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  • Vatican raises stakes in gay debate (Same-sex marriage 'immoral'; adoption 'does violence')

    08/01/2003 1:22:55 PM PDT · 26 of 108
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to wideawake
    "So essentially you believe that law should be entirely procedural and devoid of moral content. " You bring up a very good point. If the law should be based on moral law then whose moral law will be legislated? Christian? Jewish? Muslim? If Christian then which Christian beliefs? Catholic? Anglican? Methodist? Mormon? This could be why our law is based on protecting rights and why the founders specified a separation of church and state.
  • Bin Laden Pins Blame On Bill Clinton

    09/16/2002 1:39:59 PM PDT · 34 of 34
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to exit82
    "Moderation, you're a good egg, and I don't mean to pull your chain.Please re-read your reply #7 in light of our discussion, and tell me if you still think I'm the only one being partisan here. "

    Not to worry, I think we've been having a very reasonable discussion (I don't bother responding to irrational posts).

    I think I stated in my first post that I wasn't defending the democrats so much as pointing out that we've had screw-ups no matter who was in the White House. At least I thought I was clear : )
  • Bin Laden Pins Blame On Bill Clinton

    09/13/2002 2:14:26 PM PDT · 28 of 34
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to exit82
    You're still being partisan.... I fully acknowledge that Democratic presidents have screwed up, but you just won't take off the blinders and admit that the Republicans have screwed up too. I don't want to keep paying the price.... but then sometimes you get what you ask for. Good luck to you.
  • Bin Laden Pins Blame On Bill Clinton

    09/13/2002 1:48:49 PM PDT · 26 of 34
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to exit82
    So the fact that Reagan and Bush Sr. created the Iraq monster means nothing? I said originally that I wasn't defending Clinton, but he's not the only one who screwed up to create this situation.
  • Terrorist acted out of "courage and faith"

    09/13/2002 11:59:02 AM PDT · 7 of 21
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Otto Krueger
    I happen to agree with this view. It was an act of faith and courage; it was also stupid, pointless, and misguided. But it was an extreme act of faith that few of us would be willing to follow in support of our own beliefs.
  • Bin Laden Pins Blame On Bill Clinton

    09/11/2002 3:42:07 PM PDT · 24 of 34
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to exit82
    "Not so. It was a Democrat, Truman, who allowed us to get placed in a police action, instead of winning the Korean War, even after MacArthur brilliantly saved the day with the landing in Inchon. Ike got us out of a mess.

    And, in 1964, it was a Democrat, Lyndon Johnson, that allowed us to get sucked into a war that was based on a totally fabricated incident, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and then we were not allowed to fight to win. Again a Republican had to finish the job. And it ended when we finally flexed our incredible military muscle and almost bombed Hanoi and Haiphong back into the Stone Age. "

    How exactly did MacArthur save the day and then get fired by Ike? And unless I'm mistaken we retreated from Vietnam and let the south be overrun. Is that how Nixon finished it?

    Most of you have missed my point that we have at times engaged in failed military ventures regardless of who was in the White House, and being partisan just lets you blame it all on Democrats and Liberals and ignore the details.
  • Bin Laden Pins Blame On Bill Clinton

    09/10/2002 3:14:00 PM PDT · 7 of 34
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Rome2000
    >Ragheads don't realize that the Americans only cut and run when the Democrats are in the White House.

    I'm not defending Clinton, but don't make such large generalizations. It was a Republican who cut his losses against the Chinese and North Koreans in the '50s and it was another Republican who took over in '68 only to pull us from Vietnam in '73. I also believe it was a Republican who blew a golden opportunity to get rid of Hussein in the Gulf War.

    Unfortunately, there are no guarantees no matter who is in the White House.
  • If Bill Simon Can't Be Trusted To Run A Campaign

    07/31/2002 3:56:12 PM PDT · 20 of 36
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to BJungNan
    >"Having in less than one year run the California budget from a surplus of over $12 billion to a budget deficit that would shut down most third world countries..."

    Anyone want to apply that analogy to Bush? I think that would be a disastrous strategy for the Simon campaign.
  • N.E. eyed as natural locale for wind power

    07/30/2002 2:26:54 PM PDT · 17 of 35
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Argus
    >"We're just not going to have impact-free energy development. It doesn't exist yet.''

    Nuclear Power? Never heard of it. "

    Just to be clear; are you suggesting that nuclear power has no impact on the environment or locale?
  • Liberty, Morality and Order

    07/25/2002 2:37:16 PM PDT · 189 of 190
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to aconservaguy
    >"I guess I'm asking how do you explain the idea of "I think we can agree that people have rights and legislate our behaviour only to protect the rights of others." in light of the seemingly relativist position you took in an earlier post. To me it seems that the idea of "individual ights" underlying the government's... legitimacy, if you will, is a "moral" idea in itself. I guess I really wasn't looking at legislating per se, but more like the basis of the government, ends and so forth. Sorry if i wasn't explicit."

    Ahhh.... I understand your question now. I'd say basically that we all have rights because we all agree that we have rights. It's highly unlikely to find anyone who would say that they shouldn't have any rights, although it's easy to find people who would that OTHERS shouldn't have rights : )
  • Liberty, Morality and Order

    07/25/2002 1:44:40 PM PDT · 187 of 190
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to aconservaguy
    >"I agree that morality is a slippery topic; but just something i'm just wondering : how would you defend your statement that "I think we can agree that people have rights and legislate our behaviour only to protect the rights of others." in light of your statement "I really don't like the idea of gov't telling me what I can and can't do on an arbitrary basis (because someone finds it immoral)""

    While the difference between legislating Rights versus Morality can seem to be a minor semantic argument the results can be significant.

    The biggest difference between legislating rights versus morality is that when looking at rights there can be no crime if no one's rights have been violated. Yet, legislating morality allows the gov't to proscribe even private victimless behaviour and that is too arbitrary for me. I believe that unless there is a victim, unless someone else is affected, a person should be free to follow their own conscience and moral standard without interference from gov't.
  • Liberty, Morality and Order

    07/24/2002 2:43:28 PM PDT · 181 of 190
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to aconservaguy
    "What if dealing with non-consensual sex? Yes, if there aren't any victims, you can make the argument; but what do you do when it's non-consensual? Isn't there a morality followed?"

    There is definitely an overlap between law and morality. But in some societies at various times non-consensual sex has not been considered immoral, but we can easily look at it from the perspective that the victims rights were violated. Legislating from a Rights perspective versus morality makes things simpler.

    "Even "different cultures, different time periods and different people" doesn't mean that morality is relative; objecitive standards still exist independent of the person, time period or culture. "

    That's a common opinion, but I'm curious as to your arguments to substantiate it? If you're going to point to the Bible, then what about people of other religions? Jews and Christians certainly don't view the Bible in the same way, and even among Christians alone there are widely varying concepts of morality. Looking at Catholics alone you will see church standards on morality changing radically over the centuries.

    Basically, I view morality to be too slippery a topic and I really don't like the idea of gov't telling me what I can and can't do on an arbitrary basis (because someone finds it immoral). But I think we can agree that people have rights and legislate our behaviour only to protect the rights of others. This keeps things simple, or at least simpler : )
  • Liberty, Morality and Order

    07/24/2002 1:14:36 PM PDT · 179 of 190
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to RAT Patrol
    "Some people have crazy ideas about what their liberties ought to be. society cannot cater to every individual whim at the expense of the majority's liberty."

    You're absolutely correct, but again I think it helps to talk about protecting rights rather than legislating morality. Your example of the flasher is perfect in that we shouldn't make flashing illegal because someone thinks it's immoral, it should be illegal because it infringes on the rights of the people who have to look at the flasher.

    I still believe that people should be free to do anything they wish as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. It's a very simple rule that leaves out the difficulty of defining morality.
  • Liberty, Morality and Order

    07/19/2002 4:45:31 PM PDT · 32 of 190
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to aconservaguy
    "The notion of "violating the rights of others" seems a moral notion in itself... "

    You're right, but the concept of protecting individual rights is a very specific and narrow approach, but morality in general extends into areas that can be muddy and certainly no where that I want gov't going.

    For instance, is pre-marital sex immoral? You'll get various answers depending on who you talk to and certainly laws can be (and have been) passed outlawing it. Assuming we're dealing with consenting adults, there are certainly no victims here so whose morality do we follow? That of the majority?

    When discussing any particular behaviour you can certainly find someone who will find it immoral and that gets complicated. However if we stick to the concept of whether the rights of an individual are being infringed then things get simpler. There has been a huge cry about moral relativism lately, but when aren't morals relative? Looking at different cultures, different time periods, and different people you will find that concepts of morality differ greatly. Right here and right now, even if you limit yourself to Christians, you will find huge differences in perceived morality.

    Keep it simple: gov't should protect the rights of the people and not attempt to be the keeper of morality.
  • Effort to Clear Top Admiral at Pearl Harbor Rejected

    06/29/2002 9:32:30 AM PDT · 24 of 64
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to elephantlips
    I agree with you entirely. The ridiculous idea that FDR knew about and allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to occur, or even worse that he encouraged it, is insane. You might as well say that Bush knew about the 9/11 attack and allowed it to happen...... who here wants to support THAT theory?
  • Arafat Calls for Democratic Elections in the United States

    06/29/2002 9:15:13 AM PDT · 8 of 9
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to gitmo
    You've been had.... this article was clearly listed as satire wherever is started (I saw it there a few days ago). The references are all true, but the quotes are not.
  • It's The Elite Who Are Corrupt

    06/13/2002 3:57:48 PM PDT · 38 of 43
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Vast Buffalo Wing Conspiracy
    As usual with market-oriented conservatives and libertarians, you miss the point entirely. "The free market" has never existed in pure form except at the very lowest level. The more complicated the economy (or the polity), the more elites have the ability to guide it by making decisions about what does and what does not appear in the market (or in public debate) before the individual consumer is given a chance to "choose" (or the individual voter is given a chance to vote).

    Thus one has the illusion of choice, in a situation where, in fact, choice is pre-constrained by elites into a narrow spectrum of "acceptable public limits". More often then not, elites can allow or prohibit most material they want allowed or prohibited, without having to pass any laws to do so. Hidden rule is often more effective then open rule because it offers the illusion of freedom, but only delivering a narrow parameter which the ruling elites have decided is acceptable to them.

    Blinded by ideology and "free market" ideals, it is no wonder so many conservatives and libertarians are bad at politics, and completely unaware of the existence of metapolitics. They don't seem to realize that all of the really important political questions are decided in private, months or years, sometimes decades, before they or the general public are even aware that such political questions even exist!

    First of all your assumptions about me are about as absurd as my suggesting that you need to take off your tin-foil hat and get out in the sunshine sometime. Oh wait.....

    And the same media that gives us both Oprah AND Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh AND Tom Brokaw, Readers Digest AND Hustler....... this media is all controlled by one sinister elite? Talk about illusions.......that is one very brain-damaged conspiracy!!
  • It's The Elite Who Are Corrupt

    06/11/2002 4:55:08 PM PDT · 14 of 43
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to vannrox
    The vulgarity, profanity and violence you see in entertainment are there only because those individuals occupying the positions of power in the entertainment industry said "Yes." If they said "No," those things would disappear from the screens and the magazine racks.

    Hmm..... I was under the impression that free market capitalism and the First Amendment dictated what we see on movie screens and magazine racks. I'm not sure I want gov't involved in that.
  • Federal appeals court says abortion foes intimidated doctors

    05/16/2002 1:36:22 PM PDT · 3 of 25
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to gdani
    I'm curious; regardless of where you stand on abortion rights, does anyone think that the Nuremberg Files website was supporting violence against abortion providers, and do you think that violence is an appropriate tactic?
  • 'Just Sprinkle A Little Kiddy-Cocaine On Your Child's Applesauce'

    05/13/2002 3:20:34 PM PDT · 18 of 29
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to zoyd
    My own personal opinion is that about 75% of those taking Ritalin are actually 'normal' kids -- their behavior falls within 'normal' bounds -- but parents can't be bothered to care for a kid with higher-than-average energy levels and lower-than-average concentration.

    I agree. But we also have to be careful that just because a diagnosis is over-applied doesn't mean that it's not a correct diagnosis for some people.
  • 20th Century Saw 65% of Christian Martyrs.

    05/10/2002 12:58:54 PM PDT · 5 of 21
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Poohbah
    A question: what percentage of Christians lived in the 20th Century to begin with? Methinks it's pretty doggone high.

    A good question. Another is: how do you define a martyr? I mean maybe that many Christians were killed in the 20th century, but just being killed doesn't make you a martyr.
  • Nation: Families of immigrants who died crossing border file claim

    05/10/2002 12:51:11 PM PDT · 5 of 49
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to KarlInOhio
    You're not too far off, actually. Just set up some water stations with electronic surveillance..... anyone takes a drink and an alarm goes off at the border patrol station and they can just go pick up the illegals. Seems productive to me : )
  • Gradual Genocide: Fertility, Feminism And Fascism

    05/08/2002 3:17:47 PM PDT · 26 of 76
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to weikel
    The man hating comes out Rush is almost never wrong.

    I think you missed the point; she doesn't hate men, she only hates people like you.
  • DEET Brain Effects In Animals Warrant Caution

    05/02/2002 1:39:06 PM PDT · 7 of 10
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Rodney King
    You might be right or wrong here, but the guy sounds reasonable. He wasn't screaming that the sky is falling or that we should ban DEET; he just urged caution especially around children. Seems sensible to me.
  • Enviros Put Fisherman Out of Business

    05/01/2002 4:06:41 PM PDT · 2 of 17
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Michael.SF.
    Maybe I missed something here. Isn't over-fishing bad for the fishermen too? How much fish are they pulling in each trip? I'll bet it's a small fraction of what they pulled in a generation ago.
  • The general and the question that haunts all dictators

    05/01/2002 1:14:50 PM PDT · 4 of 8
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to milestogo
    Yet another in a long line of dictators that we support for our convenience. I hope it doesn't come back to haunt us later.......
  • CIA Chief Travels to Berlin for Secret Talks With Kurds on Iraq

    05/01/2002 12:22:25 PM PDT · 6 of 13
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to codebreaker
    Even if it's true, it's a bad idea. The Kurds are nothing but trouble. There'd be nothing but tribal back-biting and Turkey is having major trouble with Kurd separatists. It would only work if Turkey got to move all the Kurds over into Iraq and out of Turkey. Then we might have a shot at a plan.
  • More right wing wackiness...

    04/29/2002 5:00:24 PM PDT · 10 of 26
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to RedBloodedAmerican
    Let's be serious for a moment though, if we started profiling then the nutjobs would just send in people who don't fit the profile. They're already using female suicide bombers in Israel; the same could happen here. And what profile did Tim McVeigh fit? I feel safer knowing that EVERYONE gets checked out.... although I wish they did a better job of it : P
  • Get It Straight -- The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests.

    04/26/2002 12:38:34 PM PDT · 131 of 139
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Clint N. Suhks
    Try the DSM I or the DSM II for starters then try Freud, Charles Socarides, Gregory Dickson and of course Joseph Nicolosi if you want some current info.

    Well, most of Freud's theories are even more outdated then the DSM 1 and 2.... try the DSM 4 (or is 5 available?) for more current psychological theories.
  • Neighbor tells area kids, "If you want to see my 9mm Glock, come and toilet paper my house."

    04/25/2002 5:11:31 PM PDT · 59 of 115
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Melinator
    If the police had conducted a nighttime ninja raid on the teenage boys home in order to bust them for a joint of marijuana, screaming spittle punctuated epithets at the boys and slamming their half-naked families to the floor in handcuffs; MP-5s trained on their faces, would the neighbours call them dangerous nutcases?

    I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with my comment that pulling a gun on some kids playing with toilet paper is inappropriate?
  • Get It Straight -- The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests.

    04/25/2002 5:03:30 PM PDT · 123 of 139
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Clint N. Suhks
    Hmmm..... I'm curious..... did you CHOOSE to be attracted to the opposite sex?

    There is only one “orientation,” the rest is pathology.

    Interesting opinion. Can you elaborate and give some reasoning behind it?
  • Cloning Doctor Claims Three Current Pregnancies Worldwide

    04/25/2002 5:01:28 PM PDT · 9 of 10
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to RightWhale
    Cloning of humans is a bad idea. Even if 100% successful there is a moral side to this that has not been resolved.

    I never said it was a good idea, I just said that it will inevitably happen. What will we do then?
  • Neighbor tells area kids, "If you want to see my 9mm Glock, come and toilet paper my house."

    04/25/2002 4:57:31 PM PDT · 58 of 115
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Dark Watch
    Read the post again. Your statement is strongly anti-gun.

    I disagree. There is nothing remotely anti-gun about my statement. I think pulling a gun on some teenagers playing with toilet paper to be an inappropriate response, and not a good choice.
  • Cloning Doctor Claims Three Current Pregnancies Worldwide

    04/25/2002 4:53:12 PM PDT · 8 of 10
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Stand Watch Listen
    It's only a matter of time before we see genetically modified human beings. The question is: how will we deal with them?

    Hmmmmmmm...wasn't there a recent report that 'Dolly', the cloned sheep, had something wrong with it? In fact died because of this abnormality.

    I'm sure you're right, but I don't get your point. It's inevitable that we will figure out how to do it successfully and then what?
  • Cloning Doctor Claims Three Current Pregnancies Worldwide

    04/25/2002 2:38:10 PM PDT · 2 of 10
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Stand Watch Listen
    Well, Pandora's box is opened. It's only a matter of time before we see genetically modified human beings. The question is: how will we deal with them?
  • Neighbor tells area kids, "If you want to see my 9mm Glock, come and toilet paper my house."

    04/25/2002 2:36:07 PM PDT · 3 of 115
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to mhking
    Hmmm..... he looked out the window and saw the toilet paper but decided to chase after the kids with a gun anyway? Not a good choice.
  • The ideas of Karl Marx still thrive

    04/25/2002 2:05:28 PM PDT · 13 of 42
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Dan Day
    It's not capitalism, and it's not communism -- it's a mix of half of each. And as the tax rates rise, the mix becomes more and more communism and less and less capitalism.

    You're right about that, but I'm not sure a mixture of the two is a bad thing. While we know that pure socialism is not workable, I'd say that pure capitalism is just as flawed. Marx wasn't totally wrong when he predicted massive uprisings against the capitalist robber barons that existed in his time. We almost saw a socialist revolution in this country in the early part of the last century. It was only because the gov't stepped in on the side of labor by legitimizing unions and setting up anti-trust legislation that we didn't end up with a revolution here. Now we're mostly capitalist with some concessions to social activism and gov't oversight of business. Since our economy is doing so well, I'd say we have a decent balance although continued tweaking is always a good thing.
  • Get It Straight -- The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests.

    04/25/2002 12:50:59 PM PDT · 86 of 139
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to FormerLib
    Ah, this tired old line yet again! Don't you guys ever come up with anything new?

    "you guys"? Who exactly are you referring to? People who disagree with you? Should I even bother responding or have you written off anything I might have to say?

    Attraction to the opposite sex is the biological norm.

    Acting upon an attraction is a chosen behavior!

    So what is your point here? Being right-handed is also the biological norm, are all left-handed people deviant? Should we go back to persecuting left-handed people like the Catholic church did in the not far distant past? Einstein's IQ puts him way outside the "norm", is that deviant and bad?

    Also teach them that anyone who disagrees with this is hateful.

    If that was true then the Catholic church wouldn't have this problem. Who would belong to a church that is "hateful"?

    Make up a nonsense term, such as "homophobia," to describe this otherwise normal reaction to degeneracy.

    Homophobia is a nonsense term? Look up phobia in the dictionary some time. Not everyone who disagrees with homosexuality is homophobic, but homophobia does exist. It is an unhealthy fear and/or hatred of homosexuals.

    I think you'd have had to undergo such a major psychological manipulation to have a normal child willfully accept homosexual behaviors.

    Then how to you account for the fact that homosexuality has occurred throughout history, in every known culture? People have grown up attracted to the same sex without even knowing that there was such a thing as homosexuality. How did they "learn" this behaviour?

    The person who is actually attracted to the same sex without such manipulation is simply ill and in need of treatment to recover from their illness.

    Do you have any evidence for this or is it just opinion? I believe that our sexual orientation is primarily biological, you believe it to be learned. Until we get more evidence can't we just agree to disagree?
  • Get It Straight -- The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests.

    04/25/2002 11:37:38 AM PDT · 58 of 139
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to VRWC_minion
    Do you have to act on every attraction ? I found Britany Spears to me sexually attractive but I would never chose to have sex with her.

    Excellent point!! So, is a person homosexual if they are attracted to the same sex, or are they only homosexual if they act on it?
  • Get It Straight -- The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests.

    04/25/2002 11:34:59 AM PDT · 57 of 139
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to RasterMaster
    Homosexuals and lesbians are deviants....pedifiles are deviants. Only brain-dead liberals can't seem to understand the similarities.

    Hmm..... you didn't quite answer my question, and seemed to be getting hostile in response to my very polite and simple question. All you seem to be saying is that homosexuals are deviants and that deviants are homosexuals. That is circular logic. Do you have a definition of "deviant" that conveys some meaning? Or is it just an insult?
  • Get It Straight -- The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests.

    04/25/2002 11:27:47 AM PDT · 53 of 139
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to FormerLib
    Do you understand the difference between an involuntary impulse and a conscious thought?

    Do you?

    We choose what we think about, just as we choose all behaviors. That's what separates us from the rest of the animals.

    Well, some of us, anyway.

    Hmmm..... I'm curious..... did you CHOOSE to be attracted to the opposite sex? Was it a conscious choice or did it just happen? Personally, I am extremely attracted to women and not men, but I never made that choice. In fact, under what conditions could I "choose" to be attracted to men? I just don't see it.
  • Get It Straight -- The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests.

    04/25/2002 11:20:06 AM PDT · 52 of 139
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to wwjdn
    I have a better idea... outlaw homosexuality!

    I hope you're joking here. Are you really prepared to have the government tell consenting adults what they can or can't do in the privacy of their own bedroom?

    I'm finding more and more republicans willing to make this kind of demand even while calling for smaller, less intrusive gov't. Doesn't anyone else see a contradiction here? Is it hypocritical?
  • Get It Straight -- The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests.

    04/25/2002 11:13:44 AM PDT · 49 of 139
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to RasterMaster
    Those who make excuses or wish to add "protection under the law" for deviants are just as guilty. So, you do nothing but help the deviants become "main-stream" by treating them as if they are like 'everyone else'.

    I'm curious, what is your definition of "deviant"?
  • Children: The Next Sexual Sacrifice

    04/25/2002 10:56:47 AM PDT · 12 of 26
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Starmaker
    First of all, I have a problem with anyone who criticizes a book without having read it. I haven't read it either so I'm not prepared to comment on it's supposed content.

    But on the subject of children having sex, I would first like someone to accurately define what a "child" is. Is a 12 year old the same as a 16 year old? Wasn't it commonplace for people in most of the world to marry as early as age 12 only a 150 years ago? It seems as though on the one hand we keep talking about personal responsibility, but on the other we keep pushing back the age at which we expect it.

    Things have obviously changed over time. An important element is that girls are physically maturing far earlier than they used to. So even as the age of marriage has been rising the age of sexual maturity is dropping, are we just going to bury our heads in the sand and say things shouldn't change when they do anyway? I don't have any sure fire answers either, but prohibition is a contradiction to personal responsibility. You can't have it both ways.
  • SCI FI TAX to fund NASA

    04/24/2002 1:44:31 PM PDT · 4 of 24
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Portnoy
    Sci Fi tax to support NASA? How about romance novel tax to support our divorce courts? Or maybe mystery novels to subsidize the police?

    This is probably the silliest idea I've heard in awhile...... and it's a Republican candidate with this taxing idea!! If he gets elected I'll be REALLY scared.....
  • Moms, kids, and men who hurt them

    04/24/2002 1:39:12 PM PDT · 10 of 26
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Caleb1411
    I think this article takes a somewhat backwards approach to the problem. Abuse results from unhealthy relationships, and people in unhealthy relationships are less likely to marry. The article seems to imply that if these same people who were living together had just been married then the abuse would never have happened. The only result would be married abusers as opposed to unmarried abusers, imho.

    Marriage in of itself is not the answer, because that just leads to a higher divorce rate. Marrying for the right reasons is the key, and/or teaching people to enter healthy relationships and leave losers behind.
  • Israel Begins West Bank Construction

    04/24/2002 1:27:13 PM PDT · 3 of 31
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to Dallas
    Is it just me or could the timing be any worse for this? Announcing new Israeli housing construction in disputed areas immediately after an operation that levelled block after block of Palestinian neighborhoods is not smart. Who does their PR work? Microsoft?
  • Missouri senator introduces measure on `hotel sex bash' in St. Louis County

    04/23/2002 10:55:19 AM PDT · 16 of 108
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to workamania
    To all you people that say that the government shouldn't legislate morals, every law they pass is based on morals. Think about it.

    Actually, I think laws should be based on protecting rights and not imposing morality. Think about it; you could say that killing someone is immoral and get into all sorts of arguments about self-defense, the death penalty, abortion, etc., or you can just say that a person has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that killing them violates that right.

    The bottom line is that gov't should not be intrusive and tell us how to live, but should be there to protect our rights only. If consenting adults are into whatever sexual antics turn them on, it's only my business if it violates my rights, which in this case is not an issue.
  • How to Extort a Confession [Gerald Amirault]

    04/22/2002 3:07:28 PM PDT · 5 of 53
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to TroutStalker
    I'm a little confused here.... is the guy innocent or guilty? Obviously a jury found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, is he somehow different than every other criminal claiming innocence?

    If he's innocent then he needs better lawyers, if he's guilty then let him rot in jail. I personally don't get the idea of letting someone out early for "good behaviour". Good behaviour while in prison? Bizarre.....
  • Sharon: My government will never evacuate the settlements

    04/22/2002 12:55:25 PM PDT · 4 of 153
    moderation_is_not_a_bad_thing to areafiftyone
    The settlements are going to be a big sticking point. How do you have an autonomous Palestinian state filled with Israeli settlements?

    This is probably why the Palestinians are still holding on to their "right of return" demand; they want the settlements out. And I can't say that I blame them on that point.