormones messing with their brains and emotions? Perhaps being a part of Scouting will help them find direction.

  • 4 Men Sue Boy Scouts, LDS Church in Idaho (alleged sex abuse)

    06/25/2013 10:14:11 PM PDT · 24 of 26
    MissesBush to svcw

    What makes you so sure their claims are legit? I always exercise a healthy skepticism for victim claims that come decades after the fact. And the timing of their emergence doesn’t strike you as suspicious, right after the BSA announcement continuing to disavow homosexual leadership that angered the agendized homosexual left ? Sorry but you’re wrong. Homosexuals have never been allowed to serve as Scout Leaders. If a few well closeted ones slipped through that’s not BSA’s fault nor the LDS Church’s fault. If you’re looking for homosexuals in this, it’s the people behind this suspiciously timed lawsuit, a concoction they no doubt had waiting in the wings to discredit two organizations gays despise, in the event of an adverse decision to the homosexual agenda from the BSA.

  • 4 Men Sue Boy Scouts, LDS Church in Idaho (alleged sex abuse)

    06/24/2013 4:42:55 PM PDT · 7 of 26
    MissesBush to knak

    So these 4 come forward 28-41 years later to file this lawsuit? They just now felt damaged by what they CLAIM happened and just now feel the need for litigation? And I’m SURE the timing of the lawsuit has NOTHING to do with the BSA’s decision to restrict gay Scout leaders and is in NO WAY intended to discredit the BSA. I’m SURE that was all coincidence. And heck, why not throw in the LDS Church as a defendent too—another organization militant gays can’t stand. No, I’m sure this isn’t all a pathetic, transparent effort by the “Accept me! Accept me!” militant homosexual crowd to strike back at 2 organizations they despise, and cost them a mint in legal fees in so doing. But then I also believe Barack Obama is the best president since George Washington /sarc

  • Will Obamacare Hurt Jobs? It's Already Happening, Poll Finds

    06/19/2013 4:06:27 PM PDT · 1 of 10
    It just sucks being right all the time.
  • Dissent Festers in States That Obama Forgot

    06/19/2013 12:36:41 PM PDT · 9 of 28
    MissesBush to Nachum
    It is one of six states he has not visited as president, along with South Dakota, Arkansas, Idaho, South Carolina and Utah.

    These are truly blessed places then. Who wants the filth and his traffic clogging entourage anyway? All the guy does when he comes to California is shake down the simpletons and tie up traffic.

  • Nevada's Governor Vetoes Universal Background Checks

    06/14/2013 3:11:03 PM PDT · 21 of 28
    MissesBush to bert

    Nor California—where I live. But I’ll take one for the team. This place is heinous and must be vetoed.

  • Sen. Landrieu Says S. Dakota Borders Canada While Calling Border Fence 'Dumb'

    06/13/2013 11:33:13 AM PDT · 1 of 60
    Forgetting that this bimbo is herself dumb as demonstrated by her utter ignorance of basic US geography, what's dumb about a border fence? Does her home not have a fence or even a wall around it? Does the White House not have a fence around it? Should that be taken down because it's "dumb?" How is a fence to keep out possible threats to our country "dumb?" No Ms. Landrieu, it's your inexplicable and illogical opposition to a border fence that is dumb. And we see what your game is--get all these new Democratic voters legal as quickly as possible and keep the border open to bring in more. IT's not going to fly sweetie. Please Louisiana, make this term this twit's last term in the Senate.
  • 'Liberal Activist' Admits to Bugging Mitch McConnell's Office

    06/04/2013 10:17:27 AM PDT · 30 of 30
    MissesBush to Hoodat
    So why isn’t he being prosecuted?

    Because it would require a federal prosecution being a federal crime. And who heads the Justice Department? Eric Holder, that beacon of truth, justice and the rule of law equally meted out to all without thought of bias or partisan preferences.

  • 'Liberal Activist' Admits to Bugging Mitch McConnell's Office

    05/31/2013 12:23:55 PM PDT · 25 of 30
    MissesBush to SueRae

    The Democrites and their media lapdogs only care about wrongdoing when it’s a Republican they can accuse. Notice the IRS stuff is already out of the news, to say nothing about Benghazi and the targeting of journalists.

    Another thought-—interesting these same DemoCrites lose it if a terrorist is wiretapped under FISA laws, but bug a Republican Senator’s office and it’s all okay since Republicans are the real enemy after all. Tells you how liberals “think” doesn’t it? Republicans are the real enemy in their books.

  • 'Liberal Activist' Admits to Bugging Mitch McConnell's Office

    05/31/2013 9:38:31 AM PDT · 1 of 30
    I have to give this scumbag credit for honesty and for putting on display the liberal ethos: Anything that furthers our cause and our interests and our power is by definition moral and ethical, the law be damned." This is the very same mindset that drove the Obama White House and political operation to weapondize the IRS against conservatives, that drove the Obama Justice Department to target journalists and to obtain their phone records, that drove the Obama political operation and the State Department to lie about and cover up a terrorist attack and to change CIA talking points about the attack, to lie and cover up about Fast & Furious and to assert a dubious executive privilege claim while claiming the president wasn't involved, and all the other acts of amorality we see out of the American left. This is a dangerous group of people who consider their cause so just and holy that the rule of law has no meaning in their depraved world. Thank you Mr. Morrison for aptly illustrating the amorality of the American left. By the way, what do you bet this little weed lost his sick, dimunitive mind over the Bush admin's FISA wiretaps against terrorist suspects, while he sits there and hypocritically tries to justify an illegal bugging of a Senator's office and making illicit recordings of private conversations among Sen. McConnnell and his staff?

    As for what will be done to this low life, he can expect an Eric Holder special: Complete dismissal of charges while opening an investigation on Mitch McConnell for daring to attack Ashley Judd.

  • Developer guilty of illegal contributions to Harry Reid

    05/29/2013 8:48:17 PM PDT · 1 of 19
    Let me guess, another salvo of "I didn't know anything about it until I read about it in the papers" coming our way from yet another corrupt Democrat, this time the Senator from Dim Bulb Nevada, Harry Reid. No way would Reid's campaign, and Reid himself, not have known the source of these donations and that they were illegal. It's their job to know. And Harry's as safe as a kitten because the banana republic Attorney General, the filthy Eric Holder, needs Harry in the Senate to keep him safe from Senate scrutiny, so don't expect the Justice Department to look into Dirty Harry.
  • Exclusive: Hillary's Benghazi 'Scapegoat' Speaks Out

    05/20/2013 1:15:26 PM PDT · 11 of 35
    MissesBush to tje

    Why is this man not on 60 Minutes making these charges? Oh that’s right, the man sitting in the White House isn’t named Bush or a Republican, and the one who is is worshipped by the cabal at 60 Minutes as being a demi-god.

  • BREAKING: The Scandals are Falling Apart! (Laff riot)

    05/17/2013 4:40:49 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    MissesBush to 2ndDivisionVet

    Ezra Klein is the commander in chief of the Obama knee pads brigade. The punk is a joke, a mindless shill who embarrasses himself with every syllable. When the term “douche bag” began to be applied to people, it was principally because of “guys” like him.

  • Pelosi: Sequestration Preventing Me from Visiting Troops on Mother's Day

    05/09/2013 11:57:38 AM PDT · 7 of 105
    MissesBush to Sub-Driver

    What makes this battle axe think the troops want to see her? And if you want to go visit the troops, then pay for it yourself hag. Doesn’t your husband make a ton of money evading the US minimum wage by putting businesses in Samoa?

  • Report: CBS News Bosses Irked by Correspondent's Thorough Benghazi Reporting

    05/08/2013 3:20:49 PM PDT · 1 of 47
    Funny the same media didn't mind "advocacy" when it was Watergate, Iran-Contra, Plamegate, etc. Then the media considered itself a beacon of virtue and accountability for holding Republican presidents accountable for their actions and for holding a spotlight on them. Now under their zombie cult lord Obama, no one in the media is to question the Dear Leader. To do so is tantamount to treason. Hopefully Ms. Atkinson is seeing the brutal truth about the industry she's in--that it's utterly co-opted by a cult of personality around Obama that should disturb any thinking, patriotic American.
  • IDF Targets Gaza-based Global Jihadist

    05/01/2013 7:50:56 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    MissesBush to robowombat

    Oh waiter! Another 72 virgins please!

  • On Opening of Bush Library, Chuck Todd Mocks Ex-President's ‘Gaffes,' Imagines a GOP Loss in 2016

    04/26/2013 4:26:49 PM PDT · 22 of 22
    MissesBush to Graybeard58

    I think the point is it’s a lame excuse since Illinois is closer to Kentucky than is Arkansas, since Illinois and not Arkansas shares a border with KY.

  • On Opening of Bush Library, Chuck Todd Mocks Ex-President's ‘Gaffes,' Imagines a GOP Loss in 2016

    04/26/2013 4:25:25 PM PDT · 21 of 22
    MissesBush to Rumplemeyer
    "I think a swift kick in the castanets would be a better show..."

    I think he'd have to have some before he could be kicked there. The guy seems like an emasculated little twerp.

  • On Opening of Bush Library, Chuck Todd Mocks Ex-President's ‘Gaffes,' Imagines a GOP Loss in 2016

    04/26/2013 12:50:30 PM PDT · 1 of 22
    Chuck Todd is one of the great douchebags in the media. But then being a great douchebag is a requirement of employment on MessNBC.

    "I miss this part of Bush because Obama never does this stuff."

    Really Chuckles? Obama never does this stuff?? Or is it you just chose to ignore it when he does? Let me educate you pinhead:

    Top 10 Obama Gaffes:

    1. How many states? Vice President Dan Quayle was virtually laughed out of Washington for misspelling potato back in 1992, yet Barack Obama made a more elementary flub when, during the 2008 campaign, he said: “I’ve now been in 57 states-I think one left to go.”

    2. Hero soldier mix-up: While commending troops at Fort Drum, N.Y., for their completed deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama said, “A comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.” Wrong hero. Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti was killed in action, another soldier, Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta, was the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor that fought in Afghanistan.

    3. What year is it? During a trip to London’s Westminster Abbey, President Obama signed the guest book and dated it 24 May 2008. Oops. It was 2011. (Maybe he was wistfully dreaming about his 2008 election campaign at the time.)

    4. Look at the map: Not only does Obama not know how many states there are, he also doesn’t know where they are. During the 2008 primary campaign, he explained why he was trailing Hillary Clinton in Kentucky: “Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it’s not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle.” Obama’s home state of Illinois, and not Arkansas, shares a border with Kentucky.

    5. What language is that? In April 2009, on one of his many foreign trips, President Obama mused, “I don’t know what the term is in Austrian” for “wheeling and dealing.” Oops, Mr. President. There is no Austrian language.

    6. Twister casualties: After a devastating tornado hit Kansas, Obama discussed the tragedy without help from a teleprompter, saying, ”In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died-an entire town destroyed.” He was only off by 9,988 as the twister killed 12 people.

    7. How old is Malia? The President last month thought he was so clever, unfavorably comparing Republican procrastination on the debt limit to his daughters finishing their homework early. In his remarks, Obama made a reference to daughter Malia, saying she was 13 years old, when at the time she was 12. Imagine the press reaction if Michele Bachmann made a misstatement about any of her five children or 23 foster kids.

    8. Special Olympics insensitivity: The President called and apologized to the head of the Special Olympics, after making this insensitive comment following a game of bowling: “No, no. I have been practicing. … I bowled a 129. It’s like-it was like Special Olympics, or something.” Maybe he should have also apologized to bowlers for his feeble effort.

    9. Faith confusion: No wonder so many Americans are unsure of the President’s faith, as he seems to be confused himself. During the 2008 campaign, during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Obama said, “What I was suggesting-you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith,” before Stephanopoulos jumped in to help, saying ”your Christian faith.”

    10. Health care inefficiencies: During the health care debate, President Obama explained all the benefits of ObamaCare, saying, “The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.” Mr. President, we already have enough inefficiency in health care and, yes, your “reforms” will only make it worse.

    I'd also add Hawaii's in Asia, asthmatics use breathalizers, Israel if a good friend of Israel, "Fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today, "How's it going Sunshine?" - while campaigning in Sunrise, Florida among several instances of Obama not knowing the name of the town he was in, "I'm here with the Girardo family here in St. Louis." Speaking via satellite to the Democratic National Convention, while in Kansas City, Missouri, Aug. 25, 2008

    And finally concluding with one of my favorites--love this one:

    "UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It's the Post Office that's always having problems."

    Attempting to make the case for government-run healthcare, while simultaneously undercutting his own argument, Portsmouth, N.H., Aug. 11, 2009

  • Traffic stop of Yucaipa man leads to exposure of phony SEAL (CA)

    04/22/2013 11:05:18 AM PDT · 4 of 25
    MissesBush to george76

    Was it Jesse Ventura?

  • Actual Salon Headline: 'I Still Hope the Bomber Is a White American'

    04/17/2013 9:43:34 PM PDT · 8 of 37
    MissesBush to Kaslin

    The mental illness on the left marches on.

  • Feinstein: ‘Show Some Guts!’ (w/video)

    04/17/2013 5:11:27 PM PDT · 15 of 48
    MissesBush to Red Steel

    Shut up hag! Show some guts yourself and address the real issues behind mass shootings including mental healthcare issues and violent media including video games. But you don’t want to address that since most violent media comes out of your state you old battle axe!

  • Actor blames Boston attack on gun culture: ’2nd amendment must go’

    04/17/2013 11:55:21 AM PDT · 29 of 30
    MissesBush to Vendome

    A boycott of this has-been, excuse me, never was will be next to impossible since he has no career to speak of and never really has. Or you could call it the easiest boycott in history. I’m on TV and in movies more than this loser and I’m never on TV and in movies.

  • BREAKING: Authorities believe image of Boston Marathon bombing suspect captured on video footage

    04/17/2013 10:39:34 AM PDT · 16 of 149
    MissesBush to Hillarys Gate Cult
    And that the guy once worked for Halliburton. Would be total libtopia.

    They'll claim you can get all that from the video--plus they'll be able to tell he's a tea partier from the video too.

  • BREAKING: Authorities believe image of Boston Marathon bombing suspect captured on video footage

    04/17/2013 10:37:18 AM PDT · 11 of 149
    MissesBush to jimbo123

    Really? They think the bomber would stay close enough to the bomb to have his clothes melted off by it? Sorry, but the guy in the video claiming this could be a suspect is an idiot.

  • BREAKING: Authorities believe image of Boston Marathon bombing suspect captured on video footage

    04/17/2013 10:34:00 AM PDT · 4 of 149
    MissesBush to jimbo123

    The libnuts are all on their knees right now praying to Satan that the image is of a white male wearing an NRA t-shirt.