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  • What Being a “Christian Writer” Doesn’t Mean

    12/19/2014 10:29:50 AM PST · 11 of 11
    newheart to chajin
    The reason "Christian" as an adjective is ambiguous is two-fold. First ... practically any stance can refer to itself as "Christian," regardless of doctrinal integrity.

    Second, "Christian" in the arts has become, not only a statement of theology, but a statement of niche marketing.

    Very well put.

  • Bill O’Reilly: Black people should wear “Don’t get pregnant at 14 T-shirts"

    12/18/2014 10:39:15 AM PST · 19 of 56
    newheart to Nea Wood
    Legs together! Don’t procreate!

    Or the ever popular, "Stop, don't shoot!" might even suffice.

  • What Being a “Christian Writer” Doesn’t Mean

    12/18/2014 10:36:27 AM PST · 6 of 11
    newheart to Alex Murphy
    I wonder if that's what "being a 'Christian Writer'" means to Millegan here.

    Whatever being a Christian writer means, I am sure we can all agree that the one question that will guarantee that someone is denied admission to the gates of heaven is, "Did you ever post a link to your own blog on FR?"

    I'd add the sarcasm tag, but somehow don't think it necessary.

  • What Being a “Christian Writer” Doesn’t Mean

    12/18/2014 10:32:44 AM PST · 5 of 11
    newheart to millegan

    Thanks for posting this. (I have no idea if this is your blog, and frankly don’t care.) I think we always run into difficulty when we use the word “Christian” as an adjective. Christian writer. Christian movie. Christian literature. Christian environment. That language both raises and lowers expectations and seldom provides any kind of accurate or valuable additional information.

    Perhaps your solution—endeavoring to create a masterful work of art—is best. That puts the Christian writer on the same ground as the non-Christian writer committed to the same ideal, making a real dialog more possible.

    For a great discussion of Walker Percy and some insight into what it means to be a “Christian” writer, here is a long (but worth it if you can take the time) Youtube video:

  • Residents in northwest Arkansas city vote to repeal anti-discrimination ordinance

    12/10/2014 12:40:58 PM PST · 4 of 5
    newheart to Svartalfiar
    And a 'large' LGBT community is what, 4, 5% of the populace? If that?

    That's the base, though in Fayetteville it is probably a bit larger. Then you'd have to add in the people who work for many of those folks. Plus, it is a University town, so it has a natural liberal base. Then there are the people in the school who are afraid they won't get tenure, advancement, published, funding for research, etc., if they express an opinion contrary to the prevailing, politically correct attitude. Add to that the folks who are just tired of fighting those issues and those who are completely uninformed.

    That is how a small group of very vocal advocates can bully the rest of the culture (just ask the Boy Scouts). So, kudos to the brave souls who have put up the fight.

  • Residents in northwest Arkansas city vote to repeal anti-discrimination ordinance

    12/10/2014 11:07:25 AM PST · 2 of 5
    newheart to aimhigh

    Kind of a surprise really, since Fayetteville is known as “the Athens of the Ozarks,” and has a large and active LGBT community.

  • The Obama Whisperer

    11/10/2014 7:22:12 AM PST · 24 of 32
    newheart to oblomov
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Pay no attention to that woman behind the teleprompter.

  • What different religions say about aliens: A brief guide

    11/05/2014 4:20:51 AM PST · 65 of 68
    newheart to dangerdoc
    The Bible addresses the creation, fall and restoration of humanity. God’s relation with and alien race could be alien to us. Aside from that, ever wonder about the whole back story of angels?

    Completely agree. Alien to us could mean anything at all, including the possibility that we cannot even see them except when they (or God) choose to reveal themselves. God is infinite, infinitely good and can and will do what he chooses. Through Christ we have the privilege of witnessing that for eternity.

  • What different religions say about aliens: A brief guide

    11/04/2014 9:45:32 AM PST · 39 of 68
    newheart to southernmann
    Would that mean that the Trinity I sreally more than just 3 entities? Would there be; The Father, SONS, and the Holy Ghost?

    Larry Norman was a great songwriter. Not always the most coherent theologian. An even more likely theological objection would be to suggest that Christ died on the cross on this planet once and for all, terrestrials, extra-terrestrials or whatever. Especially if you factor in his title from Revelation: The Lamb who was sacrificed before the foundation of the world.

  • What different religions say about aliens: A brief guide

    11/04/2014 8:52:22 AM PST · 6 of 68
    newheart to EveningStar
    The ones that would have the most difficulty are religions of the book, the sacred word, and it becomes harder if the followers are literalists.

    This Weintraub guy's prejudices are pretty close to the surface. I won't speak for Muslims; their book is the product of one crazed human being. But believers in The Book ought to have no problem with extraterrestrials. After all, both the Old and New Testaments are chock full of encounters with "non-humans."

    In the words of Larry Norman:

    If there's life on other planets, I'm sure that he must know.

    And he's been there once already and died to save their souls.

  • Reid rejects Ebola travel ban proposal

    10/17/2014 2:56:10 PM PDT · 65 of 79
    newheart to Bill93
    The history of what happened to the American Indian is sad enough without trying to turn anyone and everyone with white skin into a villain.

    I completely agree. I am also one of the "indigenous"ones, at least partly, with a genetic makeup that includes Cree Indian, Central American Indian, as well as Scotch-Irish and Central European.

    That the idea of getting payback is absurd is merely a further indication of the utter insanity of the Left. Their solutions only add to the problems.

    And let's not forget Louis Farrakhan's contribution to this debate, "Ebola was created by the white man to reduce the population of black people."

    Interesting times.

  • Reid rejects Ebola travel ban proposal

    10/17/2014 1:40:00 PM PDT · 5 of 79
    newheart to redreno

    I’ve been thinking that this reluctance to close the borders to potentially infected people is part of the hard-wiring the left received during the 70s and 80s (and beyond) in their college American history classes.

    At the time, one of the most popular books on every American history reading list was a relatively brief tome called, “The Invasion of America” (Jennings). Among Jennings’ theses was the idea that during the first century or so of New World exploration by the Europeans, it is estimated that approximately 20 million native Americans died, not from wars with the explorers, but from diseases carried from Europe against which the indigenous population had no immunity.

    Whether that 20 million figure is accurate, I don’t know. And I have never heard it adequately explained why the so-called “invaders” didn’t suffer from indigenous diseases for the same reason—a lack of immunity.

    Whatever the truth of the matter is, an invasion of America through the transmission of viruses may be considered payback on the part of the Left. Our biological chickens coming home to roost, so to speak. Obviously we deserve to die because of what we, the white population of Europe, “did” to the indigenous people of America three centuries ago.

    I’m not saying that the average left leaning individual believes that in any explicit sense, though, no doubt, some do. Instead it is merely a part of their intellectual DNA— white America deserves whatever it gets. That the carriers of this form of historical “payback” are from west Africa is just icing on the cake.

  • The Secret Synod Does What We Expected: Evil

    10/14/2014 8:29:50 AM PDT · 27 of 38
    newheart to FR_addict
    but 52) seems to give the homosexual couple the right to adopt, have children by artificial means, etc.

    That seems to me to be a VERY broad reading of item #52. I agree with you that perhaps they should have mentioned that is wrong to bring a child into that environment, but sadly, too often the child is already there. They clearly put the child's welfare at the top of the priority list.

  • The Secret Synod Does What We Expected: Evil

    10/14/2014 7:23:26 AM PDT · 16 of 38
    newheart to newheart; BlatherNaut

    In response to my own question, here is a link to the text in unofficial translation:

    But before anyone decides to argue that the Church is ready to recognize and bless homosexual unions on the same level as traditional marriage, please read item # 51.

  • The Secret Synod Does What We Expected: Evil

    10/14/2014 7:14:45 AM PDT · 14 of 38
    newheart to BlatherNaut

    I wonder if there is any possibility that we could actually see the reports and recommendations from this “secret” synod, or should we merely accept the word of this Ferrara guy? Just because he may believe that this pope is the anti-christ or his immediate predecessor, does not make it so.

  • The Bilbo Baggins Inside All of Us

    10/01/2014 8:25:06 AM PDT · 7 of 12
    newheart to Arm_Bears
    Anybody think that would happen with the calibre of college professors out there today?

    Membership in the "Christian fold" is not dependent on someone's calibre or how good they are; in fact if it were dependent upon how good we are, as Mark Twain put it, "You're dog would go to heaven and you wouldn't."

    Like people every other walk of life, college professors can come to faith in Jesus. It sometimes takes a conversion experience like Paul had, but it happens.

  • A Different Kind of 'Coming Out'

    09/29/2014 11:14:09 AM PDT · 7 of 8
    newheart to ifinnegan
    He needs to learn that such a mistake distracts from what may be an otherwise well written, well thought out presentation.

    Can't argue with that.

  • A Different Kind of 'Coming Out'

    09/29/2014 9:51:33 AM PDT · 4 of 8
    newheart to ifinnegan
    When is this person going to come out and admit his propensity for illiteracy?

    I believe the more appropriate term might be "misspelling" instead of "illiteracy," and it is certainly not a propensity, since the rest of the article is well written.

    So, is it really necessary to attempt to wreak havoc on the entire article based on a single misused word?

  • A Different Kind of 'Coming Out'

    09/29/2014 9:34:28 AM PDT · 2 of 8
    newheart to SeekAndFind

    Thanks for this post. I’m thinking this guy may really be someone to watch in this whole area. Clear thinking, remarkably mature for someone who is only 4 years into his Christian walk. He seems to have the ability to speak to the problem of same sex attraction with both truth and love. Usually people speak to it with “truth without love” or “love without truth.” Refreshing. Prayers for him and his work.

  • Victorious Secret: Lingerie for Overcomers

    09/23/2014 6:58:01 PM PDT · 12 of 21
    newheart to hulagirl
    It’s a Christian satire thing,

    Yup, it's satire. Gets its name from the start of the Reformation when Martin Luther nailed 95 theocrats to the Wittenburg Door. ;-)

  • Oklahoma judge dismisses Ten Commandments lawsuit

    09/23/2014 3:57:29 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    newheart to george76

    Interesting that the article does not contain the name of the judge, nor does it give the judge’s rationale for the decision. Instead it gives 80% of the article over to whining quotes from the ACLU.

    So, for the record, the judge’s name is William Prince. Yes, he is up for reelection in November and perhaps that’s why KFOR chose not to put his name in the article. Although they would argue it would be inappropriate to put his name in the article because of the election. Fairness and all, wink, wink, nod, nod.

  • The more inept you are the smarter you think you are

    09/15/2014 2:02:32 PM PDT · 38 of 51
    newheart to EveningStar
  • Obama's Re-WOT (Revived War on Terror)

    09/10/2014 4:38:48 PM PDT · 3 of 3
    newheart to Kaslin
    Call it what you will, but an RWOT/Re-WOT has returned.

    I believe in the lexicon of this presidency the proper word is "mulligan."

  • WWE invites Michael Sam to appear on Sept. 8 'Monday Night Raw'

    09/02/2014 6:51:33 AM PDT · 9 of 24
    newheart to willywill
    they must be inviting all of the nfl players that got cut, i’m sure.

    If you believe the media this weekend only one player was cut from the NFL.

    Reality check: the number was closer to 700.

  • Why the White House Ignored All Those Warnings About ISIS [Playing Politics With Lives]

    08/11/2014 9:31:41 PM PDT · 6 of 10
    newheart to Steelfish

    ISIS= Islamic State in Syria
    ISIL= Islamic State in the Levant
    IS=Islamic State

    When White House talking points begin to refer to these guys as “IS,” it will be a clear signal that this administration has accepted, perhaps even endorsed, the existence of the caliphate. The mere use of the language will constitute a form of official recognition, lending these godless, barbarians the status of “state.”

  • The Brutal Grace of Flannery O'Connor

    08/05/2014 3:16:14 PM PDT · 13 of 15
    newheart to RMaley

    When I first encountered her in 1970 as a freshman in college, I was appalled at what I thought was unnecessary brutality in “A Good Man...”. Today, I recognize O’Connor as one of my top five favorite authors and the “brutality” as merely a reflection of the deeply fallen nature of humanity—a story that can only be told truthfully. And next to the extent of the brutality, grace is an even greater marvel.

  • Explosion In Vat Of Egnog Flavoring Rocks Town IN NJ

    08/03/2014 7:12:34 AM PDT · 8 of 23
    newheart to njslim

    I’ve experienced eggnog based explosions myself. Lactose intolerance.

  • Taxing Carbon in the Name of Climate Change

    08/01/2014 8:20:00 AM PDT · 6 of 7
    newheart to massgopguy
    I hope no Liberals find out about the rest of the Periodic Table.


    I've long thought that the motivation behind taxing carbon (the chemical basis of all life forms) is simply a way to tax all of life. And of course, the more you tax something, the less you get of it.

  • The Reason One Famous Restaurant Started Getting Bad Reviews Reveals Reality Of Our Time

    07/27/2014 10:44:49 AM PDT · 97 of 98
    newheart to Swordmaker

    Best meal I ever had was at Emiril’s DelMonico. Unforgettable. And by chance, Emiril actually was there. His wife had recently had a baby and he was treating her OB-Gyn to a meal. He even waited on them. Naturally it was a big hit with all the other patrons. He was a friendly guy and even consented to pose with our table. But it was back in 2003 or 4, so the camera wasn’t in the phone. Wish it had been, it was a low-res digital. The camera in the iPhone is so much better than that today.

    I’m not convinced that the numbers in the article are entirely due to people on their phones, though it is possible.

    I don’t have a huge problem with people documenting the stories in their life. It is a good think and think how cool it would be to have pix of our great grandparents doing something other than a stiff and out of focus pose beside the covered wagon. Anthropolgists and archaeologists are going to have a lot more visual imagery to work with in the future. Even if it is sometimes just a close-up of tonight’s entree.

    However, if I went to Hawaii, I can assure you my pictures (shot with my trusty DSLR) would be more of the beach and Diamond Head than drunken sales units in leis.

  • how come we can't just upload photos to a freeps post?

    07/27/2014 10:14:16 AM PDT · 21 of 174
    newheart to Focault's Pendulum
    Tape the picture to your monitor and press enter.

    Comment of the week! R O F L M A O

  • Fed appeals court panel says most Obamacare subsidies illegal

    07/22/2014 9:07:43 AM PDT · 200 of 316
    newheart to DestroyLiberalism
    I just don’t see this Congress, badly flawed as it is, having enough votes and voter support to introduce a government-controlled health care system anytime soon.

    Probably not this Congress, but when the 5 million or so who signed up on the Fed exchange find out they are not covered, and they know they will not be able to afford it, they will be screaming. Add to that, the even higher than expected rise in premiums on everyone else (based in uncertainty about the future which always drives the actuaries crazy) everyone else will be livid.

    In the best of all possible worlds, given pressure from all sides, Congress would simply repeal Obamacare and let the market sort it out. But we all know that is not what the modern Congress is inclined to do. They will provide another fix which is not a fix.

  • Fed appeals court panel says most Obamacare subsidies illegal

    07/22/2014 8:58:19 AM PDT · 191 of 316
    newheart to Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America
    The path to Single Payer requires that Obamacare DOESN'T work

    While everyone else is celebrating, I (and apparently you) see this as another nail in the coffin of the free market and the republic. Health care in America has been broken since single-payer light was introduced in 1966. But single-payer pro is not the fix.

    See post 34.

  • Fed appeals court panel says most Obamacare subsidies illegal

    07/22/2014 7:43:14 AM PDT · 34 of 316
    newheart to gwjack

    I wouldn’t celebrate too soon. It fits perfectly with the plan. Even though this will be challenged by the Obama administration I can’t help but think that they anticipated that and that the ensuing chaos—and there will be major chaos if this is upheld— is all part of the plan to destroy the current health care system in order to replace it with total socialized medicine.

  • Of 10 highest IQ's on earth, at least 8 are Theists, at least 6 are Christians

    07/20/2014 11:02:32 AM PDT · 27 of 37
    newheart to mothball
    Where’s Jay Carney, Harry Reid, Alan Grayson, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, etc.?

    Or the new smartest woman i the world: Elizabeth Warren?

  • Hamas is Losing and Everyone Knows it

    07/17/2014 8:34:11 AM PDT · 13 of 15
    newheart to Hojczyk
    More than 200 Palestinians have been killed so far in the current round of fighting while the number of dead Israelis amounts to a grand total of one.

    Correction: A grand total of four dead Israelis. Remember the three kids who were kidnapped on June 12 and later killed. That was the incident that started this round of fighting.

  • ISIS tweet: Ansar al-Sunna responsible for Israel bombings. (they are affliliated with ISIS)

    07/10/2014 7:00:07 AM PDT · 10 of 14
    newheart to winoneforthegipper
    ISIS Militants Seize Nuclear Materials In Iraq That Could Be Used For WMDs

    I certainly wouldn't rule it out.

  • Seven Facts for Fracking Deniers

    07/10/2014 6:47:57 AM PDT · 4 of 20
    newheart to rktman

    A good friend of mine, a very successful petroleum geologist who happens to live in Edmond, suggests that if wastewater injection is causing the increase in quakes in Oklahoma, that we owe the industry our thanks. Each small quake relieves some seismic stress, possibly preventing a big one.

    Personally I think we may be experiencing some precursors to a pretty large event anyway.

  • ISIS tweet: Ansar al-Sunna responsible for Israel bombings. (they are affliliated with ISIS)

    07/10/2014 6:40:13 AM PDT · 6 of 14
    newheart to winoneforthegipper

    Not at all surprised. Even though Hamas has no formal relationship with ISIS, I have felt all along that the current unrest is a test to engage Israel in the south in advance of an ISIS incursion into Jordan, in the belief that it will distract Israel. If that scenario is reality, I’d also expect to see some increased activity b/n Israel and the Syrian supporters of ISIS.

    Even Israel will be stretched thin with a three-front war. Especially if the idiots in the White House continue to downgrade Israel’s status as an ally. (Rumors that Obama is changing his middle name to Khalifa may or may not be true.)

  • Meet Obama’s Handpicked Successor: She could prove more dangerous than Hillary Clinton.

    07/08/2014 9:43:43 AM PDT · 8 of 36
    newheart to SeekAndFind
    So I guess Warren would only be another puppet of the power behind the throne.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The real question is, "Who is the power behind Valerie?"

  • GOP picks Lankford for open Oklahoma Senate seat

    06/24/2014 9:01:53 PM PDT · 13 of 27
    newheart to oldplayer

    You are right. Oklahoma really couldn’t lose tonight. As one of those rock-ribbed conservatives who happily voted for Lankford, I am glad he won although I would have been happy with TW. They are both solid conservatives .

    Comments like the “butt-boy” BS up thread show only the low information status of the poster. To suggest that voters in the reddest state in the country elected a RINO (by a clear majority in a field of seven) is an insult to the citizens of Oklahoma.

    Frankly I wish Shannon had just run for the 5th district seat Lankford is leaving. TW can use a little more seasoning and Lankford will be an excellent student of Inhofe.

  • Ted Cruz bats for Oklahoma conservative

    06/19/2014 1:51:45 PM PDT · 11 of 13
    newheart to SoConPubbie; RitaOK
    Yeah, I saw the list of so-called "traitors" and yes, Lankford is on that dubious list of 49. But the question for me is how you define amnesty. So far it appears that anyone who is reluctant to hold minor children responsible for the actions of their parents is considered to be in favor of amnesty, a RINO, not a conservative, and, according to Coach is Right, a traitor. That is the kind of bombastic rhetoric I was referring to.

    Lankford has been consistent. He unquestionably supports requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship. "We must protect our borders. Anything beginning with the word illegal should not be as tough as we have made it. Illegal means illegal, period. The federal government has the responsibility to protect our borders and enforce immigration policies that benefit the citizens of the United States. Secure the borders first and enforce existing immigration laws. We must stop illegal crossings at every border and we must stop turning a blind eye to illegal alien employment."

    But somehow because he takes a slightly different stand than those who demand ideological purity in the extreme—whether out of compassion or out of pragmatism based on a significant Hispanic population in his district—he is now a traitor?

    The accusation of traitor can only come from someone who brooks no dissent and allows for no freedom of conscience. And frankly, totalitarian from the right is just as evil as it is from the left.

    I for one will proudly vote for Lankford next Tuesday. If he loses, I will be more than happy to support Shannon in the general. If that makes me a traitor, then it is certainly not a traitor to the principles on which this country was founded. Both men are conservative and men of faith and character. I repeat my original assertion: As long as partisans choose to demonize rather than debate on the merits, the numbers of conservatives getting into the game will dwindle.

  • Ted Cruz bats for Oklahoma conservative

    06/19/2014 11:55:14 AM PDT · 8 of 13
    newheart to SoConPubbie

    The suggestion that someone like James Lankford is not a conservative is the kind of thinking that will destroy the conservative movement. We need the involvement of both Shannon and Lankford in Oklahoma politics. But as long as partisans choose to demonize rather than debate on the merits, the numbers of conservatives getting into the game will dwindle.

  • Is it okay for a Christian to get a tattoo?

    06/18/2014 9:18:19 AM PDT · 38 of 149
    newheart to SeekAndFind

    A priest friend of mine has a small Carolingian cross on the left shoulder of his back. He did it as a permanent sign of whom he belongs to, one that he would not be able to deny.

  • Chesapeake chasing ‘all-but-forgotten’ shale assets

    06/13/2014 6:03:59 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    newheart to ckilmer
    So even when the prices are low—the volumes are so large —they can still make a decent profit.

    Absolutely right. Carl Icahn, et al, have the best of both worlds. They can gut the company to save on expenses and follow Aubrey into Utica and make huge money. Despite his reputation as someone willing to bet it all, McClendon tends to be right when it comes to this kinds of calls.

  • Chesapeake chasing ‘all-but-forgotten’ shale assets

    06/13/2014 10:17:56 AM PDT · 5 of 8
    newheart to ckilmer
    Chesapeake is not headed by Aubrey McClendan anymore. so “newest world-class asset.” are not words from his lips—but rather the words of the more sober sort that replaced him.

    In other words, the brilliant folks who took over McClendon's company are still following his lead.

  • Putin on Hillary: 'It's Better Not to Argue With Women'

    06/04/2014 6:16:16 PM PDT · 10 of 32
    newheart to nickcarraway

    He probably subscribes to the Clinton doctrine regarding women: Slap them around and tell them to put some ice on it.

  • Saudi May Have Hand Severed for Stealing Sheep

    06/03/2014 11:40:13 AM PDT · 9 of 16
    newheart to nickcarraway

    Bad typography? (Wonder if anyone will get the reference?)

  • Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Dodge

    05/31/2014 11:11:13 AM PDT · 5 of 35
    newheart to jazusamo
    From today's statement regarding the release of the American POW by the Taliban:

    In a statement, President Barack Obama said Bergdahl's recovery "is a reminder of America's unwavering commitment to leave no man or woman in uniform behind on the battlefield."

    What Obama failed to mention that there is an exception to that commitment: When the battlefield is in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State, and it is three a.m. in the morning. (If only they had been in uniform, right?)

    At a ratio of 1 to 5, you have to wonder if the real Obama doctrine isn't an unwavering commitment to leaving no enemy combatant in Guantanamo.

  • Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman

    05/31/2014 11:03:56 AM PDT · 27 of 49
    newheart to elcid1970
    One has either XX chromosomes or XY... nothing in between.

    There are in fact a few syndromes that could be considered "in betweens" But they are very, very rare and are rightly called by science, abnormalities. What the trans-multi-omni gender folks want us to do is to see all this as normal. At the very least they are statistical anomalies and it is highly unlikely that this individual has any of those.

    I suppose it would be an insult to point out that those abnormalities also have a high incidence of seriously reduced IQ. Just saying...

  • What was your first car?

    05/31/2014 10:49:45 AM PDT · 170 of 249
    newheart to newheart
    my girlfriend and I

    Hmmm. I believe that should be "my girlfriend and me." We are not longer together. I don't think she was a big fan of my driving. Or my grammar, for that matter.