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  • Maxine Waters Hints at Running For President in 2020 – Is the DNC Insane Enough to Encourage Her?

    07/21/2017 5:58:05 PM PDT · 30 of 47
    noiseman to davikkm

    Just Do It

  • Maxine Waters: Will Run for President ‘If Millennials Want Me To’

    07/21/2017 11:23:39 AM PDT · 22 of 104
    noiseman to Skooz
    Dang it, you beat me to it. Gotta be quick on the draw around here.

    So since you stole my line, I'll say instead that if she runs I might even send her a large campaign contribution.

  • “Lack of Women” and “Lead Actors of Color” in Historical Flick on Battle of Dunkirk

    07/21/2017 8:28:55 AM PDT · 45 of 96
    noiseman to Hojczyk

    There are women and actors of “color” there. It’s just that in the one case they’re “transgendered men” and in the other they’re blacks “identifying” as white. There, problem solved.

  • Conservatives Ask GOP: Are You TRYING to Ensure Pres. Trump Fails?

    07/20/2017 5:27:16 PM PDT · 18 of 28
    noiseman to ForYourChildren
    Members of the DC establishment, of both parties, are exactly like unionized teachers who refuse to support any change, no matter how beneficial to kids, that might weaken their personal power or financial compensation. Even if Trump is prevented from implementing his agenda, he has already performed an invaluable service by causing the swamp dwellers to remove their masks and show us what they are really all about.

    If ever there were a doubt that DC is run by a self-absorbed uniparty, recent events should prove it once and for all. The members of the uniparty may want to take a moment to consider, however, what happens when the people finally realize that they have no civil options remaining, because their "representatives" refuse to represent them, no matter how the people vote. These fools will deserve whatever comes their way as a result of so flagrantly placing their own status and enrichment above the will of the people.

  • Conservatives Ask GOP: Are You TRYING to Ensure Pres. Trump Fails?

    07/20/2017 5:16:59 PM PDT · 15 of 28
    noiseman to WMarshal
    Except that he sounds like he won't willingly step down, which means that as long as he is medically unable to perform his duties he takes yet another potential vote away from any Republicans that might actually be trying to fulfill the wishes of the people. I don't wish him ill personally given his situation, but that utter selfishness really infuriates me.

    He should resign to attend to his health and let the Arizona governor appoint someone else.

  • HIDDEN CAM: #GayWeddingCakes at Muslim Bakeries? (Muslim Bakers Can Refuse Baking Gay Wedding Cakes)

    07/18/2017 1:46:39 PM PDT · 18 of 20
    noiseman to noiseman

    “Stage”, not “state.”

  • HIDDEN CAM: #GayWeddingCakes at Muslim Bakeries? (Muslim Bakers Can Refuse Baking Gay Wedding Cakes)

    07/18/2017 1:46:04 PM PDT · 17 of 20
    noiseman to VermithraxPejorative
    "This union between the Democrats and Muslims shows just how the Dems will do anything for power. They love murder, crime, violence and show it all the time."

    The muslims are a destructive force, which is why the left sees muslims as allies. The left will support anyone or anything that is bent on destroying America's founding principles, and by extension Biblical principles. They're actually at war with God, whether they know it or not, and America is just a proxy for Christianity as it was founded on Christian principles and its unparalleled success is due to reliance upon God. All of this reminds the left of their sin and rebellion, so they have two choices: Either repent and humble themselves before God and thereby be freed from the delusion under which they live, or try to erase every vestige of moral society which in their fallen state only serves to remind them of the path to destruction they are on. Guess which one they almost always choose?

    Of course, their "pet" muslims will eat them alive in the end, but at this state they're too focused on their mission of destruction to realize that.

  • BREAKING: McConnell proposes straight REPEAL of Obamacare, 2 year delay to replace.

    07/18/2017 2:45:39 AM PDT · 177 of 318
    noiseman to springwater13
    I agree with this general approach. Obamacare needs to be completely repealed before it fails so badly that the dems use its failure as an excuse to push single payer.

    However, everyone has been focused on only one aspect of the problem: who pays and how. More important in my mind is to attack the cost side of the equation. If costs weren't so wildly out of control this endless battle over health insurance wouldn't be such a big deal.

    Currently, we have a system in which so many hospitals and healthcare networks have merged and consolidated that we essentially have a healthcare/health insurance cartel. There is zero competition, there is zero pricing transparency (entering an emergency room is like handing them a blank check), and there is collusion and price-fixing galore occurring. CEOs in the health sector are the highest paid of any business sector in the entire country, many being paid in the tens of millions per year. Other administrative staff are paid similarly stratospheric amounts, and their primary goal is to maximize revenue with little concern for anything else, even though most hospitals are ostensibly non-profit.

    If ever there were an industry that desperately needed a healthy dose (no pun intended) of competition, it is the healthcare industry. We also need to get the third party payers out of the mix to the greatest extent possible. Similar to the housing bubble and the current higher education bubble, third party money just drives unwarranted inflation and disincentivizes efficiency and cost containment. Force the providers to price their product according to what individuals can actually afford to, or are willing to pay (something we used to call a "market") and the situation would change rapidly. If one hospital or network wants to continue to fleece its patients, then there should also be dozens of competitors eager to take their business away from them and to do a much better job of serving their patients in the process. Until all of this happens, the bickering over Obamacare will not really solve anything.

  • Stephen Hawking: Earth could turn into hothouse planet like Venus

    07/12/2017 10:34:43 PM PDT · 9 of 94
    noiseman to ETL
    I've never bought this notion that Steven Hawking is the most brilliant man on Earth. I think it arose more from the novelty of his being a noted physicist while also suffering from a severe handicap, which provided many the opportunity to display their "enlightenment" by making him a hero.

    Based upon his absurd statement about Earth vs. Venus, he may have just ironically demonstrated himself to be one of the dumbest people on the planet.

  • Is this normal for a smart car?

    07/11/2017 1:52:16 PM PDT · 65 of 114
    noiseman to ProtectOurFreedom

    Reminds me of an old George Carlin bit, where he said that when you’re driving everyone who is going slower than you is an “idiot”, and everyone going faster than you is an “a**hole.”

  • Is this normal for a smart car?

    07/11/2017 1:41:58 PM PDT · 57 of 114
    noiseman to RegulatorCountry

    You’re right, they “bounce”, but long before that bounce has the opportunity to cause injury the occupants have likely already been hurt or killed by the rigid structure transferring all of the force (minus whatever little the airbag can contribute) to their internal organs. There’s no engineering magic here. To provide the occupants the greatest chance of survival, the vehicle must to the greatest extent possible slow the rate of deceleration to a survivable level. No crumple zone means that much of that safety margin is removed and your body comes to a much more sudden stop as a result. The only way to avoid that is with space between you and the object hit, which requires a larger vehicle.

  • Is this normal for a smart car?

    07/11/2017 1:32:25 PM PDT · 49 of 114
    noiseman to RegulatorCountry
    As I pointed out earlier though, their rigid structure (which permits them to pass crash tests) is precisely what makes them so dangerous. If you hit something at sufficient speed, the car's structure does great, but you die.

    As Trump might say, "Not smart."

  • Is this normal for a smart car?

    07/11/2017 1:29:48 PM PDT · 46 of 114
    noiseman to Conserv
    Just a random, semi-related thought: I am sure that liberals believe that the obvious safety problems inherent in smart cars will be remedied by "smart highway" technology that will use computers and vehicle-to-vehicle data communication to ensure that they never crash. However, one of the promised benefits of "smart highways" is that self-driving cars could be spaced very close to each other by the onboard computers, essentially in a pack, which would provide additional freeway capacity as a benefit.

    Am I the only one who envisions one little software glitch causing the public road version of "the big one" at a NASCAR restrictor plate track, like Daytona or Talledega? Utopia is awesome until reality unexpectedly intrudes, then it becomes hell on Earth.

  • Is this normal for a smart car?

    07/11/2017 1:17:19 PM PDT · 33 of 114
    noiseman to robroys woman

    I haven’t seen that, but I’ll look for it. Thanks!

  • Is this normal for a smart car?

    07/11/2017 1:09:19 PM PDT · 27 of 114
    noiseman to robroys woman
    Smart car manufacturers have been deceiving the public all along regarding their safety. They claim 5-star crash test ratings, which are technically true, but never explain the rest of the story.

    Top Gear covered this (back when it was the real Top Gear, before the BBC ruined it) by crash testing a smart car into a concrete barrier. The results indicated that the car did amazingly well retaining the integrity of the passenger cabin. This is because they are designed to be extremely rigid and don't crumple. However, those crumple zones that are designed into larger vehicles are there for a reason: to absorb the energy of a crash, rather than transferring that energy to the occupants. Smart cars don't have that critical safety feature because they have no space to permit crumpling.

    The conclusion was that while the car's structure will survive a crash pretty well, all of the force will be transferred to the occupants, and they will most assuredly be critically injured or killed as their brains smack into the front of their skulls, and other internal organs do likewise.

    So, they're essentially "5-star crash rated" death traps.

  • Comey Using Clinton Defense – Leaker Says:”No memo was given to me was marked ‘classified'”

    07/10/2017 2:13:54 PM PDT · 20 of 32
    noiseman to CivilWarBrewing

    Yep. The perfect example is that if you were to scribble the nuclear launch codes on a piece of paper and hand it to the Russians, you can’t then say you are innocent because “it wasn’t marked Classified.” It is the nature of the information that determines whether something is classified, and to what level, not any markings that may or may not be on the document.

  • A Look Inside Calexit, the Comic That Imagines California's Secession From a Fascist US

    07/07/2017 4:59:02 PM PDT · 9 of 29
    noiseman to TigerClaws
    Planning their exit? If it were possible, I think most of the rest of the country would willingly expel them from the Union.

    I'm just waiting for the "big one" and hoping that somehow Hank Johnson's theory of island geology was actually correct, and California just sails off into the sunset (and then capsizes).

  • Former SCOTUS Justice Knocks Trump’s Travel Ban Comments

    07/06/2017 4:30:50 PM PDT · 8 of 71
    noiseman to bkopto

    And there we have a perfect display of the total lack of understanding by a leftist former justice of the proper role of the Supreme Court. All that the court should be concerning itself with is determining whether the President has the constitutional authority (which of course he does) to determine who enters the country, for national security reasons. Instead, Stevens is pontificating about his determination of the wisdom or potential effectiveness of the policy. That is explicitly none of his, or the court’s business, period.

  • Ralph Peters: 'Messy, Bloody' Military Action Probably Required in North Korea

    07/05/2017 5:51:12 PM PDT · 35 of 71
    noiseman to pierrem15

    I think your reasoning is sound.

  • Ralph Peters: 'Messy, Bloody' Military Action Probably Required in North Korea

    07/05/2017 5:12:08 PM PDT · 11 of 71
    noiseman to TigerLikesRooster
    This one is a no-brainer of the highest order. Clinton thought that an agreement was the answer, and we got a nuclear-armed North Korea as a direct result. Bush did little to nothing, and Obama was probably rooting for the North Koreans. Trump has wisely gone down the path of trying to negotiate instead with China, because China has far more to lose economically and politically if the NK regime is deposed, especially if it results in a reunified Korea under U.S. influence. Yet, even that effort has failed to move the Chinese (and no level of negotiating will move the insane North Koreans themselves).

    With Kim thumbing his nose at us by lobbing ever more capable missiles near the shores of our ally Japan, missiles that if launched on a normal trajectory could now reach U.S. territory, and China dragging its feet, we have no option other than the military one. I know, there's talk of a possible naval blockade of some type, but as that in itself is an act or war and likely to provoke a hostile response, we might as well skip that step and go straight to direct military action.

    Personally, I'm not concerned about what the North might do to Seoul in retaliation as they have decided to elect a socialist, refuse our THAAD defensive missile batteries, and instead seem to want to try the "head in the sand approach." I also think that if we apply WWII style "total war" to this problem, using our vastly superior technology, this thing would be wrapped up but for the inevitable diplomatic fallout in a very short timeframe. I just firmly believe that if our military were unleashed unlike it has been allowed because of PC for decades now, North Korea would be decimated before it even knew what was happening.