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  • AP Photo Evokes Obama as Christ at His Baptism

    06/16/2008 9:08:21 PM PDT · 24 of 29
    mossyoaks to BARLF

    Yeah, he sure puts his nose in the air a lot!

  • Politico's Allen Tells Jan Wenner to 'Get a Room' With Obama

    03/08/2008 7:03:30 AM PST · 10 of 33
    mossyoaks to governsleastgovernsbest

    Looks like that cover says “Roll One”, or “Rollin One”.
    Does RS usually place the photo over the Masthead like that?
    Is there a subliminal message there?

  • CIA - The World Factbook (Who has money? Who doesn't?)

    02/26/2008 8:45:53 AM PST · 17 of 35
    mossyoaks to FreeInWV

    Hopefully we’ll have a chance to reduce spending with McCain as POTUS.

  • The Battle Begins--McCain vs. Obama.

    02/13/2008 12:59:52 PM PST · 97 of 104
    mossyoaks to All

    Time for the negativity to stop!
    None of the GOP candidates was “perfect”.
    McCain has emerged as the last man standing. It’s up to us now to see that he is elected. We can’t give the WH to the dems - no matter what issues you have w/ McCain.

    It’s time for all of us to start talking about Mccain’s “positives”. I personally am happy that he is our Republican candidate - moving a little toward the center (for now) is okay because it will allow our party to get more votes & hopefully stay in power. Right now that is the important thing.

    We can’t let a dem Prez get to appoint all those SC justices! This election is about so much more than our personal grievances. We must start “accentuating the positives” about our candidate & our party or it looks like we don’t have a consensus - we won’t attract any new voters that way!

    It’s all about the numbers, people! And if we keep bad-mouthing our own candidate, no one else will support him either!

    Now, get over the fact that Romney, Huckabee, Thompason, Hunter, etc. ain’t gonna be on the ballot this time around. McCain is putting his neck out there & he needs all of our support!

    If you can’t get behind McCain, then quit damagng the Republican party & keep your mouth shut! /rant]

  • The Battle Begins--McCain vs. Obama.

    02/13/2008 7:12:27 AM PST · 85 of 104
    mossyoaks to RepRivFarm

    Please check McCain’s voting record before you post inaccurate assertions.

    Here, I’ll make it easy for you:

  • The Battle Begins--McCain vs. Obama.

    02/13/2008 5:00:37 AM PST · 15 of 104
    mossyoaks to mathluv

    If you don’t vote, you’re handing the White House to the democrats!

    Is that REALLY what you want to do??

  • The Battle Begins--McCain vs. Obama.

    02/13/2008 4:58:28 AM PST · 10 of 104
    mossyoaks to MBB1984

    That’s why we have to rally around McCain and help him get elected!

    I’m not going down that road to Socialism w/ Obama or Hillary without a FIGHT!

    Even if McCain isn’t “conservative” enough for you, he’s a darn sight better than either of the alternatives!

    Time to UNITE and GET BUSY!

  • Bush Signals Support for McCain (to declare him a true conservative)

    02/07/2008 8:49:45 PM PST · 61 of 131
    mossyoaks to BuffaloJack

    Hillary more conservative than McCain?????

    You’ve gotta be kidding!

    She’s practically a communist!

  • McCain Gets Warm Reception at CPAC

    02/07/2008 7:22:29 PM PST · 200 of 234
    mossyoaks to Free Vulcan

    Where do you get the idea that McCain is for embryonic stem cell research?

    Everything I’ve read says he is AGAINST that.


    02/07/2008 4:27:19 PM PST · 55 of 59
    mossyoaks to ari-freedom; All

    I’m happy to read some positive comments for McCain on FR for a change!

    He is a lot more conservative than many people realize. Hopefully his speech today will clarify that.

    I’ve been encouraging everyone on FR to unite for McCain since way back when - I hope we can do that now! Whatever issues you have with the guy, he’s a heck of a lot better than any dem alternative! (I can’t believe I read a post on here from someone saying they would drive dems to the polls to prevent a McCain victory! That’s insane!).

    If you think about all the positive vs. negatives regarding McCain, perhaps you’ll see that he could be a candidate that inspires & energizes conservatives as well as moderates - maybe even a few dems like Reagan did!

    I’m EXCITED about our party getting close to having our nominee - I hope all of y’all are too! Let’s get FIRED UP (to steal Obama’s phrase) for McCain - he’ll work hard to do a good job for us!

  • The Dobson Undorsement

    02/06/2008 2:18:39 PM PST · 78 of 93
    mossyoaks to TBP

    He is not pro-embryonic stem-cell research. THIS is his view:

    “As president, John McCain will strongly support funding for promising research programs, including amniotic fluid and adult stem cell research and other types of scientific study that do not involve the use of human embryos.”

    This is his view regarding the 2nd Amendment:

    “John McCain believes that the right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is a fundamental, individual Constitutional right that we have a sacred duty to protect. We have a responsibility to ensure that criminals who violate the law are prosecuted to the fullest, rather than restricting the rights of law abiding citizens. Gun control is a proven failure in fighting crime. Law abiding citizens should not be asked to give up their rights because of criminals - criminals who ignore gun control laws anyway.”

    And regarding “illegals”, he has already done more than any other candidate to try to address the issue. Here is his view on Border Security:

    “As president, I will secure the border. I will restore the trust Americans should have in the basic competency of their government. A secure border is an essential element of our national security. Tight border security includes not just the entry and exit of people, but also the effective screening of cargo at our ports and other points of entry.”

  • The Dobson Undorsement

    02/06/2008 6:58:05 AM PST · 24 of 93
    mossyoaks to Digital Sniper

    I think you have McCain confused w/ Romney. McCain is NOT pro-abortion, anti-gun, nor is he pro-illegals.

    It’s ridiculous that Dobson doesn’t support McCain mainly because he’s not in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment. (McCain asserts that the states should have the power on issues like this. More amendments = bigger government & that’s not Conservatism!).

    McCain supports the 2nd amendment - why would you think that’s “anti-gun”?

    The irony is that McCain gets accused of being a RINO, but he’s got a pretty high conservative rating among senators. I’m amazed that some people (on this forum!) have even said that they’d vote for Clinton because McCain isn’t conservative enough! That’s pathetic!

  • Let's Closely Examine McCain's Record

    02/01/2008 6:33:37 AM PST · 12 of 118
    mossyoaks to Greg F

    How do you like the federal defecit?

  • Why Democrats Fear John McCain the Most

    01/23/2008 2:37:53 PM PST · 35 of 38
    mossyoaks to Blood of Tyrants

    How can securing borders, identifying the illegals & prescribing fines, taxes & returninmg home to apply for a green card be the WRONG thing?

  • Why Democrats Fear John McCain the Most

    01/23/2008 12:43:47 PM PST · 32 of 38
    mossyoaks to Blood of Tyrants

    So tell me - what is actually getting DONE to address this problem NOW??

    CIR may not have been a perfect solution, but it was a STEP in the right direction.

    Oh I get it, you’d rather the situation just continue to multiply & get worse than accept an imperfect solution.

    At least McCain had the guts to TRY to DO something about the problem!

  • Why Democrats Fear John McCain the Most

    01/22/2008 9:24:51 PM PST · 23 of 38
    mossyoaks to Blood of Tyrants

    McCain does NOT support amnesty.

    Do you realize that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill actually PUNISHED the immigrants who were/are here illegally? ($2000. fine) And it required them to pay back taxes. It also provided for increased border enforcement, including funding for 300 miles of vehicle barriers, 105 camera and radar towers, and 20,000 more Border Patrol agents. Also the bill would have required an immigrant to be IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY when they apply for their green card.
    Before you criticize McCain for actually trying to fix a big problem, how about reading the provisions of the bill. Check out Wikipedia, that ought to be simple enough for you.
    And please do not fail to understand that by NOT acting on this problem, and leaving things AS THEY ARE, all the current illegals have in effect - AMNESTY!
    Give McCain some credit for actually addressing the problem - that’s a heck of a lot more than is getting done NOW!

  • Rudy Now Trails in NY, NJ, CT, and FL (Also Continues Tanking in National Polls)

    01/22/2008 8:41:37 PM PST · 161 of 166
    mossyoaks to All

    Skipped a few posts but I have to comment when people say McCain favors “amnesty”. That is just not true.

    Do y’all realize that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill actually PUNISHED the immigrants who were/are here illegally? ($2000. fine) And it required them to pay back taxes. It also provided for increased border enforcement, including funding for 300 miles of vehicle barriers, 105 camera and radar towers, and 20,000 more Border Patrol agents. Also the bill would have required an immigrant to be IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY when they apply for their green card.

    Before you criticize McCain for actually trying to fix a big problem, how about reading the provisions of the bill. Check out Wikipedia, that ought to be simple enough for you.

    And please do not fail to understand that by NOT acting on this problem, and leaving things AS THEY ARE, all the current illegals have in effect - AMNESTY!

    Give McCain some credit for actually addressing the problem - that’s a heck of a lot more than is getting done NOW!

  • McCain Wins South Carolina GOP Primary, AP Projects

    01/20/2008 3:51:00 PM PST · 490 of 522
    mossyoaks to I_like_good_things_too

    Good post! Very good points!

  • Late Rasmussen Poll: McCain 32% Romney 31%...and other election news

    01/08/2008 6:58:56 AM PST · 51 of 304
    mossyoaks to reasonisfaith

    What McCain meant was that he would make legislators who want to add earmarks to bills & endorse pork projects INFAMOUS. He wants to EXPOSE corruption!

    - McCain knows how to fight the GWOT.
    - Experienced in Foreign Policy.
    - He understands domestic issues & how to deal w/ them.
    - Like Reagan, he will work w/ Dems to actually get something DONE in Washington.
    - He is a staunch supporter of the true conservative ideals of Right-to-Life, 2nd Amendment & strong military.
    - Wants to control spending, reduce taxes & expose corruption in Washington.
    - Doesn’t run from the controversial issues like immigration, but endorses a pragmatic approach which might actiually result in a SOLUTION!
    - Most experienced & knowledgeable candidate.

    Why vote for anyone else??

  • McCain addresses age issue

    01/02/2008 6:55:17 PM PST · 11 of 11
    mossyoaks to All

    Senator McCain’s age has been reported as 71, and I just heard on t.v. that Ron Paul is 72 (not that there are any RP supporters on FR!). But I don’t hear as much of an issue being made of RP’s age even tho’ if that report is accurate, RP is older!

    I’m curious now - will have to check the facts...

  • "Perfect storm" of cliches make bad English list

    12/31/2007 8:33:30 AM PST · 34 of 218
    mossyoaks to ricks_place

    One thing I’ve gotten tired of hearing lately is, “Having said that,...”, or “That being said,...”. Way overused.

    I’m glad someone submitted, “It is what it is”. Ugh!

    Thanks for posting.

  • McCain: 'I Am Legend'

    12/29/2007 9:32:07 PM PST · 70 of 109
    mossyoaks to All

    Give it a break guys - McCain was making a joke, that’s all.
    So he likes to reference movies - at least he has a clue about popular culture. (As a POW he would recite dialog from popular movies & books). Shows that he isn’t just some “stuffed shirt” like the rest of the candidates!

    McCain has the background, knowledge & experience for the job of POTUS - who ELSE is there to vote for who actually has a shot at being elected?? Maybe he’s more moderate than some of us on FR would like - but THAT’S the way to get ELECTED! Sorry, but that’s reality. We’d never stand a chance with a candidate at the far far right of the political spectrum.

    Y’all complain about a Republican moderate - but by not nominating one you’ll hand the election to the democrats. How’s that for irony!

  • In 2000, A McCain Ad Said George Bush "Twists The Truth" Like Bill Clinton

    12/29/2007 9:41:32 AM PST · 18 of 31
    mossyoaks to Reaganesque

    This ad is from 2000!

    And considering the rumours about McCain circulated by the Bush Campaign in South Carolina back during that campaign, I’m surprized there weren’t worse ads regarding Bush.

    “Over the Line” would be the Bushies floating rumours that McCain fathered an illegitimate black child when in FACT, McCain has a dark skinned daughter ADOPTED from MOTHER TERESA’S ORPHANAGE in BANGLADESH!

    Trying to turn something so noble and good into such a despicable political ploy borders on evil - I’m not surprized McCain took the gloves off! Bush deserved a trip behind the tool shed for that! (I supported Bush since he was the nominee, but I’m still disappointed at his South Carolina tactics in 2000).

  • GOP presidential candidates react to Bhutto assassination

    12/28/2007 9:33:05 AM PST · 31 of 31
    mossyoaks to 22cal

    Thank you for taking the time to post all that “info”. I have examined all of it. Some of it is old news rehashed from 1999 and some of it is “spin” from people who are in other camps.

    Do I have to explain why the tax cuts ARE a bad idea if spending continues thru the roof?

    Most of the other stuff McCain gets taken to task for is from his trying to put the “needs of the nation” over the “needs of his party”. Is it so important that Republicans “win” on every single issue that we diminish the effectiveness of our government?

    I submit that every time McCain has strayed from the “Party Line” has been in the interest of actually getting something DONE - isn’t that what we elect & pay these guys to do?? So he has to compromise sometimes - and make some concessions in order to secure cooperation on other things. That’s just PRAGMATISM. And STATESMANSHIP.

    There are certain things on which McCain will not budge - Right-to-Life, and Support for the Troops. He understands the Global Issues & knows the world leaders. That sits well w/ me. What does “amnesty” for hard-working immigrants matter if Terrorists are at the door? (Not that I favor amnesty, but the WOT is a much bigger priority). Sometimes you have to give up some things in order to get others - that’s compromise & that’s what I was told in my very first Civics class - “Government often means compromise”. Should we hamstring our legislators over every single issue? Given that the dems now have the majority, to never budge means we’d lose on EVERY issue EVERY time - how productive is that?

  • GOP presidential candidates react to Bhutto assassination

    12/27/2007 9:11:11 PM PST · 29 of 31
    mossyoaks to 22cal

    FYI - McCain supports the 2nd Amendment, and has NEVER voted for a tax increase.

    FMI - How do you know he has a “violent” temper??
    (He seemed pretty calm & collected on all the debates, etc. so far).

  • Republicans see McCain surge in wide open race

    12/27/2007 8:51:31 PM PST · 67 of 68
    mossyoaks to counterpunch

    Thanks for your posts.
    Very astute & right on track!

  • Comeback of the season could belong to McCain

    12/26/2007 10:07:28 PM PST · 45 of 65
    mossyoaks to msnpatriot; All

    It is amazing that people on this site would say that they wouldn’t vote for a certain candidate under any circumstances, even if he is the Republican nominee.

    We must pull together and support the Republican candidate whoever it turns out to be! If you don’t vote, you’re helping the democrats - and even the worst Republican candidate is better than the “best” democrat any day!

    The Republican candidate needs every single vote!

  • The big winner: None of the above (candidates' latest favorable/unfavorable numbers)

    12/26/2007 9:26:17 PM PST · 7 of 19
    mossyoaks to All

    Like those McCain numbers!

    A vote for any other candidate is one up for the democrats - don’t let it happen!

    Let’s quit the so-called “infighting” and get united for one candidate. John McCain has the best chance of winning (bringing in some votes from Independents & Moderates too). Let’s show that our party isn’t really all that divided & pull together for the most qualified, most experienced & most electable guy.

    Go ahead & vote for McCain - you can do it!

  • (Poll to FREEP) Who gets your vote for President? Take AOL Straw Poll

    12/26/2007 9:12:48 PM PST · 32 of 70
    mossyoaks to TheEaglehasLanded

    Interesting poll results. Thanks for posting.

    Clicking on the various states to see how each candidate is doing was entertaining! (Fortunately “all” those Ron Paul supporters only get one vote each in the primaries!).

  • Conservative Backlash Against Romney in New Hampshire

    12/26/2007 9:53:40 AM PST · 11 of 81
    mossyoaks to rhombus

    Tax cuts are a farce if spending continues out-of-control. Was McCain the only Legislator smart enough to realize that? Or is he the only one willing to put his “political future” on the line to do what is right for the country?

    Yeah, “tax cuts” are great for politicians to say, “Look what we gave you!”. Of course they never say, “Look what it COST you in the long run”. Oh that’s right, we don’t have any deficit now...right.

  • Kill the pork! Elect the guy with the knife (McCain)

    12/25/2007 10:33:44 PM PST · 53 of 53
    mossyoaks to Lancey Howard
    I think what you said in the first paragraph is probably true... And I agree with your final assertion also. (Hey, re: McCain's "guilty conscience" over Keating 5 - at least that means he has a conscience - which is more than we can say about some politicians!) Merry Christmas!
  • Kill the pork! Elect the guy with the knife (McCain)

    12/24/2007 10:52:56 PM PST · 51 of 53
    mossyoaks to Lancey Howard
    Any legislator who promotes legislation based on the premise that politicians are crooks who are routinely bought and sold tells me more about the sponsoring legislator than anything else. Is it possible that it tells more about the legislators with whom McCain has worked, prompting him to believe that something must be done to curtail the influence peddling in Washington?
  • Kill the pork! Elect the guy with the knife (McCain)

    12/24/2007 9:20:15 AM PST · 31 of 53
    mossyoaks to ridesthemiles

    S&L - (aka “Keating Five”) - read my above post - He was new to congress & incriminated by association only. Found NOT GUILTY of any wrongdoing. That “close call” has made him even more conscious of NOT doing anything that would be construed as corrupt!

    Gang of 14 - a POSITIVE for the Republicans. Yes, it prevented them from utilizing their power of initiating the “Nuclear Option”, but also allwed the confirmations to proceed to a vote - that’s exactly what needed to happen.

    Amnesty - I think (as stated above) that that was a “rush” to try to actually DO something about the problem. And who knows how he might have gotten snookered by Kennedy & that lot to try to make McCain look bad - he would certainly have learned more than one lesson in that case - the first being that the people want Border Security first, as he has stated.

    In any case - who else is a Reupublican to vote for? He is the best we have & the best chance to beat any of the Democrats!

  • Kill the pork! Elect the guy with the knife (McCain)

    12/24/2007 7:32:43 AM PST · 28 of 53
    mossyoaks to Lancey Howard; All

    Thanks for posting the info about the “Gang of Fourteen”. I hope Freepers will come to understand what a victory for Republicans it really was. We’re lucky those guys intervened which prevented the fillibuster by democrats & thus Republicans having to use the “Nuclear Option”. It was sort of like us negotiating w/ the Russians (or whomever) to prevent them deploying their forces which would prompt us to deploy a nuke (ala “Nuclear Option”). Diplomacy is better than force when both can accomplish the same goal. (Don’t read into that that I support negotiating w/ terrorists or anything like that!).

    Okay, so we have McCain who is certainly the more Social Conservative than Romney or Giuliani; and he’s certainly the most Fiscally Conservative candidate in the race, period. Hunter & Thompson just aren’t showing the numbers to be viable candidates - So who you gonna vote for??

    And when was that poll posted above taken? Wonder if the numbers have changed at all since then...

    Gang of 14 was actually a great political accomplishment; McCain-Feingold was probably initialted w/ good intentions but turned out to have unforseen negatives, and the Immigration Bill was probably a rush to take action (tried to accomplish something too quickly). I don’t think his inclusion in the “Keating 5” is really a reflection of his actions - he was a newbie that got incriminated by association - and remember, he was found NOT to have done anything wrong. That incident is what has shaped McCain into the conscientious senator he has become. He’s more careful than the average legislator NOT to do anything questionable!

    NEVER voted for earmarks, loves the line-item veto, NEVER voted for a tax increase, targets over-spending & misuse of power by Congress - Put this guy in charge! (He knows the system and will fix it!).

    Good on Domestic Issues, Good on Foreign Policy...

    A vote for anyone else is one up for the democrats!

  • McCain outlines tax plan

    12/23/2007 12:04:28 AM PST · 28 of 107
    mossyoaks to Norman Bates

    A PLAN, a fiscally responsible, forward-thinking, resonable, pragmatic and concise PLAN! Not seeing anything comparable from any of the other folks running for POTUS.

    Yep, McCain has the greatest knowledge base of any of the candidates. Thank goodness we have someone w/ his experience in this race! All the others are just “noobs” comapred to McCain! Haha!

  • Mike Huckabee heads for Republican upset

    12/22/2007 8:58:41 PM PST · 93 of 120
    mossyoaks to All


  • Survey USA: Massachusetts (McCain 45-Obama 47)

    12/22/2007 8:42:27 PM PST · 24 of 25
    mossyoaks to bill1952

    So whose campaign do you think has more life??

    Romney? He’ll never be able to take his lack of Foreign Policy experience all the way to the WH. Plus people don’t have confidence in his positions. He’s losing his lead even in the states where he invested heavily.

    Giuliani? Oh that’s right, he just got out of the hospital - and many conservatives don’t like his Social Liberalism. His position against the Line Item Veto doesn’t help on the “Fiscal Conservatism” front either.

    Huckabee? (See Romney above re: Lack of Forign Policy experience; his ignorance has really become obvious lately too!). Plus he isn’t Fiscally Conservative enough - long record of raising taxes in Arkansas while Governor.

    Thompson? Yeah, he’s really on the radar these days!

    Hunter? A good man, but he just doesn’t have the numbers.

    So - McCain’s campaign has the MOST going for it right now.
    ‘Bout time we all came together as a party & show some solidarity for the strongest candidate.

  • Survey USA: Massachusetts (McCain 45-Obama 47)

    12/22/2007 2:20:50 PM PST · 13 of 25
    mossyoaks to xtinct

    How BRILLIANT would it be if McCain manages to gets some dem and/or indy votes while still adhering to the true Conservative values of Pro-Life, 2nd Amendment, Support for the Military & Fiscal Responsibility!

    It’s a good thing how he can work in a bi-partisan fashion on some things, but “never surrender” on the ones that really count. That’s statesmanship! And brings us together as a nation.

    (What we need in Government is MORE STATESMEN and FEWER “POLITICIANS”!).

    McCain understands the role of government and the job of POTUS better than anyone else running! Hopefully everyone will realize this soon enough to give him the nom!

  • McCain surging up on (Tie) Romney, polls in New Hampshire show

    12/22/2007 2:06:09 PM PST · 74 of 78
    mossyoaks to Norman Bates

    Funny how Romney is third in Massachusetts...

    (Wonder what they know that we don’t!).


    12/21/2007 8:57:48 PM PST · 35 of 36
    mossyoaks to All

    It’s always somewhat amusing to read the McCain bashing posts on this site. He gets blasted for not being conservative enough, YET:
    - He is more socially conservative than Romney or Giuliani
    - And more fiscally conservative than Huckabee!

    Looks like the most across-the-board conservative candidate we have!

    He gets branded a “Maverick” which some people like & some don’t. Funny he gets that title in spite of the fact that he’s worked so hard to eliminate corrupt spending practices in Washington, Government “perks” and “Business-as-usual”. He’s probably one of the LEAST corrupt politicians out there! (How sad it is that the ones w/ integrity are the “mavericks”!).

    So let me ask all you wise FReepers out there - how could one be a total hard-line conservative in Washington and actually get any work done?? Much as we might dislike it, there has to be a “meeting of the minds” in order to accomplish anything. That’s what “statesmanship” is all about!

    Fortunately we have McCain as our candidate who can work with members of another party & still try to uphold the really important Conservative values (Pro-life, strong defense, 2nd amendment, etc.). McCain never surrenders on those issues! It’s BRILLIANT if he can protect those values and STILL get Independents & Democrats to vote for him!


    12/21/2007 7:19:38 PM PST · 31 of 36
    mossyoaks to Norman Bates

    Most (all) of McCain’s actions have been in the interest of a better-functioning, less-corrupt government. I believe that even his missteps were done with good intentions.

    And he’s certainly head and shoulders above all the other candidates in the forefront.

  • Survey USA: Virginia

    12/20/2007 6:47:18 PM PST · 11 of 19
    mossyoaks to Norman Bates

    IRI - International Republican Institute.
    Here’s a link:

    From the website:
    “Established in April 1983, the International Republican Institute (IRI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide by developing political parties, civic institutions, open elections, good governance and the rule of law.”


    12/20/2007 2:32:49 PM PST · 228 of 277
    mossyoaks to All

    The NYT “nonstory” is bunk.
    Campaign smearing, nothing more.
    And grasping at straws at that!
    McCain’s hiring of Bennet is just his way of saying, “If that’s the best you got, bring it on!”.

    More proof that no other candidate stands a chance against McCain!

  • Rasmussen: New Hampshire Republican Primary (McCain SURGING)

    12/19/2007 9:26:54 PM PST · 73 of 81
    mossyoaks to All

    I think it would be great to see McCain get the nom. He’s worked his tail off for it & waited patiently while GWB has had his time. McCain is certainly the most qualified.

    I guess some of y’all don’t like him because you think he’s a moderate (altho’ he’s more conservative than he gets credit for), but if you think about it, the only way for the various factions of governemnt to work together is for them to come together closer to the middle. I really do think that McCain is pretty stubbornly conservative on some issues & more flexible on others. He just seems to choose the battles he’s willing to fight & others he won’t. He’s pro-life & strongly supports the military. Those are probably the issues that matter most to me too - is it the same for you? (Don’t sweat the immigration thing - he’s already gotten burned on that - but learned a big lesson so that’s a good thing!).

    Yeah, McCain is a guy who can bring our party together, our government together & maybe even our country together in a lot of ways. The only way we’re going to win any independent votes & maybe even some dem votes is w/ a candidate people feel will work for them too.

    Forget all the other guys & vote for McCain - and let’s make sure we’ll WIN this thing!

  • The McCain Scenario

    12/19/2007 8:49:54 PM PST · 14 of 27
    mossyoaks to PolishProud

    I’m for McCain. I want a Commander-in-Chief who knows how to fight the WOT. Number one issue. McCain’s been proven right about that.

    I think/hope he got the message about border security & amnesty. Anyway he can’t do anything about amnesty (if he wanted to) as POTUS without congressional approval, so that doesn’t worry me too much.

    I certainly don’t think he’s crazy or unstable! He’s the wisest candidate running! He’s got the MOST EXPERIENCE & GREATEST KNOWLEDGE of all the candidates! And I’ve heard him in person discuss his plans for Social Security, Medicare & Health Care. He knows what he’s talking about!

    AND he polls the best against Hillary & Obama. Makes no sense to vote for anyone else.

  • McCain endorsed by over 100 retired Admirals and Generals

    12/19/2007 2:13:02 PM PST · 105 of 105
    mossyoaks to All

    I’ve read that McCain has a strong standing in Arizona - they’ve certainly re-elected him numerous times.

    Sure, McCain’s made some mistakes - I don’t think you can have such a long record and keep it perfect. He has demonstrated that he’s learned from his mistakes tho’ - and that gives him something the other candidates don’t have - EXPERIENCE!

    I’m really amazed at the McCain bashing that occurs on this site - especially given that he’s had a lifetime of service (even including being a POW - outside of DYING for your country, there isn’t much greater sacrifice!). Most of the stuff people find fault with him about involves him trying to cooperate with others in government and doing what he thinks is right for our country. I’ve come to think we can trust his judgement - he’s been proven tight in the past... and let’s just say you totaly detest the guy - you can’t argue with the fact that he has the MOST knowledge & experience and is the ONLY Republican to poll out ahead of Hillary or Obama.

    Do you really trust this election, the future of our party, and the running of this country to any other candidate? It’s simple logic - vote for the one who can do the best job and who can WIN the election. If you vote for anyone but John, you might as well hand it to Hillary.

  • McCain Vows He Won't Let Dems 'Lose This War'

    12/13/2007 12:11:17 PM PST · 28 of 43
    mossyoaks to All

    I really feel that John McCain is motivated by the spirit of cooperation & what is in the best interest of the country. You can’t say he’s self-serving because he takes the hits from both sides for his actions. I like the fact that he actually tries to get the work of government accomplished. He stands uyp for what he thinks is right - and most of the time - he’s right!

    We’d be lucky if he got elected. He’s smart and experienced. Don’t waste your vote on amateurs or the unelectable!

  • Huckabee's Rise and Rise

    12/11/2007 8:46:28 AM PST · 45 of 48
    mossyoaks to County Agent Hank Kimball

    But I’ll bet I can put together a list of things Huckabee hasn’t done. Let’s see.....
    -I’ll bet he’s never spearheaded a federal law to ration political speech.

    [In the name of limiting big-money special interests being able to “buy” political influence w/ huge contributions.]

    -I’ll bet he’s never conspired with leftist democrats to block a plan to get conservative judicial nominees through the senate.

    [The democrats were going to filibuster to prevent the confirmation of Alito, McCain’s compromise (along w/ 13 other Senators) enabled the confirmation to come to a vote – that’s all. It was a selfless act of bipartisanship that he takes heat on b/c he broke w/ party lines, but it was the right thing to do (and prevented a misuse of power on both sides).]

    -I’ll bet he didn’t spout Democrat talking points in opposing Bush’s tax cuts as “tax cuts for the rich.”

    [He didn’t like the tax cuts (because spending wasn’t controlled also); neither did the democrats – they probably got their talking points from him!]

    -I’ll bet he never waged a personal vendetta against the nation’s Secretary of Defense in wartime.

    [So he didn’t agree w/ Rumsfeld’s strategy – McCain isn’t going to “sit down & shut up”, especially when it involves something as crucial (& personal) as the lives of our military people. Thank goodness he spoke up – turns out he was right all along!]

    -I’ll bet he never sanctimoniously criticized the CIA for “waterboarding,” even though top CIA officials have said it was instrumental in getting Al Queda bigwigs to spill information. (INSERT SECOND OBLIGATORY NOD TO MCCAIN’S MILITARY SERVICE HERE)

    [Our interrogators have said we don’t need to waterboard – I want a Prez who protects America’s reputation - and denouncing torture is the only way to protect OUR guys should they become prisoners.]

    -I’ll bet he never talked with JOHN FREAKING KERRY about being his running mate in 2004.

    [Just humoring him! If someone wanted to talk to you about being their running mate, wouldn’t you at least listen to what they had to say?]

    -I’ll bet he never tried to push an amnesty bill for illgal aliens through the U.S. Senate over the objection of almost every one of his GOP Senate colleagues.

    [That’s a bad rap – that bill also addressed BORDER SECURITY – who else is even trying to address the illegal alien issue – To touch that political “hot potato” in an election year just shows that he will lay down his own political aspirations & self-preservation in the cause of doing what is right for our country.]

    ** In fact, every point you tried to make involves McCain either trying to cooperate across party lines to do the “work” of Government, putting his own self-interest aside, or speaking out for what is the RIGHT thing to do!

    Nope. The Huckster never did all that. Then again, he hasn’t been around as long as McCain - though he does have the same uncanny knack of getting adoring MSM coverage while pretending to be a conservative.

    [That’s right - he hasn’t been around as long as McCain. There you go!]

    [Hey, a little MSM coverage wouldn’t be bad – that will come in handy for a National Campaign!]

  • The Right Man (A real conservative. Can Mitt Romney contort himself to become one?)

    12/10/2007 7:58:14 PM PST · 23 of 81
    mossyoaks to Beagle8U

    McCain supports the 2nd Ammendment...

    And he’s a social conservative.
    AND a fiscal conservative!

    We got our guy!

    And I bet Fred AND Hunter would get appointments!

  • Huckabee's Rise and Rise

    12/10/2007 7:49:54 PM PST · 30 of 48
    mossyoaks to org.whodat

    Except McCain has never pardoned murderers & rapists.
    Or voted to raise taxes - ever!
    McCain has served his country for over 20 years in the Navy.
    And he was a POW. And CO of the largest squadron in the U.S. Navy. (How many bombing missions has Huckabee flown??).
    And a Congressman. And a Senator (for over 20 years!).
    He has tons of experience w/ Social Security, Medicare, and Health Care, and more.
    McCain’s been to Iraq SEVEN times (how many for Huckabee??).
    And he has 2 sons on Active Duty.
    McCain has actually been involved in confirmation hearings for SCOTUS justices.
    McCain has run a national campaign before.
    He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy - a top engineering school where LEADERSHIP and HONOR are integral parts of the curriculum.
    McCain has four former Secretaries of State endorsing him (among others). And he is already familiar w/ world leaders.
    McCain is reaching out to the youth in our country - even taking questions LIVE on MTV - that took some guts.
    McCain has a long history of fighting pork barrel spending in Washington.
    And let’s see - Huckabee has how much National Security experience?? Oh that’s right, zilch!
    And as far as I know, McCain was never 100 lbs. overweight!

    I don’t think you can compare McCain & Huckabee!