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  • Saying No to College

    12/02/2012 6:39:24 PM PST · 72 of 78
    preamble to luckystarmom

    he didn’t do very well in math

    he couldn’t get a teaching job after grad school. he was a patent
    clerk during his miracle year of discoveries.

  • Millions could be left in dark over AMT

    11/27/2012 4:55:05 AM PST · 7 of 17
    preamble to Elsie

    Obama voters need to pay their fair share

    AMT for everyone!!!!

  • Wall Street gadfly Warren stands good chance of Senate banking seat

    11/08/2012 6:57:40 PM PST · 2 of 18
    preamble to Free ThinkerNY

    Senator elect Warren held a press availability today w/ Gov. Deval patrick,

    She can’t answer simple questions from Boston area reporters.
    Deval patrick stepped in and helped her out. She doesn’t realize that
    this is part of her job. Answering questions.

    She’s never held elective office.

    She’s not ready for prime time. She is going to implode on herself.

    Well, it couldn’t happen to a better person.

    Say what you will with Senator Lindsey Graham, he has good communication

  • The Free Republic "Elections Have Consequences" Repository

    11/08/2012 10:11:32 AM PST · 4 of 70
    preamble to US Navy Vet

    My sister got laid off wednesday. Last day Friday.

    She was working for 5 months as a temp in a medicare payments admin

    I’m sure it was they saw the writing on the wall.

    She is applying for another temp opening somewhere else.

  • Investors Fear More Than Just a 'Fiscal Cliff'

    11/07/2012 8:44:57 PM PST · 28 of 30
    preamble to Josa

    Perhaps we should propose to have independent Congressional
    districts be their own self government.

    I wonder if an innovative Congressman could do it for their own CD.

    They would balance their own federal budget. The taxes taken from
    by the constituents would have to balance the benefits to their district
    plus essential federal services.

    They would then have to start with 1) National defense
    2) Security agencies
    3) White Hut, House and Senate, DOJ

    We should make a spreadsheet of each CD.

    Nancy Pelosi probably gets the most cash benefits and pork to her district.

    It would probably be impossible because we would have to track every
    federal agency and program and track to each CD.

    I wonder if any one has done it???

    The stimulus web site was a disaster.

    I think this would show clearly that every majority nonnative legal and
    illegal district would have Sec. 8, Food stamps. Medicaid.

    But we also need the mortgage interest deduction, the Tuition tax credits
    and more higher income subsidies that people take advantage of
    like 401k and health insurance subsdidy.

  • Time for Solidarity-A Single Boycott Target-One by one of those that supress us

    11/07/2012 8:08:35 PM PST · 9 of 64
    preamble to Shery

    Cancel newspapers. Cancel magazines. Cancel talk radio.

    Cancel Fox News. Cancel TV.

    Start going to the library to check out free books. Expand your mind.

    Prepare for the end of the USA. The riots when the stock market tanks
    to 1000 points and the unemployment rate at 20% will be rampant
    in every city and state.

  • Bring the PAIN

    11/07/2012 4:31:07 PM PST · 22 of 44
    preamble to FreeAtlanta

    good idea.

    After Hurricane Sandi,
    One problem in Staten Island and NY was with the power out
    = EBT cards don;t work.

    Therefore, they can’t pay cash for their food.

    So get your prepper supplies BEFORE the riots and power outages!!!!!

    with your EBT card!!!!

    What is the level of food stamps we should have in this country?
    47 million. 100 million????

    We are already spending 75 billion per year on food stamps.
    That’s the same
    amount the “obama tax increase rates” on > 200,000 to Clinton rates 39%’
    would bring in.

    So, we are already going to be in the hole even WHEN Boehner
    cries and capitulates to taxes on the “rich.” The FOOD STAMP BUDGET

    Sorry folks.

    Prepare for the eventual riots when in 2016 we can’t borrow any more
    to fund the government.

    People will riot cause I ain’t got no EBT money on my EBT card!
    Ain’t no EBT! Ain’t no EBT!!! riots in all the land.

  • U.S. stock futures slump in post-election action

    11/07/2012 5:43:21 AM PST · 6 of 22
    preamble to John W

    the stock market is going to crash

    where is any hope?
    the debt ceiling has to be raised before Jan. 1.

    Everyone’s taxes go up Jan. 1.
    The 2% payroll tax expires.
    The sequester happens.

    This means unless Obama can work with Congress (yes, LMAO)

    we go into a recession, according to the CBO.


  • Enough.

    11/06/2012 11:00:28 PM PST · 3 of 17
    preamble to My Favorite Headache

    I just hope the stock market and economy doesn’t collapse in
    the next 3 months.

    The European finance people were waiting for the US elections.

    Now it’s up to Obama to fix Greece, Germany, etc.


    bank on it.

  • Vanity - Anyone Else Through With Fox?

    11/06/2012 10:48:06 PM PST · 3 of 79
    preamble to dagogo redux

    I didn’t even watch.

    I’m through with Fox except Catherine Herridge, Benghazi reporter.

  • Vanity: Will there still be two political parties Nov 7 ?

    11/06/2012 10:19:25 PM PST · 6 of 17
    preamble to llevrok

    I’m done with the GOP-e and the K street lobbyists who don’t
    bring a gun but a knife to a gun fight.

    They still have their cushy jobs. We have become slaves.

    Republicans held their punches. Did not defund Obamacare even
    though we got 63 seats in 2010 in the House.

    Start preparing for the slave camps and internment camps.

    Start preparing for killing Christians, locking us up if we talk against
    gay marriage,

    Start preparing for the death camps.

    the HHS Secretarty will lock us up.

    They will fine our Catholic hospitals and destroy the whole Catholic
    charity infrastructure. The schools will be forced to close.

    We will be driven out of public life like the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

    It will be like the Muslim Brotherhood had won.

    Defeated without a shot being fired.

    Pray for America.

  • Enviros quickly press victorious Obama to nix Keystone pipeline

    11/06/2012 9:59:07 PM PST · 8 of 16
    preamble to chessplayer

    shove a windmill up your pie hole

    and eat solar panels

    Yeah, that’s it.

    Bankrupt the whole damn country! Kill manufacturing and energy jobs

    and make us a 3rd world country

    Face it.

    Obama is Kenyan and now USA is a 3rd world country.

    We still have the House. The Tea Party did that in 2010.

  • New Hampshire Poll: Romney 47%, 0bama 47%

    11/03/2012 5:43:11 PM PDT · 11 of 23
    preamble to Paladin2

    How can Obama be tied under 50 in WI, MN, NH, IA, PA, OH, MI

    with CO and VA in Romney lean slight.
    Florida with 5 pt. lead R.
    Nevada slight Obama.

    AND possibly win EV????? It would have to be an inside straight WITH voter

    To get to 270 Electoral votes
    Romney combinations : 1) WIn PA win (20)
    2) win OH win (18)
    3) win both PA and OH (38)
    4) win WI and NH (14)
    5) win WI and IA (16)
    6) win MN and WI (20)
    7) win WI, MI and IA

    Conversely, how does Obama win without OH??? VA and FL and CO?????

    I think Maine district is going Romney. (1 EV)

  • Candidates’ schedules may reveal more than poll

    11/01/2012 8:15:41 PM PDT · 35 of 38
    preamble to ConservativeMind

    Tell everyone you know in these critical states that
    they MUST vote and get their friends neighbors and family out to vote!

    Donate your last minute funds to repeal Obamacare! The Supreme Court
    screwed us — remember in November.

    1. Todd Akin MO (he is not getting any NRSC money or Rove Crossroads PAC money)
    We need him to defeat McCaskill. She laughed in her constituents
    face about Obamacare in the town halls. She dared the voters to defeat her
    when she said “you can vote me out if you don’t like Obamacare.”

    2. Josh Mandel (OH) — he was on Mark Levin show yesterday asking for money
    It’s close vs. Sherrod Brown. The Democrat PACs are killing him on TV.

    3. Scott Brown (MA) has been behind a few points vs. Moonbat Liawatha Warren
    but is putting on a good charge as the incumbent. Touring coastal MA.
    He needs money for last minute ads. Warren has big advantage in cash.

    4. Richard Mourdock (IN) has been left hanging by some R Senators
    like Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH) for his debate comment about pro-life position
    Please donate and get your neighbors to vote

    I’m not sure how much these next candidates will receive RNC and NRSC funds.

    George Allen (VA) — he has recently been on Mark Levin asking for help
    and the vote. GOTV in VA for Romney and George Allen

    Tom Smith (PA) — will be close

    Tommy Thompson (WI) - will be close —over moonbat Tammy Baldwin
    campaigning with Senator Ron Johnson recently

    Connie Mack (FL) may have a shot... vs. Bill Nelson, campaigning
    with Rubio and Romney in FL past few days

  • Candidates’ schedules may reveal more than poll

    11/01/2012 5:11:13 PM PDT · 18 of 38
    preamble to BlueStateRightist

    tom smith has a good shot in senate?

  • Xavier University Keeps Contraception Coverage

    10/31/2012 6:51:18 AM PDT · 2 of 8
    preamble to marshmallow

    so now Catholic students must pay for the sluts that attend their


    A Catholic university is subsidizing sluts and going against life.

  • Survey: Obama has slim 3-point lead in Michigan as Romney gains support

    10/30/2012 8:32:47 PM PDT · 6 of 34
    preamble to wubjo

    Why didn’t Debbie Stabenow debate Pete Hoekstra?

    why didn’t they do a democratic necessity???

    how can the Democrats get away with this in Michigan?????

    If Mitt loses Michigan could it be because of Pete Hoekstra’s lack of money
    and campaign???

    I contributed to him. He seemed a good person — would repeal Obamacare.

  • Obama skips Fla. stop, heads home to deal with Hurricane Sandy [Florida Media in Depression]

    10/29/2012 5:49:11 AM PDT · 5 of 43
    preamble to jimfree

    why did he fly there in the first place?

    he was in DC yesterday.

    Same old Obama. Wasting our taxpayer money on gas, the flight,
    with no care in the world.

    Wasting AF1. Contributing to global warming.

  • Latest Poll Numbers (senate)

    10/26/2012 8:07:47 PM PDT · 10 of 14
    preamble to cripplecreek

    Pete Hoekstra (MI) -— needs cash!!!!! pronto

    Sorry . I forgot it on my list. I contributed.

    Hoekstra FTW.

    He was a part of the original Tea Party demonstrations on Capitol Hill
    with Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Joe Wilson etc.

    Romney takes Michigan and Hoekstra wins Senate over Stabenow.

    Really, how is Debbie Stabenow still in the Senate?????

  • Latest Poll Numbers (senate)

    10/26/2012 7:33:29 PM PDT · 3 of 14
    preamble to TurboZamboni

    From what polls I have read, we need to push the following over the
    finish line:

    Contribute whatever you can.
    Obamacare is on the line. Freedom or Slavery.

    Needed for Obamacare repeal: 50 with Romney/Ryan win

    Tommy Thompson (WI) needs cash
    Josh Mandel (OH) needs cash
    George Allen (VA) needs cash (50/50 right now)
    Richard Mourdock (IN) needs cash
    Jeff Flake (AZ)
    Dean Heller (NV)
    Tom Smith (PA)
    Linda McMahon (CT)
    Scott Brown (MA) —[RINO but Warren worse than Obama] needs cash
    Todd Akin (MO) needs cash
    Deb Fischer (NE)
    Denny Rehberg