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  • Dimensional Door - Freeople Thread 35

    10/20/2009 5:57:42 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 1,806 replies · 11,178+ views
    Today | Mo
  • Dimensional Door - Freeople Thread 34

    01/27/2008 6:57:51 AM PST · by Mo1 · 10,054 replies · 35,625+ views
    Today | Me
  • Jimmy Carter, cat slayer

    11/07/2007 3:35:51 PM PST · by Mo1 · 49 replies · 213+ views
    Hot ^ | November 7, 2007 | by Bryan
    Don’t let the 39th president near small furry animals of any kind. Not rabbits. Certainly not cats. 5/13/90To Sybil,Lamentably, I killed your cat while trying just to sting it. It was crouched, as usual, under one of our bird feeders & I fired from some distance with bird shot. It may ease your grief somewhat to know that the cat was buried properly with a prayer & that I’ll be glad to get you another of your choice.I called & came by your house several times. We will be in the Dominican Republic until Thursday. I’ll see you then.Love, Jimmy...
  • Pork Alert! Citizens Against Government Waste looks at the defense spending bill

    11/07/2007 3:28:48 PM PST · by Mo1 · 5 replies · 57+ views
    Hot ^ | November 7, 2007 | by Bryan
    Surprise! Congress is larding up the defense budget with miscellaneous taxpayer-funded boondoggles. # $25,000,000 for the Hawaii Federal Health Care Network, added by Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii). # $23,000,000 for the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), added by Rep. John “Jack” Murtha (D-Pa.). This is the project over which Rep. Murtha threatened a colleague for challenging in the spring. Since 1992, more than $509 million has been used to fund NDIC, which is administered by the Department of Justice (DOJ.). Ironically, DOJ does not want the NDIC and has asked Congress to shut the agency down because the department believes...
  • Dimensional Door - Freeople Thread 33

    10/24/2007 8:17:42 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 5,151 replies · 2,834+ views
    Today | Me
  • The New York Times' John Burns: "The Possibility Of As Many As A Million Iraqis Dying."

    07/30/2007 5:19:29 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 23 replies · 803+ views
    Hugh ^ | Monday, July 30, 2007 | Hugh Hewitt
    The transcript of my interview with the New York Times' John Burns is here.The audio for the two-hour broadcast will be here later. Some key excerpts: HH: One of the arguments for those favoring a timeline for withdrawal thats written in stone is that it will oblige the Iraqi political class to get serious about such things as the oil revenue division. Do you believe thats an accurate argument? JB: Well, you would think it would be so, wouldnt you, that the threat of withdrawal of American troops, and the risk of a slide into catastrophic levels of violence, much...
  • Pa. budget deal was eased by windfall from electric tax

    07/12/2007 10:45:12 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 5 replies · 304+ views
    CBS3 News ^ | Jul 11, 2007 | AP
    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Electric-rate shock for consumers could produce a windfall for Governor Ed Rendell's alternative energy agenda. Rendell originally touted a new per-kilowatt electricity surcharge as way to raise at least 60 (M) million dollars a year. The idea was to pay back 850 (M) million dollars in borrowing to subsidize alternative energy projects and electricity conservation efforts. But while state Senate Republicans say they support the program's goal, they oppose the surcharge. Instead, they say the program can be supported by an existing tax on electricity bills, which are expected to rise substantially as rate caps expire...
  • Dimensional Door - Freeople Thread 32

    06/30/2007 8:56:57 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 4,990 replies · 21,400+ views
    June 30, 2007 | Me
  • Gatekeepers of Hillaryland

    06/21/2007 10:07:39 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 42 replies · 1,015+ views ^ | June 21, 2007 | Lois Romano
    The seasoned Hill aide knew what she was getting into when she agreed to become Hillary Clinton's chief of staff. The woman was quite prepared for all eyes to be on the biggest celebrity arriving in Congress, the first lady of the United States, who was expected to use her Senate seat as a springboard back into the White House. But what caught Tamera Luzzatto unawares was the full force of the Hillary machine already in place and making decisions.
  • Rep. Pelosi responds to boos on war

    06/21/2007 9:53:47 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 12 replies · 789+ views
    The Hill ^ | June 21, 2007 | Jonathan E. Kaplan and Sam Youngman
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) yesterday reaffirmed her commitment to end the war in Iraq, but her words were greeted with skepticism and some boos by anti-war liberal activists. Addressing the liberal pressure group Campaign for Americas Future, Pelosi called the war in Iraq a tragedy and a grotesque mistake, but her words elicited catcalls for her to do more. Pelosi acknowledged the protesters and even challenged them. At one point in her remarks, she told the protesters, The best preparation for combat is combat. When someone shouted a question about Darfur, Pelosi segued into a discussion about her visit...
  • Edwards' daughter picks Hillary!

    06/21/2007 9:28:25 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 13 replies · 1,193+ views
    Edwards' daughter picks Hillary! 2007 West Branch Times Thu Jun 21 2007 11:07:44 ET Elizabeth Edwards and her two youngest children, Emma Claire, 9, and Jack, 7, stopped in West Branch for an hour or so Saturday afternoon. She was here to campaign on behalf of her husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who is vying to win the Iowa Caucuses, a feat he nearly accomplished four years ago. As home of the first-in-the-nation caucuses, Iowans are no stranger to political visits; many of us know that they rarely start or end when theyre supposed to, and that things...
  • And the winner is...(Hillary Clinton picked her new campaign song

    06/19/2007 9:19:03 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 100 replies · 3,313+ views
    Hillary for President ^ | June 19, 2007
    I just checked my email and noticed this .. and don't forget to check out the video Hellary & Bill made ...LOL. Dear Mo1, The wait is over. I am happy to announce that all the votes are in and the contest to choose our campaign song is over. Hillary wanted me to tell you how inspired she was by all your suggestions, and we're definitely going to be using all the songs on the campaign trail. And now, the moment you've been waiting for. The winner is... C'mon, you didn't think I was going to make it that easy,...
  • Video: Rosie warms up the View audience with Truther talking points

    05/27/2007 6:45:52 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 13 replies · 1,071+ views
    Hot Air ^ | May 26, 2007 | Allahpundit
    Lifted wholesale from my pals at Screw Loose Change. Ill politely decline to comment on it and make you follow the link to see what they have to say instead. Its also worth peeking at the comments here and seeing for yourself what the relentlessly bottom-feeding scumbag YouTube regulars have to say about RoRo speaking Truthiness to power Rosie O' Donnell SPEAKS
  • Bombshell: Hillary has a sense of humor?

    05/24/2007 9:16:15 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 21 replies · 875+ views
    Hot Air ^ | May 24, 2007 | Allahpundit
    It's Hellary talking about picking her campaign song Go to the link to watch
  • John Edwards Ripped for Memorial Day War Protest Plan

    05/21/2007 8:16:26 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 20 replies · 1,002+ views ^ | May 21, 2007 | Michael Amsterdam
    John Edwards hasn't won over any friends at the American Legion for his plan to protest the war on Memorial Day. Paul Morin, national commander of the American Legion, posted an open letter of the groups website blasting Edwards for what Morin says is an inappropriate political calculation that "blatantly violated the sanctity of this most special day," the Hill reports. Edwards wants people to protest the war at Memorial Day Parades and gatherings, take photos and then he will place those photos on his website. Buy a bunch of poster-board and markers, the website says. At a picnic or...

    05/20/2007 6:58:54 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 75 replies · 3,146+ views
    Drudge ^ | May 20 2007
    HILLARY COUGHING, WHEEZING AT COMMENCEMENT Sun May 20 2007 19:15:51 ET The campaign trail is long and tough. Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton struggles through a commencement address at Dillard University in New Orleans Saturday, May 19, 2007. The senator from New York was plagued with dry throat, wheezing and a coughing fit as she wrapped up her speech on health care and rebuilding New Orleans. "She was a total professional and inspiration to us all, she kept on going," emails a student.
  • Calling All FReepers - Our 2nd Quarter '07 FReepathon is now Underway! .. Thread 3

    04/19/2007 9:35:11 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 2,126 replies · 17,714+ views
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  • House Democrats Have No Interest in Petraeus

    04/18/2007 7:24:10 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 22 replies · 774+ views ^ | Michael Goldfarb
    House Democrats Have No Interest in Petraeus Roll Call reports ($) this morning that General David Petraeus will return from Iraq next week to Washington to meet with members of Congress and discuss the state of affairs in Iraq. The visit coincides with Congressional consideration of the Iraq/Afghanistan funding bill. That bill will be in a conference committee as soon as the House gets around to naming conferees, which hasn't happened yet (although it may by the time you read this): The top military commander in Iraq will make a rare visit to Capitol Hill next week but House Democratic...
  • Virginia Tech Convocation Honors Slain Students: Watch Live

    04/17/2007 11:32:16 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 820 replies · 24,360+ views
    Click on the FNC link ... there is a link at the top of the page to view the live coverage
  • Calling All FReepers - Our 2nd Quarter '07 FReepathon is now Underway! .. Thread 2

    04/10/2007 9:58:42 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 3,039 replies · 22,574+ views
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  • Senate & House Coverage -- (April, 2007)

    04/09/2007 7:03:04 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 675 replies · 8,194+ views ^ | April, 2007
    Thank you, OXENinFLA for putting together the below comments and links!. Since "Free Republic is an online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America.", I and others think it's a good idea to centralize what the goes on in the Senate (or House). So if you see something happening on the Senate/House floor and you don't want to start a new thread to ask if anyone else just heard what you heard, you...
  • Edwards uses wife's illness for campaign phishing

    04/06/2007 5:28:55 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 29 replies · 844+ views ^ | April 05, 2007 | Michelle Malkin
    Edwards uses wife's illness for campaign phishing By Michelle Malkin April 05, 2007 12:29 PM Bait and switch NYPost reports: "Democratic White House hopeful John Edwards' team has been collecting e-mail addresses from supporters who've sent his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, notes - and using them for fund-raising requests, aides acknowledged yesterday. The link on Edwards' campaign Web site invites people to "send a note to Elizabeth and John" and features a sad letter from the former senator penned just after the couple found out her breast cancer had spread and is now incurable. But people who've been sending such...
  • Is DiFi dirty?

    03/29/2007 9:47:17 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 13 replies · 216+ views ^ | March 29, 2007 | Bryan
    Hmmmm. What was that about the “culture of corruption?” SEN. Dianne Feinstein has resigned from the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee. As previously and extensively reviewed in these pages, Feinstein was chairperson and ranking member of MILCON for six years, during which time she had a conflict of interest due to her husband Richard C. Blum’s ownership of two major defense contractors, who were awarded billions of dollars for military construction projects approved by Feinstein.—Feinstein abandoned MILCON as her ethical problems were surfacing in the media, and as it was becoming clear that her subcommittee left grievously wounded veterans to rot...
  • Md. Senate Advances Bill To Dodge Electoral College

    03/29/2007 2:40:32 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 114 replies · 395+ views ^ | March 29, 2007 | John Wagner and Ovetta Wiggins
    Maryland is poised to become the first state to agree to bypass the electoral college and effectively elect U.S. presidents by national popular vote under legislation moving briskly toward the desk of Gov. Martin O'Malley (D). But the bill comes with a big caveat: It would not take effect until enough other states agree to do the same. "It's a long way from home," said Senate President Thomas Mike V. Miller Jr. (D-Calvert). "I don't know if it will happen in my lifetime."
  • Live Thread - Hearing on the hiring and firing of U.S. Attorneys

    03/29/2007 6:21:09 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 349 replies · 379+ views ^ | March 29, 2007
    FROM THE SENATE Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) chairs a Judiciary Cmte. hearing on the hiring and firing of U.S. Attorneys. D. Kyle Sampson, the former chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, appears and is expected to testify that he did nothing wrong in coordinating the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys. THURS., C-SPAN3, 10AM ET - Click link to watch FIRING ATTYS. WEBPAGE
  • Hoyer Won't Rule Out Extending War Vote

    03/22/2007 7:28:35 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 3 replies · 258+ views ^ | March 22, 2007 | Josephine Hearn
    When Democrats were in the minority, they lambasted Republican tactics on the House floor, reserving particular vitriol for the GOP practice of holding votes open longer than the allotted time in order to round up enough support for victory. Now in the majority and facing their first close vote with the $124 billion wartime spending bill, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) is leaving open the possibility that Democrats might extend the vote beyond the usual 15 minutes. Asked Wednesday night whether Democrats would keep to the time limit, Hoyer paused, then pointed out that many votes can run...
  • Senate Democrats rewrite budget plan

    03/22/2007 5:41:39 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 5 replies · 230+ views
    yahoo - AP ^ | March 33, 2007 | ANDREW TAYLOR
    Senate Democrats are striving to stay united during debate on a $2.9 trillion budget outline for 2008 that already has tested their fragile majority. Moderate Democrats favoring tax cuts have forced a rewrite of the plan, pushing through an amendment Wednesday that would pave the way to extend a variety of popular tax cuts that are to expire at the end of the decade. Across the Capitol, House Budget Committee Democrats held ranks in resisting a GOP-led drive to keep alive tax cuts enacted during President Bush's first term but scheduled to expire in 2010. The Democratic-led budget panel worked...
  • Dig for Slavery Artifacts Begins Near Liberty Bell

    03/21/2007 8:21:32 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 143+ views
    WPVI- ABC News6 ^ | March 21, 2007 | Denise James
    INDEPENDENCE MALL - March 21, 2007 - It's happening in the shadow of the Liberty Bell. They've begun digging up the earth, searching for the signs of slavery. Crews are unearthing history on Independence Mall, digging where George Washington lived in 1790 when Philadelphia was the nation's capital. Digging above the quarters of Washington's 9 enslaved Africans, just feet from from the new Liberty Bell Pavilion entrance. "So as you walk into this heaven of liberty, you literally have to cross the hell of slavery," said attorney Michael Cord. Cord lead the fight for this archeological dig when, during construction...

    03/21/2007 5:04:02 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 6 replies · 1,787+ views
    Statement from Thomas Gensemer, Managing Director, Blue State Digital This afternoon, an employee at our firm, Phillip de Vellis, received a call from Arianna Huffington of "The Huffington Post" regarding the "1984" video currently circulating online. Initially, de Vellis refused to respond to her requests. He has since acknowledged to Blue State Digital that he was the creator of the video. Pursuant to company policy regarding outside political work or commentary on behalf of our clients or otherwise, Mr. de Vellis has been terminated from Blue State Digital effective immediately. Blue State Digital is under contract with the Obama Campaign...
  • Live Thread - Gore on Climate Change

    03/21/2007 5:39:29 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 1,500 replies · 33,214+ views
    Cspan ^ | March 21, 2007
    Gore on Climate Change Former Vice President Al Gore appears before a House Energy Subcmte. hearing on Global Climate Change. Hes joined by Professor Bjorn Lomborg, author of a book titled, The Skeptical Environmentalist. Gore will also appear later today before the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee. WEDS., C-SPAN3, 9:30AM ET Click to watch on Cspan3
  • N. Korea refuses to take part in international nuclear talks

    03/20/2007 7:07:11 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 130+ views ^ | March 20, 2007 | MARI YAMAGUCHI
    BEIJING International talks on North Korea's nuclear program stalled again today, with Pyongyang refusing to take part until it receives $25 million from a bank blacklisted by the United States, Japan's chief envoy said. Kenichiro Sasae said a meeting scheduled for this afternoon between the chief delegates of the six nations involved in the disarmament talks was canceled because Pyongyang refused to attend. "There was no progress at all today," Sasae said. "China as chairman (of the talks) urged North Korea to come to the table but they would not come." The talks between envoys from the two Koreas,...
  • Sen. Specter plans to seek 6th term

    03/20/2007 6:51:10 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 43 replies · 682+ views
    yahoo-AP ^ | Mar 19, 2007 | KIMBERLY HEFLING
    Republican Sen. Arlen Specter (news, bio, voting record), a moderate who has often clashed with the Bush administration and his fellow GOP lawmakers, said Monday he plans to seek a sixth term in 2010. "There are a lot of important things to be done and finally after being here to acquire some seniority, I'm in a position to do that," said Specter, 77. "I'm full of energy and my wife doesn't want me home for breakfast, lunch and dinner." Specter said he has fundraisers planned, including a large one April 4 in Philadelphia. "It's an enormous task, and that's why...
  • Video: Hot Air's Michelle Malkin reports from The Gathering of Eagles

    03/19/2007 6:22:57 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 37 replies · 2,316+ views Air ^ | Mar 19, 2007 | Michelle Malkin
    Hot Air's Michelle Malkin reports from the historic Gathering of Eagles counter-protest in Washington, DC. Link to Video on YouTube
  • Live Thread - House Oversight and Government Reform Cmte. hearing (Valerie Plame Wilson Testifies)

    03/16/2007 5:55:58 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 1,503 replies · 59,438+ views
    Cspan ^ | March 16, 2007
    <p>ON CAPITOL HILL Valerie Wilson Testifies Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) chairs a House Oversight and Government Reform Ctme. hearing on the disclosure of CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson's identity. The hearing will look into whether White House officials followed appropriate procedures for safeguarding the identity of Ms. Wilson.</p>
  • Colorado Dems want millions for 2008 convention security ($50 million)

    03/15/2007 3:05:56 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 32 replies · 671+ views
    The Hill ^ | March 15, 2007 | Mike Soraghan
    Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) is asking appropriators for $50 million to cover security costs at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. That amount is twice as much as New York and Boston got from the federal government for the conventions they hosted in 2004. DeGette spokeswoman Brandon MacGillis said she is asking for more to ensure that the host cities have everything they need. The hope is they wont use all this money, MacGillis said. New York wound up spending about $50 million on security, and Boston spent $35 million, according to figures provided by DeGettes office. DeGette was...
  • Daily Policy Digest - DON'T MESS WITH SUCCESS

    03/15/2007 6:51:49 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 6 replies · 403+ views ^ | March 15, 2007 | National Center for Policy Analysis
    Despite campaign promises not to raise taxes, the new Democratic majority's budget fails to keep existing tax policies in place, which amounts to a $900 billion tax hike over five years, the largest tax increase ever, say Senators Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). For instance: Under a Democratic budget that does not extend existing tax policies, the lowest-income families who pay taxes will see their taxes increase by 33 percent. The $1,000 per child tax credit would be cut in half, and the standard deduction for married couples would be cut by $1,700. Forty-five million working families with...
  • Dimensional Door - Freeople Thread 31

    03/14/2007 11:20:55 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 5,069 replies · 27,016+ views
    today | Me
  • Sen. Hagels retirement a distinct possibility

    03/12/2007 7:51:10 AM PDT · by Mo1 · 73 replies · 1,461+ views
    The Hill ^ | March 09, 2007 | Aaron Blake
    With Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) set to make an announcement about his political plans Monday, those close to Hagel and Nebraska politics say those plans could include his retirement from the Senate. Top politicians in Nebraska are lined up should the potential presidential candidate retire. Hagels staff is mum on whether he will announce his Senate plans during the press conference, but whether he announces them Monday or later, retirement is on the table. One prospective candidate, Republican former congressman and former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub, said he met with Hagel two months ago about Hagels political future and reported...
  • Senate & House Coverage -- (March, 2007)

    03/05/2007 9:20:03 AM PST · by Mo1 · 1,443 replies · 9,102+ views
    THOMAS ^ | March 2007
    Thank you, OXENinFLA for putting together the below comments and links!. Since "Free Republic is an online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America.", I and others think it's a good idea to centralize what the goes on in the Senate (or House). So if you see something happening on the Senate/House floor and you don't want to start a new thread to ask if anyone else just heard what you heard, you...
  • House Democrats' New Strategy: Force Slow End to War

    02/14/2007 8:00:35 AM PST · by Mo1 · 49 replies · 1,028+ views ^ | February 14, 2007 | John Bresnahan
    Top House Democrats, working in concert with anti-war groups, have decided against using congressional power to force a quick end to U.S. involvement in Iraq, and instead will pursue a slow-bleed strategy designed to gradually limit the administration's options. Led by Rep. John P. Murtha, D-Pa., and supported by several well-funded anti-war groups, the coalition's goal is to limit or sharply reduce the number of U.S. troops available for the Iraq conflict, rather than to openly cut off funding for the war itself. The legislative strategy will be supplemented by a multimillion-dollar TV ad campaign designed to pressure vulnerable GOP...
  • Douglas Feith On The CIA, The WMD, And The Information War

    02/13/2007 6:00:13 PM PST · by Mo1 · 28 replies · 790+ views ^ | February 13, 2007 | Hugh Hewitt
    | 8:30 PM Here is the transcript of my interview with former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith. The audio will be posted here later. Some key excerpts: HH: Do you believe, as opposed to your staff, that the CIA was filtering its own intelligence, Mr. Feith? DF: Yes, I think that there were people, there were people in the CIA who had a theory that the Baathist secularists would not cooperate with the religious extremists in al Qaeda. And because they had that theory, when they looked at information that was, that showed, or that suggested that there was cooperation,...
  • Senate & House Coverage -- (February 2007)

    02/01/2007 6:35:35 PM PST · by Mo1 · 2,153 replies · 14,428+ views
    Feb 1, 2007
    Thank you, OXENinFLA for putting together the below comments and links!. All are welcome to join in Since "Free Republic is an online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America.", I and others think it's a good idea to centralize what the goes on in the Senate (or House). So if you see something happening on the Senate/House floor and you don't want to start a new thread to ask if anyone else...
  • Pelosi: 'We Should Work to Expand Democracy, Not Limit It'

    01/24/2007 4:53:56 PM PST · by Mo1 · 50 replies · 1,332+ views
    PRNewswire-USNewswire ^ | Jan. 24, 2007
    WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in support of H. Res. 78, which would amend House rules by granting the Delegates from the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa, and the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico the right to vote in the Committee of the Whole House: "I am pleased that the House acted today to restore the voice of the four Delegates and the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico in the Committee of the Whole that they previously had. These Members of Congress represent more than 5...
  • Calling All FReepers - Our 1st Quarter '07 FReepathon ... Thread 5

    01/19/2007 6:01:28 AM PST · by Mo1 · 730 replies · 8,037+ views
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  • In need of help to a question about a proposed bill regarding Valerie Plame

    01/17/2007 2:18:46 PM PST · by Mo1 · 170 replies · 3,889+ views ^ | Jan 17, 2006
    This was just brought to my attention and I need help in understanding what exactly this Bill/Amendment is about. I tried calling over to the House of Representatives .. but they said there was no one there to help explain the details of this bill/amendment. They suggested I go to .. but I already did that. Can any FReepers out there help direct me in the right direction and find a better way to locate what this is? Thanks ! ------------------------------------ H.R.501Title: For the relief of Valerie Plame Wilson. Sponsor: Rep Inslee, Jay [WA-1] (introduced 1/16/2007) Cosponsors (None) Private...
  • Our 1st Quarter '07 FReepathon is now Underway! .. Thread 4

    01/16/2007 5:39:04 AM PST · by Mo1 · 1,470 replies · 11,673+ views
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  • Our 1st Quarter '07 FReepathon is now Underway! .. Thread 3

    01/11/2007 6:39:16 AM PST · by Mo1 · 1,728 replies · 13,465+ views
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  • Our 1st Quarter '07 FReepathon is now Underway! .. Thread 2

    01/06/2007 8:35:59 AM PST · by Mo1 · 1,749 replies · 14,990+ views
  • Senate & House Coverage -- (January 2007)

    01/02/2007 7:45:37 PM PST · by Mo1 · 2,600 replies · 17,211+ views
    THOMAS ^ | January 2007
    Thank you, OXENinFLA for putting together the below comments and links!. Since "Free Republic is an online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America.", I and others think it's a good idea to centralize what the goes on in the Senate (or House). So if you see something happening on the Senate/House floor and you don't want to start a new thread to ask if anyone else just heard what you heard, you...
  • Live Thread - President Ford's Body Leaving Capitol for Final Time

    01/02/2007 5:41:07 AM PST · by Mo1 · 1,610 replies · 34,217+ views
    FNC ^ | January 02, 2007 | AP
    WASHINGTON Gerald R. Ford leaves his beloved U.S. Capitol for the last time Tuesday as the period set aside for ordinary Americans to say goodbye gives way to an elaborate invitation-only funeral at the awe-inspiring Washington National Cathedral. As the first order of business Tuesday, Ford's remains were being removed from the Rotunda to lie in repose briefly outside the Senate before leaving the Capitol where Ford served as a congressman for 25 years. As vice president, Ford also had the constitutional title of president of the Senate. Watch streaming live video at 9:15 a.m. ET on