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  • One half will believe... follow the False Prophet, the Pope who will follow Pope Benedict XVI

    04/15/2012 9:07:25 PM PDT · 128 of 205
    pf707 to stpio

    Her message of April 9, 2012 states: “The Era of Peace I spoke about in Fatima has been forgotten. This Era of Peace will take place AFTER the Second Coming of My Son and will last 1,000 years.”

    I know the prophetic evidence better than most pertaining to the great era of peace, I believe 100% this “prophecy” of April 9 is simply UNTRUE, and that the era of peace occurs before the Antichrist’s reign and therefore BEFORE the Second coming.

    For my own reasons, I do not care to defend my position on this unless provoked. So believe whatever.

    The prophecies unmistakably speak of a Pope chosen by God. He is the “successor” of the Pope that flees Rome. He is the one charged with feeding the sheep(petrus romanus). If a false visionary plants the seeds of doubts against him and even contribute to some of his persecution, they will have to explain themselves to God, not to me.

    As for the false Pope, mentioned in prophecy:
    He is a Muslim.

    (I believe he arrives after the Good Pope and after the great era of peace.)

    Saint Hildegard revealed that he is Muslim.

    According to the “Vatican Insider” St. Hildegard will be made a doctor of the Church this October by the Pope.

    The La Salette prophecy of Antichrist having military victories at the age of 12 was first spoken to St. Hildegard.

    St. Hildegard’s prophecy of that FALSE Pope: “one of the remaining Mohammadans will be converted, become a priest bishop and cardinal, and when the new pope is elected this cardinal will kill the pope before he is crowned, through jealousy, wishing to be pope himself; then when the other cardinals elect the next pope, this cardinal will proclaim himself Anti-pope, and two-thirds of the Christians will go with him.”

  • One half will believe... follow the False Prophet, the Pope who will follow Pope Benedict XVI

    04/14/2012 6:15:11 PM PDT · 84 of 205
    pf707 to pf707

    I should note that we cannot state for certain that the next Pope is the great Pope choosen to guide the Church through the tempest, unless the current Pope is clearly revealed as the persecuted/fleeing/exiled Pope.

  • One half will believe... follow the False Prophet, the Pope who will follow Pope Benedict XVI

    04/14/2012 5:01:04 PM PDT · 81 of 205
    pf707 to stpio

    Prophecy speaks mainly of two Popes during the chastisement. The first Pope undergoes severe persecution at a time when the Vatican is invaded. That Pope is forced to flee over the lifeless bodies, and hide in exile. He dies a cruel death.

    After that, three if not more Popes are elected in different regions. One of them would be the true Pope. People in their blindness will not be able to discern who is the true Pope despite everything that happens.

    The successor of the Pope that flee’s Rome is the true Pope mentioned by many prophecies:

    Sister Aiello: “The Pope will suffer much...His successor will GUIDE THE BOAT in the tempest. But it will not delay the punishment of the wicked.”

    It says his successor will GUIDE the boat(CHURCH) not mislead the boat. It also states that this Pope’s (heaven sanctioned) guidance(by word and deed)will not be enough to delay the punishment.

    La Salette states of the successor Pope: (the Pope will be persecuted). His successor will be a pontiff that nobody expects.”

    (aware of his suffering future)...

    This pontiff that “nobody expects,” according to Sister Aiello’s prophecy, will be a person unknown to the world, and granted many graces by God: “A humble chief pastor guides the new people: will be to everyone unknown/unfamiliar, but he shall be granted many graces and extraordinary gifts by the Holy Spirit and humanity will receive prosperity and peace. For my Immaculate Heart it will not be long before the triumph of the light over the power of darkness.”) (original: “Un umile Pastore supremo guiderà i nuovi popoli: sarà a tutti sconosciuto, ma a Lui saranno concesse molte grazie e doni straordinari dallo SPIRITO SANTO e l’umanità avrà prosperità e pace. PER IL MIO CUORE IMMACOLATO NON TARDERÀ’ POI IL TRIONFO DELLA LUCE SULLA POTENZA DELLE TENEBRE E IL MONDO AVRA’ FINALMENTE TRANQUILLITA’ E PACE”)

    If the “successor” pope that nobody expects/is unknown to everybody is granted many graces from’s stating clearly he is from God.

    Marie Julie Jahenny’s prophecy indicates this unknown Pope is raised by the hand of God: “It is I who will give you this pontiff. Pray for him that should see in his eyes a fierce revolution! Until death, his hand holds the cross and does not let go of it.”

    it is logically obvious to me, that the Pope raised and given to the Church by God, during this time of extreme persecution and awakening, is the Pope that is protected from death => La Salette: “The pope will be persecuted from every side/every corridor, they will shoot at him, they will want to put him to death, but they cannot do it, the Vicar of God will triumph again this time.”

    Marie Julie Jahenny: “Pray for the Supreme Pontiff! Despite the rage of unbelievers, nevertheless, he will triumph. They will never have his life.”

    The Pope that “triumphs” and will not be killed by the militant persecutors and the mob of unbelievers during the tempest, most likely is not the one that hides in exile for two years and dies the cruel death.

    Anna Maria Taigi prophecy: “He is the holy pontiff chosen by God to withstand the storm.” (After the storm, heaven itself will indicate he is the true Pope.)

    Marie Julie Jahenny: “Never, never been so strong a storm against any other pontiff. He is already a martyr before undergoing martyrdom, he suffers before the hour has come.”

    Brother John of the Cleft Rock:”But God will raise a holy Pope, and the Angels will rejoice. Enlightened by God, this man will reconstruct almost the entire world through his holiness.”

    Sister Aiello: “the Pope, with his redemptive word, will, in part, save the world.’”

    Sister Aiello: “Oh!, what grief to see the representative of Christ on earth hated, persecuted, outraged! He, who is the Spiritual Father of the people, the defender of the Faith and of truth, whose face, radiant with light, shines upon the world, is greatly hated. He, who personifies Christ on earth, doing good for all, becomes thus outraged with impunity!”

    Elizabeth Canori Mora:
    “I will provide my Church with a new pastor, who is learned, holy and full of My Spirit. With holy zeal he will reform My flock.”

    Bishop Malachy’s prophecy states “In the extreme persecution of the Church there will sit, Petrus Romanus, who feeds the sheep through many tribulations”

    To the first and last Pope Peter’s, Jesus states in the Gospels “if you love me, feed my sheep”. Therefore, the Malachy prophecy states the last Pope loves Jesus and feeds the sheep(”feeding” the sheep, means spiritual food that brings conversion and life, directly from the teachings of Christ, by active example: humility, kindness, and self-sacrifice, etc.)

    Even so “There will be two anti-popes” (To obscure the message of the good Pope/hated Pope, Anti-Popes would be a certainty during the period of fulfillment).

    St. Francis of Assisi:
    “And when the Spirit has increased the number of such persons in various places, then it will send forth a wholly pure and saintly shepherd and leader, conforming to Christ.”

    3rd Secret: Despite the “Successor” being considered the true Pope, officially on paper, he is still only a Bishop, as it would be impossible to canonically elect a Pope during this persecution until after the 3-days of darkness wipes out the persecutors, and that is why the Pope of the 3rd Secret vision is a Bishop. In my opinion, after some 20 to 30 years of the period of peace, the Antichrist kills (sentences to death) this Pope, and takes over Rome.

    Back to prophecies of this Pope:

    Rudolph Gekner 1675:
    “A new pastor of the universal Church will come from the shore through a celestial prodigy and in simplicity of heart adorned with the doctrines of Jesus Christ.”

    Sister Jeanne Royer: “two servants of the lord will distinguish themselves in this glorious struggle (the Pope and French Monarch) and who by the grace of the Holy Ghost, will fill with ardent zeal the hearts of the illustrious assembly….”

    Marie Julie Jahanny:”This dear and worthy representative will have entered in a new alliance to sustain my holy Church to the strong of the storm. Pains, tortures, the contempt. He will receive all...One will tell him: disown your faith, give us this liberty. But his faith will be firm and constant. It is I that will have given you this Pontiff.”

    Abbot Werdin D’Otrante (13th Century):”The Great Monarch and the Great Pope will precede Antichrist.”

    St. Hildegard: “Almost immediately after the death of the Monarch comes antichrist”

  • The Beatitudes: Blessed are the Meek

    12/30/2010 9:00:46 PM PST · 12 of 13
    pf707 to Salvation

    To be meek requires one to overcome the ego. Many of Jesus’ teachings involved overcoming the ego.

    Holding grudges rather than forgiveness, self-centeredness rather than helping others, wanting attention and to finish ahead of others rather than meekness, unwillingness to sacrifice material things, impatience, and angry outbursts....are all outcomes driven by an untamed ego.

    Personally, my ego(flesh/spiritual life) is in one of the three following modes.
    MODE one: My actions and emotions are fully controlled by my ego. Ego mode.
    MODE two: I’ve gathered the willpower and energy to push myself step by step towards changing my ego driven patterns with a prayerful heart. The ego transition mode. Depending on how strong and fast I push myself this transition phase typically lasts between 5 to 14 days.
    MODE three: A greatly tamed ego. By withholding the tongue from bursting out in a moment of anger, 4,5,6, or 7 times during the transition period of one or two weeks, the ego ends up losing most of it’s potency for mode three and the typical angry outburst are replaced by a typical calm reaction often followed by a strangely pleasant inner sensation that may be described as inner peace. Same applies in that two week transition period for the other wholehearted pattern changing of the ego regarding new behaviors of meekness, helping others, etc. One can also force themself to eat the broccoli they don’t like to eat without complaint as a sacrifice to God, or drive behind the slow guy instead of speeding around him in order to crack away at the ego in the name of God and spirituality. In mode three one may literally feel 20 pounds lighter, gain a higher capacity to feel joy, play somewhat better at sports, feel an inner peace at various times frequently...All things I’ve noticed for myself that may or may not be universal gifts that accompany the transition into living the patterns prescribed by Jesus for us.

    In my opinion, this particular path towards inner peace involves:
    1) often physically and verbally doing the opposite of what your ego would want of you.
    2) repeatedly deciding in the mind to forgive the other person, rather than letting thoughts pertaining to that person inflict you repeatedly from within.
    3) often deciding in the mind(different than physical) to do the opposite of what you want rather than allowing the mind to obsess over something the ego interprets as a power struggle between you and another person.
    4) often praying during times of self-sacrifice and obedience.
    5) In ones mind, deciding to offer a mental anguish, a physical pain, or unpleasant temptation that is excessively plaguing you at the moment, as a “sacrifice to God” with the decision at that moment possibly resulting in a meaningful reduction in the amount of unpleasantness felt.
    6) not following into the trap of guilt that would push one off the new spiritual path and back onto the default ego path. Guilt can cause one to immediately quit doing the ways of the spirit for an unreasonable amount of time even though the path you were just on and pushed off by guilt had become easy and often pleasant. I know this principal quite well, quite well indeed.

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/11/2010 9:48:17 PM PST · 72 of 73
    pf707 to Churchillspirit
    I was puzzled by the fact that pf707 joined FR - a primarily political forum - last week and has posted only on this "Fatima" thread.

    The archives at FreeRepubilc contain plenty of threads posted over the years regarding Fatima.

    As to timing:

    Before December I could reasonably state that Russia would NOT YET take surprise military action in a manner or location that means something extraordinarily relevant to prophecy, as I see it.

    If I cared to post BEFORE the risk of materialization arrived, I could not wait another week.

    For example, if interpreted signs and geopolitical landscapes suggested a certain something would occur within a four year period I would not want to wait until the second or third year to present such information for fear the events would occur in the first year and I would miss the chance to present the information beforehand.

    To present the information after the fact is to invite the accusation that the Fatima secret is simply being force fitted to square with present day events for the unreasonable 3rd time, failing to recognize that the whole time it was primarily about those future current day events and not the secondary shadows manifested in the past.

    In fact, I delayed posting such an article here, until the last moments before the perceived risky period arrived as I saw it.

    Neither am I particular interested in whether others agree or disagree with my assessment of this upcoming period of risk involving Russia.

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/11/2010 5:19:35 PM PST · 71 of 73
    pf707 to verdugo
    I don't understand what you mean by "if the dated prophecies seem to fail to materialize". The disclosure of the 3rd secret is now 50 years past due, it's a prophecy that's 50 years old! Revealing it now should reveal what has already happened.It should be "old news" now.

    It is my understanding that war required to start near the end of last century serves as the unrealized beginning of predicted global misery to come. Upon future delvings, the matter should become clear when Russia shocks Europe with warplanes sent to destroy Kosovo's independence on behalf of the Serbs. It could have happened yesterday already, it could happen after perceptual or political changes in the relevant regions.

    I guess you are saying that the "sex scandal" was revealed in the real 3rd secret, which was to be revealed in 1960?

    The La Salette secrets speak about the bad behavior of priests and the vengeance at their doors. The Fatima secret probably repeats such warnings.

    Pope John Paul II himself indicated the parallels between La Salette and Fatima. Father Alonso, an official archivist of the Fatima documents stated 30 or so years ago about the third Secret: "Does the unpublished text speak of concrete circumstances? It is very possible that it speaks not only of a real crisis of the faith in the Church during this in-between period, but like the secret of La Salette, for example, there are more concrete references to the internal struggles of Catholics or to the fall of priests and religious..."/((Note to anyone: be wary of English La Salette translations without examining the original French. There are critical differences between the two.))

    The outbreak of the recent sex scandal coincided with Pope Benedict XVI's (possibly insincere) trip to Fatima indicating at first blush a connection between the two. He planned the trip before the outbreak arrived.

    Another more recent development had displayed itself to anyone that was paying close attention to the right place and time that screams out direct connection between the Fatima prophecies and the sex scandal. However, I cannot prudently repeat the information over the internet for the simple reason that a single person or two could nefariously use such information to, at the proper time, attempt to forcefully fulfill a certain relatively easy to fulfill prophecy. I don't expect anyone to take my word for it, so people can ignore (especially!) this last paragraph.

    I don't see where proof of "hiding a scandal" would terrify anyone back to the Church, on the contrary, it would repel people from joining the Church.

    I guess my point is that that many people would get their excuse to continue to be hardened against Fatima by believing the Pope released a fabricated version of the 3rd secret for the express purpose of stopping people from leaving the Church over the big scandal and to terrify them and their wallets back to the pews and back to the Pope that has suddenly become the apocalyptic messenger of the Virgin Mary. I hope I'm wrong on this!!!!!!!! Unless Mary appears to the Pope in a vision and forces his hand, the release of the secret would undoubtedly occur at the early stage of fulfillment when the Pope can no longer deny the predicted events have arrived : a moment the world is desperately afraid of the new Russian Fuhrer being further provoked.

    Many people would hate the Pope for resorting, over the sex scandal, to such heartless 16th century diversionary tactics that "preys on people's superstitions and deepest fears" at such a delicate moment in history. They would view it as the most unequaled self-serving, outrageous, and uncaring act...ever!

    It is the type of scandalous situation that would boil up enough anger against the Pope that people would go to the large building housing the Pope and release their fury against him by hurling curses and throwing stones towards the crying Pope, in fulfillment of Jacinta's vision.

    And yet the Pope would know the Fatima message is being fulfilled and is the Truth of God. In such a possible expected situation as described in this post, the Pope would "suffer" the pain of being unbelieved and being accused of a monstrous fabrication. Genuine regret of his role and the effects of the "lies" that damaged the perceived credibility of the third secret would be another source of suffering for him. The perception that he is lying about and guilty of allowing/knowing about the mega sex scandal would be yet another source of suffering. And that would be just the beginning as the Pope would have much to suffer.

    Believers would recognize that to reveal the secret, the Pope risked everything: flesh, bone and home, credibility, embarrassment and possibly imprisonment....all out of the fear of God, fear for his soul, fear for the fate of mankind.

    The Church goes underground in a time of persecution, lead by a transformed Pope that offers his life as a sacrifice to God.

    Sorry for the speculation.

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/08/2010 10:08:51 AM PST · 56 of 73
    pf707 to pegleg
    In the second apparition Lucia asked the Lady, "Will you take us to heaven?" The Virgin responded, "Yes, I shall take Jacinta and Francisco soon, but you will remain a little longer, since Jesus wishes you to make me known and loved on earth. He wishes also for you to establish devotion in the world to my Immaculate Heart." That “little longer“ turned out to be 88 years. You need to be more patient my friend. God is in control, not you.

    You are changing Mary's words!! She did NOT say "little longer." Where did you fetch that quote?

    Mary in fact responded with the words "Sim; a Jacinta e o Francisco levo-os em breve. Mas tu ficas cá mais algum tempo."(Yes. I will take Jacinta and Francisco soon. But you are to stay here some time longer.)

    The Portuguese word "algum" does not translate to "little."

    The word algum is used "to indicate an unspecified number or quantity" or "relatively many but unspecified in number"...see for yourself here at a Portuguese-English dictionary:

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/05/2010 6:35:11 PM PST · 40 of 73
    pf707 to verdugo
    The three books are available to read on-line:

    The Whole Truth About Fatima: Volume I Science and the Facts

    The Whole Truth about Fatima, Volume II: The Secret and the Church

    The Whole Truth about Fatima: Volume III: The Third Secret

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/02/2010 8:02:36 PM PST · 31 of 73
    pf707 to JPII Be Not Afraid; Salvation
    1980: Pope JPII stated at Fulda Germany that it is no longer possible to avert the chastisement:
    "We must prepare ourselves to suffer great trials before long, such as will demand of us a disposition to give up even life, and a total dedication to Christ and for Christ … With your and my prayer it is possible to mitigate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because only thus can the Church be effectively renewed. How many times has the renewal of the Church sprung from blood! This time, too, it will not be otherwise. We must be strong and prepared, and trust in Christ and His Mother”
    -The text released by the Vatican in June 2000 match's the above portion of the Pope's comments.

    Dated Dec 8/1983, the Pope sends out a letter to the Bishops inviting them to join in the “Acts of Entrustment of the World to the Blessed Virgin Mary” for the following year. No Mention of Russia anywhere in the letter or Act. (pg. 125 of the Youngest Prophet, Christopher Rengers, 1986)

    After the fall of communism....the conversion of Russia and time for God's peace to arrive?!?...:

    From 1991 to 1995: Most horrific wars in Europe in Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavia wars were “often described as Europe's deadliest conflicts since World War II...the first conflicts since World War II to be formally judged genocidal in character.”(wikipedia quote)

    1994: The apocalypse comes to Africa in Rwanda. Rivers of blood, be-headings, indiscriminate massacre of the unimaginable 800,000 dead in 100 days. / 1998-2003: “Africa's World War” becomes the deadliest conflict in the world since world war II. Three million dead. ( ).

    No sign of God's peace to “be granted to the world” in the 90’s.

    In January 1995: cloaking his warning in “Never again” declarations Pope JPII predicted that “tomorrow we must cry over other modern day Auschwitzes death camps” (he was not predicting the peace that would follow Russia's conversion but instead death camps for the future of mankind!) See link of image of newspaper clipping:

    1995/1996: During a time of Yugoslavia wars in Europe and a time of the Pope expecting a future fulfillment of the 3rd Secret the Vatican made plans for Priests to gather at Fatima the day after Russia's elections. (See page 221 of Crossing the Threshold of Hope for his expectations in 1995 that the Fatima prophecies “now...seems close to their fulfillment”)

    Date of Russian elections: June 16/1996
    Start date of the Gathering of Priests organized by the Vatican for Fatima Portugal: June 17/1996

    the evidence of this:
    “VATICAN CITY, JUN 18, 1996 (VIS) - The 1st International Meeting for Priests, organized by the Congregation for the Clergy in preparation for the Holy Year 2000, opened yesterday afternoon in Fatima, Portugal, with the reading of a message sent by the Holy Father. The Pope underlines the importance of this event to give impulse to the new evangelization, and invites priests to renew their personal consecration to the Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As a sign of his closeness, John Paul II sent a rosary to each priest. Also read at the opening was a telegram sent by Sr. Lucia, the only survivor of the three little shepherds of Fatima to whom the Blessed Virgin appeared.”
    “...The archbishop also said that beginning this year there would be meetings of the world's priests in preparation for the Jubilee 2000. In 1996 one will be held in Fatima June 17-21”

    There are two interpretations of this gathering of priests in Fatima for the day after the Russian elections.

    Interpretation one: It was a mere coincidence! But to suggest that the Vatican didn't pay attention to events in Russia when 1) the stark evidence I posted already in the OP is crystal clear (more so to the Pope) about the connection of Russia's errors to the Fatima Secrets. 2)Europe was rocked by the Yugoslavia wars which could have drawn Russia/NATO into a world war at any moment and 3) the fatima prophecies seemed “close to fulfillment” to the Pope in 1995;.....makes it all very ludicrous in my opinion, to believe the Vatican didn't know they were scheduling the Fatima event the day after the Russian elections.

    Interpretation two: Fervor for the Third Secret had the Pope in it's clutches in 1994/1995/1996 with expectations months before the elections that Russia would be taken over by someone capable of igniting the great persecution(Someone Hitler like.) The Vatican therefore preplanned in advance by months, to have the priests of the world gathered at Fatima Portugal the day after the Russian elections. The purpose was simple: In a surreal moment immediately after the Communist or Russian Hitler won the June 16th elections, the Pope would go straight to Fatima where the gathering of priests was already prepared in place to then reveal the full text of the Third Secret of Fatima to the World. It would have been an epic start if the timing of the Russian Hitler was indeed fated for that election.

    2000: Despite not consecrating Russia and not publishing the third secret beforehand, the Vatican is confounded by the inexplicable delay of the Secret’s breakout. Weary and sick of the waiting endured through the 1990’s they decide suddenly to forsake the "wait for the fulfillment" by designating the prophecies materialization to a date nineteen years earlier. It's easier on the flock that way.

    1990-2010: still no clear sign of the world peace mentioned in the Fatima and La Salette prophecies.

    2008-????: various signs begin to emerge. (No need to burden this thread or forum with THAT topic as it places the believing observer on an unpleasant roller coaster...if you know what I mean.) : (

    The events: rise of Lenin and communism, night of light in 1938, consecration of the world, fall of communism, would serve as the shadows of starker things to come.

    God confounded the Jews by having split the fulfillment of the prophecy of the coming of the Christ and his prophet Elijah into two separate events. With the Jews, it's difficult for them to accept the first coming of the two major stages of fulfillment. With Fatima, a difficulty lies in accepting the coming of the the second more critical period of fulfillment.

    BOTTOM LINE: Lucia did not give reason to the Pope between 1984 and late 1990’s to believe the 1984 Consecration of the World prevented a future disaster for the church and the world.

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/01/2010 8:53:29 PM PST · 27 of 73
    pf707 to pegleg
    —This article is also posted here: ..Except for the last few paragraphs, the articles are verbatim. Either you're the author and changed the last few paragraphs, or you plagiarized it.—

    Last night I posted the article here first. It was held up by moderator review and I thought it was rejected when it didn't show up three hours latter, so I deleted some of the lines and posted at the other site instead.

    Things begin to happen with Russia and what do you suppose the non-believers would say: “Those flipity flip flopping Catholics...fitting the Fatima Secret to world war II, then to 1981, and now to present day events with Russia.”

    And they wont take it seriously out of ignorance.

    That is why I'm getting the evidence straight now before it can be said that Fatima simply attaches itself to every event.

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/01/2010 7:54:04 PM PST · 24 of 73
    pf707 to pegleg

    << The other problem is nut jobs like you see a conspiracy behind every corner >>

    The tagline beside your name says “but the truth must be sought” which is what I have done in order to understand the Fatima prophecies. However, the truth can be quite unpleasant which may be reason enough to forgo the search and focus on more noble things.

    I know what I know. If you completely dismiss the extremely solid evidence of what Pope JPII, Cardinal Ratzinger, and Sister Lucia have stated that’s your prerogative. And that’s perfectly fine, at least for now.

    The evidence I provided only deals with the central theme of Russia regarding the Third Secret. There are a couple of other themes that go far beyond what was provided in the Opening Post in demolishing the idea of the Fatima secret being fulfilled in the 1981 assassination attempt.

    << -It would bring down the wrath of Russia against the Vatican.-
    So what. Wouldn’t be the first time. Also, Christ promised to protect the Church. Don’t you believe him?>>

    I do not have such a cavalier attitude about the Fatima Secret. The Church will be persecuted, renewed by blood and go underground, but it will endure, if that’s what you mean by “protection.”

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/01/2010 4:02:23 PM PST · 18 of 73
    pf707 to JPII Be Not Afraid

    <<<’I come to answer your question, ‘If the consecration made by Pope John Paul II on March 25, 1984 in union with all the bishops of the world, accomplished the conditions for the consecration of Russia according to the request of Our Lady in Tuy on June 13 of 1929?’ Yes, it was accomplished, and since then I have said that it was made. And I say that no other person responds for me, it is I who receive and open all letters and respond to them. Coimbra, 3 July 1990 Sister Lucia.>>>

    The problem with that letter is that anyone could have fabricated it.

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/01/2010 4:02:19 PM PST · 17 of 73
    pf707 to sklar
    Well, if you believe Mary is Divine and sinless and knows the future, wouldn't she (or Jesus) KNOW if Russia would be “infuriated”? And if so, choose other words?

    I believe that it was a divine test imposed upon the Church. The risk involved with the test is that the Soviet Union/Russia could retaliate. Without the risk what would be the point of the test? If the Church was requested by Mary only to consecrate the “world” there would be no problems, no effort, and no meaningful test of faith.

    With the Church keen on avoiding confrontation with Russia thus avoiding the Fatima requests, is it really inconceivable that Heaven will fulfill it's warnings against the Church by the hand of Russia. The Third Secret pertains to a great persecution.

    As I've already indicated, the “Church Vs. Russia” and “Russia Vs. the Church” is a major theme that permeates the Fatima message, the destructive relation between the two is announced. Is this all about the past? I think not. 1960 was the year the Third Secret was to be opened to the world, so the great persecution cannot pertain to the time before that.

    The only way to claim these events are behind us, is to support a consecration done by the Pope that is not centered on Russia, and believe a letter purported by Lucia is not a fabrication.

    The body of evidence gets deeper when accounting for accurate La Salette English translations and certain documented comments regarding the Third Secret.

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    12/01/2010 4:00:07 PM PST · 16 of 73
    pf707 to Religion Moderator; Sidebar Moderator

    Yes I authored the article.

  • Third Secret of Fatima and Russia

    11/30/2010 7:38:32 PM PST · 1 of 73