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  • House approves 'right to try,' sends bill to Trump's desk [147 Dems vote no]

    05/23/2018 9:22:24 AM PDT · 24 of 32
    OldGoatCPO to i_robot73

    Keep in mind a bill is only the first step. Implementing a bill will require guidelines to be written by bureaucrats. Generally this is where some form of an informed consent requirements would be established. To expedite the bill, I would think the informed consent already used by drug companies would be a requirement. Unless the Feds already have a consent form on file using the current standards established by companies would expedite implementation, take the government out of the process and of course limit Federal culpability.

  • Hatch calls McCain's decision not to invite Trump to funeral 'ridiculous'

    05/08/2018 11:19:16 AM PDT · 91 of 100
    OldGoatCPO to tired&retired
    This not a critic of your comment just in general. I do not think God gives a rats a$$ about what people did for their country, military or senate as those are secular things. So McCain being a war hero, followed by a piece of squid feces as a politician may have no bearing on God sending him on a trip down the highway to hell. I think the greater risk to a politicians souls are the compromises they make to retain power. When they compromise on secularism, euthanasia, abortion and morality, they may may have to answer for those actions.
    John McCain was an arrogant asshat that considered himself above others and was a rather unpleasant person. Frankly he was less a friend to veterans than Obama or Pelosi. His arrogance started because he was given special treatment as an Admirals son in the Navy and was a POW, which was the only thing that made him a war hero. Considering the above he was never a friend to veterans and only used his status as gravitas.
    He was and is a bitter man, rejected by this country and has since screwed this country at every opportunity. Does God judge mankind based on his loyalty to his country, I do not know. Cannot stand the man but I hope God has mercy on his soul.
  • Remembering Art Bell: Videos, Audio, Photos & Artwork

    04/20/2018 4:34:22 AM PDT · 10 of 22
    OldGoatCPO to Oldexpat

    If I had duty or made a cross country drive back in the day, I would search for Art Bell to keep me awake. I enjoyed his conversations although I did find them a little odd at times, they were always interesting. Another icon from my youth has moved on, RIP Art Bell.

  • Barbara Bush, former first lady, dead (RIP)

    04/18/2018 11:03:58 PM PDT · 80 of 80
    OldGoatCPO to pfflier
    I am not a fan of the the Carter Presidency, although I believe he is honest in his beliefs no matter how off the wall they were. But compared to the Hillary Clinton and the Michelle Obama, Rosalyn Carter was an excellent First Lady. I think Mrs. Trump is doing a good job despite constantly under attack. This begs a question that has bothered me as of late. If the RINOS and the Democrats take down Trump do they really think they can put the genie back in the bottle. Do they really think after bashing President Trump's wife and children that we will just forget and hold hands and sing songs. We did not like Carter but we never attacked his family, can we really go back from here?
  • Barbara Bush, former first lady, dead (RIP)

    04/18/2018 8:19:15 AM PDT · 77 of 80
    OldGoatCPO to pfflier
    While I will agree that recent Democrat First Ladies left something to be desired, it would be wrong to ignore what a classy lady Rosalynn Carter was. Did not care for Jimmy being a conservative and in the Corps at the time. But Mrs. Carter was very much a Southern Lady and she was respected even by conservatives. She and Mrs. Bush were cast from the same mold I think.
  • Mythical Viking Sunstones Could Have Worked

    04/04/2018 9:05:21 PM PDT · 6 of 27
    OldGoatCPO to dfwgator

    Easier for a Viking to find Greenland with a piece of crystal at twilight then finding the end zone in December:)

  • WH News Conference at 1:00

    03/23/2018 11:49:30 AM PDT · 496 of 527
    OldGoatCPO to WHBates

    What difference does it make anymore, t is alll one party.

  • WH News Conference at 1:00

    03/23/2018 10:57:11 AM PDT · 415 of 527
    OldGoatCPO to Interesting Times

    What is the difference between parties now.

  • WH News Conference at 1:00

    03/23/2018 10:55:32 AM PDT · 406 of 527
    OldGoatCPO to WHBates

    Keep telling yourself that voting Republican will solve the problem if we put the right people in. If it makes you feel better go ahead. Ryan et al counts on you thinking that way and forgetting what they just did come November. Our politicians screw us like cheap whores and they are as corrupt as any third world politician. I for one am done being used, I am sitting out 2018. As one who voted for Trump over Hillary, I could careless if he is impeached after signing that bill, Pence is still a better option then Hillary. Is it just me or has the shine just come off Mattis?

  • Trump disputes Gold Star widow's account of phone call

    10/23/2017 7:55:50 AM PDT · 58 of 161
    OldGoatCPO to OldGoatCPO

    Sorry , finger screwed “funeral” expenses

  • Trump disputes Gold Star widow's account of phone call

    10/23/2017 7:54:59 AM PDT · 57 of 161
    OldGoatCPO to TallahasseeConservative
    This is an absolute rip off. Widow received $100,000.00 almost immediately for earl expenses and will get another $500,000 or more from SGLI term life insurance which is almost mandatory in military. Certainly a warrior like her husband would have had the maximum SGLI term life policy. Social Security will pay out money and the kids will get free college. So what do they need the million dollars for? They are not left with nothing when a service member dies.
  • Aaron Rodgers: Packers to Continue to Link Arms During Anthem, Plan to Ask Fans to Join

    09/26/2017 2:21:09 PM PDT · 51 of 126
    OldGoatCPO to ilgipper

    Been a Packer fan 55 years cut all links to Packers. The Packers are protesting Police by linking arms, remember the original protest is against Police. By linking arms the Team is showing solidarity with those protesting Police. Sorry Pack been a fun ride thank God for the EPL.

  • American football stars drop to their knees during national anthem at Wembley [FOREIGN SOIL]

    09/24/2017 9:37:10 AM PDT · 95 of 104
    OldGoatCPO to nwrep
    Ok, anyone want proof these multi-millionaire oppressed POS were passed through college without attending class, here it is. What fooking thought process led these over paid asshats to the conclusion that during wartime, (we are still at war with thousands in harms way) disrespecting our nations flag and anthem on foreign soil, while honoring the foreign nation's flag and anthem was going to piss the country off at Trump? They lack the critical thinking necessary to realize they are now further alienated from the people who fund their outrageous pay to play a game. Done with NFL including the Pack. The NFL is now on par with Jane Fonda in my book. That very flag will lay across my coffin, while taps is played because I spent a life time protecting it. This is not political, it is all about respect. Go to a veterans event if you want to see how real diversity works. The bonds of service to ones country transcends race, religion and sexuality. My Grandmother use to say only a dirty bird craps in it's own nest. Well the NFL just took a huge dump in our nest.
  • NFL head: Trump's 'divisive comments' show a 'lack of respect'

    09/23/2017 8:18:35 AM PDT · 67 of 201
    OldGoatCPO to kabar

    Very valid point. But I am a born and raised white middle class, Christian male who has all but dumped NFL and I watch and coach soccer. Fell in love with game while overseas. More young Americans play soccer then football and continue to follow the game as adults. Games are fast, few delays and you can watch three or four major leagues live streaming or TV. The NFL is becoming a dinosaur and without change will go the way of the dinosaurs. Also, lawyers queuing up to sue after Hernandez findings.

  • Newsletter On UCCS: 'Veterans Should Be Banned From Four-Year Universities'

    08/25/2017 8:56:02 AM PDT · 35 of 52
    OldGoatCPO to Enlightened1

    On the positive side, most veterans, well maybe not Air Force types, (just kidding) are well trained in creating their own safe space.

  • Rand Paul Opposes Troop Surge: ‘Mission in Afghanistan Has Lost Its Purpose

    08/22/2017 8:29:05 AM PDT · 33 of 69
    OldGoatCPO to SmokingJoe
    In the beginning yes, and we were successful militarily. Then the politicians and liberal a$$ State Department came in and began nation building. The military’s hands were tied so as not to offend tribal leaders. State and the pols thought if they play nice the tribes will see the contrast and support a central government. I know of an instance where a recommendation was made to clear hostiles from an area by burning out their poppy fields. It would have worked, but the politicians overruled the plan. The local leaders along with Terrorist were making big money off those fields. The difference between the Taliban and a Mexican Cartel is the religion.
  • Rand Paul Opposes Troop Surge: ‘Mission in Afghanistan Has Lost Its Purpose

    08/22/2017 8:16:30 AM PDT · 25 of 69
    OldGoatCPO to SmokingJoe

    I am holding fire on this, but I think Rand Paul is as much an opportunist as any senator. First of all as pointed out, this is different (if true) in that the goal is eradication of Taliban and not nation building. Secondly, the Generals are now in charge. To be successful we have to:

    1. Change ROE be more aggressive
    2. Sell this as a part of war on opiates by burning out poppy fields funding Taliban and other terrorist.
    3. Bomb the living hell out of strongholds.
    4. Deploy Operators as intended, search, destroy, snatch.

    We also need to decide who our friends are and who are enemies are. Support our friends while physically and financially destroying tribes who are our enemies. Then after Taliban is destroyed turn it all over to our friendly tribes with a continued presence on a massive base with enough air power close by to level country. I would not mind seeing more contractors, most contractors are former military who want to fight, but also earn good money. If the Generals are too programmed to change ROE and still wage war like Obama the Rand Paul is right.
    By the way, the troops going in were already selected and scheduled a year ago.

  • CNN Broadcasts From Hawaiian Bunker, Prepares For Nuclear War

    08/10/2017 12:03:00 PM PDT · 160 of 170
    OldGoatCPO to Ambrosia
    Not unbelievable at all. I was at Dhahran during the first Gulf war who can forget this: it gets really funny at the two minute mark. Had to call my mother repeatedly to tell her to ignore CNN.
  • Study: Trump’s Trans Ban in the Military Will Save Taxpayers Up to $8.4 Million Annually

    07/26/2017 10:02:58 PM PDT · 4 of 39
    OldGoatCPO to McGavin999

    From what I have been told by a friend in the military medical field, they are non-deployable, except to an area with a major medical facility, he was not sure about ships, because they require long term health and psych care.

  • Share your favorite military story(ies)

    03/29/2017 5:40:13 AM PDT · 79 of 79
    OldGoatCPO to BwanaNdege

    Our House Mouse was also called the HMFIC. Head Mother***ker In Charge. Just prior to our final inspection during first phase, the DI reminded us of two things one, Richard Nixon was no longer President and two, do not say HMFIC. Well, the Colonel gets to the House Mouse and he proudly exclaims he is the HMFIC, the Colonel ask what that stood for, DI is furious, the Colonel then asked the House Mouse who the President was and he loudly yelled, the “Sir, the Honorable Richard Nixon, Sir” He told me later he those two answers were stuck in his head after the DI admonished him not to say that. We were thrashed until the windows cried and had a new House Mouse the next day. Did not seem so funny then, hilarious now.