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  • Brooks Falls Brown Bears Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA

    06/19/2018 3:11:13 PM PDT · 7 of 12
    politicianslie to chrisinoc

    The plan is next summer for us.

  • Why the I.R.S. Should Go After Trump

    06/16/2018 10:45:45 AM PDT · 66 of 82
    politicianslie to The Sons of Liberty
    The ONLY way to correct this and ensure that it NEVER is repeated is to make examples of those involved, including Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Hussein 0bama and Madam Hillary Benghazi!

    I vote for shooting those involved. That will ensure it will never happen again.

    The law is consistent with that solution.

  • Mueller’s Attempt to Hide Evidence Just Got Torn Apart by Attorneys for Alleged Russian Troll Farm

    06/16/2018 4:09:29 AM PDT · 82 of 89
    politicianslie to exDemMom; goldstategop
    ...without evidence that a crime was even committed.

    The RAT plan to get Trump was simple:

    1. Get Trump to fire Comey

    2. Get Rosenstein to appoint a special prosecutor

    3. Get the special prosecutor to piss off Trump so bad that Trump fires the special prosecutor

    4. Then get Trump impeached and convicted for his "Saturday night massacre."

    But Trump stopped at (1). Now the RATS are screwed. If they can only get Trump to fire somebody, anybody, then they can get him.

    Trump is watching the RATS scramble. ARE YOU WATCHING AND ENJOYING?

  • Mueller’s Attempt to Hide Evidence Just Got Torn Apart by Attorneys for Alleged Russian Troll Farm

    06/16/2018 2:40:52 AM PDT · 80 of 89
    politicianslie to confederatecarpetbag
    Do it, Mr. President. Fire them all.

    It is still too early to "fire them all."

    You and many others may be yelling that but not one word about Mueller's conflicts of interest have been broadcast on SEE BS or the Clinton News Network. Americans are still being told that Mueller is America's savior. They are NOT being told he was a part of the Uranium ONE scam that made Hillary (and you can bet Obama too) $millions.

    The RATS are still committing serious crimes to hide their serious crimes. As WATERGATE showed, the coverup is far worse than the crime. In SPYGATE and Uranium ONE, the RATS have just begun to cover up. The IG report, for example, was flooded with numerous examples of political bias yet the report stated that political bias was not found. Rosenstein (Rosenweasal) only had so much time to rewrite the report.....

    When some Hillary voters join the crusade against the Mueller inquisitions from he$$ and CNN starts talking about the RAT collusionS to get Trump, then it will be time to start the arrests and flood the streets of Washington with the firings.

  • Police: Homeless man attacks Seattle tourist with rope

    06/15/2018 2:28:25 PM PDT · 20 of 42
    politicianslie to Zarro

    I toured Washington State in an RV last summer. Mt Rainier, Mt St. Helens, Olympia Nat’l Park.....

    But I did NOT go anywhere near Seatle.

    That bypass was as a result of seeing stories like this on FreeRepublic.

    Concealed carry is NOT reciprocal with the left coast states. Even if it was, I don’t want to deal with the liberal’s cess pool inhabitants.

  • Trump: Judge's order to jail Paul Manafort 'tough,' 'very unfair'...

    06/15/2018 2:18:12 PM PDT · 16 of 61
    politicianslie to caww; All

    1. Get Trump to fire Comey

    2. Comey with the help of Rosenweisel get a special counsel appointed. Mueller is a conspirator in the Uranium ONE deal, his only chance to stay out of jail is to get Trump.

    3. Special Counsel step across the line, Trump fires him too

    4. Then the RATS get slime RINOs like Linda Graham (FAIRY-SC) and John Syndey McCain (TRAITOR-AZ) on board to impeach and convict President Trump.

    Unfortunately for the RATS, President Trump stopped at #1.

    Roseinweasal is a key part of the conspiracy to get Trump. We don't know if Sessions is letting Rosenweasal and his fellow traitors hang themselves OR if he is a willing co-conspirator.

    Trump is in charge but he can't step into the RAT plan too early. It is truely fun to watch Trump let these traitors hang themselves out to dry.

  • Trump-Bashing Will Sink GOP Establishment's Adam Putnam

    06/13/2018 2:15:15 AM PDT · 15 of 20
    politicianslie to wmileo

    I live in Fl and I am voting Scott and DeSantis.

  • 'It's him! Trump!' Kim and 'Ultimate Donald' impersonators turn heads in Singapore

    06/12/2018 3:34:39 AM PDT · 10 of 11
    politicianslie to SantosLHalper; 11th_VA; Leaning Right
    She’s (HR Clinton) gonna give us the $11, right?

    I was thinking it would take at least $100 for me to get in the same room with that pig.

  • Robert De Niro threatened his on-off lover in bid to force her to abort his secret 'daughter'. . .

    06/12/2018 2:40:08 AM PDT · 51 of 70
    politicianslie to Maris Crane
    I hate that man for what he made Italians look like.

    I don't think De Niro deserves all of the credit, he had PLENTY of help.

  • Commentary: How G-7 Leaders Can Push for Relief to Global Warming

    06/11/2018 2:35:13 PM PDT · 9 of 19
    politicianslie to Oldeconomybuyer
    NO discussion of GLOWBULL warming should take place without examing the following graph of temperature measurements since

    Even the most ignorant observer will notice that temperatures change through the years BUT it was warmer in the 1930's than anything we've seen recently.

    BUT if you are foolish enough to look at the ADJUSTED TEMPERATURES, it becomes clear that the data is being corrected LOWER before AL GORE and HIGHER after AL GORE started his GLOWBULL WARMING scam.

    SUMMARY: The ADJUSTED temperatures indicate a warming planet but the raw measured temperatures do NOT. I suspect the "scientists" are adjusting based on rising CO2 levels, not on anything measured relating to temperatures of the Earth.

  • Paul Ryan: FBI Did Nothing Wrong Spying on Trump Campaign

    06/06/2018 11:13:38 AM PDT · 36 of 82
    politicianslie to backwoods-engineer
    They’re now saying it wasn’t wrong. We are in the last days of our Republic.

    The THEYmight be in the last days of their sorry lives too.

    It's now obvious some of them need to be hung.

  • Paul Ryan: FBI Did Nothing Wrong Spying on Trump Campaign

    06/06/2018 11:09:14 AM PDT · 30 of 82
    politicianslie to heights
    ’The Gang-of Eight’ were involved in the spying on the Trump campaign.

    That would explain MANY things about the DEEP STATE behavior.

    The gang KNOWS Hussein was definitely in the loop too.

    IMHO, it is similar to the JFK assassination. For the good of the country, the little people can't know the truth. In this case, we have the goods on the spies so the DEEP STATERS are going to play the game that it was "PROPER.

    The answer is B S to those pack of traitors. It wasn't Russia trying to influence the election, it was the DNC/Deep State.

    Arrest them, give them a fair trial, then hang them.

  • Spygate: Majority Believe Feds Broke Law to Stop Trump from Winning Presidency

    06/05/2018 7:08:01 AM PDT · 15 of 23
    politicianslie to MCF
    Trump is not going to fire Mueller. Mueller has become a gift. The longer he goes on the more ridiculous he and the Democrats look.

    There are FEW FREEPERS who can grasp this concept. Mueller and his deep state co conspirators are a gift from heaven. As long as they stay in power, they keep digging the hole DEEPER!

    The same with arrests. No arrests until only the deepest brain dead Demonrats are the only holdouts (You really can fool some of the people ALL of the time). It should be a big deal to arrest the leaders of an opposing political party and it is so far. But since they are all being marched single step toward the gallows, President Trump is NOT going to stop them.

    It will be a while longer until the first arrests are made.

  • Who gets their mass from the Higgs?

    06/05/2018 5:22:05 AM PDT · 21 of 21
    politicianslie to BenLurkin

    I think a better student lecture might be to imagine the audience are all Democrats. No dumber group has ever existed.

  • 1955 Chevy BelAir Wagon (Lee Harvey Oswald rode in it from New Orleans to Dallas in 1963)

    06/03/2018 1:55:51 PM PDT · 75 of 81
    politicianslie to Sontagged

    JFK library fire and Boston Marathon bombing: Coincidence OR Conspiracy?

    After reviewing this story and a few others, it appears to me it is most likely a coincidence. Just because the word “appears” was used by me does not make it true.

    1. The JFK library was mostly damaged by smoke

    2. There were no injuries at the JFK library

    One mention in that story was HVAC equipment as the initiator of that event but I did not see confirmation elsewhere if that was true. It was also hypothesized it could have been a bomb.

  • 1955 Chevy BelAir Wagon (Lee Harvey Oswald rode in it from New Orleans to Dallas in 1963)

    06/03/2018 5:53:43 AM PDT · 50 of 81
    politicianslie to Sontagged; dragnet2; LongWayHome; Jane Long; PAR35; Beautiful_Gracious_Skies; cynwoody; ...
    Sheesh, anyone who actually still buys this idiocy is a true coincidence theorist!

    The way the US gubermint convinced the public that this "mystery" has been solved is rather simple to explain. The key part is simply to show what DID happen, NOT to argue about what did NOT happen.

    Most every documentary or book is involved in proving the SBT (single bullet theory) is correct. The SBT hypothesizes that a bullet struck JFK in the back (of his neck or was it JFK's back?), exited his neck, struck Connally in the back, exited his chest, struck his right wrist and then went down to strick him in his left thigh. This is shown by the RED path in the following diagram.

    The RED path is the hypothesized SBT shot but the YELLOW path is the angle a shot would have taken if fired seconds later. The YELLOW bullet path is so shallow it could NOT have injured Connally's left thigh. The JFK head shot knocked him out of the way so any bullet fired later from behind would miss JFK and strike Connally.

    BUT what is shown by the YELLOW path in that diagram is what has remained "hidden" for decades. Connally said that AFTER he turned to look over his right shoulder toward what he thought was a rifle shot, he felt a blow to his back. "The blow was of such force that it bent me over."

    The only time in the Zapruder film that John Connally is bent over is a split second AFTER JFK is shot in the head.

    Zooming in on Connally and drawing a line through the back of his head to show his head movement when the bullet struck his back, you can easily see that Connally's head moved much faster than he could have moved it especially if you consider the gubermint contends he was seriously wounded almost five seconds earlier.

    The bottom line here is that the US gubermint knows that they can tell any lie to the public and enough fools will buy it hook, line and sinker such that the truth can be hidden.

    IF Connally really was struck a split second AFTER the JFK head shot, then people would have heard BANG-BANG or words to that effect. Dozens described a bang, seconds of pause then BANG-BANG.

    YOUTUBE Introduction to 0.7 Seconds to Conspiracy; Proving Conspiracy

    In the video, I show a few of the witnesses who heard BANG-BANG (there are MANY more that I do not show here) but most importantly I show that what might be the best evidence in the JFK assassination was viciously attacked and discredited by the government friendly press. Probabilities PROVE that since the timing of the shots MATCHES in TWO independent ways to measure the timing of the shots PROVES that both methods show the correct shot timing.

    After you understand this information is sufficient to prove the shot that hit JFK did NOT come from behind, then it is shown that the killer of JFK did NOT ride in this car! But even if you understand everything in this brief presentation, there is a >99% chance that you will NOT believe it could be true. The brainwashing of the public has been that good even though the lies are transparently false.

  • BRENNAN GOES OFF: Vows to Criticize Trump 'Until Integrity Returns to the White House'

    06/01/2018 3:06:12 PM PDT · 47 of 68
    politicianslie to LeoWindhorse
    And why exactly is he still walking around ?

    Brennon, like Clapper, and Hillary, and Podesta, and Comey, and Susan Rice, and Rosenstein, and Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok, and .....

    And especially Obama himself.

    A guilty person is going to try to manipulate the evidence and they think Mueller and their buddies are going to be successful.

    Trump would be laughing at them if this was not so serious. Trump lets them keep making the rope longer and longer. It's too early to stop it, let the RATS hang themselves as they make it worse and worse.

  • BRENNAN GOES OFF: Vows to Criticize Trump 'Until Integrity Returns to the White House'

    06/01/2018 2:57:53 PM PDT · 43 of 68
    politicianslie to Frank_2001
    How did a Muslim EVER get approved for such a sensitive position!?

    There is NO surprise once you acknowledge that Hussein Obama may not have been a butt raising praying Muslim but Hussein was a pro Muslim terrorist traitor.

  • Obama Officials Spied on Trump Campaign Using at Least Five Methods

    06/01/2018 2:45:41 PM PDT · 5 of 43
    politicianslie to 2ndDivisionVet

    I just love how they say POTENTIALLY ILLEGAL.

  • Military Gets New Caliber 6.5 Creedmoor

    06/01/2018 5:51:59 AM PDT · 14 of 25
    politicianslie to familyop


    Does Robert Mueller know about this issue?