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  • David and Bathsheba, a very modern story.

    12/03/2012 10:08:06 PM PST · 11 of 16
    Old Landmarks to RPTMS
    The lesson I learned from this story is that nice guys finish last. In the end, David got what he wanted, and holds a higher place than Uriah.

    It is appointed unto man once to die, but after that the judgement.

    Anyone who thinks all things get straightened out in this life is not looking very closely.

    We know very little about Uriah. Maybe he cheated at cards. /jk.

    The lesson I learned from your commentary was not about the story, but about you.

  • VCU volleyball coach James Finley says he was fired because he is gay; team finished 25-6

    12/03/2012 7:40:10 PM PST · 44 of 45
    Old Landmarks to muwarriors92
    You wonder why we keep losing elections.

    No, I have never wondered why a Marxist who encourages and promotes the worst kinds of sin would inevitably be elected, nor have I wondered why good is called evil and evil is called good.

    Radical's use of the government to allow the importation of a foreign country (ready to be propagandized) while wholesale indoctrination of all children away from the social views of their parent's have inevitably led to the election of men like Barney Frank as well as the Marxist.

    My only wonder is why those who have insisted upon eroding and compromising our principles could not see where it would lead. The strong conservatives were right and sounded the warning for decades, all the while being labeled as scaremongers.

  • VCU volleyball coach James Finley says he was fired because he is gay; team finished 25-6

    11/30/2012 7:31:53 PM PST · 17 of 45
    Old Landmarks to muwarriors92
    That is not a firing offense.

    Says who?

    Before the far left began to rewrite all rules, it certainly was.

  • Study: Porn Stars More Religious, Have Higher Self-Esteem Than Other Women

    11/27/2012 3:04:08 AM PST · 62 of 100
    Old Landmarks to IslamE

    You seem to be practiced and quite comfortable in judging others.

  • Homophobic Christian pretends to be gay for a year, writes book about experiment

    06/19/2012 11:19:07 PM PDT · 45 of 77
    Old Landmarks to presidio9
    This shallow liar must think everyone is a ignorant and mindless as he is. He reminds me of a criminal who thinks his make believe story will fool experienced detectives into discounting his blood and DNA (and his alone) being all over the murder victim.

    He is a gross example of why someone like an Obama was elected for any office.

    The very idea that someone who was really a Christain would lie to his parents and friends (causing them untold horrors and pain) to pretend he was in their eyes a practitioner of what the Bible clearly marks as an 'abomination'. (A typical leftwing excuse for selfishness, gutter behavior and lawbreaking during the 1960s, as they would say, "oh, i was just doing all that horrible stuff as part of investigation for writing my thesis") LIARS

    Kurek, is a typical Bible rejecting manipulator who will tell a thousand lies to cover for his perversion and rebellion.

    He has zero honor and even less credibility.

  • Homophobic Christian pretends to be gay for a year, writes book about experiment

    06/19/2012 10:59:32 PM PDT · 44 of 77
    Old Landmarks to presidio9
    He would have been groping for the door in his blindness, right along with those in Sodom who so disgustingly groped so long ago.

    He pretends to believe the Bible, but he does not. He pretends to have 'new and higher enlightenment' just like a hippie professor and his libertine followers spouting off during and since the nineteen sixties filth and perversion movement.

    Eternity is a long time and this future worm food will see how dreadful are the payments for his lies and blasphemy as he calls the Almighty a liar and corrects the Apostle Paul.

    Woe unto those who call evil good and call good evil.

    He is not helping those people, who are most certainly in dire spiritual bondage, he is hurting them for his own selfishness. He is cementing their destruction due to his personal carnality and cowardice masquerading as understanding.

  • Limbaugh takes on Shep Smith’s ’21st century’ reaction to Obama gay marriage announcement [Video]

    05/10/2012 2:52:47 PM PDT · 10 of 32
    Old Landmarks to servo1969
    This reminds me of the social liberal libertarians who used to be on Free Republic before Jim lowered the boom on their lying nonsense.

    It also reminds me of what the far leftist Eleanor Clift used to shout when immorarality was championed by the left. She would say, but this is the "nineties". So much for depth of argument.

    Shep is on the FAR LEFT on this one, supporting filth and perversion.

    Sodom had no Bible.

    Shep, you are on the wrong side of Eternity, you will be judged harshly.

  • Limbaugh takes on Shep Smith’s ’21st century’ reaction to Obama gay marriage announcement [Video]

    05/10/2012 2:44:55 PM PDT · 8 of 32
    Old Landmarks to servo1969
    Shep is a liberal liar who cares not a whit about America's heritage and the personal morality each generation has taught to their children.

    Shep has a big problem with right and wrong when it disagrees with his preference.

    So little Shep openly performs the liberal ritual of calling God a liar and mocking sin.

  • Mars: Nasa images show signs of flowing water

    08/04/2011 1:48:57 PM PDT · 21 of 34
    Old Landmarks to Daffynition

    Heat from a fairly recent impact may have melted some ice, creating a brief flow episode.

  • Education: The Game-changer in Conservatives' Political Prospects (for the worst!)

    07/18/2011 4:44:31 PM PDT · 3 of 19
    Old Landmarks to MegaSilver
    The extemist left deliberately lied and deceived their way into almost complete control of public education (lying to parents on a mass scale) because the extremist left knew their goals could not be achieved without overwhelming brainwashing and demoralizing of American children.

    Still you will find libertarian types and others on Free Republic complaining about social conservatives being off base when actually it is social conservatives who are in line with America's centuries old values, the same values under decades of assault from the extemist left's public education monopoly.

  • The Emergence, in Homosexual and Bi-Sexual Men, of Decreased Sensitivity of Gonorrhea to Antibiotics

    07/12/2011 3:53:21 PM PDT · 12 of 27
    Old Landmarks to American in Israel
    The 'nineteen sixties' filth and perversion movement continues to consume time, money, resources as it weakens or destroys everything in its path.

    The liberal revolution mostly sparked in the nineteen sixties has proven to be destructive or lethal in almost all measurable areas.(family, government, education, morality, law, culture, mental and physical health, drug abuse etc.)

    Rather than restore the nation's essential prexisting personal responsibility and morality, we spend untold trillions of dollars attempting to treat the symptoms with an open-ended national checkbook).

    Time to spend more billions treating damage caused by immoral behavior, never having the guts to deal with the destructive source.

  • Questions for Conservatives about Gay Marriage and Sock Drawers and assorted ZOTS

    07/05/2011 9:33:05 AM PDT · 61 of 280
    Old Landmarks to Ed Hudgins
    Some people just love big government so much that they insist upon an unnatural government stamp of approval to be forced upon rejected ideas and lifestyles such as homosexual marriage.

    Rant and rave about it, get the tax-payers to fund educational leftists to lecture, preach and lobby other people's children to sell the rejected world view, then accuse the majority of Americans who still reject the idea of being the ones who are for big government interference when that is a leftist lie.

    The burden of proof, the snow job, the sea change you are looking for is in your corner; and unless the government pulls out the tanks and bombs on us for you to get your 'new' way, I will continue to have, just like the first four hundred years of Americans had, contempt for you and for your un-American, conceited mission of ignorance and destruction.

  • Does Anyone Really Think Obama Doesn't Support Gay Marriage?

    07/03/2011 3:32:41 PM PDT · 21 of 41
    Old Landmarks to Tex-Con-Man
    When real Americans try to resist the further aggressions on social issues by the Left, the libertarians blame the Conservatives for standing up and resisting these fanatical aggressions by the Left.
  • Ohio House Bans Abortion… in a heartbeat (Now the most pro-life state in the USA)

    07/02/2011 1:07:17 PM PDT · 6 of 30
    Old Landmarks to SeekAndFind
    If more states follow Ohio, the social liberals who hide behind the libertarian banner (not all, some admit they are liberals) will suddenly find their voice.

    While the extremist social left has had their way, the argument was off limits according the certain 'libertarian' talk show hosts; they were neutral you know.

    With emotional voices they railed against social conservatives for even talking about it.

    Now watch the same hypocrites suddenly find their voice, that is if the far left starts losing the ground they have been stealing for decades.

  • Senator Says Defense of Marriage Act ‘On Wrong Side of History,’ Joins LGBT Video

    07/02/2011 9:13:09 AM PDT · 6 of 33
    Old Landmarks to massmike
    More aggressiveness by the far left social liberals.

    Any response by real American social conservertives will be met by cliches and falsehoods such as 'just worry about the economy', ...'conservatives need to stop bringing up distractions like this' and 'its the conservatives who on the wrong side of truth and American history.

    Who cares if all of American legal and social history agrees with the social conservatives on this and almost every other issue.

  • An Israeli algorithm sheds light on the Bible

    07/01/2011 4:31:39 AM PDT · 17 of 30
    Old Landmarks to decimon

    Science, falsely so called.

  • I WAS WRONG ABOUT SAME-SEX MARRIAGE and got the zot (again)

    06/29/2011 8:45:38 AM PDT · 21 of 148
    Old Landmarks to No Brainer
    Given enough time and pressure from the leftist activists in high places, David Frum would eventually drink any cool aid they were selling.

    David Frum was just a liberal who had not yet admitted his rejection of the moral values and the view of mankind known by four hundred years of American civilization.

    Frum has no anchor and will be tossed to and fro by every wind of leftist doctrine.

    His view point on any matter sheds no light on the matter, it only sheds light on the lack of light in David Frum's heart.

  • VA Cemetery to Veterans: The Word "God," "Jesus" are Offensive, no Longer Allowed

    06/29/2011 5:17:47 AM PDT · 15 of 63
    Old Landmarks to therightliveswithus
    The right wing conservatives who accurately predicted this type of Orwellian action by liberals (with extreme precision and accuracy since the 1960s) are proven right once again.

    No matter how often the right wing conservatives are proven to be right, they will never receive due apology and a roll back from the damage done by the liars.

    The social liberals and libertarians are once again proven wrong, or blind, or they are shown to be liars who are in cahoots with the left.

    The social conservatives are right and if people have any honesty left they need to listen to the social conservatives.

    It is never just about the economy, but that lie continues (as taught by liberal professors and televison shows) to be repeated with utter disregard to truth and America's historic values.

  • How "gay marriage" passed in Republican-controlled NY Senate

    06/28/2011 5:59:39 PM PDT · 3 of 23
    Old Landmarks to massmike
    The left pushes more disgusting garbage that is the opposite of everything good about the America our parents gave us.

    If that were not bad enough, the social liberals who think its all just about money will accuse any conservative opposition of causing a distraction. This of course assists the perverted left to march onward and downward in their destruction of our nation.

  • Southern Baptist SBC may be smaller -- and better

    06/25/2011 9:48:08 AM PDT · 11 of 25
    Old Landmarks to Cronos
    Once again proving how ignorant, dishonest or treasonous the people were who downplayed warnings by conservatives concerning the anti-God revolution of the nineteen sixties filth and perversion movements which now shape our culture and have poisoned the minds of generations.

    Today, the same type of ignorant people (many call themselves libertarians while siding with liberals against conservatives) downplay the warnings by conservatives concerning the future results of such things as the homosexual agenda, pornography and aggressive, proselytizing secular humanism constantly preached in public schools.

  • Dr. Paul clarifies marijuana bill on Kudlow—doesn’t “endorse” use

    06/23/2011 4:08:59 PM PDT · 28 of 88
    Old Landmarks to Crush
    The DRUG CULTURE created by the far left has done nearly infinite damage to our country.

    The drug culture is very important to the left, just as much as perversion and the intentional undermining of virtues deemed critically necessary by our founders to keep our freedoms.

    Follow the perversions of the left and we will keep losing our real freedoms.

  • Legalize cannabis? Not so fast, say medics

    06/23/2011 3:39:45 AM PDT · 200 of 326
    Old Landmarks to Puckster
    The leftist liars have for years, (make that decades) used the premeditated lie that People (including children) are more prone to do things if they are illegal. These are truly evil people who exchange evil for good.

    They knew this was a lie and continued their original lie by say, if we could just make it legal, they would lose interest and stop doing it.

    What a pack of mangy liars these people are and they knowingly told this lie for decades in order to undermine the moral resolve of traditional Americans in order to achieve their vile political outcomes desired by their anti-American social revolution.

    If you are unaware of this liberal tactic employed by all liberal entertainment, talk shows, movies, lawyers, educators, politicians,etc. for decades then you need to stop all arguments until you wise up.

    Liberals created the welfare state and the DRUG CULTURE which has groomed generations of people who do not know right from wrong and who would elect an anti-American Marxist liar.

  • Barney Frank and Ron Paul unite - over weed (FRUIT AND NUT ALERT)

    06/22/2011 7:56:14 PM PDT · 125 of 234
    Old Landmarks to smoothsailing
    The madness of Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul has decided to roll the dice and use the Obama economic crisis, the Obama anti-Israel crisis, the democrat repeated sex-perversion crisis, etc. as a good time to cause a liberal DISTRACTION (or to mimic Rahm Emmanuel and use this crisis as a good opportunity to push a liberal social agenda).

    Is Ron Paul insane, or is he just a closet liberal crawling into bed with a reprobate sex pervert to give cover to a horrible President with declining poll numbers?

    If you think this is not a help to Obama, you are as ignorant as Ron Paul, or you are just another statistic of forty years of liberal brainwashing.

  • Michele Bachmann, gay-curing theocrat

    06/15/2011 6:51:03 PM PDT · 36 of 70
    Old Landmarks to ejdrapes
    opposition to science, and virulent intolerance of gays and lesbians

    Same leftist mantra since the sixties which all closet leftists on Free Republic repeat incessantly.

  • Jon Stewart Rips MSM Over Palin Email Crusade [Libs find nothing & now work to protect Obama emials]

    06/14/2011 4:00:38 PM PDT · 21 of 39
    Old Landmarks to NoLibZone
    John Stewart is merely a calculating liar. He is an ends-justifies-the-means leftist.

    In perfect LIAR fashion he is pretending to dislike one outrageous behavior of his fellow leftists in this one case. Is he really outraged due to some principle he has? NO.

    He is just pushing the lie that he has unbiased outrage, only because he thinks it will grant him after-the-fact immunity to the utter hypocrisy he will show when anyone wants to find out anything about one of his fellow leftist travelers such as Obama, Barney or Rahm.

    Jon Stewart is a LIAR and should never be trusted by anyone with even a thimble of discernment.

    This little Weiner housemate and clone did not peep until he calculated that this latest episode of disgusting leftist activity had failed to fit their pre-written narrative.

    This fact proves much about him, his lack of character and his willingness to play a game of lies for the sake of his anti-American political goals.

  • Media frenzy over Palin e-mail release was unusual even for her

    06/11/2011 4:33:51 PM PDT · 18 of 47
    Old Landmarks to South40
    The hard left who hates the entire history of America because America's cultural basis has always been the Judeo/Christian world view.

    The hard left sees Palin as 'one of those people'.

    One of what people?

    One of those people whose world view holds back the far left's utopia of utter darkness which hates the God of the Bible.

  • Ron Paul: breakdown of family values, not gov’t, at heart of legal abortion

    06/09/2011 8:49:17 PM PDT · 11 of 14
    Old Landmarks to rabscuttle385
    The Big Government Public School is controlled by the hardcore social left which no longer teaches what parents taught their children about what is right and what is wrong..

    Traditional Judeo/Christian morality and worldview are under attack daily using tax money under the banner of 'education' and 'information'.

    The United States historically had laws which worked to preserve our law and our culture against the cesspool of the left, until leftwing activist judges (many times appointed by Republicans) reinvented the Constitution by ignoring all history and precedent.

    The attack is from the left, not the right.

  • Dawkins Urges Constitutional Reform to Remove Church Role [Ireland]

    06/07/2011 6:48:07 AM PDT · 4 of 6
    Old Landmarks to marshmallow

    Richard Dawkins, a left wing ‘statist’ who also wants big government bureaucrats to take away the right of parents to teach their own children any view of reality which disagrees with Richard Dawkins. What an arrogant big government blowhard.

  • Federal Court Lifts Ban on Public Prayer at Texas High School Graduation After Uproar

    06/04/2011 10:36:07 PM PDT · 55 of 55
    Old Landmarks to metmom
    The left have brainwashed the children and grandchildren of millions of Americans to discard all of our history since Jamestown and convert to the personal whims of conceited, power hungry, do-gooding liberal judges whose destructive tampering is criminal.

    Our legal and cultural history agrees with the social conservatives when interpreting the Constitution.

  • Trump: Weiner is 'lying'

    06/02/2011 5:16:29 PM PDT · 33 of 51
    Old Landmarks to Beaten Valve
    Here it is real simply put.

    Weiner is a pervert. He is in a party of perverts.

    Weiner is a liar. He is in a party of liars.

    His neck is the size of a pencil, and he has a little man complex and a real hatred for decency.

  • Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Vet 60 Times

    05/20/2011 7:24:45 PM PDT · 58 of 100
    Old Landmarks to Graneros
    As William Penn said: If you'll not be governed by God, you will ruled by tyrants.

    Abuse of liberty ends up in the loss of liberty.

    As Ben Franklin said: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

    "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." John Adams

    "The diminution of public virtue is usually attended with that of public happiness, and the public liberty will not long survive the total extinction of morals." Samuel Adams

    "Lastly, our ancestors established their system of government on morality and religious sentiment. Moral habits, they believed, cannot safely be on any other foundation than religious principle, nor any government be secure which is not supported by moral habits." Daniel Webster

  • Why would Obama plump for controversy over Israel?

    05/20/2011 6:27:33 AM PDT · 17 of 23
    Old Landmarks to SJackson
    Obama is unqualified to be president in so many ways and only the spiritually and mentally blind cannot see this obvious fact.

    However, Obama is qualified to be a fanatical, Bible-mocking, left wing zealot who attended a rabidly anti-American church for twenty years (but heard nothing and was not aware of anything that went on there)

    This man is dangerous and a true threat to all of the eternal values we have dearly held as a nation.

  • Give Me Osama, I'll Give you the Jews ( Pastor Manning )

    05/19/2011 7:20:57 PM PDT · 57 of 70
    Old Landmarks to arasina
    A long long time ago I coined the name the ‘Sleeper Cell’ party for the democrat party.

    Well done. If you had been born earlier you would no doubt have joined some of your fellow Americans who were calling the democrat party 'the sleeper cell' or 'the red cancer' even before Whittaker Chambers finished his bio, and before communist (and member of the Harvard Law Review) Alger Hiss was undermining us as adviser to FDR at Yalta.

    Kudos to your incite, I wish the people who called us intolerant, dangerous, closed-minded, right wing reactionaries in the nineteen fifties' sixties, seventies, etc. would admit we were right all along.

  • Conservative Public School Teacher Calls Florida Exam ‘Soviet-Style Propaganda’

    05/18/2011 8:48:55 PM PDT · 9 of 58
    Old Landmarks to Nachum
    And there are still some liberals on Free Republic who support the fanatically agressive judicial activism employed by the far left ACLU since their communist founder began to spin his web.

    Most of the liberals on Free Republic who came out of the woodwork -following in the wake of the far left gains in our culture- have been kicked off of Free Republic.

    They tend to ignore American history, American legal history (pre Warren court), and really have a zealous Bill Maher attitude attacking conservative social culture.

  • Observer columnist says Pope’s visit reduced Dawkins to ‘a rambling and wild-eyed madman’

    05/18/2011 8:39:09 PM PDT · 35 of 47
    Old Landmarks to markomalley
    Richard Dawkins is a big left wing world government moron who slobbers about a lot of things.

    Most of all little Dickie really hates all that traditional America has been about for hundreds of years because has been based upon the Creator.

    This being demonstrated by his arogance for decades, little Dickie may well use his last gasping breath to spew his anger at a reality that refuses to line up to his cock sure omnipotence.

  • FBI Charges Abortion Advocate With Threatening Pro-Lifers

    05/05/2011 3:45:49 PM PDT · 10 of 12
    Old Landmarks to WOBBLY BOB
    I’m sure this will get as much TV nightly new coverage as Eric Rudolph. (sarc)

    You mean to tell me you missed the round the clock coverage of hundreds of police, FBI, etc. manhunts and the T.V movies and specials the left put all over the print and airwaves for years about this pro-abortion terrorist? /sarc

  • Study: gay teens five times more likely to attempt suicide

    04/29/2011 1:46:29 PM PDT · 21 of 39
    Old Landmarks to wagglebee
    The liberals on free republic and a few libertines who have their own talk shows always blame conservatives for the sins of the worst liberals (just as the liberals do).

    For decades now, these frauds have always said, its not an issue whenever the liberals (for whom it is a huge issue) have fervently pushed these leftist social issues with the help of leftist academia, entertainment and newsmedia, with aggressive illegal legislation by judges.

    When the liberals continue to do this the frauds on free republic say, move along, nothing to see here, its the conservative's fault.

    What lying hypocrites.

  • Newt Gingrich warns: Creeping secularism replacing Christianity

    04/28/2011 2:18:58 PM PDT · 25 of 47
    Old Landmarks to GonzoII
    Newt it seems failed to read fifty years of warnings, red alerts, cautions, emergency flashers, trumpet calls, general and specific books and sermons detailing the attack on Christianity and the Judeo/Christian culture for the last fifty to sixty years.

    Some of the late comers were too busy labeling as Kooks and Crackpots the very people who were telling the truth and whose dire warnings were exactly right.

    Those truth tellers were the 'so-called' right wing religious folks whose view points best match the traditional American culture we all inherited from two four hundred years of American descendants.

  • Republicans Hate Racism, But Totally Cool With Homophobia

    04/27/2011 2:03:16 PM PDT · 30 of 60
    Old Landmarks to presidio9
    Because the left always lies, they tell us much about themselves.

    They know their agenda needs layers of deception and propaganda to hide the truth. They have no real morality so lying is always on their tongues and is part of their club's unstated oath.

    I haven't heard the non-conservative radio talk show hosts use the gay gene study as a 'scientific' proof weapon against those awful conservatives lately. I bet they even forgot to apologize when they were found to be willfully ignorant tools for the far left filth lobby.

    Does the morally challenged Neal Boortz still peddle the gay gene myth. How convenient the faded gay gene mythology was(oh, but it was science and all) for those who did not have the fortitude to stand up for the truth.

  • Mike Huckabee Wants People To Be Forced to Listen To David Barton At Gunpoint

    04/02/2011 10:31:15 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    Old Landmarks to meadsjn
    The First Amendment purposely says: CONGRESS shall make no law...

    Fruitcakes? I have met fruitcakes of all shapes, sizes and beliefs.

    When someone speaks of fruitcakes it is better to be very specific because the word fruitcake is often used by the left to refer to what would include most conservatives.

    Some real 'modern' fruitcakes think Christianity, serious Christians and the Bible should be ignored or demonized.

  • Mike Huckabee Wants People To Be Forced to Listen To David Barton At Gunpoint

    04/01/2011 6:45:48 PM PDT · 21 of 23
    Old Landmarks to meadsjn
    Each state was filled with the vast majority of people who were Christians who consented to have the first amendment as they understood it, to be made the law of the land.

    Christians did not want to be forced by the federal goverment to attend or not attend the church of their choice.

    The Bible was quoted at the founding convention far more than any other source and was considered of infinite value for forming this nation.

  • Mike Huckabee Wants People To Be Forced to Listen To David Barton At Gunpoint

    04/01/2011 4:11:05 PM PDT · 17 of 23
    Old Landmarks to Right Wingnut 2
    The only ones forcing people to have garbage forced down their throats is the left wing Public Education Mafia which is supported by closet left-wingers on Free Republic in spite of the decades of gross criminality, preaching of immorality and statism.

    The MSM says nothing about the use of the Public Schools as a true propaganda tool by the left, because they are in cahoots and have longed for the current porno culture that would elect a Marxist demonstrator to the Whitehouse.

  • Mohler takes on 'theistic evolution'

    03/29/2011 7:25:39 PM PDT · 1,646 of 1,733
    Old Landmarks to YHAOS
    It is so nice to live in a country that begins by admitting in a 'Creator' God who gave us our rights.

    'we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights'

    The modern smug anti-God mob begins by denying we have a Creator and that is why they end up worshipping government as the ultimate authority.

  • Atheist Christopher Hitchens turns to evangelical Christian doctor in his fight against cancer

    03/28/2011 3:33:34 AM PDT · 12 of 58
    Old Landmarks to Ethan Clive Osgoode
    While I think Hitchens has taken opportunity in the past to speak horribly about some very good men who had just died, I hope Hitchens does not die from his horrible illness.

    I hope he puts away the presuppositions which blind him to the truth of a loving God and fallen man in a sinful world.

  • Garth Brooks on Obama: "I Love Him"

    03/23/2011 1:45:38 PM PDT · 52 of 80
    Old Landmarks to Frantzie
    These type of people get full of themselves, and/or they think money and fame are more important than who they really are and what they think about God and reality.

    Instead of having the guts to stand up to the filth of leftist immorality, they end up giving in and becoming as morally vacuous as the left.

    Thus the support for a fraud who supports abortion, homosexuality, theft and worship of Caesar.

  • Apple under fire for approving(Exodus International)app that claims to cure homosexuality

    03/22/2011 5:34:14 PM PDT · 52 of 68
    Old Landmarks to nonsporting

    I agree.

  • Apple under fire for approving(Exodus International)app that claims to cure homosexuality

    03/22/2011 2:42:32 PM PDT · 46 of 68
    Old Landmarks to nonsporting
    Fortunately the Bible says that even homosexuals can repent and some do repent. 1Corintians 6:9-11 (such were some of you)

    The Bible however does say as you point out so well (excellent graphic) that there will be those who continue to live and promote gross sin such as homosexuality.

    Some people on FR need to understand that the acceptance of or indifference toward homosexuality is horribly destructive and is symptomatic of a perverse culture that is on its last legs of rebellion against God.

  • Apple under fire for approving(Exodus International)app that claims to cure homosexuality

    03/22/2011 2:31:40 PM PDT · 45 of 68
    Old Landmarks to scripter; Grunthor
    If you follow the progression of posts starting with post 4, you can see what he means.

    I am aware of his false assertion beginning in post 4, which I responded to in post 36.

  • Strange Gods: Toxicity in the Cult of Personality

    03/22/2011 2:21:38 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    Old Landmarks to Jeff Chandler
    If Reagan would not have had the full fury of Hollywood elites, television, comics, music videos and the public education mafia blasting him with their lies on a daily basis, he would have had a much higher approval rating. Reagan was the dumbest man and warmonger who ever lived...according to the traitors of his day who now rule America.

    The same crew attacks Palin with the same hellishness.

  • Apple under fire for approving(Exodus International)app that claims to cure homosexuality

    03/22/2011 12:50:59 PM PDT · 40 of 68
    Old Landmarks to Grunthor
    Oh I agree with you but my post was in response to a post that claimed that simply being exposed to the Word would cure or keep someone from becoming gay.

    The post you responded to (#17) said nothing of the kind.

    You made that up in order to justify the response you wanted to make which you knew wouldn't quite fit.

    Your anecdote about two people who chose sin over the Bible is hardly anything new or surprising. What is new is the scramble in America to openly mock the Bible and sin twenty four hours a day. Twisting the Bible or the words of those who refer to the Bible is standard modern liberal behavior as I am sure you well know.

    I am sorry the two people made the wrong choice even after hearing the truth but indulgence in sin is what this culture preaches; a trend that was specifically warned about for fifty years by conservatives who believed the Bible.