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  • Rep: CDC Worried Travel Ban Over Ebola Would Hurt African Economies

    10/16/2014 3:25:02 PM PDT · 90 of 111
    Ozymandias Ghost to RIghtwardHo

    “The biggest problem is the inability to track the disease. It actually makes quarantining MORE difficult and could actually cause the disease to spread faster.

    Listen to the scientists not the nitwit politicians.”

    I am going to assume you are being serious and have “bought in” to Dr Frieden’s latest “straw man” argument. Essentially that argument is: If we restrict flights or Visas emanating from the afflicted West African countries we will then make tracking infected individuals ineffective because then they will come here by illicit means “overland.”

    First: All the chaos that is occurring now in CONUS was caused by one individual; Mr Duncan. Mr Duncan would still be able to come here unimpeded under the current screening methods. Mr Duncan would not have been able to come here if flights or Visa’s were denied to West Africans and none of the current tracking; additional infections and attendant chaos would exist here.

    Second: If one infected individual has created this much chaos, do you seriously believe that the CDC and our current health care resources are capable of dealing with 10 such cases without a geometric increase in chaos and further infections? We currently have an estimated 150 West Africans flying to our country each day; that is 1050 individuals per week. Do you get the impression that 10 individuals “slipping thru the cracks” in a week is quite possible and even probable as the epidemic continues to rage thru Africa. (The epidemic was out of control back in April and the WHO’s response has been less than adequate; frankly it may well be beyond fixing at this point; but, I realize we need to try and I do support fighting the epidemic aggressively in Africa. My point is we should have started doing that 6 months ago!)

    Third: When Dr Frieden used the term “overland” I have to assume he is referring to our own wide open southern border. That is a major problem; however, we have no idea who is coming across that border right now; so, I hardly think the scope of the current “tracking” can be all that accurate to begin with; it is, at best, illusory w/regard to the southern border. If you are not aware, CDR, USSOUTHCOM, General John Kelly, stated recently that he is very concerned that the epidemic will spread to South and/or Central America; the effect of which he summed up with the simple expression, “Katy bar the door.” Right now that door is wide open and we should be doing everything humanly possible to control it.

    Fourth, Our resources to both track and treat Ebola infections are finite. By my count we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 beds available in the type of Isolation Units needed to safely treat Ebola infected individuals. (I am guessing at, perhaps, 12 beds at USAMRIID as I have not seen numbers quoted for their facilities; however, that figure may well be generous.) Given the high number of individuals required to track, isolate and treat those who were either infected by Mr. Duncan or had contact w/him or those he infected, I cannot see any way that our system, at its current configuration and level of training and staffing, can handle dozens of infected individuals simultaneously. Additionally, the trained hospital staff will almost certainly be reduced as some will become infected or exposed to a degree that will preclude them from performing their jobs. Of course, that scenario will both add to the patient load AND reduce the number of qualified staff available.

    Bottom Line: If we do not at least temporarily restrict West Africans from coming here AND control our borders it is highly likely we will rapidly deplete our resources to a point where we will not be able to respond to those who need medical isolation, contact tracking and medical intervention.

  • CDC Director: Ebola-Infected Nurse Amber Vinson should not have flown

    10/16/2014 9:16:20 AM PDT · 28 of 32
    Ozymandias Ghost to Poison Pill

    I think w/the mixed messages and lack of guidance from the CDC and/or anyone else in authority it was predictable that things would go very wrong. I don’t know how experienced this nurse is; however, she appears to be very young like the other infected nurse. I would definitely cut them some slack; as the real culprit here is the CDC and probably the senior hospital staff for not issuing clear and proper guidance; or demanding same in the case of the senior hospital staff.

    These nurses are now dealing w/the fact they were deliberately exposed (without proper guidance or equipment) to a disease that is lethal in 50% to 90% of cases and for which there is no known cure. They likely feel like they have been betrayed by both the CDC and their senior management People tend not to think clearly or rationally in these situations and these nurses haven’t had the benefit of any competent leadership IMHO.

    To answer your question, no, I do not and would not trust the senior appointed officials at CDC. There are likely a lot of competent staff there; but, that would be amongst the career staff. Unfortunately, Dr Frieden is an appointee and obviously a politician first and foremost; and his arrogance only adds to the problem. He is the worst possible person for the demands of the current health crisis.

  • CDC Director: Ebola-Infected Nurse Amber Vinson should not have flown

    10/16/2014 7:02:00 AM PDT · 11 of 32
    Ozymandias Ghost to RummyChick

    “I blame the nurse first”

    Not so. The nurse had contacted the CDC multiple times and had told them her temperature; they advised her that it was OK to fly. Of course Dr Frieden deliberately omitted those details; leaving you and many others to draw the wrong conclusion; just as he did w/the first infected nurse and the “protocols were not followed” meme. Frieden is an equivocating dirt bag.

  • Brazil is the first suspected case of Ebola in Cascavel, Parana (Machine Translated)

    10/09/2014 10:40:09 PM PDT · 17 of 23
    Ozymandias Ghost to jjsheridan5

    It’s a glitch in the machine translation.

    The name of the city is Cascavel, Parana. Cascavel (Portuguese) is also the common name in Brazil for the Neotropical Rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus durissus). In Spanish speaking countries of Central and South America the common name for the Neotropical rattlesnake is Cascabel. Cascabel is also used colloquially for the Aruba Rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus unicolor) and several other C. durissus subspecies.

  • Norwegian woman infected with Ebola

    10/06/2014 1:24:47 PM PDT · 59 of 80
    Ozymandias Ghost to PA Engineer

    “The timeline for her infection is all wrong.”

    Negative. You have the wrong patient. The nurse treated Manuel García Viejo, the second Spanish missionary infected. He died on 26 September. That means her exposure/infection is well within the norm for Ebola virus.

  • Scarborough: Chris Christie is a Man for All Factions; Like Reagan, could unite Republican Party

    11/07/2013 10:52:40 PM PST · 42 of 67
    Ozymandias Ghost to RobinOfKingston

    Per your comment regarding the Bush 41 and 43 pedigrees: George H. W. Bush (41) was born in Massachusetts and was the son of Prescott Bush; who was a U.S Senator from Connecticut and originally from Ohio. George H. Bush (43) was born in New Haven, CT. All 3 attended Yale University. While it is true that both Bush 41 and 43 now have residences in Texas (41 still maintains a “summer home” in Kennybunkport, Maine); their New England/Northeastern ties/roots are quite strong ...Prescott was an influential NY banker prior to winning his U.S. Senate seat.

    That said I totally agree that Christie is no friend to Conservatism ...probably he is the best one can expect from NJ; but, I guarantee he won't sell here in VA or anywhere else in the South.



  • Cuccinelli shuns Cruz limelight

    10/13/2013 12:22:23 PM PDT · 57 of 61
    Ozymandias Ghost to chris37
    I “get” your passion for Senator Cruz and I share and respect it; however, as you point out, you live in FL.

    I live in VA and have lived here continuously since the early 1960’s; when my father was assigned to take over command of the Marine Barracks, NWS Yorktown, VA. He later retired here and I have lived here ever since. Our situation in VA is different than FL ...we have thousands of politicians, lobbyists and bureaucrat invaders in NoVA who make big bucks off the taxpayers. They are a huge factor in VA elections these days.

    I have followed Cuccinelli’s career for several years; so, I have a grasp of his overall performance and am not limited to this single alleged snub of Senator Cruz.

    My guess is that, if this “flap” did happen, it was probably not a snub; but some sort of tactical maneuver arrived at by prior arrangement between them or their staffs. Senator Cruz, like former Governor Palin, is very smart and thinks both strategically and tactically. I imagine they know where their presence and/or endorsement will help a promising candidate and where it will be a detriment and act accordingly. Dem operatives, such as those who opine within Politico, are just exercising a little “divide and conquer” strategy to create dissension amongst Conservatives. Don't fall for it.

    ‘Take care ...hope your weather down in the Sunshine State is better than ours here in the Old Dominion!


  • Cuccinelli shuns Cruz limelight

    10/11/2013 10:45:50 PM PDT · 55 of 61
    Ozymandias Ghost to chris37
    I’m absolutely no fan of the GOPe and I consider myself an independent Conservative at this point. Like I said, I have no idea what the situation is between Cuccinelli and Ted Cruz; however, to insist that Cuccinelli is GOPe is just ludicrous. Bolling was the GOPe’s preferred candidate and I can assure you none of those folks have any great love for Ken Cuccinelli; nor have they really done much to help Cuccinelli or his campaign from what I can discern.

    That said; if it is your firmly held belief that Cuccinelli has not been supportive enough of Cruz; and, therefore, you cannot support him that is certainly your right. I merely submit to you that the evidence for your conclusion is entirely circumstantial and comes from disreputable sources.

    You are entirely correct about McAuliffe and it will be a very sad day for the Commonwealth if good people, like yourself, allow him to be elected as governor over some perceived slight to Senator Cruz.

    Agree; Levin is a good guy and one of the brightest, in my opinion!

    ‘Nuff said.

    ‘Take care,


  • Cuccinelli shuns Cruz limelight

    10/11/2013 3:22:47 PM PDT · 53 of 61
    Ozymandias Ghost to chris37
    I can't say what Cuccinelli’s stance is w/regard to Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul or all the House Tea Partiers as I am not an “insider” w/the Cuccinelli campaign; just a supporter who has been impressed by Ken over the past several years.

    As to the characterization of the alleged snub by Cuccinelli of Cruz; I have only heard these reports from a few known Dem political operatives; so, I take those reports w/more than a large “grain of salt.”

    I do think it is imperative to remember that Cuccinelli is campaigning in a gubernatorial race in a Commonwealth that is now heavily populated (infested???) w/Federal employees in both Northern and Tidewater VA; so, it would seem to me Cuccinelli should concentrate on State/Commonwealth level issues and steer clear of the national level disputes. After all, win lose or draw the Governor of Va has very little influence upon the battles fought at the Congressional level.

    As an example of why I like Cuccinelli, as you may recall the VA GOP gerrymandered the rules in order to preclude most, if not all, of the most Conservative candidates from appearing on the ballot in the last presidential primary election here in the Old Dominion. Ken Cuccinelli was one of the very few who tried to get that changed; but, was forced to withdraw the lawsuit at the behest of Gov McDonnell and the other elitists in the VA GOP. So, it would appears that Ken is not afraid to fight the powers to be on matters of principle.

    One thing I know; I will definitely be voting AGAINST Terry McAuliffe; as preserving the 2nd Amendment and the right to self defense is paramount to me.

    Take care,


  • Cuccinelli shuns Cruz limelight

    10/07/2013 9:02:46 AM PDT · 6 of 61
    Ozymandias Ghost to chris37

    Cuccinelli is no coward; nor is he part of the Quisling GOPe. The source for this is a Politico article; you should treat it w/great suspicion at the very least ...they are Dem propagandists. By the way, I am a huge fan of Ted Cruz and have great hopes for both him and Ken Cuccinelli!

  • About Obama's "skeet shooting" photo..

    02/06/2013 8:33:51 AM PST · 94 of 99
    Ozymandias Ghost to Oztrich Boy

    G’Day O.B.

    LOL ...reaching for my 6.5mm Carcano Carbine to try, once again, to somehow recreate the “single bullet theory.”

  • About Obama's "skeet shooting" photo..

    02/05/2013 9:14:40 PM PST · 13 of 99
    Ozymandias Ghost to Jet Jaguar

    “circa 1965”

    Close, but, I’m pretty damned sure the guy firing the shotgun died in Nov 63!!!

  • First photos of Americans abandoning Benghazi Consulate emerge

    11/02/2012 9:36:35 PM PDT · 37 of 82
    Ozymandias Ghost to Dave Mellon

    Note in the video clip at Post 17 there is a prisoner w/his hands restrained (flex-cuffed?) behind his back (in blue jeans/white T-shirt being forced towards the rear passenger side of the SUV) ...that tracks w/what was reported recently ...prisoner was turned over to Libyan forces when the CIA annex was evacuated according to the aforementioned report. According to that report no one knows his whereabouts now or if he was ever interrogated/identified.

  • Incommunicado (Regime blocks Military from testifying on Benghazi)

    10/20/2012 10:14:10 AM PDT · 35 of 47
    Ozymandias Ghost to gandalftb
    “Fox also needs to sell airtime, I do not.”

    It is not FOX News involvement that is important; it is the fact that Chairman McKeon is still pushing this issue and is definitely not backing off. How does that “square” w/what you proposed in your initial post on this thread?

    (NOTE: Per above, I do think Catherine Herridge (sp?) does an exemplary job as an investigative journalist. Brett Baer’s report last night on the events leading up to; and inclusive of, the Benghazi attack did a creditable job of summarizing that chronology for those who hadn't been paying attention or who had become confused by the various conflicting reports. Personally, I am still having problems accepting the explanation for how the DSO assigned to accompany Stevens and Smith in the safe room during the attack became separated from them. I think there are some details there that strain credulity.)



  • Incommunicado (Regime blocks Military from testifying on Benghazi)

    10/20/2012 9:30:14 AM PDT · 27 of 47
    Ozymandias Ghost to gandalftb
    “It’s not a claim.”

    Assuming your information is correct, how do you account for the fact that this request came from the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee? Would Chairman McKeon not have access to at least the same classified info that you claim to have? Why would he have even made this request if such a request would exopose or jeopardize a classified, ongoing operation?

    NOTE: McKeon is on FOX right now being interviewed; so, apparently he and FOX News are not satisfied and are definitely NOT dropping the issue as of this morning.

    (I did review your previous posts since the time of the assassination of Ambassador Stevens and you are obviously intelligent; knowledgeable and indicate experience as an Intel analyst in both the military and State Department. That said, you did initially “buy in” to the reports of the crowd demonstrating around the Benghazi conusulate which has since proved to have been untrue. So, isn't it possible that what you have heard is disinformation?) V/r, -Geoff

  • Hillary Throws Obama Under The Bus

    10/16/2012 9:24:13 AM PDT · 55 of 74
    Ozymandias Ghost to RummyChick
    “The blogger was remembering that BO made appointments in Hillary’s state department that reported directly to BO essentially circumventing Hillary.”

    I believe that would be a reference to the current UN Ambassador, Susan Rice; who, as I am sure you recall, was the Obama administrations “point man” made the rounds of all the various weekend political talk shows proclaiming the Benghazi incident to have been caused by the “insulting” Internet movie and that the incident was not related to terrorism.

    Obama made the U.S. ambassador to the UN a CABINET LEVEL position AFTER Hillary accepted and was confirmed as SECSTATE. Prior to that the UN ambassador worked directly for SECSTATE; thus, Susan Rice now has a direct conduit to Obama. Rice has been rumored to be a prime candidate to replace Hillary as SECSTATE should Obama win re-election.

    Regards, -Geoff

  • Soldier honoured for bayonet charge on Taliban

    09/29/2012 6:50:56 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    Ozymandias Ghost to sinsofsolarempirefan
    Thx for the historical input.

    There seems to be some disparity amongst various authorities as to the composition of the soldiers of B Company, 2/24th at Rorke's Drift as well as the regimental march at that time. I note that Ian Knight concurs w/your account and indicates “only 19 men of B Company, 2/24th (had) any type of Welsh connection.”


    That said, Norman Holme says the following:

    “Of the 122 soldiers of the 24th Regiment present at the Battle of Rorke's Drift, 49 are known to have been of English nationality, 32 were Welsh, 16 were Irish, 1 was a Scot, and 3 were born overseas. The nationalities of the remaining 21 are unknown.”


    But, he also states that only 4 soldiers of the entire company were from Warwickshire.

    (Source: Norman Holme (1999) The Noble 24th p. 383)

    Numerous sources, other than Knight, list “Men of Harlech” as having been the regimental march of the 24th Regiment of Foot/2nd Warwickshire and some also list “Warwickshire Lads.”


    From the historical references I have seen it appears that the number of Warwickshire men in the regiment reached it's peak between the end of the 18th century and the middle of the 19th century; however, their numbers had fallen off dramatically by the 1879. That comports w/Holmes comments cited above; where roughly 25% of the company was of Welsh extraction while roughly 50% were Englishmen (but less than 4% were from Warwickshire).

    Note that at the link above to Ian Knight's comments the following is also included:

    “There have been some accounts (primarily David Charles of Fugitive's Drift) where it was said that ‘Men of Harlech’ was sung as the men of the 3rd column crossed the river at Rorke's Drift on the their way into Zululand...”

    At any rate, you are quite correct in stating that the majority of B Company, 2/24th were Englishmen at the time of the Battle of Rorke's Drift. I certainly did not mean to imply that the 24th Regiment of Foot was primarily a Welsh regiment at that time; although, obviously, quite a few Welshmen were part of the company that defended Rorke's Drift.

    As to the location of the regimental depot, this source indicates: “...the Regimental Depot had been established at Brecon, in South Wales, in 1873...”


    While it appears quite possible that “Men of Harlech” might have been sung by some of the soldiers who passed thru Rorke's Drift, it does seem logical and probable that you and Knight are correct in stating that the official regimental march of the 24th would have been “Warwickshire Lads” at the time of Rorke's Drift and up until 1881.

    Again, I appreciate your comments and if you have more to add to help clarify the events surrounding the Battle of Rorke's Drift I welcome them.



  • Panetta: We’ve Lost Track of Syrian Chemical Weapons

    09/28/2012 3:31:20 PM PDT · 95 of 171
    Ozymandias Ghost to gaijin
    Gaijin- “Your link only overviewed MANPADS up to the SA-18 model and did not include the SA-24...”

    “Although there have been news media reports of the more modern Russian SA-24 Manpads in Libya, there is no evidence yet to support the claims, American officials said. The SA-24s purchased by Libya were part of a vehicle-mounted system, the evidence suggests, and were not configured for shoulder firing. No SA-24 grip stocks or paperwork for grip stocks have been found.”

    NYT Link:

    Note that this is a reference to the CREW SERVED SA-24 not the MANPADS version. From what I have read, originally an observer in post revolution Libya had identified an empty crate at a looted arsenal as having contained a MANPADS SA-24; however, this was later discredited as the crate markings indicated the heavier, twin tube, crew served, mounted version and the observer later recanted his original statement to reflect the latter conclusion.

    What is the real truth? ...who knows!

    I like your “handle” foreign devil!!!



  • AP: Benghazi consulate attack was led by 50 masked men using “military: tacticsUpdate.....

    09/28/2012 11:03:57 AM PDT · 44 of 44
    Ozymandias Ghost to ballplayer
    “...Obama and Hillary Clinton are two incompetent Losers.”

    Malfeasance and misfeasance of office are arguably applicable allegations.

  • AP: Benghazi consulate attack was led by 50 masked men using “military: tacticsUpdate.....

    09/28/2012 10:58:49 AM PDT · 43 of 44
    Ozymandias Ghost to Ernest_at_the_Beach

    “No Marines at the Tripoli Embassy prior to the attack...?
    Very unusual.”


    One might even say, “unique.” (wry smile)

  • Soldier honoured for bayonet charge on Taliban

    09/28/2012 10:53:19 AM PDT · 20 of 23
    Ozymandias Ghost to Argus
    Wonderful and stirring march!

    Historical Note: “Men of Harlech” was the regimental march of the now disbanded 24th Regiment of Foot; which existed at the time of the Anglo-Zulu War. B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment of Foot comprised the majority of a defensive force which displayed exceptional courage and valor during the “Battle of Rorke's Drift” on 22-23 January 1879 (aka: “The Defense of Rorke's Drift”). They held their position against a vastly numerically superior force of Zulu Impis.

    The 24th Regiment of Foot was renamed the South Wales Borderers Regiment in 1881 and “Men of Harlech” remained as their regimental quick march. It is also the current regimental quick march for the Royal Regiment of Wales which absorbed the South Wales Borderers Regiment in 1969.

    Since Corporal Jones is a member of the Princess of Wales Regiment, given the circumstances, technically the appropriate march would be that regiment's quick march: “The Farmer's Boy/Soldiers of the Queen.”

    The Princess of Wales Regiment also has a slow march: “The Minden Rose.”

  • AP: Benghazi consulate attack was led by 50 masked men using “military: tacticsUpdate.....

    09/22/2012 7:32:35 AM PDT · 30 of 44
    Ozymandias Ghost to ballplayer
    “Wonder why Obama wont answer questions of why there were no Marines at the Benghazi Consulate for security?”

    That's been pretty well vetted. According to HQ Marine Corps official statement there were no U.S. Marines anywhere in Libya at the time the ambassador was attacked. The nearest Marine FAST that could be deployed to Libya was in Rota, Spain and they were not deployed until the day after Ambassador Stevens was assassinated. According to reports I have heard recently the Marine FAST is still in Tripoli at the U.S. Embassy.

    The reason there were no Marines in Libya is because the Obama administration wanted a “low key” presence in post revolution Libya. The administration's position was that the presence of Marines would inflame the Libyans. Obviously putting the U.S. ambassador and his staff at risk in Benghazi, the very heart of AQ recruiting territory for the war in Iraq, was an inexcusable lapse of judgment and a terrible waste of an accomplished career diplomat and the brave men who accompanied him.

  • U.S. officials say beefed up Benghazi security no match for ferocity of assault

    09/22/2012 7:10:12 AM PDT · 41 of 41
    Ozymandias Ghost to Ernest_at_the_Beach
    You're most welcome.

    An addendum from what was reported on FOX last night: DoS in their testimony to Congress yesterday claimed there were 5 security officers w/the ambassador at the time of the attack; however, DoS also seems to be implying that the 2 former SEALs who were killed were part of that group; which contradicts what has been reported from an anonymous official from another agency who claimed the SEALs were not part of the ambassadors security detail and did not have primary responsibility for the ambassador and his staff.

    To the best of my knowledge, no other security officers have been identified; nor do we know why they were so ill prepared and why they apparently became separated from the ambassador during the attack.

  • AP: Benghazi consulate attack was led by 50 masked men using “military: tacticsUpdate.....

    09/22/2012 6:42:07 AM PDT · 16 of 44
    Ozymandias Ghost to Ernest_at_the_Beach
    “Isn’t it more damning of the administration if the attack was planned in a few hours rather than a few weeks?”

    From a security standpoint, yes; however, what the author is missing here is the political strategy; which is primary to the administration. Lengthy planning would indicate a political strategy equivalent to a well organized terrorist group such as AQ or one of their “affiliates.”

    Remember, the administration is in “damage control” mode at this point. They would rather admit a security failure at the local level than admit their entire foreign policy is a fraud. They want to be able to maintain their position that AQ has been defeated and the GWOT is over.

  • U.S. officials say beefed up Benghazi security no match for ferocity of assault

    09/20/2012 7:02:57 PM PDT · 29 of 41
    Ozymandias Ghost to barryobi
    Hi Barryobi-

    Thx. Yes, I was aware of that report; however, there were many conflicting reports regarding the firefights at the consulate and the “safe house.” I have doubts about the accuracy of this report as the reaction force is identified as “Marines.” Headquarters Marine Corps issued a statement early on that there were no Marines in country at the time of the attack including the embassy at Tripoli. Marines did not arrive in Tripoli until a FAST Company was deployed from Rota, Spain in response to the murder of Ambassador Stevens. To the best of my knowledge the Marine FAST is still located at the embassy in Tripoli. My guess is the reaction team referenced in your article was either CIA or DoS security personnel ...but who knows.

    Based on everything I read it appears one of the former SEALs was killed at the consulate and the other died at the safe house (probably one of the 2 casualties your article mentions. Still, that seems to indicate there was at least one other member of the reaction force wounded and several others who apparently were extracted by the convoy that eventually left the “safe house.”

    That still begs the question as to who was responsible for the ambassador's security at the time he was attacked at the consulate; other than the Libyan contractors; who apparently ran away for the most part. (Assuming that the most recent report that the 2 former SEALs were staying at the “safe house;” were not part of the security detail and joined the fray after hearing the initial gunfire.)



  • U.S. officials say beefed up Benghazi security no match for ferocity of assault

    09/20/2012 6:17:08 PM PDT · 14 of 41
    Ozymandias Ghost to skeeter
    “Hasn't this already been proven a lie?”

    It conflicts w/information given by another anonymous official from another agency who claimed the 2 former SEALs killed (Doherty and Wood) were there on another mission and were not responsible for the ambassador's security. That official claimed that Doherty and Woods were staying at the “safe house” and ran to the aid of the ambassador when they heard the gunfire at the consulate.


    There is no evidence I have seen to indicate there were any other U.S. personnel providing security for Ambassador Stevens at the time of the attack. If the other 3 individuals referred to in the CNN article were there, what happened to them and what were they doing at the time of the attack that led to them becoming separated from the ambassador???

  • Clinton fails to convince Republicans on administration's account of Libya attack

    09/20/2012 5:54:19 PM PDT · 37 of 55
    Ozymandias Ghost to Former Proud Canadian
    “4. Who were the x-seals who just happened to be there but were not part of Steven's security? Who were they working for? What were they doing in Benghazi on 9/11?”

    According to various press reports one of the SEALs, Glenn “Bub” Doherty, had been interviewed a few months ago by ABC News and indicated he and his team were in Libya to track down and destroy several thousand MANPADS (MAN Portable Air Defense System: Portable surface to air missiles) which had disappeared since the Ghadaffi regieme had fallen. I presume the other former SEAL killed, Tyrone “Rone” Woods, was also part of the team Doherty referred to; although that is not clear.


  • Video shows Libyans tried to save U.S. envoy after attack on Benghazi consulate

    09/20/2012 1:41:49 PM PDT · 20 of 21
    Ozymandias Ghost to Dave Mellon
    Dave Mellon-

    First, I tend to agree w/your assumption that some of the “local Muslims” were and are sympathetic to Stevens and tried to do what they could to return his body to the authorities (Benghazi Medical Center); however, I think Stevens was dead by the time they found him and I doubt that they are the same group shown in the various images/videos of Stevens. (Stevens appears to be dead to me in the original 3 digital images that I saw ...note that his left forearm position, while he is being carried over the shoulder of a “rescuer,” is the same as in the morgue/hospital image where it is clear that Stevens is dead and the forearm/hand is in rigor mortis.)

    As to the rescue vs torture/"dragged thru the streets" scenarios; I think the issue is being deliberately confused in order to cover up the fact that Stevens was tortured before he was murdered. There were early comments from a French diplomat indicating this was the case. Also there are the following two paragraphs from a Reuters article published on 12 Sep 2012 by a gardner named Ali Khamis and a young man named Hamam who both claimed to be present at the time the terrorists entered the consulate grounds after the attack:

    “Ali Khamis, a gardener, said he was in his room at the consulate when the attack happened. “They came into the compound, through all the gates. They were shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ and they were shooting in the air when they came in,” he said.”

    “Hamam, the young protester, said he had seen an American “totally covered in soot and black” lying apparently dead in the compound. Some people he said were chanting, “Allahu akbar (God is great), We are victorious over the infidels.”


    Note that this was on 12 September, well before the videos came out w/what I believe are doctored audio based on the fact that the participants behavior and shouts match the description the two witnesses gave in the above paragraph ...well BEFORE anyone saw any of the video footage.

    Sorry you've been catching so much flak. Basically, we're all just trying to figure out what really happened to Stevens and everyone is infuriated by the fact that the Obama administration/DoS are to blame and have clearly been lying and stonewalling about all of this.

    Of course, whether or not Stevens was tortured and his body paraded through the streets of Benghazi, has no impact upon the obvious fact that this was a well planned terrorist attack and the security arrangements were totally inadequate.



  • A Benghazi power, Libya militia eyed in attack (Al Qaeda with a different name)

    09/18/2012 4:27:18 PM PDT · 7 of 8
    Ozymandias Ghost to Ozymandias Ghost

    “Ansar al-Shariah’s prestige was boosted when the militia took over security at the Jalaa Hospital, the city’s main emergency hospital. Its fighters are posted at the hospital entrance and in its halls.”

    Oops; ‘just answered part of my own question ...should’ve read the entire article before posting!

  • A Benghazi power, Libya militia eyed in attack (Al Qaeda with a different name)

    09/18/2012 4:20:27 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    Ozymandias Ghost to tobyhill

    “In fact, (Ansar al-Shariah) guards one of Benghazi’s main hospitals.”

    Anybody know which hospital and if it is the one Ambassador Stevens was taken to???

  • It's real and FPSRussia's got one, the SRM-1216 16-shot automatic shotgun (VIDEO)

    09/18/2012 3:51:17 PM PDT · 31 of 31
    Ozymandias Ghost to marktwain

    Thx for the bullpup analysis!

  • Russians Shoot (Yemeni) Fisherman in the Face

    09/18/2012 8:54:54 AM PDT · 20 of 29
    Ozymandias Ghost to gandalftb
    It may be propoganda (highly likely) or it may be that this man was just in the wrong place at the wrong time; however, the real fault lies w/these countries and their citizens who refuse to “clean up their acts” and stop the piracy. If the piracy ends the Russian's and other navies can go back to their normal duties and these types of incidents won't happen.
  • Todd Akin’s Wife Compares GOP Abandonment to Rape, Tyranny

    09/18/2012 8:46:25 AM PDT · 165 of 197
    Ozymandias Ghost to centurion316
    No need for an apology either way. I think those who have “piled on” Akin are wrong both morally and tactically; however, you have a right to your opinion just as I do to mine. I've always ascribed to the saying, usually attributed to Voltaire: “I may disagree w/what you say; but, I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    Take care,


  • Todd Akin’s Wife Compares GOP Abandonment to Rape, Tyranny

    09/17/2012 4:56:29 PM PDT · 142 of 197
    Ozymandias Ghost to centurion316
    “I take it that you are not very well informed about how this race has unfolded.”

    Then you would be both presumptuous and wrong. I did my homework; but, held off commenting because I thought it prudent to let the people of MO solve this themselves. What now has me really pissed off is I see so many negative posts regarding Akin and his family coming from TX, CA, VA, etc ...very few similar posts from MO.

    I am well aware of the fact that MO has an open primary and of the allegations that Dems crossed over to pick the weakest candidate. That's an allegation which may or may not be true. You have no proof of that any more than anyone has proof that it didn't happen that way. The bottom line is that at this point it's irrelevant ...if the system is bad then change it before the next election ...oops, you can't do that because you live in KS!

    By your standard I should be screaming, ranting, raving and throwing a fit about Romney ...the GOP-e engineered the primary here in VA so that we could only choose between Romney and Ron Paul ...Newt and Gov Perry were kept off the ballot on technicalities and no write-in candidates were allowed. VA voters were effectively disenfranchised by the Romneyites and there will be scores to settle when this election is over ...but for now the most important thing is to defeat Obama and not leave our troops in the field and our foreign policy in tatters under the governance of the mendacious SOB who currently occupies the oval office ...when he's not out fund raising. Therefore, I will hold my nose, as I did for McCain and Dole and vote the ticket.

  • Todd Akin’s Wife Compares GOP Abandonment to Rape, Tyranny

    09/17/2012 3:43:51 PM PDT · 131 of 197
    Ozymandias Ghost to centurion316
    “The end result of all of this will be Akin without a job, McCaskill ensconced for another six years, and the GOP probably just short of control of the Senate. Akin is not doing any of us any favors.”

    First of all, for the record, I am neither of the religious right nor was I even aware of Akin’s candidacy prior to the “flap” over his comments. That said, the voters in MO picked him to run as the Republican Senate candidate. The GOP was within its rights to privately approach Akin and suggest for the good of the Party that he step down; however, once he indicated he was not going to do so they should have left it alone. Their rancor and spitefulness will only assure your and their self-fullfilling prophecy.

    I happen to disagree w/Akin’s all-inclusive stand against any type of abortion; however, I respect his position and I respect the right of MO voters to pick their candidate. What the GOP-e has done and continues to do is disrespectful to the voters of MO and just plain wrong.

  • Todd Akin’s Wife Compares GOP Abandonment to Rape, Tyranny

    09/17/2012 3:10:19 PM PDT · 122 of 197
    Ozymandias Ghost to centurion316
    “He's a fine fellow and his children are Great Americans. But, he can't win this race, perhaps the only person in the entire state of Missouri who cannot beat McCaskill.”

    I'm not in Missouri nor am I prescient; so, I wouldn't pretend to know the voters’ minds there; however, if Akin loses, the slash and burn tactics of the GOP-e will be as much to blame as the single, unfortunate, misspoken comment for which Akin profusely apologized. Let's be honest here; I am not naieve ...this was, and is, a lot more about whether Akin's comment would have a negative effect upon all the "wonderful" moderate candidates the GOP-e is offering us as opposed to whether Akin could win in Missouri. The GOP-e decided to sacrifice Akin in order to give their moderate loser insiders a boost.

  • Todd Akin’s Wife Compares GOP Abandonment to Rape, Tyranny

    09/17/2012 1:06:01 PM PDT · 57 of 197
    Ozymandias Ghost to kabar
    “Akin has six children with three sons having served in the US Marine Corps. Two are on active duty and one is serving as his father's campaign manager.”

    Glad to see that at least some of my fellow VA posters did their homework! As to the oft alleged "hayseedism" Akin's father was third generation Harvard grad ...hardly "a bunch of hicks." The three Marines are/were commissioned officers and all Naval Academy grads ...Perry Akin, the son who is campaign manager, was a Marine 1st Lieutenant w/combat engineers during the battle of Fallujah for which he was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal w/Combat “V.” (one level below the Bronze Star; arguably more significant than a Bronze Star lacking the combat “V”)


  • No demonstration before attack on US Consulate, source says

    09/17/2012 12:06:46 PM PDT · 32 of 49
    Ozymandias Ghost to Basil Duke
    “I would very much like to hear what the survivors from the consulate have to say about the attack in which their boss and three co-workers were murdered.”

    There was an early report that Ambassador Stevens had been dispatched to the consulate to coordinate the extraction of local U.S citizens; presumably consulate employees. Later reports appear to discredit that report and indicated that Stevens was at the consulate the night of the attack to attend some sort of cultural event the next day.

    There were also early reports of “Marines” dispatched to rescue the ambassador and his IT staffer/security detail. Later that was discredited by HQ USMC; who confirmed there were NO USMC PERSONNEL IN LIBYA at the time of the attack on the consulate. A USMC FAST was deployed from Rota, Spain to the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli the day after the ambassador and his staff were murdered.

    It appears the initial report of the “Marine rescue team” sent to the consulate was a misidentification of a mixed force of Libyan militia and DoS security contractor personnel. Any wounded Americans would have been amongst that group and I seriously doubt they will be talking given the nature of their employment and likely contractual agreements limiting their ability to release any info regarding their duties w/o written permission from DoS ...which ain't gonna happen!

  • Defect found in Boeing GE engine not isolated

    09/15/2012 8:03:54 PM PDT · 4 of 53
    Ozymandias Ghost to smokingfrog
    Am I correct in assuming that the SC facility is non-union??? If that is correct, it raises the possibility of sabotage since only the SC plant seems to have a problem.
  • Official: No Marines in Libya at time of Benghazi attack

    09/15/2012 2:19:09 PM PDT · 6 of 24
    Ozymandias Ghost to Parley Baer
    “So was Hillary responsible for there not being Marines/protection at the Benghazi Embassy?”

    Your answer is right in the article: “The State Department has the lead for embassy security around the world.”

    Until the Marine FAST arrived after the the assassination of Ambassador Stevens, there were no Marines assigned to embassy duty anywhere in Libya; including the embassy in Tripoli.

    The responsibility for the decision and policy to use only contract personnel and local security to guard the embassy/consulate in Libya, despite all the diplo-speak double talk in the article, falls directly upon DoS ...and Secretary Clinton is at the top of that “food chain.”

  • It's real and FPSRussia's got one, the SRM-1216 16-shot automatic shotgun (VIDEO)

    09/15/2012 1:29:18 PM PDT · 25 of 31
    Ozymandias Ghost to marktwain
    Hi MT-

    Thx! I appreciate the clear concise explanation.

    While I understood the concept of “muzzle flip” as it pertains to handguns/target reacquisition; your final paragraph helped clarify how/why “muzzle flip” translates to decreased “perceived recoil” in a bullpup design.

    I presume the only downside to bullpup design is placing the chamber closer to the shooters face (gasses from spent cartridges/increased danger to the shooter in the even of a critical failure due to overpressure) and a shorter sight radius. Any other pluses or minuses in your opinion?



  • It's real and FPSRussia's got one, the SRM-1216 16-shot automatic shotgun (VIDEO)

    09/15/2012 10:57:44 AM PDT · 20 of 31
    Ozymandias Ghost to Wonder Warthog
    Per your question on barrel length, from the review linked:

    “By using a bullpup design, the Kel-Tec has an eighteen and one-half inch barrel to keep the Feds happy...”

    The bullpup design has been credited w/reducing “perceived recoil” by some authorities; although I am not aware of the physics that would support that statement.

    I, too, like the idea of a high capacity pump shotgun for home defense ...less to go wrong when compared to an autoloader ...assuming there is no “operator error” such as “short stroking” the pump action. The relatively short overall length is also advantageous for CQB and weapons retention.

  • Chaos At The State Dept?

    09/15/2012 10:11:49 AM PDT · 27 of 72
    Ozymandias Ghost to Tilted Irish Kilt

    “Sean Smith , one of the killed Americans in Bengazi , stated on his “Jabber account””


    Could you source that pls? I’ve followed this pretty closely and the only info on indirect fire (mortars) I’ve read appeared to come from an interview w/a Libyan militia “captain” who claimed to be part of the rescue attempt. Everything I have read seemed to indicate Sean Smith died at the consulate w/o ever having reached the “safe house” location.

    At any rate, if you have the source or a link I would appreciate it as I would like to read that account ...there are so many conflicting stories it is hard to get any kind of grasp on the actual situation at this point.




  • It's real and FPSRussia's got one, the SRM-1216 16-shot automatic shotgun (VIDEO)

    09/15/2012 9:27:26 AM PDT · 6 of 31
    Ozymandias Ghost to marktwain

    Kel-Tec KSG Pump also looks interesting @ $880 MSRP (14+1 12ga/2.75”)


  • Play Clinty For Me

    08/31/2012 5:39:21 PM PDT · 35 of 56
    Ozymandias Ghost to Terry Mross
    Terry Mross: “The media and GOPe didn’t get the “Newhart” personna.”

    O.G.: I think the media are being deliberately obtuse ...the GOP-e; not so much.

    Terry Mross: “Clint did not go out there on his own. He was vetted and approved by the campaign.”

    O.G.: I would assume that to be the case; however, if so, why did the Romney campaign fail to get the word out to the rank and file??? (McDonnell, etc) ...or is this just an attempt at plausible deniability???

  • Play Clinty For Me

    08/31/2012 5:26:30 PM PDT · 34 of 56
    Ozymandias Ghost to p. henry
    “I really hope some of the PACs pick up portions of Clint’s routine and broadcast them repeatedly in the swing states.”


    If they're smart, they will.

  • Play Clinty For Me

    08/31/2012 3:20:17 PM PDT · 26 of 56
    Ozymandias Ghost to Publius

    Glad to see many of us “got” the Newhart-esque aspect of Eastwood's performance. Sadly, too many of the “stuffed shirt” GOP-e types didn't ...including my own Governor, Bob McDaniel, who disparaged Eastwood's performance.

    Eastwood, who is anything but senile, crazy or doddering, knew exactly what he was doing. The “crazy uncle” persona was merely an artifice to veil the thrust of the stiletto. All-in-all, a stellar performance. Kudos, Clint!!

    While I'm no Romney fan, Obama is far worse and the Republic needs to be rid of him and his minions. Last night Eastwood did more to help “sell” Mitt to the formerly uncommitted, moderate, “middle of the road,” “average Joe” voter than all of the rest of the carefully choreographed, polished politicians and tearful testimonialists assembled.

  • China's High-Tech Military Threat

    04/03/2012 7:56:18 PM PDT · 5 of 17
    Ozymandias Ghost to U-238
    “In the mid-2000s, the United States discovered that China was working on a program to develop anti-satellite weapons involving precision-guided missiles capable of hitting satellites in orbit and ground-based lasers that could blind or disrupt satellites in space. (Satellite warfare had been discussed in Chinese military writings as early as 1997, but evidence of actual programs did not surface until around 2006.) Still, many benign-China military analysts sought to play down China’s technical prowess. But they were embarrassed in January 2007, when China blasted a weather satellite into orbit with a ground-based anti-satellite missile.”

    (Note: I believe the phrase “into orbit” in the above paragraph is a typo and should read “in orbit;” indicating the “weather satellite” was a target hit by the “ground-based anti-satellite missile.”)

    A long but very interesting and sobering article. Thx was well worth the read! Looks like Newt's concerns about the U.S. losing the race for space were not as far fetched as some would have us believe.

  • Trayvon Martin shooting: It's not George Zimmerman crying for help on 911 recording, 2 experts say

    03/31/2012 5:23:08 PM PDT · 31 of 496
    Ozymandias Ghost to Salamander; All
    From Owen Forensic Services, LLC/Forensic Articles;


    "The first step is to evaluate the recording of the unknown voice, checking to make sure the recording has a sufficient amount of speech with which to work and that the quality of the recording is of sufficient clarity in the frequency range required for analysis. The volume of the recorded voice signal must be significantly higher than that of the environmental noise. The greater the number of obscuring events, such as noise, music, and other speakers, the longer the sample of speech must be. Some examiners report that they reject as many as sixty percent of the cases submitted to them with one of the main reasons for rejection being the poor quality of the recording of the unknown voice"


  • Limbaugh: "Maybe The Conservative Alternative To Romney Is Romney" (video)

    03/21/2012 4:40:42 PM PDT · 118 of 134
    Ozymandias Ghost to rurgan
    “If Rush were all about business then he would want Obama to win as his ratings will go up.”

    LOL. I suppose that, too, is a possibility ...although I doubt Rush is THAT desperate to improve his ratings! (My guess is that since the latest “flap” over Sandra Fluke his ratings have probably gone up.) Rest assured that, even w/o the Bamster as Community Organizer in Chief, there will always be plenty of liberals and other crazies out there for Rush to skewer!