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  • Faces of prostitution: "Book" rewrites attitudes

    03/28/2005 9:01:18 PM PST · 129 of 229
    motexva to Ecliptic

    No to all your questions. But the fact that such people exist, and that others might marry them, or father them or have their sons supported by them (?) doesn't really bother me. Not enough to spend millions in public money to police their activities.

  • Faces of prostitution: "Book" rewrites attitudes

    03/28/2005 5:38:39 PM PST · 22 of 229
    motexva to Ecliptic

    If you see that documentary about her, Fleiss treated her women better than a lot of business owners I've known treated their employees, vehicles, facilities, etc. A lot of people consider her a hero. Her girls were basically contractors, and she did more time than certain California street pimps did, all for the horrfying crime of introducing women who wanted to sell their bodies to men who were interested in buying.

    Odd that her client list was sealed by court order. You think maybe there were some politicians' names in there?


    03/28/2005 5:34:47 PM PST · 6 of 8
    motexva to Valin

    Was he writing zombie stories?

  • Faces of prostitution: "Book" rewrites attitudes

    03/28/2005 5:30:04 PM PST · 14 of 229
    motexva to rhema

    The fact is, the ones who work the chicken ranches in Nevada are in good shape, not strung out, not diseased and do pretty well for themselves. If it was regulated you wouldn't see a lot of these problems. Of course, even if every state had a district like the county in NV, you would still see illegal acts of prostitution because you will always have people willing to sell it and others willing to buy, and all the moralizing in the world won't change that.

    If you all want to waste your tax money prosecuting this stuff, have fun. I wish I could get a refund on mine because it's as big a waste as the welfare state. Neverending demand, neverending supply and you will never see the penalties become unduly harsh because the people passing the legislation also enjoy the vice itself.

    All this applies to the drug war as well, another never ending, never won moralistic crusade with a large set of corrupt lobbyists and civil servants who depend on the crusade for their livlihood.

    I'm sure the pictures are sad. These doxies want to destroy themselves, it's their business, not mine.

  • Federal Judge Finds Two Dead in Chicago Home [In her own home--Neo-Nazi situation update.]

    03/01/2005 9:49:13 PM PST · 32 of 32
    motexva to familyop

    You know, something doesn't add up here. Picture one of two scenarios -

    1) Hale hired a professional hitman. PROBLEM - Why would a professional have killed non-targets?

    2) Hale recruired a fanatic who was inexperienced. PROBLEM - Why didn't they wait around with the bodies until the judge came home?

    Apparently the daughter came home and retrieved a bag or something, and noticed nothing amiss. Did she scare off the killer? PROBLEM - Why didn't they just kill her?

    Another complication, especially if the actual triggerman isn't found - when the prosecutors try to pin it on Hale, his defense can argue that his prosecution for conspiracy provided cover for the actual killer who had a different revenge motive.

    In any event, expect the libs to use these poor people's murders as an excuse to push for gun control.

  • BTK' Busted, Wichita Paper Linked to Case Plans Special Coverage

    02/26/2005 2:44:44 PM PST · 600 of 763
    motexva to spectre

    The reason you never "paid attention" to this killer and his crimes is that for 30 years the national media ignored the story because it was occuring on a non east or left coast "backwater" like Wichita. If it doesn't happen on the coasts it doesn't happan as far as the media is concerned.

    If this killer had operated in NYC or LA the national media would have covered it into the ground until the killer was found. Rader is responsible for his crimes but if the national media had focused more on it, like they have done with other small scale crimes, something about the MO or BTK's messages might have rang a bell with someone and been caught before he killed others.

    If you ever wonder why the media focuses on some local crimes and ignores others, it usually has to do with the color of skin of the perpertrator or the geographic region where the crime took place. I'm still waiting for Van Sustern or anyone else to do a story about the african american murderer of 12 (or more) women in KC, the most prolific serial killer in Missouri's history, oh, but kill a mother and her unborn child in Modesto and you will have 24/7 coverage on all media for 2+ years.

  • Blockbuster sued over late fees

    02/18/2005 5:25:55 PM PST · 25 of 52
    motexva to F15Eagle

    Hmmm. If I run an ad that says "No late fees," then indeed, there should be no late fees. I had assumed that Blockbuster had basically become a subscription service like Netflix, only you had to go pick up and drop off videos.

    If they are charging a late fee, there's a consumer protection issue here.

    Not that I care - I've used Netflix for almost 3 years and it's an incredible deal. I suspect Blockbuster and most other video stores will shut down soon, although I imagine some specialty ones will live on.


    02/12/2005 9:41:01 PM PST · 34 of 128
    motexva to UpHereEh

    I would guess the baby is 5 - 6 months old for head to body ratio and size of adult hand, note I find infanticide of this stage this no more or less reprehensible than a partial birth abortion. Just interested in source because it's the first thing pro-infanticide types will ask.


    02/12/2005 9:30:33 PM PST · 26 of 128
    motexva to UpHereEh

    Where did this picture come from? I went to the url but there was no background for it.

  • 'Collapse': How the World Ends

    01/30/2005 12:15:12 PM PST · 48 of 65
    motexva to Tom D.

    As someone who has read Guns Germs and Steel, this article correctly points out the problems of Diamond's thesis. However, you can't completely discount Diamond's line of thought as it presents the best explanation of why Europe conquered the new world, and not vice versa. And that's an important historical point to make.

    Where Diamond's worldview breaks down is explaining things like -

    Why did Greek civilization hold off Persian?

    Why did Roman civ conquer Carthaginian?

    Why did the barbarians overrun Rome?

    Why did European nations stop the advance of Muslim in the middle ages?

    Why did the English form of democracy end up transforming the new world?

    Why did the Allied powers defeat the Axis?

    and so on.

    I would offer than Jared Diamon's "scientific" view of history cannot explain those eventualities, but perhaps Victor Davis Hanson's can.

  • Dennis Hopper Dissed at Presidential Party

    01/21/2005 10:00:10 PM PST · 238 of 261
    motexva to tang-soo

    Yeah, Pantoliano hates Bush. He was at anti-war rallies and stuff. Nogoodnik.

  • Drudge Report Radio ... January 2, 2005 [LISTEN LIVE]

    01/02/2005 8:37:08 PM PST · 232 of 408
    motexva to lainie

    Chisholm was a real nogoodnik

  • Even Digital Memories Can Fade

    11/10/2004 10:08:00 PM PST · 6 of 66
    motexva to gotmatt
    The fiction writer Neil Stephenson, author of Cryptonomicon and the trilogy The Baroque Cycle, did a lot of research for his books on books and documents that were 300-400 years old. They were printed (or written) with high quality inks on excellent acid free paper (I think paper has more acid in it because of cheap and efficient industrial processes). He has pointed out in interviews that a most of today's paper documents, let alone electronic or analog documents, won't be around a centurty from now, while the old documents he looked at will probably last 400 more.
  • Go see "Team America" (Vanity and Plea)

    10/16/2004 10:15:57 PM PDT · 43 of 87
    motexva to lawgirl

    The Panama Canal sequence was chilling. That scene wasn't for laughs. There's some very deep stuff in that movie. I don't know if I "liked" it, but I laughed a lot and would definitely recommend it to others. It's real cinema.

  • Rasmussen: 6% Say Debate Changed Their Mind About November Vote

    10/02/2004 12:38:34 PM PDT · 33 of 54
    motexva to commish

    Yes, and the second part of the plan is that the last debate is domestic issues. Kerry is mistakenly viewed as stronger here by lamestream media talking heads. In reality, his far left views become far more pronounced when domestic policy is concerned. Rove understands this.

    In the end, it was more important for Bush to visit with FL hurrican victims than rest for foreign policy debate - Kerry's numbers so bad there nothing can help, and the words he so clearly delivered there will hang his campaign.

  • Kerry would give Nukes to Iran

    10/01/2004 4:19:05 PM PDT · 9 of 84
    motexva to Nice50BMG

    What's the matter with nukes for Iran? I would give them plenty. I'd carpet Iran with nukes.

    Oh, no wait, I see what you mean . . .

  • George Soros and the Drug Cartels

    09/29/2004 5:43:57 PM PDT · 9 of 30
    motexva to Tailgunner Joe

    Well, I don't know much about Soros except he is against my president. But the idea that someone who supports drug cartels would support drug legalization is ludicrous. As soon as drugs are legal, the profit streams for the cartels will dry up. So this line of attack on Soros is pretty useless really.

  • Kerry owns assault rifle - Despite pushing for bans against public possession

    09/26/2004 6:57:40 PM PDT · 12 of 44
    motexva to DaBroasta
    Gun bans are for the little people.

    Exactly how it will be percieved in the swing states. This destroys Kerry.

  • Odds on the 2008 GOP nominee

    09/26/2004 6:54:25 PM PDT · 233 of 363
    motexva to Bluegrass Conservative

    Not sure, please post info if you have, I'd be interested in knowing about it.

  • Odds on the 2008 GOP nominee

    09/26/2004 3:18:01 PM PDT · 80 of 363
    motexva to JLS

    Ridge or Owens.

    We must win this one first though.

  • Women beheaded? [The two Simonas beheaded?]

    09/23/2004 8:09:23 PM PDT · 18 of 48
    motexva to familyop

    If they release the video . . . I don't think people appreciate the power and potential for danger these guys are wielding with their video taped atrocities. Also read today that some vendors are selling DVDs of the atrocities in Arab countries.

    U.S. needs to adopt some policy - Sell Snuff, Get Snuffed - to deal harshly with this stuff. It's incredibly dangerous. It's basically like a form of porn to these deviant cultures.

    I really don't understand why Bush isn't getting medieval on these savages. We need to provide a ruthless, merciless opposition to the Iranian groups and Baathists and what not until the Iraqi civilian government gets on its feet.

    This stuff with the videos is going to get very bad before it's over. Very out of control.

  • Is Free State project pro illegal drugs?

    09/11/2004 7:41:36 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    motexva to Brainhose

    By affecting the tax policy I mean having either further reforms to the tax code and reducing the size of state government more. Not raising taxes.

  • Is Free State project pro illegal drugs?

    09/09/2004 7:36:51 PM PDT · 5 of 14
    motexva to Brainhose

    My wife and I have talked about heading out there, we have family that lives on border with Maine so our people would be there. We both could likely find work there, and the frosting on the cake is there's supposedly all these libertarian types moving up there. If they can merely affect the tax policy and government expenditure end of things in the state government, then I suspect NH will become a very favorable economic environment. Both of us support various legalization or decriminalization policies for some drugs although I would probably vote to keep certain ones illegal. So we may be up there within the next 3 - 4 years.

  • Al Qaida Assassination plot

    08/10/2004 8:50:00 PM PDT · 35 of 387
    motexva to concerned about politics

    Could be a foreign leader, Blair or Australian PM. Possible eastern european leader. Putin could be targeted because of Chechen campaign.

  • Report: Parachutists land on Boston Federal Building

    07/25/2004 10:02:02 PM PDT · 64 of 274
    motexva to GeronL

    Seems weird with the security they could have gotten an unauthorized plane there. Maybe they glided? Maybe it didn't actually happen?

  • Drudge Report Radio ... July 25, 2004

    07/25/2004 9:36:43 PM PDT · 283 of 351
    motexva to CedarDave

    I bet it's some kind of far left protestor, maybe environmentalists.

  • Drudge Report Radio ... July 25, 2004

    07/25/2004 9:30:24 PM PDT · 277 of 351
    motexva to lainie

    Any Bostonians know what the deal was with the parachutists comment? Waiting for wire report . . .

  • I need a good WAR MOVIE to rent - need suggestions!

    07/04/2004 7:42:51 PM PDT · 49 of 142
    motexva to Hazzardgate


  • A Novel's Plot Against the President

    06/29/2004 8:16:32 PM PDT · 10 of 65
    motexva to motexva

    Amazon description of Fermata:
    The Fermata is the most risky of Nicholson Baker's emotional histories. His narrator, Arno Strine, is a 35-year-old office temp who is writing his autobiography. "It's harder than I thought!" he admits. His "Fold-powers" are easier; he can stop the world and use it as his own pleasure ground. Arno uses this gift not for evil or material gain (he would feel guilty about stealing), though he does undress a good number of women and momentarily place them in compromising positions--always, in his view, with respect and love. Anyone who can stop time and refer in self-delight to his "chronanisms" can't be all bad! Like Baker's other books, The Fermata gains little from synopsis. The pleasure is literally in the text. What's memorable is less the sex and the sex toys (including the "Monasticon," in the shape of a monk holding a vibrating manuscript) than Arno's wistful recollections of intimacy: the noise, for instance, of his ex-girlfriend's nail clipper, "which I listened to in bed as some listen to real birdsong."

    Another of his books, Vox, is about phone sex.

  • A Novel's Plot Against the President

    06/29/2004 8:13:58 PM PDT · 8 of 65
    motexva to Mo1

    This deviant author wrote a book called Fermata or Firmata. The plot of it concerns some kind of device that stops time (if you have ever seen The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything you are familiar with the concept). Once he stops time, he molests women who are helpless to stop him.

    I believe he is a pervert and a psychopath.

  • Emotion runs high on HBO's 'Sopranos' (Season finale in 2 weeks)

    06/06/2004 8:27:02 PM PDT · 334 of 339
    motexva to I_killed_kenny

    I didn't think it sucked but it was kind of a letdown. I would have liked to see a more satisfying arc for Tony B. Only real interesting thing about the show is that Tony S. killed his cousin for no reason - Johnny Sack and the rest were always going to be out of the picture. That will weigh on Tony the next season, supposedly the last but I doubt it will be. I kind of wish they would wrap it all up, the most satisfying classic tales have definite endings. Tony and his gang need to pay for their crimes.

  • Saudi soldiers landing on top of hostage building.

    05/29/2004 8:43:07 PM PDT · 43 of 97
    motexva to Dr. Eckleburg

    I think Fox just reported the Saudis attacked and freed the hostages? Bandar on.

  • Dead Briton dragged through streets after Saudi attack: reports(Saudi terrorist attack)

    05/29/2004 8:42:01 PM PDT · 31 of 98
    motexva to TigerLikesRooster

    Foxnews reporting the Saudis attacked and freed the American hostages?

  • Movie Buffs Passionate About Mel ("most shocking box office phenomenon in five years")

    02/28/2004 11:07:47 PM PST · 28 of 171
    motexva to BunnySlippers
    I will see Passion of the Christ tomorrow, the tickets are already bought on our credit card.

    You mentioned Titanic. That movie is phenomenal flaws and all. I feel that every now and then a work of art comes along and totally captures a mood or feel of a time. Mann's Magic Mountain novel is one, an old french movie called Rules of the Game is another. This new movie about Jesus may be one, but Titanic definitely is. The symbol of this luxury ship, a plaything of the rich, partying and steaming through the night with an iceberg looming unavoidably in it's future, is a perfect symbol of the Clinton 90s. No one cares about tomorrow and tomorrow holds 9-11. I would recommend you see this film, be prepared to see it's flaws (the romantic dialogue is ludicrous) but scenes like the doomed clinging to the side of the capsized boat will be all too reminiscent of 9-11 and will stay with you forever. The American people usually have pretty good taste, and the highest all time grossing movies are usually worth seeing. You should catch Titanic on DVD or VCR whatever. It is well worth seeing.

    I am fully suspecting though that Passion of the Christ will outgross it and be seen by many many more people abd ultimately have a far more important social/cultural effect on this country.
  • Wives of presidential candidates take varying approaches to campaign life [WITH PICS]

    01/07/2004 4:56:43 PM PST · 11 of 36
    motexva to nwrep
    Any theories on why Dean's wife keeps such a low profile? I heard a rumor their marriage is basically for show, that they would have divorced years ago if not for his political career.
  • "Nerve Gas Used" in Capturing Saddam

    12/18/2003 8:25:51 PM PST · 76 of 80
    motexva to John H K
    You describe the process of traditional anesthesia, but there might be other mechanisms. "Nerve" gas acts on the central nervous system. A gas that induces clinical sleep might be impossible at this time, but there might be one or more that cause paralysis, massive hallucinations, confusion, blindness or catatonia, etc. and would be as effective for combat or police actions as one that made the targets merely fall asleep.

    In any event, I have no real reason to believe such an agent was used to capture the coward Hussein.
  • "Nerve Gas Used" in Capturing Saddam

    12/16/2003 9:18:49 PM PST · 15 of 80
    motexva to scab4faa
    If this WAS true, I would only commend our military for taking logical action. Hussein needed to be taken alive, and why should we endanger the lives of servicemen to catch vermin? If we have some kind of sophisticated sleep gas, then it should be employed where necessary in the war on terror and terror's supporters.
  • Fort Hood troops helped capture Saddam

    12/14/2003 5:33:18 PM PST · 7 of 14
    motexva to solo gringo

  • Feds probe poison-gas plot (Domestic)

    12/02/2003 8:47:47 PM PST · 22 of 46
    motexva to tmp02
    The documents intended for Edward Feltus, 56, of Old Bridge, N.J., included birth certificates from North Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia and phony identification cards for the Defense Intelligence Agency and the United Nations Multinational Force. Feltus pleaded guilty to possessing the documents.

    For whatever this is worth - I think cards like this or very similar to were sold as gags here at a large gun show in Austin, Texas, probably sometime in the mid 1990s or maybe earlier. Whatever other crimes he is or isn't guilty of, I read this accusation and wondered if the whole thing was possibly a case of Fed overreach.

  • Largest Pot Bust In Iowa History - 1,325 pounds confiscated in I-80 traffic stop

    11/20/2003 8:35:59 PM PST · 22 of 61
    motexva to BobS
    The driver was some dolt who had offended the grower or the big man.

    They gave him choice between speeding up that interstate with a thousand pounds of ditch weed or a bullet in the head.

    In back of him was the real load, or more likely loads, of tens of thousands of pounds of the good stuff. If he gets caught, he ties up half the cops and troopers on the freeway. If not, all the better, they can sell the ditchweed when they've sold all the good stuff.

    I'm not a hundred percent sure this is what happened but I suspect that's what happened.

    Another tactic - you rat out a field of wild marijuana, or a field of crapweed, when dozens of cops show up to to cut and burn it, you send your harvesters out to your good fields to harvest. The harvesters work safely and efficiently in broad daylight while the cops make a huge bonfire of crappy weed that no one could get high off anyway.

    The drug war is a joke and even the cops know it.

    11/18/2003 10:11:00 PM PST · 42 of 97
    motexva to GOPJ
    Yeah, some sort of dungeon or harem of slaves. Seriously, nothing would surprise me. Jackson has access to virtually unlimited sums of money, and I believe his psychology and sexual tastes may be as bizarre and twisted as his surgery scarred face.

    11/18/2003 10:03:21 PM PST · 37 of 97
    motexva to dougherty
    ABC Radio News reported warrants for "multiple cases of child molestation."

    Trying to decide what Jackson will do now, he's supposedly in Vegas. I would give it 30% he kills himself, 30% he lams it and 40% he tries to beat the rap in court.

    11/18/2003 9:38:55 PM PST · 27 of 97
    motexva to RWR8189
    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong - I think I heard ABC Radio News at 11 pm CDT report that they have erected lights "around the property" to aid in the execution of the search warrant.

    This means they are searching outside, right?

    Why would they search outside, at night? Are they looking for a hostage? A body?
  • A Note To Rush Limbaugh

    10/04/2003 9:41:24 PM PDT · 49 of 53
    motexva to Eagle Eye
    I suspect many will rethink their assumptions and prejudices about "drug abusers" when we find out the whole story on el-Rushbo. He promised his listeners a full accounting on Friday.
  • A Note To Rush Limbaugh

    10/04/2003 8:35:01 PM PDT · 44 of 53
    motexva to Eagle Eye
    IOW, whose business is it of anyone elses what kind and what amount of medication Rush took or takes?

    I agree with you. Rush would not. If he's guilty of this I hope he does time, as the brainless drug laws he champions require.

  • Nine months in jail is bad trip for 'bong' seller Tommy Chong

    09/19/2003 9:12:03 PM PDT · 20 of 103
    motexva to Brian S
    Amazing that federal agents are being used to prosecute this nonsense while terrorist cells are active in the country. Does anyone think this will do anything to stop the consumption of drugs?

    The Bush administration will have a lot to answer for if thousands of Americans die in another terror attack.

    And before the name calling starts, I generally support the president and do not support the general legalization of narcotics. But this is a waste of time and taxpayers dollars.

    09/17/2003 10:42:29 PM PDT · 22 of 28
    motexva to jmstein7
    They've never cleared up his role in the slaughter of women and children at Mount Carmel in 1993.

    I say let this guy run - he's a disaster for the Dims. I hope they nominate him. I guarantee the world will hear about all this stuff and more from the Bush campaign.
  • Recording industry files 261 lawsuits against internet song sharers

    09/08/2003 9:34:07 PM PDT · 180 of 184
    motexva to LowOiL
    The scenario you describe won't happen because these systems are international - there are millions of users in Asia alone who will never be affected by these lawsuits. I recall reading a story on this site that under Canadian copyright, filesharing is not an infringement of copyright. Doesn't really matter, there are too many people using this sytem all over the world for them to ever shut them all down. RIAA is trying to make some cash now with lawsuits in America because they know that in a few years no copyright will be worth anything at all.
  • Blink-182 Brings High Energy Show to Nimitz (Cool!)

    09/07/2003 11:34:24 AM PDT · 5 of 21
    motexva to I_Love_My_Husband
    Blink 182 dissed the president in front of a large crowd before the liberation of Iraq, they were booed for it. This was widely reported on this site and the blogs.

    They are anti-American punks and their songs all sound the same.
  • FBI Raids Erie Home After Man's Bombing Death

    09/05/2003 10:29:29 PM PDT · 113 of 187
    motexva to Eva
    Read the profile of the pizza delivery guy in the NY Times or Wash Post. He doesn't sound like someone who would get messed up with Venezuelan drug cartels or who could be capable of constructing a bomb like this.