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  • Palin's erratic behavior mars 2010 elections (Attacks beginning already!)

    11/02/2010 6:18:17 PM PDT · 48 of 49
    Pepper777 to presently no screen name

    ” “ They are not hiding anything - they are against conservatism. What we took as a weak backbone wasn’t - their non actions were deliberate. “ “

    Very well said~~!!!

  • URGENT: U.S. Investigating Cargo Plane Rehearsal for Terror

    10/30/2010 2:52:40 AM PDT · 120 of 136
    Pepper777 to 1COUNTER-MORTER-68

    Hey you~~~


  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    10/07/2009 9:02:23 PM PDT · 5,629 of 5,772
    Pepper777 to sodpoodle
    ***Just something that has Howie’s fingerprints all over it!!!***

    I totally agree Sod~~!!! I always felt there was something way to coincidental for Pierce Marshall, Danny and Anna Nicole to all die within less than a nine month period of each other. Very strange.

    The report I heard on Fox News, indicated Pierce died of natural causes, which was NOT true. He died from one of those hideous infections - can't recall the name - something like sepsis. I actually suspected the demon Stearn of slipping it to him by some sort of diabolical plan. The odds of all 3 deaths associated with soooooooooooo much money within months of one another was very suspect. The promise of that kind of big money most likely got the creative criminal mind of Stearn in overdrive. I hope he doesn't get by with what all his has done, including the hateful way he treated Anna's Mom. He and the donor make a great pair in crime. Sickening.

    One more thing... Remember the guy in prison who said he was almost killed by Stearn and his gang. His ordeal even included the infamous ice bath.

    Thanks for the ping~~!! ;)

  • McCain Rejects Pastor's Endorsement

    05/24/2008 6:07:46 PM PDT · 250 of 256
    Pepper777 to T.L.Sink
    “”” The MSM is hard at work trying to draw moral equivalence between Hagee and Jeremiah Wright. There is none. “””

    You're exactly right!!! Yesterday I watched one of CNN’s lady talking heads do that very thing. To even for one second imply that McCain and Hagee are similar to Obama and Wright's 20+ year relationship is absolutely ludicrous.

    The MSM’s pro Rat reporting, makes me sick. Unfortunately the average Joe out there in lala land, hasn't a clue just how dishonest they have become.

  • What if Barack Obama were a real Muslim ? ( How the left thinks )

    05/19/2008 1:47:33 AM PDT · 76 of 78
    Pepper777 to Fred Nerks

    “”” The Millennium Declaration also affirms the U.N. as “the indispensable common house of the entire human family, through which we will seek to realize our universal aspirations for peace, cooperation and development.”””

    Thanks for posting the hedious passage of the Global Poverty Act, hailed by the likes of US Senator Barack Obama, and the traitor Chuck Hagel. One can only imagine how they will implement its *comprehensive policy*. As your post states they will use aid, trade, debt relief and ect. Usually that is Senate Foreign Relation’s speak for *leveling the playing field* - as in reducing the United States to just another third world country, whose citizens are to live under the rules of the mightly United Nations.

    What the blank are those in power doing to our precious country? What the heck do they mean by the following from your quote above: “the indispensable common house of the entire human family, through which we will seek to realize our universal aspirations for peace, cooperation and development.” The ‘entire human family’, indeed~!!! Who are these freaks anyway???

    The media cares little about anything but promoting their choice for President - Obama the savior of the the new world order. /sarcasm on!

    I plan to check out your above link. Dang, I get so sick of hearing how our country is being turned over more and more to the United Nations. Unreal. ;(

  • Obama in a sea of people - creative editing from the folks at AP.

    05/19/2008 12:29:19 AM PDT · 95 of 146
    Pepper777 to Squantos
    “”” Oy Vey ........!!
    He won’t be president IMO. Hopefully it’s because he loses the election. “””

    How strange this election has become. Less than a year ago, who would have thought McCain would be the GOP candidate. Or would I have ever thought I'd be fearful of a little known character, whose name most had trouble saying or spelling. An unknown, whose wife seems to despise the country who has given her so much. An unknown who attends a church lead by a racist, anti-American hater, whose hero is none other than Farrakan.

    My, my, my, what a difference several months makes. Hillary looks good in comparison to this socialist American hating character who doesn't even know how many states the USA has, but rather gets the USA mixed up with the number of muslim states (57) in a muslim organization - not once, but twice.

    I hope you're right about Obama loosing to McCain or even Hillary.

    How in the heck can American's be so dumb as to fall all over themselves, to support a guy who doesn't even seem to like or be proud of the country we all love so much? He appears to have more in common with the likes of Iran's and Syria's leaders. As is typical the majority of the stinking media is pushing this guy for all they are worth, and I don't think we are being overly sensitive! It gets so old to watch the constant manipulation and propaganda of the loony media.

    As I'm typing this post, the radio news (Fox news), is talking up the *Huge* crowds at Obama’s rally today. Fox news announcer just said - you're listening to Fox News, fair and balanced. I don't think so after hearing their praise for Obama’s crowd today. Obama just said on the news, the size of the crowd was UNBELIEVABLE. Well, I've got news for Obama - the BS coming from the media is more unbelievable than the size of your crowds. May God have mercy on our land~~!!!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

    10/31/2007 8:39:44 PM PDT · 2,214 of 5,772
    Pepper777 to Sacajaweau

    “””IN the real world, Virgie and Billy had all the rights to that body. A minor cannot have custody..they aren’t capable.
    Guardian ad litem was NOT the right call. It’s reserved to protect HER interests.
    THe whole thing was a damn setup.””””

    Well said and bears repeating~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    10/13/2007 12:21:51 AM PDT · 17,297 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Sacajaweau; All

    October 12th, 2007 11:12 PM Eastern
    Rita’s Tape
    by Greta Van Susteren
    After the show I listened to Rita’s taped conversation with Lincoln Bain - spokesperson for the nannies. The taped call was per Rita in September Lincoln says Nadine saw the video tape of Howard and Larry.Lincoln says he beleives the nannies and believes Nadine. So??? Plot thickens…as this tape backs up Rita….tune in Monday to hear entire tape. It is important to hear all the evidence including this tape…

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    10/12/2007 7:25:24 PM PDT · 17,262 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to SUN68RAY; All

    I found the following tidbit from the article you posted, to be rather interesting. IIRC, the question of just when Anna met Dr KE, has never been answered. If the quote below is to be believed, Anna intentionally moved next door to Dr KE.

    “”” Calls to Eroshevich at two California offices with answering machines were not returned. But I wrote in this column last March that Smith had become so close to and dependent on Eroshevich that she and Stern bought the house right next to that of the doctor and her husband in Studio City, Calif.”””

    Just this past week I watch a two hour special on ‘E’, titled “The life and death of Anna Nicole.” The show had clips from Anna’s reality show. They said the first episode was Anna looking for and finding a new home. It was said she HAD to have a new home for the show, because the one she had was a dump and wouldn’t be suitable for the reality show.

    Clips were shown of her checking out different homes. Then she found the Studio City home and fell in love with it. At the time I wondered if HKS managed to get the producers of the reality show to BUY Anna a new home as part of the deal.

    Anyway just wondered if the quote in the article was true about Anna choosing the Studio City home, because it was next door to her doctor, KE. As far as I know, we still don’t know how or when Anna meet KE. Did HKS arrange the meeting between Anna and KE? Imho, probably. Thanks for the article.

  • TheSpottedOwl Is passing [UPDATE at #283]

    10/04/2007 11:31:49 PM PDT · 249 of 343
    Pepper777 to TheSpottedOwl

    You’re so right about there always being hope. Continued prayers for Rose.

  • TheSpottedOwl Is passing [UPDATE at #283]

    09/30/2007 11:06:13 PM PDT · 176 of 343
    Pepper777 to Pegita


  • Diversity Visas for Iranians Increase Since 9/11

    09/28/2007 8:34:28 PM PDT · 18 of 18
    Pepper777 to SJackson

    This whole ‘diversity visa’ thing is absolute insanity!! Its as though our country is gradually commiting suicide through these types of programs. I can’t imagine how anyone in their right mind would not realize how dangerous this program is to the security of the USA. Realizing the danger, those in control appear not to care or even worse are intentionally creating the mechanisms to import terrorism. Unbelievable!!

    The enemy within is apparently alive and working double time in order to destroy our wonderful country. May God help us before its to late to reverse the damage already done.

  • TheSpottedOwl Is passing [UPDATE at #283]

    09/28/2007 7:49:12 PM PDT · 61 of 343
    Pepper777 to TheSpottedOwl

    Prayers for you, precious Rose and your family.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    09/28/2007 7:40:26 PM PDT · 16,347 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to sodpoodle; TheSpottedOwl

    Thanks for the ping, Sodpoodle. I’m so sorry to hear the news about Rose/The Spotted Owl. I pray the doctors are wrong and she will get better.

    What’s happening anyway?? It seems there are so many young people who are dying or are seriously ill, way before their time. ;( ;(

    Prayers for Rose and her family!!

  • Terri Schiavo's Family Continues Effort to Block Jack Kevorkian UF Speech

    09/22/2007 8:32:44 PM PDT · 637 of 805
    Pepper777 to floriduh voter

    “”””The media is STILL saying the GOP was damaged by INTERVENING? What a bunch of liars. When the GOP dropped Terri like kittens into a river, hoardes of republicans said they were through with the GOP cuz they didn’t protect Terri. LEAVE IT TO THE MEDIA TO GET IT BACKWARDS. They must be death cultists or they’d stop lying about why people left the GOP. It was when the intervention was HALTED and Terri was murdered that people went indy or quit donating to the RNC.”””””


  • OPEN-BORDERS SENATORS PLAN END-RUN DREAM ACT AMNESTY phone calls & faxes needed at once

    09/17/2007 12:44:34 AM PDT · 245 of 295
    Pepper777 to Fawn

    “”This makes me so sick......friggin traitors!!””


  • OPEN-BORDERS SENATORS PLAN END-RUN DREAM ACT AMNESTY phone calls & faxes needed at once

    09/17/2007 12:15:45 AM PDT · 244 of 295
    Pepper777 to Man50D

    “”””With all due respect those who ask this question don’t get it. Those who support illegal immigration don’t think of themselves as Americans. They consider themselves socialists. The socialists know exactly what they are doing. Our Democratic Republic is threatens thier precept of a strong centralized government that takes power from the individual. Allowing illegals into the country is one method of many they use to destroy this country.”””””

    Very well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    08/13/2007 1:20:05 AM PDT · 14,769 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to SundayGardener

    Thanks for posting the articles from early on. I appreciate the reminder of all the missing pills!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    08/13/2007 12:14:23 AM PDT · 14,768 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to sodpoodle

    “”” We overlooked his ‘Hollywood’ lifestyle, believing his Kentucky roots were solid and his affection for Granma Virgie was sincere. We believed he ‘loved’ Anna and cared for Daniel. We hoped he would create an environment for Dannielynn that would include his KY relatives. We assumed Opri was just an opportunistic media-hogging attorney, but who could protect Birkhead from Howard.

    Boy, were we WRONG!””””

    Great analysis of how most of us foolishly trusted Birkhead. I’m not so sure he wasn’t involved with HKS from the get-go. Hope I don’t get flamed for that one. ;)

    Trying to get caught up again and having trouble with stinking keyboard.

  • Hunter: 'Postage stamp' Israel should not give up 'one inch' of territory

    07/25/2007 12:25:13 AM PDT · 56 of 58
    Pepper777 to Astronaut

    “” Duncan Hunter is right on nearly every issue I’ve heard him opine on. Why is he getting nowhere? Is it just because the media has anointed Rudy McRomney? Hunter should be leading the republican race.””

    Very well said!!! The stinking MSM decides who should be running for president rather than the people. Duncan Hunter is by far the best choice for America as well as for Israel.

    Its insane for Israel to give up land for peace. Hunter is right!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    07/14/2007 2:25:42 AM PDT · 13,795 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Sacajaweau; sodpoodle

    From Sod’s previous post:
    “”BIRKHEAD: Well, it was — it was a long-term plan that we have had together, you know, to have a child. And we tried once before. It was — and it was unsuccessful. It resulted in a mcg which — so we talked again about having a child, you know, the second time and, you know, and I had made plans and preparations for this child and went to the doctors appointments and went to — you know, helped her through morning sickness and shopped for baby items and...””

    I think you’re right about LB being a sperm donor and a paid one at that. The way Larry describes their plans to have a baby, in the above quote, it sounds more like a business deal rather than ‘a couple thing’.

    When O’Quinn first made the statement about Larry being nothing but a sperm donor, it sounded rather cold and uncaring. However, its beginning to look like Virgie and O’Quinn weren’t being rude to LB, but were just telling the truth.

    Wonder if its possible that Anna told Virgie about the ‘baby contract’ she had with LB? Do you think Anna had to pay the donor for his services?? If she really wanted to marry him and he refused, knowing she was pregnant, it sure doesn’t say much for his character. Speaking of LB’s character - it continues to drop like a rock, especially after he openly took up with HKS.

    Imho, little DL needs to have her grandma Virgie in her life, to balance out the Hollywood influence she’ll mostly likely continue to be exposed to. Prayers for that precious little one!!!

  • FL lawyer says Giuliani, Romney, McCain wrong on Schiavo case

    07/12/2007 12:25:20 AM PDT · 1,496 of 1,742
    Pepper777 to bjs1779

    “” “It is routine in cases of criminal importance to not allow any biased pathology advocates in the morgue,” he said. “I’m the independent pathologist.”- Dr. Thogmartin””

    What a bizarre quote from Dr Thogmartin?? And who appointed him to be the ‘independent pathologist’? Judge Greer, I assume.

    Thanks for pointing out the above quote, bjs!!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    07/08/2007 10:49:44 PM PDT · 13,526 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to sodpoodle

    “”” Taz stated that a package for HK$ had been sent to her Florida house a day or so prior to the visit. She questioned why it was not mailed to the HardRock Hotel. Could have been Rx!”””

    Could it be, they - HKS and KE, were avoiding a possible customs check of those Rx’s??? Mailing them to Taz would have made her and Moe a party to HKS’s deception. I hope Taz has her own body guards, after her interview with Greta.

    On second thought, she may have told what she knows in order to stop an attempt on her life. I think she is scared and that’s why she’s talking. If she wanted money, she could have easily sold what she knows to one of the tabloids, but instead she went on Greta’s show, which is known for trying to solve crimes.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    07/08/2007 9:38:13 PM PDT · 13,525 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to sodpoodle

    “” The above is just one example of errors of omission and expediency. Called an accident - no signs of trauma - and the bruises on her shoulders are from a ‘fall in the bathtub” How about being held down in the bathtub? “”

    You might be right about the bruises on Anna, being a result of being held down in the *bathtub*. Especially when one considers what Taz told Greta. IIRC, didn’t Taz say she heard Anna telling them she wanted out of the ice cold bathtub? Taz was on the phone talking to Moe when she heard Anna saying she wanted out. Amazing how Perper didn’t question much of anything concerning the circumstances of Anna’s death. But instead blindly believed HKS and KE, who are both of the same professional elitist backgrounds, like himself.

    I can’t help but be reminded of the infamous ICE BATH that Anna’s former boyfriend had after being drugged/comatose at Anna’s house. I wonder what HKS was trying to accomplish by icing down Anna’s boyfriend?? Could it have been a planned elimination which failed? Darn, I can’t think of his name, but he is the brother of Anna’s friend and he is currently in prison for stalking, which in reality might have been nothing more than another ‘setup’ by HKS.

    Thanks to all who have kept this thread going~!! I’ve been here lurking and reading all the excellent posts. I skipped a few days and was shocked to see that Taz came out of hiding and is spilling some beans. Perhaps Taz decided to come clean on some issues due to HKS/Woods lawsuit against O’Quinn, Virgie’s lawyer.

    I’m still upset over LB’s treatment of Virgie. What kind of man is he, anyway?? If he can’t understand just how much Virgie has lost in this sorrid deal, and have some empathy for her, he’s either an idiot or worse yet, a partner in the coverup of Virgie’s daughter and grandson’s deaths.

  • Keeping up the Pressure (New Ping List)

    07/07/2007 10:20:52 AM PDT · 150 of 152
    Pepper777 to Politicalmom


    Thank you for the information. Glad to see Duncan’s name on the list.

  • Al Qaeda's chilling warning: 'Those who cure you will kill you'

    07/05/2007 12:00:47 AM PDT · 78 of 84
    Pepper777 to TexKat

    From the article you posted:

    “””But British medical authorities said Tuesday that they cannot and will not do anything to prevent religious extremists from entering their employ.

    The reason is simple: The British medical system, like Canada’s, is overwhelmingly dependent on foreign-trained doctors and nurses.”””

    What the blank is wrong with the British medical authorities?? The have gone mad to continue importing muslim doctors and therefore risking the lives of the British people. The British people would be far better off treating themselves, than having a terrorists doctor living in their country. I fear we are in for the same lunacy.

  • Illegals bill loses support in Senate [Washington Times]

    06/28/2007 12:01:19 AM PDT · 38 of 60
    Pepper777 to 1COUNTER-MORTER-68

    ~~~ Prayers Up for the USA...~~~~

    Amen, Count~!!!!!

  • North American Union to Replace USA? ("is this the plan?" alert!)

    06/18/2007 7:42:56 PM PDT · 1,425 of 1,427
    Pepper777 to Dark Skies

    BTTT ~~~

  • CNN poll on immigration bill

    06/11/2007 2:39:54 AM PDT · 57 of 57
    Pepper777 to Kimberly GG

    I hope Duncan does exactly what you suggested. He’s the best choice for President, imho. Wish he already had the job!!! ;)

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/20/2007 10:47:28 PM PDT · 11,433 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to apocalypto

    ” I also hope the inquest on Daniel will happen and that it will be done honestly.”

    I hope so too. Pretty amazing how HKS has been able to change the way they do things in the Bahamas, isn’t it. The first inquest was scheduled for sometime in October of 2006, but it didn’t happen because of HKS’s attorney. Darn I’m blank on his name at the moment. Its something like Munroe or Munuz.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/20/2007 10:34:00 PM PDT · 11,432 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Rte66

    I remember reading about the Rami case here on FreeRepublic. You are right. It was a very sad case. I so hoped someone would have been able to rescue Dr Rami.

    The link to Anna’s case is very eerie. ;( ;(

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/18/2007 10:38:21 PM PDT · 11,393 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Rte66

    Sounds very interesting. Please share more info when you feel you can. Its difficult to not be cyrptic when it comes to anything HKS related. LOL

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/18/2007 10:29:50 PM PDT · 11,390 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to TrishaSC

    I understand that originally the Shelley’s/Thompson’s were helping Anna escape Larry B, by purchasing the mansion for her. However, imho, it appeared as though they had changed sides and were supporting Larry in his efforts to prove he was Dannielynn’s dad.

    Further evidence of that was Ben Thompson’s offer made public by Pinder, to allow Larry and/or Virgie to stay in Horizons with baby DL, if Larry was proven to be the dad.

    You might very well be right about Ben having a test done to see if he could be DL’s daddy. I wonder if we’ll ever know what Anna told Ford Shelley to do, in case of her death??? He sure seemed to imply foul play had cause her death early on.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/18/2007 10:14:41 PM PDT · 11,387 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Rte66

    I don’t know what to think either. I possibly am jumping to conclusions based on what HKS’s lawyer said about how close LB and HKS have become.

    I miss all the news that we once were getting almost on a daily basis. Hopefully an inquest into Daniel’s death will actually happen. HKS seems to have a knack for winning most all of the battles. His ability to have things go his way, is almost supernatural.

    I look forward to hearing the report on the probate attorney, either by another Freeper or yourself. Thanks for the reply! ;)

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/18/2007 1:17:32 PM PDT · 11,380 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Rte66

    The following from one of your Snips from the LK interview:

    “”ROSS: ... [snip] Mr. Birkhead and Mr. Stern are getting along very well. ... [snip] And I think they’re also both interested in marshalling Ms. Smith’s assets and proceeding with her wishes.””

    I sure don’t like the sound of Mr Birkhead and Mr Stern getting along very well and PROCEEDING with Anna’s WISHES. Usually when HKS refers to Anna’s wishes its in relation to Virgie. Hopefully this doesn’t mean LB is going along with the Stern’s goal of not allowing Virgie to see baby DL.

    I’ll really be mad at LB if he has chosen to pair up with HKS because he thinks he will get more dollars and have a really nice mansion in the Bahamas, do to all of Stern’s dirty tricks. Virgie can’t offer LB any money. She’s just a Grandma who has lost her daughter and grandson. I hope I’m so wrong, but it looks like the ones who are after the money are HKS(which we knew from the beginning), but also Larry B.

    I hope Virgie has some powerful lawyers to help her to stop HKS and his dirty tricks. I know this is nuts, but I’m wondering if Larry B has been in on some of this crap with HKS from the beginning.

    Thanks for all your continued work here on the thread, even though it makes me sick that HKS still appears to be running the show. What kind of arrogant jerk or jerks, if LB approves of HKS’s tactics, would think he could do a power grab and get Horizons? Unreal.

    If LB approves of HKS and his continued efforts to steal Horizons, I would imagine the Thompson’s and the Shelley’s have changed their opinion of Larry Birkhead.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/11/2007 11:24:56 PM PDT · 11,140 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Lizarde

    Body removal teams??? Yikes~!!! That sounds ominous and serious!!

    How’s your mouth feeling by now? Hope its doing well.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/11/2007 11:22:54 PM PDT · 11,139 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Freedom'sWorthIt

    Freedom’sWorthIt, your little rooms were so beautiful. Thank you for posting them. They looked so real. Amazing !!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/11/2007 11:19:38 PM PDT · 11,138 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to sodpoodle; Kimberly GG; All
    “” Just droppin’ in to check up on all the ANS FReeper regulars. I have noted that many FRiends need a little luck and a lot of prayers.””

    You’re so right about several on this thread needing lots of prayers. It seems there are so many people who are suffering from immune diseases such as fibromialgia (sp). Not sure what is causing it and other diseases, that were never even heard of in times past. Just today, my husband told me he had heard that chickens were feed that poisonous pet food. EKKKKKK!!!

    I sure don’t remember having to worry about what we feed to our pets or even ourselves, like we have to today. Why are we depending on China for food?? Its nuts!!! Somewhere I heard in the next 15 years, we will be getting ALL of our food from China. I hope that is NOT true. I can’t imagine why America is being stripped of her self-reliance. Depending on countries like China for our food and almost everything else, is absolutely crazy.

    Sorry for getting off track and talking about politics. Like so many others have said here on this thread, I too, do NOT have any desire to hear about politics. I’ve always been so addicted to politics. But after the last election, I can’t stand to hear the lunacy of the rats. I’d rather just not know what’s happening. Its all too depressing.

    Since you mentioned so many here on this thread needing prayer, it reminded me, of wanting to let Kimberly know I’m praying for her and also her son’s friend. Also hope Rte66 is feeling better too.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all and especially to Virgie who has suffered such a huge loss this past year. I hope that someday Virgie will see justice for her loved ones. Hopefully the coroner in the Bahamas saved some tissue samples from Daniel and will be able to test them for CH.

    See us in two weeks???? Hope you don’t stay away that long!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/11/2007 10:47:55 PM PDT · 11,137 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Sacajaweau
    “”” God Bless Virgie for hanging in there!! She’s the only one who cared. “””

    Amen, Sac~!!!! Virgie has shown an enormous amount of courage in the face of hideous opposition. I don’t blame her one little bit for trying to keep HKS out of her precious grand-daughter’s life. HKS’s behavior towards Virgie wasn’t a surprise. Both he and his disgusting sister made it quite clear how evil and hateful they could be towards a grieving Mom and Grandmom.

    Now that all is said and done, perhaps the media will understand why Virgie fought to have ANS buried here in the USA. Even Anna wanted Daniel buried here, but was manipulated by HKS, into having him buried in the Bahamas, according the two Nannies. Someone said Stern should jump into one of the empty graves he purchased. I agree!! Perhaps one day Virgie and Daniel’s dad will be successful in having them both brought home.

    I hope Virgie knows she has lots of Freepers who are supporting her and praying for her health to continue the fight against HKS. God bless Virgie and comfort her grieving heart.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/07/2007 12:22:58 AM PDT · 10,854 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to tabor

    You might be right about the Friday departure time. I was thinking it was Thursday evening with an arrival on Friday morning, but I could be wrong.

    Its odd that she was not taken to the hospital considering how ill she had been all week. Lately I’ve been thinking about the participants state of mind. Since they had already been through Daniel’s untimely and shocking death, I would think they would have not taken no for an answer from Anna. They would have instead, just loaded her up and taken her to the nearest hospital on the first night when she had the 105 temp, or when they found her in an empty bathtub - or when she fell in the tub and etc.

    By Thursday she was still sick enough to require help to even go to the bathroom. Something was horrible wrong. How did she go into another room and find the Chloral Hydrate in a duffle bag without assistance? The dosage of CH found in her tissues was extremely lethal and was taken just a few hours before her death. HKS admits being there during that time frame.

    So sorry to hear about your experience of finding your father-in-law dead in your home. That must have been a tramatic ordeal for you and your entire family. I can also understand the guilt you felt, even though you had no way of knowing he was in trouble and in need of your help. Thanks for sharing. It made me think about how frantic it must have been for Taz to find Anna either dead or close to it.

    Perhaps there would not be the amount of suspicion over Anna’s death, if Daniel hadn’t died in a similar manner, a mere 5 months prior to his mom’s death. Most people weren’t suspicious of Daniel’s death, until hearing the news of Anna’s death. Having said that, I have to add it was rather suspicious when Daniel’s inquest was cancelled by Munroe, one of HKS’s lawyers, prior to Anna’s death.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/06/2007 11:26:39 PM PDT · 10,853 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Rte66

    So sorry you’re not feeling well. Did you get lots of wind the past few days? Sometimes the wind stirs up all kind of things, making it difficult to breath.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/06/2007 10:45:27 PM PDT · 10,852 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Sacajaweau

    ” No one has answered this question: “Was Daniel tested for Chloral Hydrate?”

    Great question, Sac!! Apparently the results of the autopsy that was done in the Bahamas will not be released until the inquest, provided it ever takes place. I found the following editorial here on FreeRepublic. As you can see from the title, it says NO testing for Chloral Hydrate done on Daniel’s tissues.

    I would assume some of Daniel’s tissues were saved due to the suspicious nature of his death. I certainly hope that is the case. If not, perhaps its time for Daniel to be exhumed by order of his father, Billy Smith.

    © 2007 The Houston Chronicle
    Mar 31 2007

    Dr. Joshua Perper, the chief medical examiner in Broward County in Florida, said he would have never sent Anna’s tissues out for testing for Chloral Hydrate because the drug is such an antiquated sleeping aid. As a matter of course, he said, coroners just don’t check for it anymore. The only reason he tested for it is that a bottle of the drug was found on the scene of the death.

    Anna Nicole’s remains would not have yielded the chloral hydrate in her system if the bottle had not been found on the scene of her death. Dr. Wecht did not test Daniel’s tissue for the presence of chloral hydrate. Dr. Wecht tested for and discovered traces of the drugs that were found in the hospital room where he died.

    As you’ve pointed out in the past, the time frame is almost identical in both cases. Daniel was up helping his Mom to the bathroom and within 2 1/2 hours he was dead. So strange how HKS checked the artery in Daniel’s neck, almost immediately. Very bizarre, imho.

    I agree with you about Sleepy not being an indication of impending death.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/06/2007 4:02:52 PM PDT · 10,825 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Sacajaweau
    ***”” My question now is?? How best friends were KE and Anna?? KE was obviously a “paid” best friend.””

    “”I can picture Anna confiding in KE and KE passing everything unto Howard. I believe Anna was going to testify against Howard at the inquest and had told KE in secret. The rest is History.”””

    Excellent speculation on all points concerning both KE and HKS. The ‘I hate mommy’ video was canned and waiting for just the right moment, to be aired, for all to see. And yes, it does hint at pre-meditation with HKS being seen(probably by accident) prompting Anna as to what to say. Not sure if it means anything, but Anna also used the words, ‘Bring it on’, in the email to G Ben Thompson.

    As far as KE’s friendship with Anna, the ole phrase ‘with friends like KE, who needs enemies’ definitely applies. Your speculation of KE passing on Anna’s confidential conversations to HKS, such as her testifying against him at Daniel’s inquest, is extremely probable.

    If the Nannies are to be believed, Anna did in fact, blame HKS for Daniel’s death, and therefore could have relayed those accusations to KE, whom she assumed was her friend. Any sociopath would hardily agree HKS had no other choice, than to stop Anna from repeating those accusations at Daniel’s inquest. After all, according to HKS, Anna’s death would make her happy, since she would be with Daniel. ‘sarcasm’

    According to those who were with Anna that last week, Anna was critically ill. However, her ‘two best friends’, neglected to get her the medical help, that could have saved her. Could Anna’s tearful, pleading words to KE - “Please don’t leave me” - have actually been, “Please don’t leave me alone with HKS”???

    In the past, we heard a previous assistant of Anna’s, say - orders from HKS were to NOT call 911, but to wait for him to determine what to do. If HKS gave Anna’s employees/friends this instruction, you’d think after Daniel’s death, the rules would have changed.

    Daniel’s tragic and suspicious death, should have put all involved, on ‘High Alert’, to prevent another death by drugs. But instead of being careful, KE and HKS continued to dispense multiple drugs to Anna?? Moe knowing what caused Daniel’s death and how ill Anna was, still delayed calling 911. Why?? Did Taz perhaps tell Moe that Anna was already dead??

    KE had to know how easy it would be for Anna to overdose on CH, especially in combination with the other respiratory suppressing drugs. We know the CH was hidden in the infamous bag. Its still a * mystery * how Anna ended up with the LETHAL morning dose of CH.(Note KE used the word mystery to describe the manner of death, prior to it being released as accidental drug-overdose) It makes no sense for Anna to want to go back to sleep at 10am, when they were scheduled to take possession of ‘The Cracker’ and set sail the very day she died.

    When KE was interviewed by ET on the so called flight back to Florida, she appeared more like a giddy teenager, than a professional doctor, whose best friend had just died, from drugs that she herself had prescribed. It was very chilling to hear her describe speaking to one of the EMT personnel, on the scene. She said something similar to this ‘is she like dead’, with an eerie grin on her face. KE also worried that HKS would be alone with the police. Why would that worry her??

    Both KE and especially HKS, knew Anna’s Mom, Virgie had warned Anna she better get away fast, or she might suffer the same fate that Daniel did. Virgie stated - Anna, you might be next. I’m having great difficulty putting into words, just how bizarre it was, for both KE and HKS to NOT have been SUPER CAREFUL, with monitoring/or dispensing Anna’s intake of drugs.

    What are the odds of TWO DRUG OVER-DOSES, by a Mother and Son, within 5 months of each other, with the same person or persons being linked to the events??? Astronomical, I’d say. But yet, we find the media now focused on vilifying Virgie, who is the one person who warned Anna of the impending danger that awaited her. Sorry for the long post! ;(

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/06/2007 3:16:21 PM PDT · 10,819 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Lizarde

    Its understandable that you’re very tired and haven’t yet bounced back. What you had done, isn’t minor at all. Its like any other surgery. Takes time to heal and get back to normal.

    Even your diet has been changed so that could also make you tired. Also the drugs used to knock you out are probably effecting you and making you feel more tired and out of it.

    Take care of yourself and get lots of rest!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/06/2007 1:13:51 PM PDT · 10,810 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Lizarde
    Not sure if you were dreaming or not, when you heard Geraldo’s report about HKS not being allowed to leave the Bahamas. ;)

    However, I do recall reading or hearing a report several weeks ago, concerning HKS not being allowed to leave the Bahamas. Which begs the question - Did HKS secretly stowaway on the same jet as LB and DL, headed for the USA? LOL

    How are you feeling today? I was impressed by your lack of pain after having dental surgery. Just thinking of what you had done, makes my mouth hurt. Glad you made it thru the worst part okay and will have a 'beautiful' smile real soon.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    05/06/2007 12:56:51 AM PDT · 10,762 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to fluffytoo

    Excellent post, Fluffytoo!!!! I too am having a difficult time with the Virgie bashing. I can not understand why anyone would not feel compassion for Virgie.

    As you stated so well, Virgie has lost so much, in such a short period of time. I’m amazed at the strenght she has shown, inspite of much adversity. I continue to admire her greatly.

    Godspeed to Virgie as she fights against HKS and his diabolical schemes.

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    04/28/2007 1:09:44 AM PDT · 8,892 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to blueplum

    “” Jan, 2000 - Mark Hatten says it was this month he was introduced to Anna. He claims to have made a sex tape entitled ‘bedroom scenes/swimming pool dreams” and says that Anna was in possession of that tape. He also claims that he and Anna tried to have a baby and were planning to get married, and that Anna had ‘two miscarriages’ (the first in June, ‘00). He said they had seen a (fertility?) doctor who asked for sperm samples from Mark. Hatten says that when he gets out of jail, he will ‘tell all’ about HKS. Mark says that his relationship with Anna lasted thru 2002, until HK pressed charges of stalking against him. Mark is currently doing time, and expects to be released with good behavior sometime this fall.”””

    Glad you mentioned Mark Hatten. He relayed a story of a 2 or 3 day coma, followed up by an infamous Ice Bath. IIRC, he came to in the ICED Bath tub at Anna’s house. The drugged coma story and ice bath were written by Mark, prior to Anna’s or Daniel’s deaths. I’m assuming KE would have been on the scene during the Mark time frame.

    Also Mark’s mention of miscarriages makes me wonder if Anna was given something by one of her handlers to make her mis-carry. That would be three miscarriages, if Mark’s story is true. Hmmmmmmm... I wonder if Anna’s will of 2001 was created by a greedy HKS to ensure any future spouses or little Hatten’s would NOT be included in Anna’s estate. I just can’t believe Anna would have knowingly signed such a bizarre Will. Probably one of those many papers HKS put in front of her to sign without reading.

    Hopefully Larry realizes and remembers how controlling HKS was during the time he spent with ANS. Larry could have easily had trumped up charges against him, and now be sitting in a cell next to Mark.(just speculation on my part)

    I hope Larry’s family talks him into staying in Kentucy, far far away from Hollywood and its lunacy. He’s probably made enough money off photo shots, in the past few weeks, to just retire and be a Daddy.

  • Hunter calls for Reid to step down over 'war is lost' remarks

    04/25/2007 11:38:40 PM PDT · 133 of 182
    Pepper777 to Paperdoll

    “” Today Rep. Hunter, by sticking to his principles, showed the world what a fearless leader he would be! God protect his son, and GO, DUNCAN HUNTER1 “”

    A big amen to your words about Duncan Hunter and his son!!!

    I hope he makes it all the way to the Whitehouse!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    04/25/2007 2:56:17 PM PDT · 8,320 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to sodpoodle

    ” Good bye to all my FRiends - I am surrendering my keyboard to the dark side. “”

    Please don’t go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

    04/24/2007 10:40:16 PM PDT · 8,140 of 17,435
    Pepper777 to Rte66

    It could be that I’m thinking of Kimmie making it clear that a website claiming to be her was NOT. It talked about other wills and was anti-Stern. You probably saw that website too, because it was linked here on a previous thread.

    It was interesting for awhile. Until Kimmie stated it was not her’s. LOL