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  • Pubs +5% on Generic Congressional Ballot with LIKELY voters!

    09/12/2008 10:42:42 AM PDT · 57 of 61
    Paladin2b to fooman
    I think it is unlikely we can get the House back this cycle, but it is just amusing (or embarrassing) going back and reading people who only six or seven months ago were going on about +40 seat gains for the Dems in the House, or a filibuster-proof Senate--or that 2008 was going to be a "realigning" election.

    At this point, any Obama Wins scenario hints at one of the weakest 'mandates' in decades--the Obama campaign is already laying the groundwork--through backgrounders to the press and selected/paid for blog chatter--for a possible win via serious electoral college/popular vote inversion, and by now it is clear (to professional politicos if not amateur Kool-Aid drinkers) that the man's downticket coattails will be zilch.
  • N. Korea: Anniversary Events Scheduled in the Morning Not Held (no sign of Kim Jong-il as of 5PM)

    09/09/2008 7:15:30 AM PDT · 22 of 60
    Paladin2b to TigerLikesRooster
    This isn't some run-of-the-mill civic holiday in DPRK--this is the 60th Anniversary of the regime's establishment. His appearance is a requirement politically and socially. If Kim--or even one of his doubles--doesn't show, something is seriously wrong. Fasten your seatbelts, people. We would have been in for a bumpy ride when either Pakistan or North Korea dissolved into anarchy--but nobody anticipated both nations looking to blow up simultaneously.
  • Kim Jong-Il 'died in 2003', says Japanese professor

    09/07/2008 10:08:24 AM PDT · 20 of 23
    Paladin2b to Perdogg

    The scenario loses me when the suggestion is that there are four “doubles” standing in for Kim. Anyone remember how Saddam was supposed to have the same roster of lookalikes? We never found any of them, and you’d think they’d have been much easier to locate.

  • RNC use of 'Barracuda' as Palin theme song angers Heart

    09/05/2008 11:59:54 AM PDT · 96 of 118
    Paladin2b to Berlin_Freeper
    How can they say no to Maverick? Try to understand, try to understand, HE'S A MAGIC MAN. (Sorry. Couldn't help it.)
  • E-mail frenzy: 'Obama plans to disarm U.S.!'

    08/27/2008 10:33:49 AM PDT · 22 of 31
    Paladin2b to BreezyDog
    Who has got the You Tube link?

    Oh sorry, you meant the Obama video. Oh well, Burt Lancaster is still more fun to watch any day of the week.
  • E-mail frenzy: 'Obama plans to disarm U.S.!'

    08/27/2008 10:24:28 AM PDT · 18 of 31
    Paladin2b to farlander
    I’m sure it is funny but I’m unfamiliar with the reference... what’s the “Preakness Pool” ?

    Forgot to mention, the novel and film in question is "Seven Days In May".

    Best lines:

    General James Mattoon Scott: James Mattoon Scott, as you put it, hasn't the slightest interest in his own glorification. But he does have an abiding interest in the survival of this country.

    President Jordan Lyman: Then run for office, damnit.
  • E-mail frenzy: 'Obama plans to disarm U.S.!'

    08/27/2008 10:20:01 AM PDT · 13 of 31
    Paladin2b to farlander
    I’m sure it is funny but I’m unfamiliar with the reference... what’s the “Preakness Pool” ?

    In both the 1964 film and the 1962 novel (IMHO better than even the Lancaster-Douglas movie) the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are plotting a coup d'etat against the President are using communiques among top brass stationed around the world on a betting pool on the Preakness Stakes as the coded cover for their scheme.
  • No Charges Over 'Obama Death Plot'

    08/27/2008 6:28:47 AM PDT · 29 of 56
    Paladin2b to xzins
    750 yards is yearly a half mile. There is no stadium in America that is that large. The playing field + endzone + space to the stands (if there is any) would be only about 150 yards.

    That was exactly my thought when I read that. Unless they were planning on switching the venue to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the story made no sense.
  • BREAKING--Obama may announce CHET EDWARDS as running mate in minutes

    08/22/2008 8:57:24 AM PDT · 105 of 412
    Paladin2b to Vermont Lt
    This guy is my age. The draft ended in the early 70’s when this guy wasnt a teenager...In fact, depending on what year he was born, he might not have had to register at all. (THAT started back up again when I was in college.)

    Chet was born 24 November 1951. He became eligible for the draft in late 1969. When did Nixon effectively end it, i.e., stop calling anyone from the lowest lottery numbers, as opposed to formally scrapping the Selective Service Act in 1973?
  • BREAKING--Obama may announce CHET EDWARDS as running mate in minutes

    08/22/2008 8:38:52 AM PDT · 24 of 412
    Paladin2b to Enchante
    Right now the AP article you linked merely says that Chet Edwards is one of five “finalists”

    That AP article has been changing/updating by the minute. A few minutes ago Sidotti indicated she had some scoop that it is going to be Edwards. Something is up if his name is being floated this late in the game, but I guess Sidotti's editor is getting nervous.
  • BREAKING--Obama may announce CHET EDWARDS as running mate in minutes

    08/22/2008 8:33:45 AM PDT · 1 of 412
    The AP wire is buzzing the past few minutes that Obama is set to surprise all with picking Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX) as his vice presidential selection, perhaps by the middle of this afternoon. [Moderator--please pull this thread if this turns out to be a red herring]
  • Voters Souring on Obama As Never Before ( Comments on the latest Polls and others Observations )

    08/20/2008 11:07:28 AM PDT · 52 of 89
    Paladin2b to Teacher317
    They CAN get rid of him... it just needs to be done carefully, and allow Hillary to retain those monolithic black votes. They'll find a way to do it, and probably within the next 3-4 weeks.

    The way to do it is by making it look like another unforced error by the Obama camp rather than any scheme of theirs.

    It would be very subtle. Perhaps along the lines of maneuvering a panicking Team Obama into picking Chuck Hagel, which ostensibly would be to shore up his national security image, but in fact would trigger a revolt of the superdelegates. Allowing her to be on the ballot next week may go down as one of the most colossal blunders in American political history, right up there with Jefferson picking Aaron Burr as his running mate. Thus I would put the chances at Hillary attempting some Machiavellian 11th hour attempt to snatch the nomination back on the convention floor at 5%. Not likely at all, but I would have said 0% last week.
  • Report: Sen. Kennedy has a brain tumor

    05/20/2008 10:43:59 AM PDT · 169 of 509
    Paladin2b to LOC1
    Yet another tragedy for the family
    While I feel bad for him and his family, I think this is a bit of a stretch to call it a "tragedy". Like every human being now alive, he's going to die of something. Dying young with promise unfulfilled might be called tragic. Having a terminal illness at the age of 76, following decades of service that even his enemies (myself included) have to acknowledge was one one of the most legislatively effective Senatorial careers in US history for good or for ill? That's just not a tragedy. And if you say "all" deaths are tragic, that just devalues the meaning of the word.
  • Report: Sen. Kennedy has a brain tumor

    05/20/2008 10:43:44 AM PDT · 165 of 509
    Paladin2b to LOC1
    Yet another tragedy for the family While I feel bad for him and his family, I think this is a bit of a stretch to call it a "tragedy". Like every human being now alive, he's going to die of something. Dying young with promise unfulfilled might be called tragic. Having a terminal illness at the age of 76, following decades of service that even his enemies (myself included) have to acknowledge was one one of the most legislatively effective Senatorial careers in US history for good or for ill? That's just not a tragedy. And if you say "all" deaths are tragic, that just devalues the meaning of the word.
  • Rollins signs on to run Huckabee campaign

    12/14/2007 10:23:58 AM PST · 37 of 42
    Paladin2b to pissant
    Rollins is no fool, and quite the bright strategist, but he has a habit of jumping on bandwagons before he does all his homework on the candidate and his inner circle.

    Exhibit A is not Reagan in '84. It's Perot in '92. Rollins was convinced that Ross was The New Reagan and climbed aboard, before he realized what a paranoid loon he had signed up to support. Look at Rollins' own recollection of the Perot VP choice.

    Rollins in his own memoirs recalled how Perot and his asskissers first decided that Nixon's first Secretary of State was going to get the appointment, so Rollins had to tell them that William P. Rogers was dead.

    Perot's men named Stockdale as Veep nominee knowing that Stockdale had cognitive difficulties. Their reasoning was that a) they could think of no one else for the job, b) state laws usually require that presidential candidates have running mates, and c) Stockdale was absolutely subservient to Ross the Boss. Rollins had a sinking feeling when he learned Stockdale had already been diagnosed with some sort of senile dementia, but Plan B was for Stockdale to sit at home in a front porch campaign unseen since the 19th century. Stockdale was not so far gone that he would venture out and pee on the lawn, so his mental impairment should not be obvious. Then, as the election approached, the Perot team would still be discreetly interviewing for a "serious" VP. Once that person was found, then Stockdale announces he withdraws from the ticket for unspecified health reasons and the real Veep comes aboard in an October surprise.

    I see a Huckabee general election campaign working along the same lines, given that we know the Huckster is notoriously thin-skinned and subject to emotional outbursts in private...a lot like Ross the Boss.
  • What if Huckabee's 'signature issue' is a scam?

    12/11/2007 2:31:44 PM PST · 59 of 133
    Paladin2b to Plutarch

    Excellent reporting. This should be circulated wide and far, the MSM will not tell the public the medical facts if they feel it is in their interest to push a favored figure. Remember in 2004 the media was so in the tank for the Democrats that they would not disclose the obvious implication that John and Elizabeth Edwards had had their replacement son, and third daughter, through donor egg therapy. No, it was just a ‘miracle’ that helped them through their grief.

    You don’t think pumping her 48-year old and then 51-year old body up with oceans of synthetic hormones might have had something to do with her developing breast cancer? And that that responsibly disclosing that might save untold numbers of women from developing that disease if they knew the risks?


    07/26/2007 8:16:27 AM PDT · 48 of 179
    Paladin2b to TomB

    I hope PVT Beauchamp enjoys his 15 minutes of fame. He has just taken A/1-18 INF out of the war for at least a week. He has wrecked his platoon leader’s career, and probably his company commander’s as well. Blogging from theater is going to become even harder, thanks to him. He has brought dishonor and discredit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army. This Blue Falcon from FOB Falcon richly deserves what he has coming to him.

    He is The Surge’s Lyndi England.

  • Mark Steyn: Quartet of Ladies Shows Where We're Headed

    11/27/2006 11:35:24 AM PST · 64 of 99
    Paladin2b to goldstategop
    The Four Jills is instructive. Western femalekind is so self-absorbed its missing the Big Picture. Three of our clueless Four Jills will not write the future. Guess what they ALL have in common? NO kids.

    Actually I think Bishopess Kate has one daughter, but your point still stands.
  • ECUSA Presiding Bishop: Those Dimwitted Catholic Breeders

    11/20/2006 11:35:35 AM PST · 1 of 32
  • Haggard's accuser fails lie detector

    11/03/2006 8:59:07 AM PST · 55 of 92
    Paladin2b to MineralMan

    People need to remember, the reason polygraph results aren't admissible in court is because they don't "measure" the "truth"...they measure bodily reactions. The body's reactions change under the stress of media attention, etc, and so the test results change. False results happen far more often than most lay people realize: a lot of otherwise fine applicants for positions as FBI special agents get dinged because they get nervous during the polygraph exam even though they haven't done anything illegal. Even the Bureau recognizes that this has become a problem.

  • Was North Korea's Nuclear Device a Dud?

    10/10/2006 10:56:50 AM PDT · 58 of 64
    Paladin2b to RightWhale
    The first reports were that they expected 400 kT. Everybody expected 400 kT. It is almost as if N Kor is open to the world as far as various information is concerned.

    I think you mean 4 kT. 400 kT would be such news as to stop talk on everything else in the world. Even 40 kT would be evidence of a thermonuclear capacity that I do not think the Norks have.
  • Rep. Mark Foley drops out of race [Fox: also resigned]

    09/29/2006 1:18:01 PM PDT · 381 of 1,574
    Paladin2b to AmishDude
    I think you're thinking of Gerry Studds (D-Mass.) who had a 1973 "relationship" with a then 17-year-old male congressional page.

    And who was re-elected six times after the public disclosure of that.
  • The Color of His Skin: Would Barack Obama be even considered for President if he were white ?

    09/22/2006 11:07:21 AM PDT · 63 of 128
    Paladin2b to SirLinksalot
    I'm trying to remember if it was Sowell who said it or not, but whoever theorized that White America, especially white liberals, have a constant need to single out one African-American man at any given time and annoint him as "King of the Negroes", Sowell's(?) term for the one that we be seen as the oracle who is sought out as the spokeman and True Voice for all African-Americans.

    In the past, this office was held by Jackie Robinson (who was politically active in the late 50s and early 60s--for the GOP!), then passed to Martin Luther King. After his death the KotN became Jesse Jackson, who in some sense still feels entitled to it. After Jackson was discredited as the hypocritical shakedown artist he is, Al Sharpton tried to seize the throne, and in some sense held it for a couple years, but he was simply not palatable for white liberals, and so the search for the rightful heir has gone on to Kweisi Mfume, Ron Kirk, and Harold Ford, but all were found lacking. Enter the new Pretender on cue, stage LEFT: Barrack Obama.
  • Katie Couric Furious At CBS Suits. She Claims "They Are Stabbing Me In The Back."

    09/14/2006 8:12:26 AM PDT · 187 of 352
    Paladin2b to demkicker
    Poor Katie. Meredith has already made everyone forget about her on Today with her much friendlier and jovial personality

    The TV critic for the Washington Post noticed this yesterday, noting that Matt Lauer was crowing about how Meredith's arrival was his biggest "new day" in the show since *Gumbel* announced his departure. It's like Katie never happened. Couric will be just air-brushed out of the Today Show's history.
  • No Shift in Church's Position on Evolution, Jesuit Says

    09/07/2006 11:24:53 AM PDT · 9 of 47
    Paladin2b to curiosity

    Once again, everybody is surprised that issues peculiar to American society are not navel-gazed on by the larger world, let alone the Vatican.

    Wake up and smell the coffee: "Intelligent Design" is only the fixation of a small set of American evangelicals. The rest of the world (including the non-American Protestants) hasn't ever heard of it, and cares even less.

  • Oldest Man Turns 115 in Puerto Rico [Oldest vet]

    08/22/2006 1:51:36 PM PDT · 17 of 36
    Paladin2b to reagan_fanatic
    Wow - imagine all the things he's seen come and go in his lifetime. I wonder how many WWI vets are still around?

    A fascinating topic, and liable to many different answers. Depends on whether you want to count men who were in uniform 1914-1918, or those who just saw combat. As the story notes, this fine old veteran didn't make it to the western front in time, and there are no more than 68 remaining ancients from all sides with that story to tell, depending on how honest they are. Combat veterans? Hoo boy--my guess would be less than six or so.

    Keep monitoring

    to keep tabs on the last survivors. No more than a couple years and they will all be gone. I was hoping one or two might make the centennial of the war, but it probably won't happen.
  • J'lem police bar planned gay protest

    08/09/2006 8:54:40 AM PDT · 6 of 6
    Paladin2b to SmithL

    Jeez Louise, the nation is in a shooting war and this is an issue on anyone's plate just now?

  • 20,060 PER DAY: Monorail ridership plunges

    07/20/2006 7:09:50 AM PDT · 30 of 31
    Paladin2b to Polyxene

    Cincinnati to Cleveland would by definition NOT be "light rail", it would be a new main line, probably high-speed TGV-like. Of course, that wouldn't stop some ignorant politicians from still calling it "light rail", because they think the term SOUNDS so green and modern...

  • Ape Meat Sold in U.S., European Black Markets

    07/19/2006 11:14:26 AM PDT · 25 of 53
    Paladin2b to ZULU

    This reminds me of a cartoon in the New Yorker from about 30 odd years ago, showing a bunch of New Yorkers crowding into a diner, munching on stacked piles of hamburgers advertised at only 5 cents each. The caption was "What New York Did With Kong's Body".

  • Japan: We have the right to a pre-emptive strike

    07/11/2006 2:03:49 PM PDT · 40 of 72
    Paladin2b to The Sons of Liberty
    If things go downhill, how long would it take Japan to become a nuclear power?

    It would take a bigger sea-change than Kim playing with rockets to get the Japanese to make the willing choice to develop nukes, but if that bridge is crossed, it wouldn't take Tokyon more than six months tops to field useable warheads. They have all the nuclear science and engineering they need in spades.
  • Unique photo of Mozart's widow revealed

    07/09/2006 4:50:14 AM PDT · 158 of 168
    Paladin2b to epow
    There is also an extant Edison wax cylinder recording of one of the 19th century presidents speaking before an outdoor audience. I can't remember which president it is, but the voice is surprisingly clear and audible. I found it and heard it somewhere on the the internet a few years ago, but now I don't remember where.

    There are short recordings of both President Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893) and President Cleveland (1885-1889 and 1893-1897; but I believe his recoding dates from his second term, post-Harrison). They are on either the Library of Congress webpages or the National Archives' webpages. Somewhere you can catch the earliest President caught on video (well, film) as well: McKinley.
  • Photo of Mozart's Widow Found

    07/09/2006 4:36:34 AM PDT · 3 of 15
    Paladin2b to leadpenny

    Good catch. Moderator, please delete.

  • Photo of Mozart's Widow Found

    07/09/2006 4:27:58 AM PDT · 1 of 15
    Maybe this doesn't mean much, despite being (I think) newssworthy. But I just think it is a remarkable thing: a kind of tangible "new media" link to an 18th century composer, in a way. It can help remind us that the past is sometimes closer than we think: who on this past Independence Day thought of 7/4/1776 as "maybe only three human lifetimes ago" instead of "230 years ago"?
  • Kos partner was a wacko ASTROLOGIST [Why The Netroots Movement Will Fail]

    06/23/2006 8:16:00 AM PDT · 1 of 7
    Excellent investigative work digging about in net-cached documents about the true origin of "MyDD". I knew Kos & Armstrong were charlatans before, but now they are pretty much on the same page as Kevin Trudeau...
  • Ukraine's Orange parties reach agreement

    06/21/2006 10:11:48 AM PDT · 3 of 6
    Paladin2b to Grzegorz 246

    Please oh please somebody post some hot pictures of Yulia in reaction to this thread. I can never get enough of her.

  • Democratic Majority Means More Money for 8th District

    06/12/2006 1:14:34 PM PDT · 16 of 17
    Paladin2b to .cnI redruM
    Woe is me. This creep is my representative until I move. He is so banal, pathetic, churlish, irascible, Trotskiite, bullheaded, nasty and violent. Other than that, I admire the man. Never mind the fact that it would actually be fair and accurate to ask him when he stopped beating his wife. He's a wonderful person to have in Congress. A shining example of what every American should be.

    As I also live in VA-08, I share your sentiments. This cheap drunk has gotten so tiresome it is wearying. At least once, and usually twice a year, he does something like this, the verbal equivalent of soiling himself in public. Who can forget the blaming of American Jews for the war in Iraq? Or the lawsuit against the 8 year old boy for sticking a finger at him like a gun?
  • Boeing sells 10 more 787s (Continental order + also to buy 34 737's. More than 3.5 billion deal)

    06/06/2006 11:21:01 AM PDT · 15 of 26
    Paladin2b to ARA
    Actually.... the 747 X is being sold and will be going into production...

    What makes you say that? The 747X was first announced in 1996, shelved after a few months, dusted off again in 2000 when the A380 was being mooted, and then thrown back on the shelf again in '01.

    In early 2004, Boeing rolled out plans for what it called the "747 Advanced" but despite the name it really wasn't as much of a "radical evolution" over the original 747 airframe as the 747X was to have been. Late last year they announced the plane will be termed the 747-8. Eventually, the 747 (in all forms) will be replaced by a new jumbo aircraft currently code-named "Y3", but that is *years* in the future. The Y3 may in fact be the first of the "800" series of Boeing aircraft.
  • Boeing sells 10 more 787s (Continental order + also to buy 34 737's. More than 3.5 billion deal)

    06/06/2006 11:06:23 AM PDT · 13 of 26
    Paladin2b to Caipirabob
    What is the opinion of our resident engineers/pilots on these two planes and the companies? I've read many varying opinions. Did the Euros build a flying lemon or are production delays and cost overruns going to kill them?

    Basically the Euros have had to completely shred the blueprints for the A350 and go right back to the blackboard stage. That's not unheard of for an airplane manufacturer to have to do when current events change the outlook, but it comes at the worst possible time for Airbus: such a redesign takes several years to do in the best of circumstances, and the next few years have two mammoth purchasing waves coming up:

    * The need to replace existing airlines' fleets of aging 757s, 767s, A300s, A310s (and even older A330s); and

    * the need for new fleets for rapidly expanding airlines in China and India--these cats will need *hundreds* of new widebodies.

    By 2011, when the redesigned A350 should be ready, it will be too late: the orders will have been largely made!

    When all is said and done, business historians will likely say Boeing played this decade brilliantly: they totally suckered the Euros into spending untold billions on the mammoth prestige A380 (which will likely turn into a white elephant) by bluffing about their own (non-serious) plans for a "747X" and the "Sonic Cruiser", while all the while planning a knockout blow with the under-the-radar 787.
  • New service dress prototypes pique interest [possible new USAF uniform]

    06/02/2006 2:20:48 PM PDT · 43 of 121
    Paladin2b to Liberty Valance
    That's the old Mess Dress uniform, not the Service Dress uniform sought to be changed.

    That being said, I'd deep-six the Mess Dress as well. The most embarassing moment in my father's duty in the USAF was when he (a major) was mistaken for a waiter at a swank dinner party in a Chicago club.
  • New service dress prototypes pique interest [possible new USAF uniform]

    06/02/2006 2:15:17 PM PDT · 37 of 121
    Paladin2b to LongElegantLegs
    We also invented weapons, the chain of command, and warfare. Just ask us.

    There you go, bashing the Corps yet again, leaving out the moon landing, faster-than-light travel, and the cancer cure!

    And on the seventh day the Corps rested...
  • New service dress prototypes pique interest [possible new USAF uniform]

    06/02/2006 2:06:43 PM PDT · 25 of 121
    Paladin2b to LongElegantLegs
    Um, ripping off the Marine Corps much? ;-)

    I wasn't aware that the Corps (God bless it) was the only military force on the planet to wear "choker" collars. Or dark blue. ;)
  • New service dress prototypes pique interest [possible new USAF uniform]

    06/02/2006 1:51:12 PM PDT · 1 of 121
    I think these are both great ideas, actually, but I would lean to the "Billy Mitchell" model. Once you've divorced "field" uniforms from "dress" uniforms completely, as ALL the services have, there is no longer any reason to keep the latter looking anything like "business suits".
  • Bipartisan outrage voiced over FBI raid

    05/23/2006 11:05:31 AM PDT · 70 of 114
    Paladin2b to 300magnum
    I cannot think of a dumber political move by the GOP caucus than a time when they are given a gift from heaven in the form of this scandal to show up Pelosi and all her "culture of corruption" hypocritical cant, they p*** it away by getting outraged by the suggestion that they and their offices are immune from the regular rules of criminal procedure. And thus an affirmative defense in the 2006 midterms goes out the window.

    Does anyone remember that one of the first planks of the Contract with America was precisely this, to make all the laws Congress passes applicable to itself?
  • Mushroom Cloud Blast in Nevada Delayed

    05/10/2006 7:17:56 AM PDT · 24 of 37
    Paladin2b to ol painless
    I haven't researched it but this may be the largest man made non-nuclear explosion ever.

    There is a heck of a lot of argument as to what was the largest non-nuclear man-made explosion. The Texas City one was definitely big, but I think the front-runner for the biggest (and worst) was the Halifax (Nova Scotia) explosion on 6 December 1917:

    At least 2000 people killed and a small tsunami.
  • Joseph Bottum's Warning

    03/07/2006 3:15:03 PM PST · 1 of 32
    I think this is greatly exagerrated as well--This is way different from 1974. A replay of 1974 is unlikely. The President, even now, could call on an ideological network that Richard Nixon never could. In 1974, Nixon could not have filled the Mall in Washington with his supporters--there was no internet, no network of evengelicals and Catholics, no FR!. George Bush probably could do that today, not that the crowd would have much to do with the his Administration. Conversely, compared to '74 the Democratic leadership has turned into a freakshow. The day it has enough votes in Congress to impeach the president, or even to take control of the ordinary legislative agenda, is the day it discredits itself. It could not enjoy a long tenure in power, as the New Deal Democratic Party did. It will not last that long.

    Still, what do others think?
  • Gingrich tells Rumsfeld to dig in for 70-year war (YIKES!)

    03/07/2006 8:42:54 AM PST · 56 of 63
    Paladin2b to areafiftyone
    Former House Speaker Gingrich wrote the paper, "Essential Strategic Changes in National Security 2005-2007," in October.

    Anyon know where I can get a copy of this? It isn't on Newt's home page.
  • "A Storied Record on Civil Rights": 150th Anniversary of the Republican National Committee

    02/23/2006 1:36:00 PM PST · 5 of 17
    Paladin2b to LS
    Any muffler shop in America would celebrate its 10th anniversary, but two years ago, the Republican Party neglected to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Just think of the magnificent party-building and fund-raising and outreach opportunities that just slipped away. How can Republican leaders expect voters to place confidence in them when they lack confidence in their own heritage?

    I was kind of surprised at the lack of a commemoration in 2004, and it looks to be too late to do anything worthwhile for 2006. Hopefully the Party can organize a Sesquicentennial Celebration for 2010 to mark the 150th anniversary of the elction of the first GOP President & Congress in 1860.

    Come to think of it, why aren't plans afoot NOW to throw a really grand Bisesquicentennial for America's 250th Birthday in 2026?
  • Virginia parish demands leader 'repent'

    01/23/2006 8:16:39 AM PST · 17 of 35
    Paladin2b to .cnI redruM
    Does anyone have any insight as to where The Falls Church would go if they did split from the ECUSA? It's a pretty well-known congregation here in northern Virginia, is the 18th century namesake of the town, but unlike some Episcopal parishes upset by this, it is much more "low-church" evangelical in its Episcopalianism than "high-church" Anglo-Catholic.

    So unlike those parishes that I could see breaking away either to go whole hog, swim the Tiber and affiliate with the Church of Rome, or going into one of these "halfway" congregation confederations I've heard about ("Anglican Catholic", or switching allegiance to conservative African bishops like in Nigeria, etc.), I'm really curious where The Falls Church might go to. Is there a grouping of low-church ex-ECUSA parishes already?
  • Between Elections (Bill Richardson Running in 2008 - Also Joe Biden said he was Running Yesterday!)

    11/11/2005 7:55:34 AM PST · 45 of 51
    Paladin2b to areafiftyone

    Not so sure about this one. *Hypothetically* speaking, (cough), revelations of a past affair with a married Congresswoman from California wouldn't help anyone's presidential campaign, especially among female voters...

  • Conservative DC Area Lawyers Needed for VA canvassing

    11/09/2005 12:58:47 PM PST · 1 of 11