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  • Liberal Lester Holt and Hillary Tag Team Trump; E-Mails Barely Mentioned

    09/27/2016 1:52:02 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 14 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | September 26, 2016 | Scott Whitlock
    Debate moderator Lester Holt repeatedly challenged Donald Trump during Monday night’s highly anticipated debate, but refrained from going after Hillary Clinton in the same aggressive manner. Holt also minimized the Democrat’s e-mail scandal. It was only brought up because Trump did so. Instead, the NBC Nightly News anchor promoted the historic nature of Clinton’s candidacy, demanding, “Mr. Trump, this year Secretary Clinton became the first woman nominated for president by a major party. Earlier this month you said she doesn't have, quote, 'a presidential look.' She's standing here right now. What did you mean by that?” He then followed-up, reminding,...
  • Lester Holt Was Biased

    09/26/2016 8:45:58 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 73 replies
    September 26, 2016 | Pinkbell
    Hillary was well rehearsed and polished indeed, but she had help from the moderator. What did Lester ask Hillary that was tough? He asked Trump four tough questions: 1) He asked Trump about his taxes. 2) He asked Trump about the birth certificate. 3) He pressed Trump on his opposition to Iraq. 4) He asked Trump about his comments on Hillary not having the "look" of being President and then proceeded to repeat Meghan Kelly's point about Trump calling women pigs, etc. 5) He rebuffed Trump on stop and frisk (saying that stop and frisk was found unConstitutional). He responded,...
  • To Help Clinton Win the First Debate, Campaign Asks for Online Support 'Early and Often'

    09/22/2016 11:20:06 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 30 replies
    ABC ^ | September 22, 2016 | Liz Kreutz
    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is well aware that the outcome of the first presidential debate on Monday isn't just about what the two candidates say on stage, but also about the conversation that takes place around it. On a conference call with supporters this afternoon, a top aide to Clinton directly asked supporters to use social media during and after the debate at Hofstra University in New York to help shape the conversation positively around the Democratic nominee. "Reporters certainly view what's happening online," Clinton's deputy communications director Christina Reynolds said, adding it is part of, "how they judge the...
  • First on CNN: ISIS suspected of mustard attack against US and Iraqi troops

    09/21/2016 2:45:49 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 79 replies
    CNN ^ | September 21, 2016 | Barbara Starr
    Washington (CNN)ISIS is suspected of firing a shell with mustard agent that landed at the Qayyara air base in Iraq Tuesday where US and Iraqi troops are operating, according to several US officials. The shell was categorized by officials as either a rocket or artillery shell. After it landed on the base, just south of Mosul, US troops tested it and received an initial reading for a chemical agent they believe is mustard. No US troops were hurt or have displayed symptoms of exposure to mustard agent. One official said the agent had "low purity" and was "poorly weaponized." A...
  • Donald Trump Says He'd Use Stop And Frisk To End Violence In Black Communities.

    09/21/2016 2:18:51 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 25 replies
    Chris Snyder Fox ^ | September 21, 2016
    Tonight, Sean Hannity is doing a town hall with Trump aimed at the black community. He was asked about Stop And Frisk. This appears to be causing controversy on Twitter already (just released transcript), so I imagine there will be a lot of discussion about this. Per Chris Snyder of Fox News: NEW - @realDonaldTrump tells @seanhannity tonight on @FoxNews he'd use stop-and-frisk to end violence in black communities AUDIENCE MEMBER: I had a question about, there's been a lot of violence in the black community- I want to know, what would you do to help stop that violence, you...
  • Donald Trump Called Debate Moderator Lester Holt a Democrat. He’s Actually a Republican.

    09/20/2016 10:24:31 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 53 replies
    Time ^ | September 20, 2016 | Zeke J Miller
    Republican nominee Donald Trump called first presidential debate moderator, NBC News anchor Lester Holt, “a Democrat” Monday, despite public records that indicate otherwise. New York State voter registration documents show that Holt has been a registered Republican in the state since 2003. Trump’s comments to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, which were offered without any evidence to support the claim, are part of a time-honored tradition of alleging moderator bias and expectations-setting before a presidential debate. “By the way, Lester is a Democrat. It’s a phony system. They are all Democrats. It’s a very unfair system,” Trump said of the debate...
  • Don’t compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It belittles Hitler. (He's serious)

    09/20/2016 3:16:58 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 38 replies
    Washington Post ^ | September 13, 2016 | Shalom Auslander
    Before their recent meeting — and I suspect a few times after — Mexican President Enrique Peńa Nieto compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. He wasn’t the first to do so, even in his own country. Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, has also compared Trump to Hitler. Cher has compared Trump to Hitler. Abraham Foxman, former national director of the Anti-Defamation League, has compared Trump to Hitler (although in fairness, that’s kind of his whole brand). Even Glenn Beck compared Trump to Hitler. We’ll no doubt hear it again many times before this election is over, and, to...
  • Media Attacks Trump For Saying "A Bomb Went Off In NY"...But Hillary Said Same Thing

    09/18/2016 2:48:48 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 67 replies
    Donald Trump For President Blog ^ | September 18, 2016 | Pinkbell
    The media is growing increasingly unnerved at the fact that their endless attacks on Trump appear not to be having an affect on his poll numbers and at the fact that Trump pwned them twice in 2 days. They decided the only thing to do is ramp up the number of hit pieces. Check the Washington Post and New York Times for reference. The media is always looking for an opportunity to attack Trump. It only takes a sentence or a fragment of one. The media decided there was an opportunity to portray Trump as as too reactionary and therefore...
  • U.S.-led forces strike Syrian troops, Russia calls emergency U.N. meeting

    09/17/2016 3:09:51 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 88 replies
    Reuters ^ | September 17, 2016 | Angus McDowall and Andrew Osborn
    U.S.-led coalition air strikes killed dozens of Syrian soldiers on Saturday, Russia and a monitoring group said, putting a U.S.-Russian brokered ceasefire in jeopardy and prompting Moscow to seek an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting. The United States military said the coalition stopped the air strike against what it had believed to be Islamic State positions in northeast Syria after Russia informed it that Syrian military personnel and vehicles may have been hit. A U.S. military official said he was "pretty sure" targets mistakenly hit in the coalition strikes were Syrian forces. Russia called for an emergency meeting of the...
  • Hillary DISSED at her own “RALLY” when Crowd Chants “4 More Years” for Michelle Obama

    09/16/2016 2:12:17 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 25 replies
    Truth Feed ^ | September 16, 2016 | Amy Moreno
    Full Title: VIDEO : Unpopular Hillary DISSED at her own “RALLY” when Crowd Chants “4 More Years” for Michelle Obama No one likes or wants Hillary. Not even the small crowds at her pathetic rallies. Michelle Obama spoke at a “rally” today for Hillary Clinton, where the crowd chanted “4 MORE YEARS” for Obama. You know your campaign is bad when your crowd is chanting for the sitting president, not you. Watch the video: Crowd chants ‘4 more years’ at Hillary Clinton’s own rally. — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 16, 2016
  • Network pools refuse to cover Trump hotel tour

    09/16/2016 1:48:59 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 29 replies
    Politico ^ | September 16, 2016 | Hadas Gold
    In a show of joint defiance, the major television networks collectively voted to pull a camera and erase video of Donald Trump giving a tour of his hotel, a protest of the campaign preventing any editorial presence on the tour. According to members of the traveling press pool, after it was made clear that only still photographers and video cameras would be allowed on the pool, the Washington bureau chiefs of the various television networks convened an emergency conference call and agreed to pull the network camera and erase the footage of the tour. "The pool rules state any event...
  • Hillary Doing Press Conference Right Now

    09/15/2016 1:24:14 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 125 replies
    September 15, 2016 | Pinkbell
    On TV now. First couple questions easy for her.
  • Hillary Clinton just slammed the stigma surrounding sexually transmitted infections

    09/15/2016 1:41:18 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 46 replies
    Washington Post ^ | September 7, 2016 | Danielle Paquette
    Ella Dawson expected to find a Netflix bill in her Brooklyn mailbox. She discovered instead a letter from Hillary Clinton. The 24-year-old blogger, who writes often about living with genital herpes, figured it was a standard campaign mailer. She once donated $50 to Clinton. She tore open the envelope. She froze. Did the Democratic presidential candidate, one of the most famous figures on the planet, just thank her for talking about sexually transmitted infections on the Internet? “I am so grateful to you for not only speaking out against the stigma,” Clinton wrote, “but for also taking a courageous stand...
  • Trump attacks U.S. foreign policy, political press corps on state-owned Russian television network

    09/10/2016 12:01:01 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 20 replies
    Washington Post ^ | September 8, 2016 | Jose DeReal
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized U.S. foreign policy and the American political press corps Thursday during an interview on RT America, a state-owned Russian television network. In a wide-ranging interview that aired Thursday evening, Trump spoke with journalist Larry King about the presidential race, American intervention in Iraq and the Middle East, and the potential intrusion by Russian hackers into Democratic Party databases. RT, which airs in several countries in English and Russian, is funded by the Russian government; though it characterizes itself as independent, the network has been regularly accused of pro-Kremlin bias. The interview came as Trump...
  • So is Donald Trump ‘busted’ re his alleged opposition to Iraq War? nope!

    09/08/2016 10:33:51 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 10 replies
    AJ Delgado ^ | February 18, 2016 | AJ Delgado
    Trump recently claimed he opposed the Iraq War in 2003 and “before that.” Buzzfeed’s Andrew K (a tremendous reporter, with terrific scoops) did some digging, though, and found audio of Trump appearing on the Howard Stern show on September 11, 2002. It’s a solid find by Andrew but it’s being used by Trump critics to apparently demonstrate Trump is a ‘liar’ who didn’t, in fact, oppose the Iraq War. In 2002, Donald Trump Said He Supported Invading Iraq “Are you for invading Iraq?” Howard Stern asked him, and Trump answered, “Yeah, I guess so.” I don’t see, however, how this...
  • A Response To Hillary Clinton's Speech Accusing Donald Trump of Racism

    09/04/2016 2:24:05 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 40 replies
    Donald Trump For President Blog ^ | September 3, 2016 | Pinkbell
    A little over a week ago, I guess about a week and a half, Hillary Clinton gave a speech on race, basically accusing Trump of being a racist. As I listened to the speech, I became more and more frustrated because there were plenty of things that I thought could be rebutted. I decided then that I was going to do a response, a fact check if you will, of Hillary's speech. It obviously took a while to respond to everything, so I couldn't get my response up immediately or in as timely of a manner as I would have...
  • Trump's big immigration reversal shaped by Christie, Giuliani says

    08/27/2016 5:06:38 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 62 replies
    New ^ | August 26, 2016 | Claude Brodesser-Akner
    TRENTON — Donald Trump's apparent pivot away from his calls for mass deportations of millions of undocumented immigrants is partially the result of prodding by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, according to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. And, Giuliani says, even more Christie-inspired changes to Trump's immigration stance will be forthcoming, like his call for tracking immigrant visas like Fedex packages, and using the E-Verify system to reduce illegal labor. In an interview with NJ Advance Media on Thursday, Giuliani, a top adviser to the Republican presidential nominee, said Trump's recent reversal on immigration policy came after his inner...
  • Clinton Workers Caught Committing Voter Fraud In Las Vegas

    08/22/2016 6:55:55 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 20 replies
    Youtube ^ | August 21, 2016 | Pizzazz Picasso
    Video is self explanatory and shows the type of fraudulence that Hillary Clinton and her followers are committing.
  • Official: No formal Secret Service discussions with Trump camp on remark

    08/10/2016 3:23:28 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 42 replies
    Reuters ^ | August 10, 2016 | Alana Wise
    A federal official on Wednesday denied a news report that the U.S. Secret Service had formally spoken with Republican Donald Trump's presidential campaign regarding his suggestion a day earlier that gun rights activists could stop Democratic rival Hillary Clinton from curtailing their access to firearms. Pushing back against a CNN report that the law enforcement agency had had "more than one" exchange with the Trump camp about the remark, an official familiar with the matter told Reuters there had been no formal conversations with the campaign regarding the comment made to supporters the day before. "If she gets to pick...
  • Secret Service spoke to Trump campaign about 2nd Amendment comment

    08/10/2016 12:07:38 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 95 replies
    Fox 2 News ^ | August 10, 2016 | CNN Wires
    A US Secret Service official confirms to CNN that the USSS has spoken to the Trump campaign regarding his Second Amendment comments. “There has been more than one conversation” on the topic, the official told CNN. The campaign told USSS Donald Trump did not intend to incite violence. The controversy erupted on Tuesday afternoon when Trump said at a rally that Second Amendment defenders might be able to stop Clinton. “Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks....
  • Nets Dedicate Over 4X More Coverage to Trump Comment Than Mateen at Clinton Rally

    08/09/2016 10:16:50 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 22 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | August 9, 2016 | Nicholas Fondacaro
    Similar to how the “Big Three" played down the alleged ransom payment to Iran, the nets chose to focus primarily on a Donald Trump controversy instead of a Hillary Clinton one. On Monday Clinton held a rally in Orlando, Florida and in attendance was Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando nightclub terrorist, while on Tuesday Trump used innuendo to suggest that 2nd Amendment supporters would somehow stop Clinton. In all, the nets dedicated over 4 times the coverage to Trump, rather than Clinton, during their Tuesday evening broadcasts. Combined ABC, CBS, and NBC, dedicated 7 minutes, 31 seconds to...
  • Trump hints at assassination of Hillary Clinton by gun rights supporters

    08/09/2016 1:35:35 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 315 replies
    The Guardian ^ | August 9, 2016 | David Smith
    Donald Trump has hinted at the assassination of Hillary Clinton by supporters of gun rights. The Republican nominee was speaking at a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, about the next president’s power to appoint supreme court justices. “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” he said, adding: “Although the second amendment people – maybe there is, I don’t know.” The second amendment to the constitution protects the right of Americans to bear arms. Trump has accused his Democratic rival of wanting to abolish it, a charge that she denies. Live Trump implies 'second amendment folks'...
  • Orlando shooter's father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee

    08/08/2016 10:12:17 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 124 replies
    WPTV ^ | August 9, 2016 | Tony Dunnan
    Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd in Kissimee, just south of Orlando. She was supposed to be talking jobs, but started the speech off paying tribute to those affected by the Pulse Nightclub shooting. "I know how many people, families, loved ones, and friends are still grieving, and we will be with you as you rebuild your lives." WPTV happened to notice the man, who has a mustache and was wearing a red hat, behind Secretary Clinton. That's Seddique Mateen. We asked Mateen what he was thinking about when Clinton spoke about the Orlando incident. "We've been cooperating with the...
  • Balance, Fairness and a Proudly Provocative Presidential Candidate

    08/08/2016 5:03:56 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 22 replies
    New York Times ^ | August 7, 2016 | Jim Rutenberg
    If you’re a working journalist and you believe that Donald J. Trump is a demagogue playing to the nation’s worst racist and nationalistic tendencies, that he cozies up to anti-American dictators and that he would be dangerous with control of the United States nuclear codes, how the heck are you supposed to cover him? Because if you believe all of those things, you have to throw out the textbook American journalism has been using for the better part of the past half-century, if not longer, and approach it in a way you’ve never approached anything in your career. If you...
  • Hillary's Pac, Priorities USA, Uses Another Gold Star Mom To Attack Trump

    08/07/2016 9:28:06 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 23 replies
    Youtube ^ | August 7, 2016
    Hillary's PAC, Priorities USA, has come out with an ad capitalizing on the Kahn comments. They have a mother who lost her son talking about how Trump's comments towards Kahn's wife offended her.
  • Despite Claim, Trump Campaign Says It Barred Ryan Challenger From Rally

    08/07/2016 4:46:50 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 63 replies
    NBC ^ | August 6, 2016 | Alexandra Jaffe
    GREEN BAY, Wisc. — Donald Trump's campaign said Friday it barred House Speaker Paul Ryan's primary challenger Paul Nehlen from entering the candidate's Wisconsin rally because the candidate didn't show a ticket, refuting Nehlen's charges that the Wisconsin Republican Party was working to keep him away. (Snip) Nehlen tried to attend the rally as a spectator, but told reporters after a Saturday-afternoon rally in Kenosha, that he was barred entry by the state party in an attempt to keep him out of the public eye. "The Wisconsin GOP is doing everything they can to keep my name out of anywhere....
  • Wisconsin GOP Circles Wagons for Ryan

    08/06/2016 9:31:34 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 69 replies
    Lifezette ^ | August 1, 2016 | Brendan Kirby
    (Snip) Party officials are nominally neutral in primaries, but Nehlen said the Wisconsin GOP has been anything but. The Nehlen campaign reports getting rebuffed in efforts to put signs and campaign materials in county GOP offices and having a presence at party events. He said pro-Nehlen comments have been removed from Republican Party Facebook pages. “It’s ridiculous, because people are going to these party tents, to these Republican victory offices, and my materials aren’t there,” Nehlen told LifeZette. The onetime Ryan supporter said the speaker has betrayed his southeastern Wisconsin district on issues like immigration and trade. “The system is...
  • Wisconsin GOP Kicks Out Paul Ryan’s Challenger From Trump Rally

    08/06/2016 9:21:29 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 132 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | August 6, 2016 | Scott Greer
    Paul Nehlen, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Republican primary challenger, was ejected by Wisconsin GOP staffers from a Donald Trump rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin Friday night. Nehlen was able to enter the premises of the rally before being urged to leave by individuals affiliated with the state party organization, according to his campaign. A Nehlen spokesman told The Daily Caller the Trump campaign had reached out and invited the congressional candidate to attend the rally earlier Friday. Trump went on to endorse Speaker Ryan at the rally, as well as Arizona Sen. John McCain and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte...
  • Paul Ryan - Statement From Aide On Trump Endorsement

    08/05/2016 9:50:35 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 142 replies
    Statement from one of Paul Ryan's aides on the Trump endorsement: "He appreciates the gesture and is and is going to continue to focus on earning the endorsement of voters in Southern Wisconsin He "appreciates the gesture"? Isn't that lovely? He couldn't even be there tonight to get Trump's endorsement. To be honest, I don't think Paul Ryan cared. I don't. I think the media cared because of their narrative, and I think Reince cared, Manafort cared, Newt cared, Rudy cared, and Pence cared, but I don't believe for a second that Ryan cared. Don't forget, Ryan was bashing Trump...
  • Trump expected to endorse Ryan Friday

    08/05/2016 1:06:35 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 34 replies
    CNN ^ | August 5, 2016 | Dana Bash, Jim Acosta and Eric Bradner, CNN
    <p>Washington (CNN)Donald Trump is expected to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday, moving to mend an intra-party rift that has put the Republican presidential nominee at odds with its highest-ranking elected official.</p> <p>Trump's endorsement of Ryan would come at an 8 p.m. ET rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, two sources said.</p>
  • Did Paul Ryan just predict that Clinton will win in a landslide?

    08/05/2016 12:25:15 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 45 replies
    Washington Post ^ | August 4, 2016 | Jenna Johnson and Karen Tumulty
    House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) sent an urgent fundraising appeal Thursday evening that warned: “If we fail to protect our majority in Congress, we could be handing President Hillary Clinton a blank check.” Whether or not it was intentional, the phrase “blank check” has a political echo — one that suggests a deep fear by congressional Republicans that a sinking presidential candidate could take their majorities in the House and Senate with him, and that they are getting ready to desert him. It goes back 20 years, to an infamous chapter in internecine Republican politics. In the weeks before...
  • Fashion Writer: Hillary in White, 'Hopeful'; Melania in White, Racist

    08/04/2016 4:29:13 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 16 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | August 2, 2016 | Maggie McKneely
    White is ok, so long as it’s worn by the Democratic nominee. Two weeks ago, Philadelphia Inquirer fashion critic Elizabeth Wellington bashed Melania Trump for daring to wear a white dress for her RNC speech. Wellington acknowledged that “on a strictly fashion note,” Melania pulled off an “angelic look.” But the white designer dress was a “scary statement,” and supposedly gave off the subliminal message “that in the G.O.P. white is always right.” Ten days later, Wellington changed her mind and decided that white was an ok color for politicians to wear. When Hillary Clinton took the stage last week,...
  • Voices From Donald Trump’s Rallies, Uncensored (Barf Alert!)

    08/03/2016 11:21:47 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 26 replies
    New York Times ^ | August 3, 2016 | ASHLEY PARKER, NICK CORASANITI and ERICA BERENSTEIN
    “Kill her.” “Trump that bitch!” “Build a wall — kill them all.” New York Times reporters have spent over a year covering Donald J. Trump’s rallies, witnessing so many provocations and heated confrontations at them that the cumulative effect can be numbing: A sharp sting that quickly dulls from repetition. But what struck us was the frequency with which some Trump supporters use coarse, vitriolic, even violent language — in the epithets they shout and chant, the signs they carry, the T-shirts they wear — a pattern not seen in connection with any other recent political candidate, in any party....
  • Gingrich blasts Trump's 'very self-destructive' behavior

    08/03/2016 7:50:54 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 143 replies
    Politico ^ | August 3, 2016 | Nick Gass
    Donald Trump's behavior over the last week has been "very self-destructive" to his campaign, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday, comparing the Republican nominee to a Hall of Fame quarterback who is in the midst of an interception-throwing slump. "Trump is still behaving like as though it was the primaries and there were 17 candidates. He has not made the transition to being the potential president of the United States, which is a much tougher league," Gingrich said in an interview with Fox Business' "Mornings with Maria." "People are going to watch you every single day. They’re going to...
  • Dakota Meyer tells Trump to say sorry to Khan family and 'act like the Commander-in-Chief'

    08/03/2016 6:42:34 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 119 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | August 3, 2016 | Chris Kitching
    Dakota Meyer, the son-in-law of Sarah Palin and a Medal of Honor recipient, has called on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to apologize to the family of slain US Army Capt. Humayun Khan. Meyer, a Marine Corps veteran and the second youngest living person to receive the military's highest honor, joined the backlash and blasted Trump for criticizing Khan's father and mother after they appeared at the Democratic National Convention in support of Hillary Clinton last week. 'If @realDonaldTrump wants to be the Commander in Chief, he needs to act like one,' Meyer wrote in a tweet to his 73,000...
  • Utah could vote Democrat for president for first time in 5 decades

    08/02/2016 3:36:12 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 36 replies
    KUTV ^ | August 1, 2016 | Rod Decker and Larry D. Curtis
    (KUTV) The Republican and Democrat national conventions are over and as the dust starts to settle, it looks like Hillary Clinton has a chance to carry Utah in the U.S. presidential election. A new Hinckley Institute-Salt Lake Tribune poll shows the two are virtually tied with 35 percent for Donald Trump and 36 percent for Hillary Clinton. That is as close as a Democratic candidate has been to victory in more than half a century. Clinton declined to campaign in the state during primary season and came in the spring only to raise money. Republican Mitt Romney, popular in Utah,...
  • Trump praises Ryan's primary challenger (Nehlen!!)

    08/01/2016 9:37:10 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 20 replies
    CNN ^ | August 1, 2016 | Jeremy Diamond
    (CNN)Donald Trump on Monday offered very public praise for a political candidate vying to unseat one of the top Republicans in Washington -- House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump, who is facing an onslaught of criticism from Ryan and other top Republicans for his comments about the Muslim family of a deceased US soldier, thanked Ryan's Republican primary challenger, Paul Nehlen, on Twitter Monday for his "kind words." "Thanks to @pnehlen for your kinds words, very much appreciated," the Republican presidential nominee tweeted, in what amounts to an extraordinary show of discord between two of the most prominent faces of the...
  • Bipartisan coalition of veterans Gold Star family members tells Trump his comments were unacceptable

    08/01/2016 3:55:21 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 168 replies
    Washington Post ^ | August 1, 2016 | Sean Sullivan
    A bipartisan coalition of 40 combat veterans, family members of military personnel killed in the line of duty and a veteran serving in Congress sent a letter to Donald Trump on Monday calling his criticism of the Muslim American parents of an Army soldier who was killed in Iraq "unacceptable" and an affront to each of them. The letter, which was shared with The Washington Post and says it is not a partisan attack, was sent to Trump Monday via United States Postal Servicee, FedEx and Uber's courier service. It calls for Trump to apologize. Organizers said they plan to...
  • Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Defend Khizr Khan's Son's Military Service and Sacrifice

    07/31/2016 3:38:49 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 96 replies
    ABC News ^ | July 31, 2016 | Alana Abramson
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have both come out with statements strongly defending Capt. Humayun Khan, a Muslim-American soldier killed in combat in 2004 whose father Khizr Khan made an emotional plea against Donald Trump's candidacy at the Democratic National Convention. The statements come after Trump's controversial response to the Khan family, and after a personal appeal from Khizr Khan to to both the Senate Majority Leader and the House Speaker to denounce the GOP nominee. Neither McConnell nor Ryan mention Trump by name in their statements, but the repudiation of the GOP nominee is...
  • 1 dead, 4 injured in separate Austin shootings

    07/31/2016 6:02:13 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 14 replies
    CNN ^ | July 31, 2016 | Chandrika Narayan and Joe Sutton
    (CNN)One person was killed and four were injured early Sunday in two separate shootings in a crowded area of downtown Austin, Texas, police said. The first incident began at 2:17 a.m. local time when police received reports of gunshots, Austin Police Chief of Staff Brian Manley said in a news conference. He said a woman, believed to be in her 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene. Three victims -- all women in their 30s -- were taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge with gunshot wounds. One additional victim refused treatment. Police say that there was a disturbance on Sixth...
  • A Walk Down the Twitter Mind of a #NeverTrump Bushie At The DNC

    07/30/2016 4:11:52 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 18 replies ^ | July 30, 2015 | ananavarro Pinkbell
    There was a post on FR from Gateway/Breitbart of the reaction by the #NeverTrump movement to the DNC. They were fawning over it. In fact, Rush Limbaugh talked about how the media played this convention off and the #NeverTrumpers went along with the narrative: Drive-Bys Celebrate: Democrats Sounded Like God-Loving, Patriotic Republicans! I will point out another one separate from the Breitbart/Gateway Pundit article = Ana Navarro. This is a long time token Republican on CNN. She was on CNN before they started adding other Republicans. For the record, she was a Jeb! supporter, is friends with the Bush...
  • Mike Pence: Trump campaign to discuss lifting media blacklist

    07/29/2016 1:20:19 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 57 replies
    Politico ^ | July 29, 2016 | Hadas Gold
    Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said the Trump campaign is having conversations about lifting the blacklist it has applied to certain media outlets. Speaking to radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday, Pence defended his own history of dealing with the news media, saying he authored legislation while in Congress to help protect journalists’ confidential sources. “We’re going to have those conversations internally and I fully expect in the next 100 days we’re going to continue to be available to the media, whether they’re fair or unfair," Pence said. The Trump campaign has blacklisted certain outlets, including POLITICO, The Washington Post,...
  • Two San Diego Police Officers Shot

    07/29/2016 12:19:26 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 43 replies
    BREAKING: Two #SDPD Officers have been shot tonight. Their condition is unknown. Keep them in your prayers Update: BREAKING: We have an active search for the suspect(s) in the area of 3800 Boston. Residents need to shelter in place
  • Donald Trump Doing a Reddit AMA Now

    07/27/2016 3:57:50 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 69 replies
    Reddit ^ | July 27, 2016 | Pinkbell
    Trump posted this: Hello The_Donald readers and the entire Reddit community -- this is going to be SO huge and I'm looking forward to answering your questions. I'm doing this in flight to visit the great people of Toledo, OH, so Internet connection might be spotty -- I promise you, I'll answer all the questions I can. I want to do BIG things for America and as your President, I WILL Make America Great Again! Be back in 30 -- 7 pm ET!
  • 6.1 'potentially tsunamigenic' quake hits off southern Australia

    07/25/2016 2:47:26 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 14 replies
    Russia Today ^ | July 25, 2016
    A 6.1 magnitude earthquake has struck near Australia, according to Geoscience Australia. The quake reportedly has the potential to cause a tsunami. Mag 6.1 Western Indian Antarctic Ridge, 25 July 2016, 18:58 (AEST). Lat/Long 49.36S, 126.0E. Depth 15km. Info is preliminary. — EarthquakesGA (@EarthquakesGA) July 25, 2016 The US Geological Survey (USGS) has put the quake at a 5.9, with a depth of 10km (6.2 miles). The quake struck at 8:58am GMT, 1704.1km (1058.8 miles) off the coast of Queenstown, Australia. DETAILS TO FOLLOW
  • Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy (WaPo Barf Alert)

    07/23/2016 5:08:50 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 93 replies
    Washington Compost ^ | July 22, 2016 | WaPo Editorial Board
    DONALD J. TRUMP, until now a Republican problem, this week became a challenge the nation must confront and overcome. The real estate tycoon is uniquely unqualified to serve as president, in experience and temperament. He is mounting a campaign of snarl and sneer, not substance. To the extent he has views, they are wrong in their diagnosis of America’s problems and dangerous in their proposed solutions. Mr. Trump’s politics of denigration and division could strain the bonds that have held a diverse nation together. His contempt for constitutional norms might reveal the nation’s two-century-old experiment in checks and balances to...
  • #NeverTrump Arizona Senator Jeff Flake Congratulates Tim Kaine

    07/23/2016 5:54:35 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 31 replies
    Twitter ^ | July 22, 2016 | Pinkbell
    Jeff Flake Verified account ‏@JeffFlake Trying to count the ways I hate @timkaine. Drawing a blank. Congrats to a good man and a good friend. If that's not all, during the convention, he tweeted this: @HillaryClinton now belongs in prison? C'mon. We can make the case that she shouldn't be elected without jumping the shark. — Jeff Flake (@JeffFlake) July 20, 2016 Jeff Flake has been adamantly opposed to Donald Trump and is one of the leaders of and heroes of the #NeverTrump movement. He has nothing good to say about Trump and got into a confrontation with Trump when...
  • Ted Cruz Live On CNN Right Now Addressing Texas Delegates

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    July 21, 2016
    Ted is attempting to defend himself to mixed applause.
  • Cruz aides made late push for Trump endorsement

    07/21/2016 5:30:02 AM PDT · by Pinkbell · 121 replies
    The Hill ^ | July 20, 2016 | Jonathan Swan
    CLEVELAND — Just hours before Ted Cruz took the stage for his convention speech Wednesday night, senior members of Cruz's team were still pushing him to endorse Donald Trump. Cruz never wanted to endorse Trump and is still furious about the personal attacks the GOP presidential nominee made on his family during the primary campaign, sources familiar with the speech preparations told The Hill. But top aides had concluded he needed to formally endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention. For Cruz, it was always personal. During the primaries, Trump repeated a tabloid conspiracy theory linking Cruz's father to the...
  • [Vanity] On CNN - Ted Cruz Will Not Endorse Trump In Speech

    07/19/2016 11:45:20 PM PDT · by Pinkbell · 216 replies
    CNN | July 19, 2016 | Pinkbell
    CNN had two different people on who said Ted Cruz will not be endorsing Cruz in his speech. The one reporter said that Ted Cruz anticipates running for President in 2020 if Trump loses and wants to show his sympathies with the Never Trump movement who has supported him. This is just as I feared when Ted was asked to speak. Trump was kind enough to ask him, but I worried that Ted would use this speech to pad his own resume, to preach to his base, to audition for 2020. Ted should not be permitted to use this speech...