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  • Syrian Rebels Alarmed By Reports Covert CIA Aid Will End

    07/23/2017 4:53:48 PM PDT · 22 of 22
    politicianslie to Enlightened1
    There are no good rebels. They are all Jihadists.

    Hussein Obama sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

    Hussein Obama sided with the rebels in Libya.

    Hussein Obama sided with the rebels in Syria.

    Hussein Obama removed US troops from Iraq giving the country to the "rebels."

    Who are the rebels? In every case, the rebels are Muslims who are fighting for Islamic domination of their country.

    Who is Obama? America's FIRST Muslim President.

  • Fast-track training put officer Mohamed Noor on Minneapolis police force

    07/23/2017 4:46:31 PM PDT · 52 of 56
    politicianslie to yuleeyahoo
    This man is from a country that collapsed almost thirty years ago and it is impossible to accurately vet their citizens.

    ALL Muslims, EVERY ONE OF THEM, is required to believe EVERYTHING in their HOLY KORAN.

    HOW do you vet a member of a "religion" that swears they are to kill, harass, rape, behead infidels?

    The simple answer is you don't. They are ALL sworn to overthrow your Constitution and implement Sharia Law.

    The only solution is to prevent any Muslim from entering the US and to remove any of them who insist on being a Muslim. Islam is a terrorist cult, not a religion.

  • Trump says military "bigger, better, stronger" at USS Gerald R. Ford commissioning

    07/23/2017 7:06:13 AM PDT · 36 of 36
    politicianslie to dfwgator
    Gerald R. Ford, Sailor and President

    Gerald R Ford, Liar and Scam Artist

  • Surging Anti-Semitism in Germany Sparks Cry for Help from Jewish Community

    07/23/2017 6:48:52 AM PDT · 17 of 22
    politicianslie to onedoug
    Any Jew who would have remained in Europe - and especially Germany - following WWII is nuts.

    Unless the Muslim invasion of America is stopped, history will show infidels were nuts to remain in America after Hussein Obama flooded America with Muslims.

    NAZI's killed JEWS, Muslims (every one of them) are commanded by their HOLY KORAN to kill infidels.

  • What's The Story Behind Your FR Handle?

    07/23/2017 6:19:43 AM PDT · 116 of 417
    politicianslie to Windflier; All

    All you have to do is look at today's headlines to realize that politicians really do lie.

    And this Story is more proof that policians lie to Americans. And they get away with it.

    Politicans lied about the Biggest Mystery in History

  • 'Women are being attacked every day': violence at small town festival reignites migration debate

    07/21/2017 9:08:10 AM PDT · 43 of 45
    politicianslie to Bonemaker
    Wonder why they don’t try that at the Sturgis rally or at a Bears vs Packers game?

    Hussein was working hard to make that happen.

    Muslims have millions of people to throw at the problem. As the barbarians attempt to take over the Earth, the infidels keep getting in the way. The KORAN's message is simple: The whole world must be 100% grade A Muslim before Mohamed will return.

    Until the Muslims control, along the way they can rape your wife and children; Muslims can kill, behead, terrorize infidels as they see fit.

    You have a choice, you can ether convert to Islam or wait for one of them to come to kill you.


    You can realize that every Muslim is commanded to be a terrorist, every Muslim is commanded to overthrow our gubermint and institute Sharia Law. Therefore, ALL MUSLIMS must be removed from the west. Every one of them. Islam is a terrorist cult.

  • Bag of NASA moon dust sells for $1.8M at auction

    07/21/2017 8:20:23 AM PDT · 29 of 35
    politicianslie to ProtectOurFreedom; KarlInOhio; Lawgvr1955; C210N
    In engineering school, we had to calculate the probability that you would, in your entire lifetime, breathe a single molecule of air that Jesus breathed. The answer was astounding.

    A different variation of the same question is do you have a molecule of water that was in his body during his lifetime.

    QUESTION: What are the possibilities that I could drink the same water Jesus once drank?

    Best Answer: It's a sure bet. A person drinks over 10^28 water molecules in their life. After being excreted, the water eventually disperses and mixes with all the water on earth by rain. That averages to about 10^14 Jesus molecules per square meter. Yes, the oceans are deep, but that's enough for some in every sip.


    AS I sip my morning tea, I just hope that Hillary's and Hussein's molecules have not had time to disperse. Hitlers? At least you know for sure what he was.

  • Cockpit View of Blue Angels Superbowl 50 Flyover

    07/20/2017 8:33:29 AM PDT · 2 of 5
    politicianslie to Trumpnation

    For a prop pilot, awesome arm chair experiene

  • Trump Jr., Manafort slated to testify before Senate panel

    07/19/2017 3:59:51 PM PDT · 2 of 26
    politicianslie to TigerClaws

    Whatever you do, do NOT bring up Hillary’s, Podesta’s and Bill Clintons crimes.

    Keep focusing on Donald Jr. and the Demonrats will be happy.

  • Thin Air: Cocoa snorting and toad licking

    07/17/2017 9:38:48 AM PDT · 8 of 15
    politicianslie to SandRat
    Bill Clinton will still use cocaine in his off time. He'll leave the cocoa for the peons.

  • Why Cuba's future could be more promising than the US(Barf Alert)

    07/17/2017 9:26:44 AM PDT · 25 of 26
    politicianslie to EagleUSA
    LIES are the hallmark of communism and its radical left.

    Lies are also the hallmark of the US government and their supporting line of presstitutes.

    The biggest story of 2016 is not that President Trump was elected President, the biggest story is that the pressitutes were exposed for all to see as colluding with Demonrats in what some Americans think even now is "news."

    Russiagate is the latest example of how corrupt the presstitutes are. The suppression of information about Hillary's and Hussein Obama's crimes is just part of the effort to save the RAT party from extinction.

  • Are PBS and Ken Burns about to Rewrite History Again? (Viet Nam)

    07/17/2017 9:12:58 AM PDT · 76 of 101
    politicianslie to Dilbert San Diego
    Liberals don’t like to hear inconvenient truths about what some of their own Democrats have done in history.

    A recent poll (few years ago) showed that almost 20% of Americans believe that LBJ was behind the murder of JFK.

    No matter how big the lies the presstitutes and the gubermint tell, the truth will eventually come out.

  • “OUTRAGEOUS” Probation & Gag Order for muslim migrant rapists of 5-year-old girl in Idaho

    07/17/2017 9:09:17 AM PDT · 21 of 34
    politicianslie to bigtoona
    Bottom line is that we need to stop importing this caveman level culture into our nation and these crimes will no longer happen.

    ALL MUSLIMS must be removed from the west. Every one of them is ordered to attack infidels. As part of being a Muslim, they all support Sharia Law. Sharia Law will judge the little girl guilty and will release the Muslims,no matter what their age.

    With enough Muslims, the little girl will likely be stoned to death or executed for having the courage to demand protection. Sharia Law says the infidels are not worthy of resisting Muslims, no matter what the barbarian's demands are.

  • “OUTRAGEOUS” Probation & Gag Order for muslim migrant rapists of 5-year-old girl in Idaho

    07/17/2017 9:03:49 AM PDT · 20 of 34
    politicianslie to stanne; All
    Citizens are wimpy. They leave fighting Muslims to the military. Forget about fighting the Latin American infvasion

    That was in Obama's and his supporting liberals plans all along.

    Imagine you come home and find your blond, little 5 year old hysterical as she has been raped while walking home from school. The police won't tell you anything about the rapists and everyone is at first silent. Eventually the truth starts coming out.

    Your little girl was raped by a gang of Muslim migrants. In their culture, infidels are allowed to be raped, killed, made sex slaves, beheaded (whatever) as their HOLY KORAN orders that ALL MUSLIMS must terrorize all infidels.

    You find out the details of the attackers and there are now a gang less of attackers on this Earth. The Obama Justice Department has a good idea WHO the racist is so soon after the Muslim rapists are eliminated, the police come to arrest and interview all of the little girl's relatives. They look at all of your emails and anything racist, even reposted cartoons, will bring you into the hate crime arena.

    As the rapes continue and the reprisals happen, the Obama Justice Dept will imprison all Americans who will do something about the Muslim/infidels rapes and murders. You can be sure the liberal judges will do nothing about stopping Muslim attacks on innocent Americans.

    It was the Muslim plan which Hussein Obama led: Create wars with their phony Arab Spring crap and flood the west with Muslims. Donald Trump's election screwed this all up. The RATS plan is to disrupt the saving of America as much as they can until they seize control again.

    Hussein, Hillay, Podesta are all on the sidelines creating as much havoc as they can. Trump must be stopped. They worked so hard to change America, to destroy borders and destroy patriotism. Unfortunately for them, about half of us get it. The other half is composed of liberals and their illegal "immigrants."

    Illegal immigrants who voted are felons.

    All Muslims are ordered to attack, kill, harass... infidels. ALL OF THEM ARE POTENTIAL TERRORISTS and ALL MUSLIMS must be removed from the west. Every one of them. Or else your daughter, your wife, your children, your friends are all living under a death sentence.

    You can wait for them to come to your neighborhood to kill you or Americans can join the effort to have ALL of these Muslim barbarians removed from the west. And by definition, all Muslims are barbarians.

  • House Rejects Proposal Identifying “Islamic Religious Doctrines”

    07/15/2017 9:06:11 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    politicianslie to high info voter; All
    1400 yrs / 650+ million innocents murdered by this satanic cult calling itself a religion.......

    Because you chose to insult Islam and their prophet Mohamed, you should be killed by any Muslim who is aware of your blasphemy

    I should be killed by any Muslim available who is aware that I agree with you.

    Islam teaches that Mohamed will not return until the world is 100% grade A Islam. That means all Muslims are commanded to either convert you or kill you. It's your choice:


    or be killed

    OR remove every Muslim from where you live. Send every one back to the he%%hole they came from if they want to practice their devil worship.

    It is easy to verify that each passage says what it says here. There are no moderate Muslims, they are all commanded to kill infidels. If you can read, you can know the truth about them. Otherwise, you can wait for one of them to come for you and your family.

  • In Search of Nelson DeMille's TWA 800 Video

    07/13/2017 10:33:57 PM PDT · 93 of 97
    politicianslie to LS
    I don’t see how this seriously would have damaged Clinton. So that part doesn’t make sense.

    I don't have the book where I am now, but as I recall Jayna Davis in her book THE THIRD TERRORIST said that Clinton when he heard about the OKC bombing said he hoped it was NOT middle eastern terrorists. Of course, IMHO, Jayna clearly showed the OKC bombing was middle eastern terrorists.

    A bit over a year later, TWA 800 goes down and videos and lots of witnesses say they saw a missile (some say more than one).

    Clinton could NOT let the public know that terrorists were in the US killing Americans and Clinton's gubermint let it happen not once, but twice. And these two incidents set up 9/11. If this is true, and lots of information suggests it is, then Clinton's lies led to thousands of innocent people dying gruesome deaths.

    Neither Bill or Hillary Clinton ever saw a lie they wouldn't tell.

  • What's the Safest Investment in Troubled Times?

    07/13/2017 10:09:15 PM PDT · 39 of 39
    politicianslie to litehaus
    What’s Best ?

    22 ,thru 308, caliber ammo —— in large quantities.....with appropriate launching instruments.....

    Saying it another way, there are two precious metals:



    With lead and brass, you can get everything else you might need or want.


    07/12/2017 8:20:48 PM PDT · 76 of 76
    politicianslie to Dick Bachert; Louis Foxwell
    Am I the only citizen puzzled

    See post 16.

    It's the only thing the RATS have to stop the criminal prosecutions that are coming. Hillary and Hussein Obama and the supporting cast have to keep the diversions going as long as they can.

    The supporting cast of journalist are nothing more than propagandists for the RATS. They have to stop the truth too or they will all meet the fate of CNN (exposed).

  • EXCLUSIVE: Libyan Army Spox Says Obama, Clinton 'Abandoned the Libyan People to the Terrorists'

    07/11/2017 8:59:53 PM PDT · 35 of 42
    politicianslie to PGR88
    Obama and Clinton had Khaddafy assassinated and then let Libya fall apart. They let jihadis and gangsters take over

    Why does everybody give Hussein Obama a pass?

    Hussein's Arab spring was simple, over throw governments, create refugees and give control to the Muslim terrorists.

    Egypt? Hussein was aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Libya? Read the article, Hussein left it for the terrorists.

    Syria? Hussein aligned with the terrorists and most importantly, Hussein helped create vast numbers of "refugees."

    Hussein's fundamental changing of America involved having the morning call to prayer in every city in AmeriKa. Remember the most beautiful sound on Earth?

    Hillary was a useful idiot. To succeed Hussein, all Hillary had to do was promise to continue Hussein's invasion of the west.

    Do you have a Mosque down the street? If so, thank Hussein. If not, blame Hillary because she would have put one there.

    Hussein's father was a Muslim.

    Hussein's step father was a Muslim.

    Hussein was raised in a Muslim country and his school records in Indonesia say his religion was Islam.

    All Muslims are commanded to make Islam the only religion. Hussein was working to make that happen.

  • The Media Perpetuated A Clinton Lie For 9 Months. What It Means For The Russia Narrative

    07/11/2017 7:16:05 AM PDT · 58 of 63
    politicianslie to KTM rider; All
    call me a crazy conspiracy theory nut case, but I have a nagging feeling Comey knows who killed Seth Rich

    ANYONE with an IQ much above room temperature can name the killer.

    Who gained the most?

    Who had the power to control the investigation?

    Who has a history of having political and investigative opponents mysteriously and most conveniently die?

    Who still has the power to put pressure on Shaun Hannity (and many others) for bringing up Seth Rich on his show?

    There is ONE really perfect fit to all of the above questions and some lesser likely fits. ALL of them are connected to Podesta's emails. It is WHY Seth Rich had to be killed.

    And it's not conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact!