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Posts by olezip

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  • Our View: It's time we started talking about slavery reparations

    04/30/2015 3:11:23 AM PDT · 94 of 145
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet
    The concentrations of black populations in urban centers are the result of generations of racist policies on housing, banking, education, employment and criminal justice.

    No need to read beyond this UNSUPPORTED assertion.

    Democrats have failed at social justice. Misguided government policies have failed at equality, have failed at accountability.

    Misguided government policies have competing constituencies engaged in street battles. These low information voters fail to acknowledge or explore the “root causes” caused by decades of costly and ineffective policies. Fatherless homes are the rule. Children are taught dependency and hate. Can anyone connect the dots?

    All of these counterproductive initiatives were imposed by Democratic mayors and city leaders.

    Is there anybody out there who has ears to hear?

  • Md. rep: 'Baltimore can happen anywhere'

    04/29/2015 7:27:23 AM PDT · 35 of 71
    olezip to C19fan
    Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), who represents part of Baltimore, said Wednesday that the anger that has been on display in the city this week could occur anywhere in the country.

    Cummings forgot to add that it could happen anywhere Democrats control the cities. Not likely to happen elsewhere.

    Highly questionable Democrat policies have failed at social justice, equality, accountability, and created chaos. As a result low information voters engage in street battles.

    Elijah Cummings (D) and other leftists fail to explore “root causes” because such includes decades of failed policies imposed by Democratic mayors and city leaders.

  • Joe Biden Claims That ‘No President Has Done More To Support Israel’s Security Than Obama’

    04/26/2015 2:05:22 PM PDT · 10 of 33
    olezip to presidio9
    “No President has ever done more to support Israel’s security than President Barack Obama.”

    A truthful quote for Joe would be:

    No President has ever done more to undermine Israel’s security than President Barack Obama.

  • This is How Ted Cruz Says He’ll Win the Middle By Running Right

    04/21/2015 6:04:20 PM PDT · 45 of 46
    olezip to Samurai_Jack
    Essentially The Communist Left has coopted the entire democrat party which is now pretty much a Zombie of what it used to be.

    Looks to me like the Republican establishment has not yet noticed or changed their tactics to effectively counter this dramatic change in the Democrat Party.

  • Almost 4 years after MF Global failed, Jon Corzine is reportedly getting ready for a comeback

    04/20/2015 4:47:12 AM PDT · 8 of 29
    olezip to dinodino
    This is astonishing. Corzine should be in a Federal pen!

    At a minimum he should be in an orange jump suit awaiting trial. But Democrats can do no wrong!

  • Rubio, Norquist Push Back Against Anti-Immigration Groups

    04/20/2015 2:54:39 AM PDT · 7 of 52
    olezip to ObamahatesPACoal
    Several prominent Republicans are trying to push immigration restrictionist groups to the fringe of the debate by challenging their conservative credentials and attacking their stance on population control, The Washington Post reports.Several prominent Republicans are attempting to change the subject of the debate on illegal immigration.

    The common sense approach is to stop the influx of illegal immigrants by closing our borders. Deport convicted criminals now filling and overflowing our jails.

    And then deal with those already here by taking the time to develop a policy acceptable to the American people and to those who followed the rules (legal immigrants).

    Changing the subject with psychobabble will not work, and is unbecoming.

  • This is How Ted Cruz Says He’ll Win the Middle By Running Right

    04/20/2015 2:47:22 AM PDT · 22 of 46
    olezip to Samurai_Jack
    I wouldn’t take anyone serious that figured that Ronald Reagan was ‘palatable’ to the left.

    I thought that Reagan was "palatable" to the left in the sense that he was consistent and predictable. Furthermore, Reagan worked with the left to get his budget priorities approved. So it cost him (and us taxpayers) more because the left got their funding, too.

    The MSM hated him and still does.

  • Jeb Bush Pushes Republicans to Cave to Obama Executive Amnesty, Approve Loretta Lynch!

    04/17/2015 3:01:37 AM PDT · 26 of 33
    olezip to gwgn02
    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has joined Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in calling for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to abandon his pre-election promise to fight President Obama’s executive amnesty by holding a vote to confirm U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Hillary's running mate for POTUS, has joined Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in calling for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to abandon his pre-election promise to fight President Obama’s executive amnesty by holding a vote to confirm U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.

  • Protests for $15-an-hour wages set to expand Wednesday

    04/15/2015 5:22:00 AM PDT · 10 of 18
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    The Fight for $15 campaign is being spearheaded by the Service Employees International Union and began in late 2012 with fast-food workers.

    What are these employees offering to improve productivity and sales to pay for their demands for increased pay? Are they that much of a low information, dumbed down worker, that they have no concept of basic economics and cause and effect?

    Where do they suppose the extra money will come from? Do they expect the company to somehow pay them from their "obscene" profits? Do they have a clue on the business risks and efforts companies exercise to make a profit at all?

    Clueless, selfish, and mean spirited unions have destroyed many companies.

  • Graham reverses course on interim Iran deal (Another stab in the back)

    04/10/2015 7:52:01 AM PDT · 4 of 8
    olezip to C19fan
    Graham, who is considering a run for president, said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that current nuclear talks with Iran should be suspended, with the temporary deal remaining in effect until President Obama leaves the White House in 2017.

    Did Senator Graham say which party he would be representing if he ran for President?

  • White House mocks Netanyahu on Twitter

    04/08/2015 2:59:16 PM PDT · 43 of 79
    olezip to Dave346

    The White House childishly mocks Israel while the Russians hack the White House computers. We do not need children in the WH; we need adults and real adult supervision. Where is it?

  • Maya Angelou's new stamp quotes another author

    04/08/2015 8:33:26 AM PDT · 10 of 21
    olezip to rktman
    The quotation that accompanies Angelou’s picture on the stamp was apparently not originally written by her.

    Perhaps the sponsors of the stamp could not find anything suitable that was actually written by Angelou. Her "poetry" is unimpressive and short of par with other contemporary poets, in my opinion.

  • Cruz touts radical court-stripping scheme (Ref: Homosexual “Marriage”)

    04/08/2015 2:49:15 AM PDT · 10 of 39
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet
    The prospect of changing the U.S. Constitution to block marriages seems a little silly, especially since most Americans actually support equal marriage rights.

    This is an UNSUPPORTED assertion. Perhaps the writer meant to say most liberal/progressive Americans (that also believe that man causes global warming).

    These leftist propagandists have a great advantage because there are so many low information voters out there, thanks to our corrupt government driven educational systems.

  • Mika Brzezinski: Netanyahu Sounds Like a ‘Broken Record’ (video at link)

    04/07/2015 3:22:50 AM PDT · 41 of 46
    olezip to Dave346
    “He starting to sound like a broken record,” Brzezinski said.

    Leftists seem incapable of talking substance. They quickly resort to name calling, ridicule, and character assassination. This leftist approach is about as boring as it can get!

  • Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff proclaims 3rd political party of CEO's

    04/04/2015 11:29:14 AM PDT · 28 of 34
    olezip to StoneWallJack
    "This is a really important point that, you know, CEOs have a lot of power and control on investment in states and we want to invest in states where there is equality," Benioff said. "One thing that you're seeing is that there is a third [political] party emerging in this country, which is the party of CEOs," he said

    It is time to let the agents of Satan, such as Benioff, to remove themselves and their money from Christian states and values. Let the agents of Satan sell to their own kind. Let the chips fall where they may!

    Perhaps we will have a few States that practice Christian values. The people will flock to places where their God given rights are respected. A benefit will be safety, security, fewer health risks, longer life spans, and fewer mental health issues. Perhaps there also will be new business opportunities as the misguided CEOs achieve the chaos they so desire, with its attendant self-destruction.

  • Salesforce wrote a $50,000 check to move an employee out of Indiana

    04/02/2015 3:17:05 PM PDT · 47 of 50
    olezip to QT3.14
    Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been one of the most vocal opponents of Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a law that allows businesses to refuse to serve members of the LGBT community.

    Maybe it is time to let go the vile CEOs who put the health and safety of consumers behind unhealthy, deviant and demented policies that increase the risks of diseases, suicide, mental health issues, reduction in life span, increases in domestic violence; and that mock marriage and religion.

    Let them cater to their own elsewhere. They can ALL be replaced, especially the politicians, and other agents of Satan.

  • Ashley Judd Wants UK Fans To Avoid Spending Money In Indiana As Boycott

    04/02/2015 2:52:38 AM PDT · 40 of 51
    olezip to Republican Wildcat
    Kentucky superfan Ashley Judd is facing a bit of a conundrum, because of the team’s upcoming trip to the Final Four. In order to support her team, but also show her support for the cause, she has proposed that Kentucky fans avoid spending any money while in Indiana.

    Maybe Indiana will become known as a "clean" state and attract many clean people and businesses.

    Not everyone wants the risks to physical and mental health associated with deviant behavior. Such filth increases the risk of STDs, AIDs, depression, suicide, personal violence, and associated mental health issues, not to mention a significantly shorter life span. Only agents of Satan would condone such behavior and attendant chaos.

  • Bernie Sanders barnstorms Bay Area with socialist populist message

    03/31/2015 4:46:21 AM PDT · 20 of 20
    olezip to artichokegrower
    “If you go to almost any state in this country, including the most conservative, and you ask them if it makes sense to give tax breaks to billionaires while making cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and education, they will say ‘no,’” Sanders said in an interview Monday afternoon in San Francisco.

    My primary problem with Bernie Sanders is that I do not think he knows what he is talking about. He is just rambling on in psychobabble without addressing any real substance, or without addressing the real issues of our hardworking taxpayers.

    Bernie likes the sound of his own voice, and the affirmative nodding of low information voters.

  • New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure To Cut 18,000 Trees To Go Solar

    03/28/2015 3:25:33 AM PDT · 14 of 60
    olezip to grundle
    Six Flags Great Adventure says the facility will generate 21.9 megawatts, or enough to power about 3,100 homes, and capable of meeting all of the park's needs.

    Six Flags Great Adventure says the facility will generate 21.9 megawatts during peak daylight hours, or enough to power about 3,100 homes during the day, and capable of meeting all of the park's needs in daylight. Nighttime power production will have to come from somewhere else.

    Perhaps the park does not plan to operate at night.

  • Cruz Control: A heartfelt missive to the liberally biased reporters in my town.

    03/28/2015 3:20:17 AM PDT · 5 of 17
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet

    I suspect that the so called “journalists” who are the subject of your well-written advice may not be bright enough to appreciate its wit and wisdom. Their handlers have already concluded and told them that Cruz is a buffoon and target for their ridicule and wrath. They do not have to think.

    Maybe the lemmings just want to keep their jobs, and, perhaps, get the opportunity to work for the government when their miserable enterprise fails and the media are absorbed by the regime.

    More and more people are getting bored by the predictable use of the Democratic playbook of the blame game, character assassination, name calling, false accusations, etc. Not sure they can connect the dots between failing liberal news media and lightweight reporting.

    Are any schools today teaching true journalism?

  • Obama rebukes GOP for lack of healthcare plan

    03/25/2015 10:11:06 AM PDT · 26 of 27
    olezip to E. Pluribus Unum
    Five years after the passage of his signature healthcare law, President Obama took a jab at the Republican party for still lacking their own plan to replace it.

    Restoring the World-Class health care system that we had before it was wrecked by Obamacare would be a good start.

  • Employee to Home Depot: Stop pushing homosexuality

    03/25/2015 6:16:25 AM PDT · 23 of 72
    olezip to GodAndCountryFirst
    Allowing “gays” to be “out” at work creates a hostile work environment for Christians. Clearly, this is an attempt by the company to purge its workforce of right-thinking believers — or at the very least, to muzzle them.

    Home Depot is taking a suicidal approach to its business. Who wants to deal with people that brag about their perverted behavior? Would you want to purchase something from someone who adds to your risk of getting AIDs and other diseases?

    Can Home Depot survive as a business if its customer base is composed only of homosexuals and Democrats?

  • Ted Cruz's Announcement Disrespects The Founding Fathers, American Tradition And Non-Christians

    03/25/2015 5:11:42 AM PDT · 62 of 96
    olezip to Zakeet
    Yesterday, the Tea Party favorite chose a location to announce his quest for the presidency that has, so far as I can ascertain, never been chosen before in our nation’s history—a religious institution that, according to it’s own description, offers “a world-class Christian education” for the purpose of “training champions for Christ”.

    Apparently the leftists are incapable of addressing the substance of Ted Cruz's message.

    As the leftists did for Sarah Palin, they continue to do what Democrats do best: character assassination, name calling, the blame game, attempt to change the subject, etc.

    Boring is defined as tedious and repetitious.

  • Netanyahu Will Make History [Israel]

    03/21/2015 6:19:45 PM PDT · 26 of 29
    olezip to Star Traveler
    Having won the Israeli elections — in part by declaring that he will never permit a two state-solution between Israelis and Palestinians — it means Netanyahu will be the fatherr of the one-state solution.

    Leftists love low information voters. Netanyahu favors a SUSTAINABLE two state solution. The "two state" solution on the table right now is fatally flawed because the Palestinians want to wipe Israel off the map.

    Anyone with common sense understands that. For the past twenty years or more Israel's neighbors have been incrementally doing all they can to weaken Israel, from the foolish "land for peace" to demands to return to 1967 borders.

    What assurance does Israel have that the United States stands with them, given the current administration's lack of support to Israel, and increased support to the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Israel states?

  • Back to Firing Squads? Thank Death-Penalty Foes

    03/19/2015 2:30:59 PM PDT · 33 of 46
    olezip to GMMC0987
    The average time before a death row inmate is executed is around 16 years.

    Except for Timothy McVeigh.

    At his trial in 1997, a Denver jury found him guilty of conspiracy and murder, and he was sentenced to death. He was executed by lethal injection in 2001. Someone was in a big hurry to get rid of him?


    03/19/2015 1:17:15 PM PDT · 53 of 83
    olezip to SeekAndFind
    Nationally syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, founder of the website Twitchy, tells Breitbart News that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker—a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate—needs to be vetted.

    Nationally syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, founder of the website Twitchy, should be telling Breitbart News that Barrack Obama—the current Democrat president—needs to be vetted. We know everything about Gov. Palin and Gov. Walker, but almost nothing about our current President.

    Time to catch up on past due homework before moving on...

  • New rift opens between Obama, Netanyahu after election victory

    03/18/2015 2:06:02 PM PDT · 37 of 64
    olezip to Jim Robinson
    In its first public response to Netanyahu's election triumph, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama still believes in a two-state solution. This was after Netanyahu, shortly before the vote, reversed his stance and stated he would not allow the creation of a Palestinian state.

    Is it not true that Jordan was created as a Palestinian state? Then why do we need two Palestinian states?

  • Presbyterian Church (USA) Changes Its Constitution To Include Gay Marriage

    03/18/2015 2:37:05 AM PDT · 37 of 190
    olezip to Steelfish
    The Presbyterian Church (USA), the largest body of Presbyterians in the country, approved a change in the wording of its constitution to allow gay and lesbian weddings within the church, a move that threatens to continue to split the mainline Protestant denomination.

    The Presbyterian Church (USA), the largest body of Presbyterians in the country, approved a change in the wording of its constitution to change its focus from Christian to Pagan (Baal).

    They apparently believe that Baal worship is compatible with Christianity, and will continue to selectively obey a plurality of the Ten Commandments.

  • European Parliament Declares Gay Marriage and Abortion ‘Human Rights’

    03/15/2015 3:12:56 AM PDT · 12 of 21
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet
    On Thursday, the European Parliament voted to approve its “Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2013 and the European Union’s policy on the matter,” which declares both same-sex marriage and abortion to be fundamental human rights.

    It does not bode well when a country or countries practice idolatry because they believe they are gods. It is time for the USA to start distancing itself from those agents of Satan.

  • Battle brewing over NASA funding [Cruz takes on the "greening" of NASA]

    03/15/2015 3:05:59 AM PDT · 6 of 11
    olezip to Cincinatus' Wife
    “With this funding, America has maintained its world leadership in space exploration and scientific discovery,” NASA spokesman David Weaver said in a statement.

    We ceded our world leadership to Russia when we prematurely cut the shuttle program. We have zero capability for manned space exploration until such time that we can safely deliver astronauts to the space station, and return them to Earth.

    Right now we are 100% dependent upon the Russians with whom we have deteriorating relationships. We have no redundancy or capability.

    So, how are we maintaining our world leadership in space exploration with a substantially reduced budget and no capability? Talk is cheap.

  • Wisconsin: Gov. Walker speaks with mother of Tony Robinson, youth leaders

    03/12/2015 2:50:59 AM PDT · 7 of 56
    olezip to Cincinatus' Wife
    ... to the impending multi-million dollar cut to the state’s universities, which they say will “devastate Wisconsin for generations to come.”

    There is a time for everything under the Sun. It is time to pop the education bubble, get rid of useless departments and useless courses. It is time to teach the students about fiscal responsibility.

    The result will be a more effective, responsive, and efficient institution of learning for the people of Wisconsin.

    Such action now will energize Wisconsin for generations to come.

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

  • Jared Polis refers to Tom Cotton, Army veteran, as ‘Tehran Tom’

    03/11/2015 7:08:25 PM PDT · 44 of 59
    olezip to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    Democratic Colorado Rep. Jared Polis took shots at Republican Sen. Tom Cotton on Twitter Tuesday, labeling the Iraq War veteran as “Tehran Tom” for his role in a letter sent to Iran.

    This is more evidence that Democrats have seriously disordered minds. Democratic Colorado Rep. Jared Polis quickly resorts to name calling. Are Democrats afraid to address the substance of the issues instead of their boring routines of name calling and character assassination?

    There are serious issues in connection with our relationship with Iran. Name calling is not the the same ballpark.

  • Pastor severs ties with Knights of Columbus council that chose to honor Governor Terry McAuliffe

    03/11/2015 1:09:31 PM PDT · 10 of 26
    olezip to ifinnegan
    Mcauliffe is Roman Catholic.

    He even attended the Catholc University of America.

    So, too, are Biden and Pelosi. They are all agents of Satan, and, in my opinion, very poor representatives of the Catholic Church unless they repent and reform.

    We pray that each and every one of them repents of their sinful ways.

  • Netanyahu responds to Obama: We did indeed present practical alternative to Iran deal

    03/04/2015 3:10:23 AM PST · 6 of 27
    olezip to SkyPilot
    When confronted by the Truth, these despicable people react with tears, anger, invective, profanity, projection, lies, and slander.

    What do you expect when agents of Satan are confronted with the truth? Have you heard a single Democrat actually talk about the substance of Netanyahu's speech?

    Or did each and every one of them use the usual pages of the Democrat playbook? ..lie, blame, character assassination, name calling, etc. It is getting old as even the low information voter is slowly awakening (fat chance).

  • House Democrats' Response to Prime Minister Netanyahu Address to Congress (45 minute video)

    03/03/2015 5:01:41 PM PST · 13 of 21
    olezip to Dave346
    House Democrats responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress. They criticized the speech to a joint meeting of Congress as “political theatre.” More than 50 Democrats skipped the prime minister’s remarks.

    Not a single one of these Democrats actually addressed the substance of Netanyahu's speech. If you watched or listened to Netanyahu you would think that the Democrats were talking about some other event!

    They should be fired or docked their pay for not showing up for work. Each and every one of them has a problem dealing with reality it seems.

  • New York: Muslim suing Costco for religious discrimination (Cashier won't accept pork purchases)

    03/03/2015 1:00:57 PM PST · 49 of 58
    olezip to Titus-Maximus
    Note the paradox: he is claiming that he was subjected to religious discrimination, when what really happened was that he was prevented from discriminating against non-Muslim customers by refusing to act as cashier for those with pork and alcohol.

    I, as a customer, would be really annoyed if some jerk cashier told me I could not purchase what was in my cart! Why are we even talking about this? Is he a "victim" because he cannot stop me from buying pork and wine? This is crazy!

    Are Muslims taking jobs when they have a chip on their shoulder just to test and terrorize the system they want to change? Is he getting us ready for Sharia Law?

    Or does he want CostCo to stop selling pork and alcohol?

  • 5 Signs Scott Walker Is Using GOP’s Racist ‘Southern Strategy’ to Win in 2016

    03/03/2015 3:34:37 AM PST · 32 of 70
    olezip to Cincinatus' Wife
    They are yet more evidence that he is following a template known as the Republican Party’s “Southern strategy,” which plays to white voters’ racial resentment, even though his budding presidential campaign is based in snow-encrusted Wisconsin.

    The MSM is throwing everything at Walker; they must be hysterical!

    But the leftist playbook is long on name calling, character assassination, the blame game, the race card, etc. nothing with substance.

    Look for more as the evil ones go into a full court press and magnify anything and everything they declare as "important" as the agents of Satan continue to struggle to report something with "traction."

  • Nearly 500 sign letter demanding that Ray Cross oppose Scott Walker's plan to restructure UW

    03/03/2015 3:20:45 AM PST · 7 of 9
    olezip to Cincinatus' Wife
    Five days after an open letter was posted online, the number of people at University of Wisconsin -- now including not only faculty, but staff, students and alumi -- demanding that UW System president Ray Cross oppose Gov. Scott Walker's plan to restructure UW in his budget rose to 484. Some 88 of them were at, or graduated from UW-Madison, where faculty were scheduled Monday to vote on a resolution asking Cross to delay restructuring.

    Looks like a feeding frenzy of a bunch of people who want to bite the hand that feeds them! They do not like the idea of "adult supervision," long overdue.

    I certainly understand the chronic need for more money, lower tuition, and more autonomy by the recipients of public monies. Walker must be onto something good and something big!

  • WHIP LIST: 51 Democrats to skip Netanyahu speech to Congress (what will the final tally be?)

    03/02/2015 5:38:37 PM PST · 35 of 35
    olezip to Dave346
    WHIP LIST: 51 Democrats to skip Netanyahu speech to Congress (what will the final tally be?)

    WHIP LIST: 51 Democrats booted out of office for skipping Netanyahu speech to Congress. Failure to show up is a dereliction of duty.

  • Why Chief Justice Roberts will save Obamacare again

    03/02/2015 6:30:51 AM PST · 36 of 86
    olezip to GIdget2004
    If accepted by the Court, this reading will immediately render the care provided by the Affordable Care Act unaffordable to about 7 million enrollees in at least 34 states. It would then likely force many health insurers to withdraw from the program (due to erroneous actuarial assumptions), while forcing those remaining to raise their premiums, in turn forcing still more enrollees to drop out, in turn forcing further premium hikes, and so on, in what health care economists refer to as a “death spiral.”

    We must learn to actually read complex legislation before voting on it. That's all!

    This, of course, is contrary to the stupidity of passing legislation so we can find out what is in it per Nancy Pelosi.

    Will the Supreme Court again somehow save this deeply flawed and economically damaging legislation? I do not know.

  • Dem: Believe science or ‘senator with the snowball’

    02/27/2015 4:24:29 PM PST · 23 of 59
    olezip to Libloather
    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Thursday panned Sen. James Inhofe’s (R-Okla.) use of a snowball during a speech on climate change. Whitehouse used his iPad to argue that a polar vortex was bringing cold air down to Washington in part because of warmer ocean temperatures.

    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) incorrectly argued that a polar vortex was bringing cold air down to Washington. It is a polar transit that is bringing cold air down to Washington. I guess that Sen. Sheldon is trying to sound educated. He must like the sound of "vortex" without knowing what it is. The word has only recently been added to weather forecasting terminology.

    Science and politics should NEVER be mixed. The Earth may be on the cusp of global cooling, owing to the quiet Sun and its overwhelming effect on climate. Mankind has nothing to do with climate change.

  • GOP’s Jeb Bush working to reassert conservative credentials

    02/27/2015 3:26:41 AM PST · 36 of 62
    olezip to Olog-hai
    As Florida’s governor, Jeb Bush was among the nation’s most conservative state chief executives.

    This is a very crucial assertion. Was Jeb Bush indeed among the nation's most conservative state chief executives? Was he really?

  • Michael Gerson: In matters of faith, Scott Walker’s lack of grace is embarrassing

    02/27/2015 3:22:05 AM PST · 30 of 88
    olezip to Cincinatus' Wife
    Walker quickly found his pitch unequal to the presidential big leagues.

    Does not he wish! The reporter should find out the answer to that question by asking the President, not you or anybody else!

    The leftists continue to look for something that has traction. Walker is a winner!

    There is no journalism under this regime, just folks who want to get on the socialist government payroll as propagandists.

  • Quantum Equations Suggest Big Bang Never Happened

    02/26/2015 12:10:52 PM PST · 20 of 74
    olezip to Mount Athos
    ...Das and Ali propose that the universe is filled with a quantum fluid made up of gravitons, particles that probably have no mass themselves but transmit gravity the way photons carry electromagnetism.

    Maybe the author of the comic strip "Dick Tracy" got his idea for an anti-gravity machine from the concept of gravitons?

    Maybe we can do something with the gravitons. I am impressed!

  • Why the Left Hates Scott Walker: Wisconsin Goes Right-to-Work

    02/26/2015 9:51:33 AM PST · 27 of 35
    olezip to NorthMountain
    I AM anti-union. The organized labor movement from the beginning was a front for international marxism. It's rotten to the core.

    I suspect that if we had real journalism in this country, that they would find the largest by far, positive impact on the worker in America was free enterprise, especially the initiative taken by Henry Ford to raise wages to $5/day.

    At the time, workers could count on about $2.25 per day, for which they worked nine-hour shifts. This action was free enterprise at its best.

    My family NEVER made up the personal financial losses as a result of strikes in the steel industry. A few pennies an hour increase in wages was never enough to compensate for hundreds or thousands of dollars lost in wages, lost opportunities, lost credit ratings, and threats of physical violence to my father if he did not show up on a picket line.

    Although I was just a kid I ran the numbers; there was no contest.

  • WHIP LIST: Dems skipping Netanyahu speech (26 to boycott, 71 to attend, rest unknown)

    02/24/2015 4:57:44 PM PST · 22 of 31
    olezip to Dave346

    House (23)

    Senate (3)

    Can these delinquent lawmakers be removed from office or have their pay docked for dereliction of duty? Are they truly representing their constituents?

    Are they racists and anti Semites?

    Is seems odd that our elected representatives have the option to ignore meetings or events they do not like. Or are they the kind of people who say "I am against the war but I support our troops?"

  • Florist refuses attorney general’s options to settle lawsuit over same-sex weddings

    02/24/2015 3:12:12 AM PST · 23 of 31
    olezip to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    “Your offer reveals that you don’t really understand me or what this conflict is all about,” Ms. Stutzman said in a letter to Mr. Ferguson. “It’s about freedom, not money. I certainly don’t relish the idea of losing my business, my home, and everything else that your lawsuit threatens to take from my family, but my freedom to honor God in doing what I do best is more important.”

    This is something that foolish leftists like Bob Ferguson will NEVER understand. I must say that he seems as smart and misguided as John Kerry! The people of Washington are electing agents of Satan who are leading them to chaos.

    God Bless Ms. Stutzman!

  • WaPo To Walker: Do You Think Obama Is A Christian? Loves America? Is a patriot?

    02/22/2015 2:45:59 AM PST · 9 of 37
    olezip to Cincinatus' Wife
    In an interview with The Washington Post’s Dan Balz and Robert Costa, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was asked whether he believes Barack Obama is a Christian.

    These leftists are constantly changing the subject, avoiding substance, and playing a "gotcha" game.

    Why do they want Scott Walker to answer questions they themselves failed to answer? Are they working toward socialism and "jobs" working for the regime?

    Why do they not talk to the people of Wisconsin? ...or, for that matter, to the people of this country?

    Are they nothing but character assassins?

  • LETTER: Stop listening to the misinformed on global warming

    02/22/2015 2:39:19 AM PST · 77 of 86
    olezip to HiTech RedNeck


  • LETTER: Stop listening to the misinformed on global warming

    02/21/2015 6:21:17 PM PST · 28 of 86
    olezip to E. Pluribus Unum
    All you have to do is Google "Scientific American global warming" to find out that global warming is an undisputed scientific fact.

    All you have to do is Google "Scientific American global warming," and you will get the "facts." Ha ha. That logic is as valid as "As Seen on TV."

    Or you could watch Bill Nye the science guy to get the "facts."

    Science is far more than using search engines on your computer.

    Mankind has nothing to do with global warming. The Sun has everything to do with global warming on Earth, Venus, Mars, etc.

    Suggest that you put together the data, methodology, and assumptions connected to climate change; then you might begin to understand the magnitude of the problem, ehh?