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    11/03/2012 5:19:32 PM PDT · 101 of 131
    mkjessup to South40; Jim Robinson

    Happy Birthday Jim, best wishes.

    You as well S40.

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/24/2012 8:05:29 AM PDT · 158 of 187
    mkjessup to swpa_mom; fireman15; onyx; stephenjohnbanker; nicmarlo; exit82; diamond6
    thanks for your kind words.
    I really do get disgusted when I read some of the posts here.

    How do you think *I* feel? LOL
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/24/2012 12:22:07 AM PDT · 134 of 187
    mkjessup to Jim Robinson

    Ok Boss. No problem.

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/24/2012 12:19:15 AM PDT · 129 of 187
    mkjessup to BlueDragon; Jim Robinson; All
    Jessup; I think you are a prick. [but a puny, shallow, pathetic one] Quit insulting other freepers. [you have earned insults aimed your way coming from me] Myself and others are sick of the crap. I've been watching it for weeks now.

    I am so sorry, I had no idea I was living in your head rent free.

    Maybe get off your ass, get off the internet, or at least FreeRepublic, and go campaign for Romney amongst "undecideds" and independents, maybe some "disaffected" unhappy Democrats, if Romney is so important to you. Take your amen corner with you, too, when you go.

    That is way above your paygrade Sparky, yuo don't get to make those decisions.

    I dare say your convert-to-hardened opposition ratio is counter-productive. Meaning, you do your own stated cause more harm than good, by your typical methodology. Did I already say quit insulting other freepers?

    That sword cuts both ways and even a casual review of the posts made by the hate-Romney crowd demonstrate that. You however, seem offended only by my posts. This suggests that you have a personal problem with me, which is unfortunate.

    This is aimed at EVERY THREAD you have participated in in the last month.

    Funny how this is the first time I've ever even heard of you, let alone heard from you.

    Jim; Romney supporters were once given the zot here, when they were jerks about it. I realize there is good reason to allow some leeway, both months ago, and now. But this boy in particular could serve as an example of "how not to do it".

    FYI, this 'boy' has paid his dues and the fact is, our Founder and I view this election in the very same way: the re-election of 0bama is unacceptable, and if it means supporting Romney/Ryan to prevent that, then as Jim said in HIS thread (in case you missed it) "we'll deal with the RINO's later".

    You needn't ping me if he gets the zot (for being a prick) for I'm not much of one to do the happy dance over zot-ee's accounts --- although there have been a few exceptions.

    Well that's up to Jim, and again: above your paygrade.

    Perhaps a warning from you to keep a civil tongue in his head, would be enough. This thread isn't necessarily a prime example of the atmosphere jessup and few others have been creating...but they do FR's longer term goals no real favors.

    How nice of you to drop by with those suggestions.

    Do we need this guy?

    Do we need a guy with anger issues who comes right into a thread and starts calling other posters a "pr*ck"?
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/24/2012 12:07:09 AM PDT · 122 of 187
    mkjessup to nathanbedford
    It comes down to what Donald Rumsfeld said:

    "You go to war with the army (or the candidate) you have, not the army you wish you had, or the army you might have in the future"

    If voters can't bring themselves to vote for Romney & Ryan, that is their choice, however it would behoove them to get themselves back to the rear with the gear, while the rest of us fight the battle between now and November 6th.

    Back stabbers, nay sayers and whiners have nothing to offer, and are a detriment to the possibility of victory over 0bama. If they persist in their efforts to discourage turnout and to suppress the vote for Romney & Ryan, it is clear where their allegiances reside, it is with 0bama.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/24/2012 12:00:13 AM PDT · 117 of 187
    mkjessup to meadsjn

    Uh oh, watch out for that comment about his ‘intellect’, that will be construed as a personal attack.

    Otherwise, your observations are astute.

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:56:57 PM PDT · 114 of 187
    mkjessup to nicmarlo

    He doesn’t care. As long as he contributes to the failure of Romney, he’ll be happy with another 4 years of 0bama.

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:49:09 PM PDT · 109 of 187
    mkjessup to diamond6

    If they’re paying by the word, Ansel is already a rich man, lol

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:47:21 PM PDT · 107 of 187
    mkjessup to RaisingCain
    "The economy is going to collapse. There is going to be a reset. It is going to be painful. And neither party leadership has a plan to deal with it. Even Mittens endorsed the Stimulus and TARP before it was cool to be against it. They’re all in the same camp. They all get money from their big bankster buddies who are content on pushing debt and credit as the opiate of the masses to pad their pockets until, at last, they, and all the socialist governments on Earth, burn out because it was better than fading away!
    And all of this is said not to promote Obama, or to promote anybody in particular. It is said for the same reason I might say that thunderclouds predict a storm, or that grass is green or that Republicans are the new Democrats, and Democrats are the new Commies. Welcome to Europe and all that implies.

    Well you're just a real ray o' sunshine there.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:45:29 PM PDT · 105 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; All
    My gosh, you really do NEVER even try to do politics, or factual discussions, it really is just attack and personal attacks with you.

    Once again, someone disagrees with you, calls you out for your Romney-trashing, and 'wah-wah-wah', it's a personal attack on poor widdle Ansel.

    This is just a bunch of angry women that have no idea of how to even participate in a political forum. This is just a frenzy of girlish emotionalism on display.

    You have a gender detector there Spark-A-Doodle?

    Amazing, and not helpful to your man, you ruined any value to this thread and blocked any analysis of his campaign.

    Oh you're a laugh-a-minute Ansel, the only thing you ever contribute to ANY thread are attacks on Romney, and now you're whining about MY 'blocking any analysis of his campaign'

    And you STILL haven't answered the question:

  • Chris Brown And His Awful Lamborghini Terrorize Elderly Subway Employee

    09/23/2012 11:38:16 PM PDT · 7 of 29
    mkjessup to Impala64ssa
    I have come to the conclusion that Chris Brown is by far, one of the most convincing arguments for abortion that I've ever seen in my life. If he had never existed, this world would not suffer at all, not one iota whatsoever.

    One day that scumbag will indeed get what's coming to him.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:26:02 PM PDT · 99 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; diamond6; All
    No hatred and no gossip, just facts on Mitt Romney.

    I had no idea you had that sort of sense of humor Ansel.
    ('no hatred', oh that's a real knee slapper coming from the premiere Romney-hater on FR lol)

    Facts that you do not question, you just don’t approve of freepers knowing them.

    SO once and for all Ansel, TELL all of us what your objective truly is in posting all of these 'facts' about Mitt Romney? Are you just trying to be a helpful, informative FReeper, raising our consciousness and awareness about that wicked man? I implore you, please PLEASE tell us who we should vote for, if not Romney & Ryan on November 6th. You don't want anybody voting for him, so tell us Ansel, PLEASE tell us, who are YOU voting for, so we may all be enlightened and likewise walk in your path of conservative purity?

    In other words: who are YOU supporting? It's time to show your cards, and I'm callin'.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:19:13 PM PDT · 93 of 187
    mkjessup to RaisingCain; nathanbedford

    If you haven’t already read it, I would suggest looking over Nathan’s insightful observations at #29.

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:15:15 PM PDT · 89 of 187
    mkjessup to Revolting cat!; ansel12
    You continue to drive casual observers away from you candidate (is the word ‘candidate’ mentioned in the above article or is my mentioning it another form of my bigotry?) You are so superior!

    You say *I* am driving casual observers away from Romney & Ryan?

    Just WTH do you and your pal Ansel12 think YOU are doing?

    Here's a clue:

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:09:26 PM PDT · 81 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12
    I still haven’t seen you disagree with me on a single fact that I have posted about Mitt Romney on this thread.

    I still haven't seen you state just who it is you are supporting. I still haven't seen you explain why you seem to think that it would be better for America to have 4 more years of 0bama than to vote in Romney to replace him. Tell us now: is Romney just as bad as 0bama? Here is your big chance Ansel, man up and tell us what you really think.

    Speaking of Reagan, do you know why Romney left the republican party in 1979? Do you know why he eventually became a supporter of democrats, and even a democrat fund raiser to defeat republicans, and even voted democrat?

    So would Reagan be supporting the GOP ticket this year or not?
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 11:02:08 PM PDT · 73 of 187
    mkjessup to Revolting cat!
    Mormon hero in magic underwear, Jesus and Lucifer were brothers! Bigoted enough? Racist? Anti-semitic? Liberal? Communist?

    If you can point to any part of the article in question where the topic of being Mormon was brought up, which might justify your earlier comments about 'magic underwear', 'Mormon hero', or your slurs just now uttered, then I suppose there is no reason to call you to account for it.

    (Saving you another attack.)

    You have Ansel12 Disease. Anything challenging your words constitutes a 'personal attack'. Get professional help.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:58:59 PM PDT · 69 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; All
    Surely you can understand the difference between personal attacks on freepers, and discussing public figures in the news and politics and history, etc?

    First of all, in your little world of conservative ideological perfection, ANY post which does not agree with you and takes issue with you, constitutes a 'personal attack'. Let's make that clear.

    Your candidate is not the same as a freeper

    So who is YOUR candidate Ansel? In the interest of full disclosure, tell us who YOU support, ok?

    for one thing, he [Romney] would have been banned as a troll, Mitt Romney could never be a freeper.

    If Romney was a FReeper, you would have been riding the lightning long ago for your persistent and never ending attacks on him.

    Lucky you.

    Here's a question for you: Would Ronald Reagan be supporting the GOP ticket this year, or would he sit it out, citing his superior conservative credentials like you do?
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:52:27 PM PDT · 62 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; diamond6
    You were too impolite to ping me, but I know that you can’t challenge me on any of my facts hate on Mitt Romney.

    Why would Diamond6 need to ping you? You're all over this thread and EVERY thread about Romney like white on rice!

    [free edit to your comment in the interest of accuracy, no charge :) ]
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:49:50 PM PDT · 58 of 187
    mkjessup to Revolting cat!
    Thank you for not ever addressing the points of the thread and for attacking others and thus discouraging readers from voting for your Mormon hero! With fans like you who’d want to vote for this guy!

    Once again el Revolto Feline, I have addressed a critical point of the thread, which is the consistent backstabbing attacks upon the Romney-Ryan ticket by dedicated, Romney-hating posters (which need not be named, as everyone certainly knows who they are by now), and I must say: don't even try that schoolyard game of "oh you said mean things, I won't vote for your friend for class president". And I note that you couldn't help yourself by including that phrase "Mormon hero" when the topic of Romney's religious beliefs was NEVER a point within this thread, so I shall conclude by saying "physician, heal thyself".
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:45:34 PM PDT · 54 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12
    Try to separate freerepublic discussions about public figures, world figures, and presidential candidates, from personal attacks on fellow freepers.

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:44:16 PM PDT · 53 of 187
    mkjessup to diamond6
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:42:06 PM PDT · 49 of 187
    mkjessup to Revolting cat!

    You brought up the whole ‘magic underwear’ slur, only an anti-Mormon bigot would do that. Thank YOU for demonstrating your own intolerance and bigotry.

  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:39:17 PM PDT · 46 of 187
    mkjessup to Revolting cat!
    Frustration with their magic underwear wearer not doing so well expressed in the form of attacks on other members here.

    Anti-Mormon Bigot much?
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:38:28 PM PDT · 45 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; nicmarlo
    Here you are dragging one thread over to another, you really need to separate threads, and not carry personal baggage from thread to thread.

    You consistently drag your personal Romney-hating baggage from thread to thread to every thread you visit, what's the difference? You just want to spew your bile and not be called out on it. In other words, 'free speech for thee, but not for me' (or anyone else who doesn't hate Romney like you do).
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:35:35 PM PDT · 42 of 187
    mkjessup to nicmarlo
    That is ansel12’s m.o., claims of ‘stalking’.
    He just accused me of doing the same on another thread, and pinged a moderator with that accusation.

    Of course he did. That little guttersnipe can dish it out, but he sure can't take it. He's just not packing the gear.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:34:02 PM PDT · 39 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; All
    Wow, just personal attack after personal attack, never anything related to 2012, the campaign, the thread subject.

    Oh it's always a personal attack in your Romney-hating mind. And the fact is, this thread is about the Romney campaign and the direction it is going, and YOU are consistent in your never ending attacks on Romney and the GOP ticket. You are committed to a continuing refrain of how 'rotten a candidate' Romney is, about his positions past and present, I challenge you to point to ANY POST of yours that has one thing positive to say about Romney.

    You can't do it. For you to whine about 'personal attacks' is laughable considering that the only thing you post are personal attacks on ROMNEY!

    You are condemned by your own words.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 10:25:02 PM PDT · 33 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; nicmarlo; stephenjohnbanker; onyx
    This must be the stalking that you vowed that you were going to start doing.

    Oh really? And when did I 'vow' that? You're beginning to sound like you've got a persecution complex. I saw your post, I responded. Don't like that? Too bad, so sad.

    Your post has nothing to do with politics, or facts, only personal attacks.

    Au contraire, my post #19 responded directly to your mewling about "can’t watch the campaign on TV so I don’t have a good feel for what the general public is seeing, but my impression is that the Romney question, is a question of, can republicans keep Romney from driving the people who want to be anti-Obama, back into Obama’s arms, or from frustrating them so much that many of them skip voting."

    By your own admission, you "can't watch the campaign on TV" which establishes that you are operating from a position of ignorance. You proceed to opine about 'people who want to be anti-0bama' being 'driven back into 0bama's arms' by Romney. You reveal your entire mode of operation. You sound just like a 'concern troll', oh you are so concerned about anti-0bama voters returning to 0bama, when every single post you make attacks Romney which serves the same purpose, which is to attempt and drive anti-0bama voters BACK TO 0BAMA. You are as transparent as freshly Windex'd glass.

    You should give a shot to actually responding to individual posts and their subject, or information.

    That's exactly what I did. You just didn't like being called out for the default-0bama supporter that you are.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 9:51:25 PM PDT · 21 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; swpa_mom
    It seems that you need to reread post 10 again, you missed what it was saying.

    Oh no she doesn't. She correctly read you like a book. You are constantly and consistently attacking Romney and that only helps 0bama. That is your goal. Be honest about it.
  • Romney says his campaign doesn’t need a ‘turnaround’

    09/23/2012 9:48:12 PM PDT · 19 of 187
    mkjessup to ansel12; nicmarlo; All
    I can’t watch the campaign on TV so I don’t have a good feel for what the general public is seeing, but my impression is that the Romney question, is a question of, can republicans keep Romney from driving the people who want to be anti-Obama, back into Obama’s arms, or from frustrating them so much that many of them skip voting.

    Why are you worried about that? Or is it lonely in the arms of the Kenyan? You and your fewllow Romney-haters are working overtime to discourage and suppress voter turnout for the Romney/Ryan ticket, because every post you make benefits only one person, and that is Barack Hussein 0bama.
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 9:36:59 PM PDT · 106 of 128
    mkjessup to ansel12; nicmarlo
    So tell us Ansel, do you know of any other way to get rid of that filthy Communist in the White House besides pulling the lever for Romney & Ryan? If so, by all means enlighten us.

    You may begin at any time.

    Oh wait. You're working to get 0bama re-elected.

    Never mind.
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 9:32:04 PM PDT · 104 of 128
    mkjessup to brightright
    Ok genius, put on your thinking cap and picture this:

    It is 1941-42 and you are either FDR or Sir Winston Churchill. You have a choice of sending lend lease to Joe Stalin and the Soviets because they have the troops that might be able to push Hitler back into Germany. Do you,

    a.) Inform ol' Joe that he's on his own, that you don't approve of how he runs Russia and treats his people, and that there will not be a dime of support coming from the allies?


    b.) Make the Soviets our transient allies because the greater enemy is in BERLIN? So if you send that lend lease to Uncle Joe, does that make you a stinkin' filthy Commie?

    You may not like the choices, but if you're going to sit this one out, by default you are only helping 0bama to another 4 year term for him to continue destroying this Nation.

    If you can look at yourself in the mirror with that realization, why not just go ahead and pull the lever for 0bama-Biden on November 6th since you clearly can't bring yourself to vote for Romney?

    Think about that.
  • Obama Says Attacks In Libya And Egypt Are Just "Bumps In The Road"

    09/23/2012 9:24:22 PM PDT · 43 of 84
    mkjessup to nicmarlo; stephenjohnbanker; Lakeshark
    there are going to be bumps in the road because
    Our sodomized and murdered Amabassador, the murder of 2 former Navy Seals, the murder of another American, American embassies besieged, the White House cover up and lies, the release of secret documents pointing to the attacks being an inside job, the lack of security to protect the life of our Ambassador and his staff, the willful and intentional refusal to heed warnings from Libya and repeated attempts of Netanyahu's calls days before the atrocity are all just 'bumps in the road' to the Marxist Obama.
    No wonder he could go to sleep during the mortaring of our embassy and attend a gala fundraiser in Vegas the following day.
    What an utterly evil and disgraceful pig.

    And there are those right here within our ranks on FR, who would by default, prefer to see America destroyed by that vile pig in the White House, than to vote for Romney & Ryan on November 6th because Romney "isn't conservative enough".
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 9:17:42 PM PDT · 100 of 128
    mkjessup to Kickass Conservative; ansel12
    Ansel12 is a charter member of the HTTB ('Holier-Than-Thou-Brigade') and nobody is more conservative than they are. They cannot bring themselves to vote for Romney & Ryan, therefore their default position ends up being one of supporting the re-election of 0bama with their incessant and never ending attacks on Romney. It is clear to even a casual observer that they hate Romney. They despise everything he stands for, so much so that they will gladly leap into the arms of the most anti-Christian regime America has ever seen.
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 9:07:43 PM PDT · 97 of 128
    mkjessup to ansel12

    Once again, 0bama thanks you for your support. Every post you make attacking Romney benefits 0bama, and it is clear from your words and deeds that you would prefer to see 4 more years of 0bama, than to even consider voting for Romney & Ryan.

  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:58:56 PM PDT · 94 of 128
    mkjessup to WOSG

    You are absolutely correct. And you can see more trashing of Romney just up thread at #89, which proves that the media has more than willing handmaidens anxious to do their job for them right here on FR.

  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:53:32 PM PDT · 90 of 128
    mkjessup to ansel12; Kickass Conservative; All
    Freepers are fully capable of making their own vote so, keeping a clear and honest knowledge of who and what Romney is while they do it, shouldn’t be overwhelming to them. There is a truly important need to keep Mitt Romney from fulfilling his goal of revenge against conservatism in America, and his goal to destroy it. Conservatives cannot allow the deification of the hard left, pro-abortion, Romneys, take place. The 65 year old career politician has a true self, and we can’t pretend that he doesn’t.


    [that was Ansel12, and they approved that message]
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:47:16 PM PDT · 87 of 128
    mkjessup to nicmarlo
    The crickets will have more to say than the members of the Holier-Than-Thou-Brigade.

    At least for a few more minutes anyway.
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:43:48 PM PDT · 85 of 128
    mkjessup to ansel12

    Ok Ansel, so throw the lever for 0bama-Biden.

    You know you want to.

    I just hope they pay you for your efforts, I mean WTH, even Judas got 30 pieces of silver ok?

  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:42:09 PM PDT · 84 of 128
    mkjessup to brightright
    As someone who just arrived last April, you need to give your head a shake and understand that the primary season is over. Romney was never ANYBODY's first choice, he was not mine, and I bashed and thrashed him without mercy up until last month when it was clear that he was going to be the GOP nominee. I wasn't happy about that, and few conservatives are. But now that he IS the nominee, we have a choice between sitting on our hands and letting 0bama win another term in office which will mean the end of our Republic as we know it, OR we can backstab the only ticket that has a chance to throw that filthy Communist out of the White House.

    If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem and if you're going to do nothing but attack Romney & Ryan, you are providing effective default support and aid to re-electing 0bama. Don't kid yourself about that. If you want the most anti-Christian regime in history to have four more years to rule this Nation, then keep crying in your Fruit Loops about how Sarah Palin was wronged, but while you're at it, ask yourself why SHE is supporting Romney and Ryan?

    Let me help you out with this, ok kid?

    Sarah Palin is supporting the GOP ticket because SHE understands the urgency of defeating 0bama.

    Do you? Or are you smarter than Sarah Palin?
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:30:55 PM PDT · 79 of 128
    mkjessup to ansel12
    Ansel? Anytime you are unable to refute an argument, anytime you cannot handle the truth, you consider it a 'personal attack'. That is standard behavior for liberals.

    As for your latest post, submit your invoice for 'services rendered' to:

    0bama for America
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave
    Washington DC 20666

    Who benefited from your post #75?

    Here he is:
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:24:39 PM PDT · 76 of 128
    mkjessup to Jim Robinson
    Better watch yourself, pal. I’ll be cleaning your clock if you threaten our posters.

    How was that a threat Jim? It was nothing more than rhetorical exuberance. Does anyone believe that the poster in question actually thought I was about to let out the clutch and literally run them down? All I did was call them out on their continued default-advocacy which benefits no one but 0bama.

    While I think of it, would you agree or not that posters who are more enthusiastic about attacking Romney & Ryan than attacking 0bama are in fact aiding and assisting in the effort to re-elect 0bama in November?
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:19:35 PM PDT · 74 of 128
    mkjessup to nicmarlo

    Oh they ‘get it’ Nic, they may be living in a delusional state but they know what they’re doing. In order to justify their attacks on Romney, Romney must lose on November 6th which means that 0bama will win. That will allow them to take comfort in America being punished with 4 more years of the 0bamunist abomination, which will somehow validate their backstabbing the only possible chance we have to defeat the most anti-Christian administration ever seen in this Nation.

    The HTTB crew cannot abide the prospect of dirtying their lily white robes and linens by voting for Romney & Ryan on November 6th, they would rather America die first.

  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 8:10:42 PM PDT · 71 of 128
    mkjessup to ansel12; nicmarlo; All
    That merely means your usual nasty personal attacks and avoidance of the topics, so no surprise there.

    Telling the truth on you stealth 0bama supporters would naturally seem 'nasty' to you, but what is nastier is your hypocrisy in pretending to be some sort of pure and pious Christian, while attacking the only possible political ticket which has a shot of removing the most ANTI-CHRISTIAN regime in American history. You serve 0bama with such antics, and your foul duplicity is on display for all to see.

    This yield to Mormonism in the name of Christ line is bizarre, but so is the fact of you guys being unable to defend Mitt and Ann, and their extraordinary arrogance.

    It isn't 'yielding to Mormonism' you fool, we are not electing a Pope or a religious leader, we are electing a President of the United States and you and your fellow pompous blowhards are doing all you can to be sure that 0bama prevails, and Romney fails. You are a Judas masquerading as purity personified. You stink.

    Nobody ever has been able to defend the Romneys to conservatives though.

    THESE conservatives didn't need anyone to 'defend the Romneys', they are four-square behind them, support them, and will be voting for them. So tell us Ansel, are you a better conservative and a better Christian than the following staunch conservatives?

    Michele Bachmann
    Herman Cain
    Newt Gingrich
    Sarah Palin
    Rick Perry
    Jim Robinson
    Paul Ryan
    Rick Santorum
    Phyllis Schlafly
    Fred Thompson
    Allen West

    I'd like to see you get up in THEIR faces and tell them how they shouldn't be supporting Romney & Ryan, and spit your bile and judge THEIR character, tell THEM that America is better off with 4 more years of 0bama, because THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE ADVOCATING.
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 7:59:20 PM PDT · 67 of 128
    mkjessup to brightright
    I didn’t want Obama last time but Romney did.

    You are a liar. If you cannot absolutely prove with solid evidence that Romney wanted 0bama, you are a lying troll.

    Don’t blame me for Obama.

    If you persist in your attacks on the only political ticket with the potential to defeat 0bama, you and others like you most certainly will be blamed because you are giving aid, comfort and assistance TO 0bama with such attacks.

    If you want to thank Romney for helping give us Obama go ahead. I will not.

    Romney did NOT give us 0bama, it was John McCain throwing the election that gave us 0bama. Now either prove that 'Romney wanted 0bama' or GTF outta here.
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 6:00:29 PM PDT · 56 of 128
    mkjessup to brightright

    Yeah sure n00b, so you think it’s better that 0bama win this time around huh? Who are you voting for?

  • Five Years After The Dallas Cowboys Fumbled It Away, Is Now A Male Dating Site

    09/23/2012 5:56:26 PM PDT · 3 of 26
    mkjessup to EveningStar
  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 5:25:22 PM PDT · 54 of 128
    mkjessup to ansel12; nicmarlo
    LOL, that post is a keeper, one of the most judgmental posts ever here at FR

    You ain't see nothin' yet chump. You had best look over my #53 just above, because I'm cleaning your clock and the rest of your Holier-Than-Thou-Brigade, so you better change your panties because I'm shifting into high gear, and you're sitting right on the centerline.

  • Bravo, Ann Romney!

    09/23/2012 5:21:11 PM PDT · 53 of 128
    mkjessup to nicmarlo; stephenjohnbanker; onyx; All
    It never ceases to amaze me how the Holier-Than-Thou Brigade comes marching into a thread, ANY thread these days to attack, denigrate, insult, smear, and snark away at the only possible political ticket that has the potential to defeat that traitorous Kenyan scumbag, and they do it with gleeful abandon, they start asserting that there is no difference between 0bama and Romney, that due to Romney's past or present positions on any number of topics, that we must NOT vote for the Republican ticket, that we must resign ourselves to four more years of the 0bamunist tyranny which is ramping up even now in anticipation of completing their agenda.

    And make no mistake: 0bama's regime is an ANTI-CHRISTIAN regime, there is an absolute and easily documented history of how they have acted in ways that are diametrically opposed to any and every Christian doctrine, and even more: they have demonstrated their affinity with proven haters of America, from the macro level of nation-state, down to the micro level of individual God-hating, America-reviling individuals.

    But the Holier-Than-Thou Brigade (hereafter 'HTTB') sees no hypocrisy in their default support of 0bama via their openly declared hostility to Romney & Ryan. In their delusional minds, they see themselves as some sort of ragtag 'God's Army', refusing to vote AGAINST 0bama, because Romney "just isn't conservative enough". So in order that the rest of us, AND what's left of our American Republic, may be 'taught the proper lesson', the HTTB nit wits will rejoice if and when 0bama wins that second term on November 6th. Their hypocritical and judgmental tongues are wound up tighter than bedsprings, cocked and loaded to unleash unlimited "WE TOLD YOU SO's!!!!" and to admonish one and all that because we "didn't listen to them", that it is OUR fault that 0bama will have won a second term.

    Can you follow that circular lack-of-logic?

    1.) The HTTB crowd conducts constant and consistent attacks on the political team that OPPOSES 0bama-Biden.

    2.) The HTTB justification for (1) is that Romney & Ryan "are not conservative enough", and they cite any and every possible factoid they can find (cherry picking data, just like liberals do), and they accuse anyone who expresses support FOR what is the 'anti-0bama team' (aka Romney & Ryan) of being 'MittBots', 'RINOs', 'sell-outs', 'compromisers', and all of that garbage that everyone has seen way too much already, all the while accusing those supporting Romney & Ryan of being 'uncivil' (and here is a clue for those members of the HTTB about 'incivility', you REAP what you SOW!)

    3.) And the HTTB is always willing to start off their backstabbing by quoting any number of Scriptures which are conveniently chosen to somehow add 'weight' to their attacks (because truth be told, they are in fact LIGHTWEIGHTS), and the inevitable anti-Mormon slurs start getting slung around, with one truly notorious FR poster/spammer carpet bombing threads with every imaginable piece of anti-Mormon invective, and yet they fail to comprehend (as my good FRiend StephenJohnBanker has said many times) that WE ARE NOT ELECTING A POPE, we are electing a President. Mitt Romney's religious beliefs are between him and God. And the HTTB crew needs to decide if they are more comfortable with a charitable, generous, non-smoking, non-drinking Mormon who doesn't beat or cheat on his wife, whose family is a model of upright and moral living, OR they would prefer to have the anti-Christian Kenyan-Marxist in Chief ruling over our Nation for ANOTHER 4 years?

    4.) And as other reality-based FReepers have noted lately, the Romney-haters seldom have anything critical to say about 0bama and his abominable gang of liars, crooks, schemers and traitors. Why you ask? Because in their fevered minds, they truly DO believe that there is no difference between 0bama and Romney. They are utterly disconnected from reality. They have snorted, injected or swallowed the substance called '110 percent ideologically and conservatively more pure than any other substance' and believe they and they alone are the bearers of the torch, the defenders of the faith, the holders of all things conservative that we cherish and that ANYBODY who has dared to vote AGAINST 0bama by pulling the lever for Romney & Ryan is a traitor to Christian conservatism.

    THAT is the sort of unhinged madness that we are facing FRiends, we not only have to fight the 0bamunists between now and November 6th, we have to try and avoid the knives in the back being thrust in by those allegedly ON OUR OWN SIDE!

    And here is the difference between them and us:

    WE view this election as the final and last opportunity to save our Nation from tyranny and that 'Thousand Years of Darkness' that Ronald Reagan warned us of. The HTTB views this election as THEIR final opportunity to prove themselves right, and if that means contributing openly or covertly to the victory of 0bama-Biden, then so be it. Their pride, ego and arrogance have consumed them and in order to justify themselves, America must be sentenced to another 4 years of 0bama because "we deserve it".

    Ask yourselves, knowing what you know of Ronald Reagan, the greatest President of the 20th Century, if HE would be sitting on the sidelines, casting aspersions at Romney & Ryan, pontificating on how his 'pure' conservative beliefs would NEVER allow him to support the current GOP ticket,


    Would the Gipper be out there on the front lines, encouraging, cheering, rallying voters to vote OUT that filthy Communist in the White House and to vote for Romney & Ryan on November 6th?

    You all know what Reagan would do. He put our Nation first, in all things. And that is what we ALL must do now, and fight without ceasing to rid America of the curse of 0bama.

    Now let's DO it.
  • Iran commander says could launch pre-emptive strike on Israel

    09/23/2012 4:02:12 PM PDT · 35 of 49
    mkjessup to cherokee1

    You seem to be well versed on this subject, how do you view the possibility of Russia getting involved in an Israeli/Iran shoot ‘em up? As I see it, it depends on whether Putin views the destruction of Iran as a slap in the face, or whether he’ll be content with knowing that Russia made a whole lotta money off of those little Persian pricks before Netanyahu and the IDF lowered the boom.

  • Iran commander says could launch pre-emptive strike on Israel

    09/23/2012 3:59:48 PM PDT · 34 of 49
    mkjessup to All
    Those effin mullahs and their sockpuppet Ahmadinnerjacket have no idea who
    they're messing with ... but they damn sure will soon.