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  • Al Franken confirmed to Senate in MN (BARF!)

    06/30/2009 1:45:14 PM PDT · 161 of 258
    NCWarrior to therealmajority
    I can’t figure out who the supreme court of florida could have gotten it so right in 2000, and the supreme court in MN is getting it so wrong in 2009.

    The FSSC actually was in favor of recounting until Gore was elected. It was the USSC that stepped in and ended it.

  • Obama Signs Law Banning Federal Embryo Research Two Days After Signing Executive Order to OK It

    03/16/2009 7:48:34 AM PDT · 204 of 211
    NCWarrior to Between the Lines

    I’m afraid this thread is making a lot of people look very naive. The bill includes specific restrictions on the use of the billions it authorizes.. but doesn’t restrict the trillions elsewhere in the 2009 budget. So yeah, they can’t extract human tissue with THESE needles bought by THESE dollars.. but they can use those OTHER needles over here bought with THOSE dollars.

    Electing Obama made this happen, and semantic victories about where the money comes from isn’t going to change the actual result for the embryos.

  • (President) Bush Welcomes Iraq's Approval Of Security Agreement; Troops [Out] In 2011

    11/28/2008 5:56:25 AM PST · 9 of 13
    NCWarrior to Diana in Wisconsin
    There are some seriously problematic parts to this agreement.

    "which requires that American combat forces leave Iraq's cities, villages and localities by June 30, 2009, and all U.S. troops from the entire country by December 31, 2011."

    Those are hard deadlines. It ought to have been a conditional agreement, with military approval on both sides before any troops are pulled.

    I swear, the Iraqis just copied in the Murtha plan, and the U.S. didn't fight it because they wanted something signed before that one takes over.

    But no one should be too concerned.. this agreement will last right until they try to haul a GI into an Iraqi court for an after-hours bar fight, or a forced honor marriage, and we send some guys in to get him back.

  • Media No Longer Matters

    09/03/2008 5:22:25 AM PDT · 44 of 54
    NCWarrior to MartinaMisc

    I’d excise Ramesh Ponnuru from your list of reputable conservative columnists. The guy removed himself from serious consideration as an intelligent human being when he wrote that Wasilla was more populous than Delaware.

    He was off by a factor of a hundred.

    It doesn’t really matter how he made the mistake.. anyone who can put the words ‘Wasilla has more people than Delaware’ on paper no longer needs to be listened to on any subject.

  • Ted Stevens to be indicted

    07/29/2008 1:24:40 PM PDT · 125 of 165
    NCWarrior to Bubba_Leroy
    Can the Alaska Republicans replace Stevens with a more electable candidate right before the election, like the New Jersey Democrats did in 2002 when they replaced Torricelli with Lautenberg?

    Yes, if he wins the primary, and agrees to step down afterwards.

  • Ted Stevens to be indicted

    07/29/2008 11:18:05 AM PDT · 101 of 165
    NCWarrior to montag813

    There are two issues, and neither have any requirement that Stevens doe what’s best for the party.

    His current Senate seat is his until January. Even if he resigns, the governor cannot select a replacement.. it would require a special election, and we are too close to the general for that. It’s either Stevens, or an empty Senate seat.

    For the election, Stevens can stay in the race, even from prison. He can’t be taken off the primary ballot involuntarily. So here’s the timeline:

    1. Stevens drops out before the primary. (The primary winner runs in the general, would hopefully be self-funding considering the lack of name recognition and the short campaign season.)

    2. Stevens runs in the primary, but loses. (The primary winner runs in the general; not sure about this happening with the anti-Stevens vote split among 6 Republicans.)

    3. Stevens runs in the primary, wins, but then drops out before the general. (The Alaska Republican Party selects a candidate to replace Stevens on the ballot.)

    4. Stevens runs in the primary, wins, and then runs in the general. (Sen. Begich, D-AK)

  • The House Walk Out

    02/14/2008 1:20:55 PM PST · 10 of 76
    NCWarrior to alwaysconservative

    And then they all marched back in to vote on recognition for African American achievements.

    Because, protecting America may be important, but not important enough to avoid pandering to a constituency that willl never vote Republican.

  • McCain cuts deal with delegates to hand WV victory to Huckabee

    02/05/2008 1:35:02 PM PST · 174 of 551
    NCWarrior to not2worry

    I feel this sort of backroom bargaining is why the Republican Party needs to end the winner-take-all scenario. McCain was only able to pull this trick because 2nd place was equivalent to last place.

  • In Larry Craig’s Corner, the A.C.L.U.

    01/16/2008 9:43:10 AM PST · 21 of 23
    NCWarrior to Slapshot68

    I don’t know what the ACLU is arguing, based on the first paragraph. I know what the AP says the ACLU is arguing, but since it doesn’t match the facts of the case, I’m not going to assume the AP managed to get this one right. It’s much more likely the ACLU is arguing that a sexual invitation has an expectation of privacy.. which is fine, as long as it also allows a fist as a valid, legal response.

    Dealing with the ACLU is like going to a Minnesota airport bathroom.. you may be there for a reason, but it’s disgusting to know who might be standing next to you. Sen. Craig should refute every statement made in his ‘support’ by the ACLU. Then again, so should’ve Rush.

    They just love adopting Republicans/conservatives and sending out ‘helpful’ press releases on their behalf.

  • Congressional Candidate Vows To Eat MRE's Until primary Election Day.

    01/07/2008 2:27:04 PM PST · 11 of 24
    NCWarrior to isthisnickcool

    Why do so many people proudly announce to the world that they are not politicians, while desperately trying to become one? Once D.C. has its fingers in them, they are politicians, no matter what they were before.

    The only honest thing for a truly-non-politician to do would be to win the election, then refuse to report to Washington.

  • Bush homeland security adviser resigns

    11/20/2007 1:45:10 PM PST · 55 of 75
    NCWarrior to trumandogz

    > I do not believe a Fed. Department has ever been abolished.

    The Cabinet positions of the Navy, and the Postmaster General, were removed. The current single Cabinet position of HEW used to be two; Education and HHS.

    None of these decisions actually removed the department they represented, of course.

  • Runoff candidates ready to hit the trail again (strange quote from Bobby Jindal)

    10/23/2007 8:07:07 AM PDT · 50 of 77
    NCWarrior to rogue yam

    New Orleans Metropolitan Statistical Area

    7/1/2005 Census - 1,313,787

    On the other hand, the census only dropped 300K by the following year, so unless there was a mass white migration INTO N.O. post-Katrina, there’s no way the net exodus of black voters was anywhere near 600K.

  • Chuck Norris Endorses Mike Huckabee for President

    10/23/2007 7:50:51 AM PDT · 153 of 177
    NCWarrior to shbox

    I assume you listen with equal attentiveness to the political discourse from George Clooney, Rosie O’Donnell, and Barbara Streisand. After all, they are also ‘actors’.

    An actor, or a singer, has an opinion. So do I. Mine is worth an equal amount as theirs.. and even more if they happen to be idiots. They just have access to a soapbox that broadcasts farther than I can, and also have a lapdog press mindlessly repeating their words. If they weren’t so interested in their own promotion, they would most definitely shut up and do what they are paid for.

  • Chuck Norris Endorses Mike Huckabee for President

    10/23/2007 6:14:24 AM PDT · 136 of 177
    NCWarrior to shbox


    Shut up and ‘act’. (as best you can, anyway)

    Taking political advice from Chuck Norris/Ted Nugent et. al. is about as intelligent as taking political advice from the Dixie Chicks. None of them are paid for their political acumen.

  • Turkey Parliament votes to allow incursion into N. Iraq (CNN News "blip")

    10/18/2007 6:41:31 AM PDT · 34 of 45
    NCWarrior to ari-freedom

    The PKK is a terrorist organization, and there is no excuse for the regional government of Kurdistan to allow them to operate in their sphere of influence. The majority of Kurds do not support their methods, as they often find themselves included in the violence.

    So, it is only because the Kurds openly support the PKKs goal of a unified Kurdistan, pulling in parts of Turkey, Syria, and Iran into the Iraqi section, that the PKK find themselves able to operate with impunity.. killing Turkish soldiers and innocent civilians.. then blending back in with the Kurds, just as the Iraqi terrorists blend in with Iraqi citizens too afraid of reprisals to protest.

    I support the government of Turkey in their effort to remove a terrorist threat to their citizens. It is the exact same decision that led us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Perhaps the Kurds will see reason once they understand that no democratic government is going to allow an active terrorist enemy to destroy them.

  • 27% of Republicans Would Vote for Pro-Life Third Party Instead of Giuliani (Proof Rudy CAN'T Win)

    10/04/2007 10:24:57 AM PDT · 88 of 586
    NCWarrior to Impeach the Boy

    The announcement by Dr. Dobson is not intended to herald the impending support of a third-party candidate against both Hillary and Rudy. It is intended to torpedo Rudy’s nomination now, while something can be done about it.

    You want a unified Republican party? Don’t nominate Rudy.

    Republicans weren’t offered a similar choice to have nixed Perot prior to the ‘92 election. If Rudy gets the nod anyway, no one can say they weren’t warned.

  • Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts

    10/02/2007 9:07:41 AM PDT · 46 of 61
    NCWarrior to wolfcreek

    > Where is the sea level rise associated with all this melting ice?

    When floating ice melts, the water level doesn’t change.

    Didn’t you watch Mr. Wizard?

  • Fears Of Dollar Collapse As Saudis Take Fright

    09/19/2007 2:44:52 PM PDT · 62 of 162
    NCWarrior to Nathan Zachary

    Might want to study up on the differences between the DJIA and long-term debt markets. Not even close to the same thing.

  • Iraq crash kills 14 US soldiers

    08/22/2007 6:11:02 AM PDT · 39 of 115
    NCWarrior to varon

    Hindsight is useless to help Iraq, although it may give us a better idea how to handle future confrontations in the region. I have no doubt that we will have them.

    We should have retained the Iraqi army, paid for an equivalent Shiite force, assigned them to partitioned portions of the country (with Kurdistan responsible for their own security), put a military council of equal representation in charge of the country with the instruction to plan for a democratic transition on their own timeline. Any attempt at a return to dictatorship would be met with a return visit by our troops, who otherwise would be stationed outside the region.

    As it is, disbanding the Iraqi army was the worst decision that could have been made, converting security into insurgency. As it is, Iraq is facing a hellish Catch-22 around November of this year with the referendum on Kirkuk. If the referendum is delayed, the Kurds will join the civil war. If the referendum is held, the Arabs and Turkmen of Kirkuk will be slaughtered. We have no security forces, either internal to Iraq or American military, that can police that area and avoid either outcome.

  • Millions for bandages, nothing for bullets

    04/02/2007 2:01:35 PM PDT · 12 of 15
    NCWarrior to JZelle

    "if they can tone down the noise for a year the Shi'ites and Sunnis can get on with killing each other in the name of Osama, Mohammed, Allah or any Muslim notability of their choosing."

    When you put it that way, I say Sounds good, supply both sides with ammunition, and then when they're done, bomb the winner. Let the smart Iraqis come back in when its over and build a real country.

  • Matt Dowd and the De-Propagandizing of the War?

    04/02/2007 11:59:07 AM PDT · 29 of 29
    NCWarrior to Dead Dog

    This guy wasn't anything.. Bush doesn't use polls.

    Dowd probably was assigned to clean the bathrooms.

  • Patrick to review Romney trooper policy(Detaing illegals)

    12/07/2006 12:05:11 PM PST · 8 of 11
    NCWarrior to ASA Vet

    Absolutely. First place to look is Romney's garden.

  • Martinez hits 'enforcement only'

    11/15/2006 12:44:28 PM PST · 144 of 177
    NCWarrior to Hostage

    If we're incredibly lucky.. can't believe I just typed that.. anyway, if there is a pro-Republican brain in the White House, then this is all a ruse to allow the Reps in Congress to vote down Martinez and show their independence from Bush. Preparation for reclamation, 2008!

    If not, then Bush is tucked deep in the pocket of the big-business crowd, spends his afternoons laughing at all the true conservatives he's fooled, and can't wait for his post-Presidential appearance fees to start rolling in.

  • Will Dims Now Use the 'Nuclear Option'?

    11/10/2006 6:44:08 AM PST · 73 of 90
    NCWarrior to katieanna

    I think a lot of people misunderstand the 'nuclear option'.

    When we controlled the Senate prior to Jumpin Jim's switch, we passed along an idea (first conceptualized by Sen. Byrd) that would allow the majority to remove the filibuster from the Senate rules. But removing the filibuster is not actually the 'nuclear option'. The Dems said that they would respond to the removal of the filibuster by refusing to participate in any floor motions.. including starting any session, approving the minutes, etc.. which used to be automatic. That response is actually the 'nuclear option'.

    So, now, if the Dems try to toss the filibuster while they are in charge, we do have the option of 'going nuclear'.. stopping the Senate entirely until the filibuster is restored.

  • Radical Shiite stronghold raided in Iraq

    10/25/2006 10:23:30 AM PDT · 35 of 43
    NCWarrior to Blind Eye Jones

    For reference, Sadr is an anti-Iranian cult leader, and has semi-control over a group of slum rats known as the Mahdi Army. The pro-Iranian militia is the Badr Corps, which are semi-controlled by SCIRI (a Shiite group that hid out in Iran while Saddam was in power). The Badr Corps are much more professional, Iranian-trained, and have infiltrated most of the police forces in the Shiite cities.

    Both Sadr, and SCIRI, were part of the coalition in the Iraqi government that selected al-Maliki. They both agreed on him precisely because he was too weak to stop either militia from operating openly.

  • Bush Admits Border Breakdown (Reuters' British Edition coverage, text from video report)

    05/16/2006 5:08:54 AM PDT · 12 of 77
    NCWarrior to ProCivitas

    The one thing we love about the President is that he never changes his mind. He may change how something is framed, but in the end he's going to do exactly what he wants to do, regardless of who whines about it.

    Unfortunately, now I'm on the other side of what he wants to do; all illegals granted citizenship. We hit him hard, and he heard us, but he's NOT going to change his mind.. he's just going to come up with a focus-group tested slogan that makes it seem as though he is tough on border security.

    I have learned enough about how he treats his opposition not to be fooled on the few issues where I am that opposition.

  • Challenger for Harris still possible

    05/12/2006 1:08:37 PM PDT · 40 of 40
    NCWarrior to HitmanLV
    I want to see the GOP win, not satisfy some strange misplaced fixation of the "Katherine Harris or Bust" crew.

    Shouldn't that be 'and'?