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  • What Is The Best 12 Gauge Shotgun Load for Home Defense?

    10/10/2008 7:58:14 AM PDT · 225 of 233
    PoorMuttly to All

    *PING* to post 224

  • What Is The Best 12 Gauge Shotgun Load for Home Defense?

    10/09/2008 10:03:43 AM PDT · 224 of 233
    PoorMuttly to Shooter 2.5; P8riot; Squantos

    Dr. Fackler sez #1 Buck.


    Hi y’all!

  • VIDEO: Medieval Christian cemetery smashed to dust by Muslim militias without world protest

    02/18/2007 12:15:18 AM PST · 35 of 38
    PoorMuttly to Capitolium


  • Big Bullet Blues [5.56mm round stopping power inadequate. Study says aim higher and fire two]

    02/08/2007 3:13:07 PM PST · 251 of 252
    PoorMuttly to NVDave

    Wounding Effects of the U.S. Military M193 (M16A1) and M855 (M16A2) Bullet Cartridges

    Exaggerated descriptions of the wounding effects of the M16 rifle bullet flourish as great works of urban lore. One fable describes a bullet that tumbles end-over-end in flight as soon as it exits the muzzle of the rifle. Another legend provides a dramatic account of an unstable, super-high velocity bullet that tumbles and chews its way through flesh like a buzz saw. Although there appears to be a tinge of half-truth behind these entertaining and awe-inspiring mythical tales, these stories do not represent an accurate description of the wounding characteristics of the M16 bullet.

    When the M16 cartridge is fired and the bullet is propelled down the bore, the bore’s rifling imparts a gyroscopic spin to the bullet. This gyroscopic rotation is needed to maintain point forward stabilization of the bullet as it flies through the air. This method of bullet stabilization is identical to the rotational spin applied to a football when thrown by a quarterback (American football).

    The Earth’s gaseous atmosphere is approximately 400 times less dense than the body's soft tissues. When the M16 bullet strikes and plows into the body, the rotational spin that stabilized its flight through the air is insufficient to maintain its stability as it flies through dense tissue. The bullet typically penetrates point forward for approximately 4-5 inches before it begins to seek a state of stability in the body.

    The bullet’s pointed shape makes it heavier at its base than its nose, producing a center of gravity that is located aft of its longitudinal centerline. When the bullet hits the body and penetrates, the bullet attempts to rotate 180 degrees around its center of gravity to achieve a base forward orientation. This backwards orientation is the bullet’s stable position in tissue because it places the center of gravity forward.

    As the bullet yaws through 90 degrees and is traveling sideways through flesh, the stress of tissue resistance to bullet passage can overpower the physical integrity of the bullet. The bullet has a groove around its midsection called a cannelure. The purpose of the cannelure is to permit the mouth of the cartridge case to be crimped tightly against the bullet shank to hold it firmly to the case. The cannelure weakens the structural integrity of the bullet's copper jacket.

    At distances of 100 yards and under, when the bullet hits the body and yaws through 90 degrees, the stresses on the bullet cause the leading edge to flatten, extruding lead core out the open base, just before it breaks apart at the cannelure. The portion of the bullet forward of the cannelure, the nose, usually remains in one piece and retains about 60 percent of the bullet's original weight. The portion of the bullet aft of the cannelure, the base, violently disintegrates into multiple lead core and copper jacket fragments, which penetrate up to 3-inches radially outward from the wound track. The fragments perforate and weaken the surrounding tissues allowing the subsequent temporary cavity to forcibly stretch and rip open the multiple small wound tracks produced by the fragments. The resulting wound is similar to one produced by a commercial expanding bullet used for varmint hunting, however the maximum tissue damage produced by the military bullet is located at a greater penetration depth.

    (The increased wounding effects produced by bullet fragmentation were not well understood until the mid-1980’s. Therefore the wounding effects of the original M16 rifle bullet were not an intentional U.S. military design characteristic.)

    At distances between 100-200 yards the bullet commonly breaks in half at the cannelure forming two large penetrating fragments, the nose and base.

    At distances beyond 200 yards the bullet usually remains intact due to velocity decay. It simply yaws 180 degrees to penetrate backwards through the body.

    Both the M193 and M855 bullets demonstrate similar terminal performance as described above, when fired from rifles fitted with a 20-inch or longer barrel.

    Shooting the M193 or M855 from a rifle with a barrel length less than 14.5-inches produces insufficient muzzle velocity to achieve the terminal performance described above. A rifle fitted with a 14.5-inch barrel is adequate for close-quarters battle. For engagements anticipated at greater than room distance but less than 100 yards, a rifle fitted with a 16.5-inch barrel should be employed to ensure sufficient velocity.

    The older 55-grain M193 (M16A1) cartridge is not sensitive to rifling twist rate and can be fired in rifles with 1:12, 1:9 and 1:7 rates of twist. However, the newer M855 (M16A2) cartridge is best used with a rifling twist rate of 1:7 or 1:9. When the M855 is fired in a rifle with a slower rate of twist the longer 62-grain bullet can yaw up to 70 degrees in free trajectory through the air, substantially degrading accuracy.

    The wound ballistics of the U.S. military Olin M193/Winchester 55 grain FMJ (X223R1 or Q3131) and green tip U.S. military Olin M855/Winchester 62 grain FMJ (RA556M855) cartridges makes them an adequate choice for use against violent criminal offenders.

    Additional testing has indicated that errant bullets (military FMJ and commercial .223 Remington JSP/JHP) which do not hit an attacker appear to penetrate fewer walls and other common building materials than stray handgun bullets.

  • BANGLIST Technical Question re: AK47, brass deflectors and/or brass catchers

    01/17/2007 6:25:00 PM PST · 19 of 22
    PoorMuttly to 45Auto; Rocky Mountain High

    I clicked on your link, and this is what appeared:

    AOL Safety Alert: Known Phishing Site
    The website you are trying to view is a phishing scam site that steals personal information.

    For your protection, we have blocked access to this site from AOL.

    ......anyway, I have not done it, but friends have had great results with 300 grain bullets. They shoot flatter, but still have enough weight and diameter to be very effective.

  • Prayer Requested for 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Update at #3168)

    12/25/2006 4:43:37 PM PST · 3,287 of 3,459
    PoorMuttly to MoJo2001

    May God greatly bless you Tonk.

    All is well.

    Thanks a lot for your updates MoJo.

  • Word for the Day, Friday, December 1, 2006

    12/03/2006 3:16:07 PM PST · 124 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Argh

    That can happen.

    But somehow I still haven't found the real "Woprd for the Day" thread.

    Me keep looking. I was having a wonderful conversation there just the other day.....

    .......I think.

    I guess I should consult my Magic 8 Ball, as usual.

  • Word for the Day, Friday, December 1, 2006

    12/02/2006 7:32:32 PM PST · 113 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Argh


    I thought this was Woprd for the Day.


    Me go now.

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/21/2006 10:41:31 PM PST · 516 of 992
    PoorMuttly to delacoert really do understand.

    Some evidently think that we are mocking this thread.

    We are only being our light-hearted selves.....

    ........and reminding ourselves that the truth will remain after all the debate has subsided, and in so far as the truth, the actual fact is concerned, once sober and responsible thought is achieved, love and pleasantless is quite near to godliness....if not its most famous characteristic.

  • Dead: Paris Theodore, 63, Innovative Firearms Inventor and Manufacturer

    11/21/2006 7:14:51 PM PST · 8 of 9
    PoorMuttly to kiriath_jearim

    Thank you very much for posting this.

    Several of us are rather disturbed about this news today.

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/21/2006 9:28:58 AM PST · 482 of 992
    PoorMuttly to delacoert

    Actually, it's my Learners Permit. They only give restricted licenses to typing dogs these days. Perhaps when some social evolution takes place, we won't be so oppressed by The Man.

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/20/2006 1:21:34 PM PST · 292 of 992
    PoorMuttly to delacoert

    You have a copy of my Drivers License photo..???!!!!

  • NC: Jury Finds Man Not Guilty In Shooting [Judge: Turn Gun In for Destruction]

    11/20/2006 1:15:27 PM PST · 70 of 70
    PoorMuttly to bondjamesbond

    bu...but..but then I'd have to find new pet names for all the new ones.....and I would keep remembering poor little Fifi and Pookie and Bitsy and Beaulah and Flopsy and Fluffy and Myrtle and and.....everybody!

    This sounds too complicated.

    No wonder I stay at home.

    I have all my friends here.

  • Michigan Teen Creates Nuclear Fusion

    11/19/2006 9:18:45 PM PST · 27 of 65
    PoorMuttly to PoorMuttly


    Ooooooooo. It's an Automatic.

    Uh...gotta go now. Heh...heh...only joking. Heh..heh.


  • Michigan Teen Creates Nuclear Fusion

    11/19/2006 9:13:53 PM PST · 26 of 65
    PoorMuttly to Lancey Howard




    Me only BUY from nice man with the beard and funny accent in Denny's parking lot. He has nice toys.

    Kinda nervous, though.

    Guess he should switch to the de-caf.

  • Michigan Teen Creates Nuclear Fusion

    11/19/2006 9:13:35 PM PST · 25 of 65
    PoorMuttly to Lancey Howard




    Me only BUY from nice man with the beard and funny accent in Denny's parking lot. He has nice toys.

    Kinda nervous, though.

    Guess he should switch to the de-caf.

  • Michigan Teen Creates Nuclear Fusion

    11/19/2006 8:50:43 PM PST · 8 of 65
    PoorMuttly to Lancey Howard

    He'll put his eye out with that thing.

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/19/2006 8:47:41 PM PST · 226 of 992
    PoorMuttly to delacoert
    " I often catch Phoebe giving the thing snidely, sideways glances when she thinks I'm not looking."

    Great minds think alike.

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/19/2006 8:44:17 PM PST · 224 of 992
    PoorMuttly to lndrvr1972
    "Blame Global warming.."

    I think that's what did-in the Flying Carpets too. Haven't seen one of them in a while, have you.

    Me neither.
  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/19/2006 8:41:10 PM PST · 223 of 992
    PoorMuttly to delacoert in "Whiplash".......??!!!!!!

    I certainly hope not. But then again, on the Internet, nobody really knows if you are a famous Cartoon VILLAIN either. Just look at the havoc that BERT caused with his Osama associations.

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/19/2006 7:45:25 PM PST · 214 of 992
    PoorMuttly to delacoert

    That is a very complicated set of choices for my little brain.....

    ...but anyway...I am just a cute and innocent little dog who was taught how to type.

    Me used to lurk also....but then they found me eaves-dropping under the BangList I decided it was "safe" enough.

    Evolution is a "pet" interest of mine, especially since what they did to all the talking dogs ya' used to hear about all the time.

    They say that on the Internet, nobody knows that you're a dog.

    They say that Jim even put my paw print on the upper right corner of everybody's screen........which I really appreciate.

    I may become Semi-Benevolent Absolute Dogspot after all.

    That is...if I ever get out of the back yard again...especially after the latest, completely mysterious "Birdbath Incident."

    "It was like that when I got there!"


    11/19/2006 2:55:04 PM PST · 83 of 83
    PoorMuttly to Slip18

    Just as well.

    The OLD janitor knows what is in his lunchbox... room to move for moi.

    This new guy better not be a vegetarian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/19/2006 2:32:51 PM PST · 55 of 992
    PoorMuttly to delacoert
    Me think methinks (mĭ-thĭngks') .....................yes. Me like to speek the language of the "common" typing dog......... Gives 'em a "leg up" to speak!
  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/19/2006 2:30:28 PM PST · 52 of 992
    PoorMuttly to DaveLoneRanger

    It's a beginning.............

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/19/2006 1:28:09 PM PST · 18 of 992
    PoorMuttly to padre35

    Me think that Ducks Unlimited evolved from the Boy Scouts.

  • Evolution moves more quickly than scientists thought

    11/19/2006 1:05:10 PM PST · 3 of 992
    PoorMuttly to DaveLoneRanger

    Get ready for the Typing Dogs.

  • California to restrict ocean fishing

    11/19/2006 12:54:23 PM PST · 8 of 20
    PoorMuttly to NormsRevenge

    I personally believe that private, personal consumer guy type harvesting should always be protected even over a commercial fishery.

    Something about food-to-mouth simplicity that is resonant with me!

  • Elements Of Forgotten Empire (Sassanids)

    11/19/2006 12:19:16 PM PST · 14 of 23
    PoorMuttly to blam
    "Apparently Byzantine officials would wear Persian-style clothing as a mark of distinction."

    so....when Muttly wears his turban w/giant feather, and his curlytoe slippers with bells on them, it's O.K. now????
  • NC: Jury Finds Man Not Guilty In Shooting [Judge: Turn Gun In for Destruction]

    11/17/2006 7:36:47 PM PST · 68 of 70
    PoorMuttly to bondjamesbond
    He's gonna get less in trade because that gun has a big ol' notch in the handle...

    I suppose that's why they take them.

    This does cause a real-world problem which is sometime spoken of: carrying one's really good handgun for familiarity, accuracy, reliability....all the responsible reasons....but always concerned that if you end up being compelled to use it in a lethal attack, you may live, but you'll lose it forever.

    One should be encouraged to carry the finest, most reliable and accurate one available, right??!!!
  • null and void: You've posted a total of 287 threads and 60,000 replies.

    11/06/2006 9:37:14 AM PST · 235 of 411
    PoorMuttly to mware

    "Do I get any points for killing a thread????"

    I don't know if you get any points, but I got to have an Indian name:

    Chief Threadkiller Muttly (Dog Who Denies Stealing Elk-Chop)

  • null and void: You've posted a total of 287 threads and 60,000 replies.

    11/05/2006 1:05:04 PM PST · 179 of 411
    PoorMuttly to null and void

    Thank you for making me even more famous-er.

    Funny how I pressed my paw-print again, but this time didn't even run away (well maybe a little), but my pop-up blocker prevented me from taking the back-door tunnel to the threads, or whatever it is supposed to do. Muttly knows that HE didn't dig that tunnel...for a it may be booby-trapped or something.

    He will explore it when nobody is looking, though.

  • Prayer Requested for 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Update at #3168)

    11/04/2006 1:52:58 PM PST · 2,669 of 3,459
    PoorMuttly to MoJo2001

    By the way, and not to sound trite about it, but they ARE doing AMAZING medical things these days, so that along with Tough = VICTORY.

    God rules.

    All is well.

  • The Skinny On Those Political “Military Magazines” Calling For Rumsfeld's Resignation

    11/04/2006 1:42:18 PM PST · 19 of 53
    PoorMuttly to Jay777

    The Army Times is a weak joke compared to The Officer.

  • Prayer Requested for 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Update at #3168)

    11/04/2006 1:40:03 PM PST · 2,666 of 3,459
    PoorMuttly to MoJo2001

    He's a real warrior, so is attending to the work to be done, the new Campaign. Hey, so it takes a fellow a little time to acclimate to the new conditions, and tasks to be done. So what. Fighters fight.

    He fights, and knows not to take it personally, just to get the work done, to win.

    He's fine, and will be fine.

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    11/03/2006 10:57:22 PM PST · 126 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Tijeras_Slim

    Chief Threadkiller Muttly has to do what he has to do, so, even though you and pal Covenantor may be all that's left, here's my Today report:

    Hoage grips and McCormick 10 rd. magazines seem O.K. in this new Rock Island .45, no problems yet, after it basically stopping to work after around 200 rounds or really dirty in the slide rails, wouldn't send the slide all the way back. After deciding to not pitch it over the fence, field stripped Will never use Blazer Brass ammo again though, suspect it burns dirty. So, other than my innate love for the 1911/.45ACP, and my distaste, shall we say, for imported clones....any word on Rock Island will be greatly appreciated, since the Muttly Adoption Center is presently stuck with it, and always strives to make the best of things. It's a learning experience, don't cha' know. It wasn't it's fault it was born this way, and hey, here it is. Works for far.

    Next is a worn to the brass "Benjamin Franklin" underlever pump pellet pistol, evidently .22 caliber....or .20...but evidently before Benjamin's acquisition of Sheridan, so I figure .22. Could be from the 1960s or '50s. Worn to the brass, lever hanging down...but a great gun! I BELIEVE......!!!!!...and that's all that Tinkerbell needed...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, the 200 yard distant (and 20+ yards down) Coyote which was apparently stalking the Jackrabbit which distracted my .357 contribution eluded the Rock Island (not in my hands) too, although we drew dust at its feet....proving the efficacy of 230 grains of slug in the field once more...but not claiming the furry and fleabitten prize this time. Remarkable how the young bull whose nose we shot over didn't even care a whit, so we sent a few more downrange, but to no avail save function proving, which was our initial purpose for taking afield.

  • Rare fossil find on roadside (Extraordinarily preserved pterosaur)

    11/03/2006 10:24:08 PM PST · 7 of 492
    PoorMuttly to DaveLoneRanger

    One man's "literally on the side of the road" is another man's place of passionate significance.

    "Where was the road when we chose to pass away here...or thirty feet East, accounting for the mud...!"

  • Advance Copy of Military Times Editorial Calling for Rumsfeld Resignation

    11/03/2006 7:28:10 PM PST · 41 of 74
    PoorMuttly to SevenofNine

    The reason we have so many Majors is to keep them expendable. Insulates the Colonels...etc.

    Sec. Def. is a conspicuous position. He appears to have carried out his orders. Our political/economic mandate seems to have shied away from "Lightning War," which may have provided more of the lasting results which we seem to be desirous of these days. Perhaps the Iron Fist approach would have gotten better results there had we been more stern with the populace. I am unable to discern this solution in the opposition's platform though, so continue to find no grounds for paying serious attention to it. Show me the way, and I will consider it. Show me only opposition.....and I will take it under consideration....but it does not help me to

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    11/03/2006 2:17:43 PM PST · 125 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Tijeras_Slim

    "S&W Model Three Lore –
    If you count all variations, the S&W Model 3 has a legitimate claim as the most popular big bore cartridge revolver of the nineteenth century. S&W production was spurred primarily by some large Russian military contracts, and Colt’s SAA models did not catch up in numbers produced until the early years of the 20th century. Furthermore, the S&W design was widely copied - supposedly under S&W license by the Russian Tula arsenal and the German firm of Ludwig & Loewe, and bootlegged by Spanish & Belgian firms. If you count these foreign copies, the fast loading S&W Model 3 top-break design definitely was the most prolific full sized cartridge sixgun design of the era!

    In the US, judging by photographic records and historical accounts, the rugged Colt SAA had an edge in popularity in the American West in the 1875-1900 era. The S&W had it’s partisans too, however. Among the noted individuals reported to carry one of the various S&W Model 3’s were Frank & Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, Texas Jack Omohundro, Dallas Stoudenmire, John Wesley Hardin, Charlie Pitt, Pat Garrett, Cole Younger, Bill Tilghman, Belle Starr, Frank McLowery, Theodore Roosevelt, and Virgil Earp.

    Still more Model 3 Lore – The S&W Mod. 3 variations saw extensive military service. The 1,000 Americans purchased by the US Army were the first cartridge revolver adopted by the American military, and most saw service in the Indian Wars, as did many of the approx. 8,000 US purchase Schofields. New Model #3’s were bought for the State of Maryland militia and the US Revenue Service (Coast Guard predecessor). Foreign governments purchasing variations of the Model 3 included Russia, Japan, Turkey, Argentina, colonial Cuba, and colonial Australia.

    S&W New Model Number Three -
    In 1878, S&W discontinued production of it's other Model 3's – the American, Russian, and Schofield – in favor a new improved design called the New Model Number Three. Standard chambering was .44 Russian, although other calibers were offered on special order or in related models such as the .44-40 Frontier Model, the .32-44 & .38-44 Target Models, and the very rare .38 Winchester Model. The New Mod. #3 was arguably the pinnacle of 19th century revolver design. Their accuracy was such that they were used to set most of the target records of the era."

    I haven't looked it up, but I bet that a .44DA is what Doc Holliday often carried (illegally, arrested for it once when he challenged Johnny Ringo to "ten paces out in the street"), and used to perforate several saloon walls, floors, a hand and a toe of two gentlemen he wasn't aiming at. I heard it was "a .38" so perhaps a .38-40.

    Well, just goes to show that having a good gun is still no actual guarantee of success, just as, to paraphrase Wyatt Earp's letter to William S. Hart in 1920, which I always think of when I behold The Poncho..."a good quirt was made by a bad woman."

    About your 29, a beautiful instrument, nicer than the 629, after much consideration on my own and with buddy Squantos, I believe that the 29/629 is the most practical and useful all around Utility Handgun one could choose. Snakeshot, serious self-protection, Specials, Magnums, hunting Garretts, widely distributed ammunition, it serves every purpose including reasonable concealment, and is effective at very long ranges. Capacity is limited, but each round is much more formidable than any 9mm certainly, and the only available auto round that approaches it is the 10mm.

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    11/03/2006 12:14:31 PM PST · 124 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Tijeras_Slim


    Pre-64s are not cheap, so I stay with Mausers mostly, and of course Springfields. Never had a Krag.

    I do have Krag-Envy, though. So at least my sights are set.

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    11/02/2006 7:47:59 PM PST · 122 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Tijeras_Slim


    Muttly need.

    1) What is that spur at the top of The Poncho's revolver grip. Is that a Schofield? It looks like a non-SAA grip...

    2) I would probably be able to figure it out if I could concentrate my vision on it for longer. Can't, though. Keep wondering A/ how they stuck the end of that Poncho there, like that.....and B/ if I could get a job like that when I grow up.

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    11/02/2006 7:38:20 PM PST · 121 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Tijeras_Slim

    The Muttly Compound is also now protected from the NAZIS....even more than usual.

    I just got a 1944 marked Russian Mosin-Nagant carbine in 7.62x54R, with hinged bayonet intact. This is the rifle which I had used to "drill" a hole in a steel barbed wire fencepost when the drill's battery ran down. It seems to want to live here.

    ...and who could blame it..???!!!!!

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    10/27/2006 1:14:09 PM PDT · 114 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Tijeras_Slim

    Oh great. .351 from Kansas no less.

    Now you've done it.

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    10/27/2006 12:57:27 PM PDT · 113 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Covenantor; Tijeras_Slim

    Thanks for the link which got me to actually GO to the Brownells site. I had purchased several things there quite a while ago. Good things.

    It is just so much fun and deeply rewarding to be persuing my desire to get into SAA gunsmithing on my own. What excellent devices....and it is quite a thrill to see what the old timers saw, deal with what they dealt with, and then use the stuff for the same purposes, in the same conditions. Not having completed the repairs is now an invitation to more learning adventure.

    Can .351 cases be made from something else? How about the .30 Rem. that the military's new 6.8 SPC is based upon?

    Of course if you can find where Bonny & Clyde were dealt with, there may be a lot of antique cases laying around there still. Just a typical Muttly thought. Obviously. I even looked for firing positions in the alley and on the curbs next to the Biograph Theatre in Chicago, at night, hoping to see a chip in the cement where "The Lady in Red" may have broken her heel in the excitement of the you can't exactly go by me...necessarily.

    But then again, much like Werner Von Braun..."I always aim for the moon. Sometimes I get lucky and hit London."

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    10/26/2006 8:41:33 PM PDT · 110 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Covenantor; Tijeras_Slim

    Wow. I remember seeing those photos. I miss those days, too. On with the show.

    Got over lust for .32 Win. Spec. '94, by just sticking with my .35 Rem Marlin. I proceed with filling out the Muttly survival setup in .357 etc. I seem to be turning into Squantos by the day.

    Fixed (sort of) my SAA .44 Mag. today. Seems the hot loads may have torqued the brass gripstrap and/or set screw and/or cyl. pin sleeve washer, slipping leaf spring out from cyl.-turning hand next to star. Cyl. still only advances when muzzle is pointed down! I'll try to straighten out the mainspring a little, reset the mounting screw again...maybe order another washer/spacer. This is an older Uberti and not made on their newer machines. I am hoping that new parts fit better, or I can get a slightly thicker spacer. The cylinder of my .357 also rubs at a certain spot at the back edge. I first thought it was a bad case or high primer, then noticed the wear. Hoping a new washer/spacer/bushing whatchmacallit on that sleeve may straighten things out some. At least that's what my Apache buddy now picnic table gunsmith I think it too!!!

    I never had these problems with my FANNER 50.

    Either of 'em!

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    10/24/2006 10:50:22 AM PDT · 102 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Tijeras_Slim; Covenantor


    I am crushed. Crushed, I tell you. It appears that the new Muttlymania gun project is foiled. The bore diameter of .32WS is smaller than .357/.355. Rats!!!! .32-20 is a great, highly accurate handgun cartridge already, so doesn't need muttlification, and is not of available survival equipment use like the .357-type rounds. So back to .358 Win., .35 Whelan, and .358 Norma. Kinda nasty in a handgun, though...even for me. A 14" Encore would be nice...grrrrrr. Water cooled...for the weight. Uh-oh...I sound like Eaker.

    I shoulda knowed, since .32 bullets get through my 1903 Springfield MK-1 with the Pederson they say. I got excited and presumed it was much more than .30 cal. Looks it. Seems they even originally loaded the Special with .318" bullets...part of why it did not catch on.

    Thanks for the links Covenantor, New places for me to explore on the great Information Hallway.

    Guess I'll just go back to my 8mm and .30'06 Ackley projects...and practice with these SAAs until they break. Have to replace the .44's hand already. Great to have another source for Uberti parts. Guess I'll just have to buy a few, for later. This will surely reoccur.

  • Dog pee caused mass blackout

    10/24/2006 9:41:34 AM PDT · 72 of 107
    PoorMuttly to null and void

    It was like that when I got there.


    (though I must admit that it does sound like me)

    "There are three kinds of men:
    The ones that learn by reading.
    The few who learn by observation.
    The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves." - Will Rogers

  • No solution in sight for U.S. gun violence (Reuters Agitprop Alert)

    10/23/2006 8:09:26 PM PDT · 42 of 42
    PoorMuttly to Lance Romance

    "A U.S. Department of Justice study of 4,000 at-risk delinquent kids showed children who receive real guns legitimately from their parents engage in no future gun crimes at all and are less likely to engage in any type of criminal activity than those kids who received no gun at all." all the evidence demonstrated by CCW REDUCING violent crime and MURDER by staggeringly large degrees, everywhere it has been tried.

    So, the article's title should read: "No solution that we are willing to entertain in sight..................."

    Hey, to me, it really IS for the children, and they need EFFECTIVE safety, not pet dreams that put them in real, mortal danger.
  • Viking Landers May Have Missed Martian Life

    10/23/2006 7:23:57 PM PDT · 6 of 35
    PoorMuttly to shaggy eel

    Attention S.E.

    Attention S.E.

    Move M. Roller Disco full of Pac Man machines and priceless Mood Rings.

    They're coming again in 2 years. Can't expect luck and Loyal Customers to set up diversion like last time.

    Who knew they would figure out that Mood Ring substance is an intoxicant to alien life forms?!!

    Just our luck.

    Activate Plan B.

    P.M. out.

  • Frontier style handguns for the modern backwoods home

    10/23/2006 7:14:11 PM PDT · 96 of 127
    PoorMuttly to Tijeras_Slim

    I asked him that a long time ago.

    Yup. You were right.

    I never got over the cartridge-counter grips of those things. I think about it every time I check a magazine, and growl.

    Hey. I shot a CZ d.a. .40 the other day. Very accurate! I mean, VERY accurate, and I expect that DA/SA had something to do with it, but several bullets went into the same hole in the board from about 15 feet. I do find the round to be a pretty good idea for a dinky defensive ctg. like the 9mm, and am sold on heavier bullets like the 180gr., but it does not have the flatter shooting aspects and ammo availability of the 9, so I pass.

    It would be nice for a SAA convert. in 10mm/.41Mag. I suppose...but my new Muttlymania project is to get an 1894 lever action in .32 Win. Special, and an enormous revolver for it, as well as .357 Max., .357 Mag., and 9mm......and all the other 9mms, including .380.

    Sounds like a Squantos project for his Gun of the Month Club, doesn't it.

    He actually thinks that Muttly is not nuts!

    Well, what can you expect from Eaker's twin brother...the one with the watch.

    I once told Eaker that he is probably triplets with Squantos, and I think he bought it. Just my luck, when I ran out of extra deeds to that nice old bridge back East.

  • Rock-it science: Queen star conquering the universe (Brian May coauthors physics book)

    10/23/2006 3:25:02 PM PDT · 5 of 32
    PoorMuttly to djf

    I especially like the "from the big bang up to the present day and into the unforseeable future" part, implying that they have exactly what happened at the beginning down cold.

    I suppose that theories are like that: once you are working on another one, the preceeding ones become "fact."

    When I read it in News of the World, I'll believe it.