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  • Burning Bridges Over Glenn Beck

    09/04/2010 1:10:01 PM PDT · 67 of 137
    MozarkDawg to greyfoxx39
    He meant stop bringing the signs, as the lamestream use them against you. Not only did he mean that, he said it.

    He's not wrong in that either ... anyone who has witnessed how the left portrays them should know this themselves. This is really getting ridiculous.

  • Burning Bridges Over Glenn Beck

    09/04/2010 10:42:06 AM PDT · 60 of 137
    MozarkDawg to DaughterofEve

    I appreciate your reply as well, and will add that I understand what you’re feeling about the vulgarity, how that would come across, yes, especially at that particular kind of event. Thank you for your further comment.

  • (Video) Bristol Palin On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

    09/04/2010 10:37:30 AM PDT · 12 of 14
    MozarkDawg to LottieDah
    Louis CK is a vile comedian. He even says filthy things about his own little girl. What a swine.

    Ah, okay then -- Bristol has every right not to acknowledge him by offering her hand; it is not rude whatever if she does not.

  • (Video) Bristol Palin On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

    09/04/2010 10:36:08 AM PDT · 11 of 14
    MozarkDawg to definitelynotaliberal
    I don’t know who Louis CK is, but if he’s the other guest, neither he nor Bristol extended a hand to the other. He should’ve done it, or on second thought, perhaps it’s the purview of gentlemen.

    Pre-PC days, a gentleman never imposes on a woman, it is her prerogative to acknowledge him. A handshake between the sexes is initiated by a woman, if they are good friends, she is the one who offers her cheek for the buss, he does not plant one on her of his own volition. The same rules apply for age, the older of the two, men or women, is the one who initiates the handshake, the one to whom the courtesy is directed.

    I don't know how they're teaching it these days.

  • Oval Office rug gets history wrong

    09/04/2010 9:46:09 AM PDT · 112 of 145
    MozarkDawg to jiggyboy
    Real estate agents advise using neutral colors like beige when you're preparing the residence for occupancy by a new but unknown occupant. :-)

    My immediate thought! I'm glad for once I actually read through a thread before posting my comment to it. ;)

  • Burning Bridges Over Glenn Beck

    09/04/2010 8:30:39 AM PDT · 56 of 137
    MozarkDawg to Religion Moderator

    Duly noted — it was the snide tone in refernce to myself that baited me into responding as I did. I assure you, it shall not happen again.

  • Sarah Palin Is The Glenn Beck Program’s New Make-Up Artist

    09/04/2010 7:52:20 AM PDT · 9 of 33
    MozarkDawg to Former Proud Canadian
    It's not only that she offered her resources and did the makeup job, it's how she did the makeup job. Check the tape, she dove into it like she was getting her husband or one of her kids ready for the camera. She didn't do this for the camera, either. THERE IS NOTHING PHONY ABOUT THIS WOMAN. She is very special.

    I have some disfigurment myself, nothing at all like what Dave has (or has been through), I can tell you the one thing that I appreciate the most is when it is not noticed, people, family or strangers, treat me as regular ol' me. I don't know how many other TV appearances Dave may have made over the years, whether or not he has had to have some make-up artist apply to his face, I hope none ever had the *hesitation* hand when doing so -- but I've gotta tell you, for my part, that diving in and just going about getting him ready, that touched me, as did the taking off his ear, joking as I wrote above.

    You are correct, this is a special woman regardless how things pan out in the future.

  • Sarah Palin Is The Glenn Beck Program’s New Make-Up Artist

    09/04/2010 7:45:13 AM PDT · 6 of 33
    MozarkDawg to curth
    I had just made a post to the thread wherein another lib journo decries the Vanity Fair piece on Palin a lie when I heard Glenn describing how Todd Palin offered their home for the link to allow Dave to be on the taped show, and then as Glenn is watching the pre-show feed and sees a beautiful make-up artist working on Dave, he is astounded to discover it is Sarah herself! I had thought to come back to that thread and say, "Yeah, she really IS some kind of diva, right?" with the sarcasm tag and all ... the business of *demanding* bent straws and whatever else these people with PDS can come up with, truly ridiculousness at its highest level.

    I thought it sweet and funny when Glenn said as she's doing Dave, he's taking off his ear and joking with her -- that was just something, I'm glad Beck described that little bit to us.

  • Burning Bridges Over Glenn Beck

    09/04/2010 7:35:28 AM PDT · 51 of 137
    MozarkDawg to Tennessee Nana
    On this one how can we “tell for certain that (your) interpretation is correct and that (we) truly have no reason to infer” Beck was pushing unBiblical mormon beliefs onto us ???

    Since other people are reading this, I will actually post a reply to your constantly nasty and sarcastic self -- as one who purports to be of some kind of Christian belief, you surely do not demonstrate it in any way, shape or form on these threads.

    My simple answe to you is that BECK is not the one offering the prayer with the mispronunciantion you and the rest seem to think you hear. I repeat again, only listen to how another word with a "d" ending is heard with his manner of preaching and the microphone.

    Last reply you EVER get from me, regardless. I hope other FReepers will understand and recognize why.

  • Burning Bridges Over Glenn Beck

    09/04/2010 7:26:34 AM PDT · 49 of 137
    MozarkDawg to Nosterrex
    He often speaks of the US Constitution as if it were divinely inspired and the Founding Fathers as if they were prophets from God.

    You completely misinterpret what Glenn expounds on -- when Jefferson wrote "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor" did you think he meant that it was all happenstance or that those men came up with their ideas and ideals all by themselves?

  • Burning Bridges Over Glenn Beck

    09/04/2010 7:19:20 AM PDT · 46 of 137
    MozarkDawg to greyfoxx39
    He sets himself up as a “religious leader”, not I.

    No, he sets himself up as acknowledging he has a public platform, a microphone and uses it to ask people of all faiths to return to God in order to save our country. He is not a leader, he is not asking anyone to follow him. He is not telling people to ask that God be on their side, he is in fact begging people to be on God's side.

  • Burning Bridges Over Glenn Beck

    09/04/2010 7:14:28 AM PDT · 45 of 137
    MozarkDawg to DaughterofEve
    What really concerns me is a “religious” comedian he had on his show tonight who was making jokes about scaring kids and watching them “Pee themselves” or some other equally charming phrase. Yeah, I get that it was supposed to be funny. It wasn’t. It was disgusting. And even though I’m just starting to peek at Glenn, I was somehow mortified to see him smiling at it.

    As one who suffers from disfigurment that has caused fright from children myself, I can tell you that this was the man's method of mocking HIMSELF. He does not truly scare them at all, he's joking about how it feels to have a small child look upon your physical self and exhibit horror ... the first time it happens, you are hurt and scared your own self. I can assure you Dave does NOT say "Boo!" and send children off running when they look at him in fear. Glenn and the rest of those in attendence that night knew full well what was going on, I'm very sorry you could not comprehend this from the little bit you saw -- perhaps you missed the detail on just who Dave is and how his visage came to be the way it is today.

  • Burning Bridges Over Glenn Beck

    09/04/2010 7:08:30 AM PDT · 44 of 137
    MozarkDawg to BlueMoose
    "noticed the opening prayer being posed to 'gods'? Watching the taped replay it is much more obvious"

    That is not what I heard and I have replayed and replayed.

    People are getting all bent out of shape for no reason whatsover. An earlier thread implied that it was GLENN who was offering prayer to gods when in fact the prayer is offered by Pastor Paul Jayle (sp?), the direct descendent of those who came over on the Mayflower.

    What people are hearing and misinterpreting as gods is no more than the mic and the manner the man speaks, preaches. Please, folks, try listening to this with an objective and not the suspicious ear, the man is calling to God each and every time he says His name, it is simply slurring and the mic emphasizing it. It sounds much more like Godtz than gods, it stretches out in a couple of spots. You can tell for certain that my interpretation is correct and that you truly have no reason to infer or believe the man was praying to gods if you only listen to how he pronounces "the shedding of innocent bloodtz" -- the "d" ending pronounced in exactly the same manner as the "d" ending of God. Relax here, I really cannot ask it any more strenuously please.

  • 'Frasier' Spinoff? Kelsey Grammer 'Seriously Thinking About That'

    09/02/2010 6:51:11 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    MozarkDawg to tlb
    I gather Kelsey never watched or learned the lesson of the Mary and Rhoda daughters' movie.

    There was a Mary and Rhoda's daughters movie??

  • Even CNN's Peter Hamby is Effectively Calling the Vanity Fair Hit Piece against Palin a Lie

    09/02/2010 6:47:18 AM PDT · 43 of 45
    MozarkDawg to Bigtigermike
    It's not looking good for Vanity Fair when CNN's Peter Hamby has joined liberals such as Ben Smith, Dave Weigel, race-baiter Charles Blow, and Kirsten Powers in denouncing the Vanity Fair hit piece.,

    I find it very telling that these journos are not only resisting playing along but are taking their lefty colleagues, this time VF, to task. Good for them.

  • CBS News Collapses As Katie Couric Heads For The Door (New round of layoffs expected this fall)

    09/01/2010 11:22:40 AM PDT · 56 of 61
    MozarkDawg to DoughtyOne
    It was comical to see her break into the solid news reports to deliver a touchy-feely segment.

    I was LOL at the first time early on she came out from behind the anchor desk to do a live interview situated in such a way as to totally exploit her legs and high heels, as though that's why men would be tuned in to watch, not any desire for hard news! I think that bit last twice more, after that any interview was conducted the usual way.

  • Glenn Beck wore bulletproof vest while speaking at 'Restore Honor' rally at Lincoln Memorial

    08/31/2010 4:57:19 PM PDT · 61 of 68
    MozarkDawg to mountainlion
    Glen said that the only reason he wore the vest was because his wife wanted it. He put his trust in God.

    THANK YOU. It is getting to the point that I have to wonder if anyone here other than a handful ever even listen to the man, so much ignorant opining going on.

  • Breaking: ‘Windgate’ Raises New Questions About Sestak’s Honesty

    08/31/2010 4:51:27 PM PDT · 14 of 23
    MozarkDawg to neverdem
    Hang on ... this issue raises questions about Sestak's honesty? I'm still waiting for someone to ask him about the fact that Billy Jeff says he did NOT call up Joe and offer him a White House advisory slot if he would drop out of the Senate race as Joe emphatically stated on the steps of the House of Representatives.
  • Biden: Iraq 'much safer' (sure it is, Joe. Keep telling yourself that)

    08/31/2010 4:45:25 PM PDT · 4 of 12
    MozarkDawg to screaminsunshine
    Biden and Gibbs are rivaling Laurel and Hardy as comedians.

    I do not have the talent or software to do it but I'd love for one of the FReeper geniuses to put their faces on this one.

  • Meghan McCain admits to Romney 'obsession' in 2008 campaign memoir

    08/31/2010 12:36:54 PM PDT · 27 of 57
    MozarkDawg to Seruzawa
    Frankly I was a mite surprised at the thread title, thinking I was going to be reading about how hot she found Romney, a crush-obession ... surprised at that because she strikes me as not playing on that *team*.

    After stashing several of them in a car trunk, McCain was confronted by a passer-by – and later plotted with her mother's hairstylist to take the fall if local authorities pursued the matter.

    Really, really illegal, and just as when Billy Jeff conspired with Monica, admitted by his own Impeachment lawyer, the breathy Cheryl Mills that they agreed if they were ever asked, officially or otherwise, they would lie and say they'd never spoken (hence the gifts under Curry's bed), here is little McCain conspiring with her mother's hairdresser to commit perjury as well. Lovely.

    Considering skirting the law afterward -- did the apple fall far from the tree?

  • Man blows himself up trying to kill a spider

    08/31/2010 11:18:35 AM PDT · 2 of 59
    MozarkDawg to dighton

    This is why I simply run away and let them have free reign of the joint. ;)

  • The Success of the Beck Rally

    08/31/2010 10:41:25 AM PDT · 53 of 90
    MozarkDawg to JWinNC

    I’m not surprised at the baloney from *the usual suspects*, (lamestream, race-bait crowd, 0bama’s minions), but from people who claim tolerance and open-mindedness there is an incredible amount of vitriol being levied, not to mention what you note, the hyper-volume of opinion that doesn’t jibe with Saturday whatever.

  • The Success of the Beck Rally

    08/31/2010 10:32:41 AM PDT · 50 of 90
    MozarkDawg to sloop

    McCain would have signed McCaincare, and it would not have taken as long or had near the scrutiny paid it by many Americans that the fruad that did pass got.

  • Glenn Beck and Religion [Michael Voris video]

    08/31/2010 10:30:55 AM PDT · 3 of 43
    MozarkDawg to ml/nj
    This sounds like something a Muslim would say.

    I say it sounds similar to some of the sentiments expressed by FReepers on the Beck threads as well.

  • The Success of the Beck Rally

    08/31/2010 10:23:10 AM PDT · 47 of 90
    MozarkDawg to sloop
    do you believe (as beck does) that mccain would have been just as bad as obama?

    Actually, Glenn has opined (and I agree with the take) that McCain would have been worse because we would have all this crud and thensome provided by a GOP president, supposedly from the right -- the enormous TEA party frustrations/movement, these counter-protests, etc., would not be occurring (yet), too many would be in the *We gotta support our guy* section.

  • Here's a Concept: Let's Not Talk About Race

    08/31/2010 6:02:47 AM PDT · 16 of 19
    MozarkDawg to USS Alaska
    Why in the hell do we let this PC crap scare white folks into using codes instead of words, when black folks can repeatedly say, sing, scream, write and holler the word "nigger" and it's not only not offensive, it's their "right" because of their skin color. Hmmmmmmm?

    Not having heard the broadcast itself but only bits repeated on the news, I understand THIS is the very point Dr. Laura was making on the show for which she she was taken to task and is now leaving.

  • Exposure by Free Republic Forces Huffington Post to Pull Article Threatening Glenn Beck

    08/31/2010 5:55:17 AM PDT · 293 of 311
    MozarkDawg to Forward the Light Brigade
    The thing is, he's not the only one saying them or that can say them -- the fact of the matter is at the moment he has a public forum and is providing a useful service. This does not mean he is the only one in the whole of America who has the talent, ability and means to do so; people are getting too caught up in populism, it happens all the time. It's how dingy celebrities achieve serious office and then make a mockery of it, ie. Franken, to name but one.

    John the Baptist was not the one to bring the people to God ... he was the voice in the wilderness announcing the coming of The One who would.

  • (Bill Press:) Talk of God Inappropriate in Sacred Space

    08/31/2010 5:45:05 AM PDT · 24 of 36
    MozarkDawg to andy58-in-nh
    If Bill Press turns out not to be the stupidest person on the face of the Earth, it will only be because there are so many others of his ilk competing for the title.

    No kidding. The reminder about Sanchez thinking Iceland too cold for volcanic activity had him right there for me, but please ... sacred should not involve invocation of God? I know journos don't learn basic grammar any longer, spelling and punctuation, proper word/tense usage, but really, they've tossed the dictionaries out of journalism school as well?

    Is Press now going to take a hammer and chisel and remove all the references to God, even the euphemistic ones like Almighty, etc., off the memorials then?? Climb up the display case in the National Archives with a big bottle of white-out (I guess it should be parchment-out) to remove "Our Creator" and "Divine providence" from the Declaration of Independence? What a maroon.

  • Obama: The people at Beck’s rally are filled with anxiety

    08/30/2010 5:32:38 PM PDT · 25 of 90
    MozarkDawg to Justaham
    People who are anxious about their financial situation, ie. mortgage, job, college tuition for their kids, etal, do NOT spend their hard-earned on a trip to Washington just to see Glenn Beck in person.

    Out of touch, out of his mind is 0bama.

  • Glenn Beck TV Thread August 30th 2010

    08/30/2010 3:58:28 PM PDT · 92 of 111
    MozarkDawg to netmilsmom
    Today was the first day that I’ve seen so many say...”So what?”

    An excellent observation, one to take heart in; thank you!

  • Glenn Beck TV Thread August 30th 2010

    08/30/2010 3:19:03 PM PDT · 80 of 111
    MozarkDawg to cripplecreek
    It causes me to wonder if there aren’t many other epiphanies that we don’t know about.

    After reading so much vitriol and bitterness yesterday and today from some FReepers, methinks an ephiphany due here on the forum as well. But then, that would have required they tune in today to hear what Glenn had to say about the rally ... somehow I'm doubting they'd bother.

    Great show -- and I'm looking forward to Friday with some members of the Black Robe Regiment.

  • Glenn Beck TV Thread August 30th 2010

    08/30/2010 3:15:05 PM PDT · 78 of 111
    MozarkDawg to camerongood210
    Was I the only one that heard one of the speakers at 8/28 say he was honored to speak at the “annual 8/28 rally”? Is there a chance this becomes an annual event?

    I'm thinking probably not annually on that particular date, but I do believe there will be an annual event around that time -- the awarding of the medals, it was pretty clear that there are more to come, "This year's Faith medal to ...," or words to that effect.

  • Exposure by Free Republic Forces Huffington Post to Pull Article Threatening Glenn Beck

    08/30/2010 1:52:26 PM PDT · 224 of 311
    MozarkDawg to Forward the Light Brigade
    If real scandalous data can’t be found—they will make up stuff

    It's already been tried -- only look how many FReepers were posting, "If this is true ..." to the admitted-on-the-very-page concocted story about the rape? And that was just on this site, the imagination is staggered at the thought of what people were posting on other sites/blogs.

    How in the world does running for office put a stop to this ridiculousness? Glenn Beck does not need to run for some position in public office, he does more public service by hosting his daily radio and TV programs.

  • To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations) [Major BARF Alert - JimRob]

    08/30/2010 10:55:01 AM PDT · 191 of 280
    MozarkDawg to dbwz
    I can guarantee you that all of these people want the same thing. They want to live their lives free of government interference, regulation, and mandates. They want to keep most of their money and apportion it where they see fit. They don’t all look like you, and they don’t all believe like you.

    I know that to get freedom, I have to give it. Do you?

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this post.

  • Tale of Two Rallies

    08/30/2010 10:51:46 AM PDT · 9 of 13
    MozarkDawg to kidd
    TEA party rallies are also political, "Restoring Honor" was specifically not. It was not a Tea Party rally regardless many of the attendees also gather at those, and the whole reason it ended up being held on the day it was had to do with Glenn's attempt to get it away from 9/11 also.

    To keep lumping the two events, Glenn's rally and Sharpie's little get-together in these side-by-side comparisons also defeats the point Glenn was trying to make, the meaning of his event. I wish people would not continue to do this.

  • The Glenn Beck solution: turn to God. It is not so easy.

    08/30/2010 10:43:29 AM PDT · 71 of 84
    MozarkDawg to Big Bureaucracy
    Sins - things that I have done that are wrong.

    But sin is not merely a wrong, it is a transgression of God's law, religious principle. I don't understand how one can not believe in God, yet accept that he must repent from sinning.

    I accept those who do not profess a faith can be moral, decent, honorable people, that's not in question with me whatever. Just the repenting from sin specifically, this doesn't jive somehow.

  • The Glenn Beck solution: turn to God. It is not so easy.

    08/30/2010 7:40:59 AM PDT · 10 of 84
    MozarkDawg to Big Bureaucracy
    I think this is the answer: just be good. Do not lie, do not cheat, do not envy, do not steal, do not kill, respect your parents, do not idolize people, repent your sins and try to be good.

    A bit confused here -- if they author does not believe in God then why adhere to the idea that there is anything like sin to repent?

    If Ellie does not accept Glenn's theory, why does that even matter? He proclaims what he feels is the solution to America's troubles, this doesn't mean everyone must accept it. Unless of course, the problem is that Ellie isn't quite so certain of her position.

  • Brian Williams Says NBC News Estimates Beck Rally Crowd at 300,000 – Video

    08/30/2010 7:11:05 AM PDT · 26 of 27
    MozarkDawg to indylindy

    Unless he’s got some side deal with O’Reilly, who has a *bet* with Glenn that the attendence would be under 100,000, I just don’t see why he would say something so patently false.

  • The Great Glenn Beck-a-Palooza

    08/30/2010 7:06:08 AM PDT · 108 of 124
    MozarkDawg to dawn53
    You know, it's funny ... when Phil Donohue made a living off crying at the drop of a hat he became beloved, especially among the women in his audience. Glenn gets choked up, emotionally responds to stuff and he's "faking it" or some other casigation.

    His explanation to Wallace yesterday was clear and concise -- he didn't cry in earlier years, after he sobered up and stop being a self-described "dirt bag" he turned mushy inside, his word for the feeling. He's a changed man from what he was, and I see nothing wrong with the idea that he feels deeply some of the truly important, profound things in this country, in life.

    Your experience with your father is why you can understand what so many incorrectly, some purposely insultingly characterize as fake from Glenn. Thanks for your post.

  • Brian Williams Says NBC News Estimates Beck Rally Crowd at 300,000 – Video

    08/30/2010 6:56:41 AM PDT · 24 of 27
    MozarkDawg to indylindy
    On Fox and Friends this morning, Kilmeade was reporting that the crowd was 95,000.

    He can't be serious. What was the point/purpose of that obvious fallacy?

  • The Great Glenn Beck-a-Palooza

    08/30/2010 5:33:04 AM PDT · 81 of 124
    MozarkDawg to dawn53
    Wow, I listened and what I got was individual responsibility is what is needed.

    The lack of comprehension of basic English and/or the desire to put one's own biased interpretation on matters before us in order to demonize one public personality has reached a level here at FR that is beyond ridiculous.

    If anyone has listened to Beck for any concerted amount of time (as they claim) or saw him at that rally for the first time in their lives, there is no way the idea of collectivism could be reached whatever. Thank you for pointing this out.

  • The Great Glenn Beck-a-Palooza

    08/30/2010 5:26:13 AM PDT · 78 of 124
    MozarkDawg to Tennessee Nana

    You have a problem with the Founding Fathers and their “firm reliance on Divine providence” as well, considering that is Glenn’s message in a nutshell?

  • The Great Glenn Beck-a-Palooza

    08/30/2010 5:24:51 AM PDT · 76 of 124
    MozarkDawg to Paradox
    the whole “Person as a savior” idea... I know he is trying NOT to have this turn out that way, but it just seems to be headed in that direction....

    Then you're not listening or not paying close enough attention -- he is quite adamant that it is GOD who will save us, not "a person."

  • Some Evangelicals on Defensive over partnering with Glenn Beck

    08/30/2010 5:15:10 AM PDT · 88 of 131
    MozarkDawg to Tennessee Nana
    Maybe you could explain to the rest of us why Beck told people at the rally to “Tithe 10%” ???

    Because many Christians consider it their duty to their church to tithe, to support the church financially.

    Also WHERE were they to “tithe” to ???

    I thought that was fairly obvious, each to his own church. Do you suggest that he was asking people at the rally, Christian and non-Christian alike to send money to his professed church? When financial guru Dave Ramsey tells people they need to tithe, do you have the same suspicions of him as well?

  • Sen. Landrieu: Beck 'preaching a gospel that never has existed'

    08/29/2010 5:32:56 PM PDT · 135 of 145
    MozarkDawg to maggief
    She and Mitch must have passed over The Gospel according to Saint Matthew in their *following* of it:

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. Matt 7:3-5

  • Palin in Ascendence:Liberals Admit Defeat

    08/29/2010 5:15:31 PM PDT · 42 of 42
    MozarkDawg to LS

    Yes please!

  • Albert Pujols: Will His Support For Glenn Beck Hurt His Popularity?

    08/29/2010 5:07:12 PM PDT · 40 of 41
    MozarkDawg to EveningStar
    So I'm guessing this idiot missed way back months ago when Pujols gave Glenn the autographed bat, announced to any and all around them that he was a big fan of Glenn -- somehow THAT didn't destroy his career, ruin his fan base, yet accepting a medal is going to?

    LaRussa didn't speak at any political rally, you dope -- "Restoring Honor" WAS NOT POLITICAL WHATEVER. The only ones making it so are those who continue to spout the lie, the rest of America, ordinary fans of Pujols know it and are ignoring these ignoramuses.

    Chris Wallace invited Glenn to be on his show this morning, (taped interview) because Glenn is a Fox guy -- is Imus political when he has Wallace on his radio show, it is simulcast on FBN? No, he's contracted to have the Fox people on in regular rotation. It's called "timing" -- Wallace had Glenn on today because the rally is in the news today, it won't be next weekend, duh.

    Take the f'n blinders off guy, and a chill pill while you're at it.

  • Some Evangelicals on Defensive over partnering with Glenn Beck

    08/29/2010 4:52:55 PM PDT · 73 of 131
    MozarkDawg to livius
    The constant refrain throughout these threads is making me crazy -- as Glenn himself has reminded us often what Samuel Adams said when everyone was so certain his religion was the superior:

    "I'm no bigot, I'll pray with anyone."

  • Obama says he ignored Beck rally

    08/29/2010 2:15:12 PM PDT · 71 of 218
    MozarkDawg to Berlin_Freeper
    0bama is clearly intent on casting himself as above the political fray, saying American politics is in its "silly season." For example, he swears he didn't watch any of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally on the National Mall yesterday and says he doesn't find it surprising that "a Glenn Beck can stir up some of the people."

    Gee, too bad he missed the fact (pointed out umpteen times these last several months) that Glenn's rally had NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH POLITICS. I will grant 0bama ignored it, specifically because it had nothing to do with him.

    If there were any more proof needed that the White House minions, the advisers who have been mounting the boycotts, Mrs. "Mao" Dunn are doing the work they do to destroy Glenn do so at the behest of Barack 0bama, here it is, served on a platter held by Williams.

  • Some Evangelicals on Defensive over partnering with Glenn Beck

    08/29/2010 12:53:46 PM PDT · 52 of 131
    MozarkDawg to livius

    Glenn baptized a Roman Catholic as a child, lost his way completely when he became an alcoholic, spiritually, physically, the whole nine yards. He adopted the Mormon faith when he asked Tonya to be his wife.