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  • Pension doomsday: How will Illinois pols cope with this crisis?

    07/26/2015 12:09:08 PM PDT · 37 of 48
    poinq to <1/1,000,000th%

    One of the things I would like to see is states credit ratings go down farther. And also the towns and other taxing bodies. I would love to see some haircuts on the bonds. The reality is that bankers have become democrats over the past 50 years because municipal bonds are favorites of government unions. Unions and banks get together to create these double tax exempt bonds and sell them to bank clients.

    I would like to see those clients lose a little money so they can see that muni’s have risk. And if they are priced properly, governments will not be so fast to borrow money.

  • Pension doomsday: How will Illinois pols cope with this crisis?

    07/26/2015 11:54:45 AM PDT · 35 of 48
    poinq to A CA Guy

    A fair determination? Here are the teacher pension highlights:

    work 26 years never getting a promotion. And no fear of being fired after year 4.

    Retire with thirty years credit. Get 3% raises in retirement every year. Get full health benefits. retire at 55. And pay no state taxes on pension. Average 55 year old teacher salary is $100,000 in Illinois. Pensions are 75% of last three years pay. Extra paying jobs like department heads and coaching go to teachers about to retire.

    In many school systems like mine. A teacher can get 25% raise over last three years if they agree to retire. In other words, the schools want them out. There are hundreds of young teachers hungry for each available job. This may not make sense at first glance. But it does, because the state pays the pensions and the local boards of educations pay the salaries.

  • Pension doomsday: How will Illinois pols cope with this crisis?

    07/26/2015 10:36:02 AM PDT · 28 of 48
    poinq to A CA Guy

    All the Illinois judges are pension beneficiaries. Of course they will uphold the pensions. They are not going to lose their incomes.

  • Pension doomsday: How will Illinois pols cope with this crisis?

    07/26/2015 10:31:45 AM PDT · 27 of 48
    poinq to Graybeard58

    The sad thing is, a republican governor signed the bill that made the pensions so high. It was Jim Edgar.

  • Pension doomsday: How will Illinois pols cope with this crisis?

    07/26/2015 10:19:25 AM PDT · 26 of 48
    poinq to Second Amendment First
    It bothers me that the Tribune acts like they are not to blame for much of the problem. They said nothing when the pensions were made so ridiculously generous. And they blame politicians for “not being able to come to an agreement”. Where is the Tribune expecting the Illinois politicians to cut. I don't see the paper looking for $100 billion in cuts.

    The reality is that the paper is on the side of the state workers unions. And they are trying to say that the politicians did not fund the pensions. But you can not fund $100 billion. And you could not fund it when it was $20 billion or $50 billion.

    When the democrats controlled everything in Illinois for 12 years. And they did. They controlled both houses of the legislator, the city of Chicago, the governor, the President of the US, both houses of congress, and the Illinois supreme court. And they could do nothing. So they paid the workers and left the pensions to grow. But the Tribune spoke little about it. Only mentioning the growing debt from time to time.

    The truth is, that the problem is just math. The pensions are way too rich. Most of the full pensioners are college degree’d white upper middle class people in their 60s or 70s getting over $100K pensions. And often its a second income.

    The part nobody talks about, because nobody wants to, is that pensions in Illinois are tax free income. If they want to solve the problem they just need to tax all Illinois pensions over $50,000. That will get about 98% public workers and 2% private workers. Also, since the pensions were deferred income, earned in Illinois, they should be taxed in Illinois no matter where the people move.

    That would get a lot of money back to the state. Remembering that most of these workers did not earn the pensions. They were gifted higher pensions when the pension formulas were made far more generous in the late 1990s. When the Tribune starts coming up with a solution and stops playing captain obvious by naming the problem, then I may read the paper again. But I am pretty sure there is no writer at the Tribune who has the math skills to understand the issues.

  • Ted Cruz is right on the trade deal

    06/13/2015 2:41:44 PM PDT · 129 of 194
    poinq to 2ndDivisionVet

    We are talking about a law and a trade bill. Secret laws are wrong on their face.

  • Ted Cruz is right on the trade deal

    06/13/2015 2:20:26 PM PDT · 115 of 194
    poinq to 2ndDivisionVet

    If its secret, I’m against it. And I don’t believe anything that anyone says about it. If I can’t see it. There must be a reason that I would not like. Secret laws are an east block thing. They have no place in America. Read The Trial.

  • Santa Rosa cyclist Paul Stimson dies at 62 (Suicide)

    06/13/2015 1:38:53 PM PDT · 16 of 18
    poinq to alexander_busek


  • Obama suffers big loss as trade bill is defeated at hands of Democrats

    06/12/2015 10:01:52 PM PDT · 40 of 68
    poinq to concernedcitizen76

    Ok, I don’t know if I like this trade deal or hate this trade deal. But I stand behind one idea. If you can’t show it to the people, then I hate it.

    The whole point of democracy or a republic is that the people get to be informed about the people making the decisions and the laws they are passing. If you can’t show it to us. Then someone is trying to get around democracy.

  • Santa Rosa cyclist Paul Stimson dies at 62 (Suicide)

    06/12/2015 9:56:35 PM PDT · 3 of 18
    poinq to Norm Lenhart

    Not only would they start offing themselves for other reasons. They would also start offing others as well. First they would start offing those whose lives seemed to be over. Then they would go after the “useless lives”. After that there would be the lives they feel are not helping humanity, sort of a Uni-bomber sort of thing.

    Sanctity of life does not require quality of life. These people should read A day in the Life.

  • I Met Rachel Dolezal - and Never Doubted Her Black Roots

    06/12/2015 4:43:14 PM PDT · 53 of 75
    poinq to tioga

    There is also a wedding picture out there. She is an adult. And she is still very white and very blond with straight hair. Everything about her is a fake.

  • NYT: Marco Rubio Is Totally Irresponsible Because He Bought a Fishing Boat in Florida

    06/09/2015 4:21:00 PM PDT · 34 of 53
    poinq to McBuff

    Anyway new, its $81K. I found it online several places. But like my horses, its not the cost of the boat that gets you. Its the cost of the gas, mooring and upkeep that will send you to the poor house.

  • NYT: Marco Rubio Is Totally Irresponsible Because He Bought a Fishing Boat in Florida

    06/09/2015 4:01:08 PM PDT · 27 of 53
    poinq to Bringbackthedraft

    Yep, its almost exactly $80K Century 2400 WA. In fact its now $81K

  • NYT: Marco Rubio Is Totally Irresponsible Because He Bought a Fishing Boat in Florida

    06/09/2015 3:56:07 PM PDT · 25 of 53
    poinq to Paine in the Neck

    That’s a twin engine with a cabin. Its not that small. And its 20% of his after tax money. But I do agree, so far Rubio seems a lot like an upper middle class normal guy. If he weren’t in government jobs, he would be making far more as a lawyer.

    It is nice to see a guy who has most of the same problems as the rest of us.

  • Why Are These People Running for President?

    06/07/2015 11:24:19 PM PDT · 9 of 50
    poinq to Rummyfan

    These guys are backed by defense budget vendors. That’s it. They get cash for saying yes to the defense vendors, no more. They are not conservative. They just understand who is giving them money. Don’t vote for them. Don’t listen to them. They have nothing to say.

  • Elon Musk’s radical plan to let people travel in 760 mph tubes

    06/06/2015 2:40:20 PM PDT · 82 of 101
    poinq to RegulatorCountry

    Two things. One, its not really good to be on a bridge or a train going 60 during an earthquake either. But they should be able to stop the train at the first hint of a quake. Then the question is, how do you get out.

    I would think they should be able to make this earthquake resistant. Not meaning it could take a direct hit. But it should do well with most rumbling.

  • Second Yellowstone Visitor Injured in Bison Encounter

    06/03/2015 1:47:16 PM PDT · 11 of 33
    poinq to nickcarraway

    People don’t realize that they are not safe anywhere near bison. Bison are huge. They can easily flip a car or small truck. They are fast and can turn quickly. I have been near them in the bad lands. One minute they are near you and the next they are half a mile away.

    The ranger who’s wife ran a B and B on their ranch told us that tourists are injured all the time. And that ranchers who switched from cows to American buffalo were in for a shock when their truck was flipped or their horse was killed. Raising bison is a dangerous business. And while these huge herbivores don’t mean to pick fights, most people have no idea when they are scaring one of these 8 foot tall, three thousand pound animals.


    06/03/2015 1:34:40 PM PDT · 6 of 25
    poinq to smoothsailing

    While I did not agree with Bush on several issues, I would say that I have not seen a president with that much integrity since his father ran. And frankly, I think he had more integrity than his father.

    Obama, Clinton, Nixon and Kennedy all have an, ends justify the means, approach to lying, getting elected, smearing, and using the government to attach their enemies.

    I wish Bush would have defended himself. I wish he would have explained himself. But he seemed to believe that he should never speak badly of his enemies and he needed only to explain once. My opinion is that some topics are too important to let them go undefended.

  • Why America needs Lindsey Graham

    06/02/2015 9:16:09 PM PDT · 50 of 94
    poinq to WilliamIII

    Graham is nothing more than a shill for the defense vendors. He is not for better defense. He is for a bigger defense budget especially in his state.

    On every other issue he actually fights against the party and most conservatives. I would not vote for him even if he was running against Hillary. Actually Christie is the other one I would never vote for.

    But lets face it. He is not running to be president. He is running to be V.P. The idea is, that he can be the guy with DC knowledge and experience behind one of the governor or “outsider” candidates. I hope everyone is smart enough to avoid him.

  • Actors call for crackdown on producers who use the casting couch to demand sex

    05/31/2015 2:00:54 PM PDT · 56 of 66
    poinq to Drew68

    You look at a lot of the actresses who aren’t that pretty. And the number of gay actors. And you have to figure there is some criteria other than acting ability or looks that is getting these people their jobs.

    Some of them are children of people in the business. But others just have to be sleeping their way to fame.

  • Actors call for crackdown on producers who use the casting couch to demand sex

    05/31/2015 11:02:35 AM PDT · 13 of 66
    poinq to Beowulf9

    Casting couch for hot moms.

  • Actors call for crackdown on producers who use the casting couch to demand sex

    05/31/2015 11:00:58 AM PDT · 12 of 66
    poinq to Bratch

    I agree, I think most stars these days are the ones who had sex with the casting agents. Both male and female.

  • Feds charge former House Speaker Dennis Hastert with lying to FBI, illegal cash structuring

    05/28/2015 2:56:45 PM PDT · 19 of 45
    poinq to nickcarraway

    Well I do agree that he spent all he could and he cut the baby in half when it came to morals.

  • Feds charge former House Speaker Dennis Hastert with lying to FBI, illegal cash structuring

    05/28/2015 2:46:06 PM PDT · 11 of 45
    poinq to be-baw

    Sounds like there is more to the story. And that the story is not criminal but the charges will bring out the story. Lying to the FBI is all they got. So they just want to get him. I hope he has the resources to defend himself.

  • How Smart Should the President Be? A historical analysis suggests a link between IQ and performance

    05/26/2015 9:38:41 PM PDT · 35 of 58
    poinq to 2ndDivisionVet

    This seems pretty stupid. Its totally subjective to say what president is productive. And Its also impossible to determine the IQ f a person dead for over 200 years.

    I disagree with their assessments of how intelligent ex-presidents were. And I disagree with their gauge of past presidential productivity.

  • Surprise school sports legislation stirs up critics in Wisconsin (non-public school kids get access)

    05/25/2015 9:07:54 AM PDT · 40 of 57
    poinq to Alberta's Child

    Well I think there is an age limit. But you are right to a point. Our high school has an adult education at night and on weekends. And allows everyone to use the track, gym and stages.

    When these facilities are sold to the community, they are often sold as multi-use. Then as time goes by, one group takes over and dominates the usage.

  • Surprise school sports legislation stirs up critics in Wisconsin (non-public school kids get access)

    05/25/2015 8:48:38 AM PDT · 34 of 57
    poinq to IrishBrigade

    That may be the case, but if they are paying for coaches and gyms, or tubas and stages, then they should accept all school kids. Not just the ones who are trapped in the public schools. Whether or not the education budget should pay for these things is besides the point. The point is that if it does they can’t deny it to those who choose a better education than the public one.

    In our town we have private teachers and coaches, clubs and park district as well as schools. The reality is that the clubs do the best job up til high school. Then our high school does a very good job along with private coaching. The park district is non competitive as are the schools between 1st and 8th grade.

    I remember a music teacher in our grade school who had over 20 drums. The students were not allowed to touch them. And she did not know how to read music other than the most rudimentary doe-a-dear kind of thing. She baby sat each class one hour a day per week. A total waste of time. My kids were first chair violists and they were constantly getting Bs or Cs in her class. Even a fourth grader hates his time being wasted.

  • Surprise school sports legislation stirs up critics in Wisconsin (non-public school kids get access)

    05/25/2015 8:32:29 AM PDT · 26 of 57
    poinq to Cincinatus' Wife

    Wade Labecki is full of crap. He has no bases for his statements. I assume Wade is the union representative for his area.

    If kids see home schooled kids in sports than maybe they can get their mothers to teach them as well. Home schooled kids test better and learn more. Keeping kids in school does not mean keeping them away from home school.

  • Surprise school sports legislation stirs up critics in Wisconsin (non-public school kids get access)

    05/25/2015 8:25:15 AM PDT · 22 of 57
    poinq to sphinx

    This is not my experience. Around me the clubs pick off the prime students and that works until high school, when the schools pick them back. Our park district runs the teams that average and below average players can join.

    But sports is just the beginning, there is theater, arts and bands as well. The reality is that kids that join at least one of these groups do better in high school than those who don’t. And colleges prefer students who excel in at least one activity outside of academics.

    If your high schooler is not in one of these groups and does not have a job then the likelihood of drug use shoots up.

  • Surprise school sports legislation stirs up critics in Wisconsin (non-public school kids get access)

    05/25/2015 8:08:04 AM PDT · 15 of 57
    poinq to Cincinatus' Wife

    This is silly. Most of Wisconsin already allows private school students to participate in sports, bands and other extracurricular school activities. I assume this law is just to make this existing policy uniform throughout the state. Rarely is there a cost because most school districts charge a fee for participation. And the schools can limit enrollment with tryouts.

  • Forget boobs and long legs: what men really look for in women

    05/25/2015 6:08:24 AM PDT · 20 of 182
    poinq to MortMan

    Most of the ad and media industry relies on pictures. Intelligence is demonstrated not viewed. A female shape will catch a mans eye. But most men are smart enough to find a women they can spend time with. “Girl next door”, “Girl you’d marry”, “girl you would bring home to mother”. These sayings have been around a long time. Clearly men have always been looking for something more than boobs even if the ad and media industries aren’t.

  • Public-Sector Jobs Vanish, Hitting Blacks Hard [1.8 million fewer jobs in public sector]

    05/25/2015 5:52:42 AM PDT · 67 of 90
    poinq to Cincinatus' Wife

    My favorite line is this one near the beginning:

    teaching school, delivering mail, driving buses, processing criminal justice and managing large staffs

    You can see the editor. He tells the writer, “you can’t say that all black people do is deliver mail, drive buses and guard prisons. Throw in something that sounds good like, managing large staffs. And put teach school first.”

  • Public-Sector Jobs Vanish, Hitting Blacks Hard [1.8 million fewer jobs in public sector]

    05/25/2015 5:42:51 AM PDT · 64 of 90
    poinq to grania

    Yes this article is quite racist. I love the use of Wisconsin, a very white state. Public sector jobs in Wisconsin are much more likely to be white. Also, public sector spending is up not down. Maybe someone should look into where the money goes. Government union dues is not supposed to be a growth business.

    You know how many idiots read the NY Times on Sunday with their coffee. They read it from front to back. So, on Monday I have to listen to this garbage. They can never critically evaluate what they read. They just take it at face value. I think every English teacher and HR manager is on their delivery list.

  • Public-Sector Jobs Vanish, Hitting Blacks Hard [1.8 million fewer jobs in public sector]

    05/25/2015 5:33:13 AM PDT · 57 of 90
    poinq to Verginius Rufus

    Notice how slimy the rhetoric is. They start with statistics. But by the time they get to racism they have replaced actual facts with “many say” or “some think” (both of these require two people to agree, the writer and one other), then they source it with a quote from a single guy who runs the union and gets paid on dues. This appears to be well researched. But its just a union enrollment piece.

  • Privatization Fail: Scott Walker's WEDC in Full Meltdown (Is this Free Market economics?

    05/24/2015 1:41:13 PM PDT · 47 of 93
    poinq to Laissez-faire capitalist

    Wisconsin is filled with these kinds of government boards, all with budgets that help support themselves. There are now fewer than there were when Walker took office. But there are still lots. All in all the budget is in better condition than it was. The state is better off. But its far from perfect. He did tackle the largest budget buster. Here in Illinois we would love to have Walker.

    I like Cruz. But Cruz has never run any government. So, I would not compare someone with no record with someone who has a record.

  • Pending $15 minimum wage forces Seattle pizza shop to close

    05/22/2015 10:09:44 PM PDT · 16 of 63
    poinq to grundle

    The government requires inflation to handle the debt it has to pay off. The reason government debt is allowed, is that its paying future dollars for today’s debt. But when there is no inflation, future dollars can’t keep up with the growing debt.

    This of course will always be a problem. There are only a few times when the tax revenue grows faster than the debt growth. But between 1983 and 2007 we had this situation most of the time. And its starting to occur now. But it won’t last long. Inflation often causes increased government expenses and a higher cost of government debt. Then ad a recession and its all over.

  • Shocking video shows American schoolkids running in terror as teacher whips....with belt

    05/17/2015 10:52:18 AM PDT · 54 of 102
    poinq to A CA Guy

    I got no problem with this. I got whupped with a belt, a hair brush, a ruler, a yardstick, a spatula, the back of a hand and the front of the hand. I was terribly affected. I stopped doing the bad or dangerous behavior. And I grew up to be a college educated father of five, president of my company and all around good citizen.

    Before there was a threat of pain, I was scolded, yelled at, sent to bed, missed desert, grounded, and ridiculed. Of course that never stopped me. But the belt sure did.

    Frankly, I never really hit my kids. One because I had 4 girls and only one boy. And secondly because the threat of hitting them was often enough. I did pinch my daughter after she pinched her younger siblings numerous times. I though she should understand how it felt. And I did spank a kid for putting a paperclip in an outlet. I figured that one could not happen again. But that was all I remember.

    Time outs seemed to work best for us. And we simply got madder than our kids. The belt never came out but they never knew what we might do.

  • Geese Police patrol National Mall on four legs

    05/17/2015 10:22:22 AM PDT · 38 of 54
    poinq to fieldmarshaldj

    Its so funny that the government seems to be pro wildlife and wetlands for birds. But when the birds stop on their property they are unwelcome. Geese pooh is fertilizer. It goes away after 2 weeks and one rain. The government seems to only like wild life in parks made especially for each species. And god forbid anyone else from harassing a goose.

  • Could a heavy object cause a train derailment?

    05/16/2015 3:57:17 PM PDT · 7 of 85
    poinq to Duke C.

    The answer is no. If you fire at a train from the inside of a curve you would have a chance but you would need a very large object with lots of force to move a multi-ton train (think tank). News reports talk about something that broke a window.

    The train was going twice the speed it was supposed to be traveling. That’s what caused the accident.

  • The GOP’s Asian Problem and How to Fix it

    05/16/2015 3:48:28 PM PDT · 51 of 86
    poinq to Jim Noble

    White women are not voting for republicans. When you lose white women you lose the race.

  • The GOP’s Asian Problem and How to Fix it

    05/16/2015 3:25:53 PM PDT · 38 of 86
    poinq to DeweyCA

    This is so true. Fox needs an Asian and Hispanic network. (they just started a Hispanic group of stations but its small.) The media are running the policies in this country. If you want things to change we need to change the media. Stop paying for cable. Stop watching NBC. Understand that your sports channel is probably owned by a liberal media company like Comcast who owns MSNBC and NBC.

  • The GOP’s Asian Problem and How to Fix it

    05/16/2015 2:15:49 PM PDT · 16 of 86
    poinq to Kaslin

    Its interesting, the democrats have done a good job of being both for and against immigration. In fact they are for Mexican immigration and Unions have been against all immigration. But Asian think that democrats are for immigration for Asians. Not true.

    Asians are actually hurt by most progressive policies that allow quotas on Asians at colleges and jobs. For instance, Hispanics are considered a protected group. But Asians are not. When it comes to silicon valley, the story is that its all white. That could not be further from the truth. Its very Asian. When they mean silicon valley needs to be more inclusive, they mean fire Asians and hire blacks.

    But Asians live in the cities and the west coast. So they hear democrat propaganda all the time. They do not know and have no experience with the old laws of discrimination referred to in this article. And if they say that they are a minority to a black person they will be quickly corrected. The reality is that Asians are often more racists against dark skinned people than anyone. In China, having dark skin is a sign of a lower class farmer family. And they can be quite blunt in their rebuffs of lower class individuals.

    I believe Asians will start to vote republican in the future as they start to realize that their self interest is with the republican party and not the democrats.

  • Yes, Carly Fiorina Was Fired; The real question is why wasn’t Hillary?

    04/27/2015 6:13:13 AM PDT · 43 of 45
    poinq to Verginius Rufus

    You know I had it explained to me by a black guy how Indians are not people of color no matter how dark their skin. I wasn’t going to argue with him. But i took note that black only means African. Everyone else is white.

  • Yes, Carly Fiorina Was Fired; The real question is why wasn’t Hillary?

    04/26/2015 7:57:50 PM PDT · 10 of 45
    poinq to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    Carly needs to stay in this race for as long as possible. She is the only one who can hit Hillary on women’s issues. Otherwise it looks like 10 middle aged white guys verses a women. She is a mean, crooked, hot head of a women. But the press will help her play that card. Carly stops it cold. If Carly stays in until next March that would be great for every republican candidate.

  • Boston Fed Admits There Is No Exit, Suggests QE Become "Normal Monetary Policy"

    04/26/2015 7:44:14 PM PDT · 35 of 66
    poinq to Paladin2
    OK, this is not going to work as you all think. The reality is that government debt and bank solvency are two huge issues that are causing deflation. The government has to take steadily more money out of the system to pay its bills. And banks have to store more money to hit the Basel 2 standards.

    This is deflationary. Government takes more and leverage is suddenly removed. The only way for the first world governments to get the economy going again and have a chance of paying down their debts is by devaluation (just like Argentina). But that is hard to do when the leverage was snuffed out. Leverage is the same as printing money. But its the private sectors way of printing money.

    You should expect the governments to force the banks to buy their debt. Once the banks are solvent, act two starts. That's when rates go up and the borrowers and bond holders (including the banks) scream bloody murder. Because its too big a penalty and will hit too many people, the governments will get weak kneed and keep the rates reasonably low for as long as possible. Welcome to the 1970s as inflation starts to grow. Growth stocks go up, bonds go down. Pensions pay out with devalued dollars. Tax revenue goes higher. Fixed incomes get killed, as do annuities. But this is a few years away. I say 2017.

  • VIDEO: RT Producer Robbed On Camera While Filming Baltimore Riots

    04/26/2015 8:59:08 AM PDT · 76 of 86
    poinq to poinq

    I did not say anything about paid. I guess I called them professionals. But I was referring to their experience and money spent to get them there. They are professionals in the sense that they were not locals who spontaneously decided to join the protest. They aren’t from Baltimore, they did not know Freddie Grey.

    I would say the groups started to be more active with the Occupy Wall Street movement. They had “professional” protesters there. Many in Oakland and in NY. Others tried to form in Chicago and other cities.

    I was personally run over by some agitators and then police in NY. And I walked and talked to several in Chicago.

    Many of these people had day jobs. Some were union leaders. Some college professors or they were married to someone who worked. They seemed to be from different groups with big names like, “Workers for a better Life”.

    They communicate through emails and web-sites. For a Baltimore rally like this weekend, there would have been several blasts looking for support for marchers, workers or money.

    They would notify friendly reporters. Suggest to some that it will get ugly. Then, if they can, they start something.

    You should join the Black Panthers (they have a group in Baltimore), a union, or Acorn and see for yourself how its done. Its as old as the original Tea Party in America. There is nothing new here.

  • VIDEO: RT Producer Robbed On Camera While Filming Baltimore Riots

    04/26/2015 7:48:32 AM PDT · 70 of 86
    poinq to JRandomFreeper

    I gave you a few from Ferguson, because there was more time for the stories to come out. But there are several from Baltimore as well. One of the two, from US News and World report. Says that:

    Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said roughly 1,200 officers were deployed downtown and across the city to try and keep the peace. At least five officers were injured and 12 people were arrested. Batts said he believes the “very violent agitators” are not from Baltimore.

    From Ferguson:

    From Baltimore:

    What more proof do you need.

  • VIDEO: RT Producer Robbed On Camera While Filming Baltimore Riots

    04/26/2015 7:19:35 AM PDT · 65 of 86
    poinq to JRandomFreeper

    This did not happen in the hood. Have you been to Baltimore. You cannot get to the stadium area by accident. In Chicago, London and Ferguson police traced agitators taking flights into the city. There were several news stories on the subject. Some were listed on FR.

    This “rally” is planned for the weekend. International press has all been called. And you can see the video with the guys in masks or hoodies orchestrating. You can literally here them shouting out instructions to the crowd.

    Its plain in the one video where they are trying to over turn the car. It looks like a bad place to be if your white. Wrong. There is a white cameraman right there taking photos right up close.

    Of course there are locals there too. You can recognize them. They don’t cover their faces. Often they steal things. These people are bussed there. The crazier the better. But there is nothing spontaneous here. This stadium is set off by major roads, with hotels and parking lots around it. You are watching an orchestrated media event, like the Oscars or Hillary’s van trip to Iowa.

  • VIDEO: RT Producer Robbed On Camera While Filming Baltimore Riots

    04/26/2015 6:32:15 AM PDT · 50 of 86
    poinq to carriage_hill

    That one makes no sense. But when he was running from police. It was the running that got their attention. They did not stop him and he started running. My understanding was he was running and that made the police chase him. I don’t think he was stopped and then fled. I think he was just a guy running away from the police.

  • VIDEO: RT Producer Robbed On Camera While Filming Baltimore Riots

    04/26/2015 6:20:55 AM PDT · 45 of 86
    poinq to hal ogen

    My daughter graduated from Johns Hopkins last year. I was happy to see her leave the city. Nice school. Bad neighborhood. Of course lots of good schools are in terrible cities. Yale for instance.