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  • Silly Things We Hear: “Communism Works on Paper”

    01/12/2012 10:08:11 AM PST · 10 of 32
    NYCRebublican to Paladins Prayer
    Communism dictates that the selected few will make the determinations for the whole - where human capital and financial capital are put to work for the collective whole.

    Even on paper human decision making by the few are the deciding force - therefore it does not even work on paper as people are integral to the systems success. If you take people out of the system there is no decision making and no system.

  • Journalists targeted, beaten, detained by Mubarak supporters (Call the Wambulance)

    02/02/2011 5:13:24 PM PST · 14 of 40
    NYCRebublican to utherdoul

    That’s the problem with journalist’s today. They have a need to become part of the story. Who care’s that they were punched or intimidated. Last time I checked - it goes with the territory.

    I’ll never forget that idiot Ron Insana from CNBC after 9/11. The tower’s had just collapsed and he was there. Instead of cleaning up and reporting what he saw, he decided to come into the studio covered in dust - specifically on his head and clothes, but cleaned off his face. It was ridiculous. I personally thought that was the day he completely lost all credibility. I expect the same for these idiots. We should call it the Geraldo effect - remember that Putz.

  • FACTBOX-The oil price needs of OPEC members

    10/27/2008 2:15:51 PM PDT · 8 of 27
    NYCRebublican to SaxxonWoods

    Invest heavily in Qatar

  • Not Even Our Worst Banking Crisis Of The Last 30 Years (The effect of mark-to-market)

    10/02/2008 5:02:27 AM PDT · 7 of 28
    NYCRebublican to AndyJackson
    We also have over $200 Trillion in Capitalized Assets - ($50 Trillion in homes alone). That gives us shareholder's equity of over $140 Trillion or almost $500k per capita.

    The main issue here has been the mark to market nonsense. If there is no current market for an asset due to any number of reasons in including fear, panic, lack of information, seasonality etc, it is ridiculous to force any institution to value that asset on the current days bid. This rule needs to be revisited and altered significantly. This seems to be getting the least amount of attention of all the issues we are facing.

  • Four large earthquakes around the world today.

    09/10/2008 6:18:42 PM PDT · 3 of 27
    NYCRebublican to edcoil

    Must be the CERN Collider - Uh Oh!!

  • DNC: Fla., Mich. Can't Be Fully Restored

    05/28/2008 9:39:58 AM PDT · 60 of 68
    NYCRebublican to Sub-Driver
    How does she sue? This is not a 14th amendment issue. She is not running for public office. She is running under the rules of the Democratic party to have the right to run as their nominee. She is not precluded from running - she can always be an independent.

    The Democratic Party does not have to look at the primary votes at all to make a decision. They can make deals at the convention (or before) and do what they want and pick who they believe will best serve the party's interests - they already set this up with the superdelegate nonsense.

    I'd be surprised if the courts even hear her case. There must be precedent on this - does anyone know about previous case law on this?

    BTW - if a court were to rule that the if the Party has rules in place and they must be followed to determine who must be chosen as the nominee, Clinton is done. The rules state that no more than 50% of the delegates can be seated if the primary rules are violated. She's going out of her way to destroy Obama. She know's she can't get the nomination, but if she makes him unelectable in November she has another opportunity in 2012. If Obama were to win in November - the Clinton's are gone for good.

  • Judge Acquits Detectives in 50-Shot Killing of Bell

    04/27/2008 4:33:59 AM PDT · 19 of 23
    NYCRebublican to neverdem
    This could be a very interesting challenge for Obama. As Bloomberg said there are no winners here. However there are going to be many losers. It will be hard for Obama to straddle this issue.

    This could be worse for him than his Pastor if these protests have legs. Talk about the possibility of ripping the Democratric party apart. Sharpton of course is only trying to increase his power base to have some influence over Obama.

  • NY: Spitzer Wrestles Over Response, Paralyzing Albany

    03/12/2008 4:24:44 AM PDT · 30 of 35
    NYCRebublican to Ernest_at_the_Beach
    If the wife is supporting him the storyline will be: Do to medical reasons my wife and I have been unable to have sex since the birth of my last child. As a result of this I have had to use sexual surrogates with my wife's full knowledge. We decided years ago that using high-end prostitutes was preferable as this we wanted to insure there would be no emotional attachments.

    In the end they will try to play this off as it "all about sex" and is a private matter.

  • Space-Based Solar Power Beams Become Next Energy Frontier

    11/12/2007 10:42:44 AM PST · 59 of 60
    NYCRebublican to thackney


  • Space-Based Solar Power Beams Become Next Energy Frontier

    11/12/2007 10:13:16 AM PST · 56 of 60
    NYCRebublican to thackney

    Is that 1,365 watts per sq. meter per day?

  • Question: Major Explosion in Manhattan

    07/18/2007 3:12:06 PM PDT · 53 of 203
    NYCRebublican to txflake

    Doesn’t mean anything yet. They respond to everything.

  • Question: Major Explosion in Manhattan

    07/18/2007 3:10:44 PM PDT · 44 of 203
    NYCRebublican to Revolting cat!

    Live on the upper east side. Lot’s of sirens and Fed’s in black cars are streaming downtown.

  • Shots fired at Virginia Tech (AP: 33 dead, 15 wounded)

    04/16/2007 10:35:53 AM PDT · 940 of 4,995
    NYCRebublican to goodnesswins
    A few years ago in L.A. An antisemitic man shot up a nursery school because there was no security or armed personnel. He had originally headed to another Jewish institution, but upon canvasing the building noticed that there were armed guards and heavy security. He then proceeded to the nursery school - path of least resistance.
  • Hillary Clinton and oil company earnings

    02/08/2007 7:47:44 AM PST · 19 of 19
    NYCRebublican to yoe

    Move to NYC. Dr.'s here only take cash. I can't find one Dr. who takes insurance - except the clinics.

  • Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world' (More UFOs)

    01/18/2007 10:05:56 AM PST · 24 of 82
    NYCRebublican to Zechariah_8_13

    The light looks like an out of focus "smiley" face candy. I guess the Aliens are smiling at us - before they eat us.

  • Spain unveils Mid-East peace plan

    11/16/2006 1:58:17 PM PST · 12 of 32
    NYCRebublican to presidio9

    The Europeans have gotten so used to surrendering now they want to surrender on behalf of others.

  • Airbus A380 jets off for tests in Asia from the eye of a storm

    11/10/2006 5:07:48 AM PST · 11 of 19
    NYCRebublican to Republicain
    French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin vowed to visit Airbus headquarters next week to "find solutions" to the company's woes.

    More like - what countries can we blackmail into buying these overweight monstrosities.

  • World's tallest tower rising in Dubai [Will be at least 160 stories]

    10/30/2006 12:01:32 PM PST · 47 of 93
    NYCRebublican to Pest
    If anything the steel would be on the bottom with the concrete on the top. When construction methods are mixed it is very often done this way. While Steel costs are high, so are concrete costs. Usually Steel is cheaper but you build concrete because in areas where you have height limits, you can actually get more floors with concrete than with Steel. This shoudn't be an issue in this case. Most office towers are constructed from steel as you can engineer larger and more open floor plates.

    In this building you can see that they have structural elements every twenty feet or so cutting the through the enitre floors with cutouts for pass-thrus. Not a very flexible design for the end-users.

  • World's tallest tower rising in Dubai [Will be at least 160 stories]

    10/30/2006 11:53:55 AM PST · 38 of 93
    NYCRebublican to Fan of Fiat

    they take them apart piece by piece and bring them down

  • World's tallest tower rising in Dubai [Will be at least 160 stories]

    10/30/2006 11:50:32 AM PST · 33 of 93
    NYCRebublican to aculeus
    What a terrible design. The floor plates look useless. I cannot believe they are building this thing out of poured concrete instead of steel. Look what they have to do in order to get the structural integrity they need. Every floor has concrete bearing walls 20 feet on center. Even a portion of the outer skin is bearing. The interior floorplate will be all cut up and very limited in layout. Poured concrete for a limited use such as apts. is one thing, but the commercial space will be almost useless.

    Obviously this is about ego and not function. Petro dollars hard at work.

  • Showdown as UK fights for role in Airbus A350

    10/23/2006 9:37:57 AM PDT · 20 of 21
    NYCRebublican to Proud_USA_Republican
    The main problem with the wiring is not the software issues. It is the change from copper to aluminium wiring to save weight. Designed for copper originally, Airbus changed to aluminium and they did not take into consideration that aluminium is not as malable as copper. The wires kept breaking when they installed them as the aluminium is much more brittle. The software problems only compounded that problem.

    Main point is this is they have major weight problems with a380 and that is at the root of all their problems. I'll be surprised if this plane is ever delivered. I also hear they had serious structural issues that arose during test flights.

  • NJ Muslim group tracking airport run-ins

    10/23/2006 7:15:00 AM PDT · 8 of 45
    NYCRebublican to Alouette

    Unlees they keep track of everyone being tracked and questioned the research is useless. It doesn't matter how many muslims are harrassed, only what percentage of those harrassed happen to be muslim. In addition, in order to be PC, the inspectors are making sure to harrass everybody but Muslims. Thankfully the Pilots are not being as coopoerative. Many are refusing to fly with people they view as suspicious unless they are checked out before flight.

  • Airbus CEO resigns, successor named (Louis Gallois)

    10/09/2006 11:34:18 AM PDT · 7 of 8
    NYCRebublican to Righty_McRight

    He knew what needed to be done to right the ship and the guys at EADS just don't have the balls to let a real businessman do what is necessary. Instead the refuse to let him implement his changes and he has no choice but to resign. If you don't have control, why take responsibility.

  • White House: Account of Iraq report incomplete

    09/24/2006 6:04:14 PM PDT · 11 of 36
    NYCRebublican to frankjr

    I'm hoping the WH has set the NYT's and the demo's up. They cherry pick a few lines out of the report and create a ruckus without having all the info. the reports comes out in full and completely discredits them.

  • The Airbus Fiasco

    09/22/2006 1:22:20 PM PDT · 29 of 70
    NYCRebublican to Renfield

    You could not pay me to fly on this thing. Wiring problems my a#@. Something's not right with this plane and I'm willing to bet it is performance based and they cannot meet the specs. The are pulling everything out of this plane they can get away with to increase performance. At the end of the day it will probably be so over-engineered that it will fall apart after they remove all the nuts and bolts to save weight.

  • Is Ahmadinejad Another Hitler?

    09/20/2006 7:14:14 PM PDT · 58 of 62
    NYCRebublican to TigersEye

    Amaddogonjihad. A-mad-dog-on-jihad

  • Housing decline to bottom out in mid-2007: NAHB

    09/15/2006 11:47:02 AM PDT · 50 of 68
    NYCRebublican to Hydroshock
    In the business - Sky is not falling. Inventory of unsold product is quite large - some markets much worse than others - LV, Miami etc. Tighter markets will see slower sales but with less inventory price discounts and/or incentives will not be likely - Urban New York, Urban Boston etc.

    On the other hand new suburban, Northern New Jersey and comparable product out west may see some rough times. New suburban being "urban sprawl" and the outer rim of the suburban communities. Main problem is wrong product type. With higher rates product type is too expensive for current buyers. Over the last 12 years buyers were primarily those from within community or with 1 hour of community moving up from starter homes to "McMansions" It is these McMansions that are the problem. Present buyers consist of those reloctaing from different communities and 1st time homebuyers.

    As a result the Mcmansions are now out of favor and the current demand is for product $600,000 and lower, not the $600,000 and higher for McMansions. The major firms are currently sitting on inventory as it moves slowly and refocusing energy on the smaller product type. Stacked townomes and Condo flats are the preferred product type now. In the Northeast the big builders have walked from approximately $120 million in deposits. They will either re-negotiate the prices or walk. They are also focusing on product closer to the urban centers with less inherent risk.

    Meet with people from Pulte, Centex, K.Hov and Toll often. Looking for the new product type to hit the market mid-2007 into the begining of 2008. Until then will focus on selling present inventory.

    It is important to remember that these hombuilders are very much like automakers. They own nothing and at the end of the day they only turn money over. They build the product the market demands and sometimes they will get ahead of themselves with too much of the wrong product type. Higher interest rates for homes is the same as high oil prices for cars. People will be less likely to stretch too much with higher interest rates. People will buy more fuel-efficient cars with higher gas prices.

    Big players actively looking for projects to have ready for 2008. Stock prices will decline - good time to buy in the next few months as the market is cyclical and the stocks will be overly depressed. Watch the insider trades. In the next few months you will probably see the managers buying up stock. I'm not saying they are talking down the stocks - but then again maybe I am.

  • Drudge: Katie Couric's CBS Evening News Drops to 3rd Place on Friday Night

    09/11/2006 1:38:14 PM PDT · 69 of 167
    NYCRebublican to abb

    While I myself am not in the business, some very good friends of mine owned quite a few stations around the country until recently. They ALWAYS made money from the news. It was the cheapest programming to produce. I have a hard time imaginging that small independents could make the most of their income (bottom line that is not total revenue) from News while the big networks lose at it?

  • Dick Morris: True friends of Israel cannot let the Dems take power

    07/25/2006 6:00:06 PM PDT · 12 of 73
    NYCRebublican to NYCRebublican

    That's Jew obviously, not jer.

  • Dick Morris: True friends of Israel cannot let the Dems take power

    07/25/2006 5:58:56 PM PDT · 9 of 73
    NYCRebublican to JeanS

    This is one jer who won't ever vote democrap

  • Arab-American Group Sues U.S. For Slow Lebanon Evacuation

    07/24/2006 3:45:01 PM PDT · 11 of 45
    NYCRebublican to Republican Wildcat

    The US has no obligation to do this. Anything they decide to do is an accomodation. This will thrown out by any judge save those in the ninth circuit.

  • Farnborough: SIA shocks the air show by ordering 20 Airbus A350s, nine further A380s

    07/21/2006 6:47:27 AM PDT · 6 of 20
    NYCRebublican to bmwcyle

    Airbust must be giving them away. How could an airline commit to these aircraft (the A350) when it has no idea what the performance capabilities are. They don't even have an engine supplier yet!! What are they going to do use rubber bands? All Airbust has released is some pretty pictures. No one believes they have the ability to create a platform that will cover both the 787 and 777 range. By overpromising ( as on the a380) they keep digging themselves a deeper and deeper grave.

  • Israel: Hezbollah Aims To Move Captured Soldiers To Iran

    07/13/2006 9:24:08 AM PDT · 7 of 32
    NYCRebublican to kinghorse

    I couldn't agree more. I have a feeling that Iran, North Korean and Syria have decided that with our forces stretched in Iraq that they now have what will be their best opportunity to fight. More than likely they think we will have no option but to negotiate and that they will have the upperhand.

  • Palestinian Videos Amazing!

    07/12/2006 4:25:28 PM PDT · 8 of 89
    NYCRebublican to ml/nj

    You think they would at least take the time to put some fake blood on them. They should call their leftist friends in Hollywood and ask for tips.

  • AP- Novak Confirms Rove Was Plame Source

    07/12/2006 12:20:28 PM PDT · 13 of 76
    NYCRebublican to Mr. Brightside

    It's amazing how everyone in the MSM is ignoring where Novak says he found her name - the listing Joe Wilson ran in the Who's Who in America book. The person responsible for outing Plame is Wilson himself. Novak states it in his article. Conveniently omitted by the MSM everywhere I have looked.

  • Study Says Earth's Temp at 400-Year High(DOOMED!!!!)

    06/22/2006 9:22:33 AM PDT · 50 of 134
    NYCRebublican to plain talk
    1200 AD was 800 years ago. So his chart would still be right. However, the main point is no one can tell you what the climate "should be" .

    The Earth's cliamte has proven to be extremely dynamic and not static. So what is it that we are trying to achieve. To maintain the staus quo. That's not natural either. Are we expected to have no effect on the planet whatsoever. All this panic based on so little knowledge. I'm not arguing a cleaner environment is not preferable - anuyone remember LA in the 70's - but it's the sky is falling attitude that is so ridiculous. What would these people be saying if the world started cooling based on something we did.

    The Earth will heat up or it will cool down. History has proven that. This brings me back to my main point - what are they trying to achieve.

  • THE DOWNING OF TWA FLIGHT 800 Exclusive: Jack Cashill argues new investigation of '96 event ne

    06/22/2006 8:52:02 AM PDT · 61 of 160
    NYCRebublican to drypowder
    I have been of the opinion that it was shot down by the Iranians in retalition for the shootdown of their Airliner over the gulf by the US. I am also of the opinion that the US (Clinton Govt.) did not have the cajones to respond and wanted to avoid a war with Iran. As they (the Clinton Admin and their supporters) are the blame America first crowd, they probably surmised that we deserved it for what we did to them. However they also knew they couldn't publicly state that.

    The only problem - I am not one for conspiracy theories as I know people can't keep their mouths shut. It would be very hard to pull this cover-up off. But the exploding fuel tank is more than a little suspect.

  • Sen. Biden's Son Seeks Office in Delaware (Dumb Jr.)

    06/05/2006 3:34:30 PM PDT · 8 of 18
    NYCRebublican to new yorker 77

    Do bad hair plugs run in the family.

  • Pat Robertson says he leg-pressed 2,000 pounds

    05/27/2006 6:46:00 AM PDT · 55 of 83
    NYCRebublican to TitansAFC
    You are absolutely correct. I am a natural bodybuilder and form is everything. I don't even know what those reps were supposed to be. His thighs should be parrallel to the weights at the bottom of the rep with his knees in his chest. He was barely going 1/4 of the way down into the full range.

    Based on his range of motion I'm sure he can press 2,000 pounds. With that limited range of motion I can probably press 4,000 lbs.

    Using full range of motion I top out at just under 900 lbs. That's with my knees buried in my chest. I also wrap my knees for this amount of weight. I notice he didn't as he takes his knees completely out of the exercise.

    However I do see a lot of the older lifters in the gym exercising this way. Maybe this was how they learned?

    If he really wants to impress people he try squatting 400 lbs.

  • Sirius Loss Doubles on Stern Compensation

    05/02/2006 11:24:40 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    NYCRebublican to NormsRevenge
    This reminds me of the nineties and the dot-coms. Do whatever it takes to get market share - damn the costs. Once you have the market you can focus on profitability.

    The problem is just when you have established the market and are ready to squeeze your customers to make your profit the competition squeezes you.

    If you have to buy your market at such a high price, is it really worth having. Capital always has to be spent, don't get me wrong, but maintaining profitability should always come first. The best businesses focus on providing a good service or product for profit. If your product or service is good the market will follow.

    In my opinion these companies are overpaying for content.

  • FDR's Revenge [Repeal the 22nd amendment]

    03/03/2006 9:56:01 AM PST · 34 of 35
    NYCRebublican to ZGuy
    There is one way to continue a Presidents legacy after his two term period is up. However the parties have seen to it that the President sits on the sidelines for the most part.

    If a sitting lame-duck President were to endorse a candidate that shared his personal views and agreed to carry on where his predecessor left off he would have a horse in the next race. Sometimes this is the VP candidate, but we all know that VP's are usually picked for political expediency and not because the candidates have identical positions.

    I would suggest that if a President were to make it to a second term he should dump any VP chosen for political reasons and run with someone who is his candidate for the next election who will carry on with his agenda. At least now you would have someone to contend with.

    By taking the President out of the race you take him out of the national debate and he / she will get lost in the background. Put him / her front and center and make them relevant. They will have a voice to be reckoned with at least until the primaries. IF they get the nomination all the way through Nov.

  • Airbus A320 Outshines Boeing‘s 737

    02/27/2006 8:41:55 AM PST · 28 of 49
    NYCRebublican to CWOJackson

    Up to the 100% of load predicted in the flight envelope. The planes are designed for that. They are supposed to be designed to a point that is 50% greater than what they should ever experience in actual operation.

  • Airbus A320 Outshines Boeing‘s 737

    02/27/2006 8:38:38 AM PST · 26 of 49
    NYCRebublican to Mount Athos
    Agreed. My point is the 787, which is currently more expensive, seems to be very modifiable (sp?). I think the techonology there will give Boeing the ability to compete effectively against the a320 in the future. Either the 737 will be redesigned to take advantge of the 787's techinology or the a 787 offering will come along that replaces the 737.

    Airbus has spent it R&D budget on the A380 which does not give it the technology needed to compete with the 787. They will need to head back to the drawig board and reallocate funds in order to compete. They of course will. But how long will that take and what will it cost them.

    They (Airbus) wrote the 787 off originally. Now they kow they need to get moving.

  • Airbus A320 Outshines Boeing‘s 737

    02/27/2006 8:30:19 AM PST · 22 of 49
    NYCRebublican to Mount Athos
    As a freely admitted Boeing proponent, anything that costs them more money and time works for me. However, I also freely admit that I will proudly explain away any shortfalls in the Boeing 787 or nee 747 Advanced.

    I just can't wait to hear how they evacuate 800+ passengers out of that monstrosity in 90 seconds. I wonder if they plan on using the enitre French and German track and field teams. This should be intresting. I guarantee they have been practicing this test over and over until they can figure out how to get everyone out. My prediction, 800+ ejection seats. They cost about $500,000 each so that's another $400 million to the price of the plane.

  • Airbus A320 Outshines Boeing‘s 737

    02/27/2006 8:11:55 AM PST · 14 of 49
    NYCRebublican to jpsb

    All wings snap durng this test. That's the point. The only problem at this time is that the wing snapped before it was supposed to. The wing was not as strong as believed. However Aribus says the wing was not a production wing and the wings are now stronger. Of course that's what Airbus says. Anyway the planes development just got that much more expensive as they now to go break some more wings. Probably run them another $100 million or so more over budget. Just keeps adding up.

  • Airbus A320 Outshines Boeing‘s 737

    02/27/2006 8:08:41 AM PST · 10 of 49
    NYCRebublican to MassRepublicanFlyersFan
    What this article fails to mention is the 787, which has debuted as the most succesful airliner launch in history (or so says Boeing). This plane is moving the goal line and will eventually replace the 737 as the 737 replaced the 727 somtime ago. Airbus has no answer to this plane as of yet. Their proposed A350 is a poor attempt to compete and the only buyers are airlines that are being forced into buying it due to "relationships" or if they are being given huge discounts on this plane as well as the A380.

    The 787 eventually will replace the 737, 757 and 767. Currently the 787 is being offered in a number of variations and looks quite flexible as to its capacity. There is even a fear that it could impede on the 777 market.

  • Poll: Clinton Strong For Re-Election, President - Hillary Leads 2008 Democratic Contenders

    01/20/2006 8:56:27 AM PST · 8 of 22
    NYCRebublican to Sub-Driver

    What this poll fails to say is that head to head against named republicans, she gets her clock cleaned in any presidential match-up. McCain ang Giuliani wipe the table with her. Please let her be the nominee.

  • Satellite Radio: Out of the Car and Under Fire

    12/11/2005 11:15:32 AM PST · 47 of 69
    NYCRebublican to BurbankKarl

    Free radaio pays the record companies every single time a song is played on the air. That's why ASCAP and BMI exist. To collect the licensing fees every time a song is played.

  • Howard Dean Following Bill Clinton's Lead

    12/07/2005 8:23:05 AM PST · 15 of 22
    NYCRebublican to Sub-Driver
    I posted this earier on another thread, but I think we need to start discussing what a loss actually means to this country.

    The GOP has got to step up and start telling the Amercian people what a defeat in Iraq will actually mean. If "it's all about the economy stupid!", and we lose in Iraq we can just hang it up.

    With Iran already threatening to trade oil in euro's instead of dollars, a Caliphite in Iraq will only be happy to switch as well. And if anyone thinks the Saudi Kingdom will survive if we lose, they have another thing coming. They will be running to make a deal with the Islamists to save their butts. Maybe they deal, maybe they don't, but either way the Islamists will be in charge, and they will be switching to Euro's as well.

    Now we have the major oil suppliers of the world trading in Euro's instead of dollars - can you say massive inflation. Let's not forget that they probably will restrict sales of oil to the US as well. this will mean that approximately 25% of total oil sales will be unavailable through direct channels to the US market.

    Now we have energy costs rising faster than inflation, capital running from our shores leaving our paper value in the toilet, and interest rates at historic highs to try and get any money we can to service our debt. Does anyone think for a second that those wonderful Pac-Rim countries (can we say China) is going to continue pegging their currency to the dollar. Not for a second. The dollar will be sent adrift and inflation spiralling out of control. Probably what Soros wants so he can clean up by going long the euro.

    Not to forget what we are fighting for morally and patriotically, but we cannot as a country afford to lose this war -in other words pull-out or redeploy our forces.

    There is much more at stake here than our national pride. Amercians need to be informed of this repeatedly. What will happen will make the 70's look like a picnic. The Arab's only had the balls to do what they did back then because of our pullout from Vietnam. They never thought we would have the backbone to defend Israel and so they took their chances. Thank God Reagan came along and showed shome backbone to right the ship.

    However, like I said before, if we lose or pull out of Iraq without a clearly accomplishing our goals, we can just hang it up. Now some of these people on the fence who seemed to be confused about war and peace need to know this is also about them being able to feed their kids.


    12/07/2005 8:14:14 AM PST · 25 of 28
    NYCRebublican to riri

    Thanks. I just think it's important people understand what a loss really means. We just don't pack up and go home. There are very serious consequences. It's one thing for Bush and Co., to keep telling the public that we will not accept defeat. They have to tell them what it will mean to lose.