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  • Ron Paul Agrees With Obama: The Debate Over Benghazi Is A ‘Sideshow’

    05/17/2013 1:49:03 PM PDT · by mnehring · 49 replies
    Could President Obama have read this op-ed by Ron Paul before his joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron this morning? The president’s assessment of the Benghazi scandal was remarkably similar to that of the former congressman. Both men called the controversy a “sideshow.” While Obama primarily went after Republicans for trying to politicize his administration’s response to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya last September, Paul chose a more equal opportunity approach in his article, published this morning on the website of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. “Congressional hearings, White House...
  • Anti-gay marriage group accuses IRS of leaking Romney donation details (Archive 04/2012)

    05/14/2013 5:29:46 PM PDT · by mnehring · 5 replies
    Fox News ^ | April 18, 2012
    A prominent anti-gay marriage group is accusing the Obama administration's IRS of leaking private tax files that listed Mitt Romney as a contributor -- documents which were later published by a group whose president is tied to the Obama campaign. The National Organization for Marriage is on the warpath over the alleged breach. It has called for an IRS investigation and fired off a warning letter to the Human Rights Campaign, the pro-gay marriage group that first published the documents before taking them down. The group claims it appears somebody within the IRS fed the Human Rights Campaign the documents...
  • Let's Move Cutting Core Curriculum. (Vanity)

    05/10/2013 6:40:24 PM PDT · by mnehring · 19 replies
    As some of you know, my wife is a private piano voice and piano teacher however this year, she had the opportunity to work in one of the public schools here in town on a limited basis for an opportunity she couldn't refuse. She left the public school system a few years ago because of the politics within the school, no surprise. This, however, is one of those opportunities she couldn't turn down as she was working with 1-2nd grade and special needs students. Enough background. One thing she has been privy to is the plans for the school for...
  • Andrea Rossi & Roger Green Fraud & Scam Update (E-Cat)

    05/03/2013 5:22:26 PM PDT · by mnehring · 13 replies
    As Rossi’s e-Cat is barely staying alive on life support, and long time friends and bloggers are losing interest, and closing down blogs, Mr. Roger Green is trying to cash in as the e-Cat gasps its last few breaths, to try and recoup his money back, leaving these last few rounds of investors holding the bag. What you will find is that Roger Green and Andrea Rossi have reached a new low. They are selling “shares” in a Japan organization that does not exist yet, to buy a “license” that does not exist yet, and the “license” is for products that...
  • Rossi’s Lies to Investors about SGS Certification (E-Cat)

    05/03/2013 5:15:15 PM PDT · by mnehring · 4 replies
    Mr. Andrea Rossi’s latest dog and pony show was the first worldwide e-Cat church meeting with a few of the e-cat investors/licensees attending. We can’t really call this an investor’s conference because according to Mr. Rossi he has licensees for the whole world and only a few licensees showed up for this world shaking event. Officially it was called the 2012 E-Cat Conference in Zurich – “Energy Turnaround with E-Cat Technology” Mr. Andrea Rossi has been saying since early this year that the “classic” (as if there is any other kind) e-Cat, the low temperature, low pressure, wet steam, and...
  • ATTENTION: News stories at the Daily Currant are not actual news stories (Pizza Story)

    05/03/2013 12:03:41 PM PDT · by mnehring · 19 replies
    The following was posted at the Daily Currant yesterday: Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was denied a second slice of pizza today at an Italian eatery in Brooklyn. The owners of Collegno’s Pizzeria say they refused to serve him more than one piece to protest Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban, which would limit the portions of soda sold in the city… “Hey, could I get another pepperoni over here?” Bloomberg asked owner Antonio Benito. “I’m sorry sir,” he replied, “we can’t do that. You’ve reached your personal slice limit.” Get it? They...
  • Longview ISD to track students tagged as violent (Minority Report active)

    04/30/2013 10:11:32 PM PDT · by mnehring · 45 replies
    The Longview school district will join a nationwide group that identifies students who could become violent and tracks them throughout their education — regardless of where they move. Longview ISD officials said Wednesday the district will participate in the Student Safety National Alliance starting in the 2013-14 school year. “What we are offering and introducing to you today is the Walmart for student safety and security,” said interim district Superintendent James Wilcox. About 70 school administrators and campus police officers from 25 school districts attended a school safety conference at the district’s education safety center to learn about the alliance....
  • Actor Kevin Sorbo hits ‘pro choice folks’ over abortion clinics that promote infanticide: ‘murder’

    04/30/2013 9:43:20 AM PDT · by mnehring · 31 replies
    According to soulless asshat William Saletan of Slate, exposing an abortion clinic worker who counseled a woman to “flush” a baby born alive after a late-term abortion isn’t nearly as abhorrent as snitching on that worker. Media Matters and Amanda Marcotte agree: Lila Rose is the real monster for secretly taping clinic employees and exposing their barbaric love affair with the culture of death. Never mind that one clinic worker said any baby born alive after abortion would be dropped in a deadly, toxic solution to ensure “termination.” It’s all about choice. “Hercules” and “Andromeda” actor Kevin Sorbo isn’t having...
  • Five Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Theories Debunked

    04/29/2013 4:57:02 PM PDT · by mnehring · 22 replies
    In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent capture of one and killing of the other suspect, a number of conspiracy theories have arisen (as they always do) . Let’s sift through some of the more prominent ones and do a gut/fact check.1. #FalseFlag Perhaps the first “official” conspiracy floated (largely by big-time conspiracy theory profiteer Alex Jones), some people believed that the attack was a “false flag.” This term in conspiracy theorist jargon means any situation where an attack is presumed orchestrated by a government or organization pretending to be someone or something else. Why this is the...
  • Another race-tinted showdown in Hawaii (D)

    04/28/2013 12:49:12 PM PDT · by mnehring · 32 replies
    The Hawaii Democratic Party has a long history of primaries split along racial lines, with contests often coming down to an Asian-American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander candidate and a white one, referred to as ”haole” in Hawaiian. And if it wasn’t Hanabusa challenging Schatz, it was likely to be another Asian-American Democrat, because Asian candidates often win in a state that is just 26 percent white. Over the last 20 years, there have been 10 major Democratic races that pitted a white candidate against an Asian-American one, including four out of six Honolulu mayor’s races and three out of...
  • Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, suspect #2, is a 9/11 truther

    04/19/2013 4:38:19 PM PDT · by mnehring · 17 replies
    As the police search for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a Twitter feed has been confirmed as belonging to the suspected bomber. In it, he goes by the Americanized version of his name, Jahar. He's a 9/11 truther. He also seems to think that we're being manipulated by the media... ...If you want to read the rest of his feed, replete with Eminem quotes, fluffernutter sandwich recipes, and cat photos, you can do so here. There's really nothing much in it that would suggest anything out of the ordinary. Acording to Tsarnaev, he's a "stress free kind of guy." The weirdest thing about...
  • Boston Bombing Suspect Posted Video on Al Qaeda Prophecy on YouTube

    04/19/2013 6:21:45 AM PDT · by mnehring · 63 replies
    The deceased suspect in the bombing of the Boston marathon, which killed three and injured more than 170, appears to have posted a video extolling an extremist religious prophecy associated with Al Qaeda to his YouTube page. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26 year-old brother of the second Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, had a YouTube page where he posted religious videos, including a video of Feiz Mohammad, a fundamentalist Australian Muslim preacher who rails against the evils of Harry Potter. Among those videos is one dedicated to the prophecy of the Black Banners of Khurasan which is embraced by Islamic extremists—particularly Al Qaeda....
  • Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

    04/17/2013 9:48:43 PM PDT · by mnehring · 11 replies
    Red State ^ | Erick Erickson
    I remember it so clearly — a memory you can only remember so clearly when it is from sadness. You can’t let it go. I was sitting in the mud by the rear passenger side tire of my old Acura cradling my one year old in the steady, driving rain. I was sobbing doing my best not to fall apart in front of my little girl. But the tears ran. My throat hurt as I tried to suppress the guttural cries I wanted to cry there in the mud. RedState, which got up and running in 2004, was out of...
  • CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Fertilizer Plant Explosion Near Waco, Texas (Warning, Unedited)

    04/17/2013 8:55:27 PM PDT · by mnehring · 184 replies
    Explosions rocked a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, Wednesday evening as firefighters were battling a fire, causing multiple injuries, authorities said. Dani Moore, dispatcher with the Texas Department of Pubic Safety, said she did not know how many were injured or the extent of their injuries. "The fertilizer plant was on fire. Firefighters were on the scene. There was an explosion ... followed by a second explosion,'' she said. She said there were multiple damages to structures and vehicles. She said she had no information on the cause of the blasts or fire. reported at least 10 structures were...
  • EXCLUSIVE: New pics from moments before, after blasts (photo of bomb?)

    04/16/2013 3:57:37 PM PDT · by mnehring · 249 replies
  • How Phony “Post-Massacre” Memes Are Created (and PLEASE stop falling for them)

    04/16/2013 10:00:29 AM PDT · by mnehring · 21 replies
    Want to learn a magic trick? Cool, here’s a real simple one, incredibly basic. Take a deck of cards – any deck – and palm one particular card (that is, cradle it in the palm of your hand). Have your “mark” shuffle the deck, cut the deck, basically do whatever they want to the deck. Place the deck in the palm of your hand so that the card you’ve been palming is now on top. Ask your mark to call out a random number between one and twenty. The number is irrelevant, so you can mess with them by continually...
  • Pressure Cooker Bombs (From 2006)

    04/16/2013 9:47:01 AM PDT · by mnehring · 24 replies
    Ever notice that even terrorist seem get involved with "fads?" It seems that the latest is a new type of improvised explosive device that is all too common in the area of the Indian subcontinent. The pressure cooker bomb is becoming the terrorist's weapon of preference. Here's something from the New Dehli Newspaper, the Hindu: Terrorists trained in making pressure cooker bombs NEW DELHI: Terrorists in camps purportedly operating along the Baluchistan border between Pakistan and Afghanistan are being trained in making and exploding pressure cooker bombs, which were used in the Delhi blasts last year and at least in...
  • International Marathon held in Pyongyang (North Korea) (Posted on DPRK Connection FB today)

    04/15/2013 2:02:40 PM PDT · by mnehring · 16 replies
    (this was posted on the DPRK North Korea Connection Facebook page today.)Video Link Published on Apr 17, 2012 Pyongyang, April 8 (KCNA) -- The IAAF-25th Mangyongdae Prize Marathon took place here on Sunday. My note. This marathon was over a year ago yet the DPRK posts a reference to this on their Facebook page today, just a few hours before the Boston Marathon bombings.
  • Bitcoin bubble may have burst

    04/12/2013 6:57:14 PM PDT · by mnehring · 34 replies
    The price of Bitcoins has plunged more than 70% in the past two days, sparking a rush of activity that overwhelmed trading platforms and suggested the bubble in the virtual currency has burst. Bitcoins were down to $77.56 as of 3 p.m. ET Friday. Prices reached as high as $266 per Bitcoin around 7:30 a.m. ET Wednesday. But the price started to fall through the rest of day and Thursday morning. At about 10 a.m. ET Thursday, trading was halted on Mt.Gox, a Japan-based exchange that claims to handle 80% of Bitcoin trade worldwide. The price at that time...
  • Stag Arms May Leave Connecticut

    04/11/2013 6:53:06 AM PDT · by mnehring · 22 replies
    It’s being reported that Connecticut AR-15 manufacturer Stag Arms may be following Colt Competition and PTR Industries and leaving the state.The Associated Press is reporting that Mark Malkowski, president of Stag Arms, spoke Tuesday with Texas economic development officials trying to lure the company, which was founded in 2003 and employs more than 200 employees.“It’s something we’ll strongly consider,” he said, adding that leaving Connecticut would be difficult. “If you’re a lawyer with a laptop, that’s one thing,” he said. “It’s not something we’re going to do easily.”You can read more here.