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  • A Right-Wing Attack??

    07/22/2016 2:28:34 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 77 replies
    7/22/16 | Originalbuckeye
    Who is this yahoo from the WSJ on with Shep Smith?? He is pretending that someone who was yelling Allahu Akhbar might be part of the Right-Wing problems in Germany???
  • Dear Mr Comey

    07/05/2016 9:03:45 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 72 replies
    7/5/16 | originalbuckeye
    Dear Mr had a chance to prove to the American people that the LAW still stands in this once great country. YOU FAILED! May as well rename your agency. There is no FIDELITY. There is no BRAVERY. And there is absolutely NO INTEGRITY in your agency.
  • Facebook Bias in Trending Topics

    06/29/2016 4:32:29 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 9 replies
    6/29/16 | Originalbuckeye
    Although Mark Zuckerberg disputes that Faceook slants their trending topics sidebar against Conservatives/Republicans, there is another story that proves the fact.
  • Leftists in Denial

    06/28/2016 4:18:46 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 11 replies
    6/28/16 | Originalbuckeye
    The NYT, CNN, et al, are so invested in the Obama Admin and the Hillary! Campaign, they can't help but lie about the information in the newest Benghazi report.
  • He's Baaaack

    06/16/2016 1:53:36 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 71 replies
    6/16/16 | Originalbuckeye
    Seriously, is this the 4th day in a row that Obama has commandeered our TVs to promote his agenda and spew hatred at his enemies??
  • Hillary Deletes More Than Emails

    06/10/2016 7:39:12 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 6 replies
    Dailymailonline ^ | 6/10/16 | David Martosko
    Hillary Clinton's 2014 memoir 'Hard Choices' is out in a new paperback edition – minus a detail that trade hawk Donald Trump might notice. The original hardcover book included a discussion of Clinton's efforts as secretary of state to urge foreign coutries to join negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That 12-nation Pacific rim agreement has become a political football, with the Obama administration cheerleading for its success and Trump rooting for its failure – and Clinton caught in the middle. Her book's new paperback edition drops entirely the description of her work on the pro-TPP side during a 2009 conference...
  • What About that Stimulus Money?

    06/09/2016 6:53:34 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 41 replies
    6/9/16 | Originalbuckeye
    When is SOMEONE in the National News Media going to ask Hillary! or Obama about infrastructure spending in the 2009 stimulus?? Every time I hear a Dem talk about 'investing in the infrastructure' I want to puke. I believe Hillary! used that phrase with Bret yesterday. I was screaming at the TV, 'ask her why didn't the infrastructure get fixed with the Stimulus money'??
  • Thousands of dying patients given do not resuscitate orders without consent of families

    05/02/2016 3:56:30 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 28 replies ^ | 5/2/16 | Harriet Line
    Hospitals across the UK are imposing do not resuscitate orders on tens of thousands of patients without informing their families, an audit has found. The investigation, by the Royal College of Physicians, estimated that around 200,000 patients are issued with the order for health workers not to attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In 16% of cases, the study found there was no record with the patient about making the order. The study also found that hospitals are failing to tell relations that they will not perform the potentially lifesaving technique. Its audit of 9,000 dying patients found that one in 5...
  • BBC remake Watership Down with less violence to avoid 'scarring' children

    04/28/2016 3:21:09 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 34 replies
    UKTelegraph ^ | 4/28/16 | Hannah Furness, Arts Correspondent
    It was the film that traumatised a generation of children, with its much-loved rabbit characters slain on screen in graphic and memorable scenes. But the story of Watership Down is to be remade for a new era, as programme-makers promise to tone down its most brutal images. The BBC has teamed up with Netflix for one of the most expensive mini-series ever made for the small screen, and the first animated four-part drama of its kind. The new version stars the voices of James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult as Hazel and Fiver, Sir Ben Kingsley as General Woundwort and Star...
  • BBC asks staff to disclose details of family income, to address middle class bias

    04/28/2016 3:08:54 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 33 replies
    UKTelegraph ^ | 4/27/16
    BBC staff will be asked to disclose details of their family income and upbringing, as part of new plans to ensure that the corporation is not dominated by the middle classes. The BBC will announce today that all new employees will be asked to answer a range of questions about their socio-economic background, including whether they were entitled to free school meals as a child, which the broadcaster says will allow it work out whether its workforce reflects modern Britain. The BBC has faced pressure from ministers, during the ongoing talks over the corporation’s new royal charter, to increase the...
  • Abortion, the Death Penalty and the Gun-grabbers

    04/27/2016 8:47:16 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 16 replies
    4/27/16 | Originalbuckeye
    I have noticed that pro-life people are frequently asked why they believe in the death penalty, but not abortion. That answer is simple. There is a vast difference between the pure life of the unborn and a criminal who has evilly taken someone else's life. And those Leftists, who believe in the 'Death with Dignity' meme, rail against those of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment.
  • Not Indicted VS Indicted, but Not Prosecuted

    04/20/2016 4:52:16 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 12 replies
    4/20/16 | Originalbuckeye
    We know Hillary is guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors, but do we think she will ever be indicted? I have just about decided that she may be indicted, but we will just face the Lois Lerner situation. Lynch will decline to prosecute due to 'so many want her for President that it is not in the "public interest" to prosecute'. And most Democrats obviously don't care about the criminality of the Clintons. I mean, they defended Bubba against all those Democrat women who claimed rape/groping/fondling, etc. And they obviously don't care that it was Hillary that set out to...
  • Vanity: Dear 'Justice' Roberts

    04/18/2016 6:21:16 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 24 replies
    4/18/16 | Originalbuckeye
    Do not let 'Justice' Kagan manipulate you again, like she did on Obamacare. Do NOT let a President create Law. That is not his position. Do not 'tweak' his Law or you will be creating Law and that is not your position either! Congress didn't act because we already have Laws to deal with immigration. It's just that this Administration isn't bothering to follow the Law. And they sue States who try to enforce the Laws on the books. Our immigration system isn't broken, it is simply that the IMMIGRATION LAWS AREN'T BEING ENFORCED!
  • Stephen Fry tells sex abuse victims to 'grow up' prompting social media outrage

    04/12/2016 7:46:10 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 57 replies
    UKTelegraph ^ | 6/11/16 | Lexi Finnigan
    Stephen Fry has told sex abuse victims to "grow up" because self-pity is the “ugliest emotion in humanity”, prompting a social media outcry following a US chat interview. The actor, 58, was speaking to chat show host Dave Rubin about the controversial Cecil Rhodes statue at Oriel college, Oxford, which campaigners want removed. And he said some people are becoming too sensitive and criticised those who avoid “trigger words” for fear of controversy. The former QI presented said: “There are many great plays which contain rapes, and the word rape now is even considered a rape. “They’re terrible things and...
  • Student accused of violating university 'safe space' by raising her hand

    04/05/2016 5:22:29 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 20 replies
    UKTelegraph ^ | 4/3/16 | Emily Gosden
    A university student was threatened with being thrown out of a meeting after being accused of violating “safe space” rules - by raising her hand. Imogen Wilson, the vice-president for academic affairs at Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA), spoke out against safe space rules becoming “a tool for the hard left to use when they disagree with people”, following the incident last week. Ms Wilson, 22, was subject to a “safe space complaint” over her supposedly “inappropriate hand gestures” during a student council meeting. “Safe space is essential for us to have a debate where everyone can speak, but it...
  • Did Megan Kelly actually defend Robert Byrd's KKK involvement??

    03/30/2016 9:39:36 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 42 replies
    3/30/16 | originalbuckeye
    Just had FoxNews on for the second showing of Kelly's show. She is actually defending Byrd's involvement in the KKK by saying 'well, he was young'.
  • Girl, 12, who dreamed of studying at Cambridge died from sepsis

    03/18/2016 7:24:53 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 47 replies
    UKTelegraph ^ | 3/16/16 | Sophie Jamiesen
    A young girl who dreamed of studying at Cambridge died of sepsis after being sent home twice by an NHS weekend walk-in centre. An inquest heard medics missed opportunities to save twelve-year-old Franchesca Pawson when she visited an NHS walk-in centre twice in a weekend. She was told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen at the centre, after nurses failed to detect the infection was spreading through her body. Her mother Elsa took her to the clinic in Derby on Saturday 10 January last year, because had been unwell for five days and was complaining of fever, a high temperature and...
  • Man given vasectomy by mistake after complaining about waiting times

    03/18/2016 7:06:58 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 68 replies
    UKTelegraph ^ | 3/16/16 | Nicola Harley
    A hospital doctor who gave a man a vasectomy by mistake after he complaint about waiting for another procedure has admitted misconduct charges. Associate specialist in urology Dr Nanikram Vaswani was meant to be removing scar tissue from the patient, but a string of failings meant he performed a vasectomy instead. A medical tribunal heard the patient had arrived at 7.30am for his surgery and was waiting with other men due to have vasectomies. There was "some disquiet" when patients who arrived at 11am were seen before those who arrived earlier leading to confusion over which procedure the man should...
  • Comments on Hillary!s Speech Tonight

    03/15/2016 6:17:55 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 35 replies
    3/15/16 | Originalbuckeye
    I couldn't listen very long, but a couple of things stood out for me. She said that no one should compromise the safety and security of America or Americans......REALLY?? And your unsecured server didn't already do that??? And she said the next President must bring the country together.....REALLY?? But you said your enemies are Republicans?? Do we really need another pathological liar in the People's House??
  • Hillary!s Student Loan Hypocrisy

    03/10/2016 11:05:21 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 14 replies
    3/10/16 | Originalbuckeye
    I heard an excerpt of Hillary! last night where she was decrying the fact that the Government profits, from the interest, off students who have loans. Wasn't it Obama, early in his first term, that confiscated the Student Loan Program from the banks?
  • NHS chief at centre of 111 scandal authorised secret policy

    03/02/2016 6:33:46 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 6 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 2/29/16 | Laura Donnelly
    The NHS chief at the centre of a growing 111 scandal authorised a separate policy which meant 999 calls were recorded as receiving a swift response - even if no help was given, a leaked report reveals. The head of South East Coast Ambulance trust ordered the secret scheme, which improved its apparent performance against national targets. Under NHS rules, 75 per cent of calls assessed as “life-threatening” should receive a response within eight minutes. But the trust retrospectively assessed thousands of missed calls, and counted them as receiving such a response - simply on the grounds that the patient...
  • Colonoscopy not needed for routine colorectal cancer screening, task force says

    02/23/2016 2:14:57 PM PST · by originalbuckeye · 149 replies
    Toronto Star ^ | 2/22/16 | Sheryl Ubelacker
    TORONTO-New Canadian guidelines say colonoscopy should not be used for routine screening to detect colorectal cancer in patients with no symptoms or family history of the disease. The guidelines from the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care strongly recommend that low-risk patients aged 50 to 74 be screened using fecal occult blood tests every two years or sigmoidoscopy every 10 years. Sigmoidoscopy involves the insertion of a flexible scope to view the lower portion of the colon and rectum rather than the entire tract, as is the case with colonoscopy. The task force also advises against screening asymptomatic patients...
  • Guantanamo Bay: Obama in bid to close controversial prison

    02/23/2016 8:40:56 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 55 replies
    BBConline ^ | 2/23/16
    The White House has revealed its plans for closing the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention facility, one of the president's long-standing goals. The Pentagon has proposed transferring the remaining 91 detainees to their home countries or to US military or civilian prisons. But Congress is deeply opposed and expected to block the move. The prison costs $445m (ÂŁ316m) to run annually and closing it was an early promise from President Barack Obama. He told reporters on Tuesday the prison undermines national security. "This is about closing a chapter in our history," said Mr Obama. "It reflects the lessons we've learned since...
  • Patients given hip implants made the wrong size

    02/01/2016 1:21:05 PM PST · by originalbuckeye · 21 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 1/24/16 | By Claire Newell, Lyndsey Telford, Deborah Cohen, Edward Malnick and Luke Heighton
    Hip implants which have left thousands of British people in pain were manufactured incorrectly at a factory in Yorkshire, The Telegraph can reveal. One of the world’s largest hip replacement firms, DePuy, has admitted "an error in the measuring techniques" when making controversial metal-on-metal implants. Company bosses are now under intense pressure from victims of the hip scandal to answer in full questions on how long the firm was aware of the problem, amid claims that potentially faulty components were sold for years. This newspaper has previously disclosed how metal-on-metal hips have far higher wear rates than other implants, which...
  • Most Beautiful SAG Dress

    02/01/2016 6:10:08 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 52 replies
    2/1/16 | Originalbuckeye
    Of absolutely no importance, but I wanted to say that the dress that I thought was the classiest, most beautiful at the SAG Awards, was Viola Davis' dress. Would love to see more glamour in what used to be a very glamorous industry.
  • Obama's New Environment Tax

    01/15/2016 1:01:30 PM PST · by originalbuckeye · 10 replies
    Vanity | 1/15/16 | Originalbuckeye
    Has anyone received a bill for their their new yearly Environment tax?
  • When Alan Rickman became an actor:

    01/15/2016 6:51:24 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 26 replies
    Dailymailonline ^ | 1/15/16 | Hugo Gye
    Alan Rickman was known for his villainous roles in films such as Harry Potter and Die Hard - but his acting experience began when he was a fresh-faced schoolboy in a string of school plays. An album of evocative photographs showing Rickman's starting steps in the dramatic world has come to light after it was released by his alma mater, Latymer Upper School. The star died yesterday aged 69 at a London hospital, surrounded by friends and relatives including his wife Rima, after waging a secret battle with pancreatic cancer.
  • Government Sends Obamacare Payments Without Verification

    01/08/2016 8:34:24 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 10 replies
    Americans for Tax reform ^ | 1/7/16 | Alexander Hendrie
    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) does not have adequate procedures in place to ensure tax credit payments were properly sent to enrollees as required by federal law, according to a new report by the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG). The report marks the eighth time in less than a year that a government watchdog has raised concerns over the federal government’s ability to properly administer and monitor Obamacare. As HHS OIG noted, CMS has “sole responsibility” for ensuring that tax credits were properly distributed to paying enrollees. Following this confirmation, the IRS...
  • I Was an Oil Spill Scapegoat

    11/09/2015 6:49:18 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 19 replies
    WSJ ^ | 11/8/15 | Kurt Mix
    At 6:30 a.m. on April 24, 2012, federal agents, wearing Kevlar vests and with guns drawn, raided my home in Katy, Texas, with a warrant for my arrest. This was as shocking to me as it would be for any normal, law-abiding citizen. I’m not a drug dealer, violent criminal or money launderer. I’m an engineer. In 2010 I helped stop the BP oil spill after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig left a damaged well spilling crude directly into the Gulf of Mexico. On the morning of the raid I left early for work, so I was...
  • Obama takes to a Broadway stage to trash GOP presidential candidates

    11/03/2015 8:19:28 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 23 replies
    Dailymailonline ^ | 11/3/15 | Kelly Mclaughlin For, Associated Press
    President Barack Obama launched a no-holds barred attack on the Republican field of presidential candidates on Monday night - and reduced a Broadway theater packed with Democratic donors to fits of laughter with his barbs. The President has so far refrained from commenting on the field of 15 candidates, but he appeared unable to resist giving his opinion after the much-criticized CNBC debate last week that saw the GOP sever ties with the NBC networks. The debate was widely criticized in Republican circles for not giving the candidates a fair hearing, being too aggressive, straying off the announced topic of...
  • Legendary singer Johnny Mathis left with only a few mementos

    11/03/2015 7:42:39 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 31 replies
    Dailymailonline ^ | 11/3/15 | Associated Press and Flora Drury
    A fire has engulfed the Hollywood Hills home of Johnny Mathis - causing extensive damage and leaving the singer with only a few mementos. The 80-year-old had just flown back to Los Angeles from Cleveland, where he had been performing, to learn that his home of 56 years had caught fire on Monday afternoon. Pictures from above the house reveal parts of the roof had caved in, and Mathis told reporters at the scene that the blaze had caused extensive damage, and that only a few things had been saved. Shock: Johnny Mathis had only just flown back into Los...
  • Thousands of Cancer Patients Die Over Delay in Referral to Specialist

    10/31/2015 3:18:31 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 31 replies
    At least 2,400 cancer patients die needlessly every year because their GP does not refer them to a specialist quickly enough, research has suggested. The two-week wait means patients should see a specialist for their first appointment within two weeks of seeing a GP with suspected cancer symptoms. But new research has found a higher number of deaths in cancer patients whose GPs do not regularly use the pathway. Published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the study, which was funded by Cancer Research UK and National Institute for Health Research, examined data from 215,284 English cancer patients in 2009....
  • To NBC, Hillary's Birthday=News Story

    10/26/2015 6:49:28 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 20 replies
    10/26/15 | Originalbuckeye
    The NBC news affiliate in central Arizona just ran a 'Man on the Street' spot asking 'what would you give Hillary for her birthday?'. THIS is a 'NEWS' story to NBC.
  • The National Debt

    10/06/2015 3:30:44 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 18 replies
    10/6/15 | Originalbuckeye
    On July 7, 2015, at 9:07AM(PDT) I recorded the National Debt (from the US National Debt Clock) at $18,321,893,100,000.00 (Approx., as it goes up so fast it is difficult to get a completely accurate number). Right now, as I write this, the Clock says (approx.)$18,398,400,100,000.00.
  • What To Do With 78RPM Records?

    10/01/2015 2:46:21 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 95 replies
    10/1/15 | Originalbuckeye
    Does anyone have any ideas what can be done with old 78 rpm records? It seems such a shame to throw them out as some are in pretty good shape. I just cannot keep them anymore.
  • Salt River wild horses to be removed, could face death

    08/04/2015 7:19:42 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 42 replies
    NBC 12 news, Phoenix ^ | 8/3/15 | Monique Griego
    If you're lucky enough, you'll catch a glimpse of them while traveling along the Salt River or visiting Saguaro Lake. The Salt River wild horses offer visitors an awe inspiring view, one that's in danger of being erased. The beloved Salt River wild horses are being removed from the place they have called home for decades and may even face death, according to a notice from the Tonto National Forest. The forest service says it will begin removal of the more than 100 horses on Aug. 7, stating they are "unauthorized livestock" and therefore cannot be there. The removal will...
  • 'Gang mentality' of middle-age surfers keeps outsiders off Palos Verdes Estates waves

    07/17/2015 8:08:33 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 32 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | 7/16/15 | Garrett Therolf
    Jose Lopez, a 38-year-old fisherman from Bell, stepped gingerly to the bluff's edge. He scanned the trail where, for years, beachgoers who don't live in Palos Verdes Estates have complained that they get bombarded with rocks thrown by a local surf tribe that calls themselves the Bay Boys. He noted that from the beach, 100 feet below, he would not be able to see the parking area, where outsiders' cars have been vandalized. A burly man, Lopez knitted his forehead and decided to drive away rather than head to the beach and start casting for perch. "Everyone knows how it...
  • Would Kirsten Power Feel Differently?

    07/14/2015 5:29:03 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 21 replies
    7/14/15 | originalbuckeye
    Kirsten Power was vehementally arguing with BOR tonight about the sanctuary city status of San Francisco and Mr Sanchez committing murder. She isn't too upset about Mr Sanchez previous felonies as they weren't 'violent'. Nothing to suggest he would be violent.
  • The Day America Died

    06/25/2015 8:34:36 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 43 replies
    Vanity | 6/25/15 | Originalbuckeye
    It's official! Even though Gruber plainly said 'If you're a state and you don’t set up an Exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits. … I hope that’s a blatant enough political reality that states will get their act together and realize there are billions of dollars at stake here in setting up these Exchanges, and that they’ll do it.', our SCOTUS has taken it upon itself to rewrite Obamacare. That's twice now that SCOTUS has rewritten an obviously unconstitutional Law to decide it really is Constitutional. So, mark this day forever, it is OFFICIAL. WORDS in...
  • Is Flirting Dead?

    06/15/2015 7:50:29 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 50 replies
    Vanity | 6/15/15 | Originalbuckeye
    "My daughter's 14," he said. "My ... wife says to her, 'Well, you know, in the next couple years, I think maybe you're going to want to be hanging around the city more on the weekends so you can see boys.' You know what my daughter said? She says, 'That's sexist.'"-Seinfeld Have young girls been manipulated into believing that paying attention to a boy is beneath them? Are girls being taught that they are superior to boys and, subsequently, will not be able to make good relationships that will result in marriage?
  • Why Is Kelly Only Asking Cruz About Jeb?

    05/12/2015 6:17:42 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 107 replies
    5/12/15 | originalbuckeye
    Why is Megan Kelly only asking Ted Cruz what he thinks about Jeb's answers from last night???
  • Can Lynch Overrule Hanan?

    04/21/2015 3:29:56 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 9 replies
    4/21/15 | Originalbuckeye
    Can Lynch overrule Judge Hanan? If so, is that why Obama is whining so much about a vote on her?
  • Tattooed Women

    02/22/2015 8:21:25 PM PST · by originalbuckeye · 183 replies
    2/22/15 | originalbuckeye
    Is anyone else tired of seeing women who are a mess with tattoos?
  • [Vanity] Medea Benjamin on Ted Baxter

    02/03/2015 6:35:48 PM PST · by originalbuckeye · 18 replies
    2/3/15 | originalbuckeye
    Did anyone see Medea Benjamin on O'Reilly tonight? She of course blamed GWB for the Jordanian pilot's execution. She said we never should have gone into Iraq in the first place. Then she said our interventionist policies in Egypt and Libya cause ISIS to act the way they do. I wanted to smack BOR for not pointing out it was OBAMA and his ARAB SPRING interventions that funded and otherwise supported the uprisings in Egypt and Libya.
  • 50 die under secret 999 policy

    01/29/2015 7:55:16 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 17 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 1/13/15 | Laura Donnelly
    More than 50 patients have died after an NHS trust introduced a secret policy to downgrade 999 calls and not to send ambulances to terminally ill patients. Managers at East of England ambulance trust were accused of “the most cruel form of rationing imaginable” after admitting that 8,000 patients had been affected by the changes. An internal NHS report discloses that 57 patients died after their calls were downgraded following a decision not to send ambulances to the terminally ill and to those who had given instructions not to resuscitate. It meant that, instead of receiving a response from paramedics...

    11/21/2014 5:55:30 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 142 replies
    11/21/14 | originalbuckeye
    This will certainly collapse the SS system much more quickly than ever. Adding 5,000,000 people to the SS rolls, who HAVENT PAID INTO THE SYSTEM, is a slap in the face to hard working Americans who have been supporting this system for decades.
  • Wiggle-words from this Admin

    11/20/2014 6:49:09 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 6 replies
    11/20/14 | Originalbuckeye
    Do you think most Americans recognize the manipulative words this Admin uses to influence the citizenry?
  • Repeal National Common Core, Repeal and Replace Obamacare

    11/05/2014 6:33:17 AM PST · by originalbuckeye · 36 replies
    11/5/14 | Originalbuckeye
    This new Congress MUST represent the people of the country now. With Common Core, our grade school students are being asked to repeat the tenets of Islam. I thought religion wasn't allowed in the schools? Common Core Head, Arne Duncan, withholds education monies, required to be sent to the Federal Gov't from ALL states, from states that don't go with Common Core. With Obamacare, the Fed Gov't is already sucking up Health dollars for other purposes, not having anything to do with Healthcare. We want our freedom to choose our Doctors again! Make Health Insurance competitive, allow Health Insurance to...
  • Weeks after first steps, girl will lose limbs to meningitis

    10/27/2014 9:31:51 PM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 22 replies
    DailyMailOnline ^ | 10/16/14 | Daily Mail Reporter
    It was a landmark moment in her life and should have been one of her family’s most precious memories. But Harmonie-Rose Allen’s first steps are tinged with sadness for her parents. Just weeks after starting to walk, their daughter is to lose all of her limbs to meningitis. Harmonie-Rose Allen is currently in hospital facing amputation of both her arms and legs after she contracted meningitis. Harmonie-Rose Allen is currently in hospital facing amputation of both her arms and legs after she contracted meningitis. The 11-month-old is on a life support machine in hospital, suffering what doctors said is one...
  • Rice on Sunday Shows

    10/14/2014 11:05:37 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 9 replies
    10/14/14 | Originalbuckeye
    Susan Rice went on the Sunday shows and lied about cooperation from Turkey in the War on ISIS. Turkey pitched a fit and said she was lying (although I am not sure if they used the word 'lie').