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  • Need advice from current/former military

    07/14/2015 7:45:47 PM PDT · 40 of 43
    OldGoatCPO to ParityErr

    No, if he gets deployed a lot of young wives leave apartments and go home BHA continues. If he lives in housing his BHA pays his rent and utilities. if your daughter lives in housing it is easier for her to remain in her home vice going home home during deployments. We see lots of young couples use orders to get out of apartment leases, wife goes home during deployment. Some how many of them fail to save money for an apartment, deposits etc.when the service members return.
    The housing portion of BHA is what is used to pay for the base housing so yes in effect he never actually gets a housing allowance. As long as he is assigned housing, he does not get a housing allowance in his pay check. Every base differs, we have a plethora of housing so anyone needing a place to live can get a house.

  • Pentagon announces plan aimed at lifting transgender ban

    07/14/2015 6:54:40 PM PDT · 80 of 88
    OldGoatCPO to antidisestablishment

    Talked all my children out of it. My daughter is on the fence she loves being a. Military brat. But with out major shifts, these institutional changes will,destroy my once proud service. I worked with outstanding gay service members for thirty years never turned one in. Never denied one a good report. But they are now a protected class in the military and are going after anyone who disagrees on religious grounds, very sad, but USA military no place for white, heterosexual, Christian males.

  • Why Did Catholic Media Get the Commie-Crucifix Story Wrong?

    07/14/2015 6:46:54 PM PDT · 7 of 29
    OldGoatCPO to livius

    Yes, I am a bit confused, is the author upset because the paper got the story wrong and this Pope is an avowed socialist and proud of it? I mean he is a Jesuit after all. Or is he upset that they were stunned as many American Catholics are by this pope’s antics?

  • Need advice from current/former military

    07/14/2015 6:34:49 PM PDT · 32 of 43
    OldGoatCPO to ParityErr
    First he needs to go see his Family Readiness Officer. His FRO is the commands resource manager and will assist him and your daughter. Second he needs to get your daughter in DEERS. For that HE and SHE need to take the paperwork to The ID Card center. She gets her DOD ID Card at that time. Then he has to go to IPAC because they not the command get him in the system as married. I am assuming Pendelton has an IPAC like Lejeune.

    He is better off in base housing, no one will,turn off his electricity or evict him. If he deploys your daughter is better off in housing then in an apartment in Oceanside. She cannot not keep running home with each deployment, she need to manage her household. She is married it is time, with a little help,of course. She is better off with you until they get into base housing. I am a FRO and it is getting harder to find ways of assisting young married children who blow money on a tattoo, video game or entertainment system, and struggle to pay rent and utilities. In housing they do not get BHA but they only worry about food and cable TV. Does not hurt a young couple to miss an occasional meal because they miss managed their budget, helps them learn. Besides we have resources to,get food, just not money.
    Young Marine needs to get off his a$$ and take care of that young women. I wish them the best and hope God Blesses their union.

  • 'This decision will not stand': Republicans seek common cause against same-sex marriage

    07/04/2015 2:45:07 PM PDT · 43 of 59
    OldGoatCPO to upchuck

    I will look it up. Numbers came from a conference I attended. You are right either way we r taking less than 10 million queers in a country of 320 million or so.

  • 'This decision will not stand': Republicans seek common cause against same-sex marriage

    07/04/2015 12:51:38 PM PDT · 33 of 59
    OldGoatCPO to upchuck

    CDC said 1.8% Gallup padding its numbers.

  • 'This decision will not stand': Republicans seek common cause against same-sex marriage

    07/04/2015 12:44:31 PM PDT · 31 of 59
    OldGoatCPO to sport

    Screw the GOP get control of legislation in State Houses. Build center then move for broader control

  • 'This decision will not stand': Republicans seek common cause against same-sex marriage

    07/04/2015 12:31:47 PM PDT · 29 of 59
    OldGoatCPO to dixjea
    No it does not....give the gays what they want to start with...divorce marriage licensing from wedding certificates. Change the name to Civil Unions, make the process similar to getting a building permit. Download documents, go to county clerks office and file notarized documents of a civil union, a permit will arrive in the mail in two to four weeks with the union effective the date your paperwork is filed and stamped by a clerk. State, county and local Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs, Judges and clerks will no longer be allowed to perform ceremonies during working hours, but some officials excluding clerks may perform ceremonies on their own time, but not be allowed to charge a fee. Churches perform weddings and provide a wedding certificate that recognizes your status as a married couple with in the communion of the church. While churches may assist couples in preparing paperwork, even notarized the paperwork, the couple must file the paperwork with the State themselves. Judges, Justice of the Peace, Sheriffs etc as officers of the State or Local government cannot perform ceremonies in churches or places of worship. In keeping with the intent of separating church and state. States can make allowance for wedding chapels etc, but they may not be protected if they refuse to marry gays. Business can contract with certain churches for services, do not contract with apostate organizations like episcopalian or evangelical lutherians. If a gay couple wants a cake for an episcopal ceremony, sorry I am not contracted to provide service with that organization. I am not a lawyer I am a bureaucrat, so I see this as protecting clerks and judges with religious concerns over gay unions (stop calling the marriages). Maybe a lawyer can weigh in. Send this to my State Legislators, they did not feel a need to reply, so I will not feel a need to vote for them either.
  • Family synod: Mid-Term Report is Hailed as a ‘Pastoral Earthquake’

    10/13/2014 8:07:31 AM PDT · 43 of 59
    OldGoatCPO to cloudmountain
    Name calling? How Catholic of you. I dismiss a church over it's behavior, the priest was the last straw. In so called conservative Catholic districts I saw my Catholic neighbors vote Democrat, pro-abortion socialists in every damn election. Then they put anti-abortion bumper stickers on their cars to show they are pro-life? They put them right next to their Obama for Senate stickers. There is a tradition amongst many old Catholics to vote democrat, they are old Union types I get that. I have seen outstanding priests, good honorable men replaced by Jesuits or liberal post Vatican II priests who are closer to Nancy Pelosi then Blue Collar Bob. As for insulting Lutherans, the Roman Catholic Church is the proverbial glass house. You really do not want to start throwing stones. All churches are houses of God each has its own dogma and traditions. My disappointment in the Catholic Church is this, when we needed a bastion of traditional family values and traditional leadership it has turned to the Jesuits for leadership. That more then anything signaled the Church was moving left of center, not in leaps and bounds but it is moving. The Synod is sending up trial balloons to gauge the reaction of the members, but more especially the hierarchy. they will determine if they can continue to move steadily liberal or slow the pace to not spook the faithful.
  • Asset seizures fuel police spending

    10/13/2014 7:37:10 AM PDT · 117 of 120
    OldGoatCPO to CyberAnt
    Why should it go to the police? It Should be placed in escrow until after a trial, if it is found to be funds earned in an illegal endeavor, the money is then distributed to schools districts, scholarships, public works or local small business loans etc. if the cops do not get the money, watch how fast the level of seizures drop.
  • Family synod: Mid-Term Report is Hailed as a ‘Pastoral Earthquake’

    10/13/2014 6:41:15 AM PDT · 5 of 59
    OldGoatCPO to marshmallow

    Have not gone to Mass since a Jesuit priest referred to anti abortion folks as insensitive and said a Marine Colonel’s desire to become a Colonel was bad. I walked out and will not return, my wife suggested we attend Mass on the Base, I will not go into a Base Chapel, they are used for homosexual weddings. This is the demise of the Catholic Church instead of being a beacon of traditional religious values it now embraces the very things that are destroying other churches. I am a Missouri Synod Lutheran, they are holding their ground on traditional faith. But my wife will not go to Lutheran Chuch with me. Why are the Roman Catholics willing to drive people away for less than 2% of the worlds population?

  • [North Carolina] Students, parents upset about nun's message about homosexuals

    03/28/2014 1:45:24 PM PDT · 68 of 68
    OldGoatCPO to Morgana

    I went a step further and made a small gift so they can continue to send the Sisters around to more schools. Anybody who has seen my posts knows I tend to be critical of the Catholic Church. I attend Mass with my wife and daughter and think the world of the priest, but the church as a whole has far to many pocketbook Catholics. They are Catholic unless it impacts their bottom line or lifestyle. That said, when they do something right, like these Sisters, I will support that and thank God for them. I encourage everyone to do that, and at their website you can leave a message of support.

  • Defending the Military Pension Cut (Barf Alert)

    01/08/2014 7:24:29 PM PST · 23 of 26
    OldGoatCPO to cherry

    I did my 30 plus years and I am not yet 60. The retirement I have was what was promised me and actually written into law and upheld by the Supreme Court. They can arbitrarily determine my cola but then the same should be done to welfare recipients, government employees past and present. They did not touch retired GS employees...why just retired military! Screw the GOP I and done with them and quite frankly screw the ungrateful Americans that never left their living rooms never missed a soccer game or birthday. I am so tired of hearing thank you for your service, when once we retire we are told screw you! By all means the retirement system needs to change Congress and DOD were told that 7 years ago but did not want to hurt enlistment during the war.

  • Is Paul Ryan Trying To Get a Section 8 Discharge From Politics?

    01/05/2014 3:14:18 PM PST · 15 of 21
    OldGoatCPO to afraidfortherepublic

    I will not only be AWOL if Ryan runs, I intend to be in the woods hunting on Election Day 2014, unless there is a verifiable strong conservative candidate on the ticket, I have every intention of boycotting all GOP candidates in 2014. GOPe will not get my vote again. With friends like Ryan, conservatives may as well stay home, Dems are no worse.

  • Murray - Ryan budget deal H. J. RES. 59 harms veterans and active military (by Lt Col Allen West)

    12/23/2013 1:47:24 PM PST · 10 of 23
    OldGoatCPO to TheRhinelander

    So you are equated a union employee in Detroit with a veteran who was injured in War?

  • Veterans groups vow to fight cuts in military pensions

    12/23/2013 9:20:02 AM PST · 11 of 21
    OldGoatCPO to SkyPilot
    I am sure you noticed the DOD propaganda in this article. I can assure everyone a CPO of twenty years does not make $80k a year. I retired in 2009 at a pay scale of over 25 years which was the max for an E7 (I had broken service and an inter service transfer so I lost neatly six years in grade for promotion). They are adding in the estimated cost of all bennies not associated with civilian earnings. Of course other than SOME first responders how many civilians have to pass body fat composition test twice a year, combat fitness tests and bi-annual physical fitness test. So many failures in a specific time frame and you are fired. That is just one example. In the annual TRICARE costs they forgot to add dental plans. As a retiree, I spend over $6k per year for dental and a vision plan. TRICARE vision is inadequate and damn near limits me to Walmart or Sears. Dental under TRICARE is worthless. Also they forgot to mention retiree care allows base facilities to justify providers and they forgot to mention my TRICARE reimburses the military facility. They need the additional providers to support deployments and active members, but as the force shrinks it is harder to justify, seeing retirees helps. Yes as a CPO I earned a very good salary, better in the later years because of the war. But, it was commensurate with the income of a civilian who worked for a company for over 20 years. The crux of the problem is going after those already retired and not overhauling the system and addressing waste. Why do we need four separate Chaplain Corps, why do we new three separate medical Corps, I can see some separation needed, but what if the USAF ran major treatment facilities with other services providing clinical support and field support? Would we see a savings without duplicating effort. Why do we have four different types of combat uniforms? In the seventies we all had similar sateen fatigues with different ways of wearing them. The military uses an artificial tool called High Year Tenure to trim personnel. Congress has twice recommended the military eliminate HYT a because it is set at the whims of the Service Chiefs. Create an improved retirement plan with personnel making an investment into it like a 401k. Allow ten year retirements with a tax free severance and you take your 401k. The ten year retirement would eliminate the need for HYT as minimal performers at E-5 and below would be given their retirement. At twenty years you receive a severance, small stipend at age 55, augmented by your 401k. Never count on receiving any Social Security. You can make the initial enlistment 10 years like other countries, even 8 active and 2 as mandatory drill status. Complete that successfully and you have your severance and 401k. Other countries use a similar system. The DOD was told to address all this back in 2007 and failed to do so. Each time they push it off and blame the problem on those pesky retirees who are no longer of any use to the DOD!
  • Cardinal Burke also removed from Congregation for Cause of Saints

    12/19/2013 3:00:22 PM PST · 10 of 36
    OldGoatCPO to Jim from C-Town

    I agree, shame though with other so called Christian churches turning from the Bible, the Catholic Church had a real opportunity to reclaim it’s mantle as the mother church. I am afraid it will lose all credibility as have Anglican and some Methodist and Lutherans.

  • 'Gee dad, a Winchester’: Vintage gun adverts.

    12/19/2013 2:53:24 PM PST · 25 of 29
    OldGoatCPO to Disambiguator

    I own one perfect working order shoots like a dream, manufactured in 1926. My daughter learned to,shoot with it in 2010.

  • Cardinal Burke also removed from Congregation for Cause of Saints

    12/19/2013 2:45:22 PM PST · 4 of 36
    OldGoatCPO to piusv

    So the way I read this the Jesuit Pope does not like the Conservative Anti-abortion American Cardinal?

  • Republican Party: I Am Not A Slave

    12/17/2013 4:21:45 PM PST · 30 of 35
    OldGoatCPO to blueunicorn6

    I am with you brother. I have to believe those idiots think they have enough votes without mine. It is that or they think if we were dumb enough to buy their lies before we are low information voters. The GOP has a problem most retirees I know are anything but low information voters. I am staying home in 2014 unless I have an opportunity to vote Tea Party.

  • Congress double-crosses military retirees

    12/14/2013 6:49:12 AM PST · 37 of 78
    OldGoatCPO to Ocoeeman

    You are right, slow down the growth with a new retirement plan and change the rank and retirement system as recommended in 2006. What you do not do is go after those who have fullfilled their contractual obligation in anticipation of a retirement compensation. Make changes now and you will see real savings in 10 years. People can scam any system, the 10% exists everywhere in life. You do not punish the 90% who are simply asking for what they were promised. By the way, the courts ruled years ago that it was not legal for congress to pass a law that prevents double dipping on federal retirements. Anybody who works their ass off deserves what they EARN. I earned my retirement, it is not an entitlement.

  • Military retirees: You betrayed us, Congress

    12/12/2013 12:54:15 PM PST · 59 of 183
    OldGoatCPO to Michigan Bowhunter

    Not sure your point, yes some vets especially black ones voted for Obama, most did not. That group is historically conservative. There is no place in the GOP for conservatives.

  • Military retirees: You betrayed us, Congress

    12/12/2013 12:40:02 PM PST · 53 of 183
    OldGoatCPO to csmusaret

    There numbers are way off for an E7 it will over time cost a substantial amount but it will effectively after taxes hold us at our current levels for years to come. In the mean time they plan to raise our insurance rates. Our pensions are earned in my case over 30 years of total service. Ryan went after us because we are an easy target and the Dims have been targeting us for years, especially Patty Murray. We make up less than one percent of the total population. We cost the military but it is the retirement we were promised for stay. Keep in mind that statically very few veterans make it to retirement, it is a hard life. I will not vote in 2014, I have heard the arguments, not voting is a vote for Dims, well look what voting got me! Maybe it is time the GOP stop treating vets and conservatives like the Dims react blacks.

  • Defense industry sounds the alarm on sequester (GOP abandons the military)

    10/17/2013 8:09:27 AM PDT · 15 of 26
    OldGoatCPO to TheThirdRuffian

    You need to rethink your position, DHS is bigger than the United States Marine Corps. A small leaner military will only impact overseas capability, domestically a smaller force will be more efficient especially if coordinating with the DHS.

  • Defense industry sounds the alarm on sequester (GOP abandons the military)

    10/17/2013 8:04:06 AM PDT · 14 of 26
    OldGoatCPO to 11th_VA

    Never said there were, and I never claimed to be one. My position is funded every two years out of profit from the military exchange system. Yes they make a small profit for those who did not know that. I seriously doubt 1/2 of our positions worldwide will be refunded after January 2015. It comes with the job, I knew the rules when I accepted the job. The DOD has borne the brunt of all cuts for years, after this rounds of cuts, people on this site will still claim we are bloated and need more cuts. It never ends, until a bunch of civilians get their asses blown-up then and only then do people say give the military more money, protect us. Once they no longer feel threaten, they say screw all those people sucking off the military tit, cut DOD spending. I have watched this same story play out over and over again since 1975.
    I have seen hundreds of service members sent home in the last year, no jobs, limited skills most end up on unemployment or disability or both, all we did was move them out of the DOD and turned many of them into free-riders. And the GOP brags about this.

  • Defense industry sounds the alarm on sequester (GOP abandons the military)

    10/17/2013 7:48:41 AM PDT · 11 of 26
    OldGoatCPO to stonewall_jackson215

    And your back ground in military readiness comes from what university or academy. The sequestration does not touch contingency operations, only maintenance, personnel/payroll and morale/welfare funding, or “OPTAR” funds. Cutting the Corps to below 9-11 levels is insane. Because of the addition of MARSOC (spec warfare) this is the equivalent of cutting the general war fighting capability of the Corps by 10% of its pre war level. As the charts clearly show it is not the military, it is all the welfare programs that are eating your tax dollars. The GOP had the opportunity to negotiate an increase in OPTAR funding, they choose not to. Ironically, the Dims wanted to bring DOD back to the levels originally recommend post-war. That would keep the Corps at 184,000 down 18,000 personnel from their war time peak. Note nearly a 10% reduction with corresponding reductions in costs.

  • Defense industry sounds the alarm on sequester (GOP abandons the military)

    10/17/2013 7:39:13 AM PDT · 7 of 26
    OldGoatCPO to SkyPilot

    Here is an article about what is happening locally to the Marine Corps. Like so many other professionals, I will probably leave the DOD next year, I will not wait to be cut and left floundering with a family to support.

    While this may sound good, the world has not changed, it is a very dangerous place, these men and women will deploy until they are burned out, the good ones will leave the service for a better quality of life leaving us a hollowed out force similar if not worse than 1980. The next 9-11 strike we will be too weak to respond, but hey the EBT cards will work. This time it is the GOP who is to blame, they had an opportunity to lift sequestration and renegotiate so the DOD does not get hammered.

  • I've Had Enough, GOP. You're A Bunch of Pathetic Losers.

    10/16/2013 8:10:42 PM PDT · 70 of 190
    OldGoatCPO to cherry

    BS, there is not a shred of difference between McCain or Schumer. McConnell is a whore and sold us out for pork. So why should I even consider the GOP again. I voted for McCain and I hated that guy before he ran for Pres. I voted for Romney even though he would have not repealed Obamacare. I despise Pelosi and Reid but they are proud of their socialist credentials. At least they are honest about who they are, unlike Ryan and Boner.

  • BREAKING: Pentagon ordering most of its furloughed civilian employees back to work.

    10/07/2013 3:21:29 PM PDT · 56 of 57
    OldGoatCPO to yldstrk

    Those who double dip are military retirees, are they suppose to crawl in a hole and die after the military. You are obviously unaware the National Guard offer a program the specifically allows you to retire from both civil service and the military at the same time. Silly argument, you do resent my military retirement but you feel I should not have both, no freedom to chose my career, no right to, equal pay and benefits, I should be allowed to work for only a paycheck while others can do the same job and receive retirement benefits? For full disclosure if I leave my job at the end of 5 years I receive a severance, but as I posted earlier, I work for a profit generating entity, I am paid out profits and so is the severance. Not tax dollars.

  • BREAKING: Pentagon ordering most of its furloughed civilian employees back to work.

    10/07/2013 1:47:35 PM PDT · 54 of 57
    OldGoatCPO to yldstrk

    How many..ONE...for 31 one years of service and three wars, four if you count the fact I was in when Saigon fell. At my age I will collect only one retirement and if it makes you feel any better, I only get paid for working 10 months, I pay out over 1.5 months of my own salary and 1 month of my retirement in fed income tax. Tax payers paid me to serve when the vast majority of them would not, taxpayers paid for me to spend years separated from my family because they would not make that sacrifice. Taxpayers paid me to go to war so they could go to college, protest, make babies and raises families without ever seeing the enemy. Until 9-11, when the taxpayers demanded revenge. For decades terrorist killed us routinely, but the taxpayer did not care until terrorist killed innocent taxpayers. Once again I left the home and community I had finally settled in, happily went back to active service and there I remained until I was no longer legally able to serve. That is when I retired. The taxpayers thirst for revenge having been satisfied, the taxpayers now complain because I have medical care, that I now cost too much, that as a fed employee I could (if younger) double dip. Now, when the private sector will no longer offer me the same level of compensation or a career, you resent what I have? I do not know your history but less than 10% of our population are veteran’s, and only about 1% of those stayed long enough to retire. I do not recall the 90% at home in their warm beds resenting me sitting in the cold on Guard duty overseas. So that I fully understand resent the former combat Marine I work with who will double dip. Why....he does not resent the fact you can walk. Or maybe you resent a friend of mine who will double dip, he can walk but I am sure he is not resentful of your ability to taste and actual sleep through an entire night. Oh I know you resent the former Marine who is doubling dipping now, he who retired from civil service with Agent Orange related cancer. You resent them or just me or all of us in general? Get over it, I resent no man’s wealth or achievements. I made my choices and quite frankly I would not change the decision to serve my country. With all,your resentment, I have to believe my worst day in service must have been better than your best day.

  • Obama demands quick House vote on shutdown

    10/07/2013 12:57:09 PM PDT · 59 of 101
    OldGoatCPO to CharlesWayneCT

    With DOD employees back to work today, only 8 to 10% of Federal Government shutdown. They need to see this out to,the end.

  • BREAKING: Pentagon ordering most of its furloughed civilian employees back to work.

    10/05/2013 8:11:26 PM PDT · 50 of 57
    OldGoatCPO to sickoflibs

    That is also not true, none of us have job security. With the draw down GS positions will become redundant. They may be offered other jobs in some cases requiring them to relocate. There is no such thing as job security anymore. I am DOD so I do not know,about the EPA or IRS. We plussed up to support the war so we will see cuts. By law the agency I work for has to offer me a comparable position, Our funding runs out in 12 months unless renewed. I will either take a pay cut or relocate, with a child in college I have to work, we are no different than anyone else, just a different career path.

  • BREAKING: Pentagon ordering most of its furloughed civilian employees back to work.

    10/05/2013 12:15:08 PM PDT · 47 of 57
    OldGoatCPO to sickoflibs

    You have no idea what you are talking about. In the DOD most workers are retired military and are exempt from Obamacare because we are in the VA system. Those who,are not have to purchase insurance. I pay for a dental plan (a lot of money) but I am not sure if in November people will be forced on to Oabmacare. There are many types of fed workers we are not all GS employees. The majority of people in my area are conservative, very few liberals among retirees here. We have seen Obama and the Dims go after our retirement.

  • Government Shutdown

    10/03/2013 7:48:27 PM PDT · 16 of 17
    OldGoatCPO to subterfuge
    Its called a job and you are damn right. I work hard for my money and you sound more like a jealous liberal than a conservative. Since when do conservatives have income envy. I spent years building the resume that got me this job. I am willing to bet you do not know the difference between a GS, WG WS or NAF. When was the last time you walked on a major military installation, you think all those troops fix the infrastructure, run the stores, clean the floors. We are a city, and it takes people to keep the infrastructure working so the troops can train for war. As a further evidence of your ignorance on these matters, I am actually paid by profits, not your tax dollars. Part of the base is run as a private cooperation, I am paid out of the profits. Every 2 years, after a profit analysis, I find out if I will be employed for a couple more years.
  • Government Shutdown

    10/01/2013 11:59:16 AM PDT · 12 of 17
    OldGoatCPO to LeonardFMason

    That is BS and sounds like jealousy not conservatism. I am a government employee, I am also a 31 year veteran. I do not make six figures and I have felt the pain. I am also looking at being unemployed due to budget cut in about six months, I have been furloughed so the pain you wish on me will also be shared amongst my wife and children. Conservatism is about responsibility and self reliance. If you have a graduate degree and 20+ years of experience in the military, you are welcome to try for one of the open positions in my field. If not, stop hating.

  • Why are Americans giving up their citizenship?

    09/27/2013 9:10:11 AM PDT · 40 of 42
    OldGoatCPO to wmfights

    Recently saw a sign in Manila, Dialysis only P1,800 that is less than $50. There were competing clinics. Doc are good just have to shop around and get referrals

  • Why are Americans giving up their citizenship?

    09/27/2013 5:21:09 AM PDT · 37 of 42
    OldGoatCPO to hinckley buzzard

    Giving up a USA passport is more than just getting a new passport. I have rarely needed a visa to travel worldwide. USA passport is golden in most countries, even a 1000 giving up passports is surprising.

  • Why are Americans giving up their citizenship?

    09/27/2013 5:16:15 AM PDT · 36 of 42
    OldGoatCPO to wmfights

    My son is an expat. The country he is working will not give him a passport, but next year he receives a residency card. Once that happens I seriously doubt he will return to the USA. Right now he is protected from USA income tax so he sees no reason to give up passport. He already receives free medical care plus he purchases private insurance. Unless it is an emergency or a bad cold or flu, he uses private insurance. Not a bad system we should dump Bozocare for something similar.

  • Philippines a place to rest weary bones

    09/06/2013 8:49:11 PM PDT · 10 of 79
    OldGoatCPO to longhorn too

    Olongapo is now a duty free zone with a theme park, casino and duty free stores. Lots of retirees live around Barrio Berratta and Subic City. I was in Makati a week ago, retire there a condo is about $40k US but you can live within walking distance of a IHop, Starbucks and awesome restaurants and clubs. I have been told Angeles City has a lot of Foreigners living there. There is also a VA clinic in Quezon City. As for medical care, they have some great new hospitals. My wife is a dialysis nurse, we saw a clinic advertise treatment for pesos 1,800 about $40.

  • (DOD Civilian) Furloughs kick in amid anger, resignation

    07/13/2013 6:57:44 AM PDT · 39 of 83
    OldGoatCPO to yldstrk
    Double dipping actually means collecting two retirement checks, which means a person spent 20 years in the military then went civilian Federal employee for ten more years minimum and retired again. Now if you mean someone like me, who is drawing a well earned retirement and is now working for the federal government at job they had already been trained for that is call earning a paycheck. Recycling retirees into all levels of civil service is a win, win for the government and your tax dollars. We do not rate unemployment compensation, we already have medical coverage and most guys like me, will never draw a retirement from civil service. Not all of us are paid DC pay scale you hear about on TV. Unless you are advocating that retired military, cops, firefighters, bankers should not be allowed to work for the government? By your definition, my friend the retired civilian firefighter should not be allowed to work as a bus driver on base because he is double dipping! We all chose a career path in life. I was belittled for joining the military in the 70s, it was seen as a career for losers. Now I listen to people who out of petty jealously think all career Feds are rich and should stop whining. Most civil service folks are just working stiffs, raising families, pay local taxes, sending their kids to school, coaching the little league team or soccer team. Some are federal cops, janitors, grounds keepers, carpenters and locksmiths. If they are GS, WG and some NF employees they are losing anywhere from $120 to $1000 per month under sequestration. They complain because they see the all the fraud, waste, abuse and vacations. Furloughs are the first step, next positions will be riffed. Like civilian jobs, our jobs can just go away, mine probably will within the next two years. I am not complaining WalMart lays needs old guys to be greeters.
  • June Payrolls +195K Much Higher Than Expected (7.6%); Underemployment Rate Soars To 14.3%

    07/05/2013 7:12:32 AM PDT · 39 of 78
    OldGoatCPO to KevinDavis

    Skill level is dependent in all fields, I just received a new job my field of endeavor does not provide what would be called a promotion. I had to apply for and interview for a new job at a more senior level. However, I have a Graduate degree and 34 years of experience. People like myself are generally looking at around 3 - 4% unemployment. I have turned down jobs in the last year in part because of pay levels and I am too close to retirement to take on a high stress new career type job. The problem with this report is the part time work which I suspect is a lot of summer jobs. In June schools let out and students are looking for work, graduates need something until they get hired full time. This is not such a great report although it will be spun as great news. We are not even breaking even at this point, and to recover fully we need a sustained level of about 3K new jobs monthly. We may soon look like France with more part time workers, high tax rate and immigrant riots as people begin fighting over resources in the urban areas.

  • Philippines boosts defense ties to counter China on sea disputes

    06/27/2013 7:58:24 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    OldGoatCPO to TexGrill

    Olongapo and Subic are resorts now, theme parks and everything. Not the kind of theme park I knew in the 80s. My wife is a nurse from PI, we met in the Persian Gulf. She agrees with me, the PI Senators have bashed us for years, the women know if they have sex with an American serviceman they can scream rape and make big bucks. Why we are going back in there to pull their a$$ out of the fire is beyond me. They are not our allies in Asia, they blame us for their problems as often as Obama blames Bush.

  • For Jewish same-sex couples, US court decision a godsend

    06/27/2013 7:39:01 PM PDT · 30 of 31
    OldGoatCPO to GladesGuru


  • Pravda Ridicules Obama

    06/27/2013 7:18:43 PM PDT · 15 of 33
    OldGoatCPO to kronos77

    “The Russian State Duma adopted in the third reading a bill to ban propaganda of homosexuality among children and introduced administrative penalties for such actions in the form of fines. For the “ordinary” propaganda of homosexuality penalties of $4 thousand to five thousand rubles were proposed, while propaganda of non-traditional relationships in the media or the internet is punishable by the fines of 40 thousand to 50 thousand rubles, and for legal entities - 400 thousand to 500 thousand rubles. Foreign nationals convicted of propaganda of non-traditional relationships may be deported from Russia. The bill was introduced by the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region and adopted at the first reading on January25.”

    Can you believe this was reported in Pravda? We are in soo much trouble can you see our gay & female soldiers fighting the Spetzna in 5 years?

  • For Jewish same-sex couples, US court decision a godsend

    06/26/2013 8:44:41 PM PDT · 18 of 31
    OldGoatCPO to GladesGuru

    Interesting a homosexual activist lawyer was explaining how “his god” does not see things the way a Baptist ministers God did. Since the Baptist minister is a professed Christian, I am certain his God is Biblical and he is a follower of Jesus Christ. If that is the case who,is this new god of the homosexuals and is this now the God of Israel, they having embraced homosexuality so passionately. If so as a conservative, I need to rethink my support for that country. If they no longer follow the Torah or the Talmud, maybe the Muslims are right about the current State of Israel.

  • Pentagon celebrates gay troops

    06/25/2013 2:46:46 PM PDT · 24 of 31
    OldGoatCPO to massmike

    As someone who lived the life, I can only say it is time for white, Orthodox, King James reading, Christian, males to avoid military service altogether. Benefits will be cut over the next few years, you are better off going to community college. You can have a degree and be in the work force long before a military obligation is complete. Our family has broken a generations of service in the armed forces. None of my son’s nor my daughter will serve. The military cannot keep your daughters or son’s safe from sexual predators because they are to busy celebrating people who identify themselves by their sexual activity. I have worked beside homosexuals for years, never had an issue, even in the 80’s I did not report them. In retrospect, I guess I should have, a few of them ended up at the Pentagon.

  • Left Loses Big in Citizenship-Verification Supreme Court Case

    06/17/2013 8:27:12 PM PDT · 23 of 133
    OldGoatCPO to jazusamo
    I am not a lawyer but I am an administrator, i.e. bureaucrat, and I saw this as a no brainer. States cannot alter or change how a Federal form is used or change instructions for filling them out. What I did not understand is why the state create it's own forms and rules to do what the federal form does not. Thanks for the explanation it really helped me understand what the issue really was.
  • As the North Rests on Its Laurels, South Is Rising Fast: Have America’s fastest-growing economies

    06/17/2013 7:59:49 PM PDT · 21 of 97
    OldGoatCPO to cripplecreek

    It is too late, Midwestern states can offer business tax breaks to locate there or not relocate, but property taxes are two in some cases three times what they are in the South. I know I still own property in the Midwest. That means home owners pay more to maintain schools, infrastructure etc.. People relocate to the South for a reason and it is just not the jobs and beaches although they help. Life is slower, people say please and thank you, When someone says God Bless you they mean it, yes ma’am and no sir, are almost mandatory when speaking to an elder. I am a relocated Midwestern Yankee, and while I still believe Wisconsin is God’s Country and miss home. I cannot see me living back there anytime soon. I have turned down job opportunities North of the Mason Dixon, too cold, too many angry people, too costly and way too unfriendly to Christian white male gun owners.

  • Distractions aside, Jeb Bush speech stood out as sober, serious (Fertile immigrant amnesty alert)

    06/15/2013 6:15:19 AM PDT · 70 of 78
    OldGoatCPO to LibLieSlayer

    I will never vote for another GOP candidate if this bill becomes law. It is like the repeal of DADT they are hoping for no adverse incidents for a while to calm peoples fears. (all those rapes you are hearing about in the military, funny no public mention of the increase of same sex rapes in the military ) Then, years later, like Obamacare, the real cost, financial and social, hits home. By than the bums have insulated themselves or they’ve retired. The GOP leaders are fear mongers hoping to keep us in their servitude with the fear of liberals, when in fact they are no different in the end, i.e. Rubio. This is the easiest boycott in the world, I will not vote for the GOP brand in the next election, all white, male, Christian, veterans should boycott the GOP. They revile us, discriminate against us and use us the way The DIMS use blacks. Held my nose for McCain, held my nose for Romney, never again. And yes this is my mea culpa for arguing that a vote for Romney was better than Obama.

  • Secrecy, Heavy-Handed Tactics Reported at Boy Scouts Meeting

    05/25/2013 6:45:44 AM PDT · 172 of 200
    OldGoatCPO to 1010RD

    The better solution is to form a young boys church organization that participates with other churches in a Christian Boys group, exclude homosexuals and teach morality, honesty and God’s word. You save what you can discard the rest. It is a fact of life. By the way homosexual rapes are way up in the military, so much inclusion.