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  • North Carolina university votes to ban Chick-fil-A from campus

    10/14/2012 3:57:51 PM PDT · by onlylewis · 73 replies ^ | 10/14/2012 |
    A North Carolina university’s student government has voted to ban a Chick-fil-a restaurant on campus because the fast-food chain’s president is against gay marriage. Elon University’s Student Government Association voted 35-11 to ask its food vendor to find another restaurant to take its place, the Daily Advance reports.
  • School Orders Cross Removed From Football Helmets

    10/11/2012 5:48:18 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 73 replies ^ | 10/10/12 | Todd Starnes
    Wisconsin school district has ordered a joint public-private school football team to change its logo – in the middle of the season — after a lone parent said the inclusion of a bishop’s hat and cross was a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Martin Lexmond, superintendent of the Shorewood School District, told Fox News that he made the decision to remove the logos after consulting with the school board. “It just didn’t occur to anybody that there might be questions about it,” he said. “A parent last week raised the question asking if this was a violation of separation of...
  • School Lets Dems Register Students to Vote, But Not GOP

    10/08/2012 1:29:43 PM PDT · by onlylewis · 35 replies ^ | 10/8/12 | Todd Starnes
    Florida Republicans are outraged after a school district allowed a pro-Obama organization to conduct student voter registration drives and deliver speeches to classes – but denied the Romney campaign similar opportunities. Pasco County Schools confirmed to Fox News that volunteers from Organizing For America were given access to as many as a half dozen high school and middle school campuses.
  • Woman arrested after allegedly slapping girl in face for not sharing ice cream

    10/08/2012 8:32:57 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 36 replies
    Associated Press/ Fox News ^ | 10/08/2012 | Associated Press
    SAN ANTONIO – A woman has been arrested for allegedly hitting a 10-year-old girl who refused to share ice cream with her daughter. The older girl began walking home but the mother of the 4 year old, Talysa Herron, approached and hit her in the face. She then followed her home in her car.
  • DNC Rejects Christian Gift Baskets

    09/05/2012 4:51:25 PM PDT · by onlylewis · 17 replies ^ | 9/5/12 | By Todd Starnes
    The Democratic National Committee banned dozens of Charlotte churches from distributing gift baskets to delegates because the congregations hold values that are contrary to the party platform, according to local religious leaders. “They told us our views on women’s rights are contrary to the Democratic party platform,” said David Benham, the lead organizer of the Charlotte714 religious movement. Charlotte714 is a group of more than 100 churches across the region that mobilized to pray for the Democratic National Convention. More than 9,000 people gathered last Sunday for a time of worship and prayer in advance of the convention.
  • State Department: 'Hold down the fort,' other common phrases could be offensive

    08/31/2012 5:36:31 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 49 replies ^ | 8/31/12 |
    Watch your mouth -- everyday phrases like "hold down the fort" and "rule of thumb" are potentially offensive bombshells. At least according to the State Department. Chief Diversity Officer John Robinson penned a column in the department's latest edition of "State Magazine" advising readers on some rather obscure Ps and Qs.
  • U.S.Olympic athlete,Mexican flag?(Funny,I only saw one set of letters on his jersey: USA.)

    08/10/2012 9:32:25 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 44 replies ^ | August 10, 2012 | Ruben Navarrette Jr
    After Manzano finished his race and secured his medal, he did what athletes typically do at the Olympics. He held up his country's flag -- the Stars and Stripes. The 27-year-old was born in Mexico, but the United States is his country now. His father migrated here illegally from the city of Dolores Hidalgo. Manzano was brought here when he was 4. Like most immigrants, they came in search of greater opportunity. And they found it -- for themselves, and their children. You can't help but be proud of Manzano and the country that allowed him the opportunity to fulfill...
  • Gays Picket Cake Shop Owned by Christian Baker

    08/07/2012 5:23:54 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 42 replies ^ | 8/7/12 | Todd Starnes
    The owner of a Colorado bakery said in spite of picket lines and online petitions he will not change a store policy against baking wedding cakes for homosexual couples – a policy that critics call hateful and bigoted. More than 4,200 people have signed an online petition calling on the Masterpiece Cake Shop to ends its policy banning gay wedding cakes. Over the weekend, several dozen people picketed the privately-owned store in Lakewood, Colo. Jack Phillips, the owner of the cake shop, said his ban on making cakes for gay weddings is a result of his religious beliefs. “I’m not...
  • Obama brings back Biden pitch, suggests tax-paying ‘patriotic’

    08/04/2012 9:05:21 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 13 replies ^ | 8/4/2012 |
    President Obama suggested it’s “patriotic” for well-off Americans to pay more in taxes, bringing back an argument then-Sen. Joe Biden first made before the 2008 election.
  • Chick-fil-A President Says Company Opposes Gay Marriage

    07/18/2012 5:43:31 PM PDT · by onlylewis · 50 replies ^ | 7/18/12 | Todd Starnes
    The president of Chick-fil-A said his company is “guilty as charged” when it comes to supporting traditional marriage and warned that gay marriage is “inviting God’s judgment on our nation.” Dan Cathy, the president and chief operating officer, told Baptist Press that the company founded by his father was unapologetically in favor of traditional marriage.
  • Obama's right, Americans can't succeed without government (barfffff alert)

    07/17/2012 4:38:37 PM PDT · by onlylewis · 17 replies ^ | 7/17/12 | Sally Kohn
    "If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet. The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we...
  • Iowa teacher's aide reportedly fired for calling 'Huckleberry Finn' racist

    07/16/2012 10:04:42 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 53 replies ^ | 7/16/12 |
    A teaching associate at a private school in Iowa has reportedly been fired for allegedly telling students that “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is a “racist” novel. Naiya Galloway, 31, was fired by Hillcrest Family Services, a privately run K-12 school that caters to students who have mental health issues or behavioral problems, The Des Moines Register reports. Galloway has denied allegations that she questioned the school’s use of the book, but acknowledged she disrupted a classroom discussion of the Ku Klux Klan because it had triggered “flashbacks,” noting that she’s both black and Japanese, the newspaper reports.
  • Restaurant Faces Investigation For Offering Church Discount

    07/05/2012 4:17:13 PM PDT · by onlylewis · 81 replies ^ | 6/5/2012 | By Todd Starnes
    A family-owned restaurant in Pennsylvania is under a state discrimination investigation for offering a ten percent discount for diners who present a church bulletin on Sundays. The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission confirmed there is an investigation against Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen in the town of Columbia. The complaint was filed by John Wolff, a retired electrical engineer. “I did this not out of spite, but out of a feeling against the prevailing self-righteousness that stems from religion, particular in Lancaster County,” Wolff told the York Daily Record. “I don’t consider it an earth-shaking affair, but in this area in particular,...
  • “The private sector is doing fine, (says Obama)

    06/08/2012 11:41:00 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 21 replies ^ | 6/8/12 |
    Facing a slew of economic bad news, President Obama said Friday the private sector is doing just fine but blamed Republicans for not helping out-of-work teachers and other public-sector employees – an analysis pounced on by GOP leaders. “The private sector is doing fine,” the president said during a White House press conference. “Where we're seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government. … If Republicans want to be helpful, if they really want to move forward and put people back to work, what they should be thinking about is how do we help state...
  • Facebook Comments Reportedly Trigger Large Female Fight

    04/25/2012 12:37:33 PM PDT · by onlylewis · 33 replies
    CBS local 13 ^ | April 23, 2012 7:02 PM | sacramento CBS local
    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – More than 30 women brawled in the street, all reportedly over Facebook posts. “I saw the girls yelling and pushing each other and one girl tried to push them apart,” one witness said of the fight in Del Paso Heights on Sunday.
  • No Arrests In Matthew Owens Beating, Tensions High

    04/25/2012 9:53:19 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 36 replies ^ | 4/25/12 | By: Jamie Burch
    Police continue to downplay the Trayvon Martin connection to the beating. But a neighbor confirms what his sister told News 5. The neighbor, too scared to go on camera, told News 5's Lauren Vargas that they heard one of the suspects say "This is justice for Trayvon" as she drove away. Tonight, an angry mother who lives on the street told News 5's Blake Brown that the kids who live on Delmar Drive are the real victims. Before Lauren Vargas' live shot on News 5 at 5:00, a black woman who lives on the street started yelling at Lauren saying...
  • Trash left on Tybee beach sparks ire in wake of Orange Crush

    04/23/2012 6:15:57 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 49 replies ^ | Updated: April 23, 2012 - 7:59am | By DASH COLEMAN
    When Tony Abruzzio and his fiancee were taking their morning walk on the beach Sunday, he saw something he called appalling. “Bottles, broken-up ice coolers, towels — you name it, all over the place,” Abruzzio said. “... It was really unnecessary and unneeded.” In the video, Abruzzio shows a section of the island’s south beach pocked with cups, bottles, other trash and clothing as volunteers clean. “This is why Orange Crush has got such a bad reputation on Tybee,” he says in the video.
  • The tab for U.N.’s Rio summit: Trillions per year in taxes, transfers and price hikes

    04/20/2012 8:55:10 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 5 replies
    Fox News ^ | 4/20/12 | George Russell
    The upcoming United Nations environmental conference on sustainable development will consider a breathtaking array of carbon taxes, transfers of trillions of dollars from wealthy countries to poor ones, and new spending programs to guarantee that populations around the world are protected from the effects of the very programs the world organization wants to implement, according to stunning U.N. documents examined by Fox News.
  • Upstate McDonald's employee arrested after phlegm found in tea

    04/19/2012 11:37:46 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 16 replies ^ | 4/18/12 |
    A McDonald’s employee is charged with unlawful and malicious tampering with food after customers reported finding phlegm in their tea, deputies said.
  • Cops: Exchange Student Attack a Hate Crime??

    04/18/2012 11:15:18 AM PDT · by onlylewis · 20 replies and cbs news ^ | April 17, 2012 at 3:28 PM | Brian Rademaekers
    The girl, who attends the local high school as a junior, told police that the men “told her that they were looking for a minority — a Hispanic or gay, but a black would do,” CBS Denver reported.