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  • Polls: Fiorina even with Trump in presidential race at 22% among debate watchers

    09/17/2015 2:30:13 PM PDT · 70 of 267
    pburgh01 to JediJones

    And Mitt Romney wiped the floor with BO in the debates, the polling said so, and we know how that turned out. The FR echo chamber loves pyrrhic candidates and pyrrhic victories. Besides Trump the other candidates will get clobbered in the general by Hillary. Cruz and Rubio are unelectable, good conservatives but nationally unelectable. Not a Trump fan but he can and will win in the general. Carly Fiorina..are you kidding me, another sure loser. The media has sold the dolts out there the economy is on the upswing, gas is lowest since 2008, no skyscrapers being hit by airplanes and ISIS, Iran and illegal immigration besides the political junkies and 24 hour news show watchers are non issues when it comes to the election. It’s about personality, good or bad

  • Ted Cruz, Sitting Pretty

    09/17/2015 10:36:10 AM PDT · 5 of 69
    pburgh01 to conservativejoy

    He won’t win the nomination and good thing he would get obliterated in the general. But...some here love pyrrhic victories.

  • Oil at $30 No Problem for Some Bakken Drillers Cutting Costs

    08/19/2015 9:27:37 AM PDT · 29 of 29
    pburgh01 to trebb

    All that I know is I spent $2.93 for Premium when crude is at $40 or so bucks a barrel and I spent $3.00 when oil was at $70 per barrel. So some gouging and colluding here, that’s just a fact. I understand they are stockpiling greenbacks, but with a limited refinery capacity, a handful of companies are doing old school late 19th century colluding here. I think there is too much fellating of oil and gas business on FR. They have not saved our economy as promised, growth is still anemic. Just made a few 1000 more millionaires and gave a small percentage of overall some blue collar guys jobs to a selected few.

  • College Football Playoff semifinals outdraw NFL Wild Card games

    01/05/2015 1:05:37 PM PST · 28 of 41
    pburgh01 to Coffee_drinker

    I am a Ducks fan after seeing them humiliate that collection of felons, rapists and miscreants masquerading as a football team..aka FSU.

  • College Football Playoff semifinals outdraw NFL Wild Card games

    01/05/2015 11:57:07 AM PST · 8 of 41
    pburgh01 to reed13k
  • Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits

    11/10/2014 9:09:58 AM PST · 17 of 40
    pburgh01 to ShadowAce
    What makes a good marriage is sexual polarity. Men acting like men and women acting like women. We live in a time of sexual ambiguity. Men are to be neutered, compliant, doormats and women are told to be over assertive, impatient, driven tiger women. I date a woman my own age who is much more financially successful and has dated a few famous,successful men(Pro Athletes, CEOs and music industry executives) She met quite a few when she was running a large charity. What I have learned with her after 3 years and a real good relationship with her, is women love a man who acts like a man, meaning a man who keeps his word,who is sexually forward and aggressive, a man who has a rich , diversified life OUTSIDE the relationship, who pays his bills and is good with money. who is thoughtful, kind and is always authentic.

    I have done lots of work on myself, sometimes acting contrary to what you would think would make a successful relationship. The payoff is I like being is a relationship with her and that creates a positive feedback loop. What is funny the thing she said the more successful and good looking the men she dated, the more f'ed up they were, the less secure with themselves they were, the more they were unauthentic. Why did she go out with me??? Hmmm we met waiting in line for a table at a restaurant. I talked to her and her friend, thought she was drop dead and I was leaving I placed my phone on her table as I went to the rest room, whispered in her ear that I wanted her to add her phone number to my phone. I came back, saw the phone on the edge of her table. I picked it up and her name and number were entered... She confessed that was the cutest, most assertive and sexually exciting thing ANY man had done with her. Lightbulb went off moment for me. Women love assertive, confident men. And...that leads to a good marriage.

  • Pope ordered rejected paragraph on homosexuality retained in final Synod document: Cardinal Marx

    11/06/2014 7:21:00 AM PST · 15 of 51
    pburgh01 to Claud

    I hear talking heads like Mike Church on Sirius, a real weak RCC apologist talk on and bring on other RCC authors and intellectuals, to bloviate on the fallacy of solo scriptura, how in his interpretation of church history leads him to believe the Pope, Saints, etc. must TEACH us what is real Christianity. That left to own interpretation and weak intellects we can be lead astray. How’s that sophism working out for you now Mike? Still think the Pope is God’s representative on earth Mike? Infallible as far as biblical and Christian doctrine? Love seeing know it all zealots hoisted on their own petard.

  • Fox calls it for Cory Gardner in Colorado!!!

    11/04/2014 7:06:06 PM PST · 32 of 49
    pburgh01 to CivilWarBrewing

    You can unpucker, it’s over. We have +3 expected gains. So we get the Senate with 52 votes. Freeper eyores gotta love um

  • Why Do Marriages Fail? Here’s One Often-Overlooked Root

    10/17/2014 1:57:24 PM PDT · 16 of 71
    pburgh01 to Theo

    As an aside this type of thinking, the self flagellation, to impugn yourself is just as corrosive as “sinning”. We are not BORN sinners, we sin as an conscious act of rebellion. This is bad theology a construct of the nan made religion. A dog is born to bark, a bird to fly, a dolphin to swim. We are not born to murder, steal and cheat on our wives. We are born perfect, not corrupted or flawed. We CHOOSE to act one way or another. Adam ran and hid in the garden not because he was disgusting in God’s eyes but because he PERCIEVED himself as disgusting. A distinction with a difference.

  • Why Do Marriages Fail? Here’s One Often-Overlooked Root

    10/17/2014 1:51:58 PM PDT · 15 of 71
    pburgh01 to All

    Five love languages, great book, secret to a happy marriage. Its about meeting each others needs, sure you can delude yourself that religion can make you a better spouse but our base nature is to have our needs met, how we are wired.

  • The Suburbs Made Us Fat

    08/14/2014 4:44:08 AM PDT · 24 of 72
    pburgh01 to All
    What caused us to be fat and I know because I was a guinea pig for this is the industrial food conglomerates. We are a country addicted to refined carbohydrates, processed meats and bad fats, convenience foods, over salted rubbish. Our bodies are just doing what they should be doing, what they are genetically programmed to do that is tore fat in times of plenty. Well with food despite the recent spike affordable in mass quantities to most people we gorge on stuff we shouldn’t because it’s cheap.

    The average person starts out breakfast with a large cup of coffee with half and half and NutraSweet(a poison) and a sugar and white flour disaster that is a bagel and butter. At work it’s another cup of coffee and lunch at 12:30 is usually a large deli sandwich with chips and a pickle and a diet cola. Nothing close to being what it is nature, full of bad fat, sugar and salt and a calorie bomb at probably 700-900 calories. Being carb and HFCS addicted and doing what the geniuses and general Foods and Kraft have engineered us to crave, we want something salty, sugary or fatty by 3pm so we run down to the newsstand or commissary and pick up a HFCS laden granola bar and another diet cola. By 5:30 and quitting time we are starved as we drag our tired rear-ends home after maybe a half hearted or insufficient workout at the local gym. We then have go what we think is healthy, farm raised salmon devoid of most of its Omega 3 and deep pink color, broiled in oven with a canola based oil and more salt laden on top, a starch like white rice or a white potato with butter and a tiny portion of cooked beyond recognition vegetables and a small green salad(yeah!) destroyed with low Ranch dressing full of salt and HFCS(boo!). We then plop down with the kids on the sofa for some mindless TV and about 2- 3 hours later at 9pm just when the scientists at Campbell’s Soup and Heinz thought you would you crave guess what salt, sugar or fat…so you head to the fridge or pantry and gobble down a 3 scoops of low fat vanilla ice cream or half bag of sour cream and onion baked chips. So you have woofed down about 500-1000 calories in a day what your body needs to maintain it’s current mass and guess what over the month and years you begin gathering fat around your organs and then you ass and belly, 5-10 lbs a year and by 50 you are a disaster…50lbs overweight, with HBP, aches all over, bad skin, no energy, bad mood, low sex drive, mental fogginess.

    I was there and then I said ENOUGH. I went on a clean diet, not one out of a book or guru. I began giving my body what it needed not what Kraft engineered me to crave. I began eating lots of fresh veggies, 10 servings a day, the base of my diet, grass fed beef, organic chicken and wild caught fish, raw nuts, lots of water, delicious fruits and seeds. Began doing real workouts not stair machine loafing it in the gym pretending to be working out wastes of my time. Did I pay more for good food, hell yea, about 50% more but I dropped my Netflix, my buying of 50 bucks worth of ITunes music a month, began walking, working out and well lots of loving for entertainment with GF instead of eating out so much. Anyways I lost 70lbs over in 10 months and at 48 I can out work and out wit most of my 20 something peers at work. Have the energy and stamina when I was 25 and feel so much different. Bottom line is America is addicted, lazy and looking for someone to blame for our exploding waistlines.

  • PG poll: Scientific consensus on climate change has not permeated the public [lefty whining]

    08/13/2014 9:18:46 AM PDT · 18 of 41
    pburgh01 to molson209

    I heard it said in terms of manmade CO2 is a little over five gallon gas can worth of volume in an Olympic sized swimming pool of 660,000 gallons. And even those stats I debate, I’d say knowing the Satanic lying scum at most universities and think tanks its probably a gallon. Climate change is just a rebranding of socialism, after the European Greens knew in your face Maoist Communism was not selling. Who could hate mother earth. The left is pretty infuriated about it, the lack of traction in the public. Sure they got more regulations on coal fired power plants but the energy business did not stand and be a sitting target, natural gas which has a low carbon footprint saved them. Now you hear about fracking, etc, etc... Another meme to control you, take away your car, your freedom and be forced to eat vegan, take public transportation or forced resettlement into inner city ghettos.

  • Robin Williams Dies of Suspected Suicide

    08/12/2014 9:48:53 AM PDT · 526 of 608
    pburgh01 to All
    Oy as the Jewish brothers say…the bad theology and cruelty in this thread what a bonanza for the DU’ers lurking. Suicide is a sticky subject in the Bible. If we are going to get legal about it, God is fairly silent on suicide and one could say he supports it in certain circumstances. Jesus said one of the highest honors to God is to give your life for a brother…is not giving your life over suicide? Such as a soldier going on a “Suicide Mission” or the 9-11 first responders going into tower 2 to rescue people when they knew it was a “Suicide”. God is fairly silent on a person’s motivations when giving up their own life. Yes we can extrapolate common sense and say what Robin Williams was not noble, was selfish but to muddy the issue he was clearly not thinking critically or in his right mind. Does G*d give dispensation for someone so tortured with depression?

    It’s biblical illiterate and downright medieval to judge where someone will spend eternity. Jesus kind of hated that when he was here, that finger wagging. But it goes back to the original sin when we learned of Good and Evil, God knew we’d use some self righteousness to bludgeon our fellow man with.

  • Contemporary Christian Music's Sinking Witness: Lack of depth and reverence to the Almighty

    08/04/2014 9:11:34 AM PDT · 47 of 344
    pburgh01 to All

    I am sure there were plenty of Southern planters and slave traders,people who owned slaved who enthusiastically sang what the author of this article would think are “correct” hymns in their Baptist, Presbyterian and methods pews. very reverential I am sure, right before they went home and beat, starved and abused their “property”. The BTK killer was a deacon who sung like songbird on Sundays those old timey hymns. The article and the author are utterly clueless about G*d, his nature, what’s important to him as he has said plain as day in his word. NOT WHAT YOU CAN DO, WHAT HAS BEEN DONE FOR YOU. No proper amount of music, behavior, devotions, rituals, church attendance makes you any more Holy. You are imbued holiness by the Lord Jesus Christ, he finished it on the cross. There is lots of great contemporary Christian music out there, with awesome, heartfelt, God revering lyrics..MercyMe, Chris Tomlin, Laura Story, etc. This kind of Pharisetical crappola in this article needs to be ignored, does not edify Christ or bring people closer to the Father..THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT. Even Paul and the Apostles used the culture of the time to bring people to Christ.

  • Ted Cruz Sorry/Not Sorry About Losing the Vampire Vote

    07/23/2014 2:13:01 PM PDT · 15 of 25
    pburgh01 to Gaffer

    That Leftovers show is truly horrid. The creative team from Lost.....that’s bragging rights? I hated Lost, an overrated, tired, boring show if there ever was one. Figures it was a success in Obama nation, where the average mouth breather doesn’t know the Vice President but knows what happened with Chloe Kardashian. No wonder the morons propelled that offal to the top. I liked True Detective on HBO, quality show, movie quality really. I find my Kindle my entertainment and the occasional sport on TV like college football.

  • Ted Cruz Sorry/Not Sorry About Losing the Vampire Vote

    07/23/2014 9:32:04 AM PDT · 12 of 25
    pburgh01 to Gaffer

    HBO is a cesspool of liberal claptrap. I have the HBO app on my RoKu. Browse their documentary section and I am not kidding you, dozens of documentaries about gays having children, gays being persecuted, gays in America, gays in film, gays in the military, blacks being persecuted, Mexicans being persecuted, Democrats being persecuted, factory farms, Halliburton, Bush, Cruz, Cheney, then throw in crap about transsexuals, hipsters whining about lack of jobs,....its a cliche, really is. True Blood, you’re kidding right, its camp. Now another garbage show is The Leftovers, its a nihilistic self fellating atheists treatise on how us Christians are stupid.

  • IDF starts Gaza ground invasion

    07/23/2014 9:25:51 AM PDT · 132 of 132
    pburgh01 to rimtop56

    Sounds like Christian Zionist biblical cherry picking. The problem with Christianity since the middle ages, poor hermenutics, lack of perspective on the time and culture the OT was written. God frequently spoke of “Israel” but his meaning became broader and broader as the revelation of Jesus Christ became known to mankind. Its antithetical to the message of Jesus and then Paul his apostle to say that any ONE group of people is favored, special or protected by God. The Old Covenant was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. I am sure the Pharisees said the same thing 70 A.D. as Rome was sacking their temple and throwing Jewish bodies into Gehenna . “Hey we are can’t do that”. God loves Israel, America , Luxembourg and Japan equally. You don’t get that, you don’t get the gospel.

  • IDF starts Gaza ground invasion

    07/18/2014 9:22:31 AM PDT · 124 of 132
    pburgh01 to rimtop56

    God is not picking sides with Israel and really hasn’t since Good Friday 33 A.D. Jesus warned repeatedly of the coming destruction of the Old Covenant structure\Jewish exclusivity and it was done 70 A.D. with Rome sacking Jerusalem. Christian\Evangelical Zionists who back in the 1950’s called Jews Kikes now just love to cheerlead whenever the secular state of Israel engages in yet another “operation” to promote “peace”. The secular state of Israel is doomed just like it was 70 A.D.. The second coming of Jesus will install a new Jerusalem and a new Israel based on real peace and truth. This one is nothing more than a shell of what it was in 1948.

  • Jesus Would Support Universal Healthcare, Say Most Americans

    07/16/2014 9:36:06 AM PDT · 42 of 79
    pburgh01 to All

    Jesus was endorsed to be crucified because he was NOT inclined to fulfill what the Old Covenant Jews thought a proper messiah should do, which was social justice and playing Robin Hood to the ruling class of Roman’s wealth and power. This poll is beyond stupid. Like saying Jesus would be for IPhones over Android or MaryAnn over Ginger. Secular idiots who don’t even know how many apostles there were, should not comment of what historical Jesus would do, it’s embarrassing and I am sure the Trinity is not all that happy with using his name to promote evil(Abortion), gets dangerously close to the unpardonable sin.

  • Iraq Update: Jihadists Seize 2 More Iraqi Towns; Close To 30 Miles Of Baghdad; Iran Rushes To Help

    06/13/2014 9:21:23 AM PDT · 14 of 34
    pburgh01 to cowboyusa
    I agree with Palin. “Kill em all, and let Allah sort it out.” Yea Jesus was all about that. Sorry St. Augustine, no just war theory. Violence begets violence, whether its for Jesus, The Torah, Allah or Buddha. Really can't wait till the big guy returns and sets everything right.
  • 'Miss Ukraine 2014' Finalists...

    06/12/2014 9:57:24 AM PDT · 9 of 35
    pburgh01 to Reaganite Republican

    Joke is #1 Ukrainian export is strippers and car show models. Seems like every woman over there is a leggy, almond eyed hottie.

  • '19 Kids and Counting' stars: We won't kiss until marriage

    03/10/2014 7:10:38 PM PDT · 16 of 35
    pburgh01 to fieldmarshaldj

    I watched that show,....once. They all seemed a little off and the wife seemed a few watts short of a dim lightbulb. Can always tell by the affect and the eyes. But heck free to live you life as you want, kiss or no kiss. But one thing Duggars, one think you got to cannot buy favor with God with strict adherence to doctrines and modalities of living. You cannot behave yourself holy. it’s what was done for you already not what you can do. So being super pious, ultra moral and using the words shucks and darn gets you no further in front of the line than a prostitute or penitent murderer or rapist. I know that irks some of you, but kinda the whole point of Christianity.

  • Huffington Post Terrified by “American Dream” Commercial

    03/07/2014 7:20:59 AM PST · 28 of 34
    pburgh01 to chrisser
    Read the angry comments from the hipster can just feel the covetousness, that Stalinist rage. I saw a bumper sticker.."Annoy a liberal work hard a get rich". I am so encouraged and am actually doing well, while a good chunk of the populace is sitting around like a HuffPoer... angry, unemployed, addled and thinking Magic Negro is a going to make things right. I am out hustling, making it happen, saving my cash. It infuriated infuriates them that one of the comments there is absolutely idiot posted.."those 1% think they are better than the rest of us.". That poster and millions others know its true...THEY ARE. The 1% have better focus, better sense with their money, better attitudes, better families, better at just about anything your damaged butt can muster. Keep whining hipsters, I'll keep making the money, sending my kids to college without loans, own a nice, warm safe home , have great experiences and travel with my honey and most important have enough money to give my OWN money to help others. Somethng that is eating away at your soul, how corrupt, lazy and greedy you truly are. Bravo Cadillac!

    P.S...I think spending 75k on a car is NUTS, but don't begrudge someone who wants to do that.

  • Palin: Obama known for 'mom jeans'

    03/05/2014 7:53:42 AM PST · 110 of 112
    pburgh01 to gogeo

    I see I hit a nerve with all carb addicted, soft around the middle, on their way to type II diabetes and a hip and knee replacement wives out there. Funny not going to fence here with the Mom jean wearing wives, but just take a peruse at or defy you to find one profile of any woman in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s rocking the pudcap or Mom jeans....hmmm why is that because maybe they know and some of you who will be divorced know, men are not into that frumpy look. Why does sexy Sarah have it going on as far as keeping herself in shape, wearing attractive clothes, wearing makeup. Are you pucappers going to tell me you have LESS time than Sarah, no your’re just lazy and giving excuses not reasons.

  • Dave Says: Casinos Don't Make Millions by Letting People Win

    03/05/2014 7:44:42 AM PST · 7 of 43
    pburgh01 to driftdiver

    Don’t know why this was a Dave Ramsey question. I never personally got the whole gambling thing. I do believe that our brains and their pleasure centers(Dopamine receptors) are wired differently for pleasure. Some find pleasure and a rush in sex, some food, some gambling, some booze, drugs. Mine is NOT gambling and I have won at the blackjack table, but was able to walk away once I had more chips there than when I started.

  • Largo (Florida) police apologize for entering home without search warrant

    03/05/2014 7:26:00 AM PST · 12 of 36
    pburgh01 to kiryandil

    I am sure there are many good cops and that is my experience with them, mostly positive. But more and more I hear stories of people on stuff as innocuous as a traffic stop with a cop with a real attitude. With the buzzcut, the leather gloves, the gortex military style holster and a huge canon in it. The cops that have a hair trigger tempers and just want to provoke a physical confrontation to show how tough they are. I had one state trooper outside Orlando who pulled my daughter and I over for speeding. After the normal “license and registration” I was waiting in the car talking with my daughter. The tropper pokes his head in the car abruptly..”What the F*** did you say, get out of the car Sir....”. My daughter got upset and I was being calm and asked the trooper...”Sorry sir what did I say?... Long story short, I got out of the car and he got in my face and then on a dime calmed down, gave me my ticket and left. I was like “WTF was that!”

    I do Grav Maga and a few guys in my class, cops who should NOT be learning Grav. They are like the HS bully with a badge

  • Pope's Mass: There are more martyrs today than in the times of Early Christians

    03/04/2014 10:47:29 AM PST · 10 of 27
    pburgh01 to Alex Murphy

    I hear you, the early Christian martyrs faced physical harm for their faith not merely hurt feelings. Getting indignant about someone insulting you is very ANTI-Christian. Even our Lord faced verbal insults at Calvary, of the most vile kind. This is the problem with organized religion, it seeks to create either group-thinking automatons or violent zealots, both are against the most basic of Christian tenants. Of course there are millions of good God loving Catholics who approach life with love, understanding, compassion and respect for ALL peoples, that is very much in harmony with what our savior wished for us. But human nature like it is and the reason we need a savior, some of us just can’t mind their own damn business and need to convince you sometimes by force that their thinking is right.

  • Palin: Obama known for 'mom jeans'

    03/04/2014 5:29:03 AM PST · 65 of 112
    pburgh01 to momtothree
    Not picking on you MomofThree....Mom jeans,the pudcap hairdo(When women throw in the towel and chop all their hair off in a wash and wear psudeo 80's bob), and a sports team jersey not on game day are the marks of a decaying and(or) dead marriage where all the passion is essentially gone. It's the male equivalent of a the bloated beer belly, tattered and stained t-shirt look.

    Even the bible says women should keep attractive for the husbands. That Mom look covers up either a rock bottom self esteem or a selfishness(F him, he does not appreciate me so I will look like I want to). If you don't put time into your appearance(get a decent haircut, wear some cosmetics,take care of your skin, wear clothes that flatter, and maintain a level of fitness and sex appeal) well your man will find a woman who will. Its simple biology. I won't date a woman who wears Mom jeans, it masks an underlying problem(s).

    I have heard all the excuses..Billy has soceer and I work 50 hours..blah, blah...ask your husband if he would help out with the kids and the chores so you could get to the gym and make up a grocery lists not chock full of processed crap adding to your ever burgeoning derriere? I bet most husbands if they knew the payoff was a hot, sexy, attractive, well maintained wife would walk across broken glass for that. Or Moms everywhere can do it like they have been, be at a 25BMI, over stressed, grumpy and complaining and wind up in divorce court. Yes he loves you for you mind, your devotion, those are great clichés and you may even believe them but show me a Mom jean wearing pudcapper and I'll show you a quick divorce after the youngest one turns 18.

  • New Texts Found in Caves That Yielded Dead Sea Scrolls

    03/03/2014 1:31:24 PM PST · 5 of 33
    pburgh01 to dfwgator

    Ok let’s save the mystery here what they will say...There was no divine Jesus, Jesus was merely a prophet and a disclaimer written in Aramaic in the scolls...”Do not believe the bible either Old or New testament, you are your own Gods and free to make God in your own image...oh and do not judge anyone who does anything immoral or dangerous”.

  • The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine

    03/03/2014 12:56:04 PM PST · 40 of 196
    pburgh01 to xzins

    I got lambasted in a thread today for pointing out, we have bad and worse in this situation. Ukrainians were active and enthusiastic collaborators with the Totenkopf SS and in fact had whole divisions in the SS. They gave up their Jews readily and greeted the Nazi Panzers with wreaths of flowers. Sure Stalin starved them but that does not excuse them of their guilt. I know it was a gazillion years ago, but let’s not coronate the Ukrainian people as gentle Western Europeans being occupied by hardline communists. We have one group of corrupt Russian gangsters fighting corrupt Ukrainian gangsters. I say get the popcorn and let’s watch them slug it out.

  • Ukraine's outdated and underfunded military no match for Russia

    03/03/2014 11:18:49 AM PST · 5 of 27
    pburgh01 to McGruff

    The Russians are going to stay in the Crimea and there is nothing we can do about it, nothing, nada, zilch. Putin will laugh at sanctions and most countries will not even obey them if they could get past the security council. Obama is not going to send forces anywhere near Russian ones to force, it would be viewed as provocation. Just like we annexed Texas and much of the southwest and 100’s of other times in world history, one country rewrites another’s happens, it will happen.

  • NBC's Gregory Warns Obama: People 'Recoiled' at Bush 'Talking Tough and Projecting American Power'

    03/03/2014 11:07:26 AM PST · 8 of 29
    pburgh01 to servo1969
    The wolves are sniffing at our doors, the dogs of war strain against their chains and sissy-marys like these are arguing about whether or not to use a salad fork with dinner. So many people are going to die. One can almost hear DEATH sharpening his scythe

    So you send your Son or Daughter to the Crimea in a UN force to fight a protracted battle against Russian forces. I think we should stay the hell out of there, not every scenario is the warmongers cry of "Poland 1939". Most of the cogitation on FR the last couple of days is Schadenfraude of Oblameos fecklessness, which is fine. I guess if it makes you feel good to be a critic, the guy is a rich target, but it should end there. Not one America boot on the ground, in the air or on the water to defend one Slav against another.

  • God Shows Up at the Oscars

    03/03/2014 10:25:40 AM PST · 16 of 93
    pburgh01 to demshateGod
    Did you actually see the movie or get some talking points from other uptight, judgmental, legalistic Christians? Cursing(or as we prefer to call profanity) is not mentioned anywhere in the bible, its a Victorian construct...referring to the sex act using the "F" word may not be polite but its not against God's law even old school Talmudic Law. Just another thing faux Christians love to make up and look down there noses at other folks about. Even G*d Damn is not taking the Lord's name in vain if we are going to get "Please God damn this behavior" would not be considering taking the Lord's name in vain. Talk about getting caught up in the weeds of minutiae when the good news of the Gospel needs to get out there.
    The movie if you saw it is about a sad wretch in Matthew M's character fighting non compassionate bureaucrats and doctors to get life saving medicine to first himself and then for others. I don't think Jesus would have gone through an AIDS ward and called people sinning faggots and said they deserved AIDS, which seems to be a prevailing attitude with some Christians.
  • Ukraine: Russia Delivers 'Assault Storm' Deadline

    03/03/2014 8:01:53 AM PST · 36 of 86
    pburgh01 to silverleaf
    or Russian-speaking and ethnic Crimean Russians are in the new “Sudetenland”

    So what send a strongly worded letter to Putin? go to the UN? or what some chicken hawks want on FR, threaten Putin with military action? You ready to start a World War over the Crimea? History including the US is about territorial expansion, borders change, some changes are precipitated by force. See Mexican American War..damn similar to this. Not saying Putin is not a total tool, but we are in no shape to act all puffed up about ourselves when it comes to our military capabilities. Not everything is Hitler and 1939. Some of the same talk I am sure we heard in 1953-1964 when it relates to Vietnam...I don't buy the media lies and zealots on both sides. they love to send other parent's kids over to fight in wars for paranoid fantasies.

  • Ukraine: Russia Delivers 'Assault Storm' Deadline

    03/03/2014 7:54:16 AM PST · 28 of 86
    pburgh01 to LowTaxesEqualsProsperity
    Agreed. Russia has Crimea. The Ukrainian forces there pose no threat.

    We will go to the UN, it will be years, nothing will happen besides some threat of sanctions. This is manufactured drama by a bored press looking for any world event to allow The Magic Negro to show he has any gonads. We should not get involved here, one Slavic communist state squabbling over land with another Slavic communist state. Some here are such lemmings, they see a protest in some town square in Kiev and think we should automatically start rattling our sabre. I know, I know Poland 1939..blah, blah. So you send your kids over into Russia(see... Napoleon and Hitler's Army Group Center and South about that) to fight for Ukrainian sovereignty. Oh I thought so...

  • President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy (Washington Post Editorial...)

    03/03/2014 6:45:31 AM PST · 44 of 59
    pburgh01 to boxlunch
    Shame on you for your wicked, ignorant, hateful lies!

    What lies was that? The Ukranian SS divisions? The Jews that died? The fact they were enthusiastic and active members in the USSR's politburo. Don't be such a contrarian and lemming, that because Obama can do nothing all of a sudden Ukrainians are by proxy your friends.

  • The 86th Annual Academy Awards 2014 Oscars: Complete Winners List

    03/03/2014 6:35:04 AM PST · 86 of 133
    pburgh01 to ThePatriotsFlag

    12 Years a Slave was excellent, a definite must see. Not about white guilt at all. (****Spolier Alert****) The main character’s savior is a white guy. Also Dallas Buyers Club good movie, shows how our GOVERNMENT through bureaucracy and red tape hindered the approval of effective drugs and therapies early in the AIDS outbreak. Very anti-government movie. Both winners not really bleeding heart material. Gravity...ehhh saw it and was visually stunning but kinda been there done that survivor movie.

  • President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy (Washington Post Editorial...)

    03/03/2014 5:59:48 AM PST · 21 of 59
    pburgh01 to DJ MacWoW

    I expect in the daily press closed door briefings(Mafioso style sit downs) the heads of the big media outlets including FauxNews have been instructed a cpl more days of Ukraine coverage and then back to Robin Thicke’s divorce,new capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S5, viral crowdfunding for urban startups and other equally useless news. Lets not waste any time here getting in a lather about Ukraine, its gone, nothing we can do and really nothing we should do. Ukrainians helped the Nazi death squads exterminate their own people including about a over 300,000 Jews. My heart does not bleed for those people, screw them. Still commie bastards regardless if they fly a new flag, let them slug it out with their mongoloid kin next door. A heard a joke that Ukraine’s biggest export is almond eyed strippers and porn stars...I’d believe it.

  • Human Barbie reveals she starves herself: 'Breatharian' believes she can live off...

    02/28/2014 1:06:32 PM PST · 39 of 77
    pburgh01 to areukiddingme1
    Two words — Whitney Thompson — You have to look her up. Knock out...All American woman from head to toe and God Bless her.

    I like curvy. My honey is 5'8" about 150lbs and all curves in the right places. She can rock 6" heels and a tight red dress like Marilyn Monroe. She is 46 and when we go out 25 year old bartenders(men and women) can't keep from flirting with her. Who likes skinny..pfffft. My ex wife was rail thin and was never my tastes personally.

  • ‘House of Cards’ is the most tea party show ever

    02/19/2014 11:50:14 AM PST · 40 of 41
    pburgh01 to Vendome
    Hardly. Robin Wright is sexy.

    Watch with my significant other and she just loves Robin Wright's style in the show, including as she said.."Those dead sexy Christian Louboutins". For the average guy not into high end chick bling. Its the 6" black pumps she wears. $900 shoes!

  • Catholics 'divided on issues such as divorce and birth control'

    02/18/2014 7:33:45 AM PST · 11 of 105
    pburgh01 to LibLieSlayer

    As someone who is the was the forced into divorce by an intransigent spouse who did not want to seek counseling, started the divorce proceedings and just did not want to be in the marriage what is the Catholic answers to that scenario? What if I was Catholic I would not be able to receive communion? Would Christ himself have not given communion to someone in my predicament? Anyone with common sense would have to agree of course he would.

    This is what happens when religions and self appointed oracles of Christian thought and doctrine fall back in Satan’s trap of self righteousness, false piety and strict adherence to law before Christ fulfillment of that very same law. Divorce is another one the Catholics don’t get, they put the blinders on and plug their ears. Its always easier to live in a black and white world, easier than critical thought, using the same intellect God gave us. God does not like divorce that is clear, and like most of God’s mandates there are very valid reasons and commons sense to them. God always knew a happy, healthy integrated family was best for rearing God fearing children. But he also knew and this is clear through his word, in the case of the 3 A’s(Abuse, Addiction and Adultery) or being unequally yoked he allows dispensation for divorce. Popes married until they could not marry, Popes give annulments for marriages(Even though no scriptural support for this), Popes have given communion to divorced peoples in the to say the winds in Rome never change is wrong. I think the Pope should focus on the murder of unborn and excommunicating the unrepentant who support this ghastly crime. Has the Pope excommunicated Nancy Pelosi yet...hmmmmmmmmmmm. No because lecturing the dolts on divorce and gossiping and is much easier than taking a stronger stand against murder..just like Pious in the 30’s and 40’s....

  • Rough Seas on 'Noah': Darren Aronofsky Opens Up on the Biblical Battle....

    02/13/2014 6:32:29 AM PST · 7 of 56
    pburgh01 to Tupelo
    I cannot quibble with Darren Aronofsk’s version of NOAH or Mark Burnett & Roma Downey’s version of the Bible. Hell, sometimes when I look at my KJV bible, I cannot help but wonder if maybe I am reading some 17th century Church of England minister's version of a 16th century version of a possible mistranslation of the Catholic version of the Greek Version of the Torah and the various new Testament writer’s versions. Now we have the KJV, the NKJV, the NWV, the ASV and at least forty other “versions”.

    Well all I know is every version says "Peter I am the rock YOU shall build MY church on"...not "Peter YOU are the rock the church will be built on".

  • Rough Seas on 'Noah': Darren Aronofsky Opens Up on the Biblical Battle....

    02/13/2014 6:20:36 AM PST · 5 of 56
    pburgh01 to Alex Murphy
    A compelling interpretation of the allegorical and thus oversimplified description of the story of Noah found in the Bible is that of Paul McGuire (an ardent Christian as well as scientist) who posits the theory that the command to Noah by God to build the Ark and select pairs of all living creatures for rescue was in response to the fouling of all DNA on earth by the numerous "fallen angels" who had visited earth and had sexual relations with all beings here. I'm not saying I ascribe to the theory but it is consistent with McGuire's explanation of the Tower of Babel being in reality a fourth dimensional portal through which these satanic creatures were able to access the relatively pristine earth and its inhabitants. Oooooh boy

    Well this is based on the hybrid Nepalim theory, where fallen angels bred with human woman to spawn a race of giants. Which I don't buy, angels are non corporal beings and cannot reproduce. God in the Torah clearly indicates he had the flood to wipe out man, not some demonic hybrids, would kind of throw the whole message out the window. Humans are capable of any cruelty or evil any demon and even Satan himself can concoct no need to imagine bogeymen hybrids.

  • NYT Bombshell: Women Prefer Manly Men

    02/07/2014 2:30:19 PM PST · 60 of 75
    pburgh01 to All
    Ok top 10, I have learned in 47 years and dating a very leggy gorgeous Alpha female right now
    1. Eat meat, eat real foods, stay away from estrogenic stuff with soy. I have been doing the Paleo diet for a year now, down to 9% bodyfat and feel like a tyrannosaurus. Want to be a big wimpy moody pu*sy, follow the food pyramid, eat whole grains, lots of NutraSweet,low fat processed food, white potatoes and eschew meat, pork and lamb and good fat
    2. Women like in shape physically. Despite all the claptrap about women wanting a kind sensitive man, there is something primal about a guy with muscle definition and chest hair in addition to being sweet and sensitive.
    3. Women like polite, yes 1950's open the car door for me polite. They like to be able to finish a thought, for you to listen and not show her how smart you are at every turn
    4. Women want a real man who keeps his word even when it makes him look not so good
    5. Women want a sexual man, a man willing to ask for what he wants and sometimes just take it. I was thinking this should be #1. Also along the same lines, a real man says to his woman with the fullest of lust in his voice.."Damn honey you look hot". Women need to hear they are desired and not because she cooks a mean meatloaf
    6. They want a guy who has a life of his own, has friends, hobbies, interests, has depth and is interesting. Nothing worse and less manly than a clingy, needy wimp
    7. Women need to know you have respect for yourself and you will not be treated shabbily. That you can and will walk if you are treated bad.
    8. Women want to know you are good to people you care about. That you treat family and friends with compassion, patience and love. Huge one here. This is very manly
    9. That you are humble and a little self deprecating, that you realize that life is a wonderful journey and sometimes you will do stupid things.
    10. A real man says he is sorry when he is wrong and works hard not to do it again.
  • 5 powerful arguments for creation and 5 ridiculous comments from evolutionists

    02/07/2014 10:31:00 AM PST · 11 of 47
    pburgh01 to tacticalogic
    Craig schooling Dawkins Here is what happens when one the evolutionist's heavyweights does not have a stage to himself to spout his sophisms and nonsense. Craig destroys him. I was an evolutionist for a long time, thought I was always the smartest guy in the room, I mean only idiots believe in Jesus and God. Then I really read the facts, the impossibility of macro evolution. Its actually the non believers with their head in their rectum, ignoring facts, accepting the implausible and impossible.
  • The 17 Most Ridiculous Photos From The Nightmare Sochi Olympic Hotels

    02/06/2014 10:55:21 AM PST · 42 of 62
    pburgh01 to NYRepublican72

    I’m waiting for the requisite photos of our athletes, you know all the black and Asian ones, didn’t you know like the Super Bowl Coca Cola ad America is a black, splack and Asian country? Obama loving Olympics globalists and the scumbag multi nationals peddling their crap in a two week non stop commercial. I’ll watch Netflix..Go America!

  • Use That Pen To Approve Keystone XL Pipeline Jobs, Mr. President

    02/05/2014 8:30:19 AM PST · 12 of 12
    pburgh01 to SeekAndFind
    Welcome to our world in New York State. Andrew Cuomo and his predecessor, David Patterson have been using this tactic for NOT APPROVING Shale Oil hydrofracking for years, even as neighboring Pennsylvania has been fracking for the same amount of time with virtually no environmental problems."

    But Hollywood will continue to put out movies with Matt Damon with fictional scenarios where groundwater is soured and the fracking causes earthquakes. This is where legislative brinkmanship needs to come into play and we don't have the intellectual firepower to do it. Yes hold the President hostage on other stuff until he approves this and do it in a way he save face. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't this pipeline supposed to allow us to rid ourselves of Mideast oil period, no more sweet crude from the ME. Makes you wonder if Obama's fellow Muslims told him where his bread is buttered. Either that or the ChiComs are scared with the impending flop in their economy ad the resulting social upheaval, having us flipping our trade deficit and telling the Magic Negro to just say no to Keystone. This is a no brainer for Obama, billions in revenue, jobs and him looking like a hero. But logic does not rule Obama's brain, he's evil in a biblical sense.

  • Top 10 Reasons Why Soccer Is Better Than Football

    01/09/2014 7:43:34 AM PST · 34 of 164
    pburgh01 to 1rudeboy
    Why can't people enjoy both? Why do disparate sports need to be "ranked?" I mean, I watch horse-racing more than I watch basketball, but I don't claim one is "better" than the other.

    Because soccer except at the highest levels is for athletically non gifted or cowardly sailboat shirt children. Its the personification of the wimpification of the US and the world in general. Kids in the US who wash out at baseball beyond 8 or are too frightened to play a contact sport like football, lacrosse , or hockey gravitate towards soccer. You can run around and act like you are in an organized sport but you are actually doing nothing but jogging around in a disorganized mess. The sport is just plain boring, just like tennis(which is in tailspin worldwide). Funny you never see an athlete in any US pro sport woof about soccer, hell even David Beckham has to hang around his emaciated wife's friends for that celbutard factor. Only people defending the sport are former wimpy kids who played that pansy sport.

  • Sarah Palin, 'Duck Dynasty' Clan to Ring in New Year on Fox News

    12/31/2013 4:20:07 AM PST · 9 of 36
    pburgh01 to Recompennation

    Hate to be the contrarian here but why have we made these reality show guys some kind of mascot for conservativism. We’ve become like liberals, looking for totems and symbols. Why we keep losing elections, looking for the next messiah. Appropriate we have two groups of self proclaimed martyrs to the cause on TV. Poor picked on Sarah and poor picked on gazzionaire redneck Phil. Phil I equate to Paula Deen, just an old bigot who let a little of his Louisiana cracker come out. Both of them need to control their mouth diarrhea they have a propensity to dispense it on occasion. We need more Walkers and Ted Cruz’s and less of the bleating, complaining, thin skinned.

  • Weekend Report: Burgundy Beaten by Bilbo

    12/23/2013 4:58:50 AM PST · 13 of 28
    pburgh01 to Vaquero
    wimps, faggots(perhaps pedophile faggots)

    When you use schoolyard insults like "faggot" its demeaning and an attempt to take someone dignity. Not to meantion what difference does it make if the person is homosexual in a movie. If you take such exception to gays I guess you should never go to any retail establishment, restaurant, watch most TV shows, have your wife or GF get her hair cut, etc, etc, etc. Love the sinner hate the sin brother. Using the word "faggot" kind of displays your an idiot. I'd lose that filthy word form your vocabulary if you want anyone outside your family to really take you seriously.

    especially when JRR Tolkien who was a highly religious Christian would be horrified to find a Leftist tampering with his masterwork

    Tolkien was NOT religious you are confusing him with his contemporary C.S. Lewis and Lewis would take exception to being called religious, he was a devout Christian but a not very religious.