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  • Slavery Reparations Could Cost Up to $14 Trillion, According to New Calculation

    08/20/2015 8:00:06 AM PDT · 91 of 95
    par4 to Lopeover
    I would not be against reparations. However, individuals must prove slave history in ancestry and original African country. If they accept reparations, individuals must give up U.S. Citizenship and return to country of origin.

    I have also held this position but with additional qualification:

    Once a monetary figure is established, the awardee gets a percentage of the total individual award based on the percentage of ancestry that was held in slavery in America, not the Caribbean etc. One ancestor out of 16 - 1/16th share.

  • Detroiter, SVSU student facing felony waited to pull over in brightly lit area

    07/07/2015 3:05:49 PM PDT · 27 of 40
    par4 to Fred Hayek
    Just today there was a news story that there was a fake cop in Anne Arundal County, MD pulling people over. He even administered a DWI test to one driver.

    The news report noted that the county police recommend pulling over into a well lit area and, if possible, calling 911 to confirm that it is a real cop. Also to keep your car doors locked.

  • Mysterious Red Mark Beneath Painting of Crucified Christ ... Leads Pastor to Speculate on Jesus' ...

    06/02/2015 1:06:38 PM PDT · 33 of 35
    par4 to SkyDancer
    The Original Kilz is the good stuff, the Latex is not at all effective. It (the latex) was apparently made because of the fumes from the original.

    On that note, MAKE SURE YOU VENTILATE when using the original, unless you want to pass out, the stuff is really powerful. Can't remember but i think it has some shellac in it as well as the oil (tolune(?)) base. Strong stuff.

  • Martin O’Malley is getting bolder and bolder. That’s a problem for Hillary.

    04/23/2015 9:56:13 AM PDT · 33 of 34
    par4 to Stand W
    You win - a reference to Dr. Strangelove and a tagline follow up is slick....

    Nicely done!

  • The poor are treated like criminals everywhere, even at the grocery store

    04/02/2015 6:17:08 PM PDT · 58 of 152
    par4 to Paladin2
    Her choice of flank steak shows how out of touch she is. As you and others have mentioned, flank steak is not an inexpensive piece of meat (last week I paid about $8 / pound for Australian beef, US is a about a dollar a pound more), nor is it stringy unless you cut with the grain. For us, it's a treat.

    I get whole boneless shells at Costco for less than 7 per pound and cut them up, that's cheaper then flank steaks by far. Heck, hamburger, even the really low fat mixes is much cheaper than flank steak.

  • Krugman: All of These 'Imaginary' Obamacare Horror Stories Are 'Invented'

    03/31/2015 10:47:46 AM PDT · 28 of 29
    par4 to Kaslin

    My company had to change plans because the one we had went up nearly 100%, the new one was “only” about 40% higher. The deductible went up and, where the prescription used to be co-pay only, now I have to pay full price until I reach the annual deductible. In other words, what was a $30 co-pay is now full price (over $380.) until I reach the deductible threshold of $3,000. Same with Doctor visits, I get a bill after any visit for the full price until I meet the magic 3K.

  • Seattle eateries closing as $15 minimum wage approaches

    03/14/2015 4:22:17 PM PDT · 96 of 101
    par4 to beelzepug
    They will be making 30K based on a 40 hour week. However, the owner will then be required to add health care benefits so figure that servers etc. will actually work 25 hours or so, really a bit under 20K. And they get subsidized health care on top.

    More unintended consequences when one branch of government makes rules that affect others. A fine mess, Ollie..

  • Hannity Asks Protester About Last Night’s Ferguson Shooting & It Goes All Downhill From There

    03/14/2015 9:31:02 AM PDT · 37 of 62
    par4 to baddog 219
    There's stupid, there's damn stupid, and then, Zombie stupid... Guess which one Ivory is...

    Weapons Grade Stupid?

  • State Department contradicts Hillary Clinton's email claim

    03/14/2015 8:04:40 AM PDT · 10 of 17
    par4 to afraidfortherepublic
    Let me see if I get this right....

    Hillary sent her State Department communications to the recipient's .gov addresses so they would be archived.

    Therefore, in order to examine her communications, and without access to the outgoing emails (Hillary's), then the entire State Department archives would have be subject to subpoena to find her communications. In other words, Hillary herself has made it necessary for every email to be checked to see if she was on it?

  • 11-year-old packs big surprise for home invaders

    02/04/2015 1:24:13 PM PST · 41 of 45
    par4 to 2nd Amendment
    Wow, small world. Mine was on a tuna fishing trip in the canyons off New Jersey. Should have used a rod and reel. Hindsight is 20/20.

    Like you, I have 911 on speed dial.

  • 11-year-old packs big surprise for home invaders

    02/04/2015 10:55:42 AM PST · 21 of 45
    par4 to ExSES
    Before the tragic boating accident that caused the loss of my firearms, I had an Ithaca 37 featherweight that i used for upland game. Had a couple of different barrels, including a 28", non ventilated rib that I picked up for a few dollars since the bluing was shot. A few quick turns with an industrial size pipe cutter and voila - instant (and very illegal) - very short barrel. Effective range, less than ten yards, loaded with #4 shot a shot at 10 feet aimed at center mass would put small holes from navel to nose. In the event of emergency, swap out barrel and put the little one into a pile of pipe.

    And no worries about through and throughs into the next room.

  • Upcoming Super Bowl will be first to be lit with energy-efficient LED lights

    01/30/2015 7:04:55 AM PST · 39 of 105
    par4 to thackney
    I've been in the commercial lighting industry since they invented the 34W T12 to replace the 40W.

    The LEDs of today are so far removed from those of 3 years ago that any comparison is silly. I could not even guess how may exterior LED wall packs, floods and high masts we have replaced in the last two years but I can tell you that the results are universally applauded. More light, with better color rendition, less than half the wattage, lifetimes in the 100K range and very low failure rates.

    We are just finishing up an installation of LED high bays in a rather large building - over 2,000 fixtures with individual daylight dimming and occupancy controls. We replaced 250W sodium units with 166W LED and increased light levels 15 - 20%.

    Home LEDs are usually offshore manufacture and more prone to failure but they are catching up quick. The recessed lights in my office are LED, have been in for 2 years and no on e can tell that they're not fluorescent until I take off the lens and show them. And they are fully dimmable and are connected to a building automation system too, all with CAT5 cables.

    LED is the best option, especially for anyplace where maintenance is an issue or electricity is expensive.


    01/28/2015 2:08:56 PM PST · 30 of 42
    par4 to Calvin Locke
    Ted Williams, Yogi Berra, Ed Wood, ...

    Joe DiMaggio too...

  • Zimbabwe Has 99 Problems And White People Are All Of Them

    01/23/2015 5:50:54 PM PST · 25 of 100
    par4 to Thank You Rush

    Cathy Buckle? Something like that

  • Government spends $432,000 studying gay sex apps

    01/23/2015 7:48:57 AM PST · 9 of 14
    par4 to SeekAndFind
    I said this last night but feel it bears repeating.....

    If you want to study the mating habits of the limp wristed cockatoo do it with your own money, no one else gives a damn.

  • Feds Spent $432,000 Studying Gay Hookup Apps

    01/22/2015 1:53:10 PM PST · 16 of 27
    par4 to ilovesarah2012
    And we wonder why our taxes keep going up and up with no end in sight. Trillions in debt and we are funding one after another study that has no use except to line the pockets of those conducting them.

    Where is the one voice in the wilderness that can stand on the stage and say enough is enough, the gravy train is off the tracks.

    If you want to study the mating habits of the limp wristed cockatoo do it with your own money, no one else gives a damn.

  • Bill Belichick says he has "no explanation" for Deflategate

    01/22/2015 8:48:26 AM PST · 77 of 103
    par4 to Repealthe17thAmendment; freebilly
    Score at half with the “deflated” balls—17-7. Score after the deflated balls were replaced at halftime— 45-7. Some controversy....

    Okay, they didn't need to cheat. So, why did they?

    Locker Room at halftime: "We are down by 10 points and the Patriots are screwing around with the ball inflation. We told the refs and that's the last we heard but I'm sure that the Pats will be straight up by-the-book for the rest of the game."

  • Obama Wants The Death Tax Increased to 60 Percent, More Taxes on College Savings

    01/19/2015 3:35:21 PM PST · 65 of 72
    par4 to Pearls Before Swine
    Agree, but my point was that the change is in the cost basis and that's where the issue lies. For example, when I purchased my first house, it was the late 70's. I paid nearly 80K. If I still held that house and passed it on, it would have a value of 380K today.

    So far, so good - under the present laws, my inheritors value it ar 380K, sell it and that's it, no capital gains tax. Or sell it for 350K and take a loss.

    Under this proposal, as I read it, they sell it for 380 and pay capital gains tax on 300K (paid 80, sold for 380). Sounds fair except....

    That 80K I spent in 1977 has a value today of a lot more than 80K. Where's the adjustment for inflation on the intital purchase? 80K in 1977 was a lot of money, a brand new car was 3 or 4 thousand dollars. Heck, a new Cadillac DeVille was under 10K. So that 80K then is like 250K today. Without inflation adjustments it's not a true cost basis.

    This will affect thoise who have no knowledge of estate planning.

  • Obama Wants The Death Tax Increased to 60 Percent, More Taxes on College Savings

    01/19/2015 2:34:16 PM PST · 59 of 72
    par4 to sanjuanbob
    No idea, it may work - but what average person wants to put their home and all their valuables into an LLC until their demise? Someone with real assets, yes, but the average couple in their retirement years isn't going to think about the capital gains, it's the estate that will get a rude awakening when they sell off the summer house that mom and dad bought at the Jersey shore in the 50's for peanuts and find out that they owe 28% tax on the sale price. If they can even find out what they paid, it will take a deed search and lawyers to find the original mortgages etc.

    And I'm sure that the IRS will be glad to estimate the cost basis unless you can prove it otherwise.

  • Obama Wants The Death Tax Increased to 60 Percent, More Taxes on College Savings

    01/19/2015 2:13:32 PM PST · 55 of 72
    par4 to Pearls Before Swine
    First—yours. The capital gain realized by anyone who sells an asset is, as you say, determined by their basis. But, there’s an exemption for the estate which is $5.3 (say 5) million dollars. So, when the estate is settled, the house will be valued (that’s part of the process) at 100k. Since 100k is less than 5 Million, the estate does not have to pay tax. The inheritor (you, I guess) gets the house for a “stepped up” basis of its value when you inherit it... 100k. No one owes any taxes. If it goes to 200K while you own it and then decide to sell, you’d pay capital gains tax on the 100k increase.

    Not the issue - under this proposal you do not inherit the asset at the value at the time of the estate settlement, it may have a value for the inheritance tax of 100K but the Cost Basis is whatever the asset was originally purchased at. If you sell it at the 100K value, you owe Capital gains tax on the difference. If your parent bought the house in 1950 for 10K and it's worth 1 million at the time of their death, the capital gains are 990K. The estate has only the 1 million house - there are no estate taxes, but there are gains on the house.

    Second set—Your parents have $5 million in cash, and a house they bought for 40k, but is worth 100k at death. Since the estate is worth $5.1 million, 40% tax is due on the excess, or 60K, when the estate is settled. It could come from sale of the house, or by dipping into the cash—the government doesn’t care. If you then inherit the house, it’s basis is 100k. If the government resets that basis to 40K (the original price), and the house goes to 200k when you decide to sell, you’d owe capital gains on the difference of 160k. In other words, the exemption didn’t help!

    You are right, but the exemption is not the issue. It's the way the capital gain is calculated. A farm that is worth 5 million is left to the son who cannot or does not farm. Great Granpa bought the land for pennies during the depression. He owes no estate tax but when he sells he owes capital gains on the 5 million less what the farm cost during the 20's.

    Total change in how an estate is settled. I can't even begin to figure out how someone can prove the initial cost of an asset that has been held by a family for many years like artwork or rare coins. That is why the value, for the purpose of capital gains, is valued at the time of death (or acquisition if that value is lower). It's a new way to get capital gains tax revenue increased, plain and simple.

    the "Death Tax" is a way to make it look like something it's not,

    Best Regards,

  • Obama Wants The Death Tax Increased to 60 Percent, More Taxes on College Savings

    01/19/2015 1:03:21 PM PST · 33 of 72
    par4 to Dagnabitt; Mears
    Under current law, when you inherit an asset your basis in the asset is the higher of the fair market value at the time of death or the decedent's original basis. Almost always, the fair market value is higher.

    Under the Obama proposal, when you inherit an asset your basis will simply be the decedent's original basis.

    This is not the inheritance tax, this is a capital gains increase. Using the example cited (and my parents left me a house so this would apply) the capital gain realized upon the sale of an inherited asset is based on the value when it was initially acquired, not when it was transferred at death. So if the market value when the estate was settled is 100K and sold for that amount, but it was purchased for 40K the estate will pay a capital gain on the 60K.

  • NFL investigating if Patriots used deflated footballs in AFC Championship game

    01/19/2015 9:22:17 AM PST · 162 of 222
    par4 to kjam22
    I’m off to go play golf. I gotta find a way to use illegal equipment that my buddy won’t recognize. I need all the help I can get there

    Green life savers and winter rules.

  • Outrage! No black actors nominated for Academy Award

    01/16/2015 9:23:42 AM PST · 39 of 48
    par4 to Gaffer
    Think should have been called “A Bridge Too Far.” Think “Annie”....think “The Wiz”.....think “OPRAH!” think “hasn’t she got enough money yet?”

    How could you neglect to mention the George Lucas classic "Red Tails"? Oprah and George got together to accuse those who didn't spend their money on that bomb of being racists.

  • Obama's Paris snub wasn't an oversight

    01/13/2015 7:23:20 AM PST · 50 of 77
    par4 to rottndog
    No but I have another thought.

    He really did not believe that this would be such a well covered demonstration, more that it would be lost in a Sunday filled with the NFL playoffs. After all, it's been reported that he spends hours watching sports daily; to him the playoffs are the story of the day, not some demonstration in Europe.

  • Lebanese-American porn actress receives death threats

    01/09/2015 5:33:44 PM PST · 56 of 68
    par4 to christx30

    Me too....

  • Something for EVERYONE! (FReeper vanity) (American vanity, too)

    12/31/2014 6:41:06 AM PST · 23 of 29
    par4 to Repeal The 17th
    Could not agree more, but add revenue agents to the list.

    I live 4 houses from the end of a dead end road, very little traffic - like 10 cars a day, 5 out and 5 back in on a busy day. See a police vehicle maybe once a month. Always parked in front of my house (on the wrong side of the road, admittedly) for over 25 years.

    Get up one morning and the wife tells me a have a $35.00 parking ticket, issued sometime around 4 a.m. Was what I did against the rules - yes. Could the police have scratched out a note of warning - yes, but instead they issued a ticket.

    So, when my old high school buddy, a retired Lt. from the police, calls me to ask if I forgot to buy my 4 tickets to their annual beefsteak dinner I let him know that I will not be attending any of their fundraisers anymore. After a couple of calls, they blamed it on a new hire. I blamed it on poor management. Really don't miss the dinner anyway.

  • Singer Joe Cocker dead at 70

    12/22/2014 12:27:29 PM PST · 109 of 138
    par4 to facedown
    If not the inventor of the air guitar, surely a master.

    Thanks for all the memories, Joe.

  • Holiday Handy-Dandy Helpful Household Hints

    11/29/2014 9:38:17 AM PST · 14 of 21
    par4 to JRandomFreeper

    Also use my leafblower to “vacuum” out the car. Open the doors and fire it up. No bending to get under the seats and it works great to the dust around the dash.

  • Here’s a little FYI for all those out there LOOTING for civil rights…

    11/26/2014 10:02:26 AM PST · 7 of 9
    par4 to The Looking Spoon
    Look at it as a change in the language.

    "Protest" or "Demonstration": When a group of people march, loot and burn,

    See William Tecumseh Sherman's "Demonstration" to the sea.

  • Drunken bicyclist arrested at Florida Taco Bell drive-thru

    11/20/2014 2:54:37 PM PST · 27 of 29
    par4 to Harmless Teddy Bear
    It was 3 am, how many cars was he blocking?

    Probably was a 24 hour place with drive-thru only in the wee hours and he wanted some rocket fuel for the trip home.

  • Selective Enforcement - A Tool for Our Side Too (vanity)

    11/17/2014 7:59:40 AM PST · 16 of 18
    par4 to BobL
    Get the economy moving by not enforcing Davis-Bacon Prevailing wage laws on Federal Projects.

    Would reduce the labor costs by 15% - 50% on each federal construction project. With labor at an average of 40%, a million dollar project would save 60K at the low end.

    Would also really put union leaders into a tizzy.


    11/12/2014 1:06:37 PM PST · 100 of 125
    par4 to Georgia Girl 2
    That’s a major factor in the popularity of the AR15 LOL

    For the one in pink, I'd suggest something with a little more stopping power, perhaps a 12 gauge with rifled slugs? Need a LOT of knockdown power.

  • Pizza Hut overhauls menu amid US sales slide; curry and ginger flavored crusts on the way

    11/10/2014 4:39:36 PM PST · 66 of 77
    par4 to HamiltonJay; ctdonath2
    Sorry, not buying it.

    When I order Sicilian I expect a 1 1/2" to 2" thick square pie, made with dough that has risen in a pan before baking, no oil - maybe a spray of non-stick if the pans are new, but not oily. Deep dish? That's for Chicago.

    Of course, where I am in in northern NJ one chooses by who's making the pies at any one of 5 pizza shops within a mile of the house (there are more than 5, but some just don't make the cut). And that is not a joke, when Mike is cooking at Bruno's then we drive the extra mile. If Angelo isn't at his namesake, we go elsewhere. Want extra thin - Mario's.

    Haven't been in a Pizza Hut or Domino's in at least 20 years; 4 or 5 years ago the wife wanted to try Pizzeria Uno - we ate a couple of bites, paid and left.

  • NJ, Tea Party Vote "NO" to the Ballot Questions, 11-04-14

    11/03/2014 12:32:05 PM PST · 9 of 12
    par4 to Coleus

    When my wife and I were going over the sample ballot this morning I said the same thing on question 1 - how can anyone even think that this will pass muster? No bail if they don’t want to give you bail? Talk about an opportunity for abuse.

  • 3 Reasons Why Halloween is Stupid – Part 2

    10/17/2014 9:49:38 AM PDT · 44 of 53
    par4 to lifeofgrace

    I’d guess that you’d be considered persona non grata in Sleepy Hollow this time of year...

  • U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 14-Year Low

    10/16/2014 3:51:27 PM PDT · 23 of 24
    par4 to kearnyirish2
    We are neighbors, I'm 16W but really right by 153, near Upper Montclair Country Club. They have been repairing Rte.3 over the Passaic River for what must be 5 years now and it's still not done.

    The worst part is that they never join the old road with the new smoothly and the crunch is horrible. I tell the wife that in any other state there would be huge "Bump in Road" signs, in NJ it's the way it's done. Keeps the suspension and tire shops in business. Also the windshield people. I go through one every 2 years.

    And for this I get to enjoy the rewards of thd highest property taxes around.

  • U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 14-Year Low

    10/16/2014 11:31:48 AM PDT · 12 of 24
    par4 to Red Badger
    2 weeks ago I mentioned to the wife that the election is near, gas prices will be coming down.

    Under $3 last weekend in NJ, maybe I should open a psychic call in line...


    09/29/2014 4:46:09 PM PDT · 36 of 38
    par4 to katana
    Funny you mention that, a couple of weeks ago the wife wanted to pick up a couple items at Wal-Mart and, sure enough, one of theose 300 pound plus drivers backed up right into me. No attempt on the part of the driver to even turn his head and look behind, he just assumed that the back up beep would clear the path.

    I was able to avoid being run over and yelled out something like "Watch it" which got me a nasty look.

    A minute later I was walking down a main aisle and had to move a little to avoid a cart coming the other way. Sure enough, he was right on my tail moving at whatever the top speed is of those carts and hit me again, luckily I felt him behind and wasn't hit hard. Then he cursed me out for getting in his way.

    Told the wife that if I had been really injured the lawyers at Wal-Mart had better have proof that he was qualified to operate that damn scooter because he was a menace to everyone in the store.

  • Fire, Apparent Suicide Attempt At FAA Center Snarl Air Traffic

    09/26/2014 10:13:12 AM PDT · 6 of 7
    par4 to Steelfish
    Real mess, I was flying on United out of Detroit to Chicago then back to Baltimore, scheduled departure for 7:45 am. At 7:30 or so the flight crew left the plane and advised there was a fire in Chicago, they thought at the control tower, but my flight was cancelled. Much insanity followed.

    Called the United Premiere line (I fly a lot) and tried to reschedule. The United reps in Chicago weren't even aware of anything yet. Apparently my flight was still showing on time. After what seemed like hours but was only about 5 minutes the word began to spread.The united rep got me rebooked on a direct flight on another airline within minutes. Tip of the hat to United reservations people, but the poor gate agents were swamped when I left.

  • Alibaba: The ChiCom Dream?

    09/21/2014 5:28:30 AM PDT · 21 of 33
    par4 to 2ndDivisionVet
    They are infamous in the coin collector community for selling counterfeit coins and gold and silver bars. The even advertise how their gold and silver plated bars will pass for real ingots by weight and magnetic properties etc.

    Causing some havoc in the investment markets for inexperienced people. Basically scammers.

  • Bible May Solve Colossal Ancient Iceberg Riddle

    09/15/2014 1:51:50 PM PDT · 26 of 27
    par4 to RegulatorCountry; Ha Ha Thats Very Logical; JimSEA
    From the article:

    Assuming a biblical timeline, massive amounts of volcanic activity took place during the Flood year and immediately afterward. The volcanic ash from these eruptions would have blocked out enough solar radiation to cool the atmosphere for hundreds of years after the Flood waters subsided—just what was needed to form the thick ice sheets that existed during the centuries-long ice age.

    I've read the book, must have missed the part about all the ice that lasted for "Centuries" after the flood. I would have thought that someone may have mentioned it since Noah and his band of survivors probably didn't plan on winter gear when they landed.

  • PBS is running a Ken Burns documentary on “The Roosevelts.” Here’s what he won’t show

    09/15/2014 1:00:29 PM PDT · 55 of 84
    par4 to tanknetter

    Or You Tube

    Probably one of the funniest "documentaries" out there.

  • Congressman wants to ban sale of enhanced body armor to civilians

    08/22/2014 9:57:11 AM PDT · 31 of 49
    par4 to servo1969
    Didn't stop Ned Kelly back in 1880.

    Of course his armor wasn't exactly stylish or unobtrusive but it you're out to do some killin' armor is armor.

  • Double amputee continues legal spree by suing Ralph Lauren

    08/07/2014 6:20:40 PM PDT · 5 of 13
    par4 to Jim Robinson

    Guy is eventually going to file a suit against the wrong club and he’s going to disappear somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.

  • Teen Goes Into Coma After Eating Toxic Fish

    07/23/2014 6:19:51 PM PDT · 15 of 36
    par4 to Mercat
    When I was on Kwajalein last year, one of the rules was - if you catch any reef fish, consult a Marshallese local before eating. The locals know which can be eaten and which should not.

    Of couse, best is catch, photo and release.

  • School leader mocks Michelle O’s bake sale restrictions: We can’t fundraise ‘selling carrot sticks’

    07/09/2014 12:34:37 PM PDT · 17 of 21
    par4 to cyclotic

    Sound suspiciously like something Felix Unger would like.

  • Did Angkor really see a dinosaur?

    06/23/2014 12:13:01 PM PDT · 27 of 63
    par4 to tacticalogic
    Don't confuse the issue with logic, there has to be an explanation. After all, since the speed of light is slowing down and

    Look a squirrel.....

    Where was I?

  • Seattle Times: We won't use Redskins name in our newspaper

    06/19/2014 9:34:17 AM PDT · 83 of 115
    par4 to MeshugeMikey
    I would suggest a more innocent name, something like a little bird

    the DC tufted titmouse

    GO TITS...

    Or the woodpeckers, yeah the DC Peckers.

  • WH on Lerner Emails: 'You've Never Heard of a Computer Crashing Before?'

    06/17/2014 12:38:13 PM PDT · 54 of 59
    par4 to TigersEye
    Don’t send a check and don’t file a return. When the IRS asks you about it tell them you did and they must have lost it in a computer crash. Everyone now knows that they have no backup systems at all. lol

    I am thinking of sending them a revised return with a full refund and claiming that Lois Lerner approved my request to be an exempt organization. I have the mail she sent around here somewhere....

    The IRS must have a copy.

  • Both at Home and Abroad, Obama's Presidency is Floundering

    04/19/2014 8:15:09 AM PDT · 32 of 41
    par4 to Dr. Bogus Pachysandra
    Hooray - a kindred soul when it comes to flounder / founder. Flounder are fish. Flounder flop. Ships founder, as do ships of state.

    I've actually had someone in a meeting "gently" correct me when I used foundering. Of course, he was someone who loved to say irregardless.