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  • EU SUPERSTATE: Brussels 'to force EVERY member state to adopt euro by 2025'

    05/23/2017 11:59:33 AM PDT · 12 of 24
    Old Teufel Hunden to Roman_War_Criminal
    "to be fiercely opposed by Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic's eurosceptic governments."

    Czexit (pronounced chexit) has a nice ring to it. Not sure about Hunexit or Polexit, seems a little forced....
  • Is Another Surge in Afghanistan a Good Idea?

    05/23/2017 11:53:32 AM PDT · 26 of 28
    Old Teufel Hunden to Eric Pode of Croydon
    "Pakistan is our enemy."

    In many ways you are correct. Let's just say that it's in our mutual self interests to work with Pakistan on this. Keep in mind, Afghanistan is land locked. The only way right now to re-supply our troops over land from a sea port is through the Hindu Kush, i.e. through Pakistan. There seems to be a new route that could open up that India is working with them on and that would involve going through an Iranian port, again that appears to be a non starter for us.

    As far as getting anything done in Afghanistan, we have to partner with Pakistan. Yes, they have been an unreliable partner and a lot of that has to do with the whole Pashtun thing. A lot of the IS are infiltrated with tribes from the Pashtun people. As unreliable as they are, we do share a mutual interest with Pakistan in getting rid of Al Qada and the Taliban and on that goal we have to work together. They believe their main enemy is India and so their focus is east. However, they realize that Al Qada and the Taliban are also their enemies. We have to make them elevate that threat in their eyes.
  • Is Another Surge in Afghanistan a Good Idea?

    05/23/2017 9:59:11 AM PDT · 23 of 28
    Old Teufel Hunden to John O
    "It is important to remember that Afghanistan is not our enemy. And the Afghani people as such is not our enemy."

    The best answer would be to seek out any non-moslems, get them to safety and then neutron bomb the entire country

    Ok, you make the above statement and then the second statement. It makes no sense. This isn't Iraq, there are no non Muslim minorities, you realize that, right? The country is like 99.9% practicing Muslims. So what, evacuate the .01% non Muslim and then nuke everyone else?
  • Trump wins applause vowing to protect Israel from Hamas, ISIS and Iran

    05/23/2017 9:50:41 AM PDT · 10 of 15
    Old Teufel Hunden to Colonel Kangaroo

    We also have sizeable forces in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. I can see those commitments actually shrinking once ISIS is defeated in Iraq and Syria. Especially the Army presence in Kuwait.

  • Trump wins applause vowing to protect Israel from Hamas, ISIS and Iran

    05/23/2017 9:47:39 AM PDT · 9 of 15
    Old Teufel Hunden to Colonel Kangaroo

    My impression after taking in all of Trump’s speeches and what he has said on it is that we are there to support our allies in the region. I think Israel especially just wants us to take the lead. We don’t need to fight their battles. I’m hoping that this arms deal with Saudi (which I’m sure will include training their personnel) will be used to help them fight the Houthi’s down in Yemen. I don’t see us deploying any large number of troops to Yemen. I think it’s obvious that we have SF down there and that’s not going to change.

    Overall, as far as troops, I think the only ones we will keep stationed are ones in Iraq. Quite frankly, after ISIS is defeated, keeping a force of 10,000 or so there just makes sense and keeps the lid on the crazies. I don’t see Trump doing any more than that and continuing to destroy ISIS in the region. It’s just about done in Iraq and we have reliable partners in the Kurds for Syria.

  • Trump wins applause vowing to protect Israel from Hamas, ISIS and Iran

    05/23/2017 8:58:32 AM PDT · 6 of 15
    Old Teufel Hunden to Colonel Kangaroo
    "Let them fight their own battles."

    When have we ever fought Israel's battles? I specifically remember us preventing Israel from fighting their battles in 1982 in Lebanon. We should have let them wipe out Arafat and his whole PLO horde then, but we stopped them along with the rest of the stupid UN....
  • Detective Rod Wheeler releases statement concerning the Death of DNC staffer Seth Rich

    05/23/2017 7:42:52 AM PDT · 109 of 119
    Old Teufel Hunden to bitt

    Mr. Rod Wheeler left one important thing unsaid in this statement. I have never been and am not now currently depressed or suicidal. I have never previously had suicidal tendencies nor do I have any now. If in the future I have been found to have committed suicide, please do not believe it and investigate to the fullest extent as a criminal matter.

  • Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Bomber is Yet Another 'Known Wolf' Terrorist

    05/23/2017 7:20:50 AM PDT · 8 of 62
    Old Teufel Hunden to C19fan
    Salman Abedi

    Obviously with that name, we're dealing with a Catholic jihadi...
  • Is Another Surge in Afghanistan a Good Idea?

    05/23/2017 6:10:38 AM PDT · 17 of 28
    Old Teufel Hunden to Alberta's Child

    I agree with you about the wall for sure. That wall has to have progress on it.

  • Is Another Surge in Afghanistan a Good Idea?

    05/23/2017 5:53:36 AM PDT · 14 of 28
    Old Teufel Hunden to Eric Pode of Croydon
    " Third, we have failed for sixteen years to articulate what a realistic victory looks like."

    This is the main thrust of his article. What he says about the Afghani people not wanting us there is pure balderdash. There are a lot of Afghanis that want us there and don't want the Taliban to take over. For the surge to work, we have to have clear definable goals and a long term strategy after the surge has achieved it's goals such as helping them to gain economic prosperity by investments in mining their precious minerals.

    A little history is needed here. At the risk of banging an old gong, we are now dealing with cleaning up an old problem, European imperialism. This time it was our friends the Brits and goes back to a man named Sir Henry Durand and his Durand line. He was charged by the British empire with drawing the boundary lines between India's northwest frontier (now Pakistan) and Afghanistan. Did he draw this boundary along ethnic lines? Of course he didn't! That wouldn't make sense for the British empire. He drew it along strategic lines so that the British Empire could stop any invasion into India from Russia. This meant that a large ethnic group (the Pashtuns) got split between two countries. This happened 125 years ago, but if you think this doesn't still matter ask the Afghanis or Pakistanis about the Durand line.

    It is the Pashtun tribes that don't want us, that support the Taliban and allow them to jump across the border and hide. In order for this surge to work, we have to have clearly defined goals, new rules of engagement and it has to be done in cooperation with Pakistan working their side of the border as a blocking force.

    IMO, we have to make this work and keeping 10,000 troops there afterwards to assist the brave Afghani police and security forces and keeping the crazies at bay is like stationing troops in Korea, Europe or other places. As long as they are not dying, then it's needed. Remember folks, inaction has consequences also. Read about what happened in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos from the mid 70's to the early 80's for further reference. The enemies of freedom were on the march for about 10 years after we let Vietnam fall. Not just in Southeast Asia, but in Central America also.
  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/23/2017 4:50:02 AM PDT · 81 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to eyedigress
    "Just because some idiot has a kid and OD’s on drugs doesn’t mean I must now stoop to that level."

    So I guess it's always the parents fault? I'm lucky, none of my kids (all in their 20's) have ever done drugs and they are successful. However, I know some good people who have done the best they could that have had to deal with problems. If you have kids, I hope you never have to deal with it, from your attitude I don't think you could handle it.
  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/22/2017 10:27:26 AM PDT · 59 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to Alberta's Child

    its a tough situation either way, there’s no denying.

  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/22/2017 10:26:31 AM PDT · 57 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to Alberta's Child

    He’s a victim of parents who have some serious issues. My point is that we’ll be paying one way or another. We can pay to try to help his parents/guardians to get over their demons or we as a society can pay to raise that kid until he’s 18 through the foster family system. I guess you have to ask which one is better. Overall, I think the ones that will truly care the most about the kid is their own parents, no matter how messed up they are.

  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/22/2017 10:09:16 AM PDT · 53 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to Alberta's Child
    "to be honest with you that is the ONLY angle of the so-called "epidemic" that gives most people any interest in it at all."

    As I posted to eyedigress, there is also all of the innocents like that little boy in the backseat of the two adults od'd to consider. There are a lot of lives affected by these overdoses, not just the individual.
  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/22/2017 10:05:55 AM PDT · 52 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to eyedigress
    " I take nothing today but the government has no right to say I cannot have it when I am in pain."

    I am conservative but lean libertarian. I realize that it is a libertarian position to live and let live and for the most part I believe in that. However, we live in society, as such we have to give up some of our freedoms in order for society to properly function.

    Did you see the picture in the story of the two adults OD'd with the little boy in the backseat? This is where theory hits reality. Do we as a society say this is enough? Do we not as a society try to intervene and stop this epidemic so that the innocents like that boy and so many more don't have to go through that hell in his life? Are you willing to put the burden on society of raising all of these innocent children because their parents made bad choices and died, or perhaps help the parents? I stand on the side of giving up a little of my freedom that I can't choose the drug I want and when I want it for the greater good of society and the millions of people like that little boy this is affecting.
  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/22/2017 9:58:18 AM PDT · 50 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to Alberta's Child
    "In terms of political and moral principles, it’s very hard to generate a lot of public interest in addressing an “epidemic” that is largely based in self-destructive behavior."

    Not sure if you read the article or not. However, one story in it talks of an officer who OD'd by handling the drug. It doesn't state it in the story, but the drug they are talking about is called carfentanil. This fentanyl is so powerful that just touching it you get it absorbed through your skin. That is why all police officers are now doing searches with latex gloves on. It is affecting far more lives than just the ones that overdose.
  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/22/2017 9:53:03 AM PDT · 49 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to sargon
    "People who are on pain management aren't the ones OD'ing, in general. OD's occur to extremely irresponsible abuse by people in the black market."

    To use your phrase, balderdash! A lot of what's happening is that people get legal opiates and at some point, the doctor no longer prescribes them but these people are addicted. So people start going the illegal route to get them. Heroin is a lot cheaper to get on the street than illegal oxy. Unfortunately, the heroin is being cut with the far stronger and cheaper types of fentynal. So you're counting on a drug dealer now to properly mix that fentynal and not give you a lethal dose....
  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/22/2017 8:52:31 AM PDT · 25 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to wbill
    "Each was an epidemic, destined to destroy all of society. And yet, here we still are."

    Couple of points, the first is all of the ones you mentioned were usually a choice. A lot of the opiod abuse starts off by getting addicted to legal prescription drugs. This is what happened to Rush Limbaugh.

    Second, I don't remember all of the overdoses and deaths. Back then, they didn't have all emergency workers with narcan in their vehicles to prevent it. I think it's worse now.
  • The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

    05/22/2017 8:47:52 AM PDT · 22 of 82
    Old Teufel Hunden to Hojczyk

    We have a lot of problems in this country to be sure, but this particular problem is one of the biggest ones out there that is not talked about enough. As you notice, Salena writes from Pittsburgh. Southwest PA has so many overdoses now, everyone knows someone or is linked somehow to someone od’ing.

    In part, I blame doctors. As a kid growing up, if you broke your arm, etc... you got motrin, not anymore. We are over prescribing now and people need to reject getting these heavy drugs. At some point, you may have to live with some pain, that’s far more preferable than getting addicted to opiods. Drugs like Oxy and Hyrdo were originally created to treat cancer patients at the end of their life to give them a little pain relief. The key is, they were dying so getting addicted was the least of their worries. Now, it’s prescribed for so much more.

  • Chelsea Manning to remain in Army, receive health care benefits after prison release

    05/15/2017 7:15:57 AM PDT · 7 of 28
    Old Teufel Hunden to ColdOne

    I guess ole’ Chelsea will be getting an honorable discharge also. He/She will be hanging out at a Legion bar on the prowl ready to pick up a red-blooded American serviceman near you...