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  • Raht Racer velomobile may let riders pedal "as fast as a car"

    02/25/2015 9:22:57 PM PST · 24 of 42
    Pox to Greetings_Puny_Humans
    Hah! I clicked on this thread just to see how many posts it would take to see such a graphic, and I was not disappointed! :)
  • Is Rudy Giuliani A Modern-Day Racist Who Doesn’t Know It?

    02/20/2015 10:10:24 PM PST · 32 of 46
    Pox to 2ndDivisionVet
    But of course, anyone who dares question Obama, Black Man #1, is unquestionably and irrevocably an outright racist.


  • Judge authorizes 'personal ruin' for Christian florist

    02/18/2015 8:02:04 PM PST · 52 of 143
    Pox to Maudeen

    There is only one way to put an end to these absurdities, and it is not by the “ballot box”, but by the sword (”Bullet Box”).

    Any and all wailing and whining will have absolutely no effect and will only serve to identify dissenters.

    Like it or not, that is the current state of our reality.

  • Millions at risk of losing coverage in Supreme Court health law case

    02/16/2015 9:39:56 PM PST · 44 of 60
    Pox to Repeal The 17th

    Wow, I never thought I could go on in life without you telling me what to do. I guess I can die a happy and satisfied man now that I have you to guide me through life with your wisdom and unassailable superior/infallible opinion(s)!

  • Millions at risk of losing coverage in Supreme Court health law case

    02/16/2015 9:35:18 PM PST · 38 of 60
    Pox to Repeal The 17th
    Ahh, nothing I love more than someone telling me what I should do, how I should think, and what I should believe.

    All Hail Group Think!

  • Millions at risk of losing coverage in Supreme Court health law case

    02/16/2015 9:27:25 PM PST · 31 of 60
    Pox to laplata

    Go Eff yourself.

  • State Dept. Spox on ISIS: “We CANNOT win this war by killing them” (Bimbo Alert)

    02/16/2015 9:26:09 PM PST · 72 of 124
    Pox to Islander7
    Cowardice. The true face of the left and their ultimate source of appeasement. They are terrified of Islam and Islamic Jihadi’s and will do anything to avoid violence to attempt to placate those who wish to kill anyone who stand in their way.

    It really boils down to cowardice, IMO.

    It's not difficult to understand, and is the simplest explanation to the actions of the apologist's and appeasers, IMO.

  • Millions at risk of losing coverage in Supreme Court health law case

    02/16/2015 9:17:57 PM PST · 26 of 60
    Pox to cherry

    I blame low life harpies like you who have no other agenda other than to heap scorn upon those who do not subscribe to your personal beliefs and wishes.

    You are no better than any scum bag lefty, IMO.

  • Millions at risk of losing coverage in Supreme Court health law case

    02/16/2015 9:15:42 PM PST · 25 of 60
    Pox to Libloather
    "Obamacare" had one true purpose, and that was to instigate a nationwide call for "Single Payer Healthcare", which is actually worse than what we are dealing with now over the long run as the Government will have total and unencumbered control over any and all aspects of Health Care in this country.

    The powers that be cannot disclose their true goal and while the path to the end game is painful to most involved, the true end game will result in truly despicable and deplorable conditions concerning "health care" that will be unbelievably "destitute" (as far as health care is concerned), for the overwhelming majority of Americans and our country will not recover from such devastation for several generations from this atrocity, IMO.

    Low Information Voters giving the power to those who are bound and determined to destroy basic prosperity's in this country are just as culpable as the low life "politicians" who pander to those who vote for yet more "freebies".

    More and more, I am convinced that another Civil War must take place in this country in order to set things right for the long run if this country is going to survive such absurdities.
  • Are Submarines About to Become Obsolete?

    02/15/2015 6:58:02 PM PST · 30 of 54
    Pox to 2ndDivisionVet

    Somewhat recent “incidents” have shown that Submarines are still and will continue to be effective and lethal for many decades to come.

    The U.S. Submarine fleet is our current Ace in the Hole and there is nothing more that the left would love to do than to remove this attribute from our military assets.

  • China forces imams to dance in street

    02/13/2015 7:20:01 PM PST · 15 of 38
    Pox to joethedrummer
    I've read of several Islamic terrorist acts in China over the last several years, but they are taking an approach, to this point, that is relentless and brutal.

    I'm no fan of Communist China by any means, but I cannot fault their approach at combating the “insurgents” so far. They have little choice, and it falls in line with their overall strategy when dealing with dissidents that they deem “undesirable”, so this is neither shocking nor unexpected considering the tactics they employ in such “circumstances”, and although it may be effective in their totalitarian society, it would likely never be tolerated nor considered as an effective tactic in “Western Society”, nor even considered given our appeasing mindset.

    I'm not stating that their way is “better’ or even more “effective”, but “Western society” does not allow such tactics to be employed for “self-destructive” reasons.

  • ‘Lopsided’ Supernova Could Be Responsible for Rogue Hypervelocity Stars

    02/10/2015 2:21:34 PM PST · 13 of 21
    Pox to Sawdring
    Anvil of the Stars was an interesting sequel from a Sci-Fi point of view.
  • Bank of America having system issues for six days now (vanity)

    02/07/2015 9:05:49 PM PST · 19 of 30
    Pox to Deagle
    I've had my CC replaced recently due to the multiple large scale CC information breaches, and I've never had any real issue with scams as I was contacted by the bank the few times my account was determined to be vulnerable to suspicious transactions.

    That being said, I only use a true CC for online purchases, and refuse to use my Debit card for any online transaction in order to safeguard my checking account. I also use my debit card as a CC in most circumstances in order to keep my checking account as secure as reasonably possible.

  • Bank of America having system issues for six days now (vanity)

    02/07/2015 9:01:18 PM PST · 17 of 30
    Pox to Deagle
    Over the last several years this card has been my only CC I've used, and it is currently under %8 APR, variable, but with interest rates so low it was better than my fixed rate %10 card that finally ended up getting canceled due to inactivity.

    I will eventually regret that when interest rates finally climb again, but I will have to simply make sure to keep no revolving balance on the card I use and scout around for another low fixed interest rate card to use in times that I need to carry a short term balance.

    Many years ago I had over $15K of CC debt and was wasting enormous sums of cash monthly to service that debt, but I finally wised up and payed it off as fast as I could manage and learned the hard way how to manage my finances in the best manner for personal prosperity in the modern age.

    My bank probably isn't fond of my fiscal prudence, but they have millions of other customers who more than make up for the lack of steady income they no longer receive from my account.

  • Bank of America having system issues for six days now (vanity)

    02/07/2015 8:40:42 PM PST · 12 of 30
    Pox to blackdog
    I use my BOA CC in the exact same manner, and pay it off every month after using it for bills and such.

    On occasion, such as December when I decided to take an expensive vacation to Florida to treat my youngest Daughter and Son in law along with my Grandchildren to a rather costly Christmas trip to Disney World, I did not pay it all off at the normal monthly payment but let it roll over for 2 months and payed it off in installments along with a nominal interest fee (final payoff is next weekend per my schedule).

    If you can manage your finances within reason, having this convenience is very useful, IMO.

  • Bank of America having system issues for six days now (vanity)

    02/07/2015 8:13:40 PM PST · 4 of 30
    Pox to ColdSteelTalon
    I've seen messages from BOA all week about a system update/upgrade and the degradation of their online credit card services during this period.

    I just copied this from their website:

    We’re updating our credit card systems so we can better serve you. You can continue to use your credit card, and your payments and transactions, including recurring charges, will continue processing. You can view your credit card balance, but it may not be current at times. In addition, some credit card services are currently not accessible. These services include the ability to make a credit card payment and access to information regarding credit card transfers, statements and rewards redemption.

    If you need assistance during this time, you may call the customer service number on the back of your credit card. Please note that customer service representatives will experience the same information delays while we complete these updates.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Do the New England Patriots Prefer White Players?

    02/07/2015 7:18:12 PM PST · 58 of 128
    Pox to big'ol_freeper

    My father played High School basketball with John Havlicek at Bridgeport HS. I never personally met Hondo, but my father relayed many fond memories of this special athlete, and pointed him out to me once when they met in passing at an airport during a chance encounter in the early 80’s, and I was impressed that Mr. Havlicek actually remembered him and acknowledged him at the time.

  • Do the New England Patriots Prefer White Players?

    02/07/2015 6:47:59 PM PST · 16 of 128
    Pox to MinorityRepublican

    Race pimps won’t be satisfied until all sports in this country are manned by %100 black skinned individuals, regardless of their qualifications.

    CWII coming, sooner or later, IMO.

  • Somalis push Minnesota officials to help after bank halts money transfers

    02/07/2015 6:43:29 PM PST · 12 of 27
    Pox to ButThreeLeftsDo

    I have a better solution: Gather up all of the Somali transplants and send them back to their wretched homeland and let them begin the process of cleaning up that cesspool. All involved would be better off, IMO.

  • Somalis push Minnesota officials to help after bank halts money transfers

    02/07/2015 6:43:28 PM PST · 11 of 27
    Pox to ButThreeLeftsDo

    I have a better solution: Gather up all of the Somali transplants and send them back to their wretched homeland and let them begin the process of cleaning up that cesspool. All involved would be better off, IMO.

  • Black Comedian: Whites Should be Banned from Making Fun of White People

    02/06/2015 6:23:56 PM PST · 59 of 62
    Pox to rightistight

    Revolution is called for. Skin color be damned! It is well past time to set the narrative right in this country and put an end to the unbelievable absurdities gripping our society at this time in history.

    Sitting by and allowing these proclamations to be accepted is tantamount to societal suicide, IMO.

    As far as I can see, another Civil War is no longer avoidable unless civilized persons in our country are no longer prepared to fight and sacrifice in order to keep our way of life perpetuating.

    Sad to see this come to pass in my lifetime, but with all of the apathy concerning societal requirements over the last several decades, it is no surprise.

  • Vaccine Critics Turn Defensive Over Measles

    02/01/2015 7:43:44 PM PST · 91 of 246
    Pox to Jan_Sobieski

    No, you’re an asshole, and to hide behind your service in a lame attempt to justify your beliefs is moronic, IMO.

    I served for four years in the RA, and that does not make my opinion any more valuable nor righteous than any other.

  • Vaccine Critics Turn Defensive Over Measles

    02/01/2015 7:40:52 PM PST · 90 of 246
    Pox to Jan_Sobieski

    Wow, are you an unbelievable idiot? There are a few vaccines that I would not bother to get, even for my children (Think the Flu vaccine, HPV vaccine and the Chicken Pox vaccine, but to keep your children from being immunized against Polio, Measles, Smallpox, etc, and I mean from PROVEN effective vaccines, is selfish and ignorant, no matter what lame ass excuse you put forth.

    If you live in isolation, fine by you, but in a crowded society, you have some obligations that you should abide by, and no excuse is good enough to put so many others at risk due to your personal beliefs, IMO. That is a fundamental guideline of civilization, like it or not, believe it or not.

    To belittle a person who disagrees with you as being a sodomite is asinine, arrogant, and puerile, IMO.

  • Vaccine Critics Turn Defensive Over Measles

    02/01/2015 6:57:28 PM PST · 51 of 246
    Pox to Jan_Sobieski

    What is funny about reality? I did state in a subsequent post the the primary vector could also have originate from other that South American origins, but in the end, the most likely source is an illegal immigrant.

  • Vaccine Critics Turn Defensive Over Measles

    02/01/2015 6:47:47 PM PST · 36 of 246
    Pox to Oliviaforever

    Who claimed that the primary vector originated in Mexico?

    How may illegal aliens entered this country recently that were from south of the Mexican border?

    Measles was entirely contained and controlled in this country prior to the recent deluge of illegal aliens entering from our Southern border, and that flow of illegal aliens originate from more or less every corner of the Southern countries of this hemisphere and many from outside of the Americas.

  • Vaccine Critics Turn Defensive Over Measles

    02/01/2015 6:41:09 PM PST · 27 of 246
    Pox to Jan_Sobieski

    “Anti-Vaccination” crowd my ass! This outbreak is without a doubt the result of illegal immigrants who have not been immunized. Any other argument is pointless and specious.

  • 'Kill our pilot and we'll execute ALL your prisoners': Jordan 'says it will hang its ISIS captives'

    01/30/2015 9:03:49 AM PST · 76 of 82
    Pox to Genoa

    Then you go to war with those new recruits and annihilate them and the rest of the enemy until there are either no more enemies or those that remain are no longer inclined to take up arms against you.

    Any other course of action is pointless, IMO. If you simply fret and wring your hands that some “action” will only spur more recruiting and you believe that same “action” is counterproductive, even though it is the blatantly obvious course of action to take, then you have already surrendered to fear and cowardice, IMO.

  • Seth Rogen versus Sarah Palin: Is 'American Sniper' pro-war or patriotic?

    01/24/2015 10:25:50 PM PST · 36 of 48
    Pox to PreciousLiberty
    This movie doesn't speak to me as either “Pro-War” or “Pro-Defender”, but as “Pro-Warrior, and depicts the trials and tribulations that our warriors endure while under fire.

    Enough of the PC term “defenders”. These young men are WARRIORS”, and that term should NEVER be looked upon with disdain nor scorn from the left and PC crowd who want to direct the narrative in this country over every single “nuance” that they can contrive.

    Bravo to our warriors!

  • A Plan Is Floating Around Davos To Spend $90 Trillion Redesigning All The Cities...

    01/22/2015 3:41:55 PM PST · 84 of 89
    Pox to MamaB
    Read several of those paperbacks, and what was done to the tri-states at the end of “Out of the Ashes” is precisely what a vindictive and totalitarian federal government would attempt to do following “Armageddon”. Although the tri-states were destroyed, I do appreciate what Badger did to the POTUS.

    The second book was very interesting and followed the old testament themes from my viewpoint. The fourth book in the series was fairly disturbing and I don't agree with the author eventually allowing Emil to be an ally, but who knows, forgiveness and all that.

    At least Sam Hartline was finally killed off! :)

    An entertaining series, but got off into some very odd tangents, particularly concerning cannibalism and mutants, but who's to say it couldn't happen? :)

  • College Football Playoff: OSU Needs Decisive Wins To Overcome Weak Schedule, Virginia Tech Loss

    01/14/2015 8:25:54 AM PST · 32 of 40
    Pox to kevkrom

    Good for them! :)

    If it comes down to the money aspect, I’m sure another round will be added eventually, but I personally don’t see the point in it.

    Some people won’t be satisfied no matter what the format.

  • Big XII probably out for CFP [College Football/Vanity]

    01/13/2015 8:26:07 PM PST · 204 of 205
    Pox to mozarky2

    I disagree with your belief, but that is what makes life so enjoyable, particularly when it comes to College Football! :)

    Everybody thinking the same thing is both boring and pointless, IMO. :)

  • College Football Playoff: OSU Needs Decisive Wins To Overcome Weak Schedule, Virginia Tech Loss

    01/13/2015 8:15:01 PM PST · 19 of 40
    Pox to tumblindice

    Due to the “type” of sport we’re dealing with here, a “prolonged” playoff is neither warranted nor practical, IMO. This format is likely the best available due to the “extreme” nature of the “sport” and the “extreme” nature of the violent contact involved.

    Consider that reality before demanding an imposition of even more match ups to decide a “true” national champion.

    Keep in mind that most of these “unpaid” young men have their future to consider as far as staying healthy in order to secure a spot in the NFL, which is where they will actually “bring home the bacon”.

  • College Football Playoff: OSU Needs Decisive Wins To Overcome Weak Schedule, Virginia Tech Loss

    01/13/2015 8:04:20 PM PST · 14 of 40
    Pox to NKP_Vet
    If I'm not mistaken, the TCU and Baylor “strength of schedule” ratings, or whatever it is called, were lower than that of OSU, and if that is true, then there is really a very weak argument being presented in this post, IMO.

    I have a biased opinion as I am a lifelong Buckeye fan as I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, so my opinion may not be useful, but I am of the opinion that TCU would have met the same fate as Oregon when faced with a Championship match up versus OSU. TCU did not have a defense that could have stopped the Buckeyes, same as Oregon.

    Just an opinion.

  • Big XII probably out for CFP [College Football/Vanity]

    01/13/2015 7:57:29 PM PST · 202 of 205
    Pox to mozarky2
    I never expected OSU to win in any if the playoff games. I simply saw the raw talent and believed that they could match up against any of the teams from any conference. I did not expect that with the loss of their two primary QB’s that they would have any hope to win any of their “postseason” matches, but I am guilty of underestimating their talent and more importantly, their desire.

    I hope next year is as entertaining as this one turned out to be!

  • O-H (vanity)

    01/12/2015 10:18:40 PM PST · 26 of 73
    Pox to Jim from C-Town
    Mark May has to be apoplectic at this time! :)
  • Big XII probably out for CFP [College Football/Vanity]

    01/12/2015 10:16:48 PM PST · 195 of 205
    Pox to mozarky2

    Your Verdict? :)

  • O-H (vanity)

    01/12/2015 9:32:44 PM PST · 2 of 73
    Pox to mmichaels1970

    I-O !!

  • LOOK: Packers selling 3.5-pound 'Big Game' Burger at Lambeau for playoffs

    01/11/2015 6:31:15 PM PST · 23 of 55
    Pox to dfwgator

    Which is one of its goals. Among others, turning Americans against other Americans is a special bonus for those who are bound and determined to decide how “the peasants” are supposed to exist, concerning each and every aspect of our lives (think “Climate Change”).

    Honestly, I’m so happy I’m approaching the endgame of life, and I am oh so sad about how my children and their offspring who will live under such tyranny, but I continue to teach my children both how to survive such fascism, and how to fight it, to the death, and what the consequences are of apathy towards this encroaching madness.

  • LOOK: Packers selling 3.5-pound 'Big Game' Burger at Lambeau for playoffs

    01/11/2015 6:23:02 PM PST · 18 of 55
    Pox to dowcaet
    Well, now that we have Obamacare, you are free to object to your local health officials and point out that such a “burger” is not healthy and thus is a burden upon the “taxpayer” (since the taxpayer is now the fundamental subsidizer of medial care) and you can feel good about yourself when it is banned “for the greater good”!
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: These Terrorist Attacks Are Not About Religion

    01/09/2015 9:04:28 PM PST · 17 of 103
    Pox to 2ndDivisionVet
    I'm sorry basketball player, but these atrocities are ALL about Religion, specifically the Islamic doctrine that drives thees “extremists”.

    Deny reality all you please, but facts are facts, no matter how you gloss over them with pitiful “excuses” that are not realistic nor based in fact.

    The “extremists”, and there brethren, contradict your nonsensical blathering yet you continue to bleat that your “interpretation” is all that matters, despite contradictory evidence to the contrary. FU Asshole!

  • Report: littoral combat ship not 'significantly more survivable' after proposed military upgrades

    01/09/2015 8:58:15 PM PST · 3 of 15
    Pox to sukhoi-30mki
    Not surprising. This class is a pig that has no business existing, IMO. It has only one supposedly “useful” attribute that has no realistic advantage in any future combat situation, IMO.

    It may be able to deflect radar at a distance, with dubious results versus the previous generation of destroyers, but at what cost? Would the previous generation be able to survive combat without such marginal improvements in “stealthiness” versus what we are now proposing to field at such a significant increase in appropriation?

    I am all for upgrading our equipment when it makes good sense, but this “advancement” in technology seems to me to be marginal and waste of significant resources.

  • China’s Got a New Mountain Tank

    01/09/2015 8:23:41 PM PST · 20 of 37
    Pox to sukhoi-30mki
    This has to be one of the most absurd posts I've read in a long time.

    Moreover, the more complex—and thus heavy—that a tank is, the more it relies on a steady supply of fuel and parts, ideally via paved roads.

    Really? what use is such a vehicle outside of "Urban" conflict? Honestly, what kind of pointless propaganda is this?
  • Fight Terror: 'Leave Behind Smoking Ruins & Crying Widows'(Ralph Peters on O'Reilly)

    01/09/2015 7:13:09 PM PST · 84 of 141
    Pox to TADSLOS

    I would wholeheartedly agree with the small excerpt you posted.

  • Anonymous Vows Revenge And Destruction Upon Al-Qaeda And ISIS

    01/09/2015 7:10:29 PM PST · 12 of 54
    Pox to God luvs America

    Oh Gee, I feel so much safer now! I will sleep so much better now knowing “anonymous” is covering my back!

    Prepare for local insurrection, and don’t get caught with your pants down, IMO.

  • Eugene Robinson: France attack might have been worse here, because guns

    01/09/2015 6:15:15 PM PST · 26 of 44
    Pox to 2ndDivisionVet

    Depending upon the distance of the altercation, I am encouraged by the chances I would have with my “legal” M4 and ACOG.

    When this comes to my location, I will not hesitate to eradicate any and all “terrorists” who attempt such carnage if I am in the vicinity. I’m no “hero” nor a “Rambo”, but I’m confident and capable with my weapon and I will not cower in fear from those who attempt to sow terror in my “vicinity”.

    I’ve had it with our impotent “governments” who cower in the face of adversity such as this.

  • Wisconsin beats Auburn, Ohio State leads Alabama

    01/01/2015 9:59:47 PM PST · 55 of 76
    Pox to PROCON

    Being a lifelong Buckeye fan, I can’t help but root for them, and understand that they will be severe underdogs.

    I hate having to play Oregon and that frightening offense along with a sufficient defense, but the way that the Buckeyes have played over the last several games gives me at least a glimmer of hope. :)

  • Wisconsin beats Auburn, Ohio State leads Alabama

    01/01/2015 9:57:02 PM PST · 52 of 76
    Pox to carton253
    I'm Stuned! :)
  • Wisconsin beats Auburn, Ohio State leads Alabama

    01/01/2015 8:41:57 PM PST · 8 of 76
    Pox to PROCON
    I feel that way as well, and although I am a Buckeye fan, and believe they will ultimately lose tonight, I applaud my team for their effort even thought they are behind the 8-ball with a very raw QB and a porous defense that desperately needs a new DC, along with a questionable OC calling absurd plays at the outset of this game.

    In any case, I am proud of the effort my team has put forth against arguably the #1 team at this point in the season.

  • Grenade Washes Up On Shore Of Paradise Cove In Malibu

    01/01/2015 7:52:00 PM PST · 14 of 34
    Pox to BenLurkin
    OMG!!! It's the end of civilization!! Call out the National Guard!! Bring in the Marines!! Protect us!! We don't know what to do!!

    Repeal the 2nd Amendment!! Jail/execute all NRA Members immediately!! SAVE US!!

  • Big XII probably out for CFP [College Football/Vanity]

    01/01/2015 7:34:24 PM PST · 194 of 205
    Pox to mozarky2
    Watching the matchup I was “hoping” for tonight, and although I am unfortunately of the opinion that Alabama will prevail, I still am of the belief that OSU matches up well against any SEC team, and I would be much more optimistic if OSU had their first or even second string QB, and that they had an OC that had some balls along with a DC that had some smarts, I don't want to detract from the obvious fact that Alabama is an outstanding team that has gotten to this point in the season with a well deserved group of talented individuals along with an exceptional coaching staff.

    The game is a good one so far, and although I doubt my team will have a chance to prevail, I am proud of the fact that despite all of the negatives surrounding their program due to injuries and coaching weakness, I still am of the belief that they match up well with any SEC team, regardless of the outcome of this game.