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  • Does Your Area have a Shortage of Flu and H1N1 Vaccines? (Vanity and information gathering)

    10/31/2009 6:46:02 PM PDT · by mlmr · 60 replies · 2,333+ views
    10.31.09 | chickensoup
    I am just checking to see how the vaccines have been made available throughout the country. I have seen posts on the site saying that they are in short supply in some areas and other posters are saying there are no problems getting them. I would like it if you could tell us your state and what is the status of the vaccine availablilty in the area. I want to make sure that the vaccines have not been made a political football. That we havent yet turned into an African kleptocratcy.
  • Looking for Information about Televisions. Time to replace my TV.

    10/24/2006 9:20:47 PM PDT · by mlmr · 54 replies · 1,125+ views
    10.24.06 | chickensoup
    Time to replace my 14 inch Sony 25 year old television on a rolling cart (with one caster missing) with something more sophisticated. I thought of doing this last year but I was so intimidated by the sales people and the choices that it was very sad... and we have had another year with the TV-wonder (ya wonder what they are saying because the sounds is so wavery) Please post your opinions and remember this is a non tech person. Many years ago I had saved 4000 to purchase a good sound system and in the late seventies one could...
  • Is Living Together Before Marriage Totally Accptable? ...Freeper Insight Needed

    07/31/2005 3:19:52 PM PDT · by mlmr · 322 replies · 5,317+ views
    7.31.05 | mlmr
    So I have been trying to rent an apartment in my home...and all I have answering the ads are boyfriends and girlfriends. No matter what social status, no matter what income level, I am seeing unmarried twenty, thirty and forty year old couples who want to live together. If I question them, they don't even understand why I am asking. These are Christians and Jews. I was so surprised to find that it would be so difficult to find a young married couple. Tell me Dear I totally out of the ballgame to expect to find a young married...
  • I Have the Option of Moving to MS 64 bit OS for My AMD at a Great Price. Should I?

    07/28/2005 5:49:48 PM PDT · by mlmr · 17 replies · 432+ views
    7.28.05 | mlmr
    Microsoft has an offer good til the end of the month to obtain the 64 bit OS for a great price as a download. It requires quite a bit of a technical challenge to install and everyone here knows that I am a tech zero...but cute! Should I install? What are the upsides and downsides? Will I need to marry a technical genius to keep it running? Is there one available? A dedicated MS User
  • The Ghost of Social Security Future (The Leftist Perspective...Using Jesus)

    06/22/2005 6:54:57 PM PDT · by mlmr · 5 replies · 198+ views
    email | 06.22.05 | National Council of Churches NCC
    Greetings from Faithful America: As a person of faith, please step up and help us make sure our elected officials keep their covenant with the American people on Social Security. Like you, we think it's more than a matter of economics. It's a matter of keeping faith with every man, woman, and child in America. In case you don't know who we are, FaithfulAmerica is an online community of folks (more than 100,000 strong) who believe our faith - however expressed - has a word to say about political things. Through our website ( and e-mail we make taking...
  • World History

    06/14/2005 7:08:00 AM PDT · by mlmr · 11 replies · 459+ views
    05.14.05 | unknown
    Thought you might laugh at this. Don't forget to vote in your local elections! The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer. These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups: Liberals and Conservatives. Once beer was discovered it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can was invented yet, so while our early human ancestors were sitting...
  • Do Banks Collect all Transaction Information? Do they report it to the IRS?

    06/11/2005 4:42:00 PM PDT · by mlmr · 48 replies · 4,163+ views
    06.11.05 | mlmr
    Do banks collect all infomation from checks cashed if you are a customer? IOW...if one cashes a 15 dollar check, is it put into the same system as one's own checks that are copied and stored?
  • DVD review: Primer

    05/08/2005 5:18:31 PM PDT · by mlmr · 11 replies · 231+ views
    World Magazine ^ | May, 2005 | Andrew Coffin
    DVD review: Primer Made for a measly $7,000, new filmaker Shane Carruth offers a lot of bang for the buck | by Andrew Coffin Most likely, you missed Primer when it was briefly in theaters last fall. The movie grossed just under $425,000 in limited release, which sounds a lot like a flop. However, considering that Primer (rated PG-13 for brief language) was made for about $7,000 in a Dallas, Texas, garage—and that it won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance—that number doesn't look so bad. Director/writer/cinematographer/editor/composer/producer/star Shane Carruth's film has been heralded for its economy, but the focus on...
  • Need Information about Cats...

    05/02/2005 6:13:22 PM PDT · by mlmr · 21 replies · 906+ views
    5.02.05 | mlmr
    Ok kitties. I have a female cat who has just had her first litter of kittens. I would like her to have another litter next year. She is an outside cat but we have kept her in since just before the kittens were born...we don't want her to breed again this year. Is there a kitty version of Depo prova that we can give her that would last a year, be fairly inexpensive and give me a break from kittens everywhere? Am I asking for too much? While I am at it, is there a reason that pet shots cost...
  • Just Installed Norton. Cannot bring up spam folders in Outlook. What am I doing wrong this time

    04/17/2005 9:11:47 PM PDT · by mlmr · 38 replies · 936+ views
    04.18.05 | mlmr
    I just upgraded my Norton. I had Norton antispam working quite well a while back and then it disappeard. No more spam bar on the outlook. I just had to upgrade my subscription and I assumed that the spam bar would come back but no dice. I installed some ms updates aabout the same time the spam bar disappeared. How do I get my norton antispam to work fully. Yes, I know this isnt breaking news. But it is midnight and I didnt want to go into the hole of darkness without an answer.
  • What are the Unintended Consequences of Changing Laws for Terri Schiavo?

    03/18/2005 6:06:28 PM PST · by mlmr · 45 replies · 907+ views
    03.18.05 | mlmr
    The Schiavo case is heartbreaking. I admire everyone who is involved in saving this woman from this unnecessary and early death. I do not believe she should die and I think her husband is a monster. My heart goes out to her parents. On the other hand, I am wondering, what can of worms are we opening here? The 1963 Civil Rights Act opened the door to the judicial activism we suffer from today. Most proponents saw the Civil Rights act as a good beginning in righting years of wrongs. But the unintended consequences have weakened our government. Roe v...
  • Did Anyone Tape National Geographic's "In the Womb?"

    03/07/2005 8:08:40 AM PST · by mlmr · 26 replies · 620+ views
    0307.05 | mlmr
    Did anyone tape last night's National Geographic Channel IN THE WOMB. I am interesting in obtaing a copy for my children. Please Freepmail me!! Grateful thanks! And thank you ADMIN MOD
  • Dr SEUS's Birthday on Wed March 2. No Christmas, No Lincoln, No Washington, No Jefferson

    03/01/2005 11:42:00 AM PST · by mlmr · 60 replies · 6,590+ views
    March 1, 2005 | mlmr
    Tomorrow is Dr Seuss’s birthday, the highest holiday of the elementary public school calendar. The close second is the 100th Day of School. This is our first year in the government’s education clutches…my 7 year old came home so gleeful…Mommy, I have to wear my cat costume today….it is Doctor Seuss’s Birthday! Now I am not going to argue the merits of Seuss…but if I ever read Hop on Pop again I will self-destruct. I have four children all, thank God, well past the Green Eggs and Ham stage. My daughter never came home to tell me that she had...
  • News! It is so Snowy in Maine this AM That I Can't Get to Work in My 4 Wheel Drive with Diff Lock

    02/11/2005 4:17:23 AM PST · by mlmr · 213 replies · 3,641+ views
    2.11.05 | mlmr
    I went out at 530 this AM to drive the fory miles to work. I have a 1/4 mile driveway but I was unfazed. Until I backed my fourwheel drive with diff lock on out of the garage. The snow was so deep and packed that it just lifted the body up. I managed to crab it into the garage, and called to say I would be late. I called my plow man and his wife said that he was out and stuck in his two ton plow rig. He was waiting for some help to arrive in the form...
  • FR Activist Wants FREEP FREEP Bumpersticker.

    01/19/2005 1:24:15 PM PST · by mlmr · 24 replies · 450+ views
    01.19.05 | mlmr
    I am looking for someone to make up a Freep Freep bumpersticker. Nothing else ... just Freep Freep. Too dangerous for a full FR sticker here in Leftistland. But Freep Freep would work really well.
  • Replying to a Socialist Leftist. Freeper Input Needed.

    12/20/2004 7:09:37 PM PST · by mlmr · 92 replies · 921+ views
    12.20.04 | mlmr
    I had a friend who recently attacked me for changing from a liberal to a conservative. I discussed this at: Recently we exchanged emails and I would like to have Freepers with better minds than mine, weigh in on the discussion. Here it goes: Friend As for the impasse we have reached, I really don't believe you understand my side. You said to me on the phone that you had been where I am am now but if you ever really had been, you could not have changed into someone whose beliefs about the world would allow them to...
  • I Need Financial Advice

    12/05/2004 3:26:44 PM PST · by mlmr · 35 replies · 535+ views
    12.05.04 | mlmr
    I need advice from FreeRepublic, my husband substitute. I have an adjustable line of credit which I used to build an addition. It is pegged at 2 point below prime. It has started moving up this month. When I took it out I did not realize that I would not be able to refi the loan separately from my house loan. My house loan is at 4.75 and almost 13 years left. Banks wont touch the second mortgage for less than 6.5 to 7.5. I have the credit rating of the gods. Do you think I could find someone privately...
  • Lost an Old Friend Today. Politics and the Personal

    11/24/2004 2:42:43 PM PST · by mlmr · 337 replies · 9,976+ views
    11.24.04 | mlmr
    I lost an old friend today. No, she didn't die. She screamed at me for my many-year metmorphisis from rad-liberal to conservative. She doesn't understand why I have changed, and is unable to listen because she is filled with bile, anger and hate. She wishes Bush evil and hates US policy. She has turned into a Michal Moore robot. We have not been close friends for many years but I did enjoy keeping in touch. Because of our thirty year history I have treated the friendship gingerly but with great fondness. Politics is hell.
  • What the Democrats Have to Do to Successfully Work with Republicans

    11/05/2004 6:20:24 PM PST · by mlmr · 7 replies · 204+ views
    11.05.04 | mlmr
    I hear Nancy Pelosi along with a string of other Leftist Democrats have called for the Administration to court the Democratic politicians. They want the Administration to jump to their ridiculous demands. They seem to have forgotten who WON on Tuesday. What do you think the Democrats should do to show their willingness to work with the Bush administraion?
  • School Teachers Pointedly Slam NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND in Discussions with Parents...

    10/21/2004 6:17:28 PM PDT · by mlmr · 217 replies · 3,089+ views
    10.21.04 | mlmr
    I have had to place some of my children in the local government schools. I am keeping the school on a fairly short leash and spend more than the usual amount of time talking to school employees. Every school employee except for the busdriver has, each time we have spoken togher, has put in a POINTED slam of the No Child Left Behind program. All of them. All the time. One employee told me that I had to provide a reason and a note when the child is missing for a day...becasue No Child Left Behind requires it. Althoug friends...
  • Math Wizards...I Need Geometry Homework Help for My Daughter

    10/19/2004 4:09:28 PM PDT · by mlmr · 18 replies · 986+ views
    10.19.04 | mlmr
    My daughtetr is doing simple proofs in her first month of high school geometry. She understands how to build a proof but the teacher has her labeling proofs that are already built and she is having difficulties making the correct choices. My math and geometery ability approaches nil. Is there someone out there who could point me to a link that explains labeling already made up proofs? Thank you.
  • Are We Contacting The Media and Holding Press Conferences at the Sites of Democrat Crimes?

    10/11/2004 5:49:59 AM PDT · by mlmr · 20 replies · 755+ views
    10.11.04 | mlmr
    We know that there is a big Thug portion of the Democrat party. We have been dealing with the brown shirts for years, but it is not really something that the general population has been made aware. Now is the time. We need to let the public know over and over how brutal and nasty the Democrats have been and continue to be. Signstealing, destruction of property, threats of bodily harm, actual bodily harm, lost employment. We need to publicize it. I hope that local Republicans are calling police and press conferences about theft of signs, damage to signs, and...
  • Why do leftists hate Bush so much? Here are three reasons...

    10/06/2004 4:06:31 PM PDT · by mlmr · 208 replies · 8,137+ views
    Portland Press Herald (Maine) ^ | October3, 2004 | MD Harmon
    Everybody remembers the "Clinton-haters," the people who disliked our libidinous former chief executive so much they not only spread (mostly true) stories about his amorous exploits but spun rumors about various dark conspiracies in Arkansas and elsewhere. However, Clinton's enemies were pikers compared to today's crop of people who, while they may or may not hate President Bush, certainly seem to dislike him very, very much. I'm not referring here to people who merely disagree with Bush on one or a number of issues. It's easy to understand partisans getting upset over an opponent's policies, and certainly U.S. history is...
  • More Islamic Human Sacrifices?

    09/22/2004 4:08:39 PM PDT · by mlmr · 29 replies · 413+ views
    09.22.04 | mlmr
    Today my teenaged daughter and I were discussing the horrors that happened to Armstrong and Hensley. I described the videos to her, she is only 15, and she said after a pause: "Gee, Mom, it sounds like human sacrifice! Kinda like the Aztecs." I thought about it. She had a point. The prayers, the ritual, the stylized costumes. These Islamofascists are making human sacrifices in the name of their god. Perhaps it is time to call the dead martyrs, and to realize that the Islamofascist's god is an angry and bloodthirsty god. Much blood will run in his name. Do...
  • Quick Question. Where is thread on today's OReilly Show, esp.CBS woman document expert?

    09/16/2004 8:34:20 PM PDT · by mlmr · 22 replies · 701+ views
    09.16.04 | mlmr
    I am interested in finding the thread if there was one. I found her to be fishy and evading and OReilly didn't press her. She has a big story in her evasion...anyone else catchit? Admin Moderator, please delete as soon as I receive an answer. Thank you
  • Does Anyone Have the Complete List of Names of the 200+ Swiftboat Accusers?

    08/26/2004 4:47:39 PM PDT · by mlmr · 33 replies · 803+ views
    Does anyone have the names of the Swift boat people. There are 22 of them and I was interested in the list, if it exists on the net. I could not find it.
  • Are There Any English Majors Who Enjoy Editing?

    06/23/2004 2:50:23 PM PDT · by mlmr · 7 replies · 127+ views
    06.23.04 | mlmr
    If there are any editor-types out there in Freeperdom please contact me about web site content editing. Thanks.
  • I Need Electronics Advice

    06/20/2004 6:01:58 PM PDT · by mlmr · 136 replies · 962+ views
    06.20.04 | mlmr
    I found an inexpensive tabletop cassette player, cd player for my daughter's birthday. I want to disable the radio. How can I have this done. The man in the store told me that he could not get into the box to do it. How to I find a good player without a radio?? Like clocks they seem to be installed on everything.
  • Are School Administrations Nationwide Trying to Hurt George Bush?

    06/17/2004 5:17:11 PM PDT · by mlmr · 190 replies · 275+ views
    06.17.04 | mlmr
    I have four children in three different schools. In the past week I have talked to a number of teachers and administrators about different issues pertaining to next semester. I have been told three times so far that the school cannot manage A or B anymore becasue Individual Student Goals(or whatever the technical name is) cannot be honored because of the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT. One called it Bush's NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Tell me, is this a national trend? Those of you with children in public schools, are you hearing that the Bush plan is hurting your child?...
  • We Want to Watch President Reagan's Funeral...Need Advice.

    06/06/2004 4:09:43 PM PDT · by mlmr · 30 replies · 167+ views
    6.06.04 | mlmr
    I dont own a televison except for a 14" hooked up to a vcr for homeschooling and the occasional entertainment video. Broadcast is poor in this area, and I wouldnt want to watch the Alphabets anyhow. I have a cable modem. Is there a way to get live television through the internet? Is there a way that I could rent a large television and connect it to the internet for the funeral? I was thinking of ESPAN or Fox. Your ideas would help a lot. I have no reall knowledge in this area.
  • Does Anyone Here Use a Heatsink to Heat/Cool Home or Business?

    06/03/2004 8:38:50 PM PDT · by mlmr · 7 replies · 35+ views
    6.3.04 | mlmr
    Quick question. Does anyone here use a heat sink to heat and cool their business or home? What has your experience been. Do you live in an extreme climate like Maine or in a relatively temperate climate like VA? Would you do it again and if so, how different.
  • Techie Help. Klenz Progressions ?? virus??? I cannot use my email

    05/22/2004 6:16:35 PM PDT · by mlmr · 17 replies · 134+ views
    05.22.05 | mlmr
    I have mailwasher. I have Norton Sysmatec Pro. Have tried to download my mailwasher but my Norton tells me that the MAILWASHER is infected with a virus.... Huh. The virus was in a piece of mail from my website. Went to the website and got rid of all my mail. Have tried numberous times to restart my mailwasher but it continues to lock up and tell me that there is a Klenz Something coming from my site and it is trying to access my computer. The server intentionally closes. I assume they are talking about me. I have rebooted this...
  • Oral sex lessons to cut rates of teenage pregnancy

    05/09/2004 7:41:56 PM PDT · by mlmr · 54 replies · 431+ views
    The Observer ^ | Sunday May 9, 2004 | Mark Townsend
    Oral sex lessons to cut rates of teenage pregnancy Mark Townsend Sunday May 9, 2004 The Observer Encouraging schoolchildren to experiment with oral sex could prove the most effective way of curbing teenage pregnancy rates, a government study has found. Pupils under 16 who were taught to consider other forms of 'intimacy' such as oral sex were significantly less likely to engage in full intercourse, it was revealed. Britain's teenage pregnancy rate is the highest in Europe. In 2002 there were 39,286 teen pregnancies recorded. The government has spent more than £60 million to tackle the problem but so far...
  • Technical Help Please

    04/27/2004 2:22:13 PM PDT · by mlmr · 18 replies · 58+ views
    April 27,2004 | mlmr
    My computer caches my Google searches. How do I empty the cache? I need FReeper techie brains..... Also, has anyone heard of someting called MS Pro 64 bit? Anyone using it? Is it still in beta?
  • Gas Prices are Up Is Anyone Talking About How OPEC is Trying to Influence American Elections??

    03/30/2004 9:03:39 AM PST · by mlmr · 28 replies · 150+ views
    03.30.04 | mlmr
    Gas Prices are Up Is Anyone Talking About How OPEC is Trying to Influence American Elections?? I watch the gas prices rise and I think they will remain high throughout the election season. It seems to be a ploy to stall the American economy and get Kerry elected. Our own personal Spanish Train Bomb. I don't read about influence of gas prices on the elections in the popular press and how a foreign interest like OPEC is attempting to manipulate American opinion and elections.
  • Prayer Needed

    03/16/2004 8:30:42 PM PST · by mlmr · 125 replies · 377+ views
    My middle daughter who is 11 starts testing for Cushing's Syndrome on Friday. She is so young and it is such a big disease. I am kicking myself for not recognizing it earlier. I thought she had some sort of refractory issue with TypeII diabetes. I had been thinking of bringing her to a pediatric endocrinologist for the past year. But her sysmptoms were too vague. They have blossemed. I need Freeper prayers. There are few more even tempered and pleasant children than my middler. Always eager to help, generous, and kind, she is the daughter I always have hoped...
  • AP: Kerry Has Delegates for Nomination

    03/13/2004 4:22:53 PM PST · by mlmr · 12 replies · 47+ views
    Black Sheep News ^ | 3.13.04 | GENARO C. ARMAS, Associated Press Writer
    AP: Kerry Has Delegates for Nomination 48 minutes ago Add Top Stories - AP to My Yahoo! By GENARO C. ARMAS, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - John Kerry (news - web sites) locked up the Democratic presidential nomination Saturday, reaching the magic number of delegates needed to become President Bush (news - web sites)'s chief rival in the general election, according to an Associated Press tally. AP Photo AP Photo Slideshow: John Kerry Latest headlines: · Kerry Seeks Bush Debates at Historic Site AP - 35 minutes ago · AP: Kerry Has Delegates for Nomination AP - 48 minutes ago...
  • I Cannot Publish the New Yorker Article, but I can Publish the Link About the Passion Critique

    02/23/2004 7:58:27 AM PST · by mlmr · 67 replies · 276+ views
    mlmr | 02. | DAVID DENBY
    Jim, I just read the Conde Nast Letter to FR requesting us not to exerpt or publish from their publications. I hope this is addressed. In the meantime it does not say I cannot link to an article for discussion and I think this is an importnat enough article to discuss and for interested freepers to see. If I am wrong in linking, I apologize, and pull the thread.
  • I Need Recommendations for Filtering Software for My Children and Family Home Network

    02/10/2004 7:50:57 PM PST · by mlmr · 26 replies · 345+ views
    02.10.04 | mlmr
    I have three computers that are connected through a router. I have cable. I would like to put some sort of software on the master computer (mine of course) that would permit the children limited access to sites on the net for a limited period of time each day. I also want a file of where they have been and how long. I also want substantial filtering or a system that only goes to certain sites I specify. One that will not permit links to operate. Has anyone experience with this sort of software? Is there such an animal? Your...
  • Tax Time - A Question for Tax Savvy Freepers...

    02/02/2004 5:31:11 PM PST · by mlmr · 67 replies · 378+ views
    02.02.04 | mlmr
    I have a question for the tax-astute. My father died this year and his annuity paid out to my brother and me. I have just discovered that I owe taxes on what was paid out from his fund. I thought since it was insurence based that there would be no taxes owed. I also paid estate bills with the money. What is a girl to do? I swear, FR is like having a wonderful husband!!
  • Help! I need an Tech Opinion on Another New Computer

    01/28/2004 5:00:10 PM PST · by mlmr · 72 replies · 261+ views
    01.28.04 | mlmr
    I found a computer that looks nice. I am going to have to upgrade to XP pro. I will need to buy a new screen. But I cannot tell if this is a good buy and a good computer. It costs about $900. Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition AMD Athlon™ 64-bit Processor 3200+ Hypertransport™ Technology (1600MHz Bus) 512MB PC2700 DDR Memory 80GB† 7200RPM Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive CD-RW / DVD-RW Drive w/ Ulead VideoStudio 6 Realtek® Integrated Audio 128MB ATI® RADEON 9200 SE AGP 8x Video Card 56K v.92 Send/Receive Fax Modem Realtek Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Controller 7 in 1...
  • My Outlook Will Not Let Me Delete Emails

    01/18/2004 3:12:07 PM PST · by mlmr · 12 replies · 225+ views
    0.18.06 | mlmr
    Yesterday my zone alarm said that there was something wrong with my computer and would not let me access the internet. I scanned, no viruses and downloaded and reinstalled ZA. Then I downloaded some mail, system locked up and I went to bed. Today I can start up computer and everything works and I can down load mail from mailwasher to outlook and send mail from out look but cannot delete mail from outlook. I have a column due tonight to the newspaper and need to be able to email. Please help.
  • Plainfield VT: Police Probe Burning of Cross in Front of Church....Dean Country!!

    12/27/2003 5:43:38 PM PST · by mlmr · 15 replies · 222+ views
    Portland Press Herald | 12.27.03
    I had to type this in, I could not find it on the web site: It was in the New England section of the Saturday Portland Press Herald: Police On Friday were Investigation a suspected cross burning in front of a church in the center of town. Police found a charred 5-foot tall cross in the fornt of the Grace United Methodist Church on Christmas Day. Police belive the cross was burned on Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning. The cross was crudely made and wrapped in fabric, said Lt. David Hafington of the Vermonet State Police. "We're hoping that...
  • Does Anyone Here Have Experience Dealing With Commercial Lending? Need FReeper Input

    12/08/2003 8:38:29 AM PST · by mlmr · 3 replies · 2+ views
    12.08.03 | mlmr
    I have an option on a piece of property and need to face commercial lending. It seems daunting. Does anyone here have this sort of experience and would be willing to FReepmail me about it?
  • I was listening to a new conservative host, who is he? He was wonderful!!

    11/30/2003 5:32:30 PM PST · by mlmr · 13 replies · 67+ views
    11.30.03 | mlmr
    I was listening to a talk show host. He was thoughtful, wonderful and conservative. He sounded a bit like Walter Williams, but younger and without Williams humor. He did not say his name during the entire segment but he did talk about his military background. I was impressed and want to find out who he is. He was in the 4-5 time slot at WLOB in Maine. I have not been able to find a WLOB program guide. This is the Sunday Night at the FReepers Mystery!!
  • Quick techie question

    11/27/2003 2:21:23 PM PST · by mlmr · 18 replies · 13+ views
    11.28.03 | mlmr
    I just downloaded a patch pack from Microsoft was the real thing and not one of those weird emails... Anyhow now my scrolling goes a lttle two fast. I slowed it down a bit by taking it off smooth scrolling but if I click in the scroll bar it clicks down two or three screens. I have looked all over options and scrolling in the help sections without any luck.

    11/27/2003 3:56:50 AM PST · by mlmr · 25 replies · 124+ views
    mlmr's kitchen | 11.28.03 | mlmr
    Up to put the Turkey in the oven and to wish you all the best of Thanksgiving. Despite all the problems we all have a lot to be Thankful for.... our families, our friends, our freedoms, and all the basics... I am thankful for all of the above and I am thankful for FreeRepublic. May the prayers and reflections on this day honor the grace and gifts we receive from God. Happy Thanksgiving Freepers, one and all!!
  • I Need a Database for My Internet Website. Recommendations?

    11/24/2003 6:55:34 PM PST · by mlmr · 30 replies · 87+ views
    11.24.03 | mlmr
    I need a text database for my internet website. Do you have a recommenataion? Is it expensive? Thank you.
  • Medicare Drug Bill Heads Toward Passage

    11/24/2003 6:08:14 PM PST · by mlmr · 31 replies · 130+ views
    Drudge Siren ^ | 11.24.03 | DAVID ESPO
    Medicare Drug Bill Heads Toward Passage Nov 24, 7:24 PM (ET) By DAVID ESPO (AP) Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tenn., right, accompanied by American Medical Association... Full Image WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate cleared the way Monday for final congressional passage of landmark legislation to add a prescription drug benefit and a free-enterprise flavor to the government-run Medicare program, repelling twin attacks by die-hard Democratic opponents. "Today is a historic day and a momentous day," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., anticipating a late-night final vote on a measure to make the most sweeping changes in Medicare...
  • Weather Wizard!!!!!I am looking for Sites for My Son's Weather Badge

    11/06/2003 5:20:41 PM PST · by mlmr · 18 replies · 4+ views
    Shameless vanity by poor, grass widow and her one legged son, with three lethal diseases who was a r | 11.06.03 | mlmr
    I am going nuts looking for sites for archived weather information for Maine. I even called the National Weather Service and spoke to a man who told me that archived information isn't available for months becasue they have to check whether it is would hope the stats are correct as they post em. My son needs Hi low temp, cloud cover, sunrise, sunset, preciptation for the last two weeks. Is there a site, or a series of sites that would answer these questions??