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  • Yahoo is blocking me from my email, unless I upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 (Vanity)

    03/17/2010 10:45:49 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 59 replies · 1,353+ views
    17 March 2010
    I refuse to let them force me into an upgrade that I don't want. Any ideas? Is this happening to other FReepers. Is there any way around it? I nearly killed my computer, trying to find a solution. I've already checked online, and can't find much help. Do I have no other choice but to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8?
  • A list of celebrities who think Polanksi should be prosecuted

    11/25/2009 11:00:21 AM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 12 replies · 1,180+ views
    blog ^ | ongoing | chrismm
    I found this list and thought it was something that we could be thankful for, on this day before Thanksgiving. Thankful that there are celebrities who are opposed to Polanski being above the law, and who think that he should be prosecuted.
  • Unmentionable: Best-Selling Conservative Books and the Networks that Ignore Them

    11/05/2009 9:33:41 AM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 6 replies · 712+ views
    Culture and Media Institute ^ | September 8, 2009 | Matt Philbin and Zoe Ortiz
    Unmentionable: Best-Selling Conservative Books and the Networks that Ignore ThemResearch reveals a glaring imbalance in network coverage of liberal best-sellers and comparable conservative titles. Since the 1940s, an appearance on The New York Times Best-Seller List has been the mark of commercial success for any book. Authors with titles on the list can count on media attention to help sell even more copies. Unless they are conservatives. Conservative books and authors have been very successful recently, as evidenced by their showing on the best-seller list. Since January 2009, conservatives enjoyed 95 total weeks on the list, compared to just 80...
  • Gov. Schwarzenegger signs gay rights bills

    10/12/2009 10:01:50 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 16 replies · 1,051+ views
    Sacramento Bee ^ | 10.12.2009 | Dan Smith
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed two gay rights bills, one honoring late activist Harvey Milk and another recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states. In the last of hundreds of bill actions taken before midnight Sunday, Schwarzenegger approved the two bills by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco. The governor last year vetoed the measure declaring May 22 a state day of recognition for Milk, suggesting that the former San Francisco supervisor be honored locally. But he subsequently named him to the California Hall of Fame. Leno's SB 54, meanwhile, requires California to recognize marriages performed in other states where same...
  • Stepdad: kidnapped daughter alive after 18 years

    08/27/2009 9:35:28 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 62 replies · 3,146+ views ^ | Thursday, August 27, 2009 | Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
    A woman girl who has been missing from her South Lake Tahoe home has surfaced in Concord, 18 years after she was kidnapped, and two people are apparently in custody, her stepfather said today. Jaycee Dugard, who would be 29 today, walked into the Concord Police Department on Wednesday, stunning police and family members who had all but lost hope that she was still alive.
  • SF DA Kamala Harris at White House today -- asked to talk gang violence prevention

    08/24/2009 9:40:30 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 13 replies · 570+ views
    SFGate: Politics Blog ^ | August 24, 2009 | Carla Marinucci
    San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris' bid for state Attorney General got a big boost today with a plum assignment from the Obama Administration. She's in Washington D.C. Monday with a special invite to talk up the success of her youth and gang violence prevention programs at the White House. Democrat Harris, a longtime friend of President Obama and a very early supporter of his presidential campaign, was picked for a star role at today's National Conference on Gang Violence Prevention and Crime Control, where she'll be discussing her "Back on Track" re-entry initiative and anti-truancy work.
  • Letter of Amends from a Recovering Liberal in Berkeley

    05/15/2009 12:00:57 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 11 replies · 670+ views
    American Thinker ^ | May 11 2009 | Robin
    Dear friends, family, loved ones, conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, my brother in law, Sam, and my cousin Joe: I am sorry and you were right. These are not easy words for anyone to utter, much less a leftist from Berkeley, or a recovering leftist, that is. Even though I've been in recovery for 14 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days, leftists are always right in your face, in an I-hate-you-if-you-disagree sort of way. Hence, this letter of amends to all the people I've lectured, scolded, ranted and raved at, and otherwise annoyed during my 30 plus years of "progressive" politics.
  • 'No cowards': How ship's crew fought off attackers

    04/16/2009 9:30:41 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 10 replies · 1,088+ views
    McClatchy Newspapers via Yahoo ^ | April 14 2009 | Shashank Bengali
    MOMBASA, Kenya — As the Maersk Alabama plowed through the glassy waters of the Indian Ocean early last Wednesday, the cargo ship's 70-year-old electrician sat in the cafeteria with a cup of coffee, counting the minutes to breakfast. Suddenly, the ship's alarm sounded, shattering the morning calm. The electrician rose with a start. It was, he reckoned immediately, the scenario that he'd been warned about for four months, ever since he set off aboard the Alabama into the most dangerous waters in the world. Four Somali pirates had boarded the ship...
  • What the heck just happened on Glenn Beck? Someone just keeled over and passed out.

    04/13/2009 2:13:39 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 33 replies · 3,052+ views
    April 13 2009
  • Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Political Correctness, and Soft Totalitarianism

    03/25/2009 12:40:22 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 11 replies · 885+ views
    The Brussels Journal ^ | 2009-03-15 | Thomas F. Bertonneau
    Ray Bradbury (born 1923) foresaw with clairvoyance the socio-political phenomenon that goes by the name of political correctness. His 1953 dystopia, Fahrenheit 451 attests [to] Bradbury’s prognosticative perspicacity. Most readers know the general situation that Fahrenheit 451 depicts, one with a resemblance to other items in the category of dystopian fictions such as H. G. Wells’ The Holy Terror or George Orwell’s 1984. Decades of cold war between hostile polities have assimilated the formerly classically liberal societies to the model of their totalitarian rivals until all societies exhibit the characteristics of an ideological dictatorship founded in strict repression of any...
  • 'Miracle' pilot tells why he ditched in river - [UPDATE: he won’t appear on “Today” show Monday]

    01/18/2009 10:40:56 AM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 54 replies · 2,767+ views ^ | Sunday, January 18, 2009 | Larry Neumeister,David B. Caruso, Associated Press
    The pilot of a crippled US Airways jetliner made a split-second decision to put down in the Hudson River because trying to return to the airport after birds knocked out both engines could have led to a catastrophic crash in a populated neighborhood, he told investigators Saturday.
  • Bush cautions GOP to stay open-minded

    01/11/2009 9:10:22 AM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 194 replies · 3,101+ views ^ | January 11 2009 | Ben Feller, AP
    Down to single digits in his days left in office, President George W. Bush is warning the Republican Party not to become "anti-immigrant" as it regroups from defeat and retools its leadership. "It's very important for our party not to narrow its focus, not to become so inward looking that we drive people away from a philosophy that is compassionate and decent," the departing president said in an interview broadcast Sunday, nine days before his term ends. "My call for our party is to be open-minded."
  • NY Boy Scout earns all 121 merit badges, rare feat [with picture]

    12/30/2008 9:40:01 AM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 72 replies · 3,934+ views ^ | 12/29/2008 | AP
    The Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — A Long Island teenager has earned all 121 merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts of America. It's an accomplishment the local arm of the organization calls "an almost unheard-of feat."
  • Has Steve Fossett been found?

    10/01/2008 11:31:12 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 821+ views
    Fox News blogs ^ | October 1 2008 | Adam Housley
    paraphrase: A Mammoth Lakes couple in California found what appears to be two FAA cards that list the name of Steve Fossett. Mammoth Lakes is in Mono County, CA, which borders Nevada. It is close to where Steve Fossett took off on September 3, 2007 from the Flying-M Ranch near Smith Valley, NV and Yerington, NV.
  • HIV, AIDS and Gallo's Egg

    07/30/2008 6:00:37 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 11 replies · 467+ views ^ | July 21 2008 | Clark Baker
    Just found this research piece via Breitbart's posted article, what if everything we think we know about aids is wrong? Read HIV, AIDS and Gallo's Egg by Clark Baker. It's a real eye-opener.
  • Supreme Court says police may search even if arrest invalid

    04/23/2008 3:05:36 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 17+ views;_ylt=A9G_RmRPsA9Isg0BEAas0NUE ^ | Wed Apr 23, 12:02 PM ET | By PETE YOST, Associated Press Writer
    WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court affirmed Wednesday that police have the power to conduct searches and seize evidence, even when done during an arrest that turns out to have violated state law. The unanimous decision comes in a case from Portsmouth, Va., where city detectives seized crack cocaine from a motorist after arresting him for a traffic ticket offense.
  • Moms mobilize to stop moth spraying [California]

    04/15/2008 3:30:31 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 134 replies · 270+ views ^ | April 15 2008 | C.W. Nevius
    The vision of airplanes rumbling slowly over San Francisco, spraying a pesticide mist on parks and playgrounds, has now mobilized one of the most effective lobbying groups in the world. Moms. The California Department of Food and Agriculture's plan to eradicate the light brown apple moth with aerial spraying over the city this summer was already in an uphill fight. But when 100 or so mothers and kids showed up at City Hall on Monday afternoon with signs like "Keep Your Spray Off My Baby," it was clear that the battle had entered a new phase. "Nothing gets people more...
  • McCain, in Shift, Asks Government To Step Up in Housing Crisis

    04/11/2008 10:45:21 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 29 replies · 94+ views ^ | April 11, 2008 | Laura Meckler, Elizabeth Holmes
    McCAIN, IN SHIFT, ASKS GOVERNMENT TO STEP UP IN HOUSING CRISIS By Laura Meckler and Elizabeth Holmes April 11, 2008 John McCain called for an aggressive federal government role aimed at stabilizing the housing market, rejecting a largely hands-off approach he outlined two weeks ago. The likely Republican presidential nominee's prescription included a heavy dose of policy more typically associated with Democrats, as he sought to show voters he understands their economic pain. Most significantly, he urged the federal government to guarantee new mortgages for homeowners at risk of foreclosure.
  • Fans protest Microsoft's plan to dump XP

    02/08/2008 12:24:19 PM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 122 replies · 116+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | February 8, 2008 | Ellen Lee
    Goodbye, Windows XP. Microsoft, which released its latest operating system, Vista, last year, plans to stop selling Windows XP in stores and through its PC partners on June 30.
  • Spill closes bay beaches as oil spreads, kills wildlife

    11/09/2007 12:10:28 PM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 57 replies · 179+ views
    sfgate ^ | Fri Nov 9 2007 | Curiel, Kay, Fagan
    SAN FRANCISCO -- Heavy-duty bunker fuel oil has washed up on beaches throughout the San Francisco and Marin coastlines all day, leaving purplish sheens on the water, ugly black blobs in the sand, and hundreds of injured or dead birds.
  • Favorite online "Sunday newspaper"? [vanity]

    10/21/2007 11:11:24 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 13 replies · 41+ views
    Sunday October 21 2007
    Mine is SF Gate. What's yours?
  • Barry Bonds' Home Run Record Tainted by Mechanical Device

    08/06/2007 10:19:31 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 208 replies · 8,771+ views ^ | August 06, 2007 | Michael Witte
    NEW YORK Beyond his alleged steroid use, Barry Bonds is unquestionably guilty of the use of something that confers extraordinarily unfair mechanical advantage: the “armor” that he wears on his right elbow. Amid the press frenzy over Bonds’ unnatural bulk, the true role of the object on his right arm has simply gone unnoticed. This is unfortunate, because by my estimate, Bonds’ front arm “armor” has contributed no fewer than 75 to 100 home runs to his already steroid-questionable total. Bonds tied Henry Aaron’s home run record of 755 on Saturday night and will go for the new standard this...
  • Dinosaurs, early relatives coexisted

    07/20/2007 12:30:45 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 323 replies · 3,918+ views ^ | Friday, July 20, 2007 | David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor
    UC Berkeley scientists, digging deep into a remote New Mexico hillside, have discovered a trove of fossil bones that they say is evidence that dinosaurs and their early relatives lived side by side for tens of millions of years before the relatives slowly died off and left the dinosaurs to dominate the ancient world. Until now many scientists had thought that dinosaur "precursors" -- perhaps their ancestors -- disappeared suddenly long before the dinosaurs themselves rose to prominence, but the bones dug up by Berkeley paleontologists show evidence of a different story. The discovery of a wide variety of creatures...
  • The American Left's Silly Victim Complex

    06/15/2007 12:01:08 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 14 replies · 799+ views ^ | Matt Taibbi
    The biggest problem with modern American liberalism may be the word itself. There’s just something about the word, liberal, something about the way it sounds – it just hits the ear wrong. If it were an animal it would be something squirming and hairless, something that burrows maybe, with no eyes and too many legs. No child would bring home a wounded liberal and ask to keep it as a pet. More likely he would step on it, or maybe tie it to a bottle-rocket and shoot it over the railroad tracks. The word has a chilling effect even on...
  • 'Kitchen science' reveals dinosaurs died in agony

    06/06/2007 9:45:09 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 35 replies · 2,073+ views ^ | June 6, 2007 | David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor
    A dinosaur mystery that puzzled paleontologists for nearly a century has been solved by a pound of beef tendons from a butcher, a collection of dead hawks and a brace of frozen quail, two investigative scientists in Berkeley and Idaho say. The puzzle: Why were fossils of those ancient creatures so often discovered buried with their heads, necks and feet arched bizarrely backward into a distorted posture unlike anything seen alive? The answer: Kevin Padian, a noted dinosaur expert and curator of the Museum of Paleontology at UC Berkeley, and Cynthia Marshall Faux, a veterinarian and paleontologist at the Museum...
  • Personal data found hidden in iTunes tracks

    06/03/2007 1:15:37 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 54 replies · 1,456+ views
    Times Online ^ | June 1, 2007 | Rhys Blakely
    Names, e-mails and other sensitive information embedded in files Fresh privacy fears have been sparked after it emerged that Apple has embedded personal information into music files bought from its iTunes online music store. Technology websites examining iTunes products discovered that personal data, including the name and e-mail addresses of purchasers, are embedded into the AAC files that Apple uses to distribute music tracks. The information is also included in tracks sold under Apple’s iTunes Plus system, launched this week, where users pay a premium for music that is free from the controversial digital rights (DRM) software that is designed...
  • Fast lane to online dominance

    05/11/2007 12:34:58 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 4 replies · 374+ views ^ | Friday May 11 2007 | David Lazarus
    It was striking that Yahoo said this week that it'll be closing its online auction service a month from now -- striking because the Sunnyvale Internet giant is essentially admitting it will never be able to compete with San Jose's eBay and is instead resigned to being its business partner. People talk all the time about consolidation in industries and how this can be bad for consumers. The same dynamic is playing itself out online, only at a much faster pace. "In a sense, you're looking at the Wal-Martization of the Web," said Rob Enderle, a Silicon Valley technology analyst....
  • U.S. hatcheries got contaminated feed

    05/10/2007 3:05:21 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 13 replies · 631+ views ^ | May 10 2007
    WASHINGTON - Fish feed made with a contaminated Chinese ingredient was distributed to about 120 fish hatcheries and farms, roughly split between the United States and Canada, officials said Thursday. U.S. officials said the risk to people from eating fish that ate the contaminated feed was very low. The feed, manufactured by Skretting Canada, used imported Chinese wheat flour, purchased from a second Canadian company, that was spiked with melamine and mislabeled as wheat gluten. Wheat gluten is a mix of two proteins obtained when wheat flour is washed to remove the starch. A second imported Chinese vegetable protein, sold...
  • FOX News Calls Gov. Corzine Imus' Other Victim

    04/13/2007 2:09:08 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 25 replies · 688+ views
    FOX News | 04-13-07
    Apparently, Gov. Corzine was on his way to Imus' studio when he had the car accident yesterday.
  • Rabbit-ear TVs about to reach end of the road

    03/13/2007 1:40:29 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 69 replies · 1,588+ views
    sfgate ^ | Tuesday, March 13, 2007 | Ellen Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
    Consumers who depend on old-fashioned antennas to watch television won't miss the 2009 Super Bowl, but their analog sets will stop working soon afterward. Analog TVs will no longer receive a signal come Feb. 19, 2009, unless users update their hardware to receive a digital signal.
  • End of the neo-con dream

    12/23/2006 10:00:03 AM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 53 replies · 1,264+ views
    BBC News ^ | 21 December 2006 | By Paul Reynolds
    The neo-conservative dream faded in 2006. The ambitions proclaimed when the neo-cons' mission statement "The Project for the New American Century" was declared in 1997 have turned into disappointment and recriminations as the crisis in Iraq has grown. [snip] The neo-conservatives were called that because they sought to re-establish what they felt were true conservative values in the Republican Party and the United States. They wanted to stop what they felt were the isolationist tendencies that had developed under President Clinton, and even under the pragmatic President George Bush senior. They saw the war in Iraq as their big chance...
  • Vanity: Fun board games to play at Christmas

    12/17/2006 5:03:56 PM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 40 replies · 662+ views
    Looking for fun board games (or other) to play with the family this year. What does your family enjoy?
  • US bugged Diana's phone on night of death crash

    12/09/2006 8:11:29 PM PST · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 31 replies · 1,027+ views ^ | Sunday December 10, 2006 | Mark Townsend, Peter Allen
    The American secret service was bugging Princess Diana's telephone conversations without the approval of the British security services on the night she died, according to the most comprehensive report on her death, to be published this week. Among extraordinary details due to emerge in the report by former Metropolitan police commissioner Lord Stevens is the revelation that the US security service was bugging her calls in the hours before she was killed in a car crash in Paris.
  • Sex Trafficking - San Francisco Is A Major Center For International Crime

    10/06/2006 11:15:51 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 28 replies · 1,563+ views ^ | Friday, October 6, 2006 | Meredith May
    Many of San Francisco's Asian massage parlors -- long an established part of the city's sexually permissive culture -- have degenerated into something much more sinister: international sex slave shops. Once limited to infamous locales such as Bombay and Bangkok, sex trafficking is now an $8 billion international business, with San Francisco among its largest commercial centers. San Francisco's liberal attitude toward sex, the city's history of arresting prostitutes instead of pimps, and its large immigrant population have made it one of the top American cities for international sex traffickers to do business undetected, according to Donna Hughes, a national...
  • Appeal on school's lesson in Muslim culture is rejected

    10/03/2006 2:24:00 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 21 replies · 1,079+ views ^ | October 3, 2006 | Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer
    The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday by evangelical Christian students and their parents who said a Contra Costa County school district engaged in unconstitutional religious indoctrination when it taught students about Islam by having them recite language from prayers. ... ... The teacher, using an instructional guide, told students they would adopt roles as Muslims for three weeks to help them learn what Muslims believe. She encouraged them to use Muslim names, recited prayers in class, had them memorize and recite a passage from the Quran and made them give up something for a day, such as television...
  • Iraqi Soldiers Hinder U.S. Efforts

    09/24/2006 1:20:31 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 9 replies · 716+ views
    Las Vegas Sun ^ | September 24, 2006 | Antonio Castaneda, AP
    The plan was simple: Iraqi troops would block escape routes while U.S. soldiers searched for weapons house-by-house. But the Iraqi troops didn't show up on time. When they finally did appear, the Iraqis ignored U.S. orders and let dozens of cars pass through checkpoints in eastern Baghdad - including an ambulance full of armed militiamen, American soldiers said in recent interviews.
  • Somalia's Islamists Seize Seaport

    09/24/2006 1:15:31 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 9 replies · 417+ views
    Las Vegas Sun ^ | September 24, 2006 | Nasteex Dahir Farah, AP
    KISMAYO, Somalia (AP) - Hundreds of Islamic militiamen in heavily armed trucks took over the southern town of Kismayo, one of the last seaports that had been outside their control in Somalia, witnesses said Sunday. "The Islamic courts have entered Kismayo," said resident Abdi Gashan, adding that the warlords who previously ruled the area had fled. "We welcome the Islamic courts."
  • On This Day - September 6, 1972: Olympic hostages killed in gun battle

    09/06/2006 11:45:46 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 10 replies · 384+ views
    bbc ^ | September 6, 2006
    All nine of the Israeli athletes kidnapped on Tuesday from the Olympic Village in Munich have been killed in a gun battle at a nearby airport. A policeman also died in the shooting at the Furstenfeldbruck military airbase, along with four of the guerrillas from the Palestinian group Black September.
  • Man charged after boy drinks lethal amount of whiskey

    08/24/2006 11:30:31 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 14 replies · 657+ views
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer ^ | August 24, 2006 | Tracy Johnson, P.I. Reporter
    Man charged after boy drinks lethal amount of whiskey Young teen had blood alcohol level of 0.37 A man accused of buying liquor for a 13-year-old boy and doing little to stop him from gulping a lethal amount of it may now be the first person in King County to be held criminally responsible for such a death. Leonard Wayne III -- a fellow Muckleshoot Indian Tribe member and longtime friend of the boy's father -- was charged Wednesday with second-degree manslaughter. Kenneth Elkins died just after midnight April 16 after drinking Crown Royal whiskey with Wayne and other adults...
  • KIDNAP -- of Jill Carroll

    08/14/2006 11:00:52 AM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 81 replies · 3,729+ views ^ | Monday, August 14, 2006 | Jill Carroll, Christian Science Monitor
    My chief captor had an idea about how to prod the U.S. government into action: another video. He said this one would be different, and left. I turned to the two guards sitting on cushions a few feet away and started to panic. Really, really panic. "Oh my God, oh my God, they're going to kill me, this is going to be it. I don't know when but they're going to do it," I thought. I crawled over to Abu Hassan, the one who seemed more grown-up and sympathetic. His 9mm pistol was by his side, as usual. "You're my...
  • Strange 'twin' new worlds found

    08/03/2006 11:04:45 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 8 replies · 830+ views
    BBC News ^ | 3 August 2006
    Strange 'twin' new worlds found A pair of strange new worlds that blur the boundaries between planets and stars have been discovered beyond our Solar System. A few dozen such objects have been identified in recent years but this is the first set of "twins". Dubbed "planemos", they circle each other rather than orbiting a star. Their existence challenges current theories about the formation of planets and stars, astronomers report in the journal Science. "This is a truly remarkable pair of twins - each having only about 1% the mass of our Sun," said Ray Jayawardhana of the University of...
  • Honey helps problem wounds

    08/02/2006 3:55:47 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 31 replies · 1,060+ views
    Honey helps problem wounds Medihoney more effective than antibiotics -- Bonn-led study to start soon This press release is also available in Germany. A household remedy millennia old is being reinstated: honey helps the treatment of some wounds better than the most modern antibiotics. For several years now medical experts from the University of Bonn have been clocking up largely positive experience with what is known as medihoney. Even chronic wounds infected with multi-resistant bacteria often healed within a few weeks. In conjunction with colleagues from Düsseldorf, Homburg and Berlin they now want to test the experience gained in a...
  • X-rays reveal Archimedes secrets

    08/02/2006 1:45:46 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 45 replies · 2,052+ views
    BBC News ^ | 2 August 2006 | Jonathan Fildes
    X-rays reveal Archimedes secrets By Jonathan Fildes Science and technology reporter, BBC News A series of hidden texts written by the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes are being revealed by US scientists. Until now, the pages have remained obscured by paintings and texts laid down on top of the original writings. Using a non-destructive technique known as X-ray fluorescence, the researchers are able to peer through these later additions to read the underlying text.
  • Stupidity Without Borders – The Alliance of Utopias

    07/17/2006 2:36:32 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 5 replies · 333+ views
    The Brussels Journal ^ | 07-17-06 | Fjordman, Norway
    The 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries have witnessed the most spectacular population growth in human history, most of it in Third World countries. The world’s population, estimated at 6.4 billion in 2006, grows by more than 70 million people per year. In sixty years, Brazil’s population has increased by 318 per cent; Ethiopia’s by 503 per cent. There are now 73 million people in Ethiopia – more than the population of Britain or France. At the same time, many of the most economically successful countries, both in the East and in the West, have problems with ageing...
  • North Korean Test Was Intel Windfall for Red China

    07/11/2006 2:30:32 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 20 replies · 1,211+ views
    Human Events Online ^ | July 10, 2006 | Ed Timperlake
    As co-author of Showdown: Why China Wants War With the United States, I have argued that the real villain behind last week’s North Korean missile test is Red China. Why? Because the tests were undoubtedly an intelligence windfall for the Communist regime in Beijing. [snip] As a result of the tests, the PRC got a free look at U.S. capabilities. The PRC saw which military resources the U.S. committed, which tactical weapons were deployed, (ships, air and land-based systems), which frequencies [were] used (to be jammed in time of war). They also got to see how quickly and accurately we...
  • Girls Can Marry at 15, Colo. Court Finds

    06/15/2006 12:12:25 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 67 replies · 1,517+ views ^ | June 15, 2006 | John Sarche, AP
    DENVER A 15-year-old girl can enter into a common-law marriage in Colorado, and younger girls and boys possibly can, too, a state appeals court ruled Thursday.
  • ISP Recommendations? [Vanity]

    06/03/2006 3:12:10 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 58 replies · 566+ views
    June 3, 2006 | my_pointy_head_is_sharp
    I've searched extensively online for a new ISP. No luck. I think I'll have better luck with recommendations from my FReeper FRiends. Requirements: 1) It must be cheap. No more than $140-$180 a year ($15 a month max) or not much higher. 2)It must be faster than 46.6 kbps. (That's the fastest speed I can log on at now.) Would prefer 50.6 kbps or higher. Thank you for any recommendations.
  • Yahoo, eBay sign partnership on advertising

    05/25/2006 3:01:59 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 79+ views
    yahoo ^ | May 25, 2006 | Glenn Chapman
    SAN FRANCISCO, United States (AFP) - Internet portal Yahoo and online auction giant eBay announced a partnership for advertising and online payments. Under the deal, Yahoo will become the exclusive third-party provider of graphical advertising on eBay's site and eBay's PayPal will become the exclusive payment system on Yahoo's sites.
  • Egypt Monuments Endangered by Muslim Ruling?

    05/15/2006 2:06:18 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 44 replies · 1,227+ views
    National Geographic ^ | May 12, 2006 | Stefan Lovgren
    Egypt's Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, the country's top Muslim religious authority, last month issued a religious ruling, or fatwa, condemning the display of statues in Egypt.
  • Ex-Solicitor General to Help Skakel Appeal

    05/15/2006 1:33:17 PM PDT · by my_pointy_head_is_sharp · 48 replies · 844+ views ^ | Monday May 15, 2006 | John Christoffersen, AP
    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A former U.S. solicitor general will help Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel appeal his murder conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying Monday the case will focus on when the charges were filed. Theodore B. Olson has argued 43 cases before the nation's highest court, including representing George W. Bush in the disputed presidential race of 2000.