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  • Osama won’t be captured alive, says ex-bodyguard (barf?)

    04/01/2006 5:35:27 AM PST · 10 of 22
    Noachian to voletti
    Osama Bin Laden has no intention of being taken alive ...

    Good. Except for politicians who would want him alive?

    Taking him alive means a sham trial, protests, demonstrations, flag burning, etc. -- who needs that?

  • (latest NARAL email) Dear doug, South Dakota might seem far away from home, but the abortion ban ...

    03/31/2006 2:27:46 PM PST · 3 of 10
    Noachian to doug from upland
    We cannot allow ... politicians in one state to make decisions that could eliminate fundamental freedoms for all American women.

    I thought this was a cute line, since the abortion crowd uses court decisions to eliminate fundamental freedoms for all American children every time they get a favorable court decision.

  • Mexico North?

    03/31/2006 7:20:48 AM PST · 11 of 19
    Noachian to conservativecorner
    What a people produce in an area that they have control over is a testament to the future productivity and wealth of those people.

    We've seen what Mexicans have failed to do to Mexico, and now they want to take control of parts of America and do the same thing here.

    That's a zero sum game. Sooner or later a majority of Mexicans living in America will either have to constantly produce something valuable or continue to be subclass working for those who do.
  • Polar melting may raise sea level sooner than expected

    03/26/2006 10:00:33 PM PST · 11 of 69
    Noachian to quantim
    "We need to start serious measures to reduce greenhouse gases within the next decade.

    Junk science.

    You can reduce "greenhouse gases" tomorrow, and it wouldn't change a thing.

    One Krakatoa size volcano can spew out enough gases and ash to cool the entire planet, and volcanic eruptions can happen at any time.

    There are many reasons why a planet heats up or cools off, and for humans to think that they alone are the cause or cure is pure narcissism.

  • Clerics: Convert This Christian or He DIES

    03/24/2006 5:38:02 AM PST · 16 of 78
    Noachian to carumba
    I say conversion at the edge of the sword does not count.

    You're right, but that's how Islam spread from country to country. Most people, if given a choice, would have nothing to do with it.

    The only thing that kept Islam from overtaking Europe was the religious ideology of Christianity, and today's atheist Europe is no ideological match for Muslim zealots.

    The only good thing about Rahman's circumstances is the bad press Islam is taking on the world stage. It shows Islam for what it is.

  • Islamic Televangelist Risks Popularity

    03/22/2006 5:29:25 AM PST · 9 of 13
    Noachian to Valin
    ...we've been working for a faith-based renaissance in this region, which will not take place by clashes but by coexistence," ...

    Khaled may have good intentions, but he's trying to apply western logic to a middle eastern mindset.

    Islam is flawed at its most basic level, and has a history of expanding only by the sword. It has never "coexisted" comfortably with other religions throughout its history, and it still doesn't today.

    Coexistence means "competition", and Islam doesn't fare well when the "competition" examines Islam's basic tenets. To avoid that "examination" Muslims simply destroy the competition. So, no "coexistence" is really possible.

  • Austria: Muslim Soldiers Refuse to Salute Flag

    03/21/2006 6:53:41 AM PST · 9 of 40
    Noachian to Acts 2:38
    ...refused to salute the flag at a parade and instead turned their backs on it.

    Turning your back on the flag of your country says a lot more than just a refusal to salute it.

    These three Muslims shouldn't be in any European army during a war on Muslim terrorists, and adding more Muslim personnel in the form of imams doesn't make the situation any better.

    But, this is the Austrian army we're talking about, so logical thinking is irrelevant.

  • Americans view Mexicans well; reverse not true

    03/21/2006 6:35:56 AM PST · 13 of 43
    Noachian to reelfoot
    Among Mexicans, just 26 percent saw Americans as hardworking, ...

    Of course Americans don't work hard.

    That's because of the "Money Tree" that grows on the northern side of the Rio Grande.

    Americans get up in the morning, go outside, pick some money off of their "Money Tree", and use it to hire Mexican labor.

  • The Fourth Branch Of Government

    03/20/2006 4:08:06 PM PST · 13 of 19
    Noachian to bocopar
    However, there is one branch that is not accountable to the people like the others: the Media.

    Let's not forget the Judiciary.

    The Supreme Court has been running rough shod over the Constitution for years, mostly because it's accountable to no one - the Congress or the people.

  • Withdraw French law or workers walk: union

    03/20/2006 7:19:20 AM PST · 11 of 18
    Noachian to Dane
    Students fear the law will lead to higher unemployment in a country where the young already have trouble getting jobs.

    It's too bad the French only teach socialist economics instead of free market economic.

    Supply and demand employment has given way to guaranteed employment (if you can find it), and if you quit you may not find another job.

    This is the stifling reality of socialism on view for all to see.

  • Cub Scout Troop-Den leader is a moonbat--help.

    03/20/2006 6:53:14 AM PST · 11 of 27
    Noachian to Pondman88
    Am I putting my opinions ahead of friendship and being a good neighbor?

    No. Once this guy told you he was going to an anti-war rally he voluntarily entered the area of politics, and this would give anyone a "heads up" concerning his political and social views.

    Apparently he expects you to agree with his views, since he is a liberal,or he wouldn't have mentioned the rally.

    If you look at the pathology of liberals, and their thirst for ideology over substance, you have a right to be concerned about your son.

    Put the best interests of your son first, and let your friendship with your liberal neighbor follow its own course.

  • Public Comments by Supreme Court Justices Veer Toward the Political

    03/20/2006 6:16:43 AM PST · 19 of 19
    Noachian to Crackingham
    ...former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor told an audience at Georgetown University that a judiciary afraid to stand up to elected officials can lead to dictatorship.

    The opening paragraph tells a lot about the way the judiciary sees its role in government.

    That line should read: "a congress that is afraid to stand up to an unelected judiciary can lead to dictatorship.

  • THE DEFIANT WAR [Susan Saradon to play Cindy in bio-pic, plus reality series by Sundance]

    03/19/2006 7:32:00 AM PST · 15 of 32
    Noachian to Maceman
    Count on a guaranteed Oscar and NO box office.

    Very true.

    Some liberal in Hollywood will make this into a picture with a cheap budget, that will only be shown in blue states and in Europe where it can make a profit, and will be nominated for best picture.

  • Builders of Capital City Vow to Construct It into More Modern One

    03/19/2006 7:09:12 AM PST · 3 of 6
    Noachian to ASA Vet
    They will, at the same time, convert the rural villages on the outskirts of the city into a socialist land of bliss ...

    This sounds like the Utopian minded liberals in New York or LA.

    Instead of a "land of bliss" that never woks how about a land of opportunity that really does work?

  • Report: Halliburton Didn't Protect Troops' Water

    03/16/2006 7:17:09 AM PST · 5 of 24
    Noachian to Tulsa Ramjet one instance missing contamination that could have caused "mass sickness or death," ...

    "Could have", but did it?

    A lot of things go wrong in wartime, but the AP seems to make it a point to find anything that "could go wrong", "did go wrong", "might go wrong", "almost went wrong", etc.

    But, the AP overlooks a lot of things that "go right".

  • Ports fiasco reveals political hypocrisy, public ignorance

    03/16/2006 5:14:27 AM PST · 5 of 132
    Noachian to Cannoneer No. 4
    The resulting singular affluence of the American consumer derives from just these trade-offs in our autonomy --

    Which begs the question: "What else will we "trade off"?

    If we start down the road of depending on foreign sources for much of our food supplies, as we now depend on foreign sources for much of our oil supplies, when will we start depending on foreign sources for much of our laws as well?

  • Franklin Graham Reaffirms Criticism of Islam (EVIL, WICKED!)

    03/15/2006 4:38:41 PM PST · 9 of 63
    Noachian to Dark Skies
    Some of Graham's fellow evangelicals subsequently expressed concern that his comments might endanger Christian missionaries working in Muslim countries,...

    Anyone who thinks that Christians will not be endangered if Graham holds his tongue is living in a fool's paradise.

    Christians are constantly in danger from the followers of Islam no matter what country they may be in. Keeping silent will only seems cowardly to a Muslim.

    Graham should speak his mind, and use his pulpit to "educate" his followers.

  • Justice Ginsburg Reveals Details of Threat (USSC targets of society's "irrational fringe")

    03/15/2006 3:31:29 PM PST · 62 of 143
    Noachian to Liz
    Ginsburg said, "Critics in Congress and in the media misperceive how and why U.S. courts refer to foreign and international court decisions." She said those decisions are used for guidance only.

    Ginsburg says foreign laws are used for guidance only, but if a future SC decision was actually "based" on foreign law would that decision be constitutional or not?

    If it was what would that do to our Constitution?

    If it wasn't what remedy would the plaintiffs have?

  • NASA puts its weight behind warming signs

    03/14/2006 3:12:21 PM PST · 15 of 43
    Noachian to mathprof
    “All are signs of a warming climate predicted by computer models.”

    Computer models are only as good as the data fed into them - GIGO.

    Publish the data used for the models for everyone to see.

  • Desperate Feminist Wives

    03/13/2006 7:38:38 AM PST · 15 of 25
    Noachian to conservativebabe
    Wilcox and Nock's study leaves husbands out of the picture. What we might wait for is a study that examines husbands' happiness—and tells us something about how they view male cultural scripts that remain comparatively stagnant.

    Whether feminists are happy or not has less to do with the future of society than who men will choose for their wives and the mothers of their children.

    Countless articles have been written about what women want, or what makes women happy, but little about the choices men make.

    Men are hardwired differently than women, as are their needs. Men wants sons who will live after them. Marriage gave women certain social "rights" in exchange for bearing their husband's sons. Men still produce sons, but "progressive" women have largely given up the security marriage gave them. Thus, the reason for feminists unhappiness.

    "Traditional" women, on the other hand, seem to have "gotten it right", and are ignoring the failed concepts of feminists. Thus, the reason for traditionalist's happiness.

  • Islamist terrorists don't recognize "peace activists" (Tom Fox killed in Iraq)

    03/11/2006 4:53:11 PM PST · 9 of 23
    Noachian to forty_years the reality that the current U.S. Administration felt compelled to invade from a basis of hate.

    This may be the distorted "reality" Fox held to, but we have to wonder what he thought was the basis of his captors "reality" as they were about to kill him.

    It seems as if Fox was a fool, and got what he deserved.

  • Groups Want Auto Features To Prevent Child Deaths

    03/10/2006 6:22:34 AM PST · 21 of 24
    Noachian to ShadowDancer
    ...legislation aimed at preventing the deaths of children in non-traffic auto accidents...would require automakers to include additional safety features.

    What we are seeing are people who demand a "risk free society", and in the process are willing to make cars unaffordable for the average person.

    Notice that this legislation is "aimed at preventing the deaths of children ...". Children are always the preferred excuse for legislation societies elites want, but the average couple cannot afford.

    There will always be car accidents as long as people drive cars. The unforeseen consequence of trying to make anything "risk free" is that is eventually becomes unaffordable.

  • Leftist Agenda at 2006 Oscars Crashed (How low will they go?)

    03/08/2006 5:19:07 AM PST · 5 of 17
    Noachian to teddyballgame
    How low will box office revenues have to go before Hollywood gets the message ...

    Follow the money.

    As long as there are men with money willing to invest in perverse films there will be actors, directors, etc, who will work in those films. Money moves the Hollywood types, not moral convictions.

  • Bishops' gay ban may cost millions

    03/06/2006 7:28:41 AM PST · 10 of 79
    Noachian to NYer
    The decision by the state's Catholic bishops to seek to exclude gays and lesbians from adopting through Catholic social service agencies could imperil millions of dollars in donations from corporations and philanthropies that have their own nondiscrimination policies to abide by.

    Does this mean that a decision on theology is based on how much cash may be involved?

  • Guantanamo Inmates Despair of Ever Leaving

    03/05/2006 8:12:56 PM PST · 18 of 72
    Noachian to NewLand

    These are men who would readily kill Americans, and may have already done so.

    Why should Americans feel any pity for them?

    A story like this just goes to show how outside the mainstream the AP is.

  • Punished for Speaking English: "English-Speaking Sign Flap"

    03/05/2006 2:56:45 PM PST · 15 of 48
    Noachian to Shion
    "What is of concern to me is whether the government of Arapahoe County is violating his Constitutional rights under the First Amendment,"

    This is definitely a breach of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, especially political speech.

    Since his lawn care business is a private enterprise, done on private time, the County is, in effect, telling a private businessman what he is, or isn't, free to say.

  • Another White House Briefing, Another Day of Mutual Mistrust

    03/05/2006 7:25:48 AM PST · 3 of 10
    Noachian to gitmo
    ...because this administration is more secretive,"

    Secretive is the wrong word to use.

    Every time Bush opens his mouth the MSM beat him over the head. Why should he give them more ammunition?

    There is no reason to be informative to a hostile press corp. You'd think the MSM would get it by now.

  • Osama Bin Laden to open convenience stores in Iraq - anxiously awaits American pullout in '07

    03/05/2006 7:17:23 AM PST · 6 of 8
    Noachian to GeorgiaDawg32
    "If we use all our young people to blow themselves up, who is going to man the counters and sell overpriced camel jerky to the unsuspecting masses?"

    Forget the camel jerky, who will sell Victoria Secret bras to teenage mall rats?

  • Holland to allow ‘baby euthanasia’

    03/05/2006 6:15:51 AM PST · 43 of 80
    Noachian to West Coast Conservative
    ...opponents of euthanasia who warn of a “slippery slope” leading to abuses by doctors and parents, ...

    This is indeed a "slippery slope" for a country already demographically challenged.

    The consequences of this law isn't hard to foresee. It will spread though Dutch society as another means of abortion.

    As Holland's birth rate continues to decline any law that fails to put a brake on increasing the native population only gives islamists greater control over Dutch society.

    It's hard to feel sorry for a people who willingly continue to exterminate themselves.

  • Should Liberals Leave the Catholic Church?

    03/05/2006 5:47:28 AM PST · 34 of 164
    Noachian to Jim Noble
    The people who make the rules say we don't meet the criteria....

    This sentence says it all.

    How many of these people would dare to tell their employers how to run their companies? Not many I think. Yet they have no problem "telling Rome" how to run its religion.

  • Fraternity suspended after racially insensitive party

    03/05/2006 5:36:51 AM PST · 29 of 44
    Noachian to jmq
    ...participants were told to dress based on organizers' perceptions of how blacks dress. Partygoers arrived wearing doo-rags and baggy pants.

    So, what is the problem?

    The frat guys were "told" to "dress black", and they dressed the way they perceive blacks dressing.

    The questions that should be asked are "What did the organizers mean by "perceptions of black dress?", and "How do the organizers perceive black's dress style as different from white dress style ?"

  • Students sue over Confederate image ban

    03/03/2006 8:04:37 AM PST · 3 of 31
    Noachian to LouAvul
    "Our policy is that any type of clothing which has graphics, words or pictures that are distracting to the learning process of the school ... are not supposed to be worn," schools spokeswoman Alisa Teffeteller said.

    Perhaps the schools spokeswoman can give examples of T-shirts, or other clothing, that were banned in the past other than T-shirts bearing the Confederate emblem?

  • Leftist group ACT says join their Online Progressive Caucas

    03/03/2006 7:51:50 AM PST · 10 of 11
    Noachian to Gopher Broke
    ...drove me to quit my job teaching high school in Washington, DC and devote myself full-time to coordinating a grassroots political campaign.

    Even Marxist activists have to eat.

    The guy quits his job to play in the political sandbox and how does he pay his bills?

    Who is funding this left wing organization?

  • High school teacher's comments investigated by district

    03/01/2006 8:26:02 PM PST · 5 of 25
    Noachian to Millee
    Sean Allen frequently recorded his teachers to back up his notes.

    Sean Allen did great.

    If more students recorded their teacher's left wing rants in the classroom a big dent could be made in liberal's academic propaganda.

    Academic liberals are basically cowards, and if they think that their actions in a classroom will be exposed to public viewing they'll think twice before opening their mouths on political subjects.

  • Yes...Competition works...even for humans...even in schools

    03/01/2006 7:09:58 AM PST · 10 of 14
    Noachian to dson7_ck1249
    Competition makes everything better.

    Not necessarily.

    A voucher system presupposes that the parents and students using those vouchers will be interested in education.

    What if the students using vouchers for good schools have no interest in education, but only want to "hang out"?

    Vouchers can get a child into a school, but what he does there is up to him.

    It's very possible that a disruptive child transferred to a school using the voucher system will be just as disruptive in his new school.

    I agree that the public school system is miserable, but to think that handing someone a voucher will solve the problem denies the fact that ultimately students must pay attention to their teachers and do their homework. Otherwise it's just another Utopian idea.

    "Competition makes everything better" only if everyone plays by the same rules.

  • liberal UFPJ says call congress toll free today on war funding

    02/28/2006 6:02:54 AM PST · 7 of 11
    Noachian to Gopher Broke
    "I strongly oppose the war in Iraq.

    Then state the reasoning for your opposition.

    I want all our troops brought home safely, without delay.

    Then state your reasoning for the consequences of leaving millions of Iraqis in the hands of terrorists.

    urge Representative (or Senator) X to vote against the President's $72.4 billion 'emergency' supplemental request for the war."

    Then state what social program you would want that money to go to.

    Please forward widely! Not One Penny More for War!

    Then state which social areas you would like to see more money spent on: academics, United Nations, poverty, environment, etc.

  • The Prophet through the eyes of Western intellectuals (Editorial opinion)

    02/25/2006 3:44:16 PM PST · 16 of 51
    Noachian to Cornpone would be interesting to know the opinions of western intellectuals about the Messenger of Allah.

    It's interesting that the writer wants to know the opinions of "western intellectuals" rather than the opinions of "western peoples". These are two very different things.

    Western intellectuals have all but done away with Christianity as a political/social force in Europe, and Europeans have followed their intellectuals.

    The American people are more religious than Europeans, but our intellectuals are trying to follow Europe's sectarian lead. That's one difference between blue and red states.

    Question an intellectual about Christ and Muhammad and you'll two different answers. Ask him if he'd rather live under Islamic rule rather than in the West and you'll only get one answer.

  • Australian treasurer calls for Muslim hardliners to lose citizenship (Frontrunner as next Aussie PM)

    02/25/2006 6:03:52 AM PST · 10 of 25
    Noachian to xzins
    "For some to throw up their arms in horror and say that there's something wrong in even talking about this issue is ridiculous," he said.

    This is a direct attack on liberalism, which has been long overdue.

    Liberalism, in its push for multiculturalism and diversity, is directly responsible for the immigration problems of the Western countries.

  • Coup against Summers a dubious victory for the politically correct

    02/22/2006 7:01:05 AM PST · 5 of 36
    Noachian to libstripper
    Coup against Summers a dubious victory for the politically correct

    Summers was as politically correct as any feminist.

    His mistake was letting his private, common sense, thoughts out into the public arena.

    This "dubious victory" is a case of PC liberals eating their own.


    02/22/2006 5:53:20 AM PST · 8 of 64
    Noachian to standingfirm
    There are "angry murmurs" among solid GOP conservatives in my part of the country about Bush's reaction to the sale of the ports to Arabs, his refusal to shore up the defense of our southern border against illegal immigrants, and his constant rhetoric about Islam as a "religion of peace".

    All of this rankles conservatives, and it may cause the 2008 GOP nominee to break away from the Bush mold.
  • Jailing Irving

    02/22/2006 5:43:38 AM PST · 10 of 91
    Noachian to SJackson
    The problem is that denying the murder of six million Jews is not an "opinion," but hate speech.

    I may abhor what a person says, but I'll defend his right to say it.

    This use to be a basic principle of free speech. No more.

    Now we have "hate speech" that can cause people to judge every word before they speak it, thus creating a society of fear -- fear of "offending" someone.

    Our Declaration of Independence is full of "hate speech" towards King George. Yet without that "hate speech" of 200+ years ago we would have a different world today.

  • Security Programs, Unions Would Stay at Ports UAE Firm Would Operate Facilities

    02/21/2006 8:36:00 PM PST · 20 of 62
    Noachian to johnmecainrino
    Those pledges did not quell the uproar in Congress, statehouses and city halls ...

    In politics perception is reality. Bush should know this.

    How does the White House explain to the people that we're in a war with Arabs and at the same time we're letting Arabs run some of our ports?

    Whether the security remains under American control or not is irrelevant. What the voters think about this deal is very relevant.

  • Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity Genes

    02/21/2006 4:53:01 PM PST · 10 of 15
    Noachian to rbg81; MarcusTulliusCicero
    What would a society of such people look like?

    Maybe a better way of stating this is "What would happen to the world around them?"

    If we assume that a person may live for one, two, or three hundred years on average, what unforeseen impact would that have on economic and social institutions?

    What kind of jobs would these "elderly" people work at?

    What would happen to the life insurance industry?

    If dying became "rare" would people still attend religious services?

    Would abortion increase since the population would be "swelling" and babies would then be a "burden" instead of "replacements"?

    Would we all turn into "risk adverse" people with no adventure left in us?

    There's a bunch of, as yet, unanswered questions about extended life, and I don't know of anyone who wouldn't jump at a chance to live for centuries rather than decades.

  • Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity Genes

    02/21/2006 4:20:42 PM PST · 4 of 15
    Noachian to MRMEAN
    Understanding how they work may reveal the keys to extending human life span while banishing diseases of old age.

    While an extended, disease free, life span sounds good on paper, but what would be its unintended consequences?

    Every one wants to live forever, and never get ill. But, what would a society of such people look like?

  • HANO wants only working tenants (New Orleans)

    02/21/2006 7:00:21 AM PST · 15 of 44
    Noachian to Ellesu
    ...three New Orleans City Council members said displaced public housing residents who are unwilling to work are unwelcome to return.

    So, the N.O. Dems created a city full of welfare junkies that are now infesting other cities that took them in during Katrina.

    The "displaced residents" who found work elsewhere won't be coming back, and those welfare junkies who want to live off the dole aren't welcome in N.O. until election time.

  • The White House and Adversary Press

    02/21/2006 5:47:52 AM PST · 26 of 37
    Noachian to Quilla
    In the endless war in Washington, the national press corps is the most formidable ally of the Democratic Party.

    Why does Pat think that the MSM, with its failing readership and falling stock prices, is still the nation's gatekeeper for all the nation's news?

    And why does he think that the MSM is "the most formidable ally" of a political party that has resigned itself to minority status?

    Pat is still thinking of the glory days when newsprint was bought by the mega-barrel and computers didn't exist.

  • Bad Ideas For Stopping Iran

    02/21/2006 5:28:11 AM PST · 9 of 45
    Noachian to TheForceOfOne
    Some, like former Vice President Al Gore, believe that the Islamic Republic is a threat to world peace and must be checked, by force if necessary.

    By force? Al Gore?

    What alternate reality is this guy living in?

  • Still mostly white NASCAR trying to diversify

    02/20/2006 9:57:48 PM PST · 35 of 52
    Noachian to Roverman2K
    ... now they want to bite out a piece of NASCAR, just like basketball: "diversity" means it will be ruined.

    There's a huge difference between playing a sport that involves a ball and a sport that involves a complex piece of costly machinery that can kill you if it's handled wrong.

    It will take more than "diversity", or "affirmative action" to make the grade in NASCAR.

  • Still mostly white NASCAR trying to diversify

    02/20/2006 9:42:27 PM PST · 32 of 52
    Noachian to stainlessbanner
    But NASCAR, the country's fastest-growing sports spectacle with hopes of rivaling the NFL

    "I tell people that if we don't get diversity right, we won't be successful," ...

    How can Brian France reconcile these two sentences? If NASCAR is the fastest growing sport how can it not be successful? If it's successful why not leave well enough alone?

    Any driver who wants to compete on the track can do so if he puts in the time, the commitment, and pays his own way.

    All in all NASCAR is doing fine right now, and no changes are needed except for people like Brian France who obviously has an agenda that can only hurt NASCAR.

  • Cartoons seen as sign of comtempt

    02/20/2006 9:06:32 PM PST · 13 of 143
    Noachian to markman46
    Muslims ask the West to agree that mocking a religion is unacceptable...

    What hypocrisy.

    Muslims think nothing of mocking Jews, but get very testy when Islam is examined and seen to be tyrannical sect bent on murder, rape, and carnage.