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  • what would you do? (vanity)

    08/16/2014 10:31:00 AM PDT · 87 of 118
    Nip to blu

    You forgot emptying the entire clip into the center of mass.

  • Feds Objected To The Release Of Alleged Michael Brown Robbery Tape

    08/16/2014 10:22:52 AM PDT · 46 of 127
    Nip to W.

    IMHO the FPD released the video tapes to prevent things from getting worse. Not sure why they waited so long - they should have released it Wednesday morning.

    Any rate, that video has taken a lot of the wind out of the sails belonging to those who were trying turn a common robbery - police shooting into something else. My list of people trying to exploit this includes the Justice Department and its FBI based on Holder’s comments and nothing more.

  • Ebola Epidemic Most Likely Much Larger Than Reported, W.H.O. Says

    08/16/2014 6:42:19 AM PDT · 9 of 14
    Nip to Qiviut

    I posted something about the Ebola crises yesterday quoting info from Wikipedia.

    You want to open your eyes? Read Wikipedia’s article about the Spanish Influenza pandemic 1918 - 1920!

    Being a history major I had ran across the term but never dug into it. That one article really opened my eyes. Particularly the part about it coming in two waves. Another thing that caught my attention was how authorities down played the scope of the pandemic to keep the population from panicking. Finally there was mention about the importance of securing your international borders. Japan escaped the worse of the Spanish Flu because it rapidly closed its borders and kept them closed.

    And our Southern Border is how secure today?

    Am I an alarmist there?

    Well, what’s better a little over reaction or suffering “The global mortality rate from the 1918/1919 pandemic is not known, but an estimated 10% to 20% of those who were infected died. With about a third of the world population infected, this case-fatality ratio means 3% to 6% of the entire global population died.[30] Influenza may have killed as many as 25 million people in its first 25 weeks. Older estimates say it killed 40–50 million people,[4] while current estimates say 50–100 million people worldwide were killed.[31]” to quote Wikipedia.

  • How foreign aid exacerbates instability around the world

    08/15/2014 7:21:27 AM PDT · 5 of 6
    Nip to profreedomdude

    IMHO Foreign Aid is an international version of bribery.

    The US gives a foreign aid - money, food, weapons, in an attempt to sway a foreign government’s stance on an issue.

    How successful has that been?

    Helping a nation build its infrastructure with strict controls to prevent the siphoning off money and material is one thing. But, outright grants with no restrictions?

  • Landrieu to reimburse taxpayers for private charter flight to fundraiser that may have broken law

    08/15/2014 7:15:29 AM PDT · 14 of 16
    Nip to SeekAndFind


    But Senator Landrieu is running for her fourth term as a Democratic Senator from Louisiana.

    An apology is appropriate for a first term Congress Critter. But for someone conducting her fourth senatorial campaign? Restitution, a large fine, and removal from leadership positions for three years is far more appropriate for an experienced Politian.


    Not really since how much does an apology cost? How likely is her apology to deter fellow Congress Critters from doing the same thing?

    BLUF - A apologies from a child is far more appropriate in this case than an apology from an adult.

  • Obama decries excessive force against Missouri police shooting protesters

    08/15/2014 6:58:14 AM PDT · 16 of 20
    Nip to bestintxas

    Of all the crises the Republic is facing that require direct and immediate national leadership - the economy, the tidal wave of uncontrolled border violations, the potential replay of the 1918 flu pandemic (aka Spanish Flu) where 3 to 6 % of the world’s total population died (see Wikipedia) plus international issues why does Obama focus on such a minor incident?

    Is it because it is the only thing he thinks he can influence? Is that weak a leader/?

    Is it the only crises that the LMSM deem worthy of their and hence his attention?

    Or, is that the only crises he can exploit prior to the mid terms in November?

    In any case, IMHO, he is responding to the wrong crises, again.

  • Obama's Unprecedented Impeachment Dare (Shows His Arrogance)

    08/05/2014 7:30:41 AM PDT · 24 of 27
    Nip to Kaslin

    How can Democrats put up with Emperor Obama?

    Very simple, for the last 50 plus years Democrats have put loyalty to their political party over loyalty to the Republic. In doing so they also ignore their individual oaths of office.

    How else can you explain their unrestricted support for the Emperor when he said in a State of the Union address to Congress that he was going to bypass them and rule by decree because Congress was doing what he wanted them to do?

  • Newark, JFK among U.S. airports capable of identifying passengers with deadly Ebola virus

    08/03/2014 1:13:18 PM PDT · 19 of 20
    Nip to nickcarraway

    The article states that there are 20 airports of entry staffed and equipped to detect Ebola infected arrivals.


    But, how many airports are ports of entry for international travelers? I am not talking about every airport that lists itself as an “International’ airport. But, how many airports routinely handle international flights.

    Unless every international arrival from an Ebola infected area, both current and future, arrives at one of those 20 airports the Republic is still dangerously exposed.

  • No, the IRS cannot be fixed --- it must be abolished and replaced with the Fair Tax

    08/03/2014 1:05:02 PM PDT · 15 of 36
    Nip to PoloSec

    The article hints at, but does not clearly state, the biggest obstacle to getting rid of the IRS. The power that the IRS gives Congress is enormous and getting bigger.

    The most recent IRS, politically driven, scandals are but the tip of the iceberg.

    IMHO, the very moment that it became obvious that what was going on the Federal Court System and Congress should have closed the IRS lock stock and barrel. The fact that this didn’t happen shows the depth of the problem.

    Will we ever get to the Fair Tax, a concept that’s been around for 20 plus years? Not hardly pilgrim. And the reason why it is impossible has been clearly demonstrated over the last several months.

  • Obamacare Opposition Spikes To All Time High

    08/03/2014 9:00:27 AM PDT · 23 of 23
    Nip to Innovative

    I find their choice of words interesting.

    “Spike” implies a sudden, and temporary, increase in something.

    Does anyone on this forum believe, even for a minute, that this disapproval rate is going to suddenly reduce itself?

    Once again the media, in its choice of words, hides the reality of the situation in a continuing attempt to shield our ruling class from the consequences of their acts.

  • Ebola question {vanity}

    08/01/2014 7:23:07 AM PDT · 96 of 135
    Nip to No One Special

    A short side bar.

    If you want a reasonably accurate fictional portrayal of what we might be looking at when it comes to the Ebola virus get and read Tom Clancy’s Executive Orders, published in 1996.

    It will take some selective reading to avoid getting entangled it the various sub-plots, but the late Tom Clancy did and excellent job describing how such a biological problem could spread from a hospital in Zaire to the US. Granted, in the fictional story Ebola has help from a hostile government, but ...

    All in all not too bad a job for a story written a decade ago and first copyrighted in 1996.

  • Affirmative Action In College Grading

    07/22/2014 5:53:47 AM PDT · 24 of 30
    Nip to LeoMcNeil

    Let’s call this economics professor what he really is - LAZY!

    Think about it.

    After the class shows up on the first day he can sit down and score every pop quiz, test, and final grade based on the racial quota grading scale. In fact, he could probably do away with quizzes and testing in any form since those results would be immaterial to the final grade.

    Carried to its logical extreme - why have colleges at all?
    Just issue everyone their PhD immediately after they receive their “I attended school” for 12 years certificate.

    BTW - my end all argument against things like this is - would you want your child/grandchild operated on by a surgeon who got his grades, and medical degrees, based on racial/sexual quotas?

  • Dems vote for constitutional amendment to limit free speech and freedom of religion

    07/12/2014 6:52:36 AM PDT · 12 of 19
    Nip to markomalley

    Just remember:

    It was reasonable to imprison an entire racial class, without trial and without limitation. So said the Democrats in 1942.

    Without any kind of proof all Japanese-Americans living west of the Serra Nevada mountains were ordered to report for imprisonment on very short notice. Generational wealth had to sold for pennies on the dollar to meet the time limits imposed by this order.

    Multiple families had to live in crudely constructed wooden barracks. Interior partitions were basically bed sheets. Armed military police personnel could and did wander through the “common” areas of these barracks randomly through out the day.

    Executive Order 9066, issued by FDR on 19 Feb 1942. It was supported by multiple rules, regulations, and policies issued and enforced by non-elected bureaucrats safely in the rear with the gear.

    This affected around 127,000, around 80,000 were natural born American Citizens.

    In 1944 the Supreme Court weaseled out by declaring the Executive order and the resulting orders were two separate issues. IMHO you couldn’t have one without the other.

    46 years later each of the 82,219 survivors were paid $ 20,000 each because the government actions were based on “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership”.[

    Anyone want to bet it can not, excuse me - will not - happen again based on the current membership of Congress?

  • Senate Dems introduce bill that would override Hobby Lobby ruling

    07/08/2014 8:19:06 PM PDT · 38 of 54
    Nip to HiTech RedNeck

    Oh, what a target rich environment this could become.

    I STRONGLY recommend that there be a full scale debate on both floors of Congress!

    The first step would be to get the dimocrats to espouse the Constitutional bases for writing a law to overturn a Supreme Court decision.

    Once that has been firmly established by all the players involved go through the various Supreme Court decisions that Conservatives have problems with, starting lets say with Roe v. Wade and going from there. When the dimocrats rise in objection have them explain how the Hobby Lobby decision is different from Roe v. Wade and any other such law brought up by Conservatives.

    IMHO this could make a mockery of the liberals “war on women” Who knows we might actually be able to revisit some of the more irrational Supreme Court decisions.

    Yes, a VLPE (very low probability event) but still just taking the shot would be fun!

  • Poll: 59% blame Obama for flood of child border crossings

    07/01/2014 6:21:15 AM PDT · 26 of 40
    Nip to IBD editorial writer

    And, your point is?

    Lets face facts folks - the Emperor doesn’t care what the polls say. He has his agenda and he is immune to political fallout/pushback/whatever.

    Until the RINOs grow some spine and other male body parts they have been lacking since the Reagan Presidency nothing is going to happen; supporting poll results or not.

    IMHO, the second Republican Primary in Mississippi shows that RINOs at the state and national level are more concerned about maintaining their PERSONAL POLITICAL power than anything else. This political reality used to be only associated with the dimocratic party - now its associated with both. A pox on both of their houses - everywhere.

  • Eugene Robinson: Hobby Lobby Sort of Like Segregationists

    06/30/2014 5:56:43 AM PDT · 14 of 40
    Nip to governsleastgovernsbest

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    Hobby Lobby doesn’t object to all forms of mandated reproductive rights outlined in ObamaCare. They object only to those which cause an abortion.

    I have yet to see a single media outlet make this point. I have to wonder why.

  • Teen held against her will by hospital for 16 months describes her ordeal.....(Justina Pelletier)

    06/29/2014 5:57:56 PM PDT · 40 of 45
    Nip to Morgana

    IMHO the video and this entire case is a preview of ObamaCare.

    This was caused by a set of massive egos looking for more government grant money.

    Who ever granted those doctors their medical degrees should demand that the diplomas be returned and their names forever stricken from the rolls of graduates.

    What ever happened to the first rule of medicine - “First do no harm.”? That’s been around since Socrates (430 BC). Guess it doesn’t apply in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts medical system.

  • Massachusetts SWAT teams claim they’re private corporations, immune from open records laws

    06/26/2014 12:05:13 PM PDT · 18 of 64
    Nip to will of the people

    If they are claiming private corporate status to shield themselves from open records don’t they also give up considerable power?

    What other private corporation can conduct no knock raids on private citizens?

    What other private corporation can equip their employees with unlicensed (IAW Federal gun control laws) fully automatic weapons?

    What other private corporation can freely violate state gun control laws (assault weapons, large capacity magazines, etc) with impunity?

    What other corporation get pro bono use of state and county legal facilities and personnel?

    And the list goes on and on.

    I would love to see some legal group take these SWAT corporations to court with the idea of CONFIRMING their status as a private corporation. Then, immediately sue the counties they are operating in for failing to equally enforce various Federal and state gun laws.

  • Harry Reid says he won't attend Redskins game until team changes name

    06/17/2014 9:09:17 AM PDT · 81 of 99
    Nip to Psalm 144

    A motion has been made and seconded.

    Is there any discussion?

    Hearing none, I call for the vote.

    All in favor of Senator Harry Reid not attending any football games until the Washington Redskins change their name say “Aye”.

    All opposed say ‘No”.

    If this happened do you seriously think there would any reason to hold a written vote?

  • Sgt. Bergdahl's Post-Dramatic Stress

    06/15/2014 7:33:37 AM PDT · 9 of 9
    Nip to 2ndDivisionVet

    I don’t know about the rest of you but bacon and pork would have been on my menu.

    Something about washing the taste of the last five years out of my mouth.

    But then, I would have never walked away from my post either.

  • Congressional Committee Just Voted to Kill the A-10—And Endanger Troops’ Lives

    06/13/2014 11:45:40 AM PDT · 20 of 49
    Nip to RitchieAprile

    Not hardly pilgrim.

    Since its inception in the early 1970s the A-10 was designed to live, fight, and survive at low level in the MADPAD threats. Of the three, survive, IMHO, is the most important. Photos from DESERT STORM prove this.

    But, it was never a “F” platform. Therefore like other “A” platforms it was the poor, red-headed, bas*ard child from the wrong side of the railroad tracks. The only surprising thing is it took the AF 25 years, and multiple attempts (thank you US Army) to kill it.

  • Bergdahl arrives back on US soil as officials consider $600,000 pay-out for released PoW

    06/13/2014 11:34:10 AM PDT · 27 of 37
    Nip to Oliviaforever

    From day one of this incident no one in the military has called Berghdal a POW. There is a much more accurate, and longer, description

    How can you be a POW when the other side, aka the ENEMY, is not recognized as lawful combatants by the Geneva Convention?

    Legally, by international law and the Geneva Convention, there was no need or requirement to take any terrorist captive on the field of battle since they were unlawful combatants. Remember, the whole purpose of the Geneva Convention and other similar international agreements is to protect civilians during time of war. Hence the requirements for clearly identifiable uniforms.

    Only the uniformed media, trying to save ink and column inches refer to Bergdahl as a POW. American media are trying to equate him to American personnel held captive during Vietnam.

  • The B-52 bomber: Long-standing symbol of US strength

    06/13/2014 9:24:17 AM PDT · 35 of 48
    Nip to thackney

    The place to experience take offs of BUFFS and Stratobladders was at U-Tapao RTNB, Thailand.

    At the end of the main runway was an outdoor theater (called the “Wash-out”) and a Thai restraint (called the “Green Latrine”). They were just west of the runway (about 1,000 ft) much closer than they could/would be in the CONUS.

    A launch of an Arc Light strike, 3 x B-52Ds and 2-3 x KC-135s. The whole package getting off the ground in 5 minutes. All the aircraft used water augmentation to get airborne.

    Five minutes of noise and vibrations. No sound tracks. No conversations.

    On busy nights this went on every 30 minutes.

    It was considered great fun to take newly arrived personnel to either the wash-out or green latrine just in time to experience a strike mission launch.

  • Why reparations for slavery could help boost the economy

    06/05/2014 9:58:30 AM PDT · 100 of 101
    Nip to YourAdHere


    They believe in their hearts of hearts that they can continue to get all the free stuff they are getting now and get reparations!

    Let’s give them a choice - the free stuff they are getting now or reparations.

    Remind them that reparations is a one time deal.

    While being paid there is no other free stuff.

    After it is paid there is never going to be any more free stuff, ever!

    But then, what would the Democratic Party do for a voting block? Could that be the real driving force behind allowing the flood of illegals to enter; create a new voting block dependent on the Democrat’s ability to get them free stuff?

  • Obama at war: Administration official smears troops who served with Bergdahl as ‘psychopaths’

    06/05/2014 9:16:48 AM PDT · 15 of 21
    Nip to don-o

    One thing about the “Talban Dream Team” that was quickly forgotten - weren’t 2 of the 5 wanted by the UN for war crimes?

    So the Emperor (any one still question that title?) released two men wanted by the UN. I thought the UN was the penultimate source of perfect information (Global Warming, et al) and righteous actions? How could the Emperor do anything against so an august international organization?

  • The Real Goal Behind the Bergdahl Deal

    06/05/2014 9:05:51 AM PDT · 46 of 59
    Nip to Brad from Tennessee

    I have seen this story before - 70 years ago to be exact!

    The Democratic Administration of President Johnson did all kinds of political maneuvering and signal sending to get the North Vietnamese Government to make meaningful steps towards settling the conflict in Vietnam.

    In the 1964 Presidential Campaign Goldwater was slammed by the Democrats and their media supporters for proposing a “purely military” solution to Vietnam. Well, guess what folks, 9 years later President Nixon executed a “purely military” solution to get the North Vietnamese back to the peace conference table - an operation called LINEBACKER and LINEBACKER II.

    IMHO, the democrats were responsible for most of the 58,000 Americans KIA and I don’t know how many thousands of Vietnamese, North and South killed 1964 - 1972.

    Is there anyone out there foolish enough to think this latest Democratic posturing is going to have a better outcome than their efforts in the 1960s?

  • The U.S. Air Force's New AC-130 Gunships Are Really Bomb Trucks

    06/03/2014 8:25:41 PM PDT · 34 of 35
    Nip to hamboy

    There was a heavily up-gunned B-17, YB-40, with multiple powered turrets and no bomb load. The weight saved was devoted to carrying extra .50-cal ammo.

    Unfortunately, the modifications changed the aircraft’s basic outline sufficiently for it to be easily identified by attacking German fighter aircraft. But, that wasn’t the worse problem.

    After the bomb run was completed the aircraft couldn’t keep up with the rest of the formation, it was significantly heavier than the empty B-17s returning to England.

  • Obama: The US never leaves a man behind

    06/03/2014 9:04:55 AM PDT · 48 of 57
    Nip to skeeter

    Sorry, but we have.

    There are times that the calculus of combat directs that a few have to stay behind covering the withdrawal of the many.

    It happened, to the USMC, May 1975 as the Marines withdrew from ground combat on Koh Tang as the USS Mayaguez incident closed out.

    We knew at the time and radio intercepts confirmed that a fire team was left behind to cover the withdrawal. Part of that fire team were confirmed alive and were captured a few days later.

    We try hard, harder than most nations; but, we aren’t always successful.

  • Very frustrated Montel Williams speaks out on behalf of Veterans, says Obama could be doing more

    05/29/2014 8:40:02 AM PDT · 16 of 42
    Nip to Whenifhow

    A great speech and a well founded ideal.

    However, in the harsh reality of politics veterans, as a class, can offer the politician nothing that he, the politician. lusts after.

    Veterans can not pool their votes on any level. veterans can not pool their money either. Nor can they provide manpower.

    All three items, money, manpower, votes, are necessary for a politicians continued well being (re-election).

    Until the above conditions change, no politician, as a class, will pay any attention to the plights of Vets. The exception will be to use them (the vets0 as background for photo opportunities and reelection fodder.

  • President Obama Hosting Concussions Summit At White House

    05/29/2014 8:31:27 AM PDT · 11 of 52
    Nip to SoFloFreeper

    I wonder if anyone has done a mini/max analysis of Obama’s various conferences?

    What is the maximum time an issue has held his focus?
    What is the minimum time an issue has held his focus?

    It would be an interesting analysis of both his direction and lack of direction.

  • Veterans Health Administration - Interim Report - Review of Patient Wait Times....

    05/29/2014 8:13:46 AM PDT · 4 of 12
    Nip to WhiskeyX

    The one thing missing from all of this are the results of numerous law suits against the VA for wrongful death.

    I have to wonder how many of them are out there. I also have to wonder how many are “sealed” to hide the true size of the issue.

    Wonder who/how a FOIA request could be made to access those documents.

  • Following Obama’s policies, Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki has killed our veterans

    05/28/2014 9:31:03 AM PDT · 4 of 7
    Nip to Oldpuppymax

    Gen (Ret) Eric Shinseki “exposed” his depth of critical thinking many years ago, while on active duty. He attended a change of command ceremony at USSOCOM (US Special Operations command) and notice how all of the men and women participating in the ceremony stood so tall and proud. He decided that the cause of all this pride was the berets they wore.

    That’s right he latched on to the visual symbol of the pride. He ignored what those berets said about the people that wore them. He ignored the failures of 90% of the volunteers who stepped forward to compete for the honor of wearing a beret. I ignored the months of intensive training, mental, physical, and emotional. he ignored the horrendous TDY schedules around the world both into and out of live combat zones. He ignored the KIA and WIA numbers.

    but, by God, he noticed and focused on those fancy berets.

    After he got back to the five-sided playpen (aka the Pentagon), he directed that everyone in the Army would wear a beret. He even forced the Ranges to change the color of their berets.

    Any questions about the root cause of his miserable performance at the VA?

  • Phantom Menace: How unproven, widely-mocked technology scared the Soviets into ending the Cold War

    05/12/2014 8:44:33 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    Nip to kearnyirish2

    So what was Star Wars? IMHO it was a multiple threat attack against the Soviet Union without the use of direct military power. It was economic. It was societal. And, if successful , it was military. The final thrust was way down the road; the other two were immediate.

    I have said multiple times since my retirement from the AF in 1990 that you can not understand war until you understand economics. This has been true at least as far back as the Napoleonic era (early 1800s). Then a Maritime Power (England) eventually defeated a Continental Power (France) through subsidized alliances.

    Regan knew (understood? guessed?) that the Soviet Union could not follow the US into a Star Wars based military posture. The Russians had us beat when it came to conventional indices of military power (men, guns, ships, aircraft, missiles) and could easily maintain or extend their leads - we couldn’t catch up. So, by jumping into Star Wars Regan forced the Russians to start building a new technological base while maintaining their old ones. This was economically impossible no matter how much the Russians spent.

    Additionally, Star Wars posed an indirect attack on the Soviet System. To rapidly develop the new technological base they had to abandon one of their political triads - the powerful secret police that kept their political system functioning. Since the 19th century Russian society has been built on three pillars - the elite, the Army, and the Secret Police. To do things rapidly you have to allow rapid and free communications across multiple levels of a society; but, that was against a pillar of Russian societal norms.

    Oh, BTW, the Russians are equally scared of Star War’s little brother - the ground based Patriot Batteries with their limited anti-ballistic missile capabilities.

  • 5 Reasons Big Government Can Never Work The Way Liberals Claim It Does

    05/11/2014 10:04:14 AM PDT · 7 of 18
    Nip to Kaslin

    IMHO, actually there is one over riding reason why Government, at almost all levels can not work.

    BLUF - any government solution arrives too late to be of any help.

    Because the government is so distant from where the action is and has so many levels of incompetent bureaucrats it is never closer than three months behind what is happening. Frequently it is a year or more behind.

    In any dynamic society, like ours, this means that corrective actions have already been applied at the point of action when the government finds out about the initial problem. By the time the approved government solution arrives on scene (3 to 12 months later) the problem it is trying solve no longer exists. But, a new one exists. To which the government approved solution is applied.

    Visualize a pendulum swinging from side to side. Its ideal position is in balance at the center. By the time the government solution (push up to stop the swing) arrives the pendulum is at the high end of its arc and the government push up causes everything to fall out of balance making the initial problem worse.

  • Today’s Death Toll:150 Workers

    05/09/2014 5:02:00 PM PDT · 29 of 34
    Nip to Cletus.D.Yokel

    Okay ... 150 people will die today because of ...

    If true, why doesn’t Big Labor provide us the names of these people. Or, how about providing the names of the ones who died six months ago?

    It is long past time that people and organizations who spout numbers back them up with actual names.

    Am I skeptical - you becha!

    I am tired of the constant crises of one form or another; none of which seem to be backed up by hard facts of any kind. This constant level of crises in one form or another has replaced reasoned debates as the Federal Government lurches from one crises to another on alamost a daily basis.

  • Forgive and Forget Benghazi, Dude (Hurl Alert!!!)

    05/06/2014 6:39:17 AM PDT · 18 of 30
    Nip to Kaslin

    If I were in charge of the hearings the first thing I would do is to publically interview the 30 odd people who were injured in Benghazi.

    That’s right there was more than just four dead.

    The reason for interviewing them? After their initial evacuation to Germany for medical treatment they were then flown back to the CONUS and placed in various hospitals under different names. That’s right folks they became different people somewhere over the Atlantic. Why?

    IMHO, none of these eye witnesses to what was happening on the ground in Benghazi the night of September 11, 2012 have never been interviewed! If I am correct why not?

  • Final fed climate report will present dire picture

    05/05/2014 7:53:36 PM PDT · 32 of 32
    Nip to rktman

    I am still waiting for ice bergs in the Gulf of Mexico.

    According to the 1970’s forecasts we were supposed to have them by the end of the twentieth century.

  • Spread of Polio is 'World health emergency' as disease spreads through Asia, Africa and Middle East

    05/05/2014 7:51:34 PM PDT · 21 of 45
    Nip to CorporateStepsister

    In early 1950’s I came down with spinal meningitis. The first thing I was tested for was polo. Once that came back they started testing me for other issues.

    I was 6. My divorced mother was terrified at the possibility of her young son spending the rest of his life in an iron lung or as a cripple, like FDR.

    When the polo vaccine came out a few years later I was among the first in my school to receive it. Mom said that the two days sweating out the medical test results four years earlier was enough terror for her.

    IMHO there is no non-political reason for everyone not to receive the polo vaccine,

  • A Fatal Wait: Veterans Languish and Die on a VA Hospital's Secret List

    04/23/2014 10:40:42 PM PDT · 18 of 23
    Nip to cherry

    I wish I could say this is something new with a straight face; but, I cannot.

    In the early 1980’s Hollywood produced a mainstream movie about how the VA system doesn’t work. It traced the machinations that some doctors went through to get a vet who had a heart attack on the VA hospital’s front steps proper and timely medical treatment.

    It became a fight between the administrators wanting to look good and the doctors who wanted to serve the vets.

    The movie ends with one of the doctors becoming an administrator and adopting the very procedures and attitudes he had fought so hard against as a doctor.

    I asked several of my friends, Vietnam era vets and earlier how accurate the movie was. Their answers we profane and very down hearting.

  • Grounding A-10s will save $4.2 billion, decision ‘clear’: USAF general

    04/23/2014 10:26:32 PM PDT · 48 of 56
    Nip to yarddog

    BLUF - if you can not break Mach 1; pull G’s until your eyes blur, and look high speed on the ramp the AF doesn’t want you.

    CAS wins wars, like it or not. You win wars by taking territory away from your enemy and holding on to it. We tried something else in Vietnam; 58,000 plus names on a war tells me that what we did there was wrong. Saigon is now Ho Chi Min City.

    For the last 12 plus years the fighters have had a floor below which they aren’t supposed to go. Specter and the Hogs lived, fought, supported, and survived well below that floor.

    BTW - the F-16 need to be re-engined - flying all of those air born alerts CONUS under Operation Noble Eagle burned up the engines and airframes.

    BTW - when is the first wing of F-35s going to be operationally ready? I mean the latest slip not the one sold to Congress.

    What are our grunts supposed to do in the mean time when things turn to heck and the ground fight is danger close?

  • U.S. Supreme Court upholds Michigan's ban on affirmative action in college admissions

    04/22/2014 9:44:10 AM PDT · 95 of 137
    Nip to plain talk

    What is “impossible” is to admit that the primary education system in the state has failed and will continue to fail.

    Add to that the cultural divided that has been the core of the Democratic Party since the mid-1960s and minorities in the Republic are in for a rough time.

    But, I have a simple, and historic, solution for this issue. Michigan needs to adopt the educational polices practiced by the service academies roughly 100 years ago and are, to a lesser degree, still in practice today.

    The service academies knew/know that all too many of their incoming classes aren’t ready. One hundred years ago the deficiencies were primarily academic. Today they are primarily social. So, the service academies have orientation classes to make good those shortfalls.

    A course of two or three semesters of academics ONLY would offer the undereducated/uneducated minorities a chance to redress their shortfalls. Yes, they would be older than those who came directly out of high school; but, they would be able to keep up in class and graduate which is more important.

    Yes, these prep schools would have some ugly failure rates. But, since when has education been a losing proposition?

    One final thought, the colleges already do this for a minor issue called football; why can’t they do it for a major issue like education?

  • Harry Reid Doubles Down on Bundy Ranch: 'If They're Patriots, We're in Big Trouble'

    04/20/2014 9:09:48 AM PDT · 57 of 75
    Nip to MUDDOG

    Let me correct Senator Reid’s statement to reflect what he is really thinking behind those glasses:

    “If they’re Patriots. I am in Big Trouble.”

    Harry and his ilk require We, the People, to become totally passive and take no part in level of government. They require us to behave like medieval serfs immediately doing what ever nobles (politicians) and church (the media) say while having no chance at “hope and change” to improve themselves.

    Hate to tell harry, that ain’t going to happen pilgrim.

  • Judge Napolitano: Bundy Ranch Standoff is "Becoming the Last Straw" With This Admin & Big Government

    04/16/2014 7:09:48 AM PDT · 16 of 18
    Nip to

    Let’s review the bidding, can we?

    Two democratic administrations about a decade apart. Two cases of massive overreaction to relatively minor legal issues.

    Waco - could have been prevented by a simple arrest in town. Instead a massive military based response with a totally unnecessary body count.

    Bundy - could have been prevented in a simple court case followed by an arrest. Instead a massive para-military operation that isn’t over yet.

    Wonder how much of an overlap the two casts of characters have?

  • EU countries to boost defense budgets in light of Ukraine

    04/16/2014 7:03:31 AM PDT · 7 of 7
    Nip to Olog-hai

    This defense spending increase being discussed by EU defense ministers will do real good for any crises occurring after 2020.

    Ask any professional, semi-professional, or college sports team when they start preparing for their championship tournaments; it isn’t the week before the playoffs begin!

    Even if there was enough US-based hardware available, and there isn’t, it takes months to years to become proficient with their use. The more complex the equipment the longer the training time. Also the costs, monetary, human, and dislocations for 4D training goes up. Proof of this statement - the Balkans; Dutch vs. American peacekeepers in the mid 1990s.

    Unfortunately the EU has gone through this before - a little under 80 years ago. In the mid to late 1930’s the threat was Nazi Germany; today it is reborn Russia.

  • Air Force apologizes to family after armed traffic stop (Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio)

    04/11/2014 9:34:45 AM PDT · 84 of 111
    Nip to hoosierham

    I think your response is the best one.

    I too question the entire mind set of the responding personnel, their supervisors, and the base commander.

    First, it sounds as if vehicles “cruising” the parking lot looking at license plates is a common occurrence. I wonder if the SP quality control people and/or base exercise teams test the responding officers reactions to just such a situation? When I was an AF base exercise team chief in the mid 1980’s not all of my SP response scenarios required an high intensity response. With base wide exercise once every quarter you can cover a lot of scenarios and different responses.

    Second, what is the probability of a terrorist attack on Wright-Patt? Not every place in the CONUS is under the same level of terrorist threat. Proof? Why did September 11, 2001 happen where it did and not elsewhere? But, the bureaucratic mind set is one size must fit all regardless of how stupid or painful. That mind set creates incidents like this all too easily. BTW that mind set isn’t limited to the DOD.

    Finally, despite the PAO’s response nothing has changed, nor will it. The best way to prevent this, or something worse, from happening again is some very vigorous PT for everyone from the responding SPs to the base commander - 20 laps around the fence in full chem protective gear comes to mind. Why do I want the base commander to join this fun run? His command authority extends well beyond his desk top and office; but, like most commanders he spends all too little time outside his office seeing what is really going on. The image is there but, as this non-fatal (by the grace of God) incident proves, the reality ain’t!

  • The 5,400mph superweapon: 'Star Wars' gun can fire shells at seven times speed of sound through

    04/11/2014 8:08:58 AM PDT · 42 of 68
    Nip to muir_redwoods

    As to your question about recoil.

    I describe a gun, of any size, at the moment of firing as a cube with one moveable wall. That moveable was is the projectile. Four of the five remaining immovable walls make up the barrel. The remaining wall is the breech.

    To force the projectile out of the barrel the expanding gasses have to push against something - the breech. This is what produces the recoil forces you mentioned.

    A railgun “drags” the projectile along as the magnetic current moves from the breech to the muzzle. There is no pushing the projectile.

    When I first looked at this concept roughly 20 years ago the biggest technical problem was what to do with all of that energy when it got to the muzzle end of the track. The free release of that energy produced an EMP that you wouldn’t believe!

    A railgun offers many tactical advantages. Ability to rapidly change the range. Increased load out. Increased safety. Reduced logistic issues. These are only the first order of magnitude improvements on our side of the weapon.

    The impact at the other end of the weapon are VERY interesting. But, that’s for another post on a different venue.

  • Democrats embrace adding photos to Social Security cards

    04/11/2014 7:07:55 AM PDT · 38 of 77
    Nip to Sub-Driver

    When I got my Social Security Card it had printed on it that it was NOT an identification card. Guess all of that has changed.

    Adding a photograph to the Social Security Card might, and I say that with a very large grain of salt, prevent fraudulent cards from circulating. But then again, how many secure credit cards have been compromised lately?

  • Feds sue Long Island Town of Oyster Bay, allege housing discrimination against blacks

    04/11/2014 7:00:07 AM PDT · 16 of 53
    Nip to GeronL

    Yes it does, from their viewpoint.

    How dare people want to live together without the politically correct cultural diversity!

    Being forced to accept families from outside your community goes hand-in-hand with Federal funds. Once to take the Emperor’s coin you have to do what the Emperor wants you to do.

    So, what’s the long term impact? IMHO there will be fewer and fewer communities that will accept Federal money, even matching funds, if they have to “import” people to achieve the Federally mandated cultural diversity.

    Who will suffer? The community’s poor and elderly. Not the federal and State bureaucrats.

    My only question on this issue is - Was the Federally and State cultural diversity mandates announced prior to the funding or after?

  • Five Takeaways from the GM Safety Debacle

    04/10/2014 9:12:36 AM PDT · 5 of 29
    Nip to Kaslin

    Correct me if I am wrong; but, didn’t GM get a government bailout during the Reagan Presidency?

  • Force Mismanagement: AFPC Botches Retirements, Airmen Caught in Crossfire

    04/06/2014 10:13:29 AM PDT · 5 of 6
    Nip to Geosmth

    Unfortunately this rot started back in 1975.

    It started with the rated OER system for officers which set brother officers against each other, office mates against each other, project subordinates against project leads (same ranks).

    It continued in 1977 when the leadership decided that officers were managers not leaders. I personally had fun with that concept at Squadron Officer’s School.

    In ran way when “tie breakers” became the core of an officer’s annual efficiency report in the 1980s.

    Now, two full generations later (a military generation is 20 years the minimum for retirement) the pot has fallen over.

    Is there a way to turn this around? Yes, but how do you take an officer corps bread to be lap dogs and turn them into guard dogs over night?

    I, as a retiree, could do it; but a serving general officer?