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  • LOOK: Ingraham Releases Internal Email Directing Deputies to Defend FL Sheriff

    02/27/2018 4:19:56 PM PST · 48 of 52
    PJammers to Starboard

    Oddly, Broward county shares 4 congressional districts. DWS, Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings and Frederica Wilson.

    The State of FL only has 40 total dems in congress. 12 come from Broward county.

    Thier supervisor of elections is Dr. Snipes who is currently in a court case for voter fraud. In fact the counth has been accused of voter “irregualities” every voting cycle.

    The school superintendent ran the school system in Chicago. He was hired due to the smashing success of keeping minorities students out of prison in the Chicago school system.

  • LOOK: Ingraham Releases Internal Email Directing Deputies to Defend FL Sheriff

    02/27/2018 5:40:15 AM PST · 28 of 52
    PJammers to servo1969

    Fl sheriffs are not law enforcment, they are politicians. Israel has a BA in political science. He is crooked as they come and is not uncommon is FL.

    Sheriffs weild a tremendous amount of power in the county. The receive thier budget through property tax. This is in addition to federal funds and what they call the MTSU. This is a tax they levy against municipalities that don’t have a police department.

    Broward County Sheriff’s FY18 budget was more than $800,000,000. Once again, this number does not include Fed funds or the MTSU.

    If they don’t get thier budget or the MTSU approved, they will hold the county hostage via lack of inforcement. If another candidate runs against them, they will have them investigated. If any deputy challeges thier instructions, they will be fired. If a mayor of a municipality challenges thier descions, they will be slandered repeatedly on all social media platforms.

    A corrupt county sheriffs department basically can turn the county into a police state via the threat of violence and fear.

  • Presidential Memorandum under Section 1245 of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018 trunc

    02/21/2018 11:11:16 AM PST · 11 of 11
    PJammers to MNDude

    Russia has been developing and fielding new nuclear technology. If they are not going to comply with the international agreements, neither are we.

  • Judge Tells Mueller to Provide ‘Exculpatory Evidence’ to Flynn Defense Team

    02/21/2018 11:05:34 AM PST · 16 of 17
    PJammers to SeekAndFind

    This is the reason why Gen Flynn pled guilty.

  • Presidential Memorandum under Section 1245 of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018 trunc

    02/21/2018 7:05:47 AM PST · 9 of 11
    PJammers to MNDude

    I researched it. The current NDAA authorizes the POTUS to delegate to his secretaries the authority to investigate if Russia is in violation of the current nuclear treaty. If it is discovered they are, the US will deem the treaty null and void. This will allow the US to increase and improve our nuclear arsenal.

  • Second federal judge blocks Trump administration's move to end DACA

    02/14/2018 8:35:44 AM PST · 46 of 51
    PJammers to SoFloFreeper

    DACA expired in August. POTUS extended to 5 March. If congress does nothing, the fake law will expire. Nothing a judge can do about it.

  • America's Constitution is terrible. Let's throw it out and start over.

    01/26/2018 7:53:22 AM PST · 96 of 133
    PJammers to C19fan

    The Constitution is a contract we made with each other. We are only betraying ourselves by not following its precepts.

    People who seek to destroy our contract should be seen as enemies of the people.

  • Q Ping: The New World Order's plan to kill most of us and makes survivors slaves

    01/22/2018 8:28:39 PM PST · 44 of 140
    PJammers to ConservativeMind

    The USMC is attached to the Navy for budgetary and transportation reasons, however, they were designed as a self contained expeditionary fighting force.

    They are assigned to the executive branch for the protection of the POTUS and the Department of State. Marines are assigned to the Navy to provide order and discipline and to prevent mutiny.

    The USMC is the President’s personal protection force.

  • Trump pushes crazy website promoting satanic cults and conspiracy theories (Nov 2017)

    01/20/2018 5:55:52 PM PST · 27 of 47
    PJammers to MNDude

    These people are going to be targeted. This is a dog whistle to attack these folks. They will need our help.

    We are in this together Patriots. It’s time we take our country back. We are in this together.

  • Q Anon - More about Q Drop #556. Is this "Checkmate"?

    01/20/2018 2:36:54 PM PST · 116 of 225
    PJammers to Steve Van Doorn

    Clinton made the deal with NK while he and his wife were president.

    Obama and his wife made a similiar deal with Iran prior to them leaving.

  • Q Anon: Some housekeeping rules that will keep the place tidy

    01/20/2018 2:24:06 PM PST · 38 of 87
    PJammers to humblegunner

    What if you couldn’t handle what they have to say?

    What if they told you, we are returning to the constitutional republic that our founding fathers envisioned? What if they told you that we are very close and need everyone’s help?

    Would you believe it? Would you chip in?

  • Q Anon - More about Q Drop #556. Is this "Checkmate"?

    01/20/2018 2:06:14 PM PST · 111 of 225
    PJammers to Axenolith

    The CIA, which was originally called the OSS, has always been a component of the powerful world elite. They are called by many names. In the US, they were called “the 7th floor”.

    It was, until recently, a shadow government, run by despicable people who, through the tri lateral commission, used our blood and treasure to rob us of our

    They had turned us into debt slaves and eventually we would have been exterminated. This has been the process for thousands and thousands of years. Ruins of forgotten civilizations litter the world to this day. Thier history erased forever.

    Basically, the elite families, who own the world, believed the only way to save the world was to cull it and start start all over. When the US became the only superpower after WWII, it was slowly taken over by evil people. They infiltrated every area of our society. They worked together, promoted each other, in every industry, until they reached a position of power and influence. A place where they can change the rules to fit thier purpose.

    That all changed on 11/8/16.

    Money controls power and influence. The more money, the more influence. What if you cut off the money? What if, “We the People”, had someone on the inside?

    What if that someone now has thier hands on the world’s most powerful economy and the most lethal military ever assembled in the history of the known world, with troops, sworn to him, to defend against ALL enemies foriegn and DOMESTIC, and an armed citizenry?

    We are going to turn back time. A time of our founding fathers. When we lived within the confines of a contract “We the People” made with each other.

    Do you see it yet?

    Time is short my friends. We need everyone to spread the good news to as many people as fast as we can. There will be people who will not be able to handle what is about to happen. The more people, who are informed, the easier the transition will be.

    We have been assigned a mission. That mission is to “red pill” as many people as possible.

    What I have told you is our future if we want it. Awake from your slumber Patriots!!! Freedom is here. Let GOD give us the courage to take it!

    God bless you. God bless President Trump and God bless the USA!

  • Q Anon - More about Q Drop #556. Is this "Checkmate"?

    01/20/2018 11:01:16 AM PST · 84 of 225
    PJammers to Strac6

    Why are you here? What objective do you hope to achieve by posting here? Do you believe your post is changing minds?

    Perhaps you have a different perspective to offer? Isn’t open discussion the free exchange of ideas and opinions?

    If you don’t believe in such things, you are free to scroll right past these threads.

    God bless.

  • New Pentagon strategy takes aim at Russia, China

    01/19/2018 11:52:24 AM PST · 7 of 9
    PJammers to bgill

    We did choose a side. Our side.

  • Q Post believed to be President Trump's words to prepare you for today

    01/19/2018 11:10:17 AM PST · 52 of 53
    PJammers to softengine

    The art of subversive warfare is thousands of years old. It is considered the ultimate form warfare. Subversive warfare conquers a nation without firing a shot.

    The focus is placed on the demoralization of a populace until they reach a point of internal conflict. The Holy Scripture is full of warnings concerning subversive behaviour. Christ and the Apostles warn of demoralization. Paul traveled the known world and wrote his letter to churches that had been infiltrated with non-believers. In fact if you were to read the Pauline letters in chronological order, you will see Paul’s number one concern was the infiltration of the Church and the subversion of Its message.

    What if we found out the keys to the kingdom were stolen from us? What if all “religions” were subverted from thier original intent? What if you found out that you were created not only in God’s image, but had the same powers as Him? Jesus mentions we have great power in numerous passages.

    Genesis says we were placed in a vault, because we had received the same power as “us”. Who is “us”?

    What if I told you there was a group of people who were given access to perhaps the greatest awakening ever?

    What if you could join this group with one condition?

    What if the only condition is to believe and spread the word?

    Would you join?

    Its time to choose sides my friend.

    God bless.

  • Q Post believed to be President Trump's words to prepare you for today

    01/19/2018 9:05:03 AM PST · 50 of 53
    PJammers to softengine

    The beginning happened “In the beginning”. The American beginning happened on 7/4/1776.

    Both have been subverted by evil people through power and influence.

    We are the Light that Darkness fears.

  • Q Drops #541-#547 & #549 dated 1/18/2018:photo gallery of (in)famous people

    01/19/2018 6:31:41 AM PST · 95 of 266
    PJammers to Louis Foxwell

    There are many Anons. Q being the most recent. Some have names, some don’t. The first Anon I began focusing on was FBIanon in 2016 before the election. There was also a WHanon and Mega anon. The was an anon who warned of the LV shooting a week prior and, recently one who warned of the meteor in MI.

  • Q Post believed to be President Trump's words to prepare you for today

    01/18/2018 5:56:33 PM PST · 42 of 53
    PJammers to softengine

    Capital letters are used for a reason. They have significance on future events. Quotes are very important also. The Anons gave us a map of sorts. Words appear on POTUS’ twitter or a news story that correspond to the map. These are signals that unlock the next phase of the operation.

    People, like myself, have been following the Anons for quite some time. I’ve personally followed them since just before the Republican Primary in 2016.

    We are at war, my friend. I have been aware of things that are happening today for over a year. I have posted in many threads attempting to bring people’s attention to what’s happening.

    What if I told you, you are about to witness the greatest event since the signing the Declaration of Independence?

    If you knew ahead of time, wouldn’t you try to inform people?

    The Anons need us to spread the word. This is what we were commanded to do. You can believe what we are saying or not. It doesn’t matter if you don’t. Its going to happen anyway.

    Be prepared for what you are going to witness. God bless.

  • Q Post believed to be President Trump's words to prepare you for today

    01/18/2018 5:31:35 PM PST · 38 of 53
    PJammers to Hot Tabasco

    Why do you post here friend? What purpose do you serve? To be disruptive maybe?

    How about being constructive with your criticism?

  • My Notes: Pedophilia in the D.C. Swamp, A Friendly Caution to FReepers

    01/18/2018 7:55:50 AM PST · 78 of 194
    PJammers to Hawthorn

    I only wish I was as ignorant of the subject as you. These people worship other gods like those spoke about in the bible; baal and molock for example.

    They rely on symbology to identify each other; goatheads, owls, triangle shaped spirals, inverted cross, pentagrams, red shoes, art, words, jewelry, movies, programs, terms,ect. They openly display them and once you learn them you see how far they have imbedded them in our society. This is done to desensitize and demoralize us.

    These people have been around since the beginning of time. Some believe they are the descendants of Cain. Others label them as Hivites. God wanted the Hebrews to slaughter those who performed human sacrifice. However, the Hivites talked them into being enslaved instead. The Hebrews intermarried and began taking the customs of thier wives. They infiltrated society. Took positions of power and influence. They used symbology to identify each other and promote within.

    Nothing has changed. They are amoung us. They occupy the highest positions of power and influence. The hide behind titles and organizations to gain our confidence. They publicly award each other for acts of peace, kindness and humanitarianism, but it is all an illusion.

    There is a great awakening coming brothers and sisters. Be prepared for the truth. You are the LIGHT.

    God bless.