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  • The tyranny of majority rule

    01/17/2018 7:14:37 AM PST · 10 of 13
    Myrddin to rktman

    The House is proportional representation. Remove the two Senate seats before dividing population by number of seats. Ignorance on display.

  • Why you probably won't be seeing any kneeling players prior to this year's Super Bowl

    01/16/2018 11:19:25 AM PST · 14 of 146
    Myrddin to rigelkentaurus
    Actually the reason I won’t be seeing any kneelers during the Super Bowl is that I won’t be watching, not last year, not this year, not next year, not ever in the future.


  • Ana Navarro Says POTUS Must Pass DACA to Prove He Isn’t Racist – Then Calls Him ‘Pussy’ in Spanish

    01/16/2018 10:11:37 AM PST · 55 of 65
    Myrddin to Helicondelta
    You have to be pretty ignorant to believe you can spew an expletive in another language and not be called out. You have no idea who is within earshot that will understand your comment. Using another language as a means of virtual exclusion is a fool's errand in the US. To wit, my father sent me to Von's grocery to pick up salad ingredients. It was Christmas Eve. As I approached the produce area, a pair of women switched from English to German and continued their "private" conversation. I collected my lettuce and tomatoes and wished them "Froeliche Weinachten" on my way to checkout. I would have as glibly offered Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad or Nadolig LLawen to a French, Spanish or Welsh conversation.
  • Tech firm creates robot that bests humans in reading comprehension

    01/15/2018 5:06:56 PM PST · 43 of 43
    Myrddin to ItsOnlyDaryl
    The new deep learning paradigms can do this easily. The simplest training (supervised learning) is good when you fully understand the in/out relationship. The next step is unsupervised learning where the neural net and models work out the mapping. The more interesting case in reinforcement learning. You feed data in, but only give the neural net "praise" for correct answers. It derives all the model and algorithms on its own. It is free to execute millions of trial/error attempts seeking reinforcement.

    I'm emusing myself building deep learning models using python3, keras framework, TensorFlow and nVidia GPU processing. Easily accessible resources on a modern laptop with an nVidia graphics card. Manning Publications has a nice early access book detailing how to build a deep learning implementation to play the "Go" game. They also offer a video tutorial "Keras in Motion" to bring you up to speed on practical application.

    My co-workers were doing good work with hardware neural networks in the early 90s. That hardware has been gathering dust for years. The brave new world is big data under the aegis of Google and Amazon for training input and big data centers with racks of GPU hardware to crunch the neural network data. Expert systems and more will become very affordable.

  • Ford Goes 'All In' on Electric Cars With $11 Billion Investment

    01/15/2018 4:50:22 PM PST · 118 of 150
    Myrddin to DoughtyOne
    Nice. Some of my buddies that were salescritters at El Cajon Harley opened a shop near Old Town in San Diego. They have Zero electrics, some Enfield and some Triumph bikes. Zero keeps getting better. They have on and off-road flavors. Enjoy and be careful. I've dropped from 191 lbs to 146 lbs in the last couple years. A lighter bike (SR400 is 381 lbs) might be easier than my Fat Bob at 870 lbs. Have to wait for the icy streets to melt off before riding again. Overnight was +26F and left a sheet of ice on my driveway and the street beyond the driveway. I'll wait for Spring.
  • Ford Goes 'All In' on Electric Cars With $11 Billion Investment

    01/15/2018 4:43:15 PM PST · 117 of 150
    Myrddin to Sam Gamgee
    I observed a new Leaf owner stealing power at the Fry's Electronics store in San Diego. Pulled right up to the front of the building and plugged into a 120 VAC socket. He was there for HOURS. The laughable part is his family was with him. They were they for hours too. Huge shopping spree. Whatever he hoped to save in fuel costs was more than offset by the "retail therapy" his wife was getting during the recharging interval.
  • Ford Goes 'All In' on Electric Cars With $11 Billion Investment

    01/15/2018 4:36:41 PM PST · 114 of 150
    Myrddin to spokeshave
    Ha...just in time for the start of the next ice age....if the Sun doesn't make any sunspots by then.

    That is no small consideration. I'll be 66 that year. Unlikely to be a customer for a new car. More likely mulling retirement and short range travel. I can acquire 99% of my needs within 2 miles of my house. The 50 mile trips to Idaho Falls are for fun. Indoor shooting range. Gun shops. Bookstore. Some favorite restaurants.

  • Ford Goes 'All In' on Electric Cars With $11 Billion Investment

    01/15/2018 4:29:56 PM PST · 110 of 150
    Myrddin to ASOC
    From direct experience, the Mercury Mariner Hybrid was touted as a 32 MPG vehicle with a $3,000 tax credit. Lie number 1...the tax credit was $1200. Lie #2: the vehicle achieved 32 MPG exactly ONCE in the 7 years we owned it. That was on a San Diego to Pocatello run. Early September. Mild weather, so no heat or air conditioning. Cruise control and no freeway congestion. The real AVERAGE was 26 MPG over the life of the car. Spring and Fall might reach 28 MPG. Winter dropped to 21 MPG as the cold affected the battery capacity and required heating at all times. We had -15F and the seat heat was barely enough to keep our teeth from chattering.

    That Mariner was $32,000 out the door. We put 108,000 miles on it. Trade in as $6700 against the new 2015 F150 CrewCab. The Mariner has lots of "toys". Seat heat. Moon roof. In-dash NAV. Satellite Radio. Leather seats. Fanciest car I've ever owned. The replacement is less fancy, more functional. On a good day doing 80 MPH on I-15, we get about 19 MPG. Taking it down to 55 MPH will push the mileage to 23 MPG. Best ever since purchase was 24.5 MPG on a trip to Yellowstone.

  • Ford Goes 'All In' on Electric Cars With $11 Billion Investment

    01/15/2018 4:18:45 PM PST · 106 of 150
    Myrddin to yoe
    Hydrogen is a STORE of energy. Mostly a store of electricity with some loss in efficiency in the conversion. One still has to generate the electricity. There may be some chemical processes to convert natural gas to hydrogen, but why do that? You can run a vehicle directly on natural gas without the loss in energy.
  • Ford Goes 'All In' on Electric Cars With $11 Billion Investment

    01/15/2018 4:14:47 PM PST · 104 of 150
    Myrddin to Howe_D_Dewty
    I have 2 F150 4x4 trucks in the driveway. 1999 F150 Supercab, 5.2 Triton V8 with 64000 miles. The 2015 SuperCrew have the EcoTech V6 with 6 speed. Both are 4x4 and perfect for Pocatello and Idaho in general. We went through a phase with a 2003 Escape (V6) and 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The "kids" are off th nest. No compelling need to seat a family of 5 (now 4 after #1 son passed in 2012). During the Summer months we have the option of taking the motorcycles out. Have 8 in the garage. One dual sport that is getting considered to trade in against a Yamaha SR400. I want a lighter bike with good gas mileage. The SR400 gets 66 MPG on regular gas and has a 3.2 gallon gas tank. Perfect for a run to Idaho Falls (53 miles one way).
  • Ford Goes 'All In' on Electric Cars With $11 Billion Investment

    01/15/2018 4:01:45 PM PST · 101 of 150
    Myrddin to DoughtyOne
    I purchased a Harley Fat Bob and a trailer. Hitched that to me F150 and traveled to San Diego. The F150 was parked. Trailer stored in the garage at the place I rented a room. 99% of my travel occurred on 2 wheels. 38 to 49 MPG. Lane splits to dodge the insanity of the bumper to bumper freeways. From Sept 2010 to Sept 2014, I added 30,000 miles on my F150. During the same interval I had my Kawasaki Versys, Harley XL1200R and Fat Bob accruing 20,000 miles EACH. The 1999 F150 was purchased USED in 2003 with 22,500 miles. Today in 2018, it just turned over 64,000 miles. The bikes haven't added a total of 200 miles (collectively) since Sept 2014. No time to enjoy them with 55 to 70 hour weeks. I want to change that latter situation before I'm too damn old and enjoy them.

    As an aside, I could have easily substituted one of the Zero series electric bikes for commuting to work. I had reduced that to 7.5 miles one-way between Clairemont Dr/Balboa Ave and Genesee/Campus Point Drive. The electric would have been unsatisfactory for my weekend rides to Julian or a late Summer round trip San Diego <--> Pocatello. The Fat Bob yielded 49.5 MPG over the 1800+ miles round trip.

  • Ford Goes 'All In' on Electric Cars With $11 Billion Investment

    01/15/2018 3:48:55 PM PST · 100 of 150
    Myrddin to rigelkentaurus
    Between June 2009 and Sept 2014, I made regular trips between San Diego and Pocatello. I have the fuel and stops refined. Best door to door was 13 hours, 50 minutes. Worst was 21 hours due to a snow storm blocking I-15 south from Barstow to just south of the Cajon Pass summit. The path was 925 miles. An electric can't do that. It would be stopped for two or 3 charges. The wall clock time extension would demand a rest break with sleeping accommodations. The "fuel" cost saved with electric over gasoline is overshadowed by the loss of time and additional food/lodging expenses imposed by the extended travel time.
  • FBI Baffled by Encryption (FBI DIRECTOR Wray wants back diirs on devices)

    01/14/2018 12:36:24 PM PST · 49 of 66
    Myrddin to Lazamataz
    Meltdown and more generally, Spectre. The modern assembly line is the "magic" employed by fast chips. They employ cache memory to grab a sequence of future instructions and "speculatively execute" them with the hope that doing so was the correct choice and the concurrent activity "saves time". In general, it works well. Compilers are optimized to help the "pipeline" strategy. When the guess goes "wrong", there is a "pipeline stall" and the processing falls back to executing exactly "what you see is what you get" in real time.

    The "bad guys" figured out a way to exploit the cached data to glean information. The only way to prevent this is to stop using pipelined cache with speculative executions. In practice, the measured slowdown ranges from 17 to 29 percent slower.

    The inability to break the encryption in a timely fashion is by design. If you must encrypt to prevent spying on your data, increase the level of "fun" by encrypting lots of nonsense trivial an mixing it with a real items. The interlopers have no idea which items are relevant and which are nonsense. All will require lots of CPU cycles. Choose something really challenging that isn't subject to defeat with big data solutions e.g. "rainbow tables" that map a replacement string for every possible hash value.

  • Supreme court agrees to consider internet sales taxes

    01/14/2018 10:39:32 AM PST · 48 of 77
    Myrddin to ridesthemiles

    Cities in San Diego county impose sales taxes. It definitely influenced my choice of bookstore and restaurants. The El Cajon Harley dealer imposed sales tax based on street address for a vehicle purchase.

  • UK: Police Hunt Down Facebook Users Who Made ‘Offensive’ Comments About Muslim Grooming Gangs Online

    01/13/2018 8:08:50 PM PST · 52 of 55
    Myrddin to DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis
    My staff is doing a software delivery in the UK starting this week. I'm not on the delivery team this time. Seeing this kind of crap going on, I'm inclined to decline future opportunities to be on a delivery.
  • California Proposes Dodgy State-Run Charity Scheme

    01/12/2018 10:47:49 PM PST · 2 of 16
    Myrddin to Oshkalaboomboom
    If payment is compulsory, it is a tax. The attempt to masquerade as a charity is laughable.

    My state income tax and property taxes are well beyond the $10,000 limit even in Idaho. The $24,000 standard deduction for married might well be a net "win" over SALT deduction. I haven't had the option of not itemizing in 40 years.

  • Man captures video of "patient dumping" outside Baltimore hospital

    01/11/2018 3:24:54 PM PST · 73 of 85
    Myrddin to ilovesarah2012
    I was returning from work one afternoon to the Cottonwood area south of El Cajon. It was near dusk and I was on my motorcycle. I was astonished to see e medical type bed on the street (curbside) with a man laying on it. Little more than an examining type "gown" as "cover". Dumped on the street like trash. Temperature was nominally high 60s.
  • Sam's Club closes hundreds of stores nationwide [260]

    01/11/2018 12:24:24 PM PST · 39 of 100
    Myrddin to Red Badger
    Possibly related, all Walmart stores in eastern Idaho have changed store hours from 24/7 to 6 AM to midnight. The reason is claimed to be "optimizing labor". It may also be minimizing theft. One big impact is going to the the midnight EBT shoppers who fill up their carts on the last day of the month, then checkout at the stroke of midnight when the EBT card is "recharged". Walmart has staffed up for that evening for many years.
  • Alarmist Scientists Announce the Latest Climate Change Threat: Mutant Transgender Turtles

    01/11/2018 12:18:04 PM PST · 24 of 36
    Myrddin to Swordmaker
    I'm more inclined to believe the endless flushing of estrogens from pee'ed out birth control hormones is the origin of the problem. The fresh water rivers in Germany have high levels of estrogen and it has been observed to impact aquatic life and humans that consume it.
  • U.S. cold snap was a freak of nature — not global warming — quick analysis finds

    01/11/2018 9:39:21 AM PST · 13 of 38
    Myrddin to WayneS
    Typical ignorance in sampling data. The Nyquist limit requires sampling at twice the highest frequency expected in the data. The corresponding inverse is sampling period. You must sample long enough to capture a full repetition of the lowest frequency events or you miss them. Those rules are more obvious to people doing digital signal processing, but they apply equally to other kinds of sampling.