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  • New Francis Synod Called to Approve Married Priesthood

    10/16/2017 4:34:30 PM PDT · 30 of 33
    piusv to Salvation


  • New Francis Synod Called to Approve Married Priesthood

    10/16/2017 4:23:30 PM PDT · 28 of 33
    piusv to ebb tide; Salvation

    I can’t believe any Catholic can sit here and write “won’t happen” when we keep seeing that whatever “won’t happen” actually does happen.

  • Luther would be horrified by the world he forged

    10/16/2017 2:41:57 AM PDT · 183 of 197
    piusv to piusv; vladimir998

    Ping for post #182...sorry, I hit post before adding you to the ping list.

  • Luther would be horrified by the world he forged

    10/16/2017 2:40:32 AM PDT · 182 of 197
    piusv to boatbums
    So this will be my final post on this matter since I refuse to go round and round ad nauseum with anyone...Catholic or not. I recently told vlad in another thread I was done going round and round with him.

    Many Church officials did approve of it by their actions (or inaction). What vlad has been trying to say is that it was never official Catholic teaching nor practice. These were abuses. Abuses that went all the way up.

    It is similar to the liturgical abuses we see in various Novus Ordo churches. Did Vatican II officially teach that these abuses were allowed? No. Even I get that. But the abuses are there nonetheless and the hierarchy does nothing to stop them. They are to blame, but the abuses were never part of official Catholic teaching.

  • The Eucharist in the Catacombs

    10/15/2017 3:45:39 PM PDT · 5 of 10
    piusv to NRx

    I stopped reading when I saw the length of the post.

  • [Catholic Caucus] Ultramontanism's Death Sentence

    10/15/2017 2:35:49 PM PDT · 16 of 20
    piusv to ebb tide
    To say JP II's 1992 catechism expresses long-standing church teaching is quite an exaggeration.

    Exactly. The modernist wheels were already in motion then.

  • [Catholic Caucus] Ultramontanism's Death Sentence

    10/15/2017 12:46:26 PM PDT · 3 of 20
    piusv to ebb tide

    The issue is not papal infallibility. The issue is Church Infallibility. The Church’s Ordinary Universal Magisterium is infallible. Her teaching on the death penalty is part of the OUM.

  • Luther would be horrified by the world he forged

    10/15/2017 11:48:42 AM PDT · 166 of 197
    piusv to metmom

    Here’s another source which seems unbiased:

    “16th century — The term “Roman Catholic” is not generally used until the Protestant Reformation”

  • Luther would be horrified by the world he forged

    10/15/2017 11:30:03 AM PDT · 162 of 197
    piusv to ealgeone; vladimir998

    I didn’t get the impression that vlad was offended. I thought he was merely trying to show how the term was used by the English.

  • Luther would be horrified by the world he forged

    10/15/2017 11:12:06 AM PDT · 153 of 197
    piusv to metmom

    I am actually proud to be called a Roman Catholic. It doesn’t offend me in the least.

  • Luther would be horrified by the world he forged

    10/15/2017 8:25:05 AM PDT · 141 of 197
    piusv to vladimir998; metmom; ealgeone
    Vlad is correct that, when first introduced, the term "Roman Catholic" was derogatory and coined by the English. The Catholic Encyclopedia explains this.

    Having said that, to use that term is not considered derogatory *if* used in the proper sense. The Catholic Encyclopedia entry on the term "Roman Catholic" explains the two meanings:

    Accordingly, at the Newcastle Conference of the Catholic Truth Society (Aug., 1901) the cardinal [Cardinal Vaughan, Archbishop of Westminster, England] explained clearly to his audience that "the term Roman Catholic has two meanings; a meaning that we repudiate and a meaning that we accept." The repudiated sense was that dear to many Protestants, according to which the term Catholic was a genus which resolved itself into the species Roman Catholic, Anglo-Catholic, Greek Catholic, etc. But, as the cardinal insisted, "with us the prefix Roman is not restrictive to a species, or a section, but simply declaratory of Catholic." The prefix in this sense draws attention to the unity of the Church, and "insists that the central point of Catholicity is Roman, the Roman See of St. Peter."

  • Luther would be horrified by the world he forged

    10/15/2017 6:52:48 AM PDT · 137 of 197
    piusv to metmom

    I think the general point here is that Church practice includes granting indulgences (without cost). Abuses happened (indulgences for sale) and the Council of Trent is condemning those abuses.

  • Luther would be horrified by the world he forged

    10/15/2017 6:11:07 AM PDT · 135 of 197
    piusv to metmom
    A clear admission by the Council of Trent that the Roman Catholic church did indeed engage in the selling of indulgences and did NOT condemn it. They condemned the EXCESS of it, not the practice itself.

    Where does it say that? Read the decree from the Council of Trent again. It specifically states:

    The Council of Trent in its decree "On Indulgences" (Sess. XXV) declares: "In granting indulgences the Council desires that moderation be observed in accordance with the ancient approved custom of the Church, lest through excessive ease ecclesiastical discipline be weakened; and further, seeking to correct the abuses that have crept in . . . it decrees that all criminal gain therewith connected shall be entirely done away with as a source of grievous abuse among the Christian people..

    It speaks of granting (not selling) indulgences in moderation. Then it very clearly states that any and all criminal gain (i.e. selling indulgences) will be done away with.

  • Pope Francis on the Death Penalty: Reversing the Constant Teaching of the Church?

    10/14/2017 3:31:26 PM PDT · 6 of 9
    piusv to ebb tide
    To the contrary, the Catechism that John Paul II promulgated (in § 2267) declares that “the traditional teaching of the Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty, if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor.”

    Except JPII goes on to say in his catechism:

    If, however, non-lethal means are sufficient to defend and protect people's safety from the aggressor, authority will limit itself to such means, as these are more in keeping with the concrete conditions of the common good and more in conformity to the dignity of the human person. Today, in fact, as a consequence of the possibilities which the state has for effectively preventing crime, by rendering one who has committed an offense incapable of doing harm - without definitely taking away from him the possibility of redeeming himself - the cases in which the execution of the offender is an absolute necessity "are very rare, if not practically non-existent."

    So, although JPII makes mention of traditional Catholic teaching, he most certainly gives the impression that it is no longer applicable.

    Is it any wonder why Francis believes and teaches as he does?

  • Was JPII Under Demonic Influence?

    10/14/2017 1:06:50 PM PDT · 41 of 43
    piusv to piusv
    An excellent comment by a poster at the blog:

    If all you got out of Louie’s post is the sensationalist video clip, you’re missing the point. The point is the theology of the late Pope, and what it means for the future of the Catholic Church. Louie has given us ample quotations here that should leave little doubt about John Paul II’s universalism. When you combine the Pope’s theology with his outrageous inter-religious activities, the most shocking being the Assisi Prayer spectacle, it should make perfect sense to you. This Pope believed that something new was revealed at Vatican II; that this new something was a “deeper penetration” of the mystery of Christ; and that this new understanding of the Christian mystery was of a Christ united to each and every man forever. Moreover, Pope John Paul II does not shy away from attributing these changes to the Holy Spirit! Now that he has been canonized by Pope Francis, the image of John Paul II as “Saint John Paul II the Great” is firmly ensconced in the minds of this generation’s Catholics. His persona, image, and brand are unassailable. It doesn’t MATTER that he taught an alien, strange, heterodox gospel; he’s a STAR. He’s adored by the world. You cannot turn on EWTN, EWTN radio, Ave Maria Radio, Relevant Radio, or any other Catholic media outlet without being bombarded by references to Saint Pope John Paul II the Great. Their hubris knows no limits; their adulation is unrestrained. This leaves the Catholic concerned for the salvation of his own soul with only two options: John Paul II was either all the way right, or all the way wrong. God have mercy on us!

  • Was JPII Under Demonic Influence?

    10/14/2017 12:03:21 PM PDT · 40 of 43
    piusv to Jess Kitting
    If St. John interceded, that could prove that the pope's prayer was effective.

    John the Baptist, if still in bodily form, would rather have his head cut off before praying for the protection of a false, diabolical religion.

    So, no, Saint John the Baptist did no such thing.

  • Catholic Caucus: Can the Catechism of the Catholic Church evolve? - La Croix International

    10/14/2017 11:57:43 AM PDT · 10 of 13
    piusv to CatQuilt
    Next time you have to go to a N.O. Mass (for a wedding or funeral), you’ll be shocked at how noisy it is...

    It's too bad that "noisy" isn't its only problem.

  • Catholic Caucus: Can the Catechism of the Catholic Church evolve? - La Croix International

    10/14/2017 11:55:30 AM PDT · 9 of 13
    piusv to ebb tide

    Doctrine can not develop AND contradict previous doctrine. It can add further understanding, but it can never contradict previous understanding.

  • Was JPII Under Demonic Influence?

    10/14/2017 10:26:00 AM PDT · 38 of 43
    piusv to SaxxonWoods
    Waiting? Sounded more like he much enjoyed it and wanted more. This went on for over 5 minutes.

    Just so you know, I don't necessarily think this is evidence that he was under demonic influence. I know that most assume I agree with that because I posted it.

    I am much more concerned with his non-Catholic teachings and actions.

  • [Catholic Caucus] Fatima’s October 13 Apparition: More Than Meets the Eye

    10/14/2017 10:20:00 AM PDT · 26 of 31
    piusv to Dont tread and Live

    This is the religion forum.