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  • New Poll has Gov. Scott Walker Opening Up Large Lead in 2016 Iowa GOP Caucus Race – 3/24/15

    03/26/2015 5:45:16 PM PDT · 42 of 44
    parksstp to Cincinatus' Wife

    In June 2012 in IA it was

    Bachmann 21% (won straw poll)
    Romney 20%
    RuPaul 18%

    Shortly after the Straw Poll and after Rick Perry’s Entry, but before Perry had the “3 points” debate meltdown

    Perry 19%
    Romney 18%
    RuPaul 18%

    After Perry’s fall to the wayside and Herman Cain’s 9-9-9
    but before Romney’s insiders and pals in NJ did him in with the made up scandals

    Cain 20%
    Romney 20%
    RuPaul 19%

    After Newt comes out of nowhere and surges right before Christmas but before he dropped back down again after comments during the week before the Caucus

    Romney 23%
    Newt 21%
    RuPaul 18%

    Caucus day. Rick Santorum griped about being the only one not to get a chance to surge. The surge happened a little unexpectedly on Election day and gave him a 25 vote win.

    Santorum 25%
    Romney 25%
    RuPaul 20%

    So Polls at this stage are meaningless.

    The only generalization we can make is that IA has roughly 25% of RINO voters, about 20-30% Social Issues only conservatives, 15-20% libertarians that may or may not actually be as insane as RuPaul and 20-25% up for grabs that gets distributed to the other candidates.

    This means a Republican that wins IA in a crowded field with 40% or more of the vote looks strong.

  • Ted Cruz announcement **LIVE THREAD** (Twitter announcement set for around midnight)

    03/22/2015 9:12:48 PM PDT · 149 of 710
    parksstp to caww

    Did this website exist before or is it new?

    Got it from the twitter video possibly? Still looks like being built?

  • Ted Cruz announcement **LIVE THREAD** (Twitter announcement set for around midnight)

    03/22/2015 9:06:19 PM PDT · 125 of 710
    parksstp to caww

    Best guess it’s the campaign website launch.

    No idea what the URL will be, but that’s my best guess. Try to “Google” terms to see if I can get a hit before it goes live.

  • Ted Cruz to announce presidential bid Monday

    03/22/2015 7:14:43 AM PDT · 96 of 192
    parksstp to Olog-hai

    This is it people. This is the closest thing to run for America’s highest office since Reagan ran 30+ years ago.

    This is the final stand of conservatives within the Republican Party. If Ted Cruz fails, this could be the end of conservative support for the GOP and the beginning of a new party.

    Ted Cruz is smart and so I’m sure the staff have everything at down pat. There needs to be some serious changes with some of the primaries. I have no doubt Cruz will dominate the establishment candidate in many Caucus states.

    But 2 suggestions:

    (1) The Reddest Red States in the South and Midwest need to go to WTA. Texas needs to be WTA and move its primary to the end of January.

    (2) The Blue States and Island Territories need to be reduced to proportional.

    Otherwise, we’ll get the same result as 2012. In all of the early primaries up until the Arizona Primary, Romney won exactly (2) Counties between 10 states that were actually Republican counties in the General Election...the rest were counties won by Democrats.

    In the last 2 Election cycles, the path to the Establishment candidate has followed the simple formula:

    (1) Win the Blue States that are WTA


    (2) Split the vote proportionally in the Southern/Midwest Red States where it makes it impossible for a conservative challenger to emerge with more than 1 person in the race.

    This means the Establishment will pour boatloads of money into Mike Huckabee’s campaign since he would be the most likely to continue on with no hope. Rand Paul would probably drop out and endorse the establishment at some point, as would Marco Rubio.

    Cruz needs IA. 30% would be nice. Interestingly, he actually polls double digits in NH where other conservatives have struggled. I think he would dominate SC.

    What isn’t there to like about the guy?

    He debates like Newt, but is even better.

    He’s thorough in his policy explanations like Paul Ryan, but not boring.

    Personally, I think he’s more tactful at delivering those catch-lines than even Palin, and more closely associated with the Reagan method of delivery.

    He’s not a “single-issue” guy but gives weight to the various issues as deemed appropriate for the time. For example, Ted Cruz is strong on illegal immigration, but not pigeon-holed into just that issue like Tom Tancredo was. Same with Obamacare and the social issues that Bachmann and Santorum were looked strong on, but weak on other subjects.

    Unlike Fred Thompson, I have no doubt that once Cruz enters this race, he will be in it to win it and doing whatever he can to get his message across as hard as he can.

    Cruz is dangerous to liberals because his method of conservative delivery will actually bring in more votes among Democrats because he will not let the media define him like other candidates have.

    If you threw Cruz into a room with 30 hard-core leftists and gave him a podium and time to speak (30 minutes), by the end of the speech, there would be at least 2 listeners that would question their liberal beliefs and perhaps think differently, and while that may not seem like a whole lot, that’s the beginning to recovery and I see no other candidate that would have even that success.

    In the General Election, he can win FL. We’ve seen in VA that if you actually run a conservative candidate those people can still win. He would could win CO. He would have better chances in IA/NV than previous candidates. That’s all it would take.

    It’s time to put the country on CRUZ Control.

  • Freeper Survey.Your "Any Combination GOP Ticket Prediction.Pick Four Likely&Viable Candidates.

    01/31/2015 5:24:55 PM PST · 23 of 89
    parksstp to Cruz_West_Paul2016

    Cruz is at the Top of my list.

    Walker and Rubio are somewhat acceptable but they need to make the turn on immigration from previous pro-amnesty statements

    Not sure how much I trust Paul. Fiscally ok, but open borders and how much does the lunatic dad and his deranged supports play a role in trying to shape him?

    I like Dr. Carson, but I don’t think he has all the necessary experience given his statements on guns. I would support him as Surgeon General easily.

    A decent cabinet I could live with:

    Ted Cruz - President
    Bobby Jindal - Vice President
    Newt Gingrich - Secretary of State
    Rand Paul - Treasury Secretary
    Duncan Hunter - Secretary of Defense
    Sarah Palin - Secretary of Energy
    Tom Tancredo - Secretary of Homeland Security
    Herman Cain - Secretary of Commerce
    Roy Moore - Attorney General

    and whatever for the others. I think this would work nicely.

  • Electoral Math: Who can really win?

    01/25/2015 4:51:12 PM PST · 1 of 15
    Let's be clear about this the first.

    Barring some enormous gaffe that not even the mainstream media could help cover up, neither Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, nor Chris Christie has any realistic shots of beating the Democratic nominee.

    The reason is simple. We've had 2 GOPe candidates run and lose pretty much every battleground state to Barack Obama. Knowing the states that will be battlegrounds, I see nothing to convince me this would change. Not only would Christie not carry NJ, Bush would lose FL. And given how dominant Franklin County was last time, I see none of the 3 being a serious contender in OH, and with the exception of AZ, performing poorly again in the Southwest.

    Thankfully, I've identified 2 (possibly 3 - and just maybe 4) candidates that I think have EXCELLENT chances in what will be the Battleground States. And by this I mean that our Red States will get "redder" and the Blue States will get less blue and force the liberals to spend more money in them than they would like.

    A recap, first. It take 270 Electoral Votes to win the Election. The GOP Candidate needs only 269 votes to win since the majority of State delegations will be GOP. The Senate vote could get interesting, but the GOP VP Nominee should have the advantage their too.

    First off are the traditional Republican Red States. These states have been pretty much uncontested. However, if the GOPe shoves a candidate down conservatives' throats again, all bets are off. I really feel this is the last straw.

    Alaska (3), ID(4), UT(6), AZ(11), MT(3), WY(3), ND(3), SD (3), NE(5), KS(6), OK (7), TX(38), AR(6), LA(8), MS(6), AL (9), GA(16), SC(9), TN(11), KY(8), Wv (5), MO(10), IN(11)

    This is 191 Electoral Votes the GOP SHOULD have locked up. Mitt Romney won them last time, but a conservative would win them with larger margins.

    The Dems have the usual advantages here:

    HI(4), WA(12), CA(55), MN(10), IL(20), DC(3), MD(10), DE (3) NJ(14), NY(29), CT(7), RI(4), MA(11), VT(3)

    That's 185 Electoral Votes. And no, leaving OR and ME off was not a mistake.

    The Battlegrounds Appear to Make up 14 States this time, including:

    Florida (27), NH(4), ME(4), NC(15), VA(13), PA(20), OH(18), MI(16) WI(10), IA(6), OR(7), NV(6), CO(9), and NM(5)

    We have 4 Regions which play out:

    Upper Northeast (NH & ME) Florida Midwest (WI, MI, IA, OH) Southwest + OR (NV, CO, NM, OR)

    Folks, if you are looking at this map and are a supporter of TED CRUZ, or SCOTT WALKER, and to some extent Marco Rubio you have to look at this map and say: "Dayum! Finally, this looks like this could be good for us for a change.

    Let's start with CRUZ. If CRUZ is the nominee, I believe you can add NC, FL, and VA to the GOP totals. In most scenarios FL is must win for the GOP though the map is technically playable without it, but it's for reasons I think Cruz is strong enough to win FL that I think he would also be competitive in the Southwest battlegrounds of NV, CO, and NM. Seriously, if Ted Cruz can't pick up those southwestern states then it's unlikely any of the GOP nominees can. But I don't think he has to sweep them all. Outperforming the last 2 elections and forcing the Democrats to spend money there when they'd rather be attacking OH/FL and defending PA could still be a win, because not only is Cruz good in the Southwest, but I believe he could be the ultimate candidate in IA as well. VA has shown that when a conservative runs, the votes are still there to carry the candidate across. One thing is certain, a GOPe won't carry VA again. Then there's NC. I still have my doubts about how close this state really was in 2012 (I guess that happens when you can vote 12 times and get a Total statewide vote greater than GA (who has more EVs))

    TED CRUZ would force the Dems to live in OH where they'd rather be out elsewhere because if he were to win OH/FL, its over because he'd be heavily favored to win 1 of IA,CO, NM, or NV and that's all it would take.

    In short, of the 14 Battlegrounds, I'd favor Cruz in 4 (FL, NC, VA, and IA), but the rest of the states would be within margins of Bush/Gore 2000 one way or the other. He could win them all, he could lose them all. But I like his chances.

    Then there's SCOTT WALKER. He could end up being the ultimate compromise candidate between the GOPe and conservatives, provided he doesn't ruin it. For once, WI and MI along with OH and IA might be in serious play. He could be the strongest candidate from the Midwest the Republicans have had for a long time. And I think come primary time, he might also surprise in NH against the GOPe, and OR/CO could be in play too. He doesn't have the advantages of a CRUZ in the NV and NM but perhaps depending on who he takes as a running mate could give him a boost. But really the map gives him an excellent chance.

    Marco Rubio to some extent could have some of the advantages of a Ted Cruz. But if he can't solve the division he's created on the amnesty issue with conservatives I don't see him performing as well as a Ted Cruz in the general, and it's going to take a strong performance to win. But I'll keep an open mind for now. Many here gave Newt a second chance when his campaign looked dead before it had started. So I'll give Rubio that chance for now and if he makes the right moves, I think things will be ok. If he keeps buddying with McCain, then maybe not so much.

  • Ted Cruz Just Launched His Iowa Campaign

    01/24/2015 5:47:34 PM PST · 50 of 239
    parksstp to txhurl

    Please add me to the Ted Cruz list.

  • TOP-10 Potential 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates

    01/24/2015 12:14:21 PM PST · 56 of 57
    parksstp to Reaganite Republican

    Ted Cruz, easily #1. Everyone tried to hype up Newt last time because of how he performed in debates. I say this as a warning to the RINOs that decide to stick in long enough to have to debate Cruz, they’ll “wish” they were debating Newt! Cruz is that good. He is calm, cool, collected, and has the same tact and charm reminiscent of a Reagan to just take over the debate. It’s Ted Cruz’s performance in these debates that I think will push him to the nomination.

    Scott Walker is #2 and could be the ultimate compromise candidate. But if Cruz performs as well as I think he can in the debates, then Walker won’t be necessary.

    Now as for Marco Rubio, yes 4 years ago I wrote this:

    And I did get a response from his office when I wrote him. He’s been hurt immensly by the amnesty plan, but if people were looking at giving Newt a pass the last time to stop Romney, I won’t say his chances are 0%. But it will take a cycle-through like there was in 2008 of candidates bowing out to get him to the top.

  • Stacking the Deck (2016 GOP Nominee Hopefuls)

    01/18/2015 9:40:45 AM PST · 1 of 16
    So who are the candidates for this go around? I present in order of my own preference and which you can agree or disagree.

    Candidates That are 90% or more Certain are Running:

    1. Ted Cruz - my top choice. When I talk about the "Reagan Delivery Method" and how to effectively articulate conservatism, this guy has it. IF he can get the South FL loyal Cuban GOP to vote for him over Jeb Bush to an upset win the FL primary, then coupled with TX, he will have incredible momentum. He never gets phased in debates. If he avoids any major gaffes, I think he can more than handle the mainstream media which he has shown.

    2. Scott Walker - Could end up being the ultimate compromise candidate between the Tea Party and conservatives. We've seen him survive 3 times in Blue WI where the Libs and Unions have thrown everything and the kitchen sink and yet they can't defeat him. The Establishment has seen that too so they are comfortable that he can indeed win in the battlegrounds. However, there is concern he was moving toward Ron Johnson in that he was distancing himself from the Tea Party and aligning more with the establishment. He supported Romney but called his campaign "lousy". Probably the Top Governor in the race, it comes down to trust. I trust Ted Cruz. I'm ok and could probably trust Walker too, but I am a little hesitant to see if he actually stays the course or not (Where is he now on illegal immigration?). But I think he could be someone everybody could agree on, perhaps.

    3. Ben Carson - I don't think he'll be a serious player and I think the anti-gun comments he made hurt his prospects enormously. But on the issues I know he's solid on (health care, social, etc), I welcome him into the conversation and if he lasts long enough I expect him to get some barbs in at the other RINOs at the debates.

    4. Rick Santorum - I supported Rick in 2012 after Bachmann and Cain withdrew. In my opinion, he was the best available option at the time. I know finishing 2nd last time he might think there's support there again, but I think there will be better candidates in the field this time around. What killed him was the debate before the AZ/MI primary in a response he had to Romney about "playing ball in the Senate".

    5. Rick Perry - I'm not so sure he runs again. First, because we'll have to watch the clip over and over again of him forgetting his plan in the Bloomberg debate. But 2nd, if Ted Cruz runs as expected, if the TX primary is earlier this year, that's not going to look good for him because Cruz will win that decisively.

    RINOs I wouldn't Support (In No particular Order)

    1. Mitt Romney - Oh my God, he's like the zombie that just won't go away. Give it up Mitt, you couldn't beat the worst President ever where the economy was the main issue. Can't you take up sewing, or drinking, or book touring or something?

    2. Chris Christie - This guy's draft stock falls further every day. Seriously, NJ is never going to be in play anyway and this guy will get obliterated in every primary in the South. But therein lies the problem: McCain and Romney (even moreso) showed that you can win the nomination without winning a contested primary in the South since proportional delegates keeps the conservative from catching up on the National total where NJ/NY and other Blue states are WTA. See the problem here?

    3. Jeb Bush - Can Ted Cruz steal the Cuban-GOP vote in South FL from Jeb Bush? If he does, Bush is finished. But that South FL Cuban and Northeastern Snowbird GOP types vote as a block, you either get almost all of them or none, and the total pretty much decides the outcome of the State.

    4. Newt Gingrich - I don't trust Newt. Period. Depending on the audience, he's the one guy that can say one thing, then a few hours later to another audience say the opposite and you have no idea where he stands. Still, I suspected if anyone was going to call out how bogus the delegate process was and move the states towards a more universal proportional system like the Dems use (which would be to his and other's advantage) I'd think it would be him. But Newt's been silent on this. Yet, I think his ego will prevent him from staying out.

    5. Mike Hucabee - I can get my social issues and a better platform without the RINOnes with Cruz or Carson, than you very much

    Candidates that are Good, I just don't think are Running:

    1. Sarah Palin - She may or may not run. But until she does, can the Palin-only supporters please try to not trash the other conservatives in the race in the hope she gets in? I watched some of you guys do that to Bachmann last time (When I say Bachmann, you say Ed Rollins: Bachmann, Ed Rollins! -ok we got that out of the way). If Ted Cruz turns out to be the real deal, I don't think her running will be necessary. I would never have any problems voting for her, but I really think this time around, Cruz is the best candidate.

    2. Bobby Jindal - I like Bobby, but he isn't running. I suspect guys like him and Carson would end up in a Cruz or Walker administration which is fine by me.

    3. Nikki Haley - She's not running either.

    4. Allen West - Good VP candidate, but not running

  • NCAA National Football Championship Ohio State (4) at Oregon (2)(8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN) Thread

    01/12/2015 3:48:35 PM PST · 60 of 534
    parksstp to Perdogg

    Oregon didn’t stop FSU. FSU stopped FSU with 4+ turnovers 3 happening after FSU picked up the 1st down which was pretty ironic. Still might not have been enough since our defense couldn’t stop air.

    I think Oregon wins tonight, but if Ohio State’s D-Line plays tough and actually puts pressure on Mariota instead of sitting back and reacting to what he does, then I think the Buckeyes have a chance. And then maybe Jimbo will fire Charles Kelly. I mean seriously, how you get 11 guys and half of them leave early for the NFL and the defense sucks is beyond me. If Kelly’s not let go soon we’ll be looking at the equivalent of a Jeff Bowden defense at FSU for years to come.

    Oh and for the guy that said Ohio State already beat #1, give me a break. Bama, like the rest of the SEC was over-rated. Ole Miss-TCU? Ga Tech beat both UGA and Miss State. LSU loses to Notre who? Auburn loses to Wisconsin? And the ACC went 4-0 against the SEC on rivalry week. Alabama should have never been #1 to begin with. They should have been the team taking the beating at the Rose Bowl last week.

  • Rep. Louie Gohmert Announces Run for Speaker of the House

    01/04/2015 10:59:40 AM PST · 76 of 151
    parksstp to FR_addict

    The #29 assumes that no Democrats will vote for Boehner as speaker.

    So if Boehner is denied the initial majority in the first vote, who is he more likely to make a deal with, (1) The group of conservatives in the House trying to oust him and his leadership or (2) Pelosi and the Dems. Ask yourself this, as Boehner ever used/required Dem support to get past conservatives in the past? Well there’s your answer.

    Back door deal to increase Dem power on committees and blacklist conservatives leading the fight to oust him. That is Boehner’s plan it would appear.

  • FSU Clears Jameis Winston in Code of Conduct Case

    12/21/2014 7:52:47 PM PST · 20 of 23
    parksstp to Dave346

    The official looked awkwardly out of place with the additional man crew when normally they stand and hold the ball in front of the Center.

    And also, what substitution was BC making when the ref was still holding the ball? Not only did he hold the ball for the substitution to be made, but held it long enough to allow BC to set defensively before Winston could get the play in (up-tempo was called from the sideline). The ref interfered with the play too long and knew he screwed up which is why he didn’t throw a flag, and why the ACC didn’t see anything wrong or flagrant.

  • FSU Clears Jameis Winston in Code of Conduct Case

    12/21/2014 7:46:43 PM PST · 19 of 23
    parksstp to FamiliarFace

    The crab legs was a hook-up gone wrong. Everybody knows what was going on there. Someone let him go with the stuff (which is an NCAA violation - would be considered receiving improper benefits) Instead of calling out the person that had the hook-up (which probably would have resulted in more suspension time and eligibility issues and the individual being fired) he took the fall. Was charged with a misdemeanor and given community service and did end up paying for the crab legs.

    As for shouting FHRITP in the Student Union, if his name was John Doe, nobody would have cared. He was mimmicking a well known internet-meme, that while stupid, existed and was popular on the internet by these guys going up to live newscasts and shouting the same phrase. Too bad they didn’t try that with MSNBC, I would have laughed so hard. Anyway, it’s not confirmed, but the rumor was Winston was trying to join an upperclass Fraternity and that this was part of the initiation (I guess being the QB and winning a Nat’l Champ didn’t exempt him).

    Anything else you’d like me to address? The BB gun incident where he didn’t have a BB gun and wasn’t the shooter? How about the Burger King incident where they used those small ketch-up cups to get Sprite instead of water?

  • FSU Clears Jameis Winston in Code of Conduct Case

    12/21/2014 2:57:12 PM PST · 1 of 23
    A victory for conservatism today! If you actually read the FULL Original Report from last year and understood all of the holes in the woman's story, it was clear from the get-go she was lying. Why, nobody knows? Some wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe Casher's actions made her feel violated but there was no evidence from the testimony given to support that. Perhaps she was trying to buy extra time to study for her Spanish Exam, since based on text messages at the hospital she was trying to get answers for them from another classmate.

    There was no hit on the head, no black out. She lied about the borrowed shorts when she tried to cover up her Kent State football boyfriend. There were no drinks from Winston, no predatory text messages. Nothing she said could be backed up.

    Winston was cleared because Major Harding made the decision on the basis of facts and the law and did not legislate from the bench or based on emotion. But I'm sure in the next few days while people try to tie him to a cover up, we'll learn how he was in the minority of the FL Supreme Court decision Bush v Gore that the multiple recounts were unconstitutional.

    You may not like Jamies Winston because of the team he plays for or for whatever reason, but the evidence shows he is not a rapist and based on the law no more guilty than George Zimmerman or Officer Wilson whom the evidence also supported a not-guilty claim.

    I'm sure people will still hate Jameis. After all, he sold his autographs for money (wait, no he didn't they were forged because when Winston didn't show because he turned them down, the promoter put all the items from clients in his pick-up truck and a few hours later brought them back all signed (with different signature styles) but nobody could witness Winston sign them. Sure, that sounds real legit. eSECpn reported that on their webpage but never ran the story on air after it came out the autographs were forged because the authentication company was going to look stupid. Notice that story just sort of went away.

    And then the whole over-rated thing with him standing up in the Student Union shouting "FHRITP" mimmicing an internet meme. Had it been anyone else, nobody would have cared. But it was Winston.

    Still waiting for ESPN to report about Treion Harris getting pulled over for speeding without a license. Also none of the 4 people in the car owned the car and their were 2 bags of pot in the vehicle, but the UFPD isn't going to prosecute because no one was in possession of the pot and the car didn't belong to any of them. Really? If Jameis Winston had been in that car, how quickly would that news story had broke. I guess when a team like UF sucks, nobody cares.

  • California Chrome sustains gash to foot

    06/08/2014 3:38:09 PM PDT · 22 of 32
    parksstp to Morgana

    Someone who is better at photoshopping than I am, can you help me out?

    I would like to create a picture of people appearing to lift California Chrome in the air with his visible injury and carry him off, to parody and create the best “Lebroning” photo yet, but can’t find anything to use.

  • GOP firm’s poll: McConnell in statistical tie with Democrat in Kentucky, leads Bevin by 42

    02/14/2014 3:12:18 PM PST · 39 of 54
    parksstp to SeekAndFind

    The Tea Party needs more of a National, Organized structure and this whole mess proves why.

    McConnell has caved with Boehner over and over again. Every time he did, people here were like “we will defeat you and teach you a lesson for turning your back on conservatives”. Then the primaries come, no serious challenge is made, he gets the nod and we either get stuck with the RINO again or he gets replaced by a liberal or liberal-disguised as some moderate.

    Folks, how many conservatives make up this country. At least 100,000,000?

    Why is it that when work must be done and candidates must be vetted, nobody ever wants to do the hard work? Some unknown enters the ring and people just coalesce around them, until something shows things may not be right. Bevins supported TARP? Really, now, we’re going to go replace the Amensty-Caving-Establishment RINO leader and trust a guy that supported TARP? Are you kidding me? This is the best KY can do? A state that is red every General Election? Really?

    Or like in AR where Cotton is running for Senate. He caved on the debt vote, but now AR voters are going to reward him by sending him to the RINO Senate? Really, how do you think he’s going to vote on debt ceilings in the future?

    Ted Cruz is a prime example of getting an unknown Elected on a limited budget. It requires charisma, integrity, and a connection to voters that establishes Trust. The easy way out of doing the hard work is for people to say “Oh I don’t have the money, it’s too expensive”. A political candidate that can articulate their message on point that reasonates with the voters will trump money any day.

    The problem is this vetting should have started long ago. Like right after the 2012 Election. Otherwise, who are we replacing the RINOs with? More RINOs. Or worse, a candidate ill-equipped at handling the media (IN, DE, MO, etc) and communicating their message to the voters effectively?

    No more RINOs and no more dark horse candidates who fail at charisma and getting their message across effectively and lack the conservative track record to instill some kind of trust.

    I wish Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin would take a huge chunk of money, donate it to a place like Hillsdale for the Establishment of the Ronald Wilson Reagan School of Political Communication, which could serve as a training ground for how to train conservatives to run for office, articulate message, and deal with the media.

  • Conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 states (Sorry to say but BS)

    01/31/2014 11:46:28 AM PST · 5 of 21
    parksstp to C19fan

    This is why these polls about conservatives making up a plurality in the US is suspect.

    Usually, we get told 40% identify as conservative and 25% as liberal and make a big deal of that.


    It’s well document that conservatives are more open of their beliefs and willing to defend them. Liberals, meanwhile, tend to avoid that label and hide out under the “moderate” label.

    “Moderates” in that poll make up 35%. How much of those “moderates” do you think share conservative values? Probably not much because if they were conservative they wouldn’t have an issue with the label in the first place. Add these together and you get a 55-45 or 54-46 split which just so happens to match the results of 2012 (not that Romney was conservative, but trying to show how Obama can get over 50% if just a 25% of the population identifies as liberal.

    The country tilts left thanks to the media and (lack of) education system. Show all the polls people want about Obama being unpopular or his policies. It doesn’t matter. If the election were tomorrow, he’d get re-elected. The dangerous, ill-informed society that the Founding Fathers feared has come to fruition.

  • Any Freeper Lawyers deal with Criminal Law/Constitutional Issues?

    01/17/2014 12:57:07 PM PST · 16 of 21
    parksstp to Dan(9698); CivilWarBrewing

    These were not feminists, on the contrary.

    This is more along the lines of lack of social interaction-social awkwardness type of thing and not knowing how to properly deal in social settings or realizing the effects your actions have on others. Couple that with designed lying techniques to cover up these weaknesses and that’s what you have with these two.

  • Any Freeper Lawyers deal with Criminal Law/Constitutional Issues?

    01/17/2014 12:50:50 PM PST · 15 of 21
    parksstp to frog in a pot

    Thanks, this was already done.

    I sent all of that information to an Attorney in DE that I was referred to from here in FL.

    There was supposed to be an initial consultation. Prior to that I sent the information you stated. It was clear when I talked with her that she reviewed none of it and had no clue as to the people involved, facts, etc. I was charged $250 for 10 minutes of what nothing helped.

    Our request was to see if based on reviewing the facts and the situation if she could talk to the remaining complainant to get it dropped. After all, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, I thought this is what Attorneys get paid to do. She made it seem like I was asking her to Blackmail the complainant into dropping the complaint which was not true.
    The Attoney said she could get in trouble for “intimidation”. I have never heard anything like that of the sort. Additionally, the Attorney told me that even if I hired her, she would be unable to see the information behind the warrant issued until I turned myself in. Seriously, nobody can see the information supporting a warrant in Delaware? There is something wrong with this process.

  • Any Freeper Lawyers deal with Criminal Law/Constitutional Issues?

    01/17/2014 12:44:16 PM PST · 14 of 21
    parksstp to Darren McCarty

    The Blog was already taken down once the agreement of the meeting in November was made. As previously stated, there is NOTHING in there that states threats of any kind. The only thing it lists is the documented account/transcripts/correspondences, etc. Additionally, NO private information was ever published on the Blog. All information that was listed referred back to another public website and was appropriately cited.

    Define “good”

  • Any Freeper Lawyers deal with Criminal Law/Constitutional Issues?

    01/17/2014 10:14:19 AM PST · 1 of 21
  • Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

    12/22/2013 9:31:02 PM PST · 54 of 111
    parksstp to Las Vegas Ron

    Why is this song considered the greatest in Rock Music History on all the Memorial/Labor Day Countdowns?

    I think Iron Horses’ Bluegrass version is better:

    Never was really a LZ fan, prefer the Prog Rock genre more.

    But one thing I want to know. The Immigration Song, was this ripped off from the Get Smart theme or not?

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 9:09:35 PM PST · 112 of 187
    parksstp to volunbeer


    Ironic those 12% that left Winston off had Manziel and McCarron on their ballot.

    Manziel sold his autographs and joked about getting away with it because since he was paid in cash, there was no paper trail.

    As for McCarron, he apparentally cheated on Katherine Webb with another model. And if you find the photos taken with his mom, well then....

    So if you’re going to hold Winston to a moral standard, these 2 should be as well.

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 8:09:03 PM PST · 71 of 187
    parksstp to parksstp; Always A Marine


    and here’s one other interesting tidbit. Remember all the height deviations the victim gave. First 5”7-5”9? Well guess what height Jamal Roberts is? That’s right, she gave the physical description of him to police the night at the hospital and later that day.

    Winston is 6”5.She knew what she was doing when she tried to throw police off.

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 8:04:37 PM PST · 69 of 187
    parksstp to yarddog

    No, she was 18, just about to turn 19.

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 8:03:58 PM PST · 68 of 187
    parksstp to Theoria

    If it was done without the consent of the individuals then yes. According to the report, she told him to get out, so he did.

    However, given that its clear the accuser had been drinking and she is only 19, and the alcohol was probably still on her breath when she was interviewed by police and at the hospital, what about charging her and her friends with that?

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 7:44:40 PM PST · 52 of 187
    parksstp to Alberta's Child

    Winston is a 2-sport Star.

    Charlie Ward had a very good career in the NBA. I think he did okay.

    Winston has stated he would like to be the next Bo Jackson/Deon Sanders and play both NFL and MLB.

    If he’s smart he’ll go the MLB route. Longer career, stay healthier.

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 7:40:45 PM PST · 47 of 187
    parksstp to volunbeer

    the Heisman Trophy has a Moral Requirement? that’s news to me.

    your assessment of society today I would say is accurate. I mean, look at who we have in the WH.

    This is what goes on in College, though, thanks to the liberal education system. While you may be shocked at Winston and Casher’s activities, sadly, this is not out of the norm. This is accepted behavior. If you want to change that, you have to change the education system.

    As for his GF, she hasn’t said much, but she was with him at the ceremony. From some of her comments in the past, she appears to be the one who wears the pants in that relationship. I suspect if Winston’s allowed to get his sidepieces, she probably is free to as well. Welcome to how Relationships in the 21st Century operate. It’s sad, but it is what it is.

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 7:29:29 PM PST · 38 of 187
    parksstp to Dave346

    did you read the report?

    The only “clear” injuries the victim had was bruising that began to appear on her elbows and knees while she was at the hospital. This corraborates the story that she was in a position giving oral sex to Winston.

    There was no head trauma as she described and the nurse only recorded headache pain, which if she was drinking and witnesses said she wasn’t a big drinker could easily be a hangover.

    There were no signs of forced entry or tearing. The only thing that is listed is what the alleged victim reported, but the nurse had nothing to back it up.

    As for the police cover-up, what coverup? They did their job if you read the report. She gave them multiple stories. She actually wasn’t the person who called the police to begin with.

    Willie Meggs is a hardnose against FSU athletes who has done ZERO favors for any FSU athletes. If you think he’s going to go down for protecting an athlete, you don’t know the man. He’s prosecuted with far less. One guy he charged with assault even after they had passed 3 polygraphs (they were eventually acquitted). If the evidence had been there, he would have charged Winston, but it was clear the woman was providing misleading information. Kessler’s interview was particularly damning.

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 6:58:51 PM PST · 21 of 187
    parksstp to Veggie Todd

    passed judgement on him without reading the report?

    I went through all 86 pages and the additional 38 pages of released information from the investigation, and anybody that goes through it will conclude the girl is clearly lying.

    First, she DID say she was hit on the head, but no evidence of it. She said she had been intoxicated, but blood alcohol levels show they were nowhere near blackout levels, neither was their any presence of drugs in her urine.

    Second, she told people she took a shot from a stranger, but the only person witnesses saw her take drinks from was Marcus Jordan

    Third, the Text “Meet me outside” which she an Monique Kessler say they saw on the victim’s phone never existed. Verizon’s phone records were subpeonaed and determined that the message was never on the victim’s phone.

    Fourth, Kessler was adamant victim stay around while she go to bathroom for safety, but later when victim supposedly got the “meet me outside” text and shows it to Kessler asking if she should go, Kessler says if she wants to? Yeah, right.

    Fifth, the injuries the victim had on her knees and elbow are consistent with the “oral” activities described by Casher and Darby, although the victim says no oral activities took place.

    Sixth, the accuser has all sorts of memories for detailed specifics, such a colored sheets, scooters, cab, etc, but when she changes her story over and over again from “hit on the head” to “blacking out” to “taking a shot -drugged” police were chasing ghosts.

    Seventh, the ambulance chaser attorney is claiming that “anyone can pee in a cup” suggesting that the accuser’s blood and urine were switched which is why the “date rape” drug wasn’t present. Sure. Or the accuser was just lying.

    Eigth, after getting dropped off, accuser gets texts messages telling her they’ve got answers to the Spa-2 Exam, which victim replies immediately to pleease send them. This happened even before she got back to her dorm, but was supposedly blacking out.

    Ninth, accuser’s boyfriend, Jamal Roberts, who also happens to be a football player at Kent State, at some point, visited the accuser in Tallahassee that same week. Either that, or the accuser doesn’t wash her clothes very well as his DNA was still on her shorts. It seemed clear she wouldn’t want people to find out where she had been.

    Tenth, although she deleted it, Google Cache and her Twitter handle clearly show she followed the hashtag #FSUCleatChaser. She even went to games as most recently as the Miami game. Sure, that’s normal to go to the game and cheer the guy you accused of rape on? Yeah.

    Elventh, Patricia Carroll, the ambulance chaser planted a story on the accuser to tell her friend Monique Kessler that they had shared clothes (this is before it became clear that the DNA on the shorts was Jamal Roberts). When asked by police during her interview, Kessler said she could not recall them sharing clothes, let alone the fact that Kessler is 5”8 and the accuser is 5”5 so the sharing of shorts would not be realistic.

    I could go on and on, but these were the details in the report that the mainstream sports media failed to report. These issues are precisely the reason why Willie Meggs didn’t charge Winston and why there will be no Civil Suit by the ambulance chaser against TPD or Winston because the facts fall apart quickly.

    There is evidence that one of two things happened: (1) She thought she was going to be more than a side piece and since Winston had a GF also, turned out that wasn’t the case and regretted the action. (2) Chris Casher says he tried to video the girl and Winston. Perhaps the girl thought he had actually recorded something and she was afraid it would get out on the internet. Or she is just plain lying trying to earn a buck as a cleatchaser.

    I suggest everyone read the report and released interviews for themselves. Once you realize the lamestream media is doing what they do best (withholding reporting facts), you’ll realize Winston was innocent and the act was consensual.

  • Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

    12/14/2013 6:33:20 PM PST · 1 of 187
    Only 5th Highest total ever. Could have been 1st had it not been for the psychopath and ambulance-chasing attorney trying to derail him.

    Well done Jameis! Now on to the BCS Championship game for some Tiger stew.

  • 2013-14 Bowl Projections

    12/08/2013 10:18:46 PM PST · 22 of 50
    parksstp to Perdogg

    So with FSU back in the National Prominence and the Winston issue laid to rest, how long before we have to read an article on by some loser liberal journalist on how offensive the “Seminole” mascot is?

    FSU is going to steamroll the Tigers, or the War Eagle, or whatever mascot the people from the barn decide to bring with them.

  • Jameis Winston deserves benefit of doubt in sexual assault case until proven otherwise

    11/14/2013 6:34:04 PM PST · 38 of 40
    parksstp to spel_grammer_an_punct_polise

    Cannot release my sources,

    but from what I’m being told:

    “Four players including JW went to a party, one of the players assaulted a girl - (placing his hands on her inappropriately), JW saw what happened and the players including JW left the party. JW is and was a witness to the whole incident which is supposedly why his name came up in the report, not as the perpetrator.”

    There is speculation that the individual involved that was trying to “hook” up with the girl did not want her to know their real name and dropped Winston’s name, which explains the discrepancy in the suspect description of the police report.

    Appears that Winston is a witness to something and this is what the other 2 are collaborating. It’s unclear if any of the other 3 names, including the name of the real suspect will be released.

    This is supposedly going to come out in the next few days.

    Also supposedly, the girl is being represented by her aunt.

  • Jameis Winston deserves benefit of doubt in sexual assault case until proven otherwise

    11/14/2013 10:56:54 AM PST · 1 of 40
    This is about the only article I found with any attempts to report this incident fairly. The whole incident smells, from the timing of it, how long it took, lack of evidence, description, who was ever contacted, etc.

    The media is doing a hit-job on this guy's character. Most of the reporting has been "guilty" until proven innocent.

    Looks like they trying to make this Duke Lacrosse II.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 6:15:57 PM PST · 1,293 of 2,100
    parksstp to GeronL

    84.57% IN

    808,035 46.72% (R)
    799,205 46.21% (D)

    Still about 15,000 votes McCauliffe will pick up on Ken in Fairfax County. The lead is not going to hold.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 6:06:19 PM PST · 1,204 of 2,100
    parksstp to Kolath

    79.65% IN

    766,580 46.87% (R)
    751,413 45.95% (D)

    Tightening still, not sure if he will hold it. Depends on where the real vote totals are outstanding.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 5:56:35 PM PST · 1,099 of 2,100
    parksstp to sheikdetailfeather

    74.10% IN

    718,015 47.35% (R)
    688,743 45.42% (D)

    Wow, the 30,000 gap is still there. Verrry Interesting, but Fairfax still coming in very slowly.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 5:51:17 PM PST · 1,043 of 2,100
    parksstp to Hoodat

    Same story, turnout is slightly higher, Ken is doing worse by about 5-6% of McDonnell and in the Kilgore range, but McCauliffe is not getting any better numbers than Deeds and nowhere near Kaine.

    This Sarvis effect is really interesting. Seems to be hurting TM in the red areas.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 5:48:14 PM PST · 1,017 of 2,100
    parksstp to parksstp

    67.89% IN

    649,924 47.52% (R)
    618,513 45.22% (D)

    I suspect this is the area where the vote would start to turn, it appears that way.

    Fairfax County is on its way to 250,000 votes. If that holds.

    Ken gets about 92,000 McCauliffe gets 143,000, a difference of 51,000 votes. 19,000 of that lead is already accounted for in the totals. It appears he can close the gap with Fairfax alone, and now the rest of the state is a wash, but if any other liberal stronghold is out, it’s over.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 5:43:36 PM PST · 982 of 2,100
    parksstp to Red in Blue PA

    IF Ken pulls this out

    Goochland County may tell why this is close.

    Turnout was slightly higher. Ken got 14% less than McDonnell (70 vrs 56 which was the same as Kilgore). McCauliffe, however, got only 33%, not the 43% Kaine got. This is one place the “Sarvis” factor seems to have hurt McCauliffe even though Cucinelli’s vote numbers/percentages are down. Interesting.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 5:33:08 PM PST · 886 of 2,100
    parksstp to mrsmith

    61.16% in

    586,884 48.03% (R)
    545,702 44.66% (D)

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 5:19:44 PM PST · 801 of 2,100
    parksstp to Viennacon

    He’s not overperforming. In many of the preliminary counties, he is underperforming, but McCauliffe is not picking up a significant number of voters other than people that may not normally vote in off-year elections.

    VA Beach looks bad 27,000-24,000, the GOP should be cleaning up here.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 5:12:01 PM PST · 754 of 2,100
    parksstp to mrs9x

    Something is up, when I click on the precint page, it might say all have reported for that area, then still have zero-ed areas out.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 5:04:26 PM PST · 725 of 2,100
    parksstp to Sarah Barracuda

    I predict Ken will continue to lead until we get to 67% of the vote in, then that last 3rd will take over in the Urban areas that always report last.

    State is doing an awful job reporting numbers. Some don’t make sense.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 4:53:28 PM PST · 661 of 2,100
    parksstp to 11th_VA


    73/74 TOTAL 84,597 (TURN-OUT SLIGHT DOWN)

    KEN: 41,971
    TERRY: 34,314
    SARVIS: 8,312

    Analysis: Ken underperformed from 2009 when he and McDonnell got nearly 58,000 votes. With this vote total, McCauliffe could have actually won the county, but did not do much better than Deeds.

    This is looking like a 49-45-6 split Virginia-wide for (D).

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 4:43:24 PM PST · 600 of 2,100
    parksstp to parksstp

    City of Norton.

    I predicted 950 Votes. There were only 864. I said Ken would get 653, he got only 481. I said McCauliffe would get 297, he got 346. Ken underperformed.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 4:39:43 PM PST · 585 of 2,100
    parksstp to Blue Turtle

    Okay, State website can’t be updating correctly

    73/74 precints reporting in Chesterfield County and only a total of 48,339 votes? This can’t be right. That total should be around 90,000 total. What gives?

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 4:33:44 PM PST · 544 of 2,100
    parksstp to Kenny

    Is there another site other that the State one reporting numbers? It is slowing and refresh does nothing.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 4:29:32 PM PST · 522 of 2,100
    parksstp to txhurl

    The state website is starting to slow.

  • Virginia Governor Election Day LIVE Thread

    11/05/2013 4:20:46 PM PST · 464 of 2,100
    parksstp to tcrlaf

    20% AA?