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  • Donna Brazile Warned Off Private Eye On Seth Rich Murder

    05/23/2017 12:05:16 AM PDT · 31 of 31
    politicianslie to SpaceBar; All
    Any veteran big-city detective working a legitimate homicide case would have her in interview room B within hours.

    To all you near brain dead FREEPERS out there, there is nothing to see here and if there were, the proper authorities would tell you exactly what to think.

    Always remember that what happened to Rich can happen to anybody who causes too much trouble for the Clintons and the DNC. Now go back to sleep and tune in to the news at 7, noon, 6 and 11 pm. Everything else is fake news.

  • ISIS Supporters Celebrate Manchester Attack Online, But No Official Claim

    05/22/2017 10:32:01 PM PDT · 2 of 4
    politicianslie to nickcarraway
    Muslims are commanded to deceive, to terrorize, to kill, to rape, to behead infidels.

    WHY are infidels anywhere surprised that Muslims do what their Koran commands them to do?

    Are westerners waiting for their children, their wives, their parents, their neighbors to be killed by Muslims before they will believe that Islam is a murdering cult?

  • 'Deadly combination': 2 Alabama women die of electric shock drowning

    05/22/2017 7:31:10 PM PDT · 20 of 27
    politicianslie to AndyTheBear
    If its a lake...isn’t it touching the ground already?

    As you can see in the diagram from post 15, most of the electrical current returns to the source in the neutral leg. But if an electrical load like a motor has some resistance to ground in the boat, some of that current will return to the source to the source ground first through the water then to the Earth and then to the source's ground.

    Since the women were close to the boat or dock, they were a path for the electrical current too. It does NOT take very many milliamps to cause paralysis.

  • More die in bathtubs than in terrorism. It's still worth spending billions to fight it

    05/22/2017 7:11:18 PM PDT · 28 of 36
    politicianslie to posterchild; All
    It doesn’t demand I ‘submit’ but allows me to have free will and make my own decisions.

    ALL Muslims are commanded by their HOLY KORAN to kill you if you do NOT convert to Islam.

    Along the way, they can rape infidel women and children, they can enslave them too. And they can beat their wives. It's all in their Koran. The more that are here in the west, the more terrorist attacks. It is what Muslims do.

    The reason this jerk off wrote this article is to make the liberals think that Muslim terrorists are rare. In fact, the more there are, the more likely even the peaceful ones will join in the joy of killing infidels.

  • White House leakers identified; to be fired

    05/22/2017 3:35:05 PM PDT · 21 of 199
    politicianslie to Responsibility2nd
    Drain the Swamp. Even the swamp inside the White House.

    The drain should be connected directly to prison.

    No bail while they await their trials.

  • James Comey Has a History of Not Finding the Clintons Guilty of Anything

    05/22/2017 8:50:44 AM PDT · 20 of 20
    politicianslie to Kozy
    Because if you say a lie enough times, people believe.

    Americans have been brainwashed into saying CONSPIRACY THEORY. It's NOT conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact.

    The truth about the DNC/Clinton lies/Comey fix are much better than any fiction book or movie ever presented to Americans. The DNC hacks are desperate.

    This is about destroying the RAT party and their hack presstitutes. Scum like Podesta will fight this to the point of being a low B grade movie script.

    It is going to be fun to watch!

  • James Comey Has a History of Not Finding the Clintons Guilty of Anything

    05/21/2017 8:39:35 PM PDT · 15 of 20
    politicianslie to TigerClaws; All
    Why does Comey keep saying intent is required?

    Comey knows that intent is not required.

    At several other times in American history, the FIX has been in. No matter what the evidence is, no matter how clear the correct answer really is, criminals such as Comey step up to confuse the issues.

    Intent is not required but by saying it is required, a clown like Comey can throw a wrench into the gears of justice and bring everything to a grinding stop. Fortunately, President Trump is much smarter than the average American. The correct response is to charge Hillary and her support pack of felons with the appropriate crimes they committed and then arrest Comey for Obstruction of Justice.

    Deny all of them bail and let them rot in jail as they await their time in court. The RATS realize President Trump and AG Sessions are heading toward indictments and RUSSIGATE is their only hope in stopping RAT after RAT being arrested for their many crimes.

    Lie LIE LIE until the whole country is in a civil war. That is the RAT's battle plan and Comey is part of it.

  • 'Safe and predictable' Windows 10 S won't run Linux, says Microsoft (disallows command line apps)

    05/21/2017 6:44:36 PM PDT · 19 of 38
    politicianslie to Boomer

    For later

  • Was This Cal State LA Student Detained by Border Patrol Because of Her Activism? (Deport!)

    05/21/2017 6:31:24 PM PDT · 27 of 65
    politicianslie to Lurkinanloomin; All
    Remove all illegal aliens whenever found.

    End DACA now.

  • 'Your Soul Will Be Condemned!' Trump's Saudi Speech Will Warn Terrorists Their Days Are Numbered

    05/21/2017 8:39:38 AM PDT · 35 of 51
    politicianslie to Lurkinanloomin; All
    Their prophet and their “holy books” say they will be rewarded.

    Islam cannot be reformed.

    ALL Muslims are commanded by their KORAN to kill infidels.

    To fight infidels.

    To enslave infides.

    To rape infidel children and the wives they want.


    Anyone who DOES NOT follow the Koran verbatim is to be killed.

    You can easily verify the list of Muslim directions includes killing YOU. Either convert or die, the choice is yours!

  • First on CNN: Comey now believes Trump was trying to influence him, source says.

    05/20/2017 3:17:25 PM PDT · 78 of 219
    politicianslie to Diana in Wisconsin; All
    Fact #1: The establishment is hell-bent on taking Trump down.

    The bigger goal is to keep the RAT prosecutions from starting. To STOP Sessions they have to bring Trump down.

    It has already been proven beyond any doubt that Hillary the crooked had an illegal email setup. It has already been proven that Hillary mishandled classified information.

    It has already been shown that Susan Rice illegally "wiretapped" and released American names.

    It has already been proven that Hillary and her staff destroyed/deleted emails that were under subpoena at the time of their destruction.

    It has NOT been proven yet that Hussein Obama was the one that directed any of these illegal acts but the Susan Rice felonies were likely done at Hussein's direction.

    The RAT playbook is to stop these prosecutions at all cost. Even destroy the US if necessary. The Demonrats have only one chance and it is Russia.

  • Exposing the Liberal Media’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Hypocrisy

    05/19/2017 12:06:15 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    politicianslie to heights; All
    Witch hunt?

    The only thing the RATS have got to stop the coming investigations into Hillary's many crimes are lies about Trump ties to Russia.

    The only thing the RATS have got to stop the coming investigations into Susan Rice's illegal "wiretapping" and releasing of US citizens names is lies about non-existent Trump ties to Russia.

    The only thing the RATS have got to stop the coming investigations into Susan Rice's illegal "wiretapping" and releasing of US citizens names is lies about non-existent Trump ties to Russia.

    The only thing the RATS have got to stop the coming investigations into Obama's and his many lies about Benghazi is lies about non-existent Trump ties to Russia.

    The only thing the RATS have got to stop the coming investigations into FAST and FURIOUS and Hussein Obama's and Hillary's ties are lies about non-existent Trump ties to Russia.


    The only reason anybody would believe anything the RATS or the presstitutes say about the Trump-Russian ties is that they are stupid.

    Or is it gullible beyond belief?

  • When Does All That Evidence of Collusion Arrive?

    05/19/2017 7:38:44 AM PDT · 12 of 34
    politicianslie to JamesP81; All
    Mark Dice shows Maxine Waters and finally something I can agree with Nancy Pelosi on.

    Maxine Waters NAILS it, Mark Dice shows WHY Trump needs to be brought down, this is SERIOUS

  • Chuck Schumer: There Will Be No Vote on FBI Director Until a Special Prosecutor is Named

    05/14/2017 8:37:27 PM PDT · 73 of 120
    politicianslie to StormEye
    Investigate Hillary and the Clinton Phony Foundation!

    And the RATS know that a special prosecutor can be manipulated to hide the truth. A real Justice Department investigation will show there is no proof the Russians did anything with our election and that the RATS under Hillary Clinton committed so many serious felonies that they'll have to STOP looking if they ever want to bring her to trial.

    But what the RATS disparately want to stop at all cost is the proof that will show Hussein Obama is the one who ordered the illegal surveillance of Donald Trump and his team.

    Three RATS in 20 years:

    Bill Clinton impeached.

    Hussein Obama committed felonies by ordering illegal surveillance against US citizens, ordered the IRS to harass conservative organizations.....

    Hillary Clinton jailed for numerous, major felonies

    Even the low information voters will start to see DEMONRAT=Major criminal activity

  • NSA Director Uses «Russian Hacker Threat» to Gain Access to Voting Systems

    05/14/2017 8:08:35 PM PDT · 3 of 19
    politicianslie to Lorianne
    After accusing Russia of conducting «election hacking» of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, while offering no proof to back up his allegations

    F'in liar just like Hussein Obama, just Like John Podesta, just like Hillary Clinton.....

    No proof because it did not happen.

  • EMP Question

    05/14/2017 9:34:13 AM PDT · 87 of 189
    politicianslie to American in Israel
    Every lightning strike is a small localized EMP. I have never heard of a nearby lightning taking out a car. TVs, radios, computers yes. Cars no.

    My boat was subjected to a CLOSE lightning strike a couple of years ago. The insurance company at first fought like a knucklehead moron when I could NOT show blackened grounds or fried antenna or anything like that. They quit fighting when they had to address the boat behind me at the dock when it was documented his VHF antenna was fried (vaporized, literally GONE) all of his DC and AC motors/controllers etc were fried.....

    As a ham radio operator, I ALWAYS disconnect antennas when not in use (I had a 20 meter antenna 130 feet above ground on top of a hill and I've seen what lighting induced voltage will do). Both VHF marine radios were fine. The DC power to both was opened by a small air gap. The HF Icom radio antenna and DC were disconnected. All radios functioned correctly.

    A dc power inverter was damaged (solid state). It was connected to DC batteries and the DC bus which runs the length of the boat with numerous branches.

    The solid state Raymarine Autopilot was fried and does not work although some of the wind/depth/speed functions still work. All of this goes through a RAYMARINE computer (some things work, some don't).

    The air conditioning solid state controller worked for a few hours and then failed. It was three years old and likely failed as a result of the large voltage pulse. It was the only AC component I have had trouble with.

    BOTH Yanmar Diesel engines function fine. The only thing is the electrical switches and the starter that might have been effected for the engines.

    For that lightning strike and the distance from the boat (about 50 feet), the voltage induced on the boats wiring was enough to take out some solid state components BUT not enough to fry larger components such as the Diesel starting motors (I do have one issue in that the starter of one is sluggish, it used to be a touch and immediate start but one engine now has to be held for a second before the starter turns it over. I suspect a manual DC transfer switch is the problem. I am going to measure the voltage drop to the starter before I replace it then I will disassemble the switch to see if there is any visible damage).

    I had a laptop in the boat that was totally disconnected and it works fine. The solar panels and controller were NOT damaged but a DC ckt breaker was manually opened so the controller was not connected to the DC/battery bus and the solar panels were disconnected from the solar controller.

    I have not done any research on what the typical amperage is for a lightning strike and what the E field might have been generated for it and then compared that to what a Nuclear blast EMP might generate per published data. I have seen some published E field predictions for a Nuclear blast EMP but I don't know where that came from (SWAGs, WAGS or measured data).

    SUMMARY: My boat damage caused by a close lightning strike was consistent with what you postulated: Solid state instruments failed that were hooked up to a long bus (DC and AC wiring) but components that were basically sitting in a cabinet not connected to any wiring more than a few feet did NOT fail. DC starters and an anchor winch that were connected to the DC bus but only disconnected by a starter switch/solenoid (small air gap) did NOT fail.

  • More indications Intel assessment of Russian interference in election was rigged

    05/14/2017 8:06:51 AM PDT · 21 of 54
    politicianslie to ReaganGeneration2
    Second biggest hoax in history (next to Global Warming)

    Although YUGE, both of these pale in comparison to the biggest scam in history.

    The assassination of President Kennedy.

  • Requiring photo ID is “racist,” except when it’s done by Obama, the NAACP, unions, or other liberals

    05/14/2017 7:36:00 AM PDT · 9 of 13
    politicianslie to mewzilla
    But no ID needed to vote.

    Go figure.

    No figuring needed. The ONLY WAY the Demoncrat Party can win elections is with massive voter fraud.

    The RATS think Americans are stupid enough to let them continue cheating. Well, are we?

  • Bethune-Cookman University ingrates

    05/13/2017 2:17:42 PM PDT · 21 of 22
    politicianslie to drSteve78
    ....Corinne Brown, to give a rousing talk “How to Be Yo’ Best Self”. Oh wait, she couldn’t have, without ending her talk “Go GATAH”

    As a Univ. of Fla graduate, I was sickened to see the GO GATAH youtube video. But wait, Ivy league schools have their Hussein Obama's too.


  • Bethune-Cookman University ingrates

    05/13/2017 2:13:12 PM PDT · 20 of 22
    politicianslie to Louis Foxwell
    conviction and extermination of Obama for crimes against the people.

    I have a dream.

    Obama is arrested and he cannot prove he is a US citizen.

    Anyone who understands high school level math can prove Hussein has a forged BC

    As a foreign national, Hussein Obama is taken to GITMO.

    Hussein is tried by a military court and found guilty of treason.

    The military asks for volunteers (includes former military) and I get to be one of the blessed Americans who gets to pull the trigger at Hussein's firing squad.

    I promise I will dip the bullet I get in pig's fat so that America's FIRST Muslim President will believe that his Allah will reject him.