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  • Gay Episcopal Bishop Rebukes Catholic Archbishop, Says Church Has Lost Its Way (more details)

    04/26/2013 8:09:21 PM PDT · 33 of 34
    NorthernCrunchyCon to NYer; All

    As Oscar Wilde once put it: “The Catholic Church is for saints and sinners. For respectable folks, Anglicanism will do.”

  • Experts Skeptical Homegrown Terrorists Were Behind Boston Bombings

    04/16/2013 7:47:33 PM PDT · 25 of 38
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Rightwing Conspiratr1

    Yeah, I can see it being lefties who are trying to make conservatives look bad. Anyone remember the D.C. sniper case a few years back? The media was going on and on about right wing movements, until they actually found the shooter...

  • Grand Jury Testimony: Gosnell Had Clean Waiting Room for White Patients Only

    04/14/2013 1:25:52 AM PDT · 42 of 42
    NorthernCrunchyCon to skeeter

    Probably not. Race trumps gender among the left, but sexual hedonism trumps both race and gender.

  • 9 Reasons Why Ann Coulter Is “That Friend”

    04/13/2013 1:29:16 PM PDT · 53 of 57
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Stepan12

    “However, Ann’s cracks against Sarah Palin brought on this catfight.”

    Agreed, and would add that Miss Coulter’s cracks were not only against Governor Palin. Her comments also unjustifiably besmirched the character of Baroness Thatcher, on the same day of her passing, by imputing to the Baroness a social rudeness and condescending pettiness that was far below the dignity in which the Baroness conducted herself in life.

  • 9 Reasons Why Ann Coulter Is “That Friend”

    04/13/2013 7:05:57 AM PDT · 17 of 57
    NorthernCrunchyCon to cdcdawg

    Which side has Coulter chosen to punch?

    Her comments against Gov. Palin, also insinuating that Baroness Thatcher was of poor character, were both false and disgusting. And the timing was horribly rude—the day the Iron Lady died, I believe.

  • 9 Reasons Why Ann Coulter Is “That Friend”

    04/13/2013 6:42:21 AM PDT · 12 of 57
    NorthernCrunchyCon to 2banana

    I am guessing that this thread is in response to Miss Coulter’s boorish and untimely attack against Governor Palin, whom Coulter falsely accused of having been snubbed by Baroness Thatcher for speaking poor English.

    The truth, which Miss Coulter neglected to mention, is that the Iron Lady was in such frail and declining health that she could receive few visitors around the time Governor Palin visited the U.K.

  • Turncoats Revealed in Gun Control Vote

    04/12/2013 3:41:15 PM PDT · 8 of 25
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Patriot95

    The big surprise for me was Pat Toomey. Especially after he suffered Rick Santorum’s backstab on behalf of the GOPe trying to protect RINO Arlen Specter in the primaries. Toomey of all people should know he his friends are.

  • Margaret Thatcher funeral: protesters plan to line streets and 'turn their backs' on casket

    04/12/2013 11:31:37 AM PDT · 24 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to wideawake

    “Again, I would consider it an honor if the worst people in Britain took time out of their day to make the effort to protest my funeral.”

    Well it’s not like they’re working or anything.

  • Margaret Thatcher funeral: protesters plan to line streets and 'turn their backs' on casket

    04/12/2013 11:30:44 AM PDT · 23 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to wideawake

    “Again, I would consider it an honor if the worst people in Britain took time out of their day to make the effort to protest my funeral.”

  • Dems block Senate resolution honoring Margaret Thatcher

    04/12/2013 11:27:41 AM PDT · 28 of 29
    NorthernCrunchyCon to dfwgator; All

    “Just wait until Mandela dies......they’ll probably order the flags to go half staff.”

    Or Castro.

  • America Needs Its Own Thatcher

    04/11/2013 10:00:15 PM PDT · 45 of 58
    NorthernCrunchyCon to 2ndDivisionVet; All

    Speaking of proper English, I have never heard Ann Coulter speak English. Rather she speaks a dialect known as New England Colonial. So she ought not cast aspersions upon Governor Palin’s dialect.

    Regardless, it is clear to me while Baroness Thatcher and Governor Palin spoke different dialects, they speak the same language. It is that of courage of one’s conservative conviction.

  • America Needs Its Own Thatcher

    04/11/2013 9:41:51 PM PDT · 44 of 58
    NorthernCrunchyCon to 2ndDivisionVet; All

    “In Republican circles there’s great nostalgia for Ronald Reagan. Thatcher is seen as sort of Reagan’s sidekick, an ally in promoting democratic capitalism and taking a firm stance against Soviet expansionism...”

    Must dispute this claim of Reagan Republicans. As a Thatcher Conservative it is clear to me that Reagan was her sidekick. ;-)

    All joking aside, the two stood together, and the world was better for it. In terms of who stands as America’s Thatcher today, Rand Paul shows a lot of potential. He needs to wise up a bit on international policy - the world is a dangerous place - but he strikes me as more mainstream than his father, yet principled enough to follow through with necessary cuts to the domestic budget in order save America’s long-term economic health. More importantly, he would save your Constitution from creeping cultural Marxism.

  • Classless Coulter Gets Her Facts Wrong

    04/10/2013 5:56:22 PM PDT · 112 of 162
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Vermont Lt; All

    Thank-you for graciously defending our Iron Lady, the greatest prime minister of my lifetime. (Compared to our current “Conservative” prime minister who falls somewhere to the left of Romney). Yes, Baroness Thatcher’s health was extremely fragile and declining when Gov. Palin visited the U.K. The Baroness was entertaining few visitors around this time.

    Nor would I be harsh with Gov. Palin for not knowing this when she requested a meeting. One must keep in mind that the Baroness had been scheduled to attend and participate at a number of major public events around the same time, such as Prince William’s royal wedding, her own 85th birthday party, and the unveiling of a statue of her close friend President Reagan at the U.S. embassy in London. She subsequently excused herself from these public engagements at the last moment when her health further declined.

    As a Thatcher Conservative I always recognized a true friend in Reagan Republicans when visiting or living in the United States. Governor Palin is true friend. Had the Baroness been in better health, I have no doubt it would have warmed her heart to host Governor Palin.

  • Ann Coulter pushes liberal lie to attack Sarah Palin while discussing Margaret Thatcher’s death

    04/08/2013 9:55:30 PM PDT · 71 of 75
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Bigtigermike; All

    A couple points from a Conservative subject of Her Majesty:

    1 - Coulter jumped the shark as a so-called conservative when early on she became an apologist for Romney. There was nothing “severely” conservative about the ideological grandfather of Obamacare. For those who accused me of being a Democrat troll during the last election campaign, my goal was to awaken you to the fate we now suffer under (CINO) Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. He is more in the mold of Governor Crist and Senator Specter than Lady Thatcher and President Reagan.

    2 - Likely the story is a mixture of misrepresented fact and fiction. That is to say, Lady Thatcher’s health has been in severe decline for the last couple years and was extremely frail when she is alleged to have declined a meeting with Gov. Palin. Around the same time, due to poor health, she withdrew from many major public events to which she had been invited. She also severely limited private visits as she no longer had the strength to host them properly.

    It would not have been unusual for her to have declined a meeting with Gov. Palin due to her failing health. To snub the governor, however, would have been totally outside the Baroness Thatcher’s character. Thus the charge lacks credibility in my opinion.

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 11:38:45 AM PST · 22 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SatinDoll

    Another good point. I think a good conservative Republican could personalize this to the Hispanic community. Not by special laws, but by explaining how good laws that apply to everyone will help them in their communities. Hispanic mothers and fathers are no different than any other parents in that they want to know their children are safe and will have opportunities to advance in life.

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 11:34:17 AM PST · 21 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to garbanzo

    I think Obama’s support for gay marriage and abortion, as well as the poor state of the economy, likely dented his votes among several groups. Certainly the nine million fewer votes he received had to come from somewhere. In contrast, Romney would have won had he simply maintained McCain/Palin’s vote from 2008.

    The problem was not Obama’s support for gay marriage, Obamacare and abortion. The problem was a lack of a conservative alternative in Romney, who at best was very “squishy” on social issues. Social conservatives simply did not trust Romney given his record.

    To win in 2012, the GOP simply needed to pick someone more conservative than Mitt Romney. For some reason they failed to pull it off.

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 11:13:54 AM PST · 18 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to cripplecreek

    As I said, pandering to Planned Parenthood does not seem to be working for you. RINO Romney, the candidate that the GOPe assured us was the only one electable againt Obama, received two million fewer votes than McCain/Palin. Yet that was enough to offset the nine million fewer votes received by Obama.

    In other words, not only did Romney lose to a Democrat president that had lost a good chunk of support from 2008, but he also lost to McCain - again!

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 11:06:08 AM PST · 17 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to paglia444

    Good point. Although I think opportunities through military service would offset this somewhat, since military service tends to instil more conservative values in young people.

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 10:53:06 AM PST · 14 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to driftless2

    How did Romney appeal to Catholics when it came to values votes? At best he was a squish on the abortion issue, floating a trial balloon midway through the campaign in which he tried to broaden the circumstances under which he found abortion acceptable. At worst he was being disingenuous with his own record as governor of Taxachusetts. Of course Catholics voters did not trust Romney on the values vote.

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 10:47:24 AM PST · 13 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to cripplecreek

    Democrats support partial-birth infanticide. In fact they’re so extreme on the issue that it’s become one of the few issues where they won’t compromise on. You really think they will pander on this issue?

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 10:45:03 AM PST · 12 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to cripplecreek

    It worked up in Canada. One of the major reasons the Canadian government is now more conservative than the American one is because Conservatives flipped immigrants and Catholics over issues like abortion and gay marriage.

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 10:41:41 AM PST · 10 of 24
    NorthernCrunchyCon to cripplecreek

    In the case of children of Hispanic illegals who stay out of trouble, graduate from high-school, or join the military, I think there’s a good argument to be made for their legalization.

    On the other hand, the Romney/RINO/GOPe strategy of pandering to the Planned Parenthood crowd has succeeded only in electing more Democrats.

  • [Canadian conservative advice to GOP] Faith, family and free enterprise [and Latinos]

    11/10/2012 10:09:33 AM PST · 1 of 24
  • Declaration of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” about the SSPX and the discussions

    10/29/2012 7:38:58 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    NorthernCrunchyCon to GonzoII; NYer; All

    I think there were a couple issues the SSPX needed to resolve first, issues to which I am sympathetic to them:

    1) They had one bishop that was absolutely dead set against negotiations and kept stirring up trouble among the laity.

    2) Rome originally insisted that all four bishops be reconciled, which put the SSPX in a near impossible position given the intransigence of the bishop mentioned above.

    That the Ecclesia Dei Commission released this statement a couple days after the bishop in question, Richard Williamson, was expelled from the SSPX shows that Rome is now willing to accept that a reconciliation likely won’t include Williamson.

  • Lowlife Harry Reid Should Resign

    09/29/2012 7:27:04 PM PDT · 17 of 17
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Terry Mross; All

    The reason Mormons aren’t screaming to Heaven over Harry Reid’s comments are:

    1) By attacking Mitt directly over their Mormonism, he makes it more difficult for Chicago to attack Mitt indirectly on the topic. He also drums up sympathy for Mitt at a time where Romney is having a bad news cycle among moderates and independents.

    2) If Romney wins, then Obama loses. If Obama loses, then Reid becomes the highest elected official in the Democrat Party. In which case, two temple Mormons (only the top 15% of Mormons undergo the secret rituals if I recall correctly) control both establishment parties.

    My guess is that Harry’s comments were nothing more Kabuki Theater.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/12/2012 10:47:55 AM PDT · 67 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SampleMan

    Interesting. I understand and appreciate your viewpoint, because that was mine as well when I first became politically active, mainly because of my strong belief as a Christian in the sanctity of human life. (Fiscally I was a liberal back then).

    I don’t see us agreeing on Romney, although I think you and I have the same goal in mind - a restoration of conservative values and the principles of the Constitution.

    We may disagree over Romney, but I hope we will share the opportunity to help elect conservative Republicans down ticket.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/12/2012 7:57:23 AM PDT · 61 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SampleMan

    P.S. Just wanted to add that I am not ignoring your comments regarding current ails being due to failure to follow the Constitution, and a need to return to constitutionalism in the Republic. I simply did not respond initially because I am in complete agreement with you on this point, which is one of the reasons I support Virgil Goode at the top.

    Further downticket, I feel the best choice is to support conservative Republicans through time, money and resources. (Already assuming one will vote strait Republican). Strong principled conservatives in the House, Senate, governor’s mansion, state office, local office, the courts will give Republicans plenty of conservatives to choose from in the future.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/12/2012 7:48:41 AM PDT · 60 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SampleMan

    Hey SampleMan, I appreciate your honesty, as well as your willingness to set aside polemic for the sake of conservatism. I agree that we are kindred spirits struggling with the hand we have been dealt this time around. Like you, I want what is best for this country.

    I also believe that our approach has been colored by our respective experiences as conservative activists. Since you have been honest about yours, I am more than happy to share some of mine.

    This is not my first time at FR. I was a member years ago and posted occasionally. Cannot recall my handle at the time, and the email address I had registered under has long since become defunct. Then I married a conservative subject of Her Majesty the Queen. Sadly, conservatism in the British Empire had all but collapsed.

    So I left FR about twelve years ago to help my spouse rebuild the conservative movement in the UK, Canada and Australia. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do. Dubya had just been elected President, and both the House and the Senate were firmly in Republican hands. Plus conservative Republicans were winning at state, county and municipal levels. However, conservatism among our English-speaking allies was in shambles.

    This troubled me because I felt that conservatism in America was always strongest when we have strong conservative allies internationally who share our values. Probably the best recent example is the Reagan-Thatcher alliance, which also included Mulroney in Canada (more of a CINO, but as conservative as one got in Canada at the time).

    This experience helping to build the conservative movement among our traditional British/Canadian/Australian allies was a real eye-opener for me. One of the first things I learned was that conservatism had been destroyed in these countries not by leftist politicians representing leftist parties, but by CINOs and leftists who had taken over the various “Conservative” parties. One of the first things they did, once elected to office, was to purge the Conservative parties of actual conservatives.

    The second harsh lesson I learned is that CINO’s seldom remain static or shift to the right once elected. In the vast majority of cases, they shift to the left. Hence the current situation in Britain where the “Conservative” government of David Cameron is leading the state persecution of Christians and Muslims who continue to stand for traditional marriage. Once a party is taken over by CINO’s, it becomes almost impossible for principled conservatives to take back the party. In fact, this was something recognized by President Reagan, who steadfastly refused to compromise with Rockefeller Republicans. At a minimum, it takes years and years of activism within the party, followed then by years of activism among the more general public.

    A third lesson, which should not surprise any serious student of conservatism since Russell Kirk pointed it out decades ago, is that a nation’s conservative movement rises and falls on the strength of its commitment to social conservatism. Even the most economically marxist social conservative will shift to fiscal conservatism over time, due to real-life experience and the strength of fiscal conservative argument, if he feels that social conservative principles are securely adhered to. On the other hand, a fiscally conservative politician who sells out social conservatism will almost always in time - in order to retain political office - sell out one’s previously held fiscally conservative values. The reason that such a politician, while rejecting communism, has bought into its ideological mother - that is, cultural marxism.

    Finally, the fourth lesson is that it communist and socialist government are sometimes the best reality check for voters, and that sometimes we must tolerate (but never support) such government for a time, in order to bring about principled conservative government. I believe it is no coincidence that Reagan arose in the aftermath of Jimmy Carter, or in the U.K. that Lady Thatcher was elected following the disastrous prime ministerships of Harold Wilson and James Callaghan. Of course the best example from Canada is Mike Harris’ election following the premiership of Bob Rae. And who could forget John Howard’s four terms as Australia’s prime minister after Paul Keating?

    So I’m not as concerned about stopping Obama as I am about replacing him with a true conservative. In my experience the bigger danger is electing a RINO or CINO, since when elected they usually set conservatism back several years. I’ve had several British friends flee to Canada and the U.S. in recent years because the current “Conservative” government has proven to be just as fiscally leftist and socially marxist as the Labour Government under Gordon Brown.

    Likewise, it took the conservative movement in Canada something like 25 years to take back the federal government after Mulroney turned CINO and destroyed conservatism from within the Progressive Conservative Party - Canada’s historically conservative party at the time. First principled conservatives had to split off from the CINO government that had destroyed the Conservative brand among voters and found a new party. Then they had to suffer through inept Liberal rule for a decade, then a few more years of Liberal-socialist-marxist coalition rule, then minority conservative governments for a few years that was limited by three leftist parties holding a collective majority of seats. In other words, every time the conservatives wanted to pass legislation they had to negotiate with at least one of the three left-wing parties for support.

    My fear is that America is headed in the same direction with Romney, that Britain has gone with David Cameron, or Canada with Brian Mulroney once he turned CINO. What is needed is a Reagan or Thatcher or Harper.

  • The Decline and Fall of Catholic Democrats? (Sister Simone says abortion is above her pay grade)

    09/11/2012 8:50:03 PM PDT · 17 of 18
    NorthernCrunchyCon to All

    “Which brings us back to Sister Simone Campbell. Before taking the podium at the DNC to denounce the moral failings of the Republican candidates, she was asked by John McCormack of the Weekly Standard whether she believed that performing abortions should be illegal. Her response? ‘That’s beyond my pay grade. I don’t know.’”

    Sister Simone is clearly confused. While abortion is clearly beyond the Catholic Church’s pay grade, she has drawn the wrong conclusion from this fact.

    To recap, the prohibition against abortion in Holy Scripture is rooted in two principles. The first is prohibition against idolatry and witchcraft, since in the Old Testament abortion was usually carried out by those who practiced witchcraft or acted as priests to false gods like Moloch. The second root is the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”

    The first root comes under the Divine Positive Law. The second under the Natural Law. Because both the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law are authored by God, as revealed in Holy Scripture, they are not subject to change by man. This is what is meant by abortion being beyond the Church’s pay grade.

    For this reason, the Church cannot change its teaching on abortion. For ultimately this teaching comes not from the Church but from God. Thus the Church can only practice and defend the teaching. The Church cannot change it.

    I still remember the scene in Saturday Night Fever where a friend of John Travolta’s character has knocked up his girlfriend and asks Travolta’s older brother, the priest, whether he could request a dispensation from the pope for an abortion.

    The answer is no. A pope can only dispense from Church law. He cannot dispense from God’s law. Because life and death judgment over the innocent belongs to God alone, and because a child in the womb is innocent life, it is beyond the pope or any church official’s pay grade to allow abortion.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/11/2012 8:06:13 PM PDT · 55 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SampleMan

    Ah, I see where you’re coming from with your analogy.

    My problem is not choosing to a eat a bologna sandwich. I was willing to eat it in 2008, only to be pleasantly surprised when the bologna man added Alaskan moose steak (one of my favorites as a hunter) to the menu.

    No, my problem is that the man offering me a bologna sandwich in 2012 is the same individual who stomped on my bologna-and-steak sandwich in 2008 (after the bologna man added Alaskan moose steak to the sandwich) and gave me marxist manure one instead.

    For this reason, I think I’ll pass on the deli this time around and try the tea shop down the road.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/11/2012 3:07:33 PM PDT · 50 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SampleMan

    > What is your goal with this crap? Please do share, and
    > don’t insult us with a lie about how you “just happened to
    > post this without even thinking of Romney...”

    Alright. You call. I am more than happy to lay down my hand.

    I have two goals:

    My first goal is to prevent the same type of RINO/CINO political persecution that British conservatives face under the rule of “Conservative” Prime Minister David Cameron:

    If this seems scary coming from “conservative” leadership, I note that Cameron’s record prior to being elected prime minister (as bad as it is) was nearly as liberal as Romney’s.

    My second goal is fulfill a promise to myself and my children after the 2008 election that I would NEVER support the Trojan RINO who not only back-stabbed Gov. Palin in the lamestream media during the final weeks of campaign, but was willing to saddle us wit Obama for four years for no other reason than his ego.

    Here’s a little reminder about how Romney’s people played Judas to conservative Republicans last time around and kingmaker to Obama and the Democrats:

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/11/2012 12:00:21 PM PDT · 48 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SampleMan

    > What have you got to say for yourself?

    What do I have to say for myself?

    I find it interesting how much more thinned-skin, conspiracy-minded and trigger-happy ROMbots are than Ronbots whenever they sense the least slight towards, criticism of failure to enthusiastically embrace their candidate. It seems Rombot fanaticism is nearing the same level as Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/11/2012 11:48:36 AM PDT · 47 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to CommerceComet; All

    CommerceComet wrote: “If you spend time on the religion forum, you’d learn that the regular posters here are Christians first, conservatives second, and Republicans third. We’re not going to stop pointing out that Mormonism is not Christianity just because it might hurt the Republican candidate (who has never had a conservative political thought in his life). Concerns for the distant third loyalty are not going trump the much stronger first two loyalties.”

    Well said.

    As Christian voters we have too often been betrayed by RINOs and CINOs once in office.

    The arguments used by the Rombots to scare up votes for their candidate (Did Reagan ever have to point out he was better than Carter?) are eerily similar to those used by the Cameronbots in England to scare up votes against an inept Gordon Brown and Labor Party.

    So how has electing the CINO Cameron as British Prime Minister worked out for English Christians and conservatives?

    Here’s a clue:

    The only thing that has changed is that Christians and conservatives in Britain are now being persecuted by politicians with “C” after their name rather than politicians with “L” after their name.

  • Teachers 'Face Sack' for Refusing to Endorse Gay Marriage [UK]

    09/10/2012 9:47:53 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    NorthernCrunchyCon to marshmallow; All; Jim Robinson

    The most telling part of this story is that all this is happening under the “conservative” government of David Cameron. One should not be surprised. This is what happens when one elects CINO’s with liberal records under the wishful excuse that at least they’re not as bad as the marxist Labour Party.

    Actually, they are worse. Whereas socialists are open about their marxist agenda, CINO’s promote the same marxist agenda under the guise of being moderately conservative.

  • Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to Attend and Address the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

    09/10/2012 8:56:42 PM PDT · 89 of 114
    NorthernCrunchyCon to snarkytart

    > Listen Romney you dope, Bill Clinton has no pull with voters at all.

    Nonsense! Clinton has plenty of pull with RINO wing of the Republican party! Oh, you mean with average voters.

    > Seriously, does this man WANT to win?

    I think the more appropriate question is: Does it matter if this man wins?

    Which is why our best hope this fall is to invest our time, resources and support into conservative candidate downticket.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/10/2012 8:38:44 PM PDT · 35 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Peter ODonnell; All

    Not sure what any of this has to do with Romney vs. Obama, but anyway...

    No. Don’t vote for Obama. I would think it obvious after four years that he is just as bad as Romney. And even if this was not the case, Obama’s fanatical support for pre-natal infanticide (including of the partial birth variety) makes him anathema to any decent conservative voter. (Although not Rockefeller Republicans like Mitt’s mother.)

    The best course of action is to support conservatives downticket.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/10/2012 8:23:55 PM PDT · 32 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to House Atreides

    That’s not an argument I can engage. Only you would know what you believe.

    Having said that, what is it about the Mountain Meadow Massacre and the desecration of the final resting place of its Christian victims that makes you uncomfortable?

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/10/2012 8:14:48 PM PDT · 27 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SnuffaBolshevik

    My mom was a stay-at-home mother who never took a penny from the state. You’ve just insulted her. Obviously you’re a democrat.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/10/2012 8:10:30 PM PDT · 25 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to House Atreides

    “I think I’ll work a little harder to elect conservatives and Republicans in November’s election in your honor.”

    Cool! But don’t do it for me. Do it for the country and future generations.

    I’m supporting several conservatives locally who running under the GOP. But I refuse to support RINOs any longer.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/10/2012 7:57:56 PM PDT · 22 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SampleMan

    Actually, since you raise the issue, Romney has a very interesting historical connection to the massacre. Mormons carried out the massacre out of vengeance for the killing of Parley Pratt - of whom both Romney and Jon Huntsman are direct descendents and cousins.

    Pratt was killed by the angry husband of a woman that Pratt had seduced and engaged in an adulterous affair with under the guise of “plural marriage” and Pratt’s close connection with Joseph Smith Jr. Pratt had convinced her to run off with him and, if I recall correctly, take the man’s children with her.

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/10/2012 7:42:53 PM PDT · 12 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to SnuffaBolshevik

    > A 5 year old article about a 157 year old incident.

    Yes, as of tomorrow (Sept 11) EXACTLY 157 years.

    > What is your agenda?

    To have the cross restored to its rightful place atop the cairn marking the gravesite of the massacre’s Christian victims.

    One would think that after 157 years the LDS would end the current desecration and allow its Christian victims to rest in peace.

    “They shall grow not old,
    as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them,
    nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun
    and in the morning
    We will remember them.”

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/10/2012 7:32:07 PM PDT · 10 of 93
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Ruy Dias de Bivar

    I was not aware of of the other two other wagon trains attacked. Thanks. I will have to research this.

    I was aware, however, that Brigham Young ordered the desecration of the cross atop of the original cairn marking the gravesite of the massacre’s Christian victims, and that despite numerous requests the LDS has refused to restore this Christian symbol over the grave of the Christian martyrs massacred by Mormons during this slaughter.

    For more information on this desecration, click here:

  • Wagon Train Descendants tell tale of 1857 massacre in Utah

    09/10/2012 6:59:03 PM PDT · 1 of 93
  • Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection

    09/10/2012 8:27:48 AM PDT · 62 of 106
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Kenny Bunk

    Thanks Kenny. I’m a devout Christian, but even I have to admit that Christian apologetics when it comes to Mormonism can sometimes be embedded with sensationalism and polemic, and thus some discernment is necessary.

    Thus the reason I feel this article makes such a strong case is that it was not written primarily for a Christian audience within a polemical apologetics context.

    Rather, it was written by a scholar educated in Mormonism, for a Mormon academic/scholarly publication, where it was well-received, widely quoted favorably by Mormon scholars and academics, received an award for Mormon scholarship, and was then picked up for republication by arespected journal of gnostic/occultic religious movements in the English language. The extensive documentation and footnotes help too.

    So fair to say, Joseph Smith Jr’s inspiration for Mormonism was likely found more in the occult than in Christianity.

  • Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection

    09/10/2012 5:45:46 AM PDT · 54 of 106
    NorthernCrunchyCon to F15Eagle; UCANSEE2; All

    Interesting entry on Mormo over at the Arcana Wiki:

    Mormo is a Spirit that bites bad children. This female figure from Greek and Roman Mythology is possibly a Vampire. She may be a companion or Avatar of Hecate, the Greek goddess of the moon and magic. Very little information about Mormo has survived from classical antiquity, where she appears to have been revered in part of a mystery cult.

    As with Lilith, the identity of Mormo may have started as a more general term, which then became more personified over time. Mormo appears in a few plays of Aristophanes, who uses the name as if it were a synonym for “bogey man” or “monster”.

    Hippolytus of Rome, in his Refutation of all Heresies (also known as the Philosophoumena), detailed a pyromantic form of Divination that invoked Mormo, Bombo, Gorgo, Hecate, and Luna. As described by Hippolytus, the divination was nothing more than a Hoax involving pyrotechnics and a cauldron with a fake bottom, a hoax he proceeded to debunk the way one might ruin the secret of a magic trick. Therefore, Mormo might have magic and powers connected to fire.

    Note that phrases from the Philosophoumena are hard to clearly define and explain. When he says “Gorgo, and Mormo, and Luna, and of many shapes,” is that calling out to three, four, or just one entity? Is Mormo just another name for Hecate, and/or the Moon? Does Gorgo refer to a Gorgon? Hecate is a three-headed goddess, and there were three Gorgon Sisters in Greek Mythology, and three names are given in that line.

    In The powers of evil in Western religion, magic and folk belief, Richard Cavendish says that Mormo was a “nursery bogy” that was a source of fear for Erinna of Telos, a poetess of Ancient Greece. In the very next sentence he opines that Gorgo indeed refers to Medusa, and says the face in the moon used to be called the “Gorgon’s Head”. The face of Medusa was a common protective device in ancient greece, known as the Gorgoneion.

    In The Satanic Bible, Anton Levay flips the gender of Mormo, rendering him “King of the Ghouls, Consort of Hecate”.

  • Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection

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    NorthernCrunchyCon to UCANSEE2

    I’m guessing Mormo, who in Greek mythology as certain occult traditions was the consort of Hecate (goddess of witches) as well as the god of ghouls.

  • Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection

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    NorthernCrunchyCon to Nifster; All

    Since this thread is turning political...

    No, the current occupant of the White House is not a concern on FR, mainly because most Freepers have enough sense not to vote for him. In contrast, the GOP-e has spent millions trying to convince conservatives that Romney, despite a past record that differs very little from the current WH occupant, is in fact a conservative.

    Similarly, most Freepers have enough sense to recognize that as a radical supporter of prenatal infanticide, Obama does not practice Christianity in any meaningful way. Many Republicans, however, are bending over background to try and convince themselves that Romney is Christian.

    Fortunately, we have a lot of conservative Republicans running down ticket locally.

  • Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection

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  • Bobby Jindal Rising as Romney’s VP Choice

    06/09/2012 12:57:15 PM PDT · 54 of 54
    NorthernCrunchyCon to MCOAvalanche

    Obama’s birth certificate is already a moot issue with Romney as GOPe nominee. Remember that Mitt’s old man George was the first Mexican-born citizen to attempt a run for U.S. president.

  • Conservatives and Romney work at working together

    06/09/2012 12:43:30 PM PDT · 31 of 166
    NorthernCrunchyCon to Innovative

    In that case, I will support Virgil Goode for POTUS, and GOP conservatives down ticket.