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  • WSJ: Mother of All Blackouts

    12/23/2009 1:38:20 PM PST · 43 of 59
    NathanPaulPrince to dr_who_2

    People in Quebec lasted 40 days with absolutely no power, a few years back when they got hit by an ice storm.
    I also glean the idea that Americans tend to think something else is looking out for them (much like anyone else on the planet, I gather).
    I the event of a massive EMP burst, ie, a nuclear device going off in the atmosphere, you all tend to forget it will rip a huge hole in the ozone layer as well - frying everything. Forget electricity at that point - think of vegetation turning crips, lakes evaporating and rivers drying out.
    Think bigger - the army won’t be looking out for you at that point - there is a whole population ready to go underground in a few military bases, and you have to ask yourself if your name’s on the survival list, at that point in time.
    I know I’m not on a survivor list. But I do know how to live 40 days without anything electrical at all. I had kersoene, an indoor wood burning stove, and a hand cranked wooden stereo. I rocked.