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  • GOP’s Inept Planned Parenthood Hearings Were a Disgrace

    10/01/2015 4:13:36 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    only1percent to Steelfish

    The hearings were silly. No one cares about this choir preaching. FReepers seem to think that liberals are dumb. But in fact they have no illusions about abortion. Some liberals like it and are happy that Planned Parenthood has another source of revenue. The rest of the liberals know abortion is but need the support of abortion lovers to get what they need, be it gay marriage or $15 minimum wage or coal bans or amnesty for illegal aliens.

  • Major Tripwire Alert – North Carolina GOPe Change Primary – Join FL, OH, IL March 15th…

    09/26/2015 8:16:52 AM PDT · 34 of 43
    only1percent to TexasFreeper2009
    I fail to see how North Carolina moving it’s primary to march 15th somehow benefits Bush.

    Trump is polls 4 TIMES the numbers of Jeb.

    States moving their primaries up and making them winner take all actually helps Trump.

    Exactly. Bush needs to stretch things out, not accelerate things.
  • Slipping far back in polls, can Jeb Bush bounce back in the next debate?

    09/13/2015 4:10:06 PM PDT · 50 of 52
    only1percent to jimbo123

    Yes, this can be the beginning of the Jeb 2.0 campaign. He does so by crushing the other open-borders Republicans, and basically ignoring Trump and the other restrictionists. If he’s the only one left after New Hampshire, he’s got a decent chance. If Trump collapses, a great chance. If Trump collapses AND the other immigration restrictionists are still dividing up the vote — Jeb’s the nominee while there’s still snow on the tee boxes.

  • Obama switching NY hotels amid China spying fears

    09/13/2015 3:39:44 PM PDT · 24 of 24
    only1percent to Libloather

    Ugh. One block west — midtown traffic just got worse.

  • Quinnipiac poll of Iowa: Trump leads with 27% as Scott Walker crashes to … tenth place

    09/11/2015 4:11:50 PM PDT · 55 of 67
    only1percent to scottinoc

    For whatever reason, no one has nominated a true swing state candidate for VP in the modern era. It’s never been fairly tested.

    Kasich, Jeb, Rubio, Sandoval, Portman, Toomey — these would be a fair test.

  • Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton by 9 in New Hampshire, Gains in Iowa: Poll

    09/06/2015 11:44:11 AM PDT · 19 of 54
    only1percent to NRx

    Her position is that Iowa and New Hampshire voters are too smart and individualistic, and when the race gets to South Carolina and Nevada, and Super Tuesday, the machine will pull out the low information voters to put her over the top.

    I don’t care for Sanders’ platform but at least his campaign is about engaging voters with ideas.

  • Mormons and Jews: What Two Religions Tell Us About the Modern Dating Crisis

    08/30/2015 4:20:29 AM PDT · 10 of 63
    only1percent to Erik Latranyi

    But the point of the piece is that those things are, for the most part irrelevant.

    Instead, it is entirely irrelevant. Where there’s an even slight oversupply of women vs. men, women move into a position in the dating market that is profoundly disadvantaged, regardless of why that oversupply exists or the religious or cultural bearing of the women in question.

  • Top Jeb fundraisers leave campaign amid troubling signs

    08/29/2015 5:37:30 AM PDT · 55 of 111
    only1percent to cotton1706

    The premise of Jeb was inevitability and predictability.

    Trump has shattered those premises. Even if Jeb emerges the nominee (and it’s still likely) much like the boomlets for Cain, Santorum, and Gingrich demonstrated in 2007-2008 a deep ambivalence about Romney, Jeb’s poll standings show he’s very unlikely to provide the electricity needed to pull the Electoral College inside straight any Republican needs to win in November.

    A lot of people will pay for access to the next President. Not as many will pay for backstage passes to a polite concession speech in a Miami ballroom.

  • George Will Gives Middle Finger To Angry American Conservatives: “Get Over It” !!….

    08/16/2015 5:34:25 PM PDT · 9 of 103
    only1percent to smoothsailing

    Trump is certainly not a Republican in good standing, and his claim to being a conservative is not a strong one ... but he’s doing a nice job taking a sledgehammer to Bush’s feet of clay.

  • Almost Every Major Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Challenging or Defeating Clinton and Republicans

    08/05/2015 8:54:26 PM PDT · 59 of 67
    only1percent to Awgie
    Leftism should be a target ... but it has been nearly 30 years since a Republican candidate for President has attacked his Democrat opponent for his embrace of the core leftist doctrines of libertinism, redistribution, and state control of productive enterprise and private property. The last time we really saw it was George H.W. Bush against Dukakis.

  • Furious Coal CEO Lets It All Out: "Obama Is Nation's Great Destroyer"

    07/26/2015 8:47:01 AM PDT · 5 of 28
    only1percent to Enlightened1

    It’s both. Cheap gas is a big threat to the industry, but Obama and the environmentalists have also basically made clear that coal is on its way out. No new coal-fired plants and hundreds of millions of dollars of carbon scrubbing and disposal systems for those that are already running.

  • Liberals & LGBT Activists Set Sights On Christian Churches To Remove Tax Exempt Status

    07/13/2015 6:37:28 AM PDT · 65 of 70
    only1percent to HomerBohn

    People are making some errors in understanding taxes.

    If churches that stand against gay marriage are denied the tax privileges of churches, they won’t suddenly become regarded as businesses entitled to deduct most or all of their expenses in the calculation of taxable income. Their very intention not to make a profit will deprive them of the right to deduct expenses, so they’ll owe the full corporate tax rate (30% to 35%) on all or almost all their revenue. Then, of course, their donors will lose their tax deduction.

    This translates to every donor to the church about doubling his or her after tax contribution budget in order for the church to be left in the same place.

    And this is assuming that state tax benefits, such as property tax exemption, sales tax exemption, are both maintained and not treated as income in kind by the feds (and thus taxable by the feds!).

  • The End of Federally Financed Ghettos

    07/12/2015 7:37:38 AM PDT · 14 of 56
    only1percent to umgud

    Chappaqua doesn’t take any federal government housing assistance, nor do any other exclusively upscale suburbs. These rules will mainly impact economically-mixed cities which have had “bad” neighborhoods and ESPECIALLY impact cities which have a considerable poor white population.

  • Illegal Defiance on Same-Sex Marriage

    07/10/2015 8:18:57 AM PDT · 47 of 61
    only1percent to GOPJ

    The majority in this decision were two cradle Catholics with no observed history of serious observation (Kennedy and Sotomayor) and three non-to-minimally observant Reform Jews (Kagan, Ginsberg and Breyer). The dissenters were all Catholics, of whom at least two are serious about it: Scalia, one of whose sons is a priest, and Thomas, who converted.

  • Christian Bakers Fined, Gagged in Gay Cake Case

    07/04/2015 8:26:51 AM PDT · 69 of 108
    only1percent to allendale

    Businesses lost the right to discriminate on religious grounds in the first public accommodation civil rights laws more than 50 years ago. These laws are simply broadening the scope of who’s protected. And it will continue to grow to anyone who can get 50.1% of the legislature or court behind them.

  • Seattle 6th Graders Can’t Get a Coke at School, But Can Get an IUD

    07/02/2015 2:59:32 PM PDT · 19 of 25
    only1percent to Morgana

    I tend to think that the kind of 12 year old who wants an IUD should probably have one. On a few occasions I’ve had to have regular interactions with 13 year old girls with babies. They weren’t innocents recently corrupted. These were girls who were likeley doomed from birth because of the poor quality of their parent(s) and who were long-gone down the road of depravity. Sparing society the cost of their absolutely zero chance children is pretty darn valuable.

  • Obama Puts It In America’s Face – Turns White House Into Rainbow House

    06/29/2015 3:29:38 AM PDT · 7 of 47
    only1percent to HomerBohn

    Everyone knew. Refusing cert on the pro-gay-marriage decisions and then immediately granting on the one decision that went the other way made it obvious. The only question was whether CJ Roberts would change his vote in order to exercise more control over the opinion.

  • New York Times Columnist: ‘Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions’

    06/29/2015 3:24:07 AM PDT · 39 of 68
    only1percent to LukeL

    A fully taxable church would have to pay income tax on all contributions less deductible business expenses, would pay property and sales tax from which now currently exempt, and couldn’t offer donors a tax deduction.

    African American churches would be far less effected, by the way.

    The typical African American church derives most of its revenue from its dual status as a conduit for government social service dollars. What’s left in its budget it funded by donors far less likely to itemize deductions. It usually occupies low value real estate.

  • Why the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage could lead to civil war

    06/27/2015 5:41:28 AM PDT · 156 of 163
    only1percent to NKP_Vet

    A grass-roots civil war is an impossibility. The left-wing control of media, education, technology and finance means that conservatives can’t win NOW and pretty every moneyed or elite conservative would switch sides rather than take their chance with the rebels: if the rebels loses, they lose everything, and if it wins, they now have to obey a bunch of guys who a few years prior were loading up their F150s at Wal-Mart the weekends?

    There are maybe a high-enough percentage of Evangelical officers to start some kind of coup, but, boy, talk about your risk of unintended consequences.

  • Prediction time: Will John Roberts break with the right on gay marriage too?

    06/26/2015 4:13:45 AM PDT · 106 of 112
    only1percent to Kaslin
    The first time SCOTUS refused cert on a Court of Appeals decision applying Windsor to strike down state Defense of Marriage laws, it became obvious either that there were five strong votes to affirm any Court of Appeals decision that went the other way, and the four other Justices didn't want to give them the excuse to do so, or that Roberts had changed sides and there weren't even four votes for cert (which is all that is required) to begin with.

    Strangely enough, I wonder whether Scalia will actually side with the liberals here, perhaps in a concurring opinion, on stare decisis grounds. His dissents on the last gay marriage decision quite correctly identified that their logic required that the state DOMAs be struck down (as all but the Sixth Circuit have gone on to do) ...
  • Hewitt: Right Now, Ted Cruz Is the GOP Frontrunner and Would ‘Kill’ Hillary In Debates

    06/18/2015 4:00:07 AM PDT · 14 of 45
    only1percent to 2ndDivisionVet

    Clinton is plenty smart and articulate. Cruz might be more so, but his desperate need not to be perceived as mean or sexist will restrain him. I think they go into debates just about even odds.

  • De Blasio says if rent-regulated apartments law expires it would be 'end to New York City ...'

    06/13/2015 6:29:05 AM PDT · 63 of 71
    only1percent to EveningStar

    So friggin’ dishonest.

    Diblasio and cronies are pushing a dramatic EXPANSION of rent stabilization and pouting that the Republicans won’t give it to them.

    The construction unions and the real estate interests are also futzing with the extension of the existing rent stabilization laws by linking it to the terms for the extension of the (massive) tax subsidies that new property development can get in New York if the developer also builds affordable housing. Developers profit hugely from being able to sell tax-abated units and the unions profit hugely from the prevailing wage laws which effectively exclude non-union contractors from jobs. (If you deprive the non-union contractor of his advantage in wage cost, union contractors get all the jobs.)

  • Fred Barnes: Democrats Panicked That Clinton Campaign Could Collapse

    06/07/2015 8:22:55 AM PDT · 34 of 57
    only1percent to Din Maker

    This is another one of the articles that can be capably refuted with three famous words: “politics ain’t beanbag.”

    It took an extraordinary combination of factors to deprive Hillary of the nomination in 2008, and that was only by a hair. None of those factors applies.

    Most importantly, there’s no Obama. He got huge African American turnout that isn’t for someone whose not Black. Sanders is just looking to have fun like Kucinich did; O’Malley is polishing his resume for later. Her support for the Iraq war is forgotten, not the HUGE thorn in her side it was in 2007 and early 2008. She won’t be incompetent as she was in the caucus ground game. Finally, she’s actually bringing in newly-monied and labor leader support with enthusiasm; in 2007 she was obnoxiously cliquey if you weren’t a well-pedigreed Friend of Bill, while Obama was the charming chairman of club looking for new members.

    As for the general election: she starts with the 47%, and only needs a little bit on top of that. She wins easily unless the business community FINALLY gets smart about what Democrats want to do them, and blue collar / lower middle class white voters outside the south start to swing Republican in a definitive fashion.

  • Mark Levin: Another huge scandal involving Hillary Clinton

    06/03/2015 7:21:06 AM PDT · 33 of 39
    only1percent to DaveA37

    Not only will it not make a difference, it really SHOULD NOT make a difference.

    Elections are not a game of which candidate is personally more ethical or less ethical.

    They are a decision about how much to tax and borrow, how to spend, who to appoint to the Supreme Court, who to invade or sanction or sic the drones on.

    To suggest that Clinton voter should, or would, switch her vote to Walker or Cruz because of Bengazi or the Clinton Foundation donor base is ridiculous, as ridiculous as one of us switching our vote from Walker or Cruz because it turned out that a couple of meetings with the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Aldeson drifted into dangerous territory or whatever. Irrelevant to the decision.

  • Tax Day 2015: Why Is April 15 The Deadline To Pay Taxes?

    04/15/2015 5:51:52 AM PDT · 27 of 33
    only1percent to tanknetter

    There once may have been a good argument to move Tax Day closer to election day, but now it would be a disaster.

    Your typical low information voter now gets a HUGE tax “refund” every year courtesy of EITC and employer overwithholding (employers which underwithhold are at risk of severe penalty ... so they withhold even from employees highly likely to have no FIT liability). This has become so predictable that the tax preparation chains now advertise Tax Day as a second Christmas. The >last< thing you want that guy thinking about it how much he LOVES Uncle Sugar.

    Anyway, April 15 isn’t a bad day. We couldn’t really have an earlier tax day, because investors and business people can’t even start to prepare their returns until the accountants finish the calendar-year business-level tax calculations and give them their K-1s, 1099s, and Schedule C / Schedule D data. And a later day delays financial reconciliation for taxpayer and government alike.

  • Christian Man Gets Denied Service By THIRTEEN Gay Bakeries After Requesting Pro-Tradit...

    04/04/2015 6:02:34 PM PDT · 18 of 35
    only1percent to blueyon

    If this is the best that RFRA supporters can do, is it any wonder that they are losing in a rout?

    I bet not one of these bakers would have refused to make a wedding cake for a man and a woman getting married — they probably each make half a dozen of them a month. They refused to make a cake that was an outright political statement. I’d bet most of them would have refused to make a cake that said “Straight Marriage is Wrong” or “I Hate Jesus” in pink frosting, too.

    Requesting gay marriage cakes from Muslim bakers is a lot more to the point, not so much about whether or not gay marriage is bad but about whether liberals are freakin’ hypocrites.

  • R.I.P. California (1850-2016): What We’ll Lose And Learn From The World’s First Major Water Collapse

    03/28/2015 10:01:44 PM PDT · 23 of 69
    only1percent to Beave Meister

    There will be rationing for residential and industrial users, but there will mainly be devastating cuts in water availability to farmers and feedlot operators in the Central Valley. Expect your avocados, apricots, walnuts, table grapes, raisins and almonds to be a lot more expensive.

  • TERROR? Unexplained 8-Minute Plunge w/ NO SOS has GermanWings Pilots Refusing to Fly...

    03/25/2015 5:14:34 AM PDT · 32 of 98
    only1percent to Reaganite Republican

    This was the European equivalent of a Spirit Air flight from Miami to Minneapolis crashing in the Ozarks. There’s basically no flight less likely to have had any high value targets on the ground or aboard. It would fit into a terror plan only if they could repeat it often enough to stop all flying.

  • Presbyterian group votes to allow gay marriage

    03/22/2015 9:53:08 AM PDT · 18 of 25
    only1percent to lqcincinnatus

    It makes perfect sense for the PCUSA to do this. The whole point of the PCUSA (and ELCA and TEC) for most of its younger members is to provide spiritual validation for their lifestyle choices and political views. People who take scripture seriously (whether Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox) were not about to start to worship at their local PCUSA church if the national body had decided against gay marriage, but it DEFINITELY is the case that the core membership would stroll on over to a more liberal congregation. It’s already happening to Methodists outside of the South.

    Is it doomed in the end? Yes, of course — the kids being raised in these hyper-liberal churches mostly end up irreligious, or if by chance they actually pick up a faith in scripture, moving on to more serious churches. But in the meantime it’s what they need to do to survive.

  • Texas Senator Ted Cruz to announce presidential run: report

    03/22/2015 9:37:03 AM PDT · 64 of 122
    only1percent to TangledUpInBlue

    It’s great to see him in.

    But I hope that he and Walker fight it out aggressively THIS YEAR and one emerges as the clear conservative choice.

    The system is oriented towards individual plurality, not collective majority. If Christie doesn’t make a real run for it, Bush gets 90%+ of the moderate vote. If Clinton has no real opposition, tons of people will vote on the Republican line in favor of the GOP moderate(s).

    If BOTH of these conditions apply (Hillary effectively unopposed, Christie not a significant factor), than Bush is essentially assured of the nomination before March 1st if both Cruz and Walker are dividing up the conservative vote.

  • The End Of Starbucks as We Know It?

    03/21/2015 2:14:34 PM PDT · 37 of 61
    only1percent to SamAdams76

    Starbucks margins and traffic don’t sustain those kind of rents. An ex-Starbucks location in Manhattan will become a bank branch (thanks to the Federal Reserve, nothing’s more profitable than taking deposits), cell phone outlet, or a restaurant with higher margins and a stronger evening / weekend business.

  • Obama: College ‘surest ticket’ to middle class

    03/15/2015 9:01:19 AM PDT · 111 of 112
    only1percent to john mirse

    This is really an Occam’s Razor issue.

    Is there one person who’d think less of Obama (whether or not they like him now) if he found out that as a 17 year old kid Obama had ticked a “foreign” box in his application to Oxy? I don’t think so: confirms what birthers think they already know, doesn’t mean a thing to lefties who already think that American exceptionalism is bigotry.

    But there are a LOT of people who have a lot invested in the idea of Obama being extremely smart and intellectually diligent, and would be shaken up badly to see bad grades and low board scores ... and the simple fact is that standard affirmative action policies, read against his academic path, could have allowed him to have had pretty bad grades and board scores at very points.

  • Obama: College ‘surest ticket’ to middle class

    03/14/2015 8:40:30 AM PDT · 84 of 112
    only1percent to john mirse

    Obama’s college and law school experience is not especially controversial or suspect. He had the helping hands that any smart, personable, prep-school educated African American child of a low-income single mother had before him, at the same time as him, and since. Now those helping hands certainly are considerable, but are only objectionable or controversial to the extent that you consider affirmative action objectionable or controversial as a general matter. No conspiracy, that’s for sure.

    And while it’s clear that he had some powerful friends and advocates who navigated him from Harvard Law to his first book contract and his gig at the University of Chicago, from then on, it was pretty much all him. The way he launched his political career — a 1996 machine-supported bid for the state legislature from a Chicago district — was hardly auspicious for a big time political career; no Chicago local pol had been elected Governor or US Senator since 1948, and even that was Paul Douglas who was no Daley guy. From 2003 to 2008 the guy was willing to take on long odds and got nice and lucky when the odds-on Democrats proved hapless and the Republicans nominated jokes and has-beens to oppose him.

  • Obama Administration Unlikely to Seek Emergency Stay on Immigration Ruling

    02/17/2015 7:41:52 PM PST · 28 of 38
    only1percent to LongWayHome

    The amnesty establishment wants political cover on this, ideally a pro-amnesty Republican being nominated for President or an anti-amnesty one losing the election.

  • New York City sets record with no murders in 10 days in a row

    02/12/2015 8:01:31 PM PST · 42 of 43
    only1percent to Labyrinthos

    well said

  • Jeb Bush has become the GOP front-runner for 2016 — so now what?

    02/01/2015 11:39:37 AM PST · 72 of 81
    only1percent to C19fan

    We all need to calm down.

    Things are much better than they’ve been in a long, long time.

    We have at least two likely candidates (Walker and Cruz) who are better than anything the conservative wing of the party has offered since Ronald Reagan 37 years ago. Conservative candidates in the past have been nobodies, has-beens, or barely trying. Thanks to the internet donor base and independent expenditures of dedicated conservative donors they can be fully financially competitive without any establishment-blessed fundraisers in New York or LA.

    And Jeb Bush is unlike any past “establishment” candidates. He is violently opposed to many mainstream conservative goals and ideas. He is distinctly associated with NO mainstream conservative goals and ideas. He’s not like John McCain in 2008 ... heck, he’s not even like Rudy Giuliani in 2008. You have to reach back to the likes of Howard Javitz to find someone with his (lack of) fit on the ideological spectrum.

    If Jeb is nominated, it’s because Republicans want him, not because the wool was pulled over anyone’s eyes.

  • CNN/ORC Poll: Bush surges to 2016 GOP frontrunner

    12/28/2014 7:59:50 AM PST · 60 of 160
    only1percent to C19fan

    To be fair, the MSM is also pushing “Hillary can’t be beat” while at the same time her polls indicate that her support is shallower than a puddle after a 20-minute rainfall.

    There’s a real chance the Democrats will be faked out, and nominate Hillary by default with (say) Bernie Sanders playing the role that Joe Biden played in 2000 against Al Gore — nominal opposition.

    At least on our side we can be comforted that we won’t be faked out into nominating Jeb — between Cruz, Walker and Jindal, if even only one runs, we’re already assured we will have the strongest conservative aspirant for the Republican nomination since Reagan in 1980. Unlike the moderate nominees since Reagan, if Jeb’s the nominee it will be out of conscious decision not to go right by a plurality of the Republican primary and caucus voters.

  • Ted Cruz 2016: 4 Hurdles Faced By GOP Presidential Hopeful

    12/21/2014 2:04:44 PM PST · 30 of 32
    only1percent to 2ndDivisionVet

    It’s pretty clear to me that this is wrong. There will be two to three serious conservative campaigns: Walker, Cruz and/or Jindal. The least successful of them will still be ten times more substantial than the best conservative attempts since Ronald Reagan in 1980. Neither Jeb Bush nor Chris Christie will be able to run them off the road the way the way Pat Robertson, Pat Buchannan, Phil Gramm, Michelle Bachman or Rick Santorum were so relatively easily derailed.

  • NY woman awarded $1M in false-arrest case

    12/13/2014 7:41:12 AM PST · 23 of 38
    only1percent to GrandJediMasterYoda

    Absolutely right. I know a lot of Long Island cops, and they just don’t think in the way that would lead you to arrest a 58-year-old woman and say “I’m going to make an example of you to other right-wingers.” It just didn’t happen. I could see them saying that to some tweaker from Mastic or banger from Roosevelt while cuffing them facedown on the pavement after mouthing off ... but this? Nah.

    Now, Long Island cops aren’t exactly conservatives. They are very well-paid government employees who rely for their big salaries and their (to a private sector person) almost unimaginably generous retirement plans upon local and state government which the public employee unions have almost entirely captured, and on the extremely high taxes that their captive government is willing to impose. If there were a robust Tea Party movement on Long Island which was stalking the tax assessor or PBA President driving his kids to lacrosse practice, sure I could see them getting up in arms about a right winger — but the military? No way. Cops are completely pro-military, and are important component of the Guard and Reserve manpower by the way. (I played golf with a LI police lieutenant who told me their guys had suffered more shots-fired-in-anger injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan at $600/week than they had in patrolling Nassau and Suffolk Counties at $2000/week in the past 15 years.)

  • Civil War Erupting Among Democrats Over Obamacare

    12/07/2014 12:51:05 PM PST · 26 of 68
    only1percent to Zakeet

    Here’s the basic problem.

    The popular parts of Obamacare are already done — pre-existing conditions limits, kids covered to 26, and insurance or Medicaid plans for people who weren’t dirt poor enough to get Medicaid but not high-value enough employees to warrant health care benefits, the passive income surcharge tax on nastry ole’ rich people.

    But these popular parts REQUIRE that the unpopular parts be implemented or the whole thing collapses. Employer mandate, huge deductibles on bronze and silver plans, large premium increases on employer-provided plans because of new benefits and eligibility requirements, etc.

    You can’t undo one without the other.

  • Meet the house that inequality built: 432 Park Avenue

    11/29/2014 4:49:02 AM PST · 19 of 24
    only1percent to dangus

    In all likelihood, no Republicams or Democrats. It’s a pied a terre building for foreigners. It’s a stupid location for a primary home for a wealthy person, being far from residential amenitIes and in a weekend dead zone.

  • The New G.O.P. Showdown Threat (NYT editorial)

    11/28/2014 7:43:54 AM PST · 39 of 49
    only1percent to reaganaut1
    Impeaching in the House is easy, convicting in the Senate with the 2/3 majority is the hard part. I don't think we should impeach just for show.

    Exactly. Impeachment simply gives Obama grounds to grandstand in front of his base. He will plead not guilty on the ground that the executive orders are within his Constitutional authority, and zero Democrat Senators will vote to convict. Impeachment didn't hurt Bill Clinton one bit, and this will actually help Obama.
  • Southern Democrats trying to recover lost ground

    11/28/2014 5:59:42 AM PST · 64 of 80
    only1percent to Prov1322

    Southern Democrats have reached the point of declining returns — they can’t reap any more identity voting among minorities and yankees without sewing even more of it for Republicans among whites.

    And, even the pandering to minorities is hitting a wall. Democrats offer zero — less than zero, when you think about it — to a black man with a job supporting his family. A few more Tim Scotts and we’ll have the African American Democrat vote trending down from the 90s to the 70s while the vote stays solid in the 60s and 70s. That’s unbeatable.

  • Ted Cruz Impresses NYC's Jewish Donors in Whirlwind Stopover

    11/26/2014 6:07:31 AM PST · 37 of 72
    only1percent to evilC

    Adelson cares infinitely more about Israel than he does about illegals. (He doubtless employs plenty of illegals, but his casinos are unionized so he’s paying them far higher wages than most U.S. citizens get when working in the hospitality industry.)

    If he’s smart he’ll recognize the need to keep the Republican party politically viable through retaking the Presidency in 2016. A Republican Party that can’t get the White House means the certain takeover of military and foreign policy by anti-Israel people.

    Democrats of Hillary’s generation, or Obama’s, may be rhetorically or sentimentally anti-Israel but don’t perceive themselves free to take substantive action in that direction. Younger Democrats who aren’t Jewish are monolithically pro-Palestinian and younger Jewish liberals are too embarrassed to make Israel a do-or-die issue.

  • Judge backpedals on controversial ruling in favor of Fort Worth mega church

    11/26/2014 5:53:04 AM PST · 11 of 30
    only1percent to Gamecock

    Met with the church’s pastor, changed the beneficiary of his life insurance to the church, and then killed himself.

    That’s a tasty meatball!

  • The Path to a Permanent GOP Majority

    11/25/2014 5:08:56 AM PST · 11 of 19
    only1percent to Kaslin

    A permanent Republican majority will need 70% of white votes and at least half of Asian and a third of Hispanic votes, with a strong replacement dynamic (i.e., young white voters trending strongly Republican, and young Asian and Hispanic voters not trending hugely Democrat). There is a LONG way to go to achieve any of these targets.

  • What Makes Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker a Good Choice for 2016

    11/23/2014 6:17:14 AM PST · 29 of 48
    only1percent to Menthops

    That’s not a fair comment. And I like Cruz!

    Walker has done a lot to live forward conservative ideas into policy in the face of withering opposition in three general election.

    Cruz has talked a big game, with only nominal opposition in his one general election, with the next (an off year 2018) offering approximately zero risk to his reelection.

  • Elizabeth Warren Polishes Her Class Warfare Rhetoric

    11/19/2014 8:25:02 PM PST · 14 of 38
    only1percent to 2ndDivisionVet

    A lot of people wake up every day hoping for higher taxes — it’s pretty mainstream.

    Liberals writing for mass audiences talk about uncapping Social Security tax as if its an obvious good (or, rather, that Social Security tax being capped is an obvious giveaway to the undeserving “rich”). That it would instantly hike the effective tax (employer + employee) by 12.4% of wages, close to a 30% increase in average tax burden, they don’t care.

    And it gets heavier. Google “guaranteed basic income.” People as high profile as Warren won’t talk about it (yet), but it is approaching monolithic as a concept on the left.

  • 13 College Majors Where The Pay Goes Nowhere

    11/18/2014 9:25:16 AM PST · 45 of 53
    only1percent to The Great RJ

    Philosophy majors from rigorous programs do very well indeed. Probably the highest-IQ set you’ll find anywhere. I can’t think of a philosophy major I knew who isn’t either a multi-millionaire or a tenured professor at a very respectable school (in several fields). Most became computer programming whizzes along the way.

    I knew a few Peace Studies majors. Also very smart kids. Hippies, obviously, but it hasn’t held ‘em back. One went into organic agriculture VERY early and has several bicycles worth more than my car. Couple went corporate and are doing fine. Couple are still hippies but boy they look fit and happy with their 15-years-younger girlfriends on Facebook.

    English? Real grab bag. The ones who went to law school have high-powered careers of the sorts that people who go to good law schools (used to be) more or less assured of. Kind of functions as a “yes I got a college degree more rigorous than mass communications or early-childhood education” stamp on your resume — what you make of it.

  • Bill De Blasio 2016? NYC Mayor Will Run For President, Beat Hillary Clinton, New York..

    11/17/2014 8:16:19 AM PST · 32 of 46
    only1percent to PROCON

    It’s not a terrible idea. Leftists want a champion against Hillary, and Warren may not oblige. He is a creation of the public employee and health care unions — and they have never had one of their own as the nominee; Warren is good for them but De Blasio infinitely better. He has an African-American wife and that worked extremely well for him in getting the African-American vote in the Mayoral primary in 2013, no reason it couldn’t do that for him in the key early states of South Carolina and Florida.