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  • Gov Pence to endorse Ted Cruz today.

    04/29/2016 8:52:28 AM PDT · 51 of 114
    NoKoolAidforMe to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

    Careful what you say here nowadays. We must all support Trump because Trump is going to save us. Cruz is evil. And Cruz is a liar. And Cruz is a bible thumper. And Trump is our savior. And anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot and must be a troll.

  • Internal Poll Numbers Show Cruz Collapsing In Indiana

    04/29/2016 8:37:42 AM PDT · 81 of 97
    NoKoolAidforMe to HamiltonJay

    I did not know that there was a winner of the republican primary.

    I do know that there will be a nominee who will come out of the republican convention. And if that nominee is Trump, chances are highly probable that the United States will have its first lesbian president.

  • Internal Poll Numbers Show Cruz Collapsing In Indiana

    04/29/2016 6:58:01 AM PDT · 55 of 97
    NoKoolAidforMe to JerseyDvl

    It is still possible that Trump can enter the convention without the needed number of delegates. Kasich, Carson and Rubio are still technically in the race which means their delegates can be given to another candidate.

    And I do not like the media telling me who the presumptive nominee will be for either party. There is a primary process and a convention. Until then, there are no nominees yet.

  • Internal Poll Numbers Show Cruz Collapsing In Indiana

    04/29/2016 6:53:25 AM PDT · 53 of 97
    NoKoolAidforMe to Stentor

    That was a super PAC, and when a woman poses nude or semi-nude, she should expect that those pictures will become public at some point. Not exactly first lady material, but then neither is Michelle Obama. We stopped seeing classy first ladies with Hillary.

  • Internal Poll Numbers Show Cruz Collapsing In Indiana

    04/29/2016 6:49:42 AM PDT · 51 of 97
    NoKoolAidforMe to Ken H

    Calling other candidates names and shouting out things like “liar”, “the devil”, etc. is juvenile and classless regardless of what party affiliation a candidate is.

    During the time of Lincoln, the debates between him and Douglass were articulate and hard-hitting. Profanity, pejoratives, screaming, and hysteria are not the way I want a leader to act.

  • Internal Poll Numbers Show Cruz Collapsing In Indiana

    04/29/2016 6:43:12 AM PDT · 50 of 97
    NoKoolAidforMe to BobL

    Yes, I do believe that Cruz could wipe the floor with Hillary if he were the nominee. He is ten times smarter than she is and can articulate to the public just what despicable and illegal actions Hillary has done.

    The notion that the GOP-e will “steal” the nomination from Trump is getting old. If Trump does not have 1,237 delegates going into the convention, he will probably not win the first vote. The rules are simple and there is nothing illegal or unscrupulous about them. Trump needs to stop whining about having Colorado stolen from him when that was nothing of the sort. Cruz knew how the procedures worked and prevailed. Trump did not. End of story. The democrats are masters of knowing procedure and how to win strategically though they also employ voter fraud which is what pushes them over the finish line.

  • Internal Poll Numbers Show Cruz Collapsing In Indiana

    04/29/2016 5:12:38 AM PDT · 20 of 97
    NoKoolAidforMe to scooby321

    Levin has been railing against the establishment for years. He was very fair to Trump in the beginning, but when Trump started his attacks against Cruz’s wife and the “Lyin’ Ted’ crap, Trump started to lose my respect. Cruz had been the consummate classy candidate even after Palin endorsed Trump. Boehner’s comments yesterday showed another classless, cowardly, sleezy display of the what the republican party is. It reinforces that my decision to become a registered conservative two years ago was the right one. The establishment hates Cruz because he has been the lone voice to call out their inept and ineffective leadership the past seven years.

    Look, I do not want Hillary as president. But I have some issues with Trump that many so-called conservatives have made excuses for such as his financial support of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, his use of eminent domain for one of his projects, his four corporate bankruptcies that were the result of banks allowing him to over-leverage, etc.

    The level of vitriol that is coming out in this campaign is shameful. Have people really become this uncivilized? The ad hominem attacks are really sickening. Whatever happened to actual debates? The republicans are spewing so much crap at each other instead of attacking that vile, lying, evil, socialist bitch.

    I am so disgusted with the media coverage. It almost makes me not want to vote. I want to save my country. I think part of all this anger and hate and vitriol is a direct result of seven years of Obama. I fear that he has caused so much damage that we may never heal and strengthen as a nation.

    I pray for my country. It is not the same country that I loved when I graduated from high school when Reagan was president.

  • Stossel: I have lung cancer. My medical care is excellent but the customer

    04/26/2016 10:55:04 AM PDT · 30 of 86
    NoKoolAidforMe to EinNYC

    I had two surgeries at Joint Diseases. Completely agree with you.

  • Stossel: I have lung cancer. My medical care is excellent but the customer

    04/26/2016 10:52:14 AM PDT · 25 of 86
    NoKoolAidforMe to ken5050

    Columbia Presbyterian is a phenomenal hospital, and people come from all over the world to be treated there. The bureaucratic and repetitive paperwork are because of Obamacare, HIPAA, other regulations and the ambulance-chasing lawyers who force medical professionals to ask the patient the same stupid questions six times so that they cover their asses.

    I know several people who are alive today because of the care and treatment that they received at Columbia.

    Your comment is not only insulting, it is unnecessary.

  • PETER HITCHENS: America isn't our special friend. It ruined our Navy, Empire and future

    04/24/2016 7:46:39 AM PDT · 69 of 170
    NoKoolAidforMe to MadIsh32

    As is usually the case when a county allies with another for strategic purposes, the long-term effect is contraindicative to the original intent. For example, the U.S. allied with Russia during WWII in order to defeat the Nazis. FDR then gave away the store, i.e., Eastern Europe, to Stalin and the end result was the U.S.S.R.

    The U.S. went into Iraq to take out Saddam Hussein. In a sick way, Saddam kept a level of stability in the middle east, namely keeping Iran in check, and now 13 years after we went to war in Iraq, things in the middle east are far worse. Thousands of Americans have died for nothing but a hateful and evil group of people.

    Things are worse now than ever.

  • Boris Johnson suggests 'part-Kenyan' Obama may have an 'ancestral dislike' of Britain

    04/22/2016 7:33:15 AM PDT · 8 of 29
    NoKoolAidforMe to Beave Meister

    Thou shalt not speak the truth, Boris. No one wants to hear it.

    Remember that Obama sent back Churchill’s bust after he infected the White House. The bust was a gift from Tony Blair to Bush after 9/11. Class act, that Obama guy is.

  • Trump: I would change GOP platform on abortion

    04/21/2016 11:04:54 AM PDT · 119 of 797
    NoKoolAidforMe to writer33

    And the real Donald Trump has stepped forward.

  • Prince dead at 57

    04/21/2016 10:52:37 AM PDT · 57 of 151
    NoKoolAidforMe to LittleBillyInfidel

    Sadly, that’s what FR is turning into these days.

    He was an amazingly talented performer and musician. Purple Rain is one of the best albums ever made. He played every instrument on it. Thank you for the music that defined my youth and to this day still takes me back to happier times.

    Rest in peace.

  • NY primary Kasich results [vanity]

    04/20/2016 8:25:40 AM PDT · 21 of 27
    NoKoolAidforMe to Smokin' Joe

    Thank you.

  • Sean Hannity Calls Out Ted Cruz for Dodging Questions on Delegates

    04/19/2016 5:30:59 PM PDT · 18 of 84
    NoKoolAidforMe to Trump20162020

    Hannity is a low-information parrot for Fox. Cruz outsmarted Trump in Colorado. Trump cannot admit he screwed up. Trump whines like a little bitch claiming the delegates were stolen. Grow up.

    Every state has its own rules regarding delegates. Hire people who are smart enough to know how to proceed in each state.

    So sick of this petty BS. Hillary will be sworn in on January 20, 2017 if this crap keeps up.

    God help us all. Only He can at this point.

  • Kobe Bryant, Formed and Saved by His Catholic Faith

    04/19/2016 6:38:38 AM PDT · 37 of 37
    NoKoolAidforMe to Celtic Conservative

    This pope is not Catholic. He is the anti-pope that we were warned about in the bible.

    What a difference three decades makes. Back in the 1980s, we had Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. Great leaders who understood the threat of communism and the evil it represents.

    Now we have a communist president, a communist pope and a corrupt, immature wimp as PM of the UK who wants Europe to submit to the caliphate.

    Sorry to get off topic.

    I hope that Kobe and his wife were truly able to work it out and have found peace. The opportunistic, lying whore that accused him of rape is a disgrace to all other rape victims. He was vulnerable, made a poor choice, but from what the article says, he found redemption and strength in his Catholic faith. For that, I am happy for him. We are all sinners. God is always there to forgive those who are truly remorseful. I hope that this is the case with Kobe, and I wish him well. Others do not find redemption and destroy their lives.

  • Serious Question for Cruz Supporters (VANITY)

    04/14/2016 1:04:33 PM PDT · 38 of 224
    NoKoolAidforMe to Uncle Miltie

    Answer. He cannot.

    Stop focusing on the GOP candidates and focus on whether you want Hillary to be president for the next four years.

    I don’t. I cannot survive four more years of communism/marxism/socialism that Obama has choked us with.

  • Bono: ‘The American Taxpayer Is Really Hurting’But Can Still Help Pay for Europe’s Refugee Crisis

    04/14/2016 8:34:42 AM PDT · 39 of 42
    NoKoolAidforMe to outpostinmass2

    Bono went off the deep end after The Joshua Tree. The Zooropa tour turned me off completely. What a megalomaniac, narcissistic, ignorant phony.

  • Arab man set doctor on fire in 'revenge' for son's death

    04/14/2016 8:30:08 AM PDT · 2 of 13
    NoKoolAidforMe to Lera

    The religion of peace never fails to act like the filthy savages they are.

  • Bono: ‘The American Taxpayer Is Really Hurting’But Can Still Help Pay for Europe’s Refugee Crisis

    04/14/2016 6:56:01 AM PDT · 26 of 42
    NoKoolAidforMe to Samwell Tarly

    Michael Savage really hit the nail on the head when he said that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    I used to love U2’s music, but when Bono started acting like he was Jesus Christ and then began his pontificating around the world telling America and Western Europe that it should forgive all of the debt of poor African and Asian countries and fork over more money to them, they now make me gag.

    I am tired of these idiots who have made hundreds of millions of dollars off of people like me who lecture me on the evils of capitalism and want me to surrender my country’s sovereignty and submit to the caliphate.

    Shut the eff up, Bono. When you give away every dollar you have, you can tell me how to live.

  • Heidi Cruz Met on Campaign Trail by Superstorm Sandy Protests

    04/12/2016 5:26:05 PM PDT · 55 of 96
    NoKoolAidforMe to mumblypeg

    After Sandy, I was talking with a few FEMA reps who were sent to my area to “assist” with people who needed help. Just for shits and giggles, I asked what I could get in aid since I had five massive oaks trees come down on my garage and deck. I was told that if I had insurance, I was not entitled to anything, not even a low interest loan. FEMA was there to assist the people who had no insurance. How do you own a house and not have homeowner’s insurance? FEMA gave out an extra ration of food stamps to anyone who came forward. You did not have to even prove that you lost your EBT card. Our tax dollars paid for this.

  • Heidi Cruz Met on Campaign Trail by Superstorm Sandy Protests

    04/12/2016 4:27:46 PM PDT · 35 of 96
    NoKoolAidforMe to alstewartfan

    Oh please. I lived through Sandy. Yes, the damage was utterly devastating to New York and the Jersey Shore. No question about that. But there were also people who did not have adequate insurance who have houses along the water nor did they properly prepare by having food, water, generator, flashlights, gas, and evacuate their home if necessary. I hate to sound cold, but I overinsured my home to protect me in the event of catastrophic damage i.e, a tree falling through the house, have a generator, had plenty of food and water, and gas and managed to live 8 days without electricity, a land line telephone and internet access.

    I have heard these same people MF Cruz about the Zadrega Act which was also filled with billions in pork. This is what the liberals do. They pack these bills with so much crap that has nothing to do with the issue at hand that when a fiscal conservative votes against it because it is filled with crap, they can be attacked for hating the 9-11 responders or hating the people who had homes destroyed on the Shore or elsewhere. This is a crappy thing to do.

    On the flip side, there are some things that the federal government should pay for. Since New York and New Jersey are large contributors to the federal government’s coffers through tax revenues, it is only logical that the feds need to help restore those devastated areas to what they were. The Jersey Shore is a huge revenue maker. The devastation to New York’s subways was crippling. Rather than building a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, the feds can give New York and New Jersey money to rebuild its infrastructure. Not to give EBT cards to the sorry sacks of shit, but get the area back to being able to generate revenue.

    If you choose to have a house on the beach in an area prone to hurricanes, like Florida, you should make sure that you purchase adequate insurance to be able to repair or replace the damage should a storm hit. Don’t come looking to me to pay for your house because you did not have any insurance. I believe strongly in personal responsibility.

    This is certainly the election of misinformation and propaganda. I think Goebels would be proud of the bs that we hear every day. November cannot come soon enough.

  • Ted Cruz attacked New Yorkers and New York values- we don't forget!

    04/07/2016 2:37:07 PM PDT · 71 of 119
    NoKoolAidforMe to Bruce Campbells Chin

    No, they don’t. It’s like the left and the eight years of George W. Bush derangement syndrome. Enough already.

    Cruz is not the enemy. Hillary is.

    I am a lifelong New York. Born and raised. I am anything but a liberal and was in no way insulted or offended by what Cruz said. New York values mean abortions for everyone up to the day of birth, free contraception for 13-year-old girls without telling their parents, taxation up the ass to pay for social re-engineering experiments, Medicaid for convicted murderers in prison, same-sex marriage must be accepted by all or be branded a homophobe (still waiting for the lawsuit against the Catholic church to compel it to perform same-sex marriages), corrupt politicians who go to prison and keep their state pensions that I pay for, a ban on large size carbonated beverages and excess salt in food, sanctuary cities, rising crime in New York City because stop and frisk is racist, an unconstitutional ban on guns, and my own governor telling me that I am not welcome in my own state because I am pro-life, a practicing Catholic and I support the Constitution.

    Save the feigned outrage for the real enemy.

  • FBI agrees to unlock iPhone, iPod in Arkansas homicide case

    04/02/2016 8:55:43 AM PDT · 150 of 169
    NoKoolAidforMe to Swordmaker


    You might as well talk to the wall and expect a better conversation. People are so hell-bent on their hatred for Apple and blinded by their ignorance of the facts of this case and think that the federal government is actually looking out for us because this case is about “keeping the American public safe.”

    I am really getting sick of what my beloved Free Republic is turning into.

    Winston Smith—eventually he learned to love Big Brother.

  • FBI agrees to unlock iPhone, iPod in Arkansas homicide case

    04/01/2016 9:31:48 AM PDT · 138 of 169
    NoKoolAidforMe to Swordmaker

    The level of ignorance and derangement upon display on this site in recent months is truly mind boggling.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  • FBI agrees to unlock iPhone, iPod in Arkansas homicide case

    04/01/2016 9:26:03 AM PDT · 137 of 169
    NoKoolAidforMe to jessduntno

    Read the FBI’s order against Apple and Apple’s letter to its customers. Then read the Fourth Amendment. This case is not about Apple refusing to honor a search warrant.

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    This case is not about the federal government trying to prevent further terrorist attacks. It is about a tyrannical and over-reaching government that wants to take control of the people by violating their Constitutional rights. If the government truly wanted to prevent terrorism, our borders would be sealed and the “little dears” would never have been allowed to enter the United States and obtain employment with a local municipality.

    You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

  • FBI agrees to unlock iPhone, iPod in Arkansas homicide case

    04/01/2016 8:17:57 AM PDT · 134 of 169
    NoKoolAidforMe to rarestia

    Save your breath. I am astonished at the ignorance of many on this site who hate Apple so much that they miss the importance of this case. I stand by my earlier statement that I support Apple fully, and I praise them for standing up to the tyranny of the federal government. The FBI blinked and now they are in full spin mode to make this look like they got what they wanted. I do not believe for a minute that the FBI hacked into the dead terrorists’ iPhone.

  • FBI agrees to unlock iPhone, iPod in Arkansas homicide case

    03/31/2016 12:21:06 PM PDT · 62 of 169
    NoKoolAidforMe to jessduntno

    I was responding to your reply. I am well aware of the topic of this thread.

  • FBI agrees to unlock iPhone, iPod in Arkansas homicide case

    03/31/2016 12:05:30 PM PDT · 52 of 169
    NoKoolAidforMe to jessduntno

    Read the FBI order and read Apple’s letter to its customers. The issue was not about a search warrant. Apple had already worked with the feds to assist them as far as it could comply (which Apple did not reveal just as cellular phone carriers do not reveal what they provide to law enforcement.) The feds wanted to compel Apple to perform an action that it could not do, specifically because it created its current IOS to be secure. The feds wanted Apple to create an operating system that would allow the feds to access the iPhone and change the features of its existing IOS. Remember that Apple put certain security features into its IOS as result of the feds (i.e., the NSA and God knows which other alphabet agency) already snooping on our cell phones and emails. Remember Edward Snowden? The feds were using this latest incident of terrorism to make the case that the feds need to access cell phones. Cellular phone records including calls made to and from the iPhones in question were already handed over to the feds. A warrant compels someone to hand over information or allow a premises to be searched. It does not compel someone to have to perform an action such as writing new programming code.

  • FBI agrees to unlock iPhone, iPod in Arkansas homicide case

    03/31/2016 11:35:13 AM PDT · 44 of 169
    NoKoolAidforMe to jessduntno

    And where is the right in the Constitution of the government to compel a company or an individual to do something against their will? This was not about Apple refusing to honor a search warrant. This was about the feds forcing a company to be compelled to perform an action under the allure of a law from 1789 that had nothing to do with the case.

    If Apple had capitulated, the government would then have carte blanche to peruse our cell phones without probable cause (that would be the Fourth Amendment.)

  • FBI agrees to unlock iPhone, iPod in Arkansas homicide case

    03/31/2016 10:42:36 AM PDT · 16 of 169
    NoKoolAidforMe to proust

    This stopped being FR months ago.

    I believe that the FBI “cracked” the dead terrorists’ iPhones just as much as I believe that Obama killed bin Laden. This is propaganda being put out there to sway opinion.

    Apple did the right thing, and I will support them and any other company or individual who stands up to tyranny from within that we now live with.

  • Cruz: Trump 'wrong' on NATO

    03/22/2016 10:26:32 AM PDT · 190 of 226
    NoKoolAidforMe to DeathBeforeDishonor1

    It is the NATO members that are allowing themselves to be invaded by the muslims. They display no courage in the face of this modern-day crusade. They display no strong leadership and willingness to destroy terrorism.

    NATO’s original mission to counter the threat of the USSR. I think Russia would be a better ally in fighting terrorism that the weenie Western Europeans. They like being taken over by Mohammed’s peeps.

  • Cruz: Trump 'wrong' on NATO

    03/22/2016 10:22:08 AM PDT · 189 of 226
    NoKoolAidforMe to Slyfox

    The United States has no friends. We have countries who reap the financial and security benefits from our military protecting them so that they can spend money on social welfare and subsidizing their industries so that they can undercut American products. Like South Korea and their crappy cars and electronics. Canada does not have to invest in their military because we have NORAD and do all of the heavy lifting. Same with Europe. The one strong ally, Poland, was screwed over by Obama who cut the missile defense program that we promised them in exchange for their support and air rights.

  • Police officer: Trump protesters were ‘the most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen’

    03/21/2016 10:57:43 AM PDT · 27 of 51
    NoKoolAidforMe to 11th_VA

    In 2010, I went to the first Tea Party event in NYC. There was a very strong police presence. The crowd of ~12,000 was the most well-behaved, civilized and diverse group of people. Folks from all walks of life, every race, and many ethnic groups were represented. There were no problems. No garbage strewn on the ground, no arrests, no fights; I was proud to be a part of it. In fact, several police I talked to then said that they were detailed there as a deterrent to the counter-protesters that were expected. They said that they had never seen a more well-behaved crowd.

    The next year, the radical leftists made it a point to bus in hundreds of protesters from SEIU, CSEA,, ACORN, hippies, you name it. Some carried professionally printed signs with hateful language. They antagonized the Tea Partiers, they spat as us, threw trash at us, shouted expletives and vulgarities at us, and tried very hard to instigate fights.

    I am not surprised by this at all. It is the communist way.

  • Cdl. Dolan Celebrates Gays in St. Patrick's Day Parade

    03/20/2016 3:59:37 PM PDT · 28 of 30
    NoKoolAidforMe to Zionist Conspirator

    Yep. Most Irish are a bunch of leftists. They love Bill Clinton.

  • Cdl. Dolan Celebrates Gays in St. Patrick's Day Parade

    03/20/2016 1:56:24 PM PDT · 18 of 30
    NoKoolAidforMe to marshmallow

    As a New Yorker, I can firmly say that Dolan is the worst archbishop ever. Cardinal O’Connor would never have allowed this heresy to occur.

    Apparently, the AOH was concerned when Guinness pulled their sponsorship in the parade, so the group rolled over and submitted to the lavender mafia. Bunch of cowards. What the media never says is that no group was ever banned from marching in the parade. It was always a non-political, non-partisan event. Only schools and employers, such as FDNY, were allowed to march under a banner. The AOH did not allow pro-life groups to march under their banner. And to think this parade is to honor the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland.


  • Lawsuit Against Cities Near Chicago, for Black Crime in Chicago is Struck Down

    03/20/2016 5:00:31 AM PDT · 10 of 33
    NoKoolAidforMe to marktwain

    I don’t know why the archbishop does not defrock this heretic. He is a disgrace to the Church and to civilized society.

  • 2008 Recession Causes?

    03/19/2016 4:27:51 PM PDT · 18 of 43
    NoKoolAidforMe to TangibleDisgust

    There was a book that came out a few years ago called Dark Pools by a man named Peterson (I think.) The stock market is absolutely manipulated and controlled by a small cabal of very powerful people. Think Soros.

    Yes, I believe that the market meltdown was fueled by the democrats desire to get their boy king elected. It is too bad the Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns had to be casualties. I know people who worked for them, and they did not deserve to lose their jobs and get slammed like that.

    Everything that we see is an illusion.

  • Hacker Group "Anonymous" Releases Trump's Social Security, Phone Numbers

    03/17/2016 4:46:22 PM PDT · 13 of 138
    NoKoolAidforMe to SoFloFreeper

    I do not agree with this. You can not like a candidate, but violating their right to privacy and their Fourth Amendment rights is just not cricket.

  • Breaking: Cruz Negotiating With Trump for VP Spot

    03/16/2016 10:04:32 AM PDT · 131 of 525
    NoKoolAidforMe to for-q-clinton

    If the American people want to take back their country, then the politically savvy move would be for Cruz to join Trump. What is the other alternative people? I do not want to see that ugly, nasty, lying, POS socialist SeeYouNextTuesday be president.

    Trump’s popularity is an indication that voters are really sick and tired of the GOP-e and their inept leadership. What do we have after the GOP took over the house and senate? Obamacare was never defunded. Planned Parenthood was not defunded. No impeachment was started against the Kenyan bastard. Nothing has been done to help our country.

    I have worked in local politics for a while now. As disgusting as it may seem to many of you, sometimes a candidate has to align with people that the candidate may not want to. It comes down to access to money, voter block support and the resources to get out the vote. I cannot condemn Cruz for signing on Neil Bush. Candidates need tons of money to win. I don’t like it, but this is the cold, hard truth.

    The bigger picture is defeating Hillary. There is no perfect candidate. Would Trump be an improvement over what we have now? Absolutely. Would Cruz be an improvement over what we have now? Absolutely. Rubio was a puppet who was bought and paid for by the GOP-e. Voters in FL were smart enough to see that. Kasich is a drunk and completely unhinged. I used to like him when he had his show on Fox, but that was when I thought Fox was ‘fair and balanced’.

    We need to stop fighting among ourselves and keep our eyes on the big picture—winning back the White House. We are all burnt out, stressed, pissed off, hurt and feel betrayed by what Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Ryan, John Roberts, McCain, and the list goes on, have done to us with their lying, pandering, cowardice, and lack of leadership.

    Our country is what is most important.

  • Ben Carson: Even if Trump's a bad president, it'll only be 4 years

    03/15/2016 7:54:06 AM PDT · 37 of 71
    NoKoolAidforMe to Charles Henrickson


  • Ben Carson: Even if Trump's a bad president, it'll only be 4 years

    03/15/2016 7:50:05 AM PDT · 33 of 71
    NoKoolAidforMe to Sacajaweau

    Carson never struck me as someone who was terribly bright. Could not Trump’s political consultants give him a written statement and coach him on how to speak to the press so that he does not come off this obtuse?

  • Three years on, pope leaves Catholic conservatives feeling marginalized

    03/11/2016 7:26:07 AM PST · 5 of 9
    NoKoolAidforMe to Puppage

    I am so tired of this class warfare rhetoric that has brainwashed the public. Income inequality my ass. When you are lazy, stupid, take drugs, drink alcohol in excess, watch TV all day, play with your computer instead of working and doing something productive, guess what? You will be poor. I chose to get an education, work hard, be frugal, try to live a good and respectful life, and I will be damned if these leftists (and the establishment) keep taking from me. As mean as this is to say, poverty exists because people allow it to. The government enables it, and the victim class exploits it.

  • Three years on, pope leaves Catholic conservatives feeling marginalized

    03/11/2016 7:19:04 AM PST · 4 of 9
    NoKoolAidforMe to Olog-hai

    This pope is a disaster. His words are conflicting. He is not clear in his message. I honestly wonder if he really is Catholic. His job as the successor of St. Peter is to teach Catholic doctrine, not alter it and not interpret it as he wants. He likes to play the humble priest, but I think he is an attention whore who is part of a deeper, more sinister agenda. I personally cannot stomach him.

    Give me Benedict or John Paul please.

  • Today I (Giuliani) endorse my good friend @realDonaldTrump as the #GOP nominee

    03/08/2016 4:25:40 PM PST · 14 of 134
    NoKoolAidforMe to entropy12

    You would.

    Look, Rudy was a great mayor of New York, in fact, the best in my lifetime, but....

  • Doctors Issued DNR Order For Disabled Newborn Baby Without Telling His Parents

    03/08/2016 4:03:43 PM PST · 12 of 17
    NoKoolAidforMe to Smokin' Joe

    In the opening lines of “Braveheart”, Robert the Bruce says ‘history is written by those who would hang heroes’ or something along those lines. That movie depicted human nature to a tee. Nothing has changed since then except that we get our news instantly instead of by horseman or carrier pigeon.

  • Doctors Issued DNR Order For Disabled Newborn Baby Without Telling His Parents

    03/08/2016 3:48:00 PM PST · 8 of 17
    NoKoolAidforMe to Smokin' Joe

    I could not agree more.

    What is scary is that a hundred years from now, when scholars read our history, they will either say, how could we not see this or they will gloat at the dystopia that the world has turned into. I could see either happening.

  • Doctors Issued DNR Order For Disabled Newborn Baby Without Telling His Parents

    03/08/2016 3:26:11 PM PST · 6 of 17
    NoKoolAidforMe to Morgana

    Aside from the horror of this, sadly, after the tireless efforts of the evil leftists, many people no longer respect human life and do not see anything wrong with this. When we no longer value human life, we are done as a species. We can then justify the government deciding who lives and who dies. And those same people will tell you how horrible Hitler was, yet this is essentially the same thing. Government deciding who lives and who dies based on their own whim.

  • American Fools Falling for Government Lies on Apple Court Order

    02/25/2016 8:29:35 AM PST · 9 of 40
    NoKoolAidforMe to bigbob

    Apple cannot unlock the phone. That was one of the biggest features that it offered to customers when it came out with IOS 8. This was partly due to our wonderfully benevolent government using the NSA to spy on millions of American citizens. This article is one of the best written so far that I have seen on this issue.

    The feds screwed up royally by letting those two terrorists into this country knowing that they had ties to other terrorists. They were granted US citizenship. They had traveled to Yemen. They both worked for a local government which means they went through a background check and fingerprinting, and were still hired. The feds already have the telephone numbers from Verizon for the phone in question. What other information could be so vital to national security that the feds need? The feds are usurping a FISO court and issuing an unprecedented order to compel a company to create something, citing a two century old law. Apple is absolutely right in its stance.

    “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    Benjamin Franklin

  • Is Ted Cruz Wrong

    02/23/2016 8:08:33 AM PST · 17 of 67
    NoKoolAidforMe to New Jersey Realist

    In the first rule of politics, you never make statements that your opponent or enemy will use against you. While Trump was blatantly saying how he will deport all of the illegals, build a wall on the Mexican/US border and halt immigration of muslims and residents from countries that pose a threat to us (positions that I happen to agree with), it is not always best to state those positions publicly. Should Hillary be the democrat nominee and Trump the republican nominee, she will blast the airwaves in California, Texas, Florida and New York (those areas with high immigrant (both legal and illegal) populations and portray Trump as a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe, a nationalist, etc. Cruz knows these topics are hot items and has been more diplomatic in how he discusses them. You will not make inroads with swing voters when you talk about rounding up people. Statements like this will be distorted by the left. It is all perception. And the dems are the master of misleading and deceptive campaigning.