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  • Facebook Removes Az. Gov. Jan Brewer's Post Critical Of Obama

    08/21/2011 12:30:24 AM PDT · 52 of 54
    mitch77 to CharlyFord

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    “Facebook is not - and has never been - in the business of disabling accounts or removing content simply because people are discussing controversial topics,” Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said in a statement to The Associated Press. “On the contrary, we want Facebook to be a place where people can openly express their views and opinions, even if others don’t agree with them.”

  • Obama's ineligibility and Republican eunuchs

    04/17/2011 5:43:40 AM PDT · 1 of 56
    Before I start I need to make a few things clear. I think Obama is an evil man. I would bet my life he is a marxist. And I am almost that sure he is a muslim. If he has any regard for Christianity it is undetectable. Just so we are clear...... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- QUOTE: "The political elite and the MSM are doing everything possible to suppress discussion of Obama’s ineligibility, pretend that we are not in a Constitutional crisis and allow him to contest the 2012 election"

    This sentence is an outright lie. The fact is the MSM...(and this means ESPECIALLY the more leftist of the MSM), gives regular play to the birther nonsense. It is a simple fact, and one easily proved by a search of the last 6 months news, that the birther silliness is brought up 10 times by the left for every one it is broached by anyone else in the MSM.

    The left created this issue (Hilary Clintons people); and the left uses it to make the right look stupid. They know we can never ever win on this issue.

    Pursuit of this issue is a pointless waste of time and energy. Just consider for a moment what it would take to PROVE he was not born here. Because he does not have to prove he no no,the accusers have to prove he was not. What possible evidence could you imagine would ever be so sound, so incontrovertible, that it could not be ripped apart in court. Even if you won it would take a decade with all the appeals.

    I challenge every person who is wound up about this to sit down with a good lawyer or law prof. Ask them what it would take to win this. *IF* you do this you'll soon realize that your time would be spent just as well by bashing your forehead into a brick wall.

    There are two groups that bring up this silliness over and over; The leftists who dangle it as proof that the right are loons, And the those on the right who are so very obsessed with it they won't take the time to examine the utter futility of it. Not only has their usefulness in dragging us away from the socialist abyss been neutralized, but they are actually helping the enemies of our nation.

    We need every sound thinker to stay focused on stopping the marxist agenda being foisted on us. The ship of state is sinking. Every man needs to bail and repair. EVERYONE needs to grasp the fact that there are far more important things to do now than examine the Captains papers. If you want to do that when we drop his ass off on shore fine! Shouting about this might make you feel like you are accomplishing something or standing up for principle. But right now it's as worthwhile an activity as straightening the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks.

    There are dozens and dozens of things the people all around us don't know. Glenn Beck made huge inroads by breaking things down for the busy common man and he changed the minds of many. But many more won't go near his stuff because of the leftist stigma. So it's up to us. Get on DIGG, and REDDIT, and PuffyHo and every other MSM site and break down the lies for the mentally challenged leftists who dwell there.. Show the absurdity and destructiveness off BO's policies.

    Have you seen the "Immigration gumball" video? Have you seen the penny guy's videos on the stimulus and deficits and health care? (Links below)

    These leave leftist speechless. We need to lead the blind, deaf, and really dumb to the pools of healing so they can see the immutable facts. Hurling speculations about his eligibility makes of look silly and weak and leaves us at the mercy of the left.

    GOD bless you,

    Mitch Graves

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  • PROVEN: the constitutionality of "nullification" - (States rights)

    03/26/2010 4:22:32 AM PDT · 1 of 33