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  • Republicans Retreat on SC Nominee?

    02/17/2016 10:12:59 AM PST · by nomad · 29 replies
    Go to the link and read the story, this is perhaps nothing, maybe everything.
  • Censorship in forums (Disqus)

    11/22/2015 12:24:29 PM PST · by nomad · 49 replies
    While reading and commenting on stories at Breitbart, I ran into a disturbing occurrence of censorship with their linked, off-site discussion moderator, Disqus. Anyone have the 'shiznit' on this group/org?
  • Can someone like Drudge live stream the next GOP debate?

    10/29/2015 2:15:46 PM PDT · by nomad · 41 replies
    It`s been suggested by the Freeper at the thread linked, that the LameStream Media needs to be taken out of the loop. Could a Conservative site like Drudge be convinced to sponsor and stream the next debate?
  • Paul Ryan taps lobbyist David Hoppe for top job

    10/25/2015 7:29:11 AM PDT · by nomad · 23 replies
    Read this and please tell me someone is mounting a call/contact effort to stop this!
  • Crats or rats, what`s the difference?

    03/08/2015 1:21:01 PM PDT · by nomad · 48 replies
    So ALL of you 'lesser of two evilers', how`s that great GOP victory tasting now?
  • What`s your preferred CCW?

    If you follow the thread, you`ll find a story about familial trash being ticked at their little Thuggie Brown being shot, but he survived five hits! What`s your best compromise between concealment versus stopping power. And how would climate effect your choice?
  • Proponents of the lesser of two evils, strike again!

    11/22/2014 6:40:53 PM PST · by nomad · 282 replies
    In the run up to the recent election, people who refused to vote for the lesser of two evils were attacked by the pro-rino crowd here. Well now that your precious GOPe has won and started their back stabbing, obozo`s amnesty comes to mind, what do you retardicans have to say?
  • Can the present Ebola strain be airborne under the right conditions?

    10/26/2014 5:07:51 PM PDT · by nomad · 156 replies
    This site claims a USAMRIID study found that Ebola can, under colder and dryer conditions, be as infectious and airborne as Infuenza Type-A. This is to any freeper Docs or labtechs, could you study the data in greater detail and post your findings?
  • Vanity: Make them stop African Ebola flights.

    Given president Obola`s refusal to suspend entry Visas from West Africa, we need to assist Ted Cruz in his call to bring back Congress to vote on this. To that end, we need to burn up the lines to our respective Congress-critters demanding they return and vote to stop this insanity NOW!
  • To feed or not to feed trolls?

    05/27/2014 6:18:14 PM PDT · by nomad · 59 replies
    Have you ever followed a link to the source article and found a dedicated troll attempting to disrupt the thread? My suggestion is this, ask the respondents to please refrain from commenting back. If you ignore the progressive anus, they tend to go away so as I like to post just beneath the spouting rectum`s written diarrhea: DON`T FEED THE TROLLS. Maybe some will get the hint!
  • Boehner challenged in primary

    02/12/2014 7:28:48 AM PST · by nomad · 29 replies
    As a Ohioan it has come to my attention that John "the boner" Boehner is being challenged in the up coming primary election. His challenger is a conservative by the name of Eric Gurr. Mr. Gurr has stated that he supports the Tea Party`s stance on limited Constitutional Government. In light of the past and current legislative actions of Old` "Boner", you may consider looking his challenger over and possibly supporting him.
  • A Barrycade too far?Regime over reach on national parks stirs hornet`s nest.

    10/09/2013 12:09:31 PM PDT · by nomad · 43 replies
    A number of us freepers have been posting stories about the over reach by the regime on the National Parks closures. This is a populist issue that along with all the others associated with this shutdown has, according to a recent poll, driven O`Bozo`s approval ratings down to 37%. I believe we need to jump on this and hammer it home to the "low info voters". A simple and petty example of the vindictiveness of the "Spite House" such as this parks issue illustrates it for even the blind.
  • Resistance is not futile

    We need to join the chorus of Americans who are proudly defying the O`Bozo assclown circus and it`s Barrycades. If you know of a park that was closed but has been "liberated" by peaceful citizen`s action such as tape or snow fencing cut down, Barrycades moved, or cones removed, please post a thread about it.
  • Resistance is not futile! (We CAN make a difference)

    I posted a thread the other day about people in Ohio not letting the Barrycades stop them from enjoying the Cuyahoga Valley Ohio and Erie Canal Tow-Path bike trail. Well the people of Ohio have not given up, the plastic snow fence "Barrycades" are still downed and a limited number of people are enjoying their trail. Which begs asking: should more people in more states use such peaceful "citizens guerrilla" tactics as cutting and downing their local park`s Barrycades? I can`t answer that for you but this morning, I had a really nice early autumn hike along a lovely trail.
  • Resistance is not futile

    This story highlights the extent of the revulsion this regime has for the people. Well we need to highlight the spirit of peaceful resistance to tyrany.
  • State Level Defense of 2nd Amendment

    01/19/2013 7:01:03 AM PST · by nomad · 15 replies
    Keeping it short and sweet, there are a number of state level bills pending that will attempt to nullify the statist gun grabbers. Do we have a state chapter response designed to support these bills? If not, then why?Moderators, can somone contact Mr. Robinson and get somethiong going? A dedicated activist page linked to the bills and people pushing them. Lists of state level allies who may need local support that could be provided by Freepers. Lists of Freepers that would be willing to BE those volunteers AND maybe recruit more from the local communities.
  • The "genius" of Obama

    Since I don`t know who we can and can`t quote, lawsuit and all, go to this link to see the spelling prowess of our imperious leader. Now while I`m NOT a good speller, I do currently live there and always thought it was spelled OHIO, not oiho?
  • Fire Honing (bore polishing)

    08/18/2012 4:15:22 PM PDT · by nomad · 20 replies
    I`ve heard it refered to as "fire honing" or the process of polishing out minor bore imperfections thru the use of a fine grit dusted, low powered projectile, discharged thru the firearm. Does anyone have more info on this process and where one could find supplies?
  • The principle of autonomy

    07/29/2012 6:46:19 PM PDT · by nomad · 10 replies
    I`m taking a bioethics class and my professor is a supporter of O'Barky Care. I debated with him, and the entire class, over their suppport of it and that it is an attack on autonomy given the concept of autonomy is based on the idea "a person can not be made a means to an end".(text book)I intend to renew the battle next class as these leftists love to claim autonomy as their Kantian "perfect duty" when it suits their particular issues but they claim it, at best, as a "imperfect duty" when it serves their subjective desires.Any one out...
  • Know a REAL Conservative news site?

    02/05/2012 7:22:13 PM PST · by nomad · 27 replies
    I`ll keep it brief, I`m getting tired of Drudge`s bull, so does anyone know other news sites that actually report and support Conservatism?
  • Solving the illegal alien problem.

    11/26/2011 7:33:39 PM PST · by nomad · 111 replies · 1+ views
    There has been a great deal of discussion over the issue of illegals and amnesty. Some have accused the majority of calling for "cattle cars" to "brutalize" the poor illegals. I never thought I`d hear such demogoguery here on Freerepublic, and simply to support a favored candidate. Be that as it may, I`d like to issue this challenge to all who claim to support Conservatism: With the e-verify system, an admitedly imperfect but very improvable system, we can begin to verify who is and who isn`t legal to work in America; Therfore, since it is a federal law (immigration) thats...
  • Vitriol in America? OK, lets document the REAL haters!

    01/09/2011 10:47:53 AM PST · by nomad · 26 replies
    Just an observation; the left is already in FULL gear, trying to smear Conservatives for the AZ shooting. While I imagine someone has already been documenting the hateful retoric of the left, perhaps we should build our own personal and FreeRepublic files on what the leftists have said. They`ve been looking for an excuse to "seize the moment" and go into full attack mode, lets get all we can on them and archive it for future reference, while it`s still out there.
  • The Lame Duck threat; A call to action!

    The progressives are planning to ram what they can of their agenda down our throats in the so called "lame duck" session. I propose we rally around the basic concept that the people have spoken, the historic repudiation of the Obama/Progressive agenda has only been missed by the leftist zealots who are planning this lame duck attack on the will of those people. Therefore, we must organize to fight and hold the line, stop them till the new congress is seated. The Calvary is coming, people, but they need time to get here. A simple search engine check using "lame...
  • Lame Duck response action

    11/15/2010 12:24:22 PM PST · by nomad · 13 replies
    I`ll keep this short. Does anyone have a plan of action for the lame duck session of Congress?The on-line rumor mill being what it is,there are lots of stories, on any number of sites, about how the rats plan to try all sorts of last ditch efforts to pass everything from Tax and Crap to the Dream-(nightmare) Act. Has anyone put together a plan of action to fight this? We`ve fought too long and hard to just sit by and let them walk these things thru. Any suggestions?
  • Christine O'Donnell funds drive

    09/15/2010 8:18:22 AM PDT · by nomad · 50 replies
    We`ve all heard by now of the upset of the Rino Castle by Christine O'Donnell. We`ve probably heard of the slander being leveled by RINO power brokers and the threat to with hold funding by the NRSC as well. Well now`s the time to show these leftist wanna be pukes what we think of them.
  • Jim (beam me up Scotty) Trafficant, to speak locally.

    09/05/2010 9:17:35 AM PDT · by nomad · 64 replies
    I just heard that Jim (beam me up Scotty) Trafficant will be speaking at the Maple Wood Career Center 7075 State Route 88 Ravenna, OH, 44266 at 7pm on Sept. 7th. His run as an Independent in Ohio`s 17th district has given the teaparty friendly, GOP candidate, Jim Graham an opening to split the liberal vote and possibly upset the heavily entrenched, incumbent liberal, Rep. Tim Ryan, D. With this opening, there is a growing chance that Mr. Graham may be part of the Conservative wave that threatens the liberal establishment now in place, but not without assistance. The...
  • Conservative Underdog Snarls at Rat

    08/23/2010 11:38:41 AM PDT · by nomad · 7 replies · 1+ views
    In Ohio`s 17th district, incumbent Democrat, Tim Ryan, is well ahead in funding compared to his opponent, Jim Graham. I`d like to appeal to my fellow freepers to change that. After meeting Mr. Graham at numerous events, including the Ravenna OH. Tea Party, he has convinced me of his Conservative credentials. I whole heartedly agree with many that we need to stay away from donating to the RINO infested state and national coffers as the money will, in all probability, end up helping the likes of the Graham, Snowe, or McCains who are fighting to maintain there strangle grip on...
  • Amnesty; piercing the leftist spin.

    04/26/2010 5:12:11 PM PDT · by nomad · 9 replies · 469+ views
    It would be a safe bet that anyone here who is reading this post has already heard about the pasage of SB1070 or the Arizona illegal alien bill. It should also seem evident how this is going to shape up to be a continuous adhominem attack on any who stand against amnesty for illegals. The latest urban based Tea-Party event that I attended (Cleveland`s) was very enlightening concerning the tactics of the left as well as possible methods for countering them. I witnessed, first hand, how a person of color or a non-Euro Caucasian, merely by the fact that he...
  • Volunteer for victory

    03/22/2010 3:09:37 PM PDT · by nomad · 7 replies · 134+ views
    I`ve been checking the forum and seen everything from defeatism to calls for petitions.We need to gear up for political war! Our nation`s core founding values have been attacked and political foot soldiers are needed.I found this site and located candidates for the 17th district in Ohio and have volunteered to work for the candidate against Tim Ryan D Ohio 17th district. There`re two and I`ve got my preference but come election day I`ll support the guy who swears to REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL. Will you join the fight, will you volunteer to help the candidates who will REPEAL!...
  • Volunteer for victory

    03/21/2010 1:33:13 PM PDT · by nomad · 7 replies · 224+ views
    I posted a thread earlier calling for a freeper volunteer effort to get our people into office.I realize many are busy trying to stay afloat in the Obama economy,its only going to get worse now but we must commit our time to defeating the tyrants ruling us at present.If you agree then go to your state boards and post a call to action.Find the conservative candidates in your area and commit to working for them.Get your neighbors and family to pitch in.Our people will need "boots on the ground" willing to go door to door, call,pass out hand bills, work...
  • Freeper Volunteer Drive

    03/21/2010 8:49:56 AM PDT · by nomad · 8 replies · 267+ views
    <p>Whether or not this socilalist healthcare takeover bill passes,we must not be distracted from the ultimate goal of retaking our country.On the Ohio boards we`ve been discussing undertaking a freeper volunteer drive.The idea is not only to recruit from amoung us but to recruit from neighbors, friends, and family.</p>
  • Stopping ObamaCare

    03/01/2010 6:23:37 PM PST · by nomad · 16 replies · 597+ views
    I just heard on Hannity that the congress will be going on recess for the Easter (Spring Break).Is anyone planning another "Town Hall" effort on theses congress critters? If not why not?If we can get the Republicrats to stand up to these socialsts and stall them till they go on break then, the ball will be in our court.We can then inundate them with protests,I mean DROWN THEM with angry constituents.I`m ready to push back again,are you?Lets roll.
  • Watching the liberal media meltdown

    01/19/2010 6:56:11 PM PST · by nomad · 25 replies · 980+ views
    I have NOT watched the lame-stream leftist press-titutes since gettin FoxNews cable, and while I don`t recommend it on a regular basis,we have earned the right to gloat.To quote Mickey Ds,"I`m lovin it"!
  • My Barack reunions called for Kool-Aiders.

    11/02/2009 6:50:22 PM PST · by nomad · 2 replies · 252+ views
    As part of a one year "celebration" for Obama Kool-aiders, their site is staging get togethers.If anyone is interested in freeping these creeps use this URL link and enter your zip code to get a listing in your area.
  • Poll to freep

    This poll asks if you approve of the public option Harry "Dingy" Reid says will be in the bill going before the Senate.Let them know how you feel.
  • SEIU has action phone #

    09/10/2009 6:33:09 PM PDT · by nomad · 12 replies · 510+ views
    I just got this phone number (866)311-3405,from the SEIU action alert system.Its part of an attempt to leverage Barky`s speech and garner support for his socialist healthcare proposal or the "Employee Free Choice Act".It says they`ll pay for the call to your Congresscritter if you enter your zip code.I tried it and they did send me to my senator`s office, which is closed at this time of the evening.Would you like to place a call to your Congresscritter`s office courtesy of the union goons at SEIU?
  • Proof of "Death Panels"?

    08/15/2009 6:13:20 AM PDT · by nomad · 16 replies · 720+ views
    The left is getting desperate now.They`ll throw even more lies and distortions our way in the coming days.We need a series of facts ping lists for the various issues,like Obamacare,complete with links to insightful or informative articles and original publications.I pointed out the thread by smoothsailing as an example,I`ve been looking for this info to print up for quoting,its a great find on the issue of "death panels".
  • Change in DemocRat townhall tactics

    08/13/2009 2:07:03 PM PDT · by nomad · 12 replies · 959+ views
    <p>It`s become clear that information on the time and location of many democrat townhalls is very hard to come by.We on the Ohio state board have been trying to locate them but information is scarce at the very least.A few of us believe its because the dems. have switched tactics and are now giving out time and locational data to their Pro-Obama sites first and withholding information to the general public until the last minute,if at all. I would therefore urge as many of us to sign up for free alternative email accounts, which can be found thru search engines like and use those accounts to sign up to sites like or, and any others which can be posted to this thread.The purpose would be to gather any intelligence on time and places of townhalls,then disseminate it to freerepublic thru posts. Additionallly,if you would join any of the conservative sites found at the bottom of you can also help to alert others to these times and places.Use only the alerts given out by the enemy sites and if at all possible,post a link to the alert page,we don`t want to be giving misleading info to a non existant event,(dogpile "Code Name Garbo" and "Operation Overlord" for a why).</p>
  • Democrat town halls

    08/09/2009 4:08:13 PM PDT · by nomad · 14 replies · 931+ views
    Let me keep this brief,I want to volunteer for Rat town halls in my area but the sign up page requires a phone number.How do I get a cheap cell# with a minimum of ties.I do have an old Motorola Tracfone but its years old and hasn`t been used for some time.Ideas people?
  • Townhall infiltrators

    08/08/2009 5:12:30 PM PDT · by nomad · 29 replies · 995+ views
    Does anyone remember Rush`s Operation Chaos?Because of that effort some of us are now,in name only,registered DemocRATS.Can we use that as an edge in getting into the Rats` new staged town halls under the guise of "party rank and file"?Perhaps someone with greater insight into their party`s workings can find out?
  • Recess-rallies:Keep up the heat.

    08/06/2009 7:17:23 AM PDT · by nomad · 11 replies · 414+ views
    The recent populist protests known as the recess rallies are having their effect.The socialist proponents of Obama-care are rattled,but nows not the time to ease off.We need for all freepers to join forces with any other groups who`ll help to let these creeps know we don`t want government mandated socialist healthcare.If you go to the bottom of the link you`ll find links to other groups that are organizing at townhall meetings to voice an opinion against Obamacare,lets contact them and join forces.If you go to you`ll find a resource finder for events being staged by the oposition in...
  • Rally at your Representatives` Offices

    08/03/2009 1:33:46 PM PDT · by nomad · 23 replies · 550+ views
    I would like to issue this call to freeper action along the lines of the call at We need to organize and show up at our representatives` offices to peacefully protest the healthcare and other socialist take over plans for our nation.Now is the time to act!Look at the spontaneous actions being taken through out the nation,as we speak,people are exorcising their right to peacefully assemble and ask for a redress of grievances.If THEY (the socialists) think THEY need to act and act now,then WE NEED TO ACT,AND ACT NOW!Use your state boards,freep mail,call friends,e-mail,do what you can but...
  • Operation Freep HealthCare

    07/29/2009 10:34:31 AM PDT · by nomad · 27 replies · 383+ views
    I`ll keep this short,I just heard a news brief on FoxCable that the "BlueDogs" may have reached a deal with the others on HealthCare.Whether they have or not, we need to keep up the heat.I suggest that we start threads on our local chapters intended to organize freeps of our Congress critters upon their return to their respective districts.If they support a free market approach we need to show them our support, if not we need to peacefully demonstrate our disapproval.Lets get together on a local basis and let them know we`re watching and taking notes on who`s supporting freedom...
  • Cleveland tea party results

    04/15/2009 6:40:34 PM PDT · by nomad · 26 replies · 740+ views
    The event was a success! The people and the speakers were great, it even stopped raining and didn`t restart till the event was over.DoliCali and JustaNobody were there and we all took pictures but I don`t know how to download digital photos,can anyone help?
  • Know your friends:Pre Tea Party meets.

    04/14/2009 7:56:07 AM PDT · by nomad · 9 replies · 426+ views
    I`ll keep this short.I believe it may be prudent for those of us going to the various Tea Parties to meet before hand to establish a degree of certainty as to who is freind and foe.We,as members of a community(if internet only) have a resposibility to look out for each other. If all the hoopla about trolls turns out to be false then we can decide whether to stay together as Freepers or separate and mingle with fellow conservatives.Use your various state boards for nonsecure and the internal mail system for secure communications.
  • Pre-game time:Lets get ready to Tea Party!

    04/13/2009 8:34:26 AM PDT · by nomad · 41 replies · 823+ views
    Its pre-game time and we need to get ready for the "Big One".Check List. Any pre-freep meetings you feel are necessary,please do now,or tommorrow.We have the freep mail system here which is a wonderful resource,I can`t imagine Mr. Robinson minding.Or use your own emails.About facts:Does anyone have a list of good threads with economic,political,sociological,and scientific facts that support the conservative arguments?You may feel the need to cram for this.I`ve never been to a freep that didn`t have some healthy debate and the drive by media may show up to discredit us.Lets have our facts straight.People on the various ping lists...
  • Peacefuly dealing with acorn threat to the tea parties

    04/07/2009 9:11:00 AM PDT · by nomad · 138 replies · 4,943+ views
    There have recently been a number of threads on the subject of liberal trolls and the up coming tea parties.This is intended as a general chech list of ideas to peacefully deal with the potential for disruption.Please post any GENERAL ideas you may have and we can go over them in detail thru the internal or FReepmail system so as to maintain some semblance of security.For starters,may I suggest pre-party meets,either on line or in person using the state boards as a clearing house of willing FReepers in your area.
  • Viking Kitties required:Infestation of trolls needs zotting.

    03/29/2009 9:03:10 PM PDT · by nomad · 53 replies · 1,459+ views
    As an ongoing effort to recruit for a loose alliance of conservative bloggers and sites,I`ve joined the Glen Beck site,9/12project.The vast majority seem like pretty cool people, good conservatives fighting the current infestation of leftists in our capital.There`s one problem, they`re suffering from a serious infestation of their own, trolls! My take is that they`re newbies and they don`t seem to know how to deal with them.Its really getting to be a distraction and is interfering with their operations.Would any of our experts mind providing advise on setting up a system that they can employ to control the pests there?
  • The 912project, can individualists form grand alliances?

    03/22/2009 8:45:24 AM PDT · by nomad · 47 replies · 1,592+ views
    There is a new group created by Glen Beck called the 912project. Questions: Does anyone know anything about this new group? Is it as promising as some say it is? Is it worth joining to help expand the conservative community? What is the prevailing attitude there? I`ve lurked there a little and they seem ok but its a growing group and I believe in looking before you leap.Are there any freepers who have joined and whats your opinions of them?
  • Striking while the irons hot.(AIG)

    03/18/2009 5:46:08 PM PDT · by nomad · 23 replies · 449+ views
    The thread listed has the story with link,my question is this:Now that this story is breaking on how the rats knew all about the AIG loop hole,should we stage a series of impromptu Tea-parties in protest of the waste of taxpayers money?We need to strike while the irons hot on this one!The lame stream media will do their best to cover Barky and deflect this load of crap,even sacrificing one of their own like Dodd.