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    06/19/2014 6:06:49 AM PDT · 6 of 20
    olezip to jimbo123
    A day after dining with President Barack Obama's top adviser Valerie Jarrett, Murdoch, the Chairman of the group that owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, pushed for amnesty and an unlimited number of high-tech guest-worker visas in a Wednesday op-ed in the Journal.

    Why does amnesty trump securing our borders, Mr. Murdoch? Where is the common sense in that approach? It failed the last time it was tried 25 years ago. Is it that you believe in open borders?

    We are having a surge of illegal immigrants because they are anticipating amnesty. How should we handle that, Mr. Murdoch?

    What about the Americans here looking for jobs? Let them eat cake?

  • Boston's Cardinal O'Malley: Americans Against Amnesty Have 'Irrational' Fear (Communion thru fence)

    06/19/2014 2:17:08 AM PDT · 40 of 63
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet
    In a recent interview with the Daily Beast that focused on the “bigotry” and “xenophobia” of Americans who are opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants, Boston archbishop Cardinal Sean O’Malley said, “Obviously, the fear is not rational, and I think we are dealing with it in an irrational way.”

    What is irrational about using common sense, Cardinal Sean O'Malley? Are we to ignore the law and blend the difference between legal and illegal immigration? Common sense says to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into this country.

    The first and only priority on the short term is to secure our borders. After our borders are secured, then and only then, should we deal with the tens of millions of illegal immigrants already here.

    The second priority will be to identify and deport the criminals and criminal element among the illegals, like gangs, drug dealers, murderers, etc.

    The third priority is to come up with a compassionate and fair way to deal with the hard working families who jumped the line to get into our country. How are we treating those who waited in line by rewarding those who jumped the line, Cardinal Sean O'Malley?

  • Businesses launch legal challenge to Seattle's $15 minimum wage

    06/18/2014 5:22:48 PM PDT · 6 of 18
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    “This is dividing small business owners,” IFA President and CEO Steve Caldiera said. “It’s the government picking winners and losers, and it’s unfair.”

    Unfortunately, the short-sighted pencil necks who passed this law made no provisions for how the increased wages would be funded.

    They took no measures like reducing the tax burden on small businesses, reducing the regulatory burden ($$s, time, paperwork) on businesses, and taking other measures to ensure that businesses prosper enough to pay higher wages.

    The socialists have no concept of profit, loss, risks, and elementary economics of small businesses. They base their action on ignorance, jealousy, and basic mean spiritedness of their ilk. They could care less about the people who will lose their jobs, or the businesses that go belly up.

    The net result most likely will be a dampening of the local economy owing to fewer jobs and higher prices. Of course they will blame "greedy" businesses.

  • No Marine left behind: Leatherneck brass vows to press Tahmooressi's case

    06/18/2014 3:47:20 PM PDT · 4 of 43
    olezip to Iron Munro
    Andrew Tahmooressi, the Marine sergeant who has been imprisoned in Mexico since March 31 since accidentally crossing the border outside of San Diego with three weapons in his vehicle, has not been forgotten by his fellow leathernecks.

    I think that all of those Democrats and RINOs pushing for immigration reform ought to go back to the drawing board and use the same approach to illegals being used by Mexico.

    Why are we giving tens of millions of illegal immigrants a free pass while ignoring how U. S. citizens are treated in a foreign country? What is wrong with this Administration and RINOs?

    Why are we not treating illegals the same way Mexico treats their illegals? Why are we spending hundreds of millions of dollars providing for illegal immigrants while their countries of origin spit on us?

  • Petraeus: USA Needs Immigration Reform, Washington D.C. is A Security Threat to the Country

    06/18/2014 2:04:04 PM PDT · 13 of 33
    olezip to cotton1706
    "The United States does faces challenges, we do have to get immigration reform… our debt-to-GDP ratio… the deadlock in Washington, etcetera etcetera."

    I hope that the retired general clarifies what he himself means when he utters the words "immigration reform."

    The first and only priority on the short term is to secure our borders. After our borders are secured, then and only then, should we deal with the tens of millions of illegal immigrants already here.

    The second priority will be to identify and deport the criminals and criminal element among the illegals, like gangs, drug dealers, murderers, etc.

    The third priority is to come up with a compassionate and fair way to deal with the hard working families who jumped the line to get into our country.


    06/18/2014 2:44:42 AM PDT · 35 of 48
    olezip to DManA
    She sucked three kids into her weird female only world. That’s child abuse IMO.

    I believe that Laura Ingraham is aware of the limits and dangers of single motherhood. She has male role models for her children. That is she is making an effort to provide father figures for her children.

    Yes, it is true that there are far too many single mothers raising children in the world today. A few of them get their children enrolled in the scouting program so they have exposure to solid father figures. Too many are ignored as is evidenced by crime statistics and gang membership.

  • Chris Christie Rebuts Perry Comparison of Homosexuality To Alcoholism

    06/14/2014 3:00:08 AM PDT · 31 of 47
    olezip to Steelfish
    "Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that," Perry said. "I may have the genetic coding that I'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that."

    But, but, Chris, it IS an apt analogy for 99% of homosexuals.

  • NASA Spacecraft Will Sniff Out Earth's Carbon Dioxide (OCO-2)

    06/13/2014 10:47:24 AM PDT · 18 of 25
    olezip to NormsRevenge
    Then, from its perch 438 miles (705 kilometers) above the planet, the satellite will begin a two-year study of how carbon dioxide (CO2) — a heat-trapping gas that is driving climate change — cycles through the Earth's atmosphere. [6 Unexpected Effects of Climate Change]

    I strongly suspect that leftists are controlling this unscientific writeup on the Orbiting Carbon Observatory. This is a disappointing reflection on NASA's apparent lack of scientific objectivity. There is no scientific basis for claiming that carbon dioxide is driving man-caused climate change.

    It is likely that the mission will show that CO2 has little or nothing to do with climate change caused by mankind.

    We hope that the mission is successful in lending a ray of light on the role of carbon dioxide and its cycle in the atmosphere. We do not need a copy of the final report before the mission is underway.

  • "Bush administration kicked a ‘hornets’ nest’ in Iraq"

    06/13/2014 4:44:24 AM PDT · 41 of 49
    olezip to WilliamIII
    Governor Chafee said Wednesday that the George W. Bush administration kicked “a hornets’ nest” with its 2003 invasion of Iraq, an act that unleashed sectarian divisions among Iraqis that are playing out today as militants continue to wrest control of territory from the faltering government of Nouri al-Maliki.

    Governor Chafee also could have said that the Steelers would have won the Super Bowl last year if ... [you fill in the blanks].

    If "ifs and buts" were "peanuts and nuts" what a party we would have!

    The blame game will never end for the Democrats.

  • The VA Sacrificed Vets for Solar Panels

    06/12/2014 3:10:19 AM PDT · 4 of 25
    olezip to lilyramone
    The VA Scandal began at the Phoenix VA Health Care System where administrators earned promotions and bonuses by shunting patients who needed treatment into fake waiting lists.

    Will the VA now be spending its money on the health problems brought in by the hordes of young illegal immigrants flooding this country?

    If military bases are being used to house, clothe, feed, and control epidemics of TB, scabies, and other diseases being brought in, will they take away from the VA budget?

  • John Kerry launches global effort to save world´s oceans ´under siege´

    06/12/2014 3:04:19 AM PDT · 24 of 35
    olezip to Nachum
    The US secretary of state, John Kerry, launched a new global effort on Wednesday to save oceans “under siege” from over-fishing, plastic pollution and climate change

    Like "Baghdad Bob" Kerry is talking about the ocean of water "problem" instead of the ocean of illegal immigrants taking over our country, while he ignores the chaos in the middle east.

    I guess worrying about "global warming" is the most important thing the United States Department of State has on their agenda.

  • Bowe Bergdahl Is All of Us

    06/12/2014 2:48:59 AM PDT · 4 of 40
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet
    ‘Was He Worth It?” blared the cover of Time magazine, as if that should be the question Americans ask in light of the release of Bowe Bergdahl after five years of brutal captivity by the Taliban.

    No, the question we should be asking is a version of the one Pope Francis made famous in a different context: “Who Are We To Judge?”

    Did he really experience "brutal" captivity?"

    Was he worth 14 lives lost attempting to rescue him?

    Where was the press during those five years?

    Should we depend upon the MSM and White House for information, or his colleagues and those with direct knowledge?

    It is difficult to judge anything with the lack of information, and the smoke and fog of spin. And, it is difficult to judge with no real source of information on what happened, similar to Benghazi and other scandals.

    So, we wait.

  • Rep. King: Paul, Cruz Will Use Cantor Loss to ‘Stop Gov’t from Functioning’

    06/11/2014 6:56:00 AM PDT · 35 of 62
    olezip to SoConPubbie
    “My concern is a lot of things are going to be dead and pushed aside,” King said. “I’m concerned that the Ted Cruz supporters, the Rand Paul supporters, are going to use this as an excuse to basically stop the government from functioning. Thank god there’s no debt ceiling bill coming up. Thank god there’s no way to shut the government down in the next few months, because I think we’ll get bogged down in those side issues. I think we’re going to see basically the status quo over in the next six months.”

    It appears to me that King is out of touch with the majority of the American people he is supposed to represent.

    Does King realize that a "lot of things" need to be dead and pushed aside, especially because they are destroying our culture, our constitutional form of government, and our economy?

    We recommend that Mr. King take a time out to reflect on his lack of common sense, and to reflect of what the people who elected him to office want him to do. He appears to be an out-of-touch establishment Republican.

    Get out of D. C. for awhile Mr. King; talk to your constituents, not those giving you the big money, but the "little people" like the masses of ignored veterans, jobless, hopeless, worried formerly middle class voters.

  • Democratic senator Puckett resigns, adding to state budget turmoil

    06/09/2014 5:53:49 AM PDT · 47 of 53
    olezip to HokieMom
    “I am deeply disappointed by this news and the uncertainty it creates at a time when 400,000 Virginians are waiting for access to quality health care, especially those in Southwest Virginia,” Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in a statement.

    This is a stunning lie by Gov. Terry McAuliffe!

    He also said that he would NEVER hold the budget for the State of Virginia hostage to Obamacare!

  • Michael Savage: Charles Krauthammer is “overrated”, people “confuse his dour looks for intelligence”

    06/07/2014 5:31:06 PM PDT · 45 of 79
    olezip to ObamahatesPACoal
    "Charles “Sauerkraut” of Fox News– a man I’ve not been impressed with– I think he’s way overrated. Because of his sad demeanor, people think he’s intelligent. They confuse his dour looks for intelligence. They think somehow if you’re depressed-looking, you’re smart. "

    Savage has a point here. Krauthammer often shows common sense in his analyses, but once in awhile he makes no sense at all. Maybe he is fundamentally unhappy and depressed. Thus explaining his outlier comments, and Savage's comments.

  • Who’d a-thunk it? Following $15 per hour minimum wage in SeaTac

    06/06/2014 4:12:08 AM PDT · 24 of 34
    olezip to South40
    Last week I blogged about SeaTac employers who have responded to the new $15 minimum wage law by reducing or eliminating the benefits workers receive. Employees earning the new wage say they have lost benefits such as 401k, paid holidays, paid vacation, free food, free parking and overtime hours. As one SeaTac worker put it, “It sounds good, but it’s not good.”

    The pencil neck liberals and leftists who imposed the wage failed to help businesses prosper by reducing the tax and regulation burdens. Instead they stupidly assume that the businesses can simply pay more out of their obscene profits.

    The politicians who impose increased wages should be required to pass Economics 101, instead of helping the poor get poorer. But, of course, the leftists are excused because they have "good intentions."

  • WH petition to free Marine Tahmooressi from Mexico prison reaches 100K online signatures

    06/02/2014 6:05:40 PM PDT · 14 of 28
    olezip to blueplum
    Tahmooressi said he accidentally crossed the border and immediately told Mexican authorities that he had three guns in his possession and that he was unable to make a U-turn.

    He said he was handcuffed and taken to prison and that his treatment worsened when he tried to escape.

    Why is not the United States treating people who cross the border illegally in a similar fashion, instead of dropping them off at a bus stop in Arizona? Why does the United States permit deplorable treatment of its citizens in Mexico, while doing quite the opposite to Mexicans who jump the line and enter our country?

  • Backlash over $15 wage plan (& Seattle's socialist Kshama Sawant)

    06/01/2014 4:31:23 AM PDT · 17 of 40
    olezip to Libloather
    "They're not interested in income equality," Boze said. "They're interested in their redistributionist policies to combat the popularity in the Seattle area of the open socialist - closeted communist - Kshama Sawant."

    Do you suppose the Kshama Sawant took any action to pay for the increase in wages? Did she recommend lower taxes on businesses? Did she recommend lessening the government regulation and paperwork load on businesses? Did she recommend anything to help affected businesses prosper?

    Or is she the typical low information leftist who believes that businesses make too much money and can easily afford to pay more for less? Did she pass Economics 101?

  • Luis Gutierrez Attacks Laura Ingraham for Immigration Stance

    05/31/2014 3:03:34 AM PDT · 15 of 19
    olezip to ObamahatesPACoal
    According to the fiery pro-amnesty Illinois congressman, Ingraham’s tweet embodies “exactly the problem with how the Republican party views immigration.”

    I do not think that Luis knows what he is talking about.

    Common sense says that we have an illegal immigration problem because we do NOT secure our borders. Plus the amnesty granted in 1987 did NOT include securing our borders, although promised. The direct result of our failure to secure our borders is that we now have ten or twenty fold more illegals, encouraged and beckoned by our lax borders and government benefits.

    So, Luis, please secure our borders!

    Then we can take whatever time is necessary to come up with a compassionate plan for the hard working, honest (other than jumping the line), illegals. Illegal immigrants have been in this country a long, long time.

    We also have to take action to rid our country of the criminals and criminal element among the illegals.

    That is the common sense approach. Let us be fair to those who waited in line.

    Blaming Republicans seriously lacks common sense. Democrats have zero common sense; thus they mindlessly spend your dollars.

  • Ben Carson Stands by America as Nazi Germany Analogy on Crossfire

    05/29/2014 6:00:20 AM PDT · 47 of 54
    olezip to mandaladon
    Carson’s ideologically opposed counterpart, former governor Ted Strickland (D-OH) shot back, “No is being shut up in America!” As an example, he pointed to Carson himself, who has the freedom to say whatever he wants in his role as a contributor on Fox News.

    Ted Strickland does not understand what Carson told him, or he does not want to understand. This is just another illustration of how intellectually bankrupt the leftists are.

    We have got to get the buffoons out of government! Too many people just go along with the pushy, loud, and obnoxious Democrats who make many empty promises that are bought by the low information voters, while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • Did the Bailout Ruin GM?

    05/28/2014 3:14:06 PM PDT · 54 of 57
    olezip to HamiltonJay
    Blaming the Union for GM’s systemic problems is foolish... GM’s problems are 4-5 decades old, and bailing them out instead of forcing them to change meant they would keep doing the same old crap... and that’s exactly what they did.

    I agree that GM's problems are four to five decades old, and bailing them out was foolish. But the union added extra dollars to the cost of each vehicle, maybe on the order of $5,000/car, or more.

    That, plus the lack of change to lead technological innovation instead of following technology produced by Japan and the Europeans, contributed to their current road to ultimate bankruptcy or Chapter 11 reorganization. GM is second rate at best right now.

  • Not One More, Crusading father whose son was shot dead by 'virgin killer'

    05/28/2014 2:28:30 AM PDT · 66 of 81
    olezip to ealgeone
    As Richard Martinez addressed a crowd of about 20,000 who gathered for the University of California Santa Barbara memorial, the crowd got to their feet and joined his chant of 'Not One More'.

    Yes! It is time to continue to blame inanimate objects for deaths by madmen! Take away guns from law abiding citizens. What will that solve?

    The insanity continues!

  • Did the Bailout Ruin GM?

    05/28/2014 2:08:22 AM PDT · 2 of 57
    olezip to grundle
    Whether GM wants to admit it or not, the “Government Motors” label did serious damage to its reputation and may not wash away so quickly.

    I seriously doubt whether the moniker "Government Motors" did serious damage to its reputation. Corporate changes made to please the current administration resulted in union officials running the company, with predictable results.

    Was not the Yugo a government produced automobile?

    Instead of streamlining production, improving quality, and easing off the uncompetitive added costs to pay for the sizable union benefits, reliability has fallen, pricing remains uncompetitive, and product improvements are not happening.

  • The Myth of the Climate Change '97%'

    05/27/2014 3:06:50 AM PDT · 36 of 47
    olezip to Freeping Since 2001
    “The “97 percent” figure in the Zimmerman/Doran survey represents the views of only 79 respondents who listed climate science as an area of expertise and said they published more than half of their recent peer-reviewed papers on climate change. Seventy-nine scientists—of the 3,146 who responded to the survey—does not a consensus make.”

    The other question is how many of the 79 respondents have a vested interest in man made global warming? They should excuse themselves because they are biased because they do not want to lose their funding.

  • Pope, Netanyahu spar over Jesus' native language

    05/26/2014 1:36:52 PM PDT · 68 of 92
    olezip to Genoa
    Both are right. Aramaic was the spoken language among Jews; Hebrew was the language of the Jewish religion; Greek was the lingua franca used by both Jews and Gentiles. Latin was the official language of Rome. No Arabic.

    I agree. Both are correct.

  • Dr. Robert Gates: Remarks at the Boy Scouts of America National Annual Meeting

    05/24/2014 7:20:35 PM PDT · 31 of 68
    olezip to MacNaughton

    Certainly, Gates is in league with Satan. I seriously doubt that a "strong majority" voted for the BSA to bend the law "morally straight."

    The current administration is also in the same league with their push for same sex marriage and gays in all positions of the scouts. Gates has strong connections with the current administration and wants to please his bosses. Other cowardly scout executives fear losing funding and the support of the military, given that scouting is a big business.

    They have given up their integrity, and like termites systematically destroying a foundation of a wooden house, the BSA organization will eventually crumble because its foundation has been compromised.

  • Redskins fire back against Harry Reid, senators on name change

    05/23/2014 6:39:22 PM PDT · 31 of 33
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    The letter offered several rebuttals to arguments that Mr. Reid and other Democratic senators made in a letter earlier this week asking the NFL to force the team to change its name because they considered it racially offensive.

    Reid and all the Senators are nothing more than bullies. They would rather bully someone they do not like than take action to reduce the number of people on food stamps, to reduce the number of people on disability, to cooperate on Benghazi, to get rid of Obamacare, to reduce the number of people who have even stopped looking for work, to take a common sense approach to our disastrous foreign policy, to take care of our veterans at least as well as the foreign prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

    Instead they pick on a football team because they themselves have decided that they do not like their name. They ignore the real business of our country to force their way into something that is NONE of their business!

  • The dead-end Case for Reparations: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ backwards looking road to nowhere

    05/23/2014 3:29:34 AM PDT · 19 of 41
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet
    The 15,000+ word essay by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic, The Case for Reparations, is getting completely predictable reactions.

    I wonder if the essay addressed the Muslim slave traders who are still operating today? They are the ones who kidnapped and sold people into slavery for immense profits.

    I wonder if the essay takes into account the current economic conditions in slave countries of origin compared to the economic conditions in our country today of descendants of former slaves? Many, if not all, slave countries of origin have people living in abject poverty.

    If the educational levels and economic conditions today show significant improvement, should the offspring of former slaves themselves pay reparations to our government and the descendants of the civil war soldiers who freed them?

  • Reid Remarks On Republican Obstruction

    05/21/2014 6:29:51 PM PDT · 14 of 16
    olezip to mdittmar
    My Republican colleagues have exerted so much effort to cause nothing to get done, but they prefer it that way. They practically break their backs ensuring that nothing happens here on the Senate floor.

    Reid is talking more and more like a loser, blaming others for his utter failure. The Republicans are doing the right thing to keep the leftists from totally destroying the economy and the culture of this country. Satan loves Reid!

    The people of this country do not want chaos, nor do they want anything the Democrats force upon them against their will.

  • The Top Talk Radio Audiences May 2014 (Limbaugh & Hannity Double the Others)

    05/19/2014 2:44:21 AM PDT · 51 of 82
    olezip to Stepan12
    I don't like Savage savaging Maha Rushie so much. It reeks of jealously. Savage has also been on the wrong side of issues such as the Zimmerman/Trayvon snafu.

    He also savages Hannity (and others like Levine) without real justification. It is unbecoming, unwarranted, and unnecessary for Mike to be so overly critical of his conservative competition on the air.

    We listen to him because we like what he says. It is true that he is being shunned and black listed by his cowardly conservative competition, including Rush. That can be galling.

    His animal book (The Political Zoo) did a great job of characterizing his competition, dregs, and Democrats in an informative and entertaining manner.

    Rush would have to untie the other half of his brain in order to compete head-to-head with Mike Savage!

  • With ads and foot soldiers, Republican 'establishment' squeezes Tea Party

    05/18/2014 3:42:35 PM PDT · 4 of 12
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    They did not meet much resistance. Over the course of two hours, dozens of residents said they planned to vote in the May 20 primary election for Idaho Representative Mike Simpson, a veteran lawmaker with a reputation for pragmatism. None said they would back his Tea Party challenger Bryan Smith.

    I do not know much about Bryan Smith. Maybe Mike Simpson supports tea party principles, or is perceived as doing so.

    To me, the Tea Party principles support common sense, borders, language, and culture, fiscal responsibility, scientific facts and not popular culture and opinion in connection with life, marriage, and climate change.

  • Scott Walker to tea partiers: Let’s focus on taking out Democrats, not our fellow Republicans

    05/18/2014 3:33:15 PM PDT · 46 of 113
    olezip to SoConPubbie
    Scott Walker to tea partiers: Let’s focus on taking out Democrats, not our fellow Republicans

    Scott Walker should instead talk about where he is aligned with "tea partiers," and not talk about "Republicans."

    To me, politicians who do not support common sense, borders, language, and culture, fiscal responsibility, scientific facts and not popular culture in connection with life, marriage, and climate change, are too close to Democrats and Satan.

  • The Top Talk Radio Audiences May 2014 (Limbaugh & Hannity Double the Others)

    05/18/2014 3:22:29 PM PDT · 28 of 82
    olezip to xzins
    Rush’s running joke since before time is the “MaHa Rushdie” thing, that’s “on loan from God.”

    It’s all humor.

    Savage, on the other hand, really is a narcissist. And, I tend not to like stage names instead of folks using their real names.

    Just his choosing the name “savage” says something about his narcissism. It’s not his real name.

    I like the humor part of Rush, especially the MaHa Rushdie thing. Rush takes an extraordinary amount of time to make a point because of his self aggrandizement. I do not mind that, but he goes on and on.

    Stage names are common, does not bother me that Savage uses a stage name. Maybe he did it to start out, not worth the effort to change.

  • Scott Walker: Gay Marriage Accepted by Young Conservatives [Mar 2013]

    05/18/2014 3:09:03 PM PDT · 28 of 65
    olezip to SoConPubbie
    The discussion stemmed from Republican Sen. Rob Portman’s announcement last week that he has changed his position on same-sex marriage because he wants his son, who is gay, to have the same “joy and stability of marriage” that he has had and that he wishes for his other two children.

    Unfortunately, Republican Sen. Rob Portman is a victim of fuzzy thinking. Same sex marriage is NOT a civil rights issue in the same way that interracial marriage was a civil rights issue between a man and a woman. Men and women have equal rights. Men and women are NOT interchangeable.

    You cannot avoid compromising the health and safety of all people because you want your son to be happy. People with disordered minds covet what they can NEVER have. Men living with men are friends. Women living with women are friends.

    The generation that believes that men and women are interchangeable are either the Last generation or the Lost generation. Foolish and self deceiving opinions will lose out to reality and natural law. Foolish and self deceiving opinions will result in chaos.

  • The Top Talk Radio Audiences May 2014 (Limbaugh & Hannity Double the Others)

    05/18/2014 2:51:44 PM PDT · 19 of 82
    olezip to webheart
    Nice list. I am sorry to see Savage at number 5. He is a blowhard, always talking about how great he is.

    Here I thought you were talking about Rush Limbaugh. Rush goes on and on about himself an order of magnitude more that the occasional self promotion of Savage.

    Rush talks about his book. Rush talks about what others are saying or quoting about him. You can skip the first half hour of Rush and miss nothing.

    Furthermore, Rush is predictable; Savage is not. I like diversity in talk radio. I listen to Laura, Rush, Savage, Hannity, Levin and more.

  • Study rejected for publication because it was 'less than helpful' to the climate cause

    05/16/2014 12:18:05 PM PDT · 15 of 42
    olezip to Mount Athos
    The publisher of the Environmental Research Letters journal last night said Professor Bengtsson’s paper had been rejected because it contained errors and did not sufficiently advance the science.

    The assertion that the paper had been rejected because it "contained errors and did not sufficiently advance the science," was not supported in the article.

    It sounds like a flimsy excuse to reject the paper. The people who believe in man made global warming have few, if any at all, papers that clearly present their assumptions, methodology, and data. This is not done because they would have no supported scientific case for man caused global warming, other than questionable claims of consensus and claims of "settled science."

    Because there are $ billions being spent to prove that mankind is the cause of climate change, those benefiting from the flow of money have a vested interest, and thus should be disqualified from making claims. We have the situation of the fox guarding the hen house. The consensus is based on Chicken Little's version, and no one else's findings and questions are permitted.

  • Congressman Mo Brooks reacts to Russia's ban on exporting rocket engines

    05/16/2014 2:51:44 AM PDT · 15 of 17
    olezip to Tailgunner Joe
    "What you are seeing is the International Space Station and our military satellites have been caught up in a game of chess and the Russians are using them as pawns to sacrifice.

    What you are seeing are the natural consequences of destroying your own capability for space flight. The Obama Administration stupidly took that risk because to them, NASA was not worth the money. They needed the money for Obamacare, to fight climate change, and other economy-destroying, socialistic endeavors.

    We are getting the change the President promised.

  • Obama on Illegal Immigrants: 'Most of Them Are Not Making Trouble' ("Not smart" to go after 'em)

    05/14/2014 5:45:09 PM PDT · 22 of 25
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet
    "It's estimated that over 80 percent of the folks who are here on an undocumented basis have been here 10 years or longer," Obama said. "You know, these are folks who are woven into the fabrics of our communities. Their kids are going to school with our kids. Most of them are not making trouble."

    President Obama has made a couple of important points. One is that most of them are not making trouble. Another is that they have been here for ten or more years. So there is no urgency to pass amnesty. This group of hard working, tax paying, law abiding (except immigration law), people can continue on "auto pilot" until after we secure our borders, deport the convicted criminals, and those with no skills and no jobs.

    After securing our borders and stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into this country, we can come up with a plan to legalize the illegal aliens in a way that is acceptable to those legal immigrants who waited in line.

    President Obama should support securing our borders, and then take whatever time is necessary to come up with comprehensive immigration reform that is acceptable to both those who waited and the American people.

  • Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum Call for Higher Minimum Wage

    05/11/2014 4:46:20 PM PDT · 75 of 178
    olezip to Iscool
    Perhaps I am a little too pro-America to be a Republican or a Democrat...

    I agree. I am with you on that comment!

  • Hagel: Military Should Review Transgender Ban

    05/11/2014 3:24:17 PM PDT · 31 of 46
    olezip to John W
    The prohibition on transgender individuals serving in the U.S. military "continually should be reviewed," Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Sunday.

    Yes, Chuck. Why not continue the downward trend of the effectiveness and efficiency of our military? The military already has been hollowed out by the Obama Administration. Between the Clintons and Obama I would guess that the military is 60% as effective and efficient as it once was. I do not know where is the tipping point in the downward trend. Sad.

  • Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum Call for Higher Minimum Wage

    05/11/2014 2:24:31 PM PDT · 38 of 178
    olezip to Iscool
    You don't really believe that if businesses have more money in their pockets they are going to hand it over to their hourly employees, do you???

    Democrats, loan sharks, gangsters do not care where you get the money to pay for what they perceive that you owe them; their increased spending, increased taxes, increased regulation, increased wages. They assume that you have or can get the extra money out of your excessive and obscene profits.

    It is time for the lawmakers to stop mindlessly increasing spending, do you not agree? Or do you like the idea of micro managing businesses to make sure that they do not make "too much money?"

  • Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum Call for Higher Minimum Wage

    05/11/2014 12:35:31 PM PDT · 14 of 178
    olezip to SeekAndFind
    In recent days, two other Republican presidential hopefuls from 2012 – former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania – have also called for a minimum wage hike. The trend may signal that in presidential politics, some Republicans see the issue as a way to soften the party’s image across a broad electorate.

    What can Romney, Pawlenty, and Santorum do to distinguish themselves from Democrats?

    One thing that no one is doing is helping the small businesses pay for the hike in wages. Maybe the proponents of an increase in the minimum wage can perform a simple economic analysis to predict how many jobs will be lost so businesses can "pay" for the increase in wages.

    Maybe they can use the economic analysis to identify how business expenses can be lowered by decreased taxes, decreased regulation to provide the additional income needed to pay higher wages for the same work.

    Do not wait up the hear from anyone on this. The Democrats will say that is not relevant because the greedy business owners already have the money to pay more.

    The Republicans do not care because they want to get on the bandwagon to get rid of the issue.

  • Opponents Invoke Justice Kennedy's Words Against Him in Same-Sex Marriage Clash

    05/10/2014 5:09:08 PM PDT · 6 of 9
    olezip to NKP_Vet
    Not a week goes by without some radical democrat federal judge or democrat attorney general attempting to overrule the will of the people on sodomite "marriage". Marching orders from the White House. It's disgusting.

    It is beyond my comprehension how lawyers in black robes with seriously disordered minds, can claim that men and women are interchangeable. Same sex marriage is NOT a civil rights issue. Men and women have equal rights but are NOT interchangeable!

    Step by step we are headed toward chaos. Satan loves chaos!

  • Talkers Audience Chart: Savage Increase Audience, Others lose

    05/08/2014 3:20:58 AM PDT · 24 of 30
    olezip to ConservativeMind
    Savage has an outsized ego for his mind and abilities. He also has a temper that is barely controlled. As I think about it now, his personality's a lot like 0bama’s.

    Man, you are off base big time! I would say that Rush has an outsized ego for his mind and abilities, not Savage. And your assertion that his personality is like Obama's needs some supporting evidence.

    I listen to Rush, Savage, and Hannity at times. There is no contest which is the best in terms of intellectual content, piercing analysis, range of interesting topics, and raw emotion. Savage is tops!

    Have a nice day!

  • Too Much Tequila? Pelosi Tells Republicans – Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Amnesty

    05/05/2014 7:59:46 AM PDT · 23 of 27
    olezip to chesley
    MY version of comprehensive immigration reform. In randome order.

    1. Build a fence across the southern border.

    2. Eliminate birthright citizenship.

    3. Deport illegals as they are caught.

    4. Stop federal funding of any governmental unit,state, county, or municipal, that refuses to cooperate.

    5. Cut back all legal immigration, except on a case-by-case basis for which NO American can be hired AT ANY PRICE for a minimum of 10 years.

    6. Let families reunite in their country of origin.

    7. Accept no more refugees.

    8. Eliminate all benefits to immigrants, all immigrants, with a 2 year delay before new citizen's are entitled to any benefits after they become citizens.

    9. All governmental business must be conducted in English. Translators must be paid for by the immigrant.

    Good list!

  • Too Much Tequila? Pelosi Tells Republicans – Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Amnesty

    05/05/2014 3:27:35 AM PDT · 12 of 27
    olezip to Impala64ssa
    “As we look back on a seminal moment in history, let us also look forward to the best ways we can continue to embrace the diverse heritage and rich history of Latinos in the United States. There is no better way to acknowledge the important contributions to our country of America’s Latino community than by enacting comprehensive immigration reform.

    Pelosi needs to explain exactly what she means by "comprehensive immigration reform."

    Reform should be a two step process where the first step is to secure our borders to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. This influx was greatly increased by the immigration reform and amnesty given in 1987, to the extent that we now have 20 million illegals vs. 2 million. Stop the leak before you bail out the ship!

    The second step in immigration reform is to gather up and deport all the criminals and terrorists now in this country. Another part of this step is to come up with a compassionate and fair plan to deal with the hard working, tax paying illegals who are contributing to our economy, but that is fair to those legal immigrants.

    Please explain how you are going to do this, Nancy, in plain English.

  • Meet the Christian Leaders Who Are Suing for Gay Marriage as a Religious Right

    05/03/2014 1:55:35 PM PDT · 6 of 23
    olezip to lbryce
    Rev. Nancy Ellett Allison has joyfully officiated same-sex marriages in her corner of the conservative South since 2006. “It is just a delight to be able to help these couples celebrate their lives together and work with them to craft their vows,” said Allison, her bright voice laced with a twang.

    Unfortunately for her congregation, Rev. Nancy does not understand that men and women NOT interchangeable. There are dire consequences when you go against natural law. Men and women have equal rights, but they are not interchangeable.

    Maybe some day Rev. Nancy will be able to connect the dots.

  • Jobless in Seattle

    05/03/2014 1:51:12 PM PDT · 25 of 31
    olezip to The_Reader_David
    But more broadly, they do not have a clue about economics at all (or are charlatans who know better but play to a voting base with no clue about economics). The left is an alliance of evil charlatans and the good-hearted, but clueless about economics.

    Maybe it is time for those advocating for an unjustified increase in minimum wages to show us how adept they are in identifying sources of additional income to pay for the higher wages.

    Where are the journalists to ask these simple questions? It will certainly smoke out the elected officials on their sheer ignorance of basic economics and free enterprise.

    The sheer and absolute ignorance is appalling, as is the apathy of the low knowledge voter.

    Do any of our schools teach anything about the economics of free enterprise?

  • Rice declines Rutgers commencement invite; says it has become a distraction

    05/03/2014 1:43:31 PM PDT · 19 of 21
    olezip to albie
    50 heads of mush protested. Sadly, these little commies have never been exposed to the history of this country and how it came about or economics. Yet, for some reason, they’re at Rutgers.

    It is amazing to me that the "protestors" are holding on to something so old, and questionable.

    At the same time the same youngsters are telling us that Benghazi is old because it happened two years ago. I do not think in the history of this country we have withheld help for an Ambassador. Maybe those "protestors" would accept Hillary Clinton as a speaker? She has lots of baggage and no accomplishments.

    I see many of the protestors looking for jobs and looking for jobs after and if they graduate. Time to start closing ineffective and high cost universities.

  • Jobless in Seattle

    05/03/2014 8:34:12 AM PDT · 18 of 31
    olezip to Malone LaVeigh
    If Seattle succeeds in raising its minimum wage to $15, the city will suffer.

    Have the proponents of raising the minimum wage talked about where the extra cash to pay the higher wage will come from? Will the city reduce taxes so the small business owners can pay more to their employees? Will they otherwise make up the difference with taxpayer dollars?

    Or do the socialists want the businesses to somehow pay using their obscene profits? Do the socialists have a clue on what are the economics of free enterprise? Do they understand risk, cost of satisfying all the government regulations, paying the taxes, etc.?