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  • AT&T steps up MCI charges: Alleges firm routed US military calls through Canada

    08/07/2003 2:25:23 AM PDT · 2 of 13
    Oak to sarcasm
    AT&T, Verizon, Jesse Jackson, the Gray Panthers (really), and the Unions are all trying to put MCI Worldcom out of business.

    AT&T routes calls through Mexico, and does the same exact thing they are charging MCI with.

    It's business.. And Sprint just overcharged the Gov'T in Billions and the GSA is considering barring Sprint from bidding on Gov't Contracts.
  • 'Is Kobe Bryant Guilty?' -- Commentary by Psychiatrist Alen J. Salerian;

    08/06/2003 2:24:25 PM PDT · 22 of 28
    Oak to All
    I'm not impressed with this shrink.

    Why did Kobe lie? Why wasn't he straightforward with investigators before the DNA came back (this has been reported).

    Notice how every public appearance Kobe makes now is with his wife (and her new 4 Million $ ring). It reminds me so much of the fake walk of Bill's and Hillary's on the beach together after Monica - it was for the Cameras only. We know Kobe traveled without his wife before - reference the Colorado trip, but now the are inseparable.. It's all for the cameras.

    Truth is, people want to believe they know these celebrities when they have no clue. Remember, how O.J. was so popular and he had 911 Wife beating calls out there that no one knew about. But, he was about as popular as an athlete could get... remember all the Spoof (Naked Gun) movies O.J. was in?

    07/31/2003 6:02:44 AM PDT · 31 of 150
    Oak to Clintons Are White Trash
    There are those that want Kobe to walk, because he's a basketball player. And there are those that think because they see him run up and dwwn the court and smile they really KNOW him.

    There is a witness that overheard Kobe using the term "white bitch" over and over... Didn't Mayor Barry continually say "the bitch set me up - the bitch set me up". I don't think I'm going out on a limb here by saying that there is a culture where women are labeled bitches and Ho's - and that doesn't lend itself to respect.

    Kobe is also on the record as saying that he doesn't take NO for an answer. It may not be regarding sex... but he said "My philosophy is that I don't take NO for an answer".

  • Kobe scandal leaves Nike with real beef; Is Nike trying to make a fast break from Kobe Bryant

    07/30/2003 4:05:12 AM PDT · 106 of 134
    Oak to All
    I read several sites in Denver that said Kobe used some racial slurs against the woman and continued that in the lobby after she left.. Another worker reportedly heard him saying "White Bitch"..

    But, on IMUS this morning, changing the channels, they said Kobe is also being accussed of sodomy or attempted sodomy against this woman. Did anyone else hear this?

    This is getting really nasty.
  • Police can't confirm if body is Patrick Dennehy

    07/27/2003 6:15:52 PM PDT · 90 of 91
    Oak to ValerieUSA
    He had recently obtained a gun and two pit-bulls. I think his parents only know so much about him. Like, what he told them on the phone. No parent (or very, very few) give an accurate assessment of their children.
  • (ZsaZsa) Huffington Fever Sweeps Brentwood!

    07/25/2003 7:16:30 PM PDT · 19 of 27
    Oak to All
    I love how the mainstream media invites Arianna Huff on shows to give the Repbublican side. The closest person to Huffington is Bill Mayer (Polictically Correct).

    She should just wait and run as Hilliary's VP.
  • Thomas: Racial preferences unconstitutional (Thomas dissents)

    06/23/2003 6:06:14 PM PDT · 46 of 87
    Oak to farmfriend
    It boils down to ... Politically correct racism is okay -totally acceptable.

    We can use race for our causes... but prohibit its use in most areas.

    They're saying we retain the right to use race as a club to beat certain peoples.

  • Will Moose give movie money back?

    06/06/2003 3:21:21 AM PDT · 2 of 12
    Oak to JohnHuang2
    THat guy (MOOSE) did a terrible job, he had the Snipers - and let them go. They had them on tape running red lights (with the license plate), and continued looking for the white men in the white van. They even had them on video in Virginia leaving the hotel where the call was made while they busted those painters in the white van. 100 cops outside and these guys slink out after calling the Sniper hot-line from their hotel room.

    They left notes, clues, slept in rest stops with guns on their laps, and called the Sniper hot-line and told them they were the SNIPERS - and they were hung up on FOUR Times. All this while more people were killed.

    If Moose was white, I'm sorry to say, the media would've hounded that guy and he would've been fired days after the event. But, he's since he was an Affirmative Action character - he's a hero.

    There are parrallels between Jason Blair (NYT) and Moose.

    Of course, one has to analyze the SNIPER situation independently to come to the conclusion that it was terribly mishandled. The media will only praise Moose due to his minority status, and most of us have been so bombarded with positive spin about Moose's performance. Independent, objective analysis shows terrible incompetence and shoddy detective work.

    06/06/2003 3:10:04 AM PDT · 5 of 50
    Oak to patj
    Hillary caught off-guard by people calling Bill a womanizer? That is the single biggest lie I've ever read in print. He had that reputation when he was 32 years old in Arkansas !!

    Why didn't Barbara (hand-picked) Walters ask her if she would like to apologize to some of the women she's tryed to destroy in the past after they've claimed relationships with Bill?

    Barb: In light of the his admissions, do you feel guilt over having savagely attacked some of the women in the past that claimed to be Bill's lovers - and on the surface - appear to have been his lovers.

    Hillary: EECK, turn off that camera you ****ing sl*t !
    Staff - Have her removed, and start rumors that she's being controlled by Linda Tripp, Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and Marc Rich's wife.
    Have her searched for those damn Walt Williams poem books
    (Leaves of grass) that Bill gives all his damn wh0res.
    Check her for a wire .. It's that damn Ken Starr, he won't leave us alone to be happy. I don't know what happened to that White House furniture - that's a Right wing inspired, conspiracy laden theory designed to portray me as controlling and greedy. Barbara we are going to start calling you Vince...

    11/04/2002 11:06:43 PM PST · 302 of 392
    Oak to All
    I've heard virtually nothing about Pryor as Attorney General not paying SS or income taxes for his "hired help" in the media.

    If Coleman or Hutchinson had done the same thing, do you think the media would be reporting the allegations and putting a microphone in the candidates face and his campaign managers?? The Media is incredible!
  • Racial problems surface in high desert high schools

    11/03/2002 10:54:05 PM PST · 5 of 9
    Oak to All
    The problem is not one district will ban "Proud to be black", Malcom X, or any of the sayings that blacks wear in large numbers.

    Put a "proud to be white" shirt on and you lose your job or get expelled from school.

    Double standard that everyone loves to overlook.
  • Terror Sniper's Death-Mobile was almost a white Lincoln from TACOMA in late AUGUST 2002

    11/03/2002 8:46:35 PM PST · 6 of 7
    Oak to All
    The media is trying to save Malvo, by constantly chanting he was being controlled. Where is the proof of this?

    The evidence suggests Malvo took the money from the shot woman in Alabama. The evidence suggests that all the notes left at the scenes, the tarot card, and the monetary demands were all done by Malvo.

    Much has been made that Malvo was only "allowed" to eat honey and crackers - what the media neglects to say is that was largely Muhhamed's diet. They believed it was necessary for optimum Physical fitness. I knew a Marine that only ate honey and crackers on weekends. I thought it was because he had to meet physical tests every year to retain his job?

    I believe the mainstream media is doing exactly the same thing on this control thing that they did on the white profiling. With Malvo not talking and evidence still being gathered how do they know the younger man was controled in some strange way? It fits their worldview as did the white guys in the white van. I don't think it has any connection to the facts, yet Malvo's Defense team will be sure to grab it and run with it. Maryland is already spending tax $$ to get the guy a DEGREE. Unbelievable.
  • Add another load to the black man's burden (Cynthia Tucker alert)

    11/03/2002 8:32:36 PM PST · 40 of 43
    Oak to All
    Remember, how the black church burnings were a National issue the Clinton White House even got involved with, yet they went away quick when the found out the perps were black. That's what happened in Atlanta with the child killings ---> the media wanted to hang that on a white person.
  • Md. GOP Ad Features Mike Tyson's Ex-Wife

    11/03/2002 12:39:13 AM PST · 4 of 6
    Oak to All
    The GOP Ad should say "you know healthcare is important to any wife of Mike Tyson and she's behind our candidate's plan."
  • Oprah Turns Rituals Into a 'Religion'

    11/03/2002 12:30:45 AM PST · 18 of 47
    Oak to goodieD
    Exactly. My sister, a conservative, tapes her show. And she's told me that she's coming around to Oprah's way of thinking. I said what's that, and she said non-judgemental. I told her Oprah is only non-judgemental when it suits her.

    I will never be non-judgemental on rape and murder. Even if it's a guy from my favorite team.
  • France and US in battle of Big Mac -French magazine says children should eat there only once a week.

    11/03/2002 12:19:51 AM PST · 2 of 8
    Oak to All
    I eat there every day, and it hasn't caused me any problems. Except for my hair.

    -Rosie ODonnell-
  • Scandal: Postal Exec Caught Using USPS Budget to Unseat GOP Senator [Tim Hutchinson]

    11/03/2002 12:15:39 AM PST · 4 of 106
    Oak to kcvl
    Is anyone really surprised?

    I mean, they probably only catch one out of 20 of these Democrats. The federal Gov't is full of Bureauracy lovin'

  • Bush, Clinton Converge in Florida

    11/03/2002 12:08:49 AM PST · 23 of 36
    Oak to demosthenes the elder
    Bush, Clinton Converge

    Come on, that headline gave me pause. Clinton and his dasterly deeds in the Oval Office and across the nation - will forever lend his name to anything sleazy and/or nasty.

    A while back there was a Black woman that flim-flamd Hillary and some democrats about her coming to U.S. to avoid female genitial mutilation - Of course, all the Big Time Dems came to hear her talk and donate $$. It turned out to be a big fake on the woman's part.

    The fleecing of money from those supporting baning female gential mutilation was called, by some here, a Clintonectomy.
  • Bush, Clinton Converge in Florida

    11/03/2002 12:01:21 AM PST · 18 of 36
    Oak to All
    Bush, Clinton converge in Florida

    Clinton will converge with bush in Florida, on the way to Florida, and in any parking lot as often as he can.

    Oh! President Bush.. So sorry.

  • The retro Democrats

    11/02/2002 11:55:27 PM PST · 3 of 7
    Oak to All
    The retrocrats are coming ! Slowly, but their coming.