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  • Trump Octopused Her on Which Plane?

    10/14/2016 4:24:47 PM PDT · 47 of 56
    Nip to Kaslin

    I flew Braniff International in 1962. We departed Miami International Airport and I got off in Panama.

    In 1962 the Boeing 707 was the crown jewel in every airline’s fleet. Ten years later if it still being used it was by charter outfits.

    I know I didn’t fly first class but the service in coach (?) was superior to what you see in first class today - hot three course dinner, desert, snacks, coffee or tea or soft drinks and you paid extra for drinks. Your stewardess knew you name by the time she collected the dinner dishes.

  • CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia

    10/14/2016 4:07:39 PM PDT · 56 of 114
    Nip to SpeedyInTexas

    “Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for ..”

    Well, that blows that OPLAN out of the water!!

    What do the children running rampant in the White House and masquerading as our best and brightest leaders think “covert action” means?


    10/14/2016 4:03:25 PM PDT · 24 of 72
    Nip to Hojczyk

    As I see more and more of this excrement I take shelter in the words of Admiral (Retired) William H. McRaven former commander of US Special Operations Command:

    “Never waste your time explaining yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies will not believe it.” Over the decades I have found this to be very sound advice.

    IMHO Donald j Trump needs to follow Admiral McRaven’s advice both now and in the eight years to follow. Drive the political establishment and the LMSM bonkers!!

  • Short Message to the MSM

    10/13/2016 7:23:51 PM PDT · 11 of 16
    Nip to MtnClimber

    Remember in 1991 CCN, one of the pillars of the MSM, finally admitted that Sadam Husain was using them and they were essentially his mouthpiece. They claimed they did this to maintain a presence in Iraq after all the other media outlets were expelled.

    In a pig’s eye. They did it to increase their profits as the sole real time source from Bagdad as the bombing campaign started.

    IMHO the MSM hasn’t changed since Vietnam where cameramen set native buildings a fire to improve their videos.

  • Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad..

    10/12/2016 2:25:54 PM PDT · 73 of 93
    Nip to al baby

    If you take a very close look (actual first person sources and NOT the versions found in various official textbooks) at The run up to World War II in BOTH Europe and the Pacific the ordering home of your nationals living overseas and unnecessary diplomatic staff were the first steps in warning other nations that things were headed in the wrong direction.

    The next step will be the closure of all diplomatic post except the embassy in the national capitol

    The next to last step is withdrawing your ambassador but leaving behind the chief of staff.

    It will be the chief of staff’s duty to deliver the formal declaration of war. But, based on the historical background of both Russia and the US from World War 2 this might not happen - we were both attacked without warning.

  • The 'Quiet Catastrophe' Of Men Choosing To Not Seek Work

    10/06/2016 6:05:10 AM PDT · 63 of 295
    Nip to 9YearLurker

    You are describing the “John Galt” syndrome. I find it extremely interesting that so many of our problems were first identified, described, and their logical end state happened in fictional works, including SiFi, in the late 1950s and early 1960’s.

  • NEWSFLASH! Policing Reduces Crime! (Video)

    10/01/2016 12:31:34 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    Nip to libertarian27

    If you really want to open your eyes, and be TOTALY Politically Incorrect, exclude the top ten Democratically controlled cities from the total number of murders, murders by white, and murders by black.

    It has been done fairly recently here on FR. The numbers are very enlightening and extremely bad news for the liberal/progressive/socialists/Democrats that have run those poor cities into the ground since the 1960s when LBJ’s Great Society farce began.

  • Despite Hillary Fan Club snickers, Donald’s claim rings true

    10/01/2016 5:56:38 AM PDT · 9 of 14
    Nip to Celtic Conservative

    IMHO I have a better idea.

    Prepare, set up. and test two identical podiums for the next debates. They are 100% identical, no offsets for height or anything else.

    Trump and Hillary enter the stage and, in front of everyone, a deck of cards is shuffled by a casino employee, then they cut the cards. The highest card cut has first choice.

    For years Hillary has been saying she is equal or better than any man, recently she has been saying it about Trump every day. So, it is long past time for her to prove it.

  • No indictment against Hillary for breaching Espionage Act, because it would expose Obama

    09/25/2016 11:38:47 AM PDT · 20 of 34
    Nip to Sean_Anthony

    Finally someone had the guts to explain why things went the way they did from the media to House Committees, to Senate Committees, to the Justice Department, and finally to the White House.

    Have you noticed the major difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party? If you are big screw up in the Republican Party you will eventually take your lumps. If you are big screw up in the Democratic Party they will circle the wagons to protect you no matter what. The bigger and longer the screw up lasts the tighter they circle the wagons.

  • First on CNN: ISIS suspected of mustard attack against US and Iraqi troops

    09/21/2016 3:58:25 PM PDT · 67 of 80
    Nip to CMS

    Things have just gotten real scary. For decades it has been US policy that chemical and biological weapons are weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and the US will reply in kind when WMDs are used against us or our allies.

    The problem is the US maintains stockpiles of only one type of WMD - nuclear.

    So, what happens when (not if) the Islamic Terrorists conduct a successful wMD attack against us and we end up with several hundred KIA and more wIA?

  • 1 pilot killed, 1 hurt in U-2 plane crash in Sutter Buttes (N. Calif.-Beale AFB)

    09/21/2016 6:41:58 AM PDT · 13 of 23
    Nip to Eric in the Ozarks

    The first time I saw a real U-2 was in 1962 when I saw one landing at Howard AFB, Panama Canal Zone. From reaction of my uncle and his friends it was a common occurrence.

    As to why we are still flying the U-2; it offers the intelligence community a very cheap and extremely flexible system that shows up unannounced and gets the desired information before there can be any response. Something new systems have a hard time doing and satellites can not do.

  • Wasserman Schultz Says Al Gore Won Florida in 2000, MSNBC Reporter Agrees

    09/18/2016 6:45:36 AM PDT · 30 of 59
    Nip to SoFloFreeper

    What the LMSM, Democrats, and Liberals don’t tell you about the 2000 Florida recount - it was NOT a state wide recount.

    The losing Democrats demanded and got a cherry picked recount - it occurred only in a few counts where they figured they would “pick up” the most votes.

    I was one of numerous Floridians who lived in counties that were not recounted because of their strong conservative population. It was very unpleasant to see a major American political party trash the Constitution in a blatant bid to seize power.

  • 8 top Democrats fear Hillary collapse in debate

    09/13/2016 8:33:50 AM PDT · 40 of 183
    Nip to Helicondelta

    The time to identify a replacement for Hillary Clinton is long since passed. That window closed when the Democratic Presidential Debate Cycle ended.

    Massive snowballs (all 50 of them) have already started rolling downhill as ballots are printed, early voting begun, and absentee ballots mailed out to voters. Those are three major issues that would have to be solved with less than 60 days left before the Presidential elections.

    The real fun will come when legal challenges are added to that mix. And add to that the Constitutional issue - there is no provision to delay the nation-wide Presidential vote.

    Things are shaping up rather quickly to make the post 2000 Presidential election look like a very minor issue.

  • Hillary’s health problems are not a figment of Matt Drudge’s imagination

    09/13/2016 7:56:26 AM PDT · 7 of 25
    Nip to Hojczyk


    Like it or not the Democratic party is stuck with Hilary’s name on the November ballots.

    In some states early voting has already begun. In other states absentee ballots have already been mailed. In almost every other state the November ballots have been printed and may have already been distributed to the individual counties.

    In short, the juggernaut of the Presidential election process has already begun rolling and it is probably impossible to stop.

    And we thought the Democrats made a hash of the 2000 Presidential elections?

  • The Decrepit Candidate

    09/07/2016 7:16:46 AM PDT · 15 of 25
    Nip to RoosterRedux

    I am looking forward to the Presidential Debates in spite of the “impartial” moderators.

    For the last few weeks Hillary has been very carefully staged managed to present the best possible images. And, that effort has been less than successful.

    So what are her handlers going to do if she as an “episode” during the debate? I don’t mean during a break; but when she is speaking either answering a “question” or responding to Trump? How can that be hidden? Go to an extended (15, 20, 25 minute) commercial break?

    The LMSM have already badly damaged their “brand”. Any attempt, and there will be at least one per debate, to cover for Hillary will further damage them and, perhaps, their official unofficial owners - the Democratic party.


    09/02/2016 4:33:34 PM PDT · 14 of 21
    Nip to cotton1706


    Doesn’t anyone remember her Whitewater testimony from the 1990s?

    Both she and Billy Clinton used the I don’t remember so many times that a montage of the answers were made into a song. It had the phrases “I can’t remember” and “my brain turned into jello”.

    I think the song was either an EIB or Paul Shanklin production.

    Any why shouldn’t she use it again? It got her out of trouble once 20 odd years ago; why couldn’t work again?

  • San Francisco Police Officers Association Rips Colin Kaepernick Statements On Flag

    08/29/2016 5:44:30 PM PDT · 37 of 59
    Nip to A_Former_Democrat

    I gave up on pro sports years ago.

    High school is about as far as I will go.

    However, having said that, I am very interested in following the Lingerie Football League. Something about athletic women in pads and garter belts playing full contact football that appeals to my baser nature. It is also very possibly the best return on your sporting buck!

  • Huffington Post TERMINATED Me For Questioning Hillary's Health [video]

    08/29/2016 6:47:57 AM PDT · 74 of 127
    Nip to Enchante

    At least he is lucky.

    Looking at the logical end of may trends I am seeing in the liberal to extreme liberal media jail terms are coming for any one who disagrees with their positions on “settled science” along with total banning of sites that disagree with their positions.

    Remember that once all dissent has been forcefully quelled there is no need to have any kind of media. The liberals pushing these positions will be the last to be eaten by the bear.

  • The 21st Century’s 100 greatest films

    08/23/2016 10:47:35 AM PDT · 42 of 93
    Nip to EveningStar

    Oh? Really?

    We are less than 17 years into the 21st Century and someone has come up with the greatest films for the entire one hundred years?

    Well then, close down the visual entertainment system world wide! After all its “settled” and nothing can change it, ever. It has been nice knowing you Hollywood, Pinewood, Bollywood, and all the rest.

  • Judicial Watch releases new Hillary e-mails proving Clinton Foundation donors got special favors at

    08/23/2016 10:38:51 AM PDT · 8 of 17
    Nip to Sean_Anthony

    When you truth blast all of the lies, double speak, and “I mis-remembered” away what you are left with is how national and international politics has been conducted since the beginning of time.

    Whither it is money, food, jewels, sex, or any other thing of value; if you gave the ruler enough of it you got what you wanted.

    The only possible historical exception occurred on the North American continent from roughly 1790 to 2010. It is now clearly obvious that exception is over.

    So Sorry America - it looks like you are no longer going to be the inspirational “shinning city on the hill” anymore. Thanks Clintons, the two of you, and the rest of the Democratic Party.

  • Obama: 'One of the Most Urgent Challenges of Our Time is Climate Change'

    08/15/2016 12:04:24 PM PDT · 42 of 47
    Nip to Olog-hai

    IMHO Obama is right - climate change is one of the most pressing problems for the continued growth of big government, big government programs, and useless bureaucracies.

    After all, without some life threating problem that might appear sometime in the undefined future (it sure missed the 1970’s deadline of 2000) how can you get money to support liberal projects from college to the highest reaches of the Federal Bureaucracy.

    Once you break the code (”It depends on what the meaning of is is.”) it is very easy to transmogrify political hot air regardless of the source and subject.

  • The Unsexy Truth About Millennials: They’re Poor

    08/15/2016 11:57:08 AM PDT · 76 of 270
    Nip to Lorianne

    Has any of the “researchers” addressed the impact of the “All Volunteer Force”?

    Like it or not the DOD was always the employer of last resort when I was a young man , 1965 -1980. With the advent of the all volunteer force in the mid 1970s the demand for unskilled and over educated people (liberal arts college degree in history and education in 1969) dried up.

    And, to be honest, I went career (20 years) because it offered me the best track for taking care of my family which was started in 1977.

    Now, 40 years later the same economic factors exist but without a DOD doing any massive hiring and training.

  • [vanity] Being watchman on the wall--pivot tv is the left's newest totally activist channel

    08/14/2016 6:46:54 AM PDT · 12 of 14
    Nip to BenLurkin

    A video version of Air America? That nation-wide (/S) went real far didn’t it?

  • Compromised codes

    08/12/2016 7:48:55 AM PDT · 12 of 50
    Nip to DuncanWaring

    This article is based on historical FACT!

    Go a watch the movie “Midway” starting Charlton Heston, et al. The whole outcome of the Battle of Midway hinged on correctly positioning the inferior American Fleet.

    The writer is correct - once you break a code system you can then “read” any and all mails using that code. Another point made in the same movie.

    But, most importantly once you break a code and analyze it your job of breaking other codes becomes much easier.


    Developing a new code takes time and effort. o once you field a new code it is, unfortunately, much easier to field variations of that system for other users/replacements. While you may not be able to read entire messages you will be able to make out parts of it, Those parts canbe pieced together to fully break the code system. Again, another point made in the movie.

    There are ways around this but they are slow, difficult, and greatly disliked by those non professionals (aka politicians) that have to use them.

    Been there, done that, and had numerous t-shirts during my almost 40 years exposure to the DOD, codes, and other esoteric subjects.

  • Next president faces possible ObamaCare meltdown

    08/11/2016 11:24:48 AM PDT · 31 of 68
    Nip to Red Badger

    IMHO everything tht has been, is, and will be written about the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) starts with a false premise.

    The authors of this act did NOT intend for it to be successful. That’s right it was designed, written, and executed to be a failure. So, from that view point it has been a smashing success!

    ObamaCare was an intermediate step designed to forceful ably transition America’s healthcare system from a free market model to a one payer pays all system like all Socialist based healthcare systems.

    The people involved in its development took a fairly successful system which they had no control over and replaced with a failed design which they controlled from start (birth) to end (death).

    It was never about healthcare it was always about control.

  • F-35 Stealth Fighter vs. A-10 Warthog: The Ultimate Close Air Support Showdown

    07/06/2016 8:23:46 PM PDT · 54 of 65
    Nip to DUMBGRUNT

    The AF’s first attempt at a helmet mounted targeting system was in the early 1970s during Nam. Even with all the money available back then it couldn’t be made to work.

    Now? I will believe it when I see it used during a no notice ORI and not until then

    BTW did you see some of the drawings of such a system about a decade ago? There was no way that any pilot wearing that proposed system could safely eject in a hurry.

  • Trump Victory in Pennsylvania Hinges on 10 Counties, Experts Say

    07/06/2016 10:24:42 AM PDT · 20 of 29
    Nip to 2ndDivisionVet

    After Tuesday I put even less confidence in any political poll.

    No matter how you paint it Hillary and, by extension, the entire Democratic party has clearly lied to the American Populace. How they will respond is still uncertain.

    But, if a majority, even a simple majority, doesn’t like being lied to the results could be “Interesting” come November. Perhaps even better than the 1984 Presidential Elections.

  • 'Clinton lied to the public': Republican Party clobbers Hillary with brutal ad

    07/06/2016 10:18:30 AM PDT · 14 of 40
    Nip to Opinionated Blowhard

    IMHO we got a very good prize yesterday.

    If Hillary had been charged then nothing could be said about the case until well after November to “ENSURE” the impartiality of the jury pool.

    This way it can be openly discussed every day. The manner that she wasn’t charged will also be discussed.

    While it may not be as good as the “America Held Hostage Day #” of the Iranian Hostage crises 1979-1981 it has the potential to lead at least once a night every night for the next 190 plus days.

  • FBI Director to Testify

    07/06/2016 8:21:00 AM PDT · 32 of 51
    Nip to Starboard

    Maybe and maybe not.

    Depends on who is on the committee and what questions are asked.

    At the high end are direct questions that demand that he quote title, section, page and paragraph of his opening statements. Intentions will never enter into the questioning. Potentially an i8mmediate open public trial of Clinton’s activities with minimal political cover.

    At the low end is your nothing burger.

    BTW - some of the committee members may be out for Clinton’s blood to curry favor with DJT after January 2017.

    Yes, pass the pop corn, get out the extra large super sugary drinks and barf bags. You may end up using all three starting tomorrow.

  • Comey is a genius

    07/06/2016 6:38:17 AM PDT · 76 of 146
    Nip to Travis T. OJustice

    Let me add to your EXTREMELY accurate assessment.

    First, let me call it what it was - it was a prosecuting attorney’s opening statement to Judge and Jury.

    He also provided an accurate road map for all current and future opposition research teams.

    He also drove a spike into the current judicial system where an attorney’s won/loss record is the most important thing - justice be damn.

    He did so in a form that was impossible to quash. Ever wonder how many copies, public and private, were made of his opening statement?

    IMHO was we move away from July 5th more and more people will realize what really happened and his reputation will go up not down.

  • Remembering Entebbe

    07/05/2016 10:18:10 AM PDT · 17 of 26
    Nip to Tax-chick

    It may be an awful introduction but it is EXTREMELY accurate.

    When it was executed American Special Operations was on the trash heap after the end of Vietnam. Luckily the stars aligned just right and American Special Operations was rescued.

    Entebbe was copied by America and remained the benchmark for us for nearly 15 years, Within the community you knew you had arrived when you started participating in the regular Entebbe re enactments.

    Anyone who claims that the failed Iranian Hostage Rescue attempt in April 1980 doesn’t know the real history of what happened.

    Me? I was there when we started copying the Israeli mission, including all political considerations, in July 1976 and remained part of the “A” team until my retirement in 1990.

  • Clinton: 'No knowledge' of FBI investigation timeline

    07/03/2016 7:32:54 AM PDT · 31 of 32
    Nip to Oldeconomybuyer

    No idea of the timeline - BS.

    The democratic National Convention starts July 25th. If the “final” decision isn’t going to be released for another 2 or 3 weeks where does that put them?

    It will be too close to the Convention’s start to have any kind of selection process. So, the Democrats will have to kow-tow to their leadership elite and nominate whomever they, the elite, want.

    Guess Super Delegates wasn’t enough.

  • Want a Gun-Free Zone? Tennessee Says That’s on You: LITERALLY

    07/01/2016 7:51:57 AM PDT · 12 of 28
    Nip to Malone LaVeigh


    While it doesn’t cover political sites it is a start.

    If an individual usurps my God-given right of self-protection he MUST be held responsible for any damages or injuries his action causes.

    You want to posture then you will have to bear the expense of that posturing.

    As for it applying universally it ain’t going to happen. Too much case law saying that the various level of government are exempt from paying for their actions. But, that might change over time as private individuals who are large political supporters have to pay for their actions and the politican they support doesn’t.

  • Brexit: Yet another example of biased polling

    06/25/2016 9:03:20 AM PDT · 17 of 31
    Nip to Trentamj

    I have always said that any poll conducted prior to the second Tuesday every other November is nothing more than a fund raising device for one side or the other.

    My biggest take away from the 2000 Presidential election was the Democratic Party’s attempt to over turn the ONLY poll that counts. Well, that and the loss of the equal protection clause of the Constitution - I live in one of the non-selected counties with a significant conservative population.

  • Clinton's State Dept. calendar missing scores of entries

    06/24/2016 5:34:40 AM PDT · 28 of 63
    Nip to Gaffer

    With this disclosure does any one still wonder why Obama spends so much time playing golf. Historically the back nine has always been the preferred place to meet people that you didn’t want anyone to know about.

  • RAT Cards (Republicans Against Trump)

    06/19/2016 6:32:27 AM PDT · 18 of 24
    Nip to BigEdLB

    Kinda like them.

    They highlight the “winning” attributes of whomever the “Anybody but Trump” crowd selects to force down our individual and collective throats.

    It could (will?) be a bit difficult to push anything if you have your own “RAT Card”.

    But, who said that anyone operating at this level of..(stupidity comes to mind) is rational to begin with. Enough of the 5-year old temper tantrums!

  • Saudi Prince Just Made BOMBSHELL Announcement About Hillary!

    06/17/2016 7:10:01 PM PDT · 42 of 53
    Nip to chris37

    To quote that great American President and ex-lawyer; “It all depends on what the meaning of is is.”


  • Brexit Causes Elites Angst -- But Britain May Leave EU Anyway

    06/17/2016 6:22:56 AM PDT · 9 of 15
    Nip to Kaslin

    There is one thing missing in the article - the influx of Islamic “refugees.”

    Britain is a surprisingly small nation and until recently a homogenous one. With the influx of Islamic “Refugees” that refuse to adopt the average Britain is faced with changes he/she doesn’t want. His political leadership demand that he change his life style to meet the “refugee’s” demands (not requests). Add to this the problems that are affecting France and Germany and things get only worse.

  • Is It Worth Reading a Newspaper Anymore?

    06/17/2016 6:15:50 AM PDT · 31 of 53
    Nip to EQAndyBuzz

    If you go back to the Civil War era newspapers clearly identified who they supported. This was most frequently occurred in their title banner or editorial pages.

    For some reason about the turn of the century (the 18th turning into the 20th) this self identification of political/social orientation stopped. But, there was a balance in most large markets - two or more daily newspapers.

    About the Viet Nam era (late 1950s onwards) newspapers started hiring, almost exclusively, graduates of journalism schools. The days of growing your own reporting staff died and the newspapers started dying.

    What we are seeing today is only an acceleration of that trend. In the mid 1980s when I lasted moved the Sunday paper was quite robust - articles, opinion, news, and advertising. Now the Sunday paper is maybe the size of the old Thursday edition.

    Me? I haven’t subscribed to the local paper in 15 + years. Why pay the salary and bonuses of people who either no clue or are so biased that you throw the paper in the trash before ou read half of it?

  • Law Enforcement 'Never Guessed' Gay Club Would Be Targeted by Jihad

    06/13/2016 3:35:18 PM PDT · 42 of 47
    Nip to Kaslin

    The title “Law enforcement never guessed that a gay club would be targeted” sums up our problems in a nut shell.

    Law enforcement brings with a whole set of blind spots. They assume that the terrorist will, by and large, behave like the criminals they have encountered over the last 5, 10, 15, 20 years.

    When September 11, 2001 happened I had the “privlage” to attend several briefings looking a base’s security program . After the second such meeting I could contain myself no longer and started laughing, almost uncontrollably. The the Colonel chairing the meeting asked what was so funny I had the ill grace to answer him and everyone sitting around his conference table.

    I told him with less than 20 terrorists I could shut down EVERY stateside military base for at least a week. 20 terrorists and EVERY base would be out of play for a week or more and there was nothing he or any other commander could do to stop it.

    Then I told him my only target - the base childcare center. Think it through; it is the perfect terrorist target. I told everyone that the moment it got out that their childcare center had been seized by terrorist there would be a run on every other childcare center in the CONUS. What would they have to do to prevent a parent, mother or father, from getting their child(ren) to safety? Then how long would it take to convince the parents that the chilcare center was well and safely guarded.

    Thire collective looks of disbelief, shock, anf then out right terror was not nice to see.

    It was only the first burtal lesion on the differences between how law enforcement thinks and how a terrorist thinks. Orlando was, unfortunately, is only the most recent example. And, there will be more until we get rid of the 22-year tradition of thinking that terrorism is ‘just” another law enforcement problem. That was the policy developed and enforced by President Bill Clinton in the early to mid 1990s and followed blindly by every President since.

    Enough said!

  • BREAKING: Sources: Arrest to be made soon of alleged accomplice in Pulse mass shooting

    06/13/2016 3:15:08 PM PDT · 64 of 216
    Nip to Velveeta

    The official lone wolf theory was a government directed false flag operation from the get go.

    Let’s take a few seconds to do an after action report on “The First Battle of Orlando”. First Battle? Does anyone who thinks think that there will be only one terrorist strike in the Orlando area?

    Let’s start with the body counts. Fifty killed and 53 wounded. That means a minimum of 103 shots were fired by the terrorist(s).

    The killing zone was not a sterile shooting range. It was a “typical” new age night club - flashing lights, noise, movement, etc. A highly trained military professional - think tier-one SOCOM assets would be hard pressed to achieve one shot-one hit in that environment. IMHO it achieve a kill I would expend at least 3 shots on each kill target and maybe two shots for each injured target. Plus, there would be unaccounted shots - rounds fired that missed.

    Total rounds in the air - 250 +/-.

    How long did the terrorist have in the killing zone? It wasn’t the full duration of the attack. The responding forces reported a hostage scenario lasting several hours before they were authorized to end the attack. The bottom line 250 +/- shots fired in less than an hour; perhaps 30 minutes. That also includes time to swap out clips and move through the killing zone.

    The audio made during the attack shows the majority of the shots were single shot engagements. Minimal time between shots but no bursts of fire.

    Going back to the probable number of shots fired - 250 +/-. If a 30-round assault clip was used that is at least 9 clips. If a “standard” 20-round clip was used there were at least 13 clips used. Loaded clips are heavy and bulky. No way a single terrorist could carry that many clips even with specialized load bearing equipment (LBE) (ammo pouches, etc.). The use of LBE is critical to expend that many shots in that period of time. Swapping out clips, on the move, places restrictions on how the clips are carried and how the clips are presented to the shooter. No fumbling, no snags, no rounds partially pulled from the clip while getting the fresh clip into the magazine well, and no wasted time getting the magazine seated and the charging handle pushed forward.

    My bottom line: there was more than a single “lone wolf” terrorist actively shooting inside the night club. The pure physical mechanics of firing that many rounds in that environment in the available time makes it impossible to be a single shooter.

    But, what it was truly a single shooter? Then he is more highly trained than our professional tier-one SOCOM assets. That too implies that it was not a lone wolf terrorist attack.

    P.S. Tier-one SOCOM asset - SOFD (”Delta Force”) or a Seal Team, or some other, much blacker, unit.

  • Mitch McConnell Won’t Rule Out Rescinding His Endorsement of Donald Trump (like it's needed!)

    06/11/2016 8:46:33 AM PDT · 19 of 52
    Nip to cotton1706

    I guess politicians like Mitch never learned the truth about their profession. They have only one thing to sell - their word.

    Over the last several decades the grassroots voter has repeatedly learn that the professional politician has nothing to sell - his words are just so much hot air.

    That fact explains the Tea Party and Trump phenomena much more accurately that any political consultant can.

    Mitch - your constant changing your support/non support of Trump has provided any opponent with endless, truthful, sound bits as to why you shouldn’t be reelected. Do you remember the wind vane add of years ago? If not you will see it and your name and acts will be featured this time!

  • New Benghazi Witness: We Could Have Saved Lives That Day

    06/10/2016 7:21:18 PM PDT · 38 of 56
    Nip to rodguy911

    Locals were guarding the compound.

    40 plus years ago I learned to watch my local guards extremely carefully. When they didn’t show for duty or couldn’t be found I went to the best bunker on base with a portable radio and all the ammo I could put my hands on. After the third event the newbees were following my lead John Wayne syndrome or not.

  • David Brat: The Paul Ryan Puerto Rico Rescue Bill “Turns People Into Subjects”…

    06/10/2016 6:49:26 PM PDT · 32 of 33
    Nip to dontreadthis

    Okay, lets understand TOTAL impact what this blithering idiot has just done to ensure he continues to ra$$ the American working stiffs:

    Puerto Rico Rescue bill called PROMESA I
    California Rescue bill called PROMESA II
    Illinois Rescue bill called PROMESA III
    New York Rescue bill called PROMESA IV
    Connecticut Rescue bill called PROMESA V
    Rhode Island Rescue bill called PROMESA VI
    Massachusetts Rescue bill called PROMESA VII
    Do you get the true picture of what is going to happen, yet?

    Why all of these bailout bills? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to rescute just Puerto Rico would it?

    Please note, there is no rescue bill for the tax payers is there? Just a endless series of bills to be paid before you feed and clothe your family.

  • Lay Down & Die For Your Politics or Kill To Defend Your Life

    06/09/2016 9:06:44 AM PDT · 15 of 35
    Nip to Noumenon

    I hate to tell you but the rules were changed a long time ago.

    I call to your attention two legal cases from 1981. From Wikipedia:

    “In two separate cases, Carolyn Warren, Miriam Douglas, Joan Taliaferro, and Wilfred Nichol sued the District of Columbia and individual members of the Metropolitan Police Department for negligent failure to provide adequate police services. The trial judges held that the police were under no specific legal duty to provide protection to the individual plaintiffs and dismissed the complaints. In a 2-1 decision, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals determined that Warren, Taliaferro, and Nichol were owed a special duty of care by the police department and reversed the trial court rulings. In a unanimous decision, the court also held that Douglas failed to fit within the class of persons to whom a special duty was owed and affirmed the trial court’s dismissal of her complaint. The case was reheard by an en banc panel of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.”
    “In a 4-3 decision, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals affirmed the trial courts’ dismissal of the complaints against the District of Columbia and individual members of the Metropolitan Police Department based on the public duty doctrine. The Court explained that “[t]he duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists.” The Court adopted the trial court’s determination that no special relationship existed between the police and appellants, and therefore no specific legal duty existed between the police and the appellants”

    Isn’t nice to know that unless there is some kind of special relationship (I couldn’t find a definition of this anywhere) the men and women who your taxes support have NO requirement to provide individual citizens with “adequate police services”.

    Now, does all of the repeatedly demonstrated lack of police response make sense? Do you now understand what happened in San Joes any better?

    Get used to it folks. Unless local politicians and police forces have to buy their own equipment from their personal savings there will be no improvements. What business would tolerate this level of fraud?

    “Serve and Protect”???

  • How Should Conservatives Respond to the Disturbing Trend of Campus Censorship?

    06/07/2016 2:32:11 PM PDT · 9 of 21
    Nip to Morgana

    The more important question why to alumni continue to support colleges like this?

    Once funding starts to dry up the liberal professional agitators will face a dilemma - continue to support their ideology and go hungry or modify their stances and continue eating.

    In short, make them pay for their actions; the days of a free ride are coming to an end!

  • The most dangerous fault in America

    06/07/2016 9:33:18 AM PDT · 22 of 35
    Nip to ßuddaßudd

    BLUF - there is nothing new here folks.

    In 1968 there was a fictional best seller out “The Last Days of the Late Great State of California” by Curt Gentry that took a look at the impact of the San Andres fault letting go. Read it in the early 1970s because I was stationed in Rancho Cordova at the time.

    The economic impact, in pre-silicon valley terms, was massive. I wouldn’t want to predict the economic impact 45 years later. Curt also addressed the probability of price gouging - the seven sisters decided that they would restrict the rise in gas prices to a maximum of a dollar a gallon until public outcry forced them to back off.

    If you want to see what the impact could be buy the book, its available on eBay starting around $ 10.00.

  • Biggest airliner can't gate at biggest airport [airline dispute]

    06/05/2016 10:49:44 AM PDT · 12 of 25
    Nip to BenLurkin

    The USAF encountered serious problems with its XC-99 transport in the later 1940s and early 1950s. It was too big to be useful. It commuted between the few bases that had runways large enough to handle it and the B-36, the bomber variant it was developed from.

    Once you land your jumbo jet what do you do with your passengers? The A380 normally carries between 544 and 644 passengers plus crew. In a dense pack configuration it goes up to 800 plus. So the question is not only where do you park it but how long will it take to unload and how long will it take to get the passengers off the airport.

    Unless there are numerous A380s operating every day there is little finical incentive to develop a new terminal to handle the impact of an A380 arrival.

    Perhaps this could be a case, in Atlanta at least, where the supporting infrastructure wasn’t upgraded as rapidly as the size of commercial passenger jets.

    Ever load/unload a KC-10, 200 passengers, via stairs/ It takes a while and is a real bear in a rain storm.

  • The Risks of a Trump Presidency (Hillary is a pharmacological grab-bag)

    06/02/2016 10:04:18 AM PDT · 5 of 12
    Nip to Trumpinator

    A surprisingly good article. Uses a different approach to look at Trump and Trump coms out even better off.

  • Donald Trump Will Attend Rolling Thunder Memorial Weekend Event, Sunday In DC…

    05/28/2016 6:10:15 AM PDT · 8 of 81
    Nip to Whenifhow

    Oh this could be fun to watch.

    The media will either show all of the Bikers saluting Trump.

    Or, if they are really stupid (I guess by definition they are) the paid rioters trying to break up the biker parade.
    Can you think of anything stupider?